The more things change, the more they stay the same..


Taylor’s trying…he’s trying so hard to drop his AI persona. But, the press isn’t making it easy. He’s dropped the Soul Patrol shoutout, and the awkward lean. Well, except he fell back into in on Idol Tonight, but who could blame him? Articles like this don’t help.

4. Taylor Hicks (“American Idol”)
Can we get a recount on this one? Two seasons later and we’re still shaking our heads at how this boring silver-haired Michael McDonald wannabe beat out Kat McPhee. And where were Taylor’s fans when it came to buying his albums? Nowhere. Taylor’s win is especially suspect in a season that included future successes Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler and Elliot Yamin.

And this..And fulfilling the episode’s Tayor Hicks Bashing Quota, Ryan Seacrest noted, “We’ve come a long way since Taylor Hicks stood right here.” supposedly said last night on Idol. I don’t know the context, but I can’t think of a good one for that to be an ok statement.

And this? From our friends at TMZ:

It’s not a charity show, it’s not a fundraiser … Taylor Hicks concert tickets have now been reduced to a whopping $0.00 — and it still hasn’t sold out.

The season five “American Idol” winner was originally scheduled to perform at The Roxy on Sunset tomorrow night — for $36.50 a ticket. But in the last few hours, a bunch of tickets wound up on — a website which claims to offer ticket discounts because, “Not every show sells out, so instead of letting seats go empty, venues list them with us to sell to our members.”

Now, instead of offering the usual half-price discount, Hicks tix are being given away for nothing … nada .. zip … zilch … except an $8.75 service fee.

Still too much?

What do you think? Will Taylor ever be able to drop the AI image?

And then…we discover he’s working at WalMart.


Taylor CD signing this Thursday
Taylor will be signing his new CD, ‘The Distance,’ this Thursday, March 19 at the Wal-Mart in Santa Clarita, CA from 4pm-6pm. Come out and say hi!



136 Responses to “The more things change, the more they stay the same..”

  1. casualfan Says:

    OMG! I’m too stunned for words right now….ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the pic of Bill LOL!

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Saw everything you posted. With all the good positive press he is getting, this stuff still shows up. TMZ to me is just a glorified rag magazine. Don’t know if what they printed is true or not don’t really care. Taylor always talks positive about his experience on Idol and they take every cheap shot they can at him. Is it me or has anyone else noticed this season it is almost weekly they are referencing Taylor negatively. The other season’s since he has been on maybe one or two shots all season, what gives? What I am seeing alot of these negative comments come from folks who have not looked beyond Idol to see what he has been doing, they are the ones stuck in the Idol personna.


  3. jerseyirish Says:

    CF, Loved the Bill pin also, thought it was hysterical!!! 🙂


  4. hicksaholic Says:

    I watched AI last night but missed the reference to Taylor.

    WalMart signing- sad but at least we know they have the cd in the stores unlike the rest of the WalMarts in the country.

    Love the Bill pin and thew Tay Tay nametag!

  5. casualfan Says:

    JI, taylor has NEVER been well recieved here on the West Coast. This should not be a surprise. This is Daughtry country. The truth hurts but it is what it is.

  6. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor is not popular on the West Coast, but California has been hit hard by the recession and people like Taylor, with minimal success in the music biz, is going to be affected. Taylor’s AI win, from three years ago, is not enough to sustain him because people forget.

  7. casualfan Says:

    SS it’s not the recession. There’s still lots of money floating around here and certainly enough to buy 35.00 tkts.

    He’s just not hot stuff here. It’s going to be interesting to see the die-hards explain this one.

  8. Why is it bad to do a CD signing at Walmart?

    I’ve never understood why people are downright mean to Taylor. It’s not his fault if people voted him the winner of American Idol. He’s been nothing but gracious and appreciative for it. Why such hatred towards him?

  9. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Exactly he is always gracious and still gets slammed.


  10. jerseyirish Says:

    CF, Does anyone know how many tickets have been sold for the Roxy and what the capacity is of the place. I thought I had read in the Soul Lounge that the ticket sales had been good. I know Taylor was never well recieved in Calif, but he has been getting good press while he is there.


  11. Snowstorm Says:

    Probably because there was a lot expected from him and he didn’t deliver. But, sometimes I think AI fans played a cruel trick on him. Voting him the AI winner, but then they quickly forgot about him and didn’t buy his music.

  12. jerseyirish Says:

    I know this is off topic but just got a google alert and has some numbers of Kelly’s and Taylor’s first week sales. She was at 254,000 and Taylor it says less than 10,500, don’t know if the numbers are right but this is the frist I saw any numbers for sales.


  13. Snowstorm Says:

    Hmmm, I saw a news report not too long ago about California and how hard they got hit by the recession.

  14. Sorry … I’m picking myself off the floor after looking at that picture.

    Too. Damn. Funny.

    The Left Coast is what it is … I have been pleasant surprised by the good press he’s gotten in La La Land. No matter how many people show up tonight … he will kick ass and take names like he always does. It’s not like 30 people are going to be there. Sheesh.

  15. We still love you Taylor! Ryan made the remark when standing with Adam Lambert who is so not Hicks, you would have had to seen it to get the humor. The Roxy did sell out last night after the free plus handling offer, but not before several others picked up on the TMZ article. Littlewing may be the winner with her guess of 8,500 first week figures, sad but fact. While the distrubution fiasco had some impact on figures it still is sad and well, not a good thing. Only those who google Hicks know what is going on with him. He needs radio ASAP!

  16. Snowstorm Says:

    I came close.. I said 8,500. I’m glad he went a little over, but I knew it was going to be in that range. Unless he gets on the radio, or gets any video exposure on VH1, I don’t see the cd having any legs.

  17. This has got to be the funnies and most relaxed I’v ever seen the man. Maybe he’s taking a cue from David Cook’s comedy routines. Hope this link works-I’m kind of a tard in that dept.

  18. Hopefully, he’ll start doing more interviews like this. I’m afraid the dorky Taylor image will be hard to shake. Love the “Tayla!” at the end.

  19. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, they haven’t sold out. You can still go online and purchase tkts.

  20. casualfan Says:

    SS, I wasn’t saying there isn’t a recession and that LA hasn’t been hit. What I was saying is that there is still plenty of money here..which there is. People are just being a little tighter than usual but they will purchase if they are interested.

    I think this will be a great show tonight and I’m looking forward to it. Taylor always delivers on his shows.

  21. spinshack Says:

    I said 10,000. Go me.

  22. spinshack Says:

    I just checked and yes, tickets still available.

  23. jerseyirish Says:

    momo. Nice interview, thanks for posting.


  24. The place that buys tickets to distribute to their members were the ones that offered what they had left for free. Their site posted last night, sold out. TMZ made it seem like all the tickets were free. I see that they are still for sale at the Roxy and ticketmaster. I also see that more blogs are appearing by the second feeding off the TMZ rag report. Just wait until they start posting his 1st week CD sales! I’m feeling sick over this.

  25. spinshack Says:

    Bah on Rosie.

    What did you expect on the first week’s sales Ro? He’ll be okay.

  26. The interesting part of that video is when he talks about Gokey and the pain that he’s experienced. When I hear Taylor sing Indiscriminate Act of Kindness, I can hear the pain in his voice too. And that’s what makes it so good.

    And you know what’s weird? I like the jacket there. I think I didn’t like it on Chelsea Lately because he had a blue shirt underneath it. 🙄 He’s working it in that interview.

  27. I never minded the jacket! In the order of tmi…I saw a guy on CSI, I think, wearing a light grey version of the same jacket the other night; so Taylor is stylin’. Why do I deny my tardness when I pay attention to stuff like this??? I’m embarrassed for myself!

  28. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, thats the interview I saw him in with jacket and he looked really good, put together, don’t know what happended Monday for Chelsea but just didn’t feel the same about the jacket that night.


  29. spinshack Says:

    Haha, what about Gokey’s jacket last night? Looked ready for an arctic expedition. 😛

    Why do the stylists think it’s so cool to dress contestants in winter wear on stage? Jackets? For what? ha.

    I couldn’t tell from the vid that the underlying shirt was blue, but that jacket will always say Capt Roo to me, not that it’s a bad thing.

  30. Badfantoo Says:

    The Walmart chop is hilarious. Very apt.
    Wow! Almost 10,000 sold? I was guessing 2000-4000. Impressive.

    The American public has spoken. Taylor’s music is not wanted. It’s just the way it is. Good news is, there’s always Broadway.

  31. Broadway? Ick.

  32. Does anybody else “*cringe*” when they hear “Tay Tay”…

  33. Badfantoo Says:

    It’s funny how you hate him doing Broadway, IAG. It’s the only way he’s making money now, so you’d better get used to it.

    Unless one of the songs on this cd hits, I don’t think we’ll be getting any new music from him for a very long time, if ever.

  34. spinshack Says:

    Ah that’s something anyway. Hell he might work out more later on – guy wants to live well, entertain. Doesn’t look like the B’Ham club thing working out too well.

  35. spinshack Says:


  36. spinshack Says:

    *Off topic* IAG sent you a few emails.

  37. spinshack Says:

    That makes me sad. Hopefully something will happen to turn the tide.

  38. Badfantoo Says:

    Tay Tay is his nickname. Get over it.

  39. spinshack Says:

    Get over what? I was asked if I did not like it. I don’t I’m honest. ha.

  40. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, get use to it. It’s out of your control and is part of the pkg. As hard as I am on Taylor at times I hate seeing those kinds of blogs pop up too. But what I hate more are the blogs that pop up slamming fans of Taylor and creating lies making out like they know all about someone and creating problems. Those people are the ones who claim to be Taylors “true” fans and they make me sick.

  41. casualfan Says:

    Tay Tay is his nickname from his friends….not his fans.

  42. spinshack Says:

    Just read that. Not good. 😯

  43. jerseyirish Says:

    Read it also, makes me sad. 😦


  44. Casual, The true fan, bad fan thing and gossip about other fans makes me vomit.

  45. casualfan Says:

    That’s my girl! Kelly appeals to the masses. The girl can get down and dirty with Guns & Roses by singing “Sweet Child Of Mine” Not many female singers can do that.

  46. spinshack Says:

    I have no idea why anyone asked then. I don’t care if all of you want to call him Tay Tay, sounds like a nickname for a 5 year old but hey, call him that I really don’t care either way. I just think it sounds silly. Shoot me.

    My babysister called me JuJu, my folks called me that to humor her for a long time. I put a stop to that soon as I could. I prefered the nickname my Grandma gave me. It was after a song…you guys can be silly. hahaha

  47. casualfan Says:

    I need to clarify that I’m not dissing Taylor…I’m happy for Kelly and all she’s accomplished. I find it pathetic they have to zing Taylor like that. The media can be mean as hell but Taylor will let it flow like water off a ducks back as he always does.

  48. Yes.

  49. “Doesn’t look like the B’Ham club thing working out too well.”

    What have you heard, spin?

  50. Tay Tay is something you call a baby, not a grown man you don’t even know.

  51. Snowstorm Says:

    I’ve been involved in music practically my whole life and I knew this was going to happen when I heard The Distance. If it was truly outstanding work, it would have been noticed. Only having a few stand out tunes, does not cut it these days.

    I can’t help but feel sorry for him. I’m just wondering what his future holds.

  52. I guess it was unfortunate that both albums came out on the same day.

  53. If he’s gotta do Broadway, fine, but PLEASE, Taylor, don’t do John Travolta’s role in “Hairspray!”

  54. Trying to be positive, as I sip my pepto, that one of his songs will hit. Next week sales will reflect the die hards who couldn’t find it this week at Walmart or Target. Who know the bad press may Inform some that he has a new CD out. Rocket Science reported 2 months ago he’d be on Leno etc. Tonight Kelly is on Leno , oh well. AI had her on last week so 25 million were reminded that she had a new CD and 0 were reminded that Taylor did. If he appears on AI before 25 million he will get some sales boost. The above eonline article was not nasty, just factual. Where are all those Bamians who were giddy over his win? 9,000 versus 298,000 Dec. 2006–(sipping more pepto) May need to hit the hard stuff later!

  55. spinshack Says:

    hahahhaa! Oh NOez that would be hilarious!

  56. spinshack Says:

    Great point Rose, where are those folks? Of course, they were for Bo Bice and Studdard too.

    Sipping your pepto – that’s hilarious.

  57. Snowstorm Says:

    Where are those folks?

    They bought the TH cd and listened to it once and were probably saying, “where’s the soul”? Nuff said.

  58. taylorfan06 Says:


  59. You get over it….sounds gay to me….or very feminine

  60. hicksaholic Says:

    Unfortunately I count for 4 of those sold. Just imagine if there are a lot of individuals making multiple purchases like me it’s even worse. It may mean only several thousand purchased it.

    Now we probably know why there are so few in stores. Taylor didn’t want to bankroll a lot of unsold cds. I really hope it turns around. There are some good songs on the cd that if given radio airplay could be at least mildly successful. It must be disappointing for Taylor. Talk about pissy Taylor. Those having meet and greets in the next few days may see pissy Taylor.

  61. I bought 4 too.

  62. Hopefully, he’ll release Maybe You Should. I think that has the potential to do well on the charts.

  63. spinshack Says:

    The plans for the complex have been held up by lack of over all financing and other matters – may be a while before it actually gets off the ground, some say if ever. Seems the developer and the city have things to work out.

  64. spinshack Says:

    I wonder why he did not select that one right off the bat Grey. Read someplace, can’t recall, that Nineteen might be up next as a single. I think he needs hit MYS instead.

  65. Yeah…wasn’t there an article about that recently? I think I remember seeing one.

  66. On the CD I bought, there was a sticker that said, “Includes ‘What’s Right Is Right’ and ‘Nineteen’.” That’s a pretty good sign that it’s the next single, dontcha think?

  67. Snowstorm Says:

    I think Nineteen will do well on the Country stations. They are a lot more receptive than the pop stations in getting new music played.

  68. Badfantoo Says:

    WTF? It’s his nickname. You all act like he chose it.

  69. I already posted this at chill’s, but I wanted to tell you to watch Ghost Hunters tonight. They’re investigating a place my sister used to work at for a few summers: Star Island. She had to live out there all summer because it’s very isolated. She’s still very involved-on the Board of Directors. I’ve spent the night there a few times. There have always been ghost stories passed around. Can’t wait to see what they find.

  70. littlewing Says:

    I think I need some of Rosie’s pepto. Guess we’d better just get used to this. I can already see the posts on the “real” hate blogs. They’ll have a field day with this and its just so disheartening. But, as someone pointed out, 9K ain’t bad for an indie CD first week sales. Which is true. And then, there was the problem in getting the CD on the shelves at the various retail outlets. So, that def had an impact. Nineteen could make some waves. It ain’t over yet. I just hope peeps have learned that it is detrimental to call radio stations to request an artist that is not already on their pre-determined playlist.

  71. jerseyirish Says:

    I was reading one of the google alerts I got about Kelly sales versus Taylor, there was a very interesting comment, thought I’d bring it over:

    “Taylor’s number just came in at selling 7,000 for the week. I for one talked to the distributor at Anderson’s merchandising in Amarillo, TX and they said that Taylor’s cd’s were overlooked being shipped out for the release date, even though they were there for 2 weeks prior to the date. They are a vendor for Wal-Mart and so Wal-Mart stores did not receive Taylor’s cd’s. I called everyday and mine finally arrived at my store on Monday, March 16, 2008. After it was too late to pick up and be scanned because I hate to wait till Tuesday to get it. I know Simon is a consultant for Sony BMG and guess who pushed up their date for their album. I love Kelley, but you can’t tell me all those cd’s in that wharehouse was overlooked on purpose. I contacted Wal-Mart and asked that they print a disclosure that Taylor’s cd’s were not shipped out to their stores. Target got theirs, but the closest Target to me is 3 hrs away. Wal-Mart is going to give me a reply tomorrow, I think they should do this because this has done Taylor harm. Taylor’s family was even calling him telling him they couldn’t find his cd last Tuesday, this is the reason why. This is just from my due diligence and you can due your own, it is my own opinion. What was told to me were facts, the other is my opinion, We all know Simon hates Taylor so bad he would never have to say I’m sorry, you made it.”
    • reply

    Wonder if anyone had their hand in this.


  72. spinshack Says:

    Yes it is.

  73. Fairhope Says:

    Does he wear gray eyeshadow? Anyone?

  74. spinshack Says:

    That’s very positive littlewing. Nicely put.

  75. spinshack Says:

    That’s very intriguing JI. You know sales would have been a little better, at least, should the stores have had the product when they were scheduled. I could not find a copy near me anyplace, promises that they were getting them soon. Got a copy on-line, it is enroute; regarding local Dallas stores, nada, at least on the release date. Have not checked on them since, BTW.

  76. I know that within listening to the CD all that much, I’ve had a few of the songs stuck in my head. That was not the case with his 1st CD. even though I listened to it often. Nineteen should do well and the Distance is catchy sourthen rock. I would think Maybe You Should could do well on the radio. But will the radio whigs be receptive to anything off a CD with poor sales? His voice is so fine and there are some good songs that should be heard. Ahh the frustration of it all and tonight he has to perform at the Roxy… BTW Kellys numbers were huge in this economy but being on AI one day after her release probably added 75,000 units.

  77. I know that without, not within ^

  78. This is what makes me crazy… why, when Mr. Hicks’ CD sells poorly, or he’s overlooked for interviews, or tickets are promoted as “free”, why do the fans and/or the SP sniff out a conspiracy??

    Some CD’s sell millions, some CD’s sell a few thousand. If you had told him, at the time he was selling “Under The Radar” out of his backpack, that in 10 years time he would be selling 7,000 CD’s in his first week, I’m sure he would have wigged out. In a happy way! Yes, these figures sound terrible when compared to Clarkson, but I don’t think Mr. Hicks wants to be a Clarkson, a Daughtry, or a Pickler. Mr. Hicks knows who he is as an artist and the sound he wants to record. Call me presumptious, but in all his interviews, he’s looking and sounding pretty grateful and confident. I’m sure he’s recieved his sales figures daily … he knew what to expect.

    What has he always said? “I want to be a working musician.” I think he’s achieving that goal, and perhaps the SP adjust their version of “success”. Don’t worry about “the public” … Mr. Hicks is just one of those performers: if you “get him”, you get him; if you don’t, you don’t.

    I’m stepping away from the podium now… I’ve done my cheesy tarding for the day. Oh, and I know Snow is coming after me.

  79. littlewing Says:

    Thanks spin…I always try to glean the positive on anything Hicks, tho it’s getting harder and harder these days. Something else, Taylor should enjoy a sales boost when/if he appears on Idol. He should be duly plugged by Ryan. I don’t care what happened between Taylor and the PTB in the past, right is right.

  80. spinshack Says:

    I know, *whispering to Rosie* sometimes words just pop up that I have no idea where they came from… ha.

  81. littlewing Says:

    YKW, ITA with your post. Very salient points.

  82. spinshack Says:

    I * heart * YKW.

  83. YKW, nice post, you make a lot of sense but I for one believe Taylor is not a happy camper tonight. He does want much bigger success and acclaim, IMO, than this. I believe he expected such after his AI win. Sure compared to pre AI this would be good, but this is less than 3 yrs after winning AI, Leno. singing for the Pres. hottest Bachlelor and being in demand for interviews and appearances. In May 2006, he though multi millionaire and fame and no worries and was even comared to Elvis. Now, not so much> Not very much at all and back to having to really work it every which way. Maybe he did and does wish to aspire to Kellys and Carries and Chris claim to success. The man has discovered fine living and fame and I doubt he wants it to all go away and go back to the fugly shirt life.

  84. Thanks, littlewing! I’m not usually so cheery… I really don’t know what’s come over me.

    It must be Spin’s love for me. LOL!

  85. Oh sure, but will you respect me in the morning?!? 😀

  86. I think Simon Cowell has switched my brain with Rosie’s!!!

  87. I love Ghost Hunters!

  88. jerseyirish Says:

    YKW, Just found it interesting that the CD’s were there but never got shipped, the sales are what they are. Was hopeing they’d be higher maybe things will pick up as he starts performing more songs live.


  89. Yeah, I think it’s a pretty big stretch to assume that Simon hates Taylor so much that he’s going to mess with his CD release. I mean, I’m all for the random conspiracy theory, but that one’s a little hard to swallow.

  90. Well I don’t know what to think about the mix up with the cd distribution, but I’m getting a little curious about the bad press. There has been months of great press and acolades for Taylor…then it seems the very day his cd dropped all this horrible press starts up again. Maybe it’s timing but I am starting to wonder.

  91. And that ONE stinking story about free tickets popped up over and over again on various sites. I thought that was odd.

  92. Perhaps I’ve had way too much Pepto and as a cure I’ve switched to the hard stuff. My brain is available for swiping, real easy pickings, but don’t think Simon did it. I have never ever subscribed to any conspiracy theory. Have I been misunderstood? That was JI’s post and alm wonders and ponders. No one has messed with Taylors release in my opinion , not overtly or covertly. Perhaps A2M, dropped the ball, but TPTB, AI, the 4 judges the producers etc. have zero to do with his press, distribution or sales. I don’t want to switch brains with any of you, respect 90% of all ya MFK’rs and love Tay.

  93. I’m pretty sure that was because it came from TMZ…the Enquirer of the internet.

  94. I like you Ms YUK!

  95. I think “The Distance” is a solid CD. There are a few songs that would do well on radio. I finally found a CD at Target and listened to it in the car yesterday while I ran errands.

    I was enjoying IAoK when some line (I don’t remember which) made me burst into tears. So, there I was in the grocery store parking lot, trying to pull it together so I could go inside! Now, c’mon, how many songs actually move you like that? He STILL just needs to be effing heard! Give him a chance! Give him a chance!

    (sorry, was that over the top?)

  96. Slightly, Caryl. But that’s why I like you.

    I’m curious as to which line that was.

  97. “Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk!!”

    We must be 2 of the 3 stooges, Rosie!! 😉

  98. Nothing is ODD on the NET. Celebrities, well known names get positive and negative press, everyday, and in every which way. We are just tuned into Taylor. Should he appear on AI8, and he shall, Ryan will give him accolades, they just can not be the same as Underwood got tonight or Kelly got last week. That is reality.

  99. Caryl, He Deserves to be heard because he is good.

  100. It was towards the end when he’s singing about doing an act of kindness whenever you can and I was wondering when was the last time someone was kind to me? Kinda personal, but there ya go.

  101. Aw, Rosie, I think you just dissed me! Didn’t you think it was weird how the same story kept showing up in new google alerts on different sites? I’m not talking conspiracies. I just thought it was odd the way people jumped on that and seemed so delighted by it and just HAD to share it.

  102. How about we end this day by praying? Ha! Sorry, that isn’t what I was going to say. How about we end on a superficial, goofy note?

    How many people think Taylor’s gonna look his dating sweetie up when the tour goes to San Francisco?

  103. spinshack Says:

    Always. 😀

  104. Well, I’ll have to let you guys hash that one out. I have to go to bed.

  105. Um, judging by his latest interviews, I would say no.

    But I bet he goes looking for a cheeseburger.

  106. spinshack Says:

    hahahaha! Ro and YKW good stuff.

  107. spinshack Says:

    Caryl your family was kind to you not long ago, made it possible for you to go see him in Chicago – your New York trip and all. Family is the most important of any one you know.

  108. spinshack Says:

    Not looking good. I personally think he was hoping to meet me.

    Hahahhahaha. *snort*

  109. spinshack Says:

    Me too Caryl, have a meeting in the morning. Looks like an all day event too. Blow hards in town to wine and dine.

    ‘Night YKW (special love to you) ‘Night Rosie, ‘Night Grey, ‘Night Caryl, ‘Night alm, ‘Night littlewing. Let’s see John Boy around?

  110. Well one of us made the latest Idletard post. It began with My name, but it wasn’t me. It was BL responding to one of my post where she thought I was mocking her. They copied her BlueJay, cardinal post, a few thread back. Her Ouigi board pointed to #9, so she thought Tay’s song 19 will be a hit. Perhaps her board was fortelling in June 08 that he would sell 9,000 of his next CD. first week out.

  111. Caryl, my post wasn’t about your post. I think blogs just pick up on any news and TMZ is a big name to copy. My post was about those who blame the distribution or sales of Tays CD on conspiracies garnered from TPTB connected with AI. Sorry for the confusion and interloping of posts.

  112. Damn it! Why can’t I get to Idletard???????

  113. The Walton’s Rule! Nite Y’all

  114. casualfan Says:

    Awesome freaking show tonight! The best I have EVER seen Taylor do.

    Grey-I have some surprises coming your way 😉

  115. jerseyirish Says:

    fairhope, you and me both can’t get in either, sounds like some interesting stuff going on there.


  116. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Don’t think any real conspiacies are going on, just find it interesting his CD’s were overlooked at the warehouse and not shipped. Hopefully with the shadow dates and more songs off the CD being done sales will pick up.


  117. My favorite show… I have all the seasons on dvd..I’,kinda nerdy that way.

  118. Has anyone seen any download numbers?

  119. casualfan Says:

    download numbers of his cd sales? I think someone said he sold 9k or something last week.

  120. What show?

  121. oh, duh! The Roxy! The show I wanted to go to. haha, I forgot what day it was.

  122. Redrosespeedway Says:

    Thank you for that post YKW!

  123. You’re right, spin. Guess I was too focused on the family in my house that day. Specifically a son who doesn’t appreciate what we’ve done for him. His way of ‘thanking’ me for my kindness is by breaking things and calling me a bitch. *shaking it off* Don’t get me started!

  124. Didja notice in one interview (I think it was Chelsea) he was asked if he would date someone in the music industry and he answered pretty firmly, “No!”

  125. Snowstorm Says:

    Um, I think you’re wrong about that. He said, “No”, but then he said “maybe” and then he said, “depends”. What does that matter to you?

  126. LOL! I was just having a little fun with the whole thing, that’s all. It doesn’t matter to me. Lighten up, snow.

  127. Snowstorm Says:

    Right.. gotcha!

  128. I just found that too. I posted it in the new post.

    Nobody’s giving her shit for posting video from the concert. Interesting.

  129. Wasn’t that just cd sales? Or does that include any downloads? Anyone know?

  130. I think that might be everything. 😦

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