Tips for a “Taylorized” Interview…


Dear Taylor,

I see you are making the interview circuit again. In order to keep things from getting too monotonous, here’s a list of tips to keep everybody entertained.

*Make eye contact, but not too much eye contact, cause that’s just scary.
*Don’t mumble.
*Don’t advertise WRIR as the standout single.
*Don’t mention Grease and the ice cream cone.
*Wear something tight.
*Don’t go on MTV and zoom around like an airplane again. Please.
*Wear boots.
*Don’t bring Bill.
*If you must bring Bill, don’t let him get caught in the background shot. Again.
*Don’t say “You know” 374585 times.
*Don’t say “Yeah” 340834 times.
*Please, don’t bring up cheeseburgers.
*Refuse to discuss when your hair began turning gray.
*If you have to discuss Simon Cowell, say “Simon Cowell can kiss my all american ass.”
*If you have to talk about Paula, squeeze in the word “bootylicious.” If you have to talk about Randy, say the same thing. Do not, however, use the word “bootylicious” when discussing Bill or any member of your band.
*If topics that you refuse to talk about are brought up, turn over a coffee table or chair and storm off the stage. That’ll bring you publicity.
*Don’t say “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” again…unless you’re giving an interview to Runner’s World.
*Don’t use the phrase “taylorizing” again. It’s ok if your fans turn your name into a verb, it’s just weird if you do it.
*When asked who your inspirations are, say Bozo the Clown and Captain Kangaroo (you know, the gray hair?)
*If your interviewer looks like he’s slipping into a coma, instead of telling him that Clapton’s old band is backing you up, tell him the Jonas Brothers are backing you up on tour.
*We’re proud of you for dropping the Soul Patrol shoutout, but feel you may be hankering for a new one. So, I offer this up, “Welcome to the SP, bitch!!” Let’s see how that one goes over.


150 Responses to “Tips for a “Taylorized” Interview…”

  1. Virtual Speak Says:

    Ahhh haa haaa!

    The don’t bring Bill thing is a deal breaker!

    I’d pay big to hear him say.. โ€œWelcome to the SP, bitch!!โ€


  2. Hell, I’d pay to hear him describe Randy as “bootylicious”!!

    This is hilarious, Grey!!

  3. casualfan Says:

    Well HELL Grey….Now Tay-Tay has nothing to talk about….LOL!

  4. Iag, You deserve to have a good fun blog, because you are creative. Not always positive, but you are O’kay by me.

  5. I know you don’t know me, but I’ve lurked for a very long time. This post sentiments my thoughts exactly and then some! Very well said, as usual. When I saw him on Idol Tonight, I just CRINGED at all the whoos and lack of eye contact. Surely the man know that he looks like an eeejit when he does that??? I love the guy, but even Kimberly Caldwell was looking at him like Kenneth from 30-Rock…slowly back away…And I thought he was getting all suave on us lately. Why does he have to take a step backwards? Oh, I think you missed one thing…PLEASE don’t say I’m working on my CRAFT or Instrument or anything else that is not self effacing and humble. God, it makes you sound so full of yourself..Have I gone too far? Now everyone is going to hate me. Believe me, I have loved this man for three full years, so listen up HICKS!

  6. Momo, don’t you know that just really represents who he is? As an artist?

  7. Wear something tight
    Yes baby!! show what you got

  8. taylorfan06 Says:

    aig and momo – you summed it all up perfectly.
    It should be our goal for Taylor to see these rules
    and FOLLOW these rules. Especially where Bill is concerned.
    I find him to be a little squirrely. It could do him a world of good.

  9. casualfan Says:

    I agree TF6!

  10. hicksaholic Says:

    Please don’t remind me of that MTV interview and the airplane thing. Plus he was dressed weird and his hair was weird that day. He looked like a little kid with his hair licked down.

    As long as we are wishing I wish he would put out a contract on whoever is responsible for his new album’s pictures. Such a great subject, how do you screw it up?

  11. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Agree, iag you are very creative in your posts, don’t always agree but they are well thought out


  12. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, That was pretty funny, don’t think he will change much as it works. He chooses his words very carefully, maybe he needs to hire a interview writer that could come up with a new way of saying things. I really don’t mind hearing the same lines it is who he is.


  13. Oh, yeah! Karl, even though it may not be appropriate for the evening, how about that clingy red tshirt with jeans? Well, now I’m being sexist. Sorrrryyy…

  14. Raked, no, I never heard THAT one; how inspirational. If I had a dollar for every time…….Oh, sweet Jeebus!

  15. Maybe you should send a list out to the interviewers. Maybe he uses the same phrases over and over, because he gets the same questions all the time?

    I do agree with most of your list…. but maybe Kara is more bootylicous than Paula. I saw her on Leno Fri nite and she was way hotter than Paula.

  16. taylorfan06 Says:

    The “you know” thing is such a major pet peeve for me.
    I never heard him use that term early on, it just been more recently.
    Where did it come from?

    The frequency is just WAY TOO MUCH. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me.

    STOP IT, TAYLOR! Please!!! You know? Yes, I know that you need to say that a whole lot less. Or better yet, take it out of your vocabulary.
    I only say this because I care. You know?
    (I couldn’t resist – sorry)

  17. Snowstorm Says:

    Hello?? He had a teen audience. How was he supposed to dress?

  18. Snowstorm Says:

    Wear something tight?? I don’t think so, unless you want to be laughed at.

    How about stop showing your chest hair? Nobody is turned on by that, except 60 year old women, stuck in the 70’s.

  19. Hey, I think chest hair is making a comeback! Don’t limit him sister. Someone must have told him it looks good because you never see him with his shirt buttoned up anymore. That’s funny.

  20. bullshit…..a little peek of chest hair is pretty damn sexy….and I’m no where near even 40, so you can kiss it Snow.

    and the list, IAG, OMG. ahahhahahaha!!! Awesome.

  21. Snowstorm Says:

    LOL, chest hair has been OUT for decades and hairy men do not look good – they look like apes. I’ll bet he’s got a hairy back too. Either get rid of that hairy chest or button up. No wonder you’ve got soooo many unattractive old lady fans.

  22. Snowstorm Says:

    How big is this man’s ego… I don’t find that sexy at all.

  23. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I didn’t see the AI Tonight clip and did not see Taylor’s interview. I haven’t looked on youtube, maybe I should but my head hurts right now so much I could scream. All I want to say is that Taylor is a chameleon. He adjust his persona for the venue and situation and environment. That is what entertainers do, they have to. He reappeared on Idol right? Idol is watched by millions around the world right. Millions of people who saw him three years ago and voted for him three years ago, got to see him again right? They liked him then, and voted fro him then right? It would confuse and bewilder the average viewer who is not a die hard fan if they saw a guy that “changed” and was “unrecognizable” in the way he presented himself. He just slipped back into his Idol persona for the show that night because that is the persona that won him all those frickin votes. He understands the viewing audience, the TV medium, and the attention span of the viewers. He gave the viewers a dose of his Idol “side” because it is the one that most of the people relate to and did embrace.
    He is an entertainer folks and he adjust as necessary to deliver the appropriate performance, he is smart and suited for what he is doing.
    That’s my take and I did not see it. When I feel up to it I will look for it, if there is a link to it, please post it.

  24. spinshack Says:

    I missed those apparently stunning “Taylorized” ๐Ÿ˜› moments too, Bright. Appreciate linkage people, MTV and that Kimberly interview would be nice. Ssome of us poor schlubs are busy running on that hamster wheel called Life chasing that proverbial dollar. LOL

    Let’s add to your list, Grey, his over-used and much repeated remark that this role in “Grease” is one way of ‘getting his feet wet’ in acting. Agh. He’s not a freaking duck. These interviews sometimes sound like a rehearsed stream of cliches.

  25. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, I didn’t see the interview either, but agree with what you say. He is who he is and adjusts to different situations as needed.


  26. Snowstorm Says:

    Found this on another site.

  27. spinshack Says:

    Thanks, Snow.

  28. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Thanks snow. Taylor sang beautifully. I take back what I said a few days ago, about WRIR. It is a very moving song and it moved me to tears the way he sang it there. Taylor really knows how to look into that camera and grab his audience, and he got me on that performance. Thanks again for the link. I feel a little better after seeing that. He really needs to continue to put himself in front of TV cameras, he has a way with that.
    Be well.

  29. Snowstorm Says:

    Paula is a sweatheart, isn’t she? I think it’s unfair the flack she gets sometimes. I like her and I was a fan of her in the late 80’s.

  30. Mr. Hicks was so obviously playing to the “young crowd”, and it was painful to watch. Say what you will Snow for his need for a younger fanbase … it ain’t gonna happen.

  31. Snow, Snow, Snow … must we drag out the beach pics *gasp!* to prove there’s no hair on his back?

    And listen, each to his/her (HA!) own re: the hair issue: some of us like a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to hang on to … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. jerseyirish Says:

    Snow, Saw that thought he was perfection!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  33. spinshack Says:

    Snow you caught the parody site yet? It’s all Greyish? ha.

  34. jerseyirish Says:

    Snow, I agree she is the butt of many comments that are uncalled for. I have always found her a sincere, loving soul.


  35. Let’s put 25 years on you and have some kid evaluate YOUR attractiveness factor. Everybody ages. Your grandmother did. Your mother did. And you will. You make a lot of commentary that is at least defensible, but get off the Bitch-Wagon on this one. Seriously.

  36. Spin, looked for the vid link to the TRL appearance on 12/13/06, but nada. Here’s some pics … *shields eyes*:

  37. Snowstorm Says:

    My Mom doesn’t go on the internet and thud and fawn over some AI singer who is half her age, who hasn’t done anything in music and rest assured in 25 years I won’t be acting like a lovesick fantard over a young singer. That’s what’s so weird about you old women. You forget this is young guy who does want OLD women hanging all over him. What an embarrassement you are.

  38. Snowstorm Says:


    You forget this is a young guy who does NOT want OLD women hanging all over him.

  39. Snowstorm Says:

    No, what’s that about? More stupid from Soul Patrol fans, probably.

  40. spinshack Says:

    You’re a featured character there as am I. As is Bright and YKW, VIrtual and more. Here’s the link, go forth find your opposite Snow. It’s all Greyish.

  41. spinshack Says:

    Possibly an old TMS SP Tard. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. spinshack Says:

    Oh snap! I remember that. hahahaha

  43. ifyousayso Says:

    Paula is a sweetheart. At least she seems to be.

    Weren’t you born in the late 80’s, Snow? You must have been ahead of your time!

  44. Thanks Snow, I hadn’t seen that performance. That is the best he has ever looked and the best version of WRIR. On Ellen he was smiling a lot and using his hand gestures. This time the close camera shots and him being toned down really showed him as a sexy guy.

  45. Fairhope Says:

    I agree with you IAG on the list but here is something to think about…There is a group of us that listen to every radio appearance and watch every TV appearance he makes. Of course we are hearing the same thing over and over. But there are “normal” people who just hear it once and it is new to them. Just saying……..

  46. Fairhope Says:

    BTW…Morph is back and that is not her blog. I found it kinda funny though. Sorry, but it was.

  47. spinshack Says:

    Where’s Morph’s new blog? Why would anyone think it’s hers anyway, writing is not the same as Morph’s style. LOL

  48. Fairhope Says:

    Just didn’t want any confusions. I suppose you already know who it is??

  49. Snowstorm Says:

    I have no words.

  50. Snowstorm Says:

    I was a child in the late 80’s.

  51. Thanks Snow for the KTLA video. Now that’s worlds better! No pointing to the facial area at all or excessive smiling or anything! Now THAT’S the way to sing it!

  52. spinshack Says:

    The Ellen version was sung well but he was gesturing like acting it out. *giggles* Ah well, he’s working on wetting those feet some more.

    Fair, I never thought of Morph when I was reading that ‘new’ site. lol A few other folks came to mind though.

  53. Snowstorm Says:

    Paula is so cool! My favorite!

  54. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, Didn’t think it was Morph either, like you said the writing styles were not the same. Been checking google alerts and haven’t seen any new blogs popping up lately, maybe no Taylor tags to it.


  55. spin, why give them any attention? The fanwar thing is an embarrassment. It perpetuates the myth that women can’t get along. Just ignore them. We’re above that sort of thing, I think.

  56. Hahahaha!! I LOVE your list, iag! I especially like this tip:

    “If topics that you refuse to talk about are brought up, turn over a coffee table or chair and storm off the stage. Thatโ€™ll bring you publicity.”

    I have something to add. I really hate when he talks about himself in the third person. Not sure he’s done it lately, but once when he talked about the new album, he said it was “more TAYLOR than anything else.” yuck.

  57. Don’t click on it, people. They’re immature bullies. Treat them like an annoying bee. If you ignore them, they’ll go away.

  58. Morph doesn’t do that fanwar nonsense. IAG, shows class and guts to allow the link. Obviously someone has a bone to pick with her. I didn’t make the caste of posters, guess my audition wasn’t good enough!

  59. I enjoy reading Greys list and all your additions and know it is in fun. But honestly I can’t see myself giving advice to a 32 yr old man who has made it this far. His vocals on just about all the songs on the CD are wonderful. I said before his quirkiness on AI is who he is. Perhaps he watched himself after doing Ellen and decided all by his lonesome, to smile and gesture less, the next time. Tay Smart! Will that be allowed!

  60. spinshack Says:

    Caryl, women, overall don’t get along. ha. Most of my friends are guys. Most of those guys are gay.

    I’m interested to see how quickly that site turns completely wicked. Starting kind of snarky but then so did one other site long ago…

    I clicked it after reading your comments on Chill’s. I did not have to give it attention really, seems I was one of the last to find out about them. ha.

  61. spinshack Says:

    I hate that too makes it seem like he’s got some sort of Imperialist mentality going on like the King or Queen. hahaha, they always refer to themselves third person.

  62. spinshack Says:

    I hate “Tay Smart” too. ack.

  63. Me too! He’s not a god people. He’s made mistakes like all of us. Hopefully, and with our help, he will become “god-like”,jk…Please don’t take me too seriously either!

  64. Snowstorm Says:

    If he decides to be “cool”, it’ll happen. I’m not holding my breath, though. He sold out to the old ladies who have money to spend on trips to shows and meet and greets. Hell, he’s probably getting rich off of them.

  65. Snowstorm Says:

    The ones who fawned and treated him God-like ruined everything for him. I still remember that article in the NY Times after he won and that’s when everything went downhill for him.

  66. Don’t remember the article, but I remember lurking about people going to church to pray for him. Whaaa??? I can think of so many things more important to pray for, really!

  67. Snowstorm Says:

    I googled it for you and here it is. This is when things turns sour for Taylor. The NY Times is a big publication.

  68. I get along with women! Women love me! Especially when we’re giving each other naked massages.

    Hey! That’s a joke, people! I’m married. To a man. NOT gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Geez, the follow-up is longer than the joke. Gotta ask myself if it was worth it. Gotta stop typing! Stop! St

  69. casualfan Says:

    LOL! Wow IAG! Looks like we are all being admired on a parody site. Take it as a compliment…seriously. We now know that we have their attention and are giving them a purpose in life. It’s always fascinating to see Taylor’s “true” fans hard at work exploring their creativity, wit and intellect. Mr. Hicks can truly take solace in the fact that he has inspired all of this talent, creativity and aspiration.


  70. Thanks ss. The first thing that struck me when reading the article is how much respect it seemed the writer had for Taylor-and that coming from the NYTimes!. It makes me so sad that after only three years, he has now become a caricature or a object of derision. I too had so much respect for him. I still do, but have to wonder what the hell is going on in his head. My theory is that after so much non stop touring and being in the public, he’s just jaded and working on instinct. Guess I’ll never know, and I don’t need to.

  71. He smokes?? He swears?? Lord have mercy!!


  72. โ€œcasualrantโ€โ€ฆClassic!

    Easy to say when you’re not “YUK”!!

    If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times…
    Those mamas gotta defend their baby. And they will continue to do so to his demise.

  73. But wait! I hear he gave up smoking and and drinking and is now considering becoming a born again virgin! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  74. casualfan Says:

    “Wetwilly’s” comment cracks me up.

  75. casualfan Says:

    Next step is the conspiracy theorists will be discussing it on their many other blogs soon.

  76. casualfan Says:

    It’s a travesty for sure

  77. The first thing that struck me when reading the article is how much respect it seemed the writer had for Taylor…

    That, and how accurately he portrayed the SP:
    The Soul Patrol, mostly fawning middle-aged women, were and are harder to ignore. When the season ended, they focused on helping him achieve commercial success, following the ”Idol” tour and buying hundreds of copies of his ”Idol” single to ensure its gold status. They followed his career obsessively and weighed in on every aspect of his life. Unfavorable reviews earned critics a barrage of angry e-mail messages. They debated everything from if, when and whom he should date to how he should style his hair to whether it was acceptable for the ”Idol” to swear.

    In the meantime Mr. Hicks set out to establish himself as a serious artist, making impromptu appearances with performers like Widespread Panic, the Allman Brothers and Willie Nelson. But news that he would appear with the rapper Snoop Dogg caused an uproar. ”I sincerely hope Taylor doesn’t lower himself to the level of that womanizing, drug-using thug,” one fan posted on, the official Taylor Hicks blog. ”It almost, just almost, makes me want to retract the 2,000 text votes that came in my Cingular bill today.”

    Mr. Hicks admitted that the fan attention and intervention can be suffocating but said he appreciates it nonetheless. ”I would rather have them overly invested than not invested at all,” he said. ”I’m very receptive to any input they have.”

    Being receptive doesn’t mean caving in. He defended his decision to perform with Snoop Dogg (in part, he said, to reach new audiences) and apologized for using an obscenity during a fan site interview, but he did not cancel his appearance or stop swearing.

    Like I was saying, Mama’s weighing in on “their boy”. Gross.

  78. Snowstorm Says:

    I remember that whole Snoop Dogg thing and how sad that his brother had to come on-line to defend him.

  79. All the other Idols and runner ups bought homes and none own their own label. The 10 years of hard work and experience pre AI showed how dedicated he was to making a career in music. He is the first person in a touring musical to sing his own song from his own CD. He is working all the media and angles . He said in a recent interview that he has not worked this hard since he won. He chose a few good songs that should get radio play and the rest are the songs he enjoys. He rounded up good musicians and a team, started his own label when most were counting him out. He did much of that while earning good money on Broadway as some of his fans were calling him a sell out and whining he was doing nothing but singing BSD for 10 minutes a day. Just pointing out there is no need to worry about Taylor. There is so much to admire and to respect.

  80. ifyousayso Says:

    No need for name-calling, Snow. I was just under the impression you were younger than that, that’s all. Mea culpa.

  81. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Well said, the man is out there every chance he gets promoting the CD and Grease, it really has been wonderful for him. I bet this is the hardest he has every worked, lord when does he sleep, he must just on sheer nerves.


  82. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I agree he is constantly out there promoting the CD and Grease, he man goes non stop. He must go on sheer nerves, I’m sure he doesn’t get enough sleep with all he does,


  83. Virtual Speak Says:

    rosie.. you can’t be serious..

    Morph absolutely had fan war crap on her blog. She was a spin off from MFOYA. I have nothing against her, or even know her, but, she was kind of harsh at times.

    That’s not being a mama defending. That’s just a fact.

    As far as the parody blog. Parts of it are kind of funny. Guess, some of us are web celebs to have our names parodied. ๐Ÿ˜†


  84. Virtual Speak Says:

    Why aren’t my comments showing up? Dammnit.

  85. “Being receptive doesn’t mean caving in.” So true that. Makes me shudder. But I know he’s not the first or the last that will fall for a frau fan. Celebrity are way too accessible today. Why do we need to know every minutia of their lives to the point of feelig we know them personally? Hey, I like to see a picture or two here or there, but Mama gotta go easy on they boy!

  86. Like I said, it depends on HOW MUCH he’s showing. A little peek is fine….but keeping your shirt open just to “show off the goods” is lame. ahaha….

  87. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I agree with Caryl. There is too muc hatred and dissention in this fanbase as it is. We are not hurting anyone here, and by singling out this blog and making fun of the posters, whether it is innocently or not, is just perpetuating the hatred. I thought this was a hate blog when I first came here, but I have come to realize that blogs cannot hate, only people can do that. There is hatred everywhere, including It’s All Greyish, and I feel sorry for anyone who goes there to read and/or post as they showing a support of the problem that actually plagues our entire world. I don’t think that everything is all roses. Far from it. I see the world as it is, in all of its “glory” and my eyes are wide open to what is ahead. I just hooe that we all can find out what is important before it really is too late to turn it around. Time is of the essence in that regard.
    Just a little sidenote, my eye was messed up due to a spider bite. Now I can climb buildings instead of taking an elevator so it is very convenient. And I never have to get up to get the salt shaker ever again. lol.
    Be well my friends,

  88. jerseyirish Says:

    VS, Thought it was just me, mine aren’t showing up right away, double posts. I’ll wait a bit and come back and see if they show up.


  89. born again? You mean he isn’t a virgin? I’m so out of here!

  90. My, my. What a bald-faced dodge that was! You know that my criticism was entirely about you being nasty about the LOOKS (“unattractiveness”) of aging women. Not a word was said about behavior, but you’ve done an end run around “looks” and gone straight to “behavior” in your defense.

    Very weak.

    Would you care for a second shot at this?

  91. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I cannot catch the CH interview sadly, I turn in before that hour.
    I hope he just shows his strength and has tons of confidence.
    Weird too SS, but on Friday at the restaurant I work in at night, the girls were doing that dance move, and I told them that Paula Abdul did that in a video when I was their age. They had me doing it after a minute or two and we all had a laugh. Too weird. The video was cute and for its time was pretty cutting edge to have a real person dancing with and interacting with a cartoon character. You were a kid then so I am sure you loved it.
    The kids really did love that, I was in college at the time teaching kids that were 5 and six years old and they all loved it and did that dance.
    Great memories there….thanks.
    Oh and snow please be nice to the posters, let’s all rise above the hate if possible.

  92. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Shutting down my computer from across the room with my new found super power….pffffffffffffffffffffffffttttttttttttttttttttttt!
    Be well.
    “SW” from now on.

  93. A spider BIT YOUR EYE???!!!!?

    *shudders violently*

    Sheesh, BL, I hope you’re okay!!!

  94. Arrow2Soul Says:

    All my posts are going away too, must be in moderation.

  95. jerseyirish Says:

    YKW, Told BL got one right under my eye a couple of years ago. It was election day my husband was running for Council, the left side of my face was 4 times its normal size. Told the Dr. do whatever you need to do the get the swelling down fast. He gave me a couple of shots and by the time the results were in my face was down alot not completely but good enough that it didn’t show up in the pictures taken by the press. They are such nasty bites.


  96. No, something weird is going on with WordPress, I think.

  97. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, I agree with Caryl also, really upset me to see her upset the night the blog went up. Don’t think anyone deserves it.


  98. spinshack Says:

    I had actual “Cat Scratch Fever” once. Nope not from Ted Nugent. A cat, kitten really accidentally hooked me on the corner of my eye. Had fever, eye swollen, headache. There really is such a thing. So Bright, I must be Cat Woman. ๐Ÿ˜›

  99. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I’m making my posts then coming back a bit later to see if they show up. Another wordpress improvement?


  100. spinshack Says:

    JI you guys posting on there did not seem upset, in fact you were seemingly thinking that blog funny. I went and read it, just had to, I must go investigate.

    Caryl, I have no idea why you care what anyone on-line thinks of you – those gals obviously don’t care anything about you or anyone else. Too, they’re obviously feeling the envy about Grey and what she has here. Shake it off. Besides, weren’t you once a reporter of sorts? Reporters investigate right? Man, water off a duck’s back. Or feet, in the case of Taylor and his acting bug.

  101. I’m not sure what is going on…

  102. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, I posted because I agreed with the the original post. Then when I went back and saw all the posters were similar to here I thought it was funny didn’t actually know what to make of it. Tthen realized it was more than just a paraody and left no further comments.


  103. This is hot……hotter than Ellen by a long shot. I love how his voice was featured and not the instrumentation. I loved how his vocals were spot on..and I love how emotive he was without being cheesy. That was good.

  104. JI, you don’t have to explain yourself here. You’re a grown woman who can make her own decisions on where to post. You don’t owe us an explanation.

    It’s all me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  105. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Saw that yesterday thought it was one of the best I have seen him do the song live.


  106. Totally agree with you there! Sooo much better on every level. Yup, no cheesiness at all.

  107. Virtual Speak Says:

    From today’s appearance at the Susan B. Koman event.

    Some hot Zoolander pics at Getty too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  108. fairhope Says:

    Throw out some names there, Spin. Just curious. Some bad blood out there somewhere for someone to do that to IAG. Or is it just girls being girls?

  109. Not as good as KTLA, but still toned down. ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. Virtual Speak Says:

    I’ve been trying to link that video for 10 minutes IAG. I gave up.

  111. It was in moderation for some reason. WordPress is being all wanky tonight.

  112. fairhope Says:

    Just read it. Thought it was the best article I’ve ever seen written about him. Everything in it was true. Amazed I’ve never seen it before.

  113. fairhope Says:

    She just “Kept It Real”. Something, I guess, you didn’t understand.

  114. Virtual Speak Says:

    Love the Zoolander poses! :haha:

  115. There might be a bonus for anybody who can get the watermark off of these.

  116. taylorfan06 Says:

    Garth Brooks talks in the third person ALL the time. Huge ego! The man is SO annoying but when it came to marketing, he’s very smart. He was all about sales and he conned many to buy his records up. SUCKERS!!

    All his albums were reviewed as being very uneven. Some good songs with some filler. But it didn’t matter because he knew how to sell it.

    BTW, how many times did he retire just to sell more records? He’s all about quantity or quality. I don’t dig that.

  117. I’m not upset now. At first, I only scanned it, saw my name and assumed I was being made fun of. I agree with you, I shouldn’t let it bother me if/when it happens.

  118. Don’t know of he’s uncomfortable, but I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. spinshack Says:

    That’s okay JI I did not intend to make you feel any need to explain, just saying the initial response to that site was folks thinking it funny. I thought it humorous along the same lines I find Bertha sometimes funny. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  120. spinshack Says:

    Hicks certainly looks great in that Susan G Komen event video, sounded good too. He seems a little to be at a loss for what to do with his hands though. No SP shout out and none of that enactment we saw on Ellen. LOL

  121. No way! I had Catch Scratch fever last year! I had swollen glands in my neck and it turns out my adorable, formerly stray cat gave it to me. What a coinkidink!

  122. What the hell? Those group pictures are wack! It looks like they’re thinking, “what’s my motivation”?? He looks pretty cute in some of the solo shots though.

  123. What the hay! Just when you think you’ve seen it all with Hicks, he pulls out a new bag of tricks. Here we have male model Hicks posed with C rated actress want to be model chicks. This man does look HOT. Loved his performance of the song, it falls in between the Ellen appearance and the LA station one. He had his hands clenched I guess to keep from pointing to the sky, his mind, heart, you, me and him. Come on people, how can you not love this guy! His dad Brad, the dentist, is still probably scratching his head and asking, “where did Taylor come from.” Why are his legs parted in some of the shots with the women? Does it say he is available for action on just trying to maintain his balance? My inquiring mind needs to know.

  124. Hicks clicks with the chicks! Tay rocks and has proven he has big balls even when singing for a cure for breast cancer… Love the pixs, his singing and him!

  125. Badfantoo Says:

    I don’t have much of a problem with the way Taylor conducts himself in interviews. He’s repetitive as hell, for sure, but I think the only people who notice that are the fans who read/listen to every interview.

    The Greyish blog is amusing. Guess I need to post here more often so I rate a name on there.

  126. The SP is outraged at any blog or blogger that dares question Taylor. There is nothing new about that. It was just a matter of time another blog would appear in “defense.”

  127. Arrow2Soul Says:

    He is a star. That was beautiful, absolutely beautiful in a poignant way. I didn’t realize how much impact WRIR can make in its meaning. He was singing at a cancer event, and the entire song is filled with hope and inspiration. It really seems to be a song about someone who may be dying, as someone wrote a while back. It left my mouth agape as I watched him sing it with passion and truth, sincerity and faith. I get a bit angry to watch people in the crowd who aren’t listening, especially people up front! I get so angry sometimes, and I wonder what they are thinking, then I realize….they just aren’t. Thanks.
    Have a nice day.
    Be all well and be well all.

  128. I get a bit angry to watch people in the crowd who arenโ€™t listening, especially people up front! I get so angry sometimes, and I wonder what they are thinking, then I realizeโ€ฆ.they just arenโ€™t.

    Don’t get angry, BL … they’re just not that into him.

  129. Arrow2Soul Says:

    YKW…I don’t know who you are but you are kind to me and I appreciate that. Thank you.
    They don’t realize who he is. The world works in mysterious ways and the way events unfold and manifest may seem unrelated and disjointed but in actuality they are intertwined and purposeful. I have often wondered why the world voted Taylor to be Amercian Idol. Then lost him. He won so easily, and had so much support, but then it all disappeared except for a few die hards. It was like it never happened. His win, and how many votes he had, against all those odds, to then find this struggle is just beyond comprehension. You all can try to explain it to me, and I will read and rationalize your thoughts, but I have only rationale. His win and his path are of a divine nature. I think he is bringing a message forth for our nation.
    Just wait and see what occurs and how Taylor prepared for the moment.
    Unfortunately in that time there will not be riches or wealth as a reward for success. Instead there will be accolades and admiration for his works and deeds, his impact will be felt around the globe, but it will take pain and suffering first on our soil. Taylor’s path is not one of riches but one of wisdom. He is learning everyday to use his experiences and knowledge to guide him, and his eyes are opening to what is happening around him and he has prepared himself and he is preparing all of us with his new CD.
    He will have commercial success eventually as all of his songs on the new CD find their place in American pop culture as it always relates to what is happening around us, in the nation and around the world.
    Got to run off now and educate our youth.

  130. casualfan Says:

    Then there are those who like to go onto the blogs that question Taylor and try to turn the tide so to speak. They then go back to their home blog and post their reports…amuzing stuff.

  131. casualfan Says:

    BL, not everyone has the same opinion of Taylor as you do. Some people go to his shows as a favor to their friends who invite them and they just aren’t into Taylor.

    You give away too much energy focusing on who is doing what and how they feel. Just enjoy being his fan and forget about what others think. It doesn’t matter or effect your life…does it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  132. spinshack Says:


  133. spinshack Says:

    I’m not going to tap into the name game Fair but it is obviously someone that ‘knows’ Straw/Grey.

  134. spinshack Says:

    Garth made his mark as being the first Country guy to completely rock n roll the stage, many have followed in what he started.

    He is an intelligent guy with a head for marketing and that’s why he hit such success, he was a consummate salesman.

  135. taylorfan06 Says:

    As much as I NOW love this CD, I have to say that, in it’s first week, it appears to be a real mess on the marketing side. This whole Target thing, with no exclusive track in MANY stores is a major problem. I’ve gone to 5 Target stores now and have yet to find the CD with IAOK, (here in So. Cal.) I know that others have had the same problem.

    And the WalMart fiasco where it can only be ordered on-line. What’s that about? How come none of the stores have the physical copies on their shelves ready to just pick up and purchase? I haven’t heard from anyone that has that version in their hands the first week out.

    And now for iTunes, it already appears that after less than one week, it is already of the list of the 100 best sellers. I, for one, only downloaded YWC, since I already bought the CD at Target. I did order the CD (on-line) from WalMart so I could add HNH to my collection, but I have no idea when I’ll be receiving that.

    I guess my point is, who was the original Einstein who felt have 3, actually 4 different configurations of the CD was a good idea? How many copies of one CD does one really need? At this point, I’ll be ending up with 3. And it’s not like I can give any of them as gifts because they’ll all be opened.

    In this economy, this marketing plan was a BAD, BAD idea. And the way I see it, the whole situation has left a bad taste in my mouth about it all. I think this plan of the 3 exclusives has actually backfired and, in turn, will ultimately affect the overall sales of a very good CD. I actually feel very bad for Taylor because of it.

    Sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple. All 14 songs should have been available one just 1 CD (they would all fit) and sold in all locations in question. At the very least, maybe just have the “exclusive” track available at only Target. Just sayin..

  136. TF06, I cannot disagree with your statements. Ditto et al re: 4 bonus tracks, limited distribution, and the economy. What craziness.

  137. Snowstorm Says:

    Just another example of an artist milking his diehard fans. I only purchased the Target cd with Indiscriminate Act of Kindness and that’s all I’m planning to buy.

  138. Ha, ha, I signed in as’s been a rough day already.

  139. What Mono wanted to say was that Best Buy actually sells the CD with 2 bonus tracks-Hide nor Hair and IAOK. What kind of sense does that make??

  140. I wonder if that’s correct? I mean, this is the first we’re hearing of it, it could be wrong.

  141. Snowstorm Says:

    Really? I bet a lot of people don’t know that.

  142. check out their web site. I haven’t physically had this cd in my hand but the 2 bonus tracks are listed there.

  143. Virtual Speak Says:

    BL- Are you waxing the philosophical and comparing Taylor to Gandhi, The Dalai Lama and the Messiah with those Nostradamus predictions?


  144. BL, I kinda hope you are joshing with us. You seem to be leaning toward an AI winner as being the Messiah and hinting at there may be apocalyptic conditions in our near future with no funds to pay him for leading us onward. Say What! You have a right to believe that or anything you wish but it is just waaay out there.

  145. Virtual Speak Says:

    rosie- I’m glad I’m not the only one that read that comment that way.

    BL- I’m not knocking your beliefs, I personally think putting anyone on a pedstal of that proportion, will end up in a major dissapointment when the person you’ve canonized falls or doesn’t live up to what you thought he or she was.

  146. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I guess it’s hard to understand. What I am saying is that Taylor’s new music is message inspired as opposed to his Taylor Hicks CD which was in my opinion, a very pop oriented collection. I do not think he is the Messiah. Paaaaaaaaaaalease. I think he has insight and intuition. There is a difference. I have intuition as well. It is the ability to know something even without proof or verification. As far as the “apocolypse” I am not predicting anything, I am just interpreting the ongoing signs of the direction of this nation.
    I guess it’s too much to think that Taylor Hicks has something important to say in his songs. I remember he said this album had a message. I can’t recall where I heard that but I recall it recently he was quoted as saying he wanted to make an impact. Songs like the Distance and New Found Freedom have that ability. I am sorry that most of you just look at him as just another singer pimping his CD. I see what’s inside him and there is so much more there.
    He won for a reason, he won AI for a bigger reason than dropping down out of an ice cream cone and singing BSD. I can’t fathom that it all begins and ends with that.
    Once again, he is not the Messiah! He is human, is totally imperfect and has made his share of mistakes and errors. But its his vision through his songs that intrigues me and keeps me interested in him as a musician.
    Sorry you guys took everything I wrote out of context.
    Carry on.BL

  147. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Well you are waaaaaaay out there too Rosie sorry to say, at times so I am in good company then!

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