Cops, drunk chicks and Taylor Hicks…

Watch this and then we’ll talk.

“I’ve been waiting for you guys all night.”

And yes, Bill Will makes an appearance. Wonder why Taylor was standing on the streetcorner…and I completely cracked up when that girl said, “She’s says she’s friends with you.”

I guess it goes without saying that he looked pretty damn good, too.

Speaking of the Roxy…


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  1. Caryl, thank god you didn’t go. That passed out fan on the sidewalk might have been you!!! LOL! Did you see the look on Taylor’s face when someone said, “She says she’s a friend of yours.” Priceless!!

  2. Virtual Speak Says:

    Isn’t that chick the one that ran the convention? 😯

  3. Snowstorm Says:

    Yup, I think that’s her. I forgot her name. But, didn’t she move to Birmingham or something like that?

  4. Virtual Speak Says:

    Well, looks like she finally got that interview afterall! She even made the headlines! Ahhhh haaaa haaaaaaa!!! πŸ˜†

  5. Are you for real??? It’s really a fan??? I seriously thought it was a bum.

  6. I don’t drink! But if I had gone, maybe I would have some good stories for y’all!

  7. No, that are not for real.

    That’s not that chick from the convention.

  8. Snowstorm Says:

    So, how would you know?

  9. Badfantoo Says:

    Sure looks like Claudia to me. I wonder if she’s still sleeping it off on the sidewalk?

  10. I’m like you Snow. I know everything. πŸ˜‰

  11. Virtual Speak Says:

    People that were there said Claudia was out of her head drunk. So, I dunno…

  12. Snowstorm Says:

    Ah ha, so she was there. Plus she told those chicks that she is friends with taylor. It’s her.

  13. jerseyirish Says:

    Think Taylor handled the whole situation well, don’t know if I could have held back with TMZ the way he did. Love when he said “she got a get out of jail free”. Whoever she is I’m sure she is hurting today.


  14. That was Claudia folks. I was there last night.

  15. jerseyirish Says:

    Don’t know if you all saw this he is #5 on the independent label chart:


  16. That is UNREAL, I must say,even for a TayTay fan.

    Maybe, a lil.

  17. That’s great, JI!

  18. jerseyirish Says:

    Morph, Was she alone or with other people? That would be really sad if she was with people and they left her there alone.


  19. Virtual Speak Says:

    Sorry- have to laugh at the Boogers. They won’t speculate if it’s her or not, yet, many berate her every chance they get. Right down to her subnic.

  20. casualfan Says:

    That “fan” was indeed Claudia Oakenfull/Leverett. I was there and it was bad!

  21. 😯

    Oh boy.

  22. casualfan Says:

    LOL! You have no idea….

  23. Do you think Taylor knew who it was?

  24. casualfan Says:

    Grey, I will email you;)

  25. casualfan Says:

    oh yeah, he knew exactly who it was

  26. We are quite the dysfunctional family, aren’t we?

  27. Snowstorm Says:

    Well, wasn’t that nice of Taylor to stop and help someone he knows who is clearly in trouble. *rolls eyes*

    I hope someone came along to help her. Spill, Causalfan! What happened??

  28. Kinda creepy if he did know that was her……ewwwwwww

  29. Well, what did you want him to do? The cops were already there.

  30. Snowstorm Says:

    The cops drove right past. They didn’t stop! Hello??

  31. If I posted at 3:10, how did the 2 above posts get ahead of me….

  32. Um, hello? There’s a cop in the video. πŸ™„

  33. Oh c’mon, if he helped every drunk fan, he’d never make it home.

  34. They hit the reply button right below the post.

  35. Virtual Speak Says:

    SS- It’s ridiculous to think that Taylor should stop and be a good samaritan to someone who has caused his fans grief as well as himself. WTH was he supposed to do with her?

  36. Nevermind……. <)

  37. It says over there under the video:

    “The cops came, the cops helped a drunk chick,”

  38. Snowstorm Says:

    LOL, you see a cop walking away, like she could have cared less.

  39. Snowstorm Says:

    I’m just saying – you see somebody you know, sitting on the ground… you don’t stop to see if she’s OK?

    Isn’t he supposed to be a Southern gentleman?? LMAO!

  40. They also write this, which pisses me off because it’s not true:

    “The drama started after Taylor’s show at the Roxy — which the “American Idol” WINNER(?) performed in front of an audience of people who got their tickets for free because nobody would pay actual money for them.”

    They make it sound like the entire audience got in free.

  41. Morph, you saw Taylor! Love it. Did you perv?

  42. I don’t know Claudia, but what if he knew who it was but she’s on some kind of LIST? You know, ‘the fans to avoid’ list.

  43. So I missed Taylor at The Roxy last night, but tonight I’m seeing Elton John and Billy Joel! Wee-hee! If I take a camera in and they see it, will they take it away?

  44. BTW, caryl and caryl1 are both me. What a pain in the ass wordpress is.

  45. The female cop probably called it in, then when the cops got a more important call, they sped off. The police take in people who can’t function and perhaps the police came back later and hauled her off to the tank. She really looked out of it, didn’t even look up at the siren.

  46. Holy Schnikeys! Karma is a bitch . . . and that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

    Oh, and my opinion is that Taylor has NO responsibility to “rescue” an adult fan who drank enough to pass out on the sidewalk. I can party with the best of them, but I always manage to walk out and remain conscious and stuff when the party is over . . . sheesh.

    Taylor looked damn fine, btw . . . πŸ˜€

  47. Snowstorm Says:

    Of course he has NO responsibility, but he could have showed a tiny bit of concern. Instead he just walks away pretending he doesn’t know her. Real classy, there Taylor.

    Of course, you fans hate her and I would not expect anything less from you.

  48. “You fans” make it sound as if you are outing yourself as not being a Taylor fan. Interesting . . . πŸ˜›

    Oh, and for the record, I don’t hate anyone. I don’t have the time or energy for that. But I have no sympathy for anyone who drinks themselves into oblivion. For reasons that have nothing to do with Taylor Hicks or any of his fans.

  49. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, That annoyed me also, they need to get the story straight. They are such a rag magazine never have anything of value to report, becasue it is always distorted somehow.


  50. I think he may have shown some concern if said victim was 28ish, size 2, and blonde.

    “Bill, get the limo and make it snappy !!”

  51. Snowstorm Says:

    You got it right, hon!

  52. Snowstorm Says:

    Who are kidding? Everyone know you are a fangirl! How many times you gotta say how nice he looks? None of us are getting his cock, so might as welll give it up!

    Wow, are you self-righteous, btw! Who are you to judge anybody?

  53. Snowstorm Says:

    How would you like it if that was you on the sidewalk and nobody came??? Especially somebody you know – doesn’t even bother with you?

  54. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Have fun tonight two great singers!!!!:)


  55. Self righteous? Soulaz? I don’t think so.

    Pot, meet kettle.

    Please Snow, I don’t have time for the bullshit today.

    Taylor has no responsibility towards that woman any more than anybody else standing there.

    Get off of it.

  56. She was alone when I saw her. She was blathering on and on outside the women’s room, the vid must have happened right after we left, cause she was sitting reeling when we took off.

    It certainly wasn’t pretty.

    Rosie, he was great, no major perv but he is pretty. we are gonna try and get to the CD signing, it is on my way home to Vegas.

  57. Snowstorm Says:

    Give me a break. That was not right for him to walk away like that. Even if that was stranger – you would show concern. Stop defending him! You’re just mad because he bull-dozed all you by thinking he’s a Southern gentleman -LMAO!

  58. wow, what are you even talking about, snow? How did you jump from rescuing a fan to being a fangirl?

  59. This wound up as a reply to the wrong comment. Oh well

  60. Somebody is feeling a little testy today . . . shocker.

    Whoever that person is on the sidewalk, makes no difference to me. She is suffering the consequences of her own actions. I can guarantee that any one of us could walk down the sidewalk of any major city, on any given night, and see someone in the exact same condition.

    There were hundreds (I hope) of Taylor fans in attendance that night, and I don’t see a crowd of hundreds around her to help . . . why single Taylor out as the bad guy? Is that not judgment as well?

    I love it when people judge others as being judgmental while they are judging somebody else . . . it’s a beautiful thing. Truly.

  61. SexySapphire Says:

    Morph, my comments are in moderation, and check your email.

    SnowStorm, give it a rest. Taylor was probably relieved she was passed out and not stalking his ass.

    Nice blog IAG. I’m a former TMS’er, lol.

  62. Seven Days Says:

    Taylor probably just wasn’t in the mood for performing an indiscriminate act of kindness. (Sorry, I just had to, lol). Honestly, neither were the police, it seems.

  63. Snowstorm Says:

    Because Taylor knows her! Stop defending him!

  64. Snowstorm Says:

    Like that person above said.. if she was a young, slim, blonde, he would have been right there.

  65. Too funny, Seven Days . . . I guess you’re just keepin’ it real. (And sorry, but I had to too, hee hee) πŸ˜›

    And don’t get so angry, SS, seriously. It will age you prematurely and the next thing you know, you’ll look as ancient as the rest of us.

  66. *snicker!*

  67. casual fan said he knows who she is. There’s a difference.

  68. And I think that’s B.S. I saw a few young, slim (drunk) blondes trying to hook up with him after the show at Martyr’s and he politely slipped away.

  69. ivekeptmydistance Says:

    I don’t think Taylor stopped to help cause he didn’t want to get involved in that melee. Trust me I was there, she was chasing bill around all night until security had her removed. Taylor knew who it was, and honestly, I don’t blame him a bit for not going over there.

  70. jerseyirish Says:

    Morph, How sad that she was alone and that drunk, it must have been very uncomfortable for all the folks around to witness it.


  71. jerseyirish Says:

    Seven Days, That was a good one and so appropriate.


  72. This is so stupid. If he can’t remember a lyric to his own song, he’s not going to remember some fan. He had no reason or business going over there. Snowstorm, sometimes you have to know when to quit.

  73. Jealous!

  74. Thanks, IAG . . . for recognizing my non-self-righteosity πŸ˜› and for the performance video.

    Whether or not any particular song is a favorite of mine, whenever I see video of Taylor performing live, I am reminded again of why I’m still hanging in there. He sings the hell out of anything he sings. I love that about him, even more than I love his good looks, for those who think I am merely fan-girly.

  75. Snowstorm Says:

    He knows her because she stalks him. Sorry, I still think it was shitty of him to turn and walk away – that is cold!

  76. OK, nobody answered about the camera, so I’m gonna risk it. I’m leaving. See y’all tomorrow!

  77. So he should approach a stalker?

  78. Snowstorm Says:

    I don’t get angy over stupid things like this.

  79. Snowstorm Says:

    She’s still a human being.

    Taylor has lots of stalkers, btw. Anybody who goes on the road to every concert is a stalker as far as I’m concerned.

  80. Snowstorm Says:


  81. Snowstorm Says:

    You might have a point there, but two different situations.

  82. Snowstorm, there were police there. You think Taylor should take over instead?

    Soulaz, I have been listening to the album lately, and I will say it has really grown on me. It was not what I expected so I think I was disappointed at first. But there are about 5 songs on the album that I am really enjoying lately. I’m going to admit also I think he is making a comeback.

  83. Fairhope Says:

    We’ve got stuff to talk about girl! You didn’t answer me…11:00 my time or yours?????

  84. I think so too, blue . . . I was SO nervous about what the music would sound like. This whole Grease thing just kind of scared the shit out of me. I thought we might have lost him, so to speak. But the quality of the music, even on the songs I don’t love as much, is undeniable. Taylor is in fantastic voice on the CD, and there are several songs that really have a chance of putting him back on the map.

    I like this feeling of having hope for him again . . . it’s kind of cool.

  85. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, Just a thought , the video ended how do we know that he didn’t stay until help arrived and made sure she was taken care of? Only someone that was right there could answer that.


  86. So what would he have done to help her? He sure as hell couldn’t carry her!

    I also liked he thanked TMZ for filling the Roxy for him. I think I like snarky Taylor.

  87. Snowstorm Says:

    I don’t why you even need to ask, but he should have at least walked over to her and made sure the situation was taken care of.

  88. Snowstorm Says:

    He clearly walked away.

  89. SexySapphire Says:

    SS, no I don’t think he should have picked the drunk fan up and patted her back while she puked. She has drained his fans and is a thorn in his side. I

  90. SexySapphire Says:

    do love the look he gave when he saw her

  91. Snowstorm Says:

    Um, I never said he should pick her up.

  92. Can I just say that I’m LOL’ing away in the corner that all the fuss over the drunk chick has completely eclipsed the True Fans indignation over “Illegal Video!!!!!”


    *goes in search of more bootleg*

  93. Fairhope Says:

    Hey Sexy. Miss ya!

  94. spinshack Says:

    Surely that’s not TaylorFan1 – Claudia aka Modern Whomp Magazine gal?

  95. spinshack Says:


  96. spinshack Says:

    Then since she says she ‘knows’ Taylor why did he not go see about her? You know the Southern Gentleman thing? He left her lying there and no one else went to see about her either.

  97. spinshack Says:

    Whoa just said that myself. What about being just a good human being?

  98. spinshack Says:

    Snow that’s just horrible. Horrible even more that some of you don’t understand the whole situation. So Hicks has no liability. So if you saw someone on the sidewalk it’s okay to leave them lying there? That’s what is wrong today in the world. No humanity left..

  99. spinshack Says:

    I’m with you Snow. I’d have a ton more respect had he stepped up and said, wait I know her, helped her no matter WTF. It’s like if there is a car wreck and folks just lookee loo by and no one stops because, hey it’s not their fucking business.

  100. spinshack Says:

    Hello! Exactly! So we wonder ‘where’s the soul? shit on evidence, he showed none. Man, what if she were overdosed? Oh well, let her die since she injested all that liquor and whatever the hell? I suppose anyone who thinks that way also would let the guys who helped Anna Nicole to her sickass death off the hook too. Man. I can’t believe what I am reading. 😯

  101. spinshack Says:

    Caryl I can’t believe you think it okay Hicks ignored a gal on the sidewalk like that.

  102. Regarding the girl on the sidewalk, in truth, we may only know what the cameras choose to show us.

    TMZ portray Mr. Hicks in a bad ungentlemanly light?? Spin, can you imagine such a travesty of justice?!?

    Also, I cannot imagine that the LAPD would think too highly of its officers leaving someone requiring medical attention. Let’s hedge our bets on the side of reality and assume that as the cops fled the scene to pursue real criminals that medical assistance was summoned and on the way.

    As for why Mr. Hicks didn’t render medical assistance, who really knows that he did not? Perhaps Bill whipped the Tayphone from the backpack and called 911 himself, perhaps club management intervened.

    I really want to believe in the goodness of my fellow man, and would rather not let TMZ be my truth and my guide.

  103. spinshack Says:

    So she gets what she deserves? I’m no fan of that lady but man if she was that drunk she needed to be off the damn sidewalk and checked to make sure she wasn’t OD’d or something. Cops should have come and got her and If Taylor wanted no involvement so be it, he should have at least called 911 for a bus to come get her off the sidewalk. He was right there for hell’s sake. Wow

  104. spinshack Says:

    You can paint a pretty tale YKw if it makes you feel better, but man, from his actions I can only say what a completely immature and devoid of soul countenance he portrayed. If anyone called any help for that drunk woman good but during tape time, what folks will see on-line and maybe TV he does not look a man he looks a child. Let’s be funny one moment and ask What Would Bono do?

    Hell with humor, I’ll tell you what I’d do if that drunken person, even if that was my last husband who tried to kill me, the man who held a fucking shotgun to my head for 2 hours after kidnapping me when he got served divorce papers; I’d called bus and I’d got medical help at least. I don’t trade my humanity for any damn thing.

    That looks absolutely deplorable. I’m considerably disappointed in Mr. Hicks.

    YKW the goodness in fellow man only is as great as the goodness within your own heart and your own soul. It’s what kept my ass alive after that episode with my ex.

  105. spinshack Says:

    Yeah, that’s real special Sexy. Wow, let’ hope she died. /sarcasm

  106. Damn Spin, I had no idea about that ^^ . You do have my deep admiration. You’re one strong woman.

  107. Spin, I don’t think you understand what went on there. There were 5 cop cars there – she was about to be arrested for “public intoxication.” The cops got another call – so they finally let her go. That’s why he said “get out jail free card.” She wasn’t dying on the street. she didn’t need 911. She wasn’t throwing up. She was just drunk and was stumbling around. That’s why she was sitting on the ground. Taylor didn’t do anything wrong in this case.

  108. Fairhope Says:

    Why do you feel Taylor is responsible for the drunk girl? Because he’s a celebrity? Give me a break. From what I saw in the video there were people everywhere. Why isn’t anyone dissing them? And how the hell does anyone know that an ambulance wasn’t on the way?

  109. spinshack Says:

    Indiscriminate Act of Kindness my ass.

  110. spinshack Says:

    You have no idea.

  111. theretoo Says:

    I’m glad that Bill will (hopefully) finally get her on the right list. (Not the all-access list, but the ‘keep her the hell away’ list.)

    I don’t know why I know who she is, but I do. I’ve never met her. But for whatever reason, in these years of following this crap, I knew who she was. I can guarantee that she doesn’t know who I am…because I’m no one.

    She came up to me, a stranger, after ST and before the encore and was half babbling incoherently and half saying very disturbing things. At the time, I just watched her stagger off. I didn’t think to warn anyone…I’ve seen PLENTY of drunk chicks at concerts.

    But I am glad that people are aware of the situation and if it took TMZ to bring it to their attention, well I’d say they did a pretty good service.

    And I’m pretty sure that she wasn’t left there alone…I kinda think that the person/people she was there with wasn’t/weren’t too far away if you watch the video.

  112. spinshack Says:

    No he did not do anything wrong. Blue he did not do anything period.

  113. spinshack Says:

    No because he knew who the hell she was. I diss the band guys too, nobody gave a flying f*ck. man, it’s just typical.

  114. Spin, is it just hard for you to take the leap of faith that something designed to assist her happened off-camera? I know that it does “look bad” in that he walks off. I really can’t imagine that with all those folks milling around, that no one did anything.

    If in truth, no one did help, then god help us all. It IS a terrible reflection on us as a people.

  115. I don’t think he knows who she is. You’re assuming a lot here. He was just standing there. There were police there. You think this is the first time someone’s gotten drunk at a show and police have escorted them out? Don’t think so. Why is this instance such a big deal? This is being blown way out of proportion. If she was alone on the street, puking, and he just walked right past her, that’s another story.

  116. Snowstorm Says:

    Look at Taylor’s face – he clearly wanted nothing to do with the situation. Those two girls standing near Taylor are a piece of work too. All they did was stare at the trainwreck. Sad.

  117. spinshack Says:

    Why would puking make a difference to her lying on the dirty cement? Watch his face, he knows who she is. He even feels almost like he should do something, watch his body language. He shifts toward her, he can’t look away for a bit, but he’s thinking it not a good idea to get involved.

    YKW likely she eventually got lifted off the sidewalk. Doubtfull I hope she’d be left there all night. It’s just very uncool watching the whole scene. That’s why TMZ has it up. Sure they’re a rag publication but film speaks.

  118. spinshack Says:

    They were a rag tag team of bitches weren’t they, Snow? ha.

  119. Snowstorm Says:

    Yes, they are!

  120. So, this girl allegedly threatened Taylor and Taylor is supposed to run right over and see if she’s ok? The police were there. And people are assuming that Taylor knows who she is.

    So, I guess if people spend the evening threatening you, you’re supposed to run right over when they are so drunk they can’t stand? I don’t think so.

  121. Spin and Snow: What do y’all think Taylor should have done? Put her in his car and taken her back to his hotel to get her sober? Honestly she probably gives him the heebie jeebies.

    For real though…what do y’all think he should have done?????

  122. She threatened him? Please tell more.

  123. spinshack Says:

    What are you talking about threatening Taylor? I heard nothing about that, besides she don’t look like she could carry out any more of a threat than ol’ henry8 and Tapp over at the GF site yapping about getting hired to travel and fight.

    Man this is an incredibly entertaining, enlightening and seriously educational evening.

  124. spinshack Says:

    Be real Fair. No I don’t think he should have carried her off like Kevin Costner in the Body Guard; ha I do think he should have acted on his impulse nagging him (from the looks of the tape) and gone check on her. Instead he plays Cool Hand Luke and banters with Camera Guy.

  125. spinshack Says:

    Oh and the Police left…

  126. spinshack Says:

    Oh, and yes he should have. Southern Gent and all that. πŸ™„

  127. Honestly if he had gone over to check on her it would have caused more controversy. What good video that would have made for TMZ? Imagine if she had “come to”…would she have said anything embarassing to Taylor? Something maybe he would not want TMZ to record?

    I think leaving her alone was his best option.

  128. Yeah, they left…at least that’s what we think. We don’t see the police leaving. How do we know that they all left?

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t think Taylor is responsible for drunk people at his concerts. It’s not like she was passed out on the sidewalk and people were hurting her. She’s an adult who made the decision to be that way. That is not Taylor’s responsibility or anybody else’s for that matter.

  129. Snowstorm Says:

    Not the same situation, but I was at the mall a few weeks ago and an older woman, walking in front of me, slipped and fell hard on the floor. Poor woman was screaming in pain. Me and another woman stayed with her until the ambulance came. So, even though this woman was a stranger to me, and there were obviously other people around, I wanted to make sure that I stayed with her until somebody came and she was taken care of. That’s just common decency.

  130. That’s comparing apples to oranges, snow.

    An elderly woman falling…and a middle aged woman drinking herself into oblivion. Way different.

    And if you’re going to call out Taylor, then you should be calling out every other person who was standing around.

  131. spinshack Says:

    I’m not saying Taylor should be responsible for drunks at his concert; he was standing there as a samaritan sans good samaritan part. Whatever happened to just stepping up and doing What’s Right Is Right?

    It is the responsibility of any Human Being to act as a Human Being. It’s the truly great ones who qualify as Heroes or Samaritans. None were present in this bit of TMZ tape.

  132. Snowstorm Says:

    I did call them out. Those two stupid women were just standing there, doing nothing.

  133. spinshack Says:

    That’s why he stayed away – it was in his own best interests. It was nothing about What’s Right is Right or anything pertaining to doing the Right thing. His steppping to the plate to check on her would have been huge. Monumental and unheard of – especially if she was running her mouth that night in a negative manner about him – Would have made the man look GOOD. Why is that so hard to see? He missed a freaking GREAT moment to really show some character. Some greatness. Some heart and real soul. He blew it.

  134. Snowstorm Says:

    So, nobody here has had a wild night of drinking? I think you are all bias against this woman because of the shit she’s pulled and I honestly don’t blame you, because I don’t like her either, but she’s still alone and drunk and needs help.

  135. spinshack Says:

    That’s what Snow’s been saying Grey. Me too, they were all animals.

  136. spinshack Says:

    I’m with you man, I know who she is, not a fan, but man, she’s a person. She’s a fan and he knows who she is.

    I’d have helped her even though I might not have liked her as an individual.

  137. Come on guys. From a few minutes of clips we can’t tell what went on. Why was he out there in the first place? It must have been 3:00 or later. He seemed to be watching out for her then the camera guys showed up. Who knows he and Bill might have been the ones to call 911. He did seem to be watching out for the cops and raised his hand as they approached. Looked like he was flagging them to me. What was he supposed to do with camera guys there? He did seem concerned. We don’t know what happened other than he walked away from the camera crew. Did he just slip back inside until the camera crew went away and then checked on her again? Did he call the cops again? Did he ask someone to look out for her until the cops arrived. We don’t know so let’s not be so quick to bash him when we don’t know the whole story.

  138. spinshack Says:

    Not just the women, the guys with Taylor too, Bill et al. No one gave a flying f*ck.

  139. spinshack Says:

    Dee, we don’t know but man he should have acted while the cameras were on him. For one it would have been a great opportunity, it’s TMZ and they just hit him with a big bash story. For two, on tape and he knew it was running it would have made him look amazing to step out and help that black woman on the dirty sidewalk.

    Instead we have this troop of white guys including Bill looking especially goofus standing around and this gal’s like that. All Hicks says, for the record on film is something about her being really hammered and the get out of jail free card.

    There is so much material here that is negative it ridiculous.

  140. spinshack Says:

    *its ridiculous*

  141. Spin, I think this little clip of tape is being blown out of proportion. So, we see a minute of this scene and we’re to assume that nobody has helped her? If I’m not mistaken there was another woman standing next to her. Maybe she did have somebody with her.

    And I really don’t think this needs to be turned into a race issue, either. Now, come on.

  142. Snowstorm Says:

    What was she going to say? She was clearly drunk out of her mind.

  143. Snowstorm Says:

    I agree with you. If he had stepped up to the plate and showed some concern, instead of being flippant, it would have showed what a classy guy Taylor is. He ruined his moment.

  144. spinshack Says:

    I assume nothing Grey that would make an Ass out of You and Me. Trite, but true, but I’m not assuming at all that no one helped drunken lady. I knew the race issue would gain rise but it is standing there like an elephant in the room only I said it. I am not afraid of elephants.

    What I am pointing out and so is Snow is the lack of humanity in this clip. Sure it’s a short clip and sure it is not conclusive but it depicts Mr. Hicks is a very negative light.

    Now he need not caretake every drunk that attend his shows but when the situation arises for a person to act in a real way to help someone he Failed.

    What if she has collapsed not just drunk but had a heart attack? It’s not known yet others tonight are saying she’s brought her condition on herself let her lie in the gutter.

    Fine, I can’t help folks with that attitude, not my goal. What I am saying here IAG is he had the golden opportunity on camera in that stupid clip to show why his ‘Heart is full of Soul’ like that book, What’s Right is Right and show an Indiscriminate Act of Kindness. You know Walk the Talk.

    He didn’t do it.

  145. I watched it again on another site because I refuse to give TMZ any more hits. Two policewomen were there as Taylor was watching her so no reason for him to walk over. At least one police car went by maybe two. No way to tell if the lady cops left or not. They checked to make sure she wasn’t hurt and were probably either waiting or called someone else to pick her up. There were people on the street and the camera crew it wasn’t like she was ALONE when he walked away. But again we don’t know what happened after he walked away or how far he went or if the lady cops were still around.

  146. You have a good heart Spin. And I agree that it is sad that she was out on the street like that. I didn’t see the lady cops until the second time I looked at it so I’m sure they had it in control someway.

  147. spinshack Says:

    Dee you miss the Big Picture. When there was opportunity for Mr. Hicks to show his soul, his heart instead he just exchanged quips with camera guy. He knew film was running. He played light and loose and he knew who that gal was.

    I bet he left with Bill and company right after that, she lay on the sidewalk until someone came got her, perhaps those lady cops returned.

    Yeah well let’s forget that. Let’s just talk about how hot he looked and how he’s not responsible for all the drunks in LA or those starving chil’run in Africa. Not his problem Let’s talk about how he just sounded so great in that fuzzy cell cert. About Bill Will and that backpack and all will be just dandy.

  148. Snowstorm Says:

    The only police I saw was the female who walked away, like she didn’t care.

  149. “Wow, are you self-righteous, btw! Who are you to judge anybody?”

    ^^ Irony 101

  150. spinshack Says:

    Thanks Dee, you know I like you and respect you. This just hit me so wrong.Folks anymore don’t care about one another much it seems. We had a lady shot at a Wal-Mart apparently, or so my sister said, near us. She fell to the parking lot and lay there. Folks ran past and screamed but no one went to her aide until the ambulance arrived. It’s like that so often it gets disheartening.

  151. ThAtsLIfe Says:

    I am deeply saddened by this display for all of Taylor Hicks fans. It is a pathetic scene. Why do i feel that in some strange manner this is a dichotomy of going the distance. My heart is breaking for her and him. They both made poor choices. So sad.

  152. spinshack Says:

    I know, she looked so completely unconcerned. ha. Another night in LA and all that.

  153. I just wrote my doctoral dissertation and it got erased. WTF? Anyway, after watching the tmz video a few times, I have to say I understand SS and spin’s reference to random act of kindness. Although I have a different take on …”I was always taught if you see someone defiled you should look them in the eye and smile, or better yet take them home….Sorry if I didn’t get the words quite right. Yeah, he seemed a little calous, but as people have asked, why the hell was he even there?. I think most performers would have been gone a long time ago. Who hangs out after a concert and seems so interested in a fan if he weren’t concerned about her welfare?. I blame TMZ, the f**kin rag mag for sticking their cameras in this poor man’s face and not letting it go. Give the guy a break! As a woman who is married to the original Boy Scout, I don’t think under the same circumstance, he would have approached the woman. He would have done the same thing as Taylor, just watch until it looked like the professionals had it under control…Don’t judge the man unless you were there is all I have to say..

  154. spinshack Says:

    Sorry about your thesis, but I disagree. He could have, on camera at least appeared more concerned rather than made quips. He’s suppose to be what? Full of soul? Regarding why they were there hanging out, to me looked like they were waiting for their ride.

    Bottom point here, TMZ makes him look bad once again and he just plays along.

  155. spinshack Says:

    Thought of something else, if he was waiting for TMZ all night, then why couldn’t he utilize the moment in a better way to show some good about him rather than just being all hip and a jokester?

    Nope still not pleased with how this turned out for him.

  156. I’m afraid that I agree with you Spin, but I really want to believe an alternate reality.

  157. casualfan Says:

    I started reading this thread but I must say this has been blown COMPLETELY out of context.

    Spin-You weren’t there so you don’t know what actually transpired and led up to this.

  158. He wasn’t Literally waiting for TMZ…but I have to agree with you Spin. I just love the guy so much, it breaks my heart to see shit like this. As a sister with 4 brothers and the only female in my family of 3 boys, I have to look at it with the male perspective. The freekin camera in my face and these guys (TMZ) have just said I’m a total loser, wouldn’t that take your concentration away? In the best of circumstances, I would have run up to the woman and at least jostled her to make sure she was ok. We don’t know what went on and why should we?

  159. So he should act like a phony on camera, and then become his quip delivering self with his buddies later? What about Keeping it Real People? Oh , and I bet he was waiting for the bus. BTW do I need to say it again? TMZ totally SUCKS!

  160. I got home from the concert and checked in here while unwindng for bed and am kind of surprised at the turn this thread has taken. I watched the video again to see if I missed something.

    It looks to me like Taylor was waiting outside for his ride, TMZ showed up and then he noticed the activity around the corner. He even says, “What’s going on over here?” There are clearly plenty of people checking on the woman on the sidewalk. Two cops and another person. No need for another person to step in.

    That’s what I see. If she had been completely alone it would be a different story. I have no problem with the video. Off to bed.

  161. taylorfan06 Says:

    I can’t believe you of all people could say that!!!
    You’ve got balls, girl!
    The self righteous, judgmental queen of all!

    Your reputation precedes you snow. I heard talk about you at the show last night.

  162. I started reading this thread but I must say this has been blown COMPLETELY out of context.

    I have to agree, CF, and with Caryl above. It’s not like he left her alone, lying in a puddle of her own making. There were many people, including professionals around.

    Aren’t the greatest acts the ones which go uncredited?

  163. casualfan Says:

    Putting this TMZ and Claudia nonsense aside….seeing Taylor up on stage of what in my opinion is THE BEST of his shows, gave me the shot I needed as both a supporter of his music and of him as a professional. I had the perfect view, perfect sound, perfect location and even had the chance to speak with Felix…Taylor’s former drummer (who is doing great btw).

    Taylor has the right people backing him this time and the support they are showing him was evident that night. I was fortunate enough to have VIP access and enjoyed the show in Taylor’s section where I met some of his support team. After his “7 Mile Breakdown” performance, one of his team members stood up and said “NOW THAT IS HOW YOU DO IT!”. It’s clear they are all very proud of him and see his great potential. AI’s Micheal Johns was also there and really enjoyed himself.

    Though I am still not sold on “Grease”, I do see his reasons for doing it and I give him credit for his determination in making that role a huge success. Taylor has all the tools in his arsenal to do this the right way and clearly he is.

    Am I a “Tard” now? NO-I’M NOT. Am I a supporter of the Man and his Music?….YOU BET I AM! πŸ˜‰

  164. And ya’ll are still on this subject!!????? It’s time for it’s bed people. Let is rest.

  165. Enjoyed the post, casualfan. It was good to find a note of sanity at the end of this dumb train wreck.

  166. casualfan Says:

    I want to give a huge Kuddos to Bill. He ROCKS!

  167. Backpack Bill is awesome!!

  168. Hate to contribute to this topic, but I think Taylor did the right thing. He took the attention off the poor woman and onto himself. If he had gone over to help, the cameras would have followed him. If they got close enough, her face and condition would have been known to everyone who saw the video. Obviously, there were police there, and perhaps, they asked people to leave her alone until an ambulance or someone else came to pick her up. And I never saw him walk away – he was on the corner, he walked toward her, when someone pointed her out and walked back. Where was the security who threw her out? Shouldn’t they be responsible for making sure she is taken care of? Called her a cab or an ambulance, if necessary?

    While the cameras were on, Taylor did his job. He did the interview. Afterwards, who knows what happened? Not everyone is trained to give medical help. Maybe Taylor thought the police would be better trained to handle the situtaion than he was. I think some of you expect too much of him. This had nothing to do with being a Southern Gentlemen. It’s not like he didn’t hold the door for her. Who knew what she had to drink or what “medications” she may have taken? Best to leave her treatment to the professionals.

  169. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    It was clear that Taylor was already standing there watching the fan in question when TMZ got there. Taylor’s people could have callled the police for help beforehand. Even though he got his digs in at TMZ he did seem pre-occupied with what was going on with her.

  170. Redrosespeedway Says:

    Well I was thinking he went inside right after that- who knows if he didn’t say something to somebody to make sure she got a cab home? But he wouldn’t have done it in front of the stupid TMZ people.

  171. spinshack Says:

    I read body language, I watched that tape a few times, I know what was captured. You and others are completely missing my main point.

    Main point is not just that the woman’s lying on the sidewalk and he’s not rushing over to play George Clooney’s character in ER, rather his whole presentation to TMZ like they needed any more to hit him with this week.

    Sure off camera paramedics could have come, that woman could have had one friend to get her up off that sidewalk while those two fools watched with Hicks and company, that’s not the point.

    I don’t think for one moment he knew she was there all along or was trying to distract TMZ from getting a close up on her like henry8 and a few others want to think. Hell, TMZ isn’t interested in drunks on LA sidewalks. You think they’ve never seen one? ha.. that’s funny.

    Hicks and Bill who was just looking strange hiding behind that pole, with their buds caught something was happening because they noticed commotion around the corner. Taylor walks with the TMZ guy around the corner asking, “What’s going on over here”. TMZ guy says, oh just a drunk, and then the nice girls speak out that the drunk said she was a friend of Hicks.

    He was not running interference for that lady or he’d not stepped around the corner with the camera guy – he’d stayed with hiding Bill and the entourage.

    Anyway main point, he could have used that moment that under two minutes of camera time not to show off wit and quips but to show he does have a heart and is a real guy.

    Make excuses for him, I don’t care but man, that was not a shining made for TV moment. hahaha. (laughtrack for henry8 and company)

  172. spinshack Says:

    What did he do that was awesome? Hide behind a pole? That’s all I caught. *shrugs*

  173. spinshack Says:

    It was not clear he knew what was going on around the corner. In fact he seemed to be kicking it with the guys around the other corner until TMZ walked up. He also seems a little lit up too. Badfantoo, if he was trying to take the light off of woman on the sidewalk why did he escort camera guy around to look at her. Why did he not just stay hanging with the guys leaning on the street poles?

    No the commotion caught his attention as he stepped away from the group and got near that corner. Then he walks TMZ over near the lady. Sure she had a cop nearby, sure there were a few folks standing over her, no he did not need to dive into a phone booth and put on his Superman suit.

    Hey if that’s your idea of doing the right thing, go for it. It you think this turned into a train wreck thank the person who put it up for discussion. What was this to really be about? Claudia and how much everyone hates her and how she deserves to lie on that side walk?

    Grey you mentioned how she ‘threatened him all night’ yet don’t elaborate. Looks like the only thing she could have threatened him with was barfing up on him. ha. (inserting laugh track for who ever needs one)

  174. Not in that video, just in general.

  175. Snowstorm Says:

    The thing is he knows her and not to do anything, except make a joke about it…man, that is cold!

    But, then again, Spin, we don’t know the extent of her stalking him. She did move to Birmingham to be closer to him, right? Anybody that does that is a mental case, as far as I’m concerned, right?

    I don’t know, Spin. I think we don’t have the real details about this woman. We know she scammed people, so that says alot.

    Poor Taylor, this is what happens when you go on show like AI – the crazies come out of the woodwork.

  176. Casualfan. Thanks for your recap, I’m glad you enjoyed Taylor and let us know that he is supported.

  177. This thread was put up to showcase the video, not because I think Taylor did something wrong, it was just a little clip of him thanking TMZ for filling up his concert. He was snarky with them and I liked that.

    What’s interesting to me is how some people think because Taylor sings a song called Indiscriminate Act of Kindness, that means he has to perform one. I mean, are we to assume then that he really banged a bride in the back of a limo, or that when he sings Hide Nor Hair, that really happened to him, too? No, they are just songs, not the morals he lives his life by. Should he have gone to help her? Who knows? Who cares? Who are we to judge him for a decision that he made that most of us don’t even have the full details of.

    Nobody has commented on the video that I put up from the Roxy. No one has discussed the fantastic performance that he gave. Instead, we have all this bullshit about whether Taylor Hicks should have been a good samaritan or not. I really don’t give a shit. I don’t listen to him because I think he’s a great person. I don’t run this blog because I think he contributes to charity and goes to church. I run this blog because he is one hell of a fucking performer and I like to highlight that.

  178. spinshack Says:

    After watching that TMZ vid I did not care to watch him soulfully sing out Nineteen, Grey just sort of did not fit the moment.

    Obviously I am in the minority about Hicks’ behaviour on that tape. Obviously most of you are not getting the real deal here with that tape. Hicks was bashed by this week once. He had an opportunity with TMZ to turn that around. Instead of providing that turn around moment he provides TMZ yet another sound bite that will work against him perhaps. But then considering how so many think that woman and that situation perfectly fine, perhaps I’m wrong. I am okay with being the only person who find the tape a sad commentary.

    No he doesn’t have to live up to any of his songs, any of his hype or anything but be that bar singer guy. He doesn’t have to lose sleep over what I think or cater to my whims. It is my choice though, to write what I think at any given moment about any given subject.

    Regarding snarky? Yeah, actually Mr. Hicks was that, actually he was quite brazen speaking out to the TMZ guy, but actually I lost focus on that once the short clip played out. Actually I think basically that this not a fine moment for Mr. Hicks. Actually. Borrowing a few words from Mr. Hicks. (insert laugh track here)

    So he’s one hell of a fucking performer. That’s all that matters.

  179. Good for you Spin& SS..that you would have gone to help….NOT ME!!! And I am the warm fussy type who loves everybody. Sometimes you learn to back off. And that is without the scumbag TMZ following me. Doesn’t matter if Taylor had gone to help..that rag would have critized him not matter what he did. He handled TMZ perfectly in the interview and gave them no more amunition with that lady. Good for him!!!
    Why is everyone wondering what Taylor was doing there @ that time of the am. For Christ sake he’s 32, he’s allowed to stay out late. What do you do after work, go home and lock the doors. He had just finished work. Doesn’t matter if it’s 5:00 pm or 3:00 am . I don’t know about you
    guys but after work I like to relax with friends , maybe have a drink, watch some tv if I’m home… Don’t know of anyone who is thning ….what the hell is she doing out after work? Anyone who has ever worked in a bar that closes late that’s when nightworkers go out for some down time. Taylor was a night worker that night.
    Grey…the video of Nineteen is fabulous…thanks so much
    Everybody chill and enjoy the afterglow of what seems to have been a kick ass show.

  180. Guys, you all know I’m not usualy silent about anything in Tayland, but last night I was regarding this subject. I thought Spin, Snow and a few others lost their freaking minds. I wish people had commented on him handling the TMZ guys so well and the Nineteen video. Then I would have joined in. There was so much judgemental bullshit flying. If that woman stalks him, my God, she told people she was his friend, think how much more she’d be delusional if he paid her personal attention. Remember Paula’s stalker. There were lots of people including the police. She wasn’t left there all night. Spin spun it as not only “that’s what is wrong with the world”, but worse yet that Taylor should have seized the moment for the camera. Some of us know who it was, but perhaps her friends, acquaintances, co workers and neighbors would not know unless Taylor dragged over a camera guy in her face so he could look like a real southern gentleman for TMZ. Maybe the best thing for her is she realize Taylor is not her friend and she is just an obsessed fan who needs to cut down on the drinks.

  181. And now we have Sunny continuing to be obsessed with the event and blogging about it. Repeat, the woman got help eventually, either a ride to jail or a hospitol or a cab called to her hotel. One can be taken to jail for loitering, public drunkeness or disorderly conduct, so yes she seemed at the moment to have gotten a get out of jail card for free.

  182. spinshack Says:

    Rose, I just had to follow through with my line of impressions and thoughts. I must express myself. You surely knew I’d have to blog about it, really, Ro it is what I do.

    I’ve worked it out though, feel much better. I mean that ‘s what this ol’ world is about right? Taking care of ourselves and well, let everyone else take care of everyone else.

  183. spinshack Says:

    Ro, Taylor did seize the moment for camera, gal, were you not watching? he called TMZ over for a “chat”. I did not lose my mind I was horrified and still have some residue left from that especially considering some of the responses.

    I couldn’t applaud how he handled TMZ because TMZ handled him Rosie. You still don’t get that. They knew the lady was over there on the ground and basically lured him to come out enough to see her, then went with it. He did not win that – nope TMZ roaming for catchy sound bites for their show got a big bite out of Taylor. I guess his “C’mon on over” perceived as bravery and his snarky initial dialogue thought clever, but that was lost in the context of the remaining footage.

    That was not a fine moment for anyone.

    You sound too as if ol drunken fan got her just desserts, nice.

  184. Hello all, yes I am alive sorry to burst the bubble of those who wanted a different outcome. Thanks for the “human being” comments Spin I so agree…First let me say I flew in at 10:30am the day of the show and it was a very hot 87 degrees and I had a lot to do around town before the show so I should have been drinking a lot of water; Also the only thing I had time to eat was breakfeast during my layover in Memphis. So the alcohol hit me a bit hard. I was blacked out on that wall BTW (not responsive) But I did have someone who went beyond the call of duty and stayed with me until the Ambulance came and I will always be in her debt for that!!! Taylor also I learned did not leave the venue till he knew 911 was called by the Roxy staff.

    Now as for this stalking stuff, I have not seen Taylor since last year his birthday weekend at Marty’s sure you all saw the videos. Before that it was in N.Y. in July. I can not afford to go to all his events but I am just a fan like anyone else…Also I was not escoted out the Roxy my friend took me out to get some air. As for a threat towards Taylor I won’t validate that with a response. As for those girls saying I told them that we were friends never happened and I think they were trying to be funny for TMZ and Taylor but who knows.

    I had a blast Taylor was in top voice and he rocked it! That was actually my last Taylor performance for a while I have a Documentary on Topper Price I am swampped in and an online music show I have in development called Majic city IAD and I am about to do the whole settle down family thing with my boyfriend Omari who is a musician and reason I am still there BTW. So if going to two events a year makes me a stalker.I must have read the wrong definition.

    I wish all the SP the best and for those who wish I would have died out there on Sunset I will pray for you.

    God Bless

    Because he blessed me with great music and an Angel in my opinion that night! K, I will always be in your debt!!


  185. casualfan Says:

    And it continues on……….

  186. littlewing Says:

    It happens to the best of us Claudia, thanks for your accounting of the events of the day. So happy to know that someone stayed with you. For all the negative things we hear on a daily basis, it’s good to know that people do still care.

  187. Just so everybody knows…..The woman was taken care of….she was NOT just left there and Taylor KNEW someone was taking care of her……Tay’s a good guy and does care about people. All you need to know is that there were people taking care of her.

  188. someonewhocares Says:

    Just so everybody knows…..The woman was taken care of….she was NOT just left there and Taylor hung around until he KNEW someone was taking care of her……
    Tay’s a good guy and does care about people. All you need to know is that there were people taking care of her.

  189. Kudos TayFan1. Nice post. Everyone has had a night of drinking that turned out no so great. No big deal. Glad you’re ok.

  190. I’m so glad to hear you are alright Claudia. Thank you so much for posting.

  191. werent you at onas? and werent you the one at the golf thing right before taylor cancelled?

  192. spinshack Says:

    How often have you seen him and where tfhharp? Man, the lady comes on here, has the (where’s Rosie?) Balls to confront this post and you ask her those questions? Your name might be better as WTFharp. Man. πŸ™„

  193. spinshack Says:

    My one friend left emailed me to say you responded here. I’m very impressed, especially considering some of the posters comments. A few are now emailing me that Taylor was that “Angel” you are writing about, we know different. It was that one lady who stayed with you.

    I figured he’d stay after the TMZ cameras rolled, but what reflected negatively was what was seen in the short tape. Too, he knew who you were, it was obvious. It really hit my heart to see the tape, watch the representation on film.

    Glad you came here to represent yourself, that you’re okay.

  194. Snowstorm Says:

    Tayfan, I’m glad you’re OK and that someone stayed with you. If I had been there, I would have done the same thing. I would have stayed until I knew you were taken care of. That video kind of made me ill to see you on sidewalk with Taylor, close by, making flippant jokes for the camera and then walking away, like he didn’t care.. knowing that he knows you… left me a little cold.

    We do not know each other, but like others, I have read about you on the boards. I do not know if you are a stalker, but if you say you are not, I will take your word for it.

    Thanks for posting and clarifing the situation. Good luck!

  195. spinshack Says:

    Please Snow, the same fans calling her a stalker have seen him multiple times in concerts, followed him around the country and seen “Grease” how many times? It is funny.

  196. Snowstorm Says:

    Yeah, I don’t doubt that, Spin. Can you say hypocrites? Plus, we have those virtuous types that say, “the drunk got what she deserved”. Where is humanity these days? sad.

    I’m glad to hear that Taylor was concerned for her afterall, so I feel good about that at least.

  197. Snowstorm Says:

    None of you fans know me, dear. It’s all in your head.

  198. Snowstorm Says:

    Do you even know what self-righteous means? It means virtuous. Go look it up in the dictionary, honey, HAHA!

  199. tfhharp, yes I was at Ona’s the PRESIDENT of Harmony Candace Golden and I threw a volunteer party there for those that helped with the convention. We booked Spoonful and Andrew Tyler to play and it was the last stop on the pub crawl we had and Taylor was nice enough to drop by and sit in with SPJ. On Ona’s website for that night it reads “Soul Patrol after party (Taylor Hicks fans)” Spoonful James performing.

    First my uncle Jim Dent who is on the senior PGA Tour and played the Regions that week and it was great to see him play in person after a long time. I had a press credential to cover Taylor in that copacity for Associated Content as I did in Palm Springs during the Bob Hope. Both of those events were within the same two weeks in May.

    I enjoy writing for AC and I get paid to do so at times, so am I wrong for exploring a part-time career. I believe many may not have been happy with the whole Magazine thing and I understand that and have apoligized and issued refunds and do not know what else I can do.

    Also many blame me for the convention when I was a volunteer also and was put in charge of the festival portion and the volunteer party and bought frames for the auction items. I did not own Harmony or create the organization. I guess it was due to me being front and center regarding press and inquiries. I don’t know but the ones that are not happy never bring up the President only me…so there is nothing I can do about that…

    I am in a good place in my life, and want peace and to change my online approach to a more open and reseptive and taking some great advice. I try to share all I can because I am a fan first and would want another fan to do the same.

    I am enjoying my time home in Los Angeles, I had backdown south tomorrow and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.I hope it great for all of you as well.


  200. Glad you are OK Claudia. BUT excuses don’t cut it with me. You are old enough to know Alcohol doesn’t not mix on an empty stomach. Empty stomach, hot weather or not it took more than one drink to make you wind up on the sidewalk in the middle of the night passed out. AND you were the one taking those drinks. It was your decision. Sorry, but I think you should rethink your statement about what a “GOOD PLACE” you are in in your life right now and look into why you ended up where you did. NO excuses. Take a hard look at why you took that first drink in the first place. Others who are making light of it, patting you on the back saying it happens to the best of us. Well, maybe if one has an alcohol problem or potential problem it happens. I don’t give you a pass.. you should not give yourself a pass . I don’t give Taylor a pass either for making light of it even though it seems being drunk is a joke to 90% of the population these days. So, Claudia pay attention to this little life lesson you went through and seriously re-think ever taking a drink again. I have no bone to pick with you.. no axe to grind it is out of human concern that I speak.

  201. Dee I totally agree with watching that video scared the crap out of me, so did waking up in Ceder Sienid hospital (First thought was I’m not Britany Spears, why am I in Ceders Sienid). I did not try to make excuses
    With my last post but just let people know the course of events. I take full responsibility for my actions, and it will be a while before I drink again!


  202. jerseyirish Says:

    So glad to hear you are alright, things do happen on us in life, kudos to you for taking responsibilty for your own actions.


  203. Fairhope Says:

    She is an adult…..why the righteous lecture? Hope you don’t live in a glass house!

  204. OMG.

  205. Fairhope, Just trying to inject a serious dose of reality to this discussion. If it sounded like a lecture so be it. I just feel often times people treat getting drink as something funny and I just find no humor in it. Anything could have happened to Claudia out on the street and it all began when she decided to take that first drink. When something like this happens to this extreme it is rarely an isolated incident. I just felt everyone treating it like it was no big deal is just as bad as walking by her passed out on the street. If that had happened to my friend I would have been trying to help her see how serious this was.

  206. casualfan Says:

    I agree with you Dee.

    Claudia, I do give you credit for owning up to this and I’m glad you are safe. I do hope you find peace of mind and move on and that you give peace of mind back to the very one who showed concern. πŸ˜‰

  207. Smokeyden Says:

    You don’t owe anyone an explanation. Glad you’re safe.

    Regarding calling her a stalker, I don’t see it. What about those who have seen Taylor 50 times the first year? Or those who post on every blog, board & seem to know his daily whereabouts?

    Dee, why be so hard on Claudia? Met her before & she was in complete control. She just had too much at a show.

  208. Smokeyden. Don’t think I’m being hard on her. Just hoping that night became a huge Wake Up Call. I don’t think it helps her for any of us to make light of it. Even your last line ” She just had too much at a show” is giving her a pass. People who get a pass think it is ok and that everyone at sometime has had this happen to them. Not True. That’s part of why people become alcoholic. It has become so accepted to drink until drunk. From Claudia’s answer to me I can tell I did not offend her. All I wanted was for her to think about the path she went down which she has. Just because one doesn’t become passed out drunk everytime doesn’t mean there is no problem. Thankfully we are not reading a story about her body turning up in a gabage can because she was raped and killed by someone who found her drunk on the street.

  209. Fairhope Says:

    Dee: You’re not her mother. She’s an adult. Leave her alone. I think this subject has run it’s course.

  210. 29 & holding Says:

    Hey..Newbie here…Let’s be sensible here…How do you think TMZ would have handled it if Taylor had come to her rescue…They’d have ripped him to shreads for months… My 2 cents only….

  211. Redrosespeedway Says:

    Thank you!

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