A marketing nightmare?

The album is out. The reviews are in. I’ve already given a couple of reviews, so let’s talk about the peripheral elements of the CD. It would be interesting to find out why these particular pictures were chosen. I understand the cover shot, they want Taylor to be taken seriously. But, when you open up the disc, all you see is Taylor walking down the road, with his head at an angle that isn’t normal for humans. It’s just not the best representation for a man who takes pictures like this:


Those look like a serious musician to me. But what do I know? And this one…


Apparently there’s been a distribution issue, too. Honestly though, I’m not sure how common this is. The date did get bumped back a month, but I guess it still wasn’t enough time. When I was looking at Amazon, their site said that the CD wasn’t going to be in stock until March 12th. Posters on other boards are reporting that Target’s stock is low, and Wal*Mart’s seems to be non-existant. Is it supply/demand (as heady a concept as that is, I’m thinking “No…” ), or is it a case of not much inventory being ordered, because not much was expected to be sold? No desire for dead inventory in this economy, right?

Also, what happened to the media blitz that was originally scheduled? Take a look at it again. He was supposed to be on Leno in mid February, and on Rachel Ray and Craig Ferguson the week of the release. Wonder what happened there? The date for Regis and Kelly got snowed out, and the taping he did the next day reportedly won’t be seen until late this month. He did the gig on the TV Guide network, but no performace, although the date he picked up on Ellen was a performance based shot. As far as Taylor is concerned, I don’t think the public at large tunes in to hear him chat. He’s a performer, and he’s best at performing, not at the dithering small talk. He’s got a date on Chelsea Lately on the E! network on Monday. Let’s hope he’s able to pick up more late night dates, maybe even SNL! Oh wait, that might not be a good thing.

His great marketing team seems to have dropped the ball. I mean, come on, it’s not rocket science, is it?


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  1. Snowstorm Says:

    He doesn’t have the big label backing like Kelly Clarkson has. So, what were you expecting? You have to remember he’s Indie, now and that’s a totally different ballgame.

    I guess I’m not aware of the distribution problems. When I went to my local Target, he had two slots with 10 cd’s in each slot, which is pretty good. But, of course, Kelly had about four slots.

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, My daughter tried to pick it up at Target for me the guy said they got 18 copies two slots of 9 each, but were sold out by the time she got there. My niece went to Target by her yesterday and got me my copy.

    I think the marketing is good so far, he has had alot appearances leading up to the release. I know I had read on Rocket Science when that first appeared that he was to be featured in People in Feb haven’t seen anthing yet. Maybe they will do it in Mar.


  3. He will not be performing in Grease next Wed. and Thurs. in order to promote his CD. Bet he does AI next Wed. and hits some other LA based shows during those 2 days.

  4. Oh and the distribution of the CD is a nightmare.

  5. That’s what I heard, Rosie.

  6. I can’t believe that AI is going to let him on to actually sing…it’ll be interesting to watch, though.

  7. http://blogs.usatoday.com/idolchatter/

    Idol goes Opry next week, as Season 8’s remaining contestants wrap their pipes around some of Nashville’s most storied numbers and hope America responds to the tune. The Grand Ole Opry theme will play out March 17 and 18, and requires Idol hopefuls to choose from a canon of songs made famous by Opry members such as Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash and Idol superstar Carrie Underwood. Helping bring a touch of Music City to Hollywood will be country stalwarts Underwood, Randy Travis and Brad Paisley. Underwood and Travis will duet on Travis’ hit and Underwood’s latest single, I Told You So. Paisley will make the TV debut of his new single, Then, off his forthcoming album.

    * Update: Next week’s Opry-Idol connection was forged over the course of a number of visits to Nashville by Idol creator Simon Fuller. “He decided this (theme week) would be a great way to celebrate country music, and in particular the Opry and its members who represent and authentic, all-American sound,” says Steve Buchanan, senior vice president of media and entertainment with Opry-owner Gaylord Entertainment. With one of Idol’s megastars — Carrie Underwood — being an Opry member, “there’s never been a better time to highlight the Opry’s connection to a rich history of American music.”

    Nope, no Taylor.

  8. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, From what I have read there have been problems. Just read that Walmart said as of Thurs the copy would be in stores, just got back from my Walmart nothing there yet, I did order it online for the bonus track haven’t gotten it yet.

    Has amyone seen any numbers on the sales of the CD yet?


  9. Seacrest mentioned all the winners will be on this season and since Tay did win, I expect he will be on sometime…

  10. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I did read that they are going to have an Idol winner on every week throughout the competition, maybe he knows but they haven’t made any announcements yet.


  11. I’ve said before that some people buy CDs if they like a song they’ve heard on the radio. I do, anyway.

    But we got into a whole “thing” about that at my blog, where one person argued that radio isn’t a factor anymore. I asked my sons and it’s actually true for them. They never listen to commercial radio. So, how DO you sell CDs?

  12. I should have asked, “how do you sell MUSIC,” because my sons download what they listen to.

  13. I’m not sure that you sell CD’s anymore. I think artists sell songs. You can download songs from Amazon, iTunes and a host of other sites. I don’t think the CD as a package is as big of a seller as it used to be.

  14. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’ve been to 3 Target store to track down that “exclusive” track.


    rocket science my ass! Not at all happy about that!!!

  15. Oh, suckage. That was another problem I heard of happening. So, they have the CD, but not Indiscriminate Act of Kindness? That’s too bad, because that song is incredible.

    You could try here, but I guess it’s still no guarantee…



  16. I think artists these days are also using TV as a medium for exposure…as in soundtracks for TV shows. Grey’s Anatomy, House..shows like that have soundtracks with songs that play in the background. I think that’s a good way to get your sound out there.

  17. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, My kids do the same, my daughter just couldn’t understand why I wanted the hard copy of the CD when you can just download it. I said its me I like to look at the covers and read.

    The music industry/marketing is changing with the computer age things are being done a whole lot different then they were way back.


  18. casualfan Says:

    I’m seeing digital download cards in place of cd’s now in stores. CD’s will be obsolete within a few years.

  19. itunes is also selling a digital booklet for ‘The Distance’, so maybe that’s where we’re headed.

  20. “way back”? Ouch. 🙂

  21. I’m reading a great book that just came out by Steve Knopper. The title is Appetite for Self-Destruction. (The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age) I started out by skimming the chapters but found it so interesting and enlightening that I’m reading it word for word. I’m thinking Taylor has learned a lot about the business before he started his own label. Anyway I give a thumbs up to this book, it available at libraries.

  22. casualfan Says:

    Agreed Rosie. I think a lot of Artist’s see that is the new market. I read that Virgin Records is closing their superstores which have been iconic in the music industry. MP3 players are more affordable now and so is the Apple IPod. Digital is the way to go these days.

  23. I haven’t gotten the CD yet, but I did stand in my Target and admire the two empty slots where the CD could have been. I did not go to more than one store, though.

    Sorry Taylor, but I’m a busy girl these days, and since you didn’t have time to have a concert in Arizona, I didn’t have time to do power CD shopping for you. But no . . . seriously . . . I am not bitter. 😀

    I do have all the songs on my computer, and I am actually enjoying the CD quite a bit. I feel like I have to mention that, because I’ve been so absent lately. A couple of clunkers, but a couple songs that I really, really love as well.

    I’ll just order it online somewhere, because I do want Taylor to have the sale . . . but the more I hear about the funky pictures, the less anxious I am to get my hands on that CD booklet.

  24. If someone buys a copy at Target, takes it home opens it and takes it back when they find no IAOK, I wonder who has to pay for the opened CD and shipping it back. Target advertised the song but if Tays team shipped the wrong copies, who pays the price? I haven’t received my Amazon copy which I ordered 3 weeks ago or the Walmart order from last week.

  25. I ordered one from Wal-mart on Wed night and received notice that it shipped yesterday. My Walmart says that it’s only available online.

    I got a copy at Target. Same thing, they had two slots, and after I got my cd, they were down to 3 copies. I gave a copy to a friend who was a so-so Taylor fan. She now says that Taylor has won her over. She really likes the cd.

    I think Taylor needs to get booked on Dancing With The Stars to sing “Once Upon A Lover” while the pro dancers are out there doing the Cha Cha, Salsa, or any latin dance. That would be great exposure for him.

  26. taylorfan06 Says:

    Bad pictures, bad marketing, bad cover.
    The whole 3 song “exclusive” is a pain in the ass.
    Everything could have been on 1 CD.

    Taylor wasn’t too friendly after opening night of Tuesday on Grease, either.
    “No one on one pictures” (per Bill). I think he looks like Harpo Marx.

    Not to mention the DVD fiasco.

    Taylor might benefit from better management.

    The CD is good though. I hope it all works out in the end.

  27. Who looks like Harpo? Bill or Taylor? 😆

  28. Good to see ya, Soulaz.

  29. “No one on one pictures” (per Bill).

    TF, is this out by the stage door? I’m not really surprised though; I’m sure he was the same way post-show during the last tour. Out by the buses, I distinctly remember you could take pics OF him, but not WITH him; otherwise, he would be there forever.

  30. Snowstorm Says:

    Just read a review of The Distance in People magazine. They gave it a 2 1/2 out of 5. They gave props to Maybe You Should and What’s Right Is Right, so there’s the bright spot.

  31. Thank God somebody is giving props to Maybe You Should. I really think that song could be a classic.

  32. OK, I hate to interrupt but I have a public service announcement for Taylor concerning the Chelsea Handler show. I’m so frightened for him. (I hope they didn’t already tape it because this is of the utmost importance.) I wrote this at my blog but we all know nobody goes there, so I’m bringing it here. I feel confident he’ll read it:

    Dude, here’s the plan when you go on “Chelsea Lately.” You have to look especially handsome to disarm her. And look her right in the eye. It’ll scare the crap out of her. This is what I suggest you wear: a long sleeved, black, button-up shirt, untucked. NO jacket. NO JACKET. Jeans (of course) and your most awesome boots.

    She’ll be like, “Huh? He’s hot.” And you’ll be all, “Oh, yeah, you know I am.” And then she’ll be all, “I forgot what I was gonna say.” And you’ll be like, “pwn!” And then the Soul/Country Patrol will have their moment of glory.

    Go get her.

  33. Snowstorm Says:

    He can handle her… I hope.

  34. AHAHAHAHHAAHA Caryl!!! You are cracking me up!!

    I saw that Ace vid you put up…and she did not have nice things to say about Taylor. She said, I know people call him a silver fox, but I don’t think he is.

    Oh, boy…it will be interesting. Let’s see if he can turn on the Southern charm. Although it might be kind of fun to watch him squirm for a bit. 😆

  35. THANK you. I thought I was losing my touch. 🙂

  36. No way, Snow. He’s going down in flames.

    It’s going to be epic. Epic, I tell you!!!

  37. She’ll be like, “Huh? He’s hot.” And you’ll be all, “Oh, yeah, you know I am.” And then she’ll be all, “I forgot what I was gonna say.” And you’ll be like, “pwn!” And then the Soul/Country Patrol will have their moment of glory.

    LOL, Caryl!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahhahahahahahhahahhaa!!!

  38. Virtual Speak Says:

    I think he already taped it caryl.. so the damage is done. 😆

    I bet she took one gander at him, changed her tune and started fawning since she said her own man is a silver fox.

  39. taylorfan06 Says:

    Bill. BIG time. He’s goofy!

  40. casualfan Says:


  41. Hey Ya’ll…..the People review (March 25 issue) gave the album 2 1/2 stars out of FOUR. Then they slammed Taylor with their left hand and complimented two songs with the other. WTF????

    Re: show bookings….hey they can put him out there but it’s up to the shows if he gets picked up.

    I was encouraged that TH said on Rick and Bubba that the plans for the nightclub in Birmingham are still in the works. Of course, with the economy……….

    As for the rest of it…seems like if it doesn’t originate from the NY or LA, it doesn’t get attention or respect. Someday…The South Shall Rise Again!!

  42. casualfan Says:

    I don’t pay much attention to reviews. If I like the music, I’m gonna buy.

    Re the nightclub in B’ham…considering the corporation who was planning it is bankrupt and never was able to get the funding, I highly doubt that nightclub will ever get off the ground. The city is broke and bankrupt themselves.

    Show bookings….I agree. It is up to the venue’s and Taylor is not well received on the West Coast so I’m sure it’s hard for him to get booked. Tay’s strong following is in the southern states and parts of the east coast. Hopefully, if Grease does go to the south he will have his day.

  43. jerseyirish Says:

    Linn, Saw the review in People, was also shaking my head.


  44. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Thought the same thing when I saw the Ace video and her comments about Taylor, it should be very interesting to see how the show goes.


  45. I don’t pay much attention to reviews. If I like the music, I’m gonna buy.

    That’s the philosophy of a seasoned fan. When you’re talking about NEW fans, as much discussion centers around that here at IAG, reviews are of great importance to that market. Plus, we’re talking about an artist who isn’t seeing a lot of radio play. I really think it’s pushing the envelope to suppose that the folks who hear one new tune after the “Grease” performance will head out and pick up the CD based on what they hear.

    And I know that some of you will crucify me for this, but the fact remains that, in the mind of the general public, Mr. Hicks is truly viewed as “washed up”. I was at a function last night, saw some folks I haven’t seen in awhile there. Many of them knew about my long ago fangirly-ness for Mr. Hicks, and ALL of them , without fail, said “What ever happened to him?” This wasn’t a handful of people, folks. This was a large group of potential sales. And that should be any independent artist’s worst nightmare.

  46. Why does it matter whether or not Chelsea Handler thinks Taylor is a “silver fox?” I know some fans who don’t think he is . . .

    I am not even sure how many people watch that show to begin with. I know for me, it’s an “I can’t sleep and I’m bored out of my mind and there’s nothing else on TV” show. I don’t think this appearance will impact Taylor’s career, one way or the other, in any significant way.

    I stopped worrying about reviews very shortly after the TH CD came out. It’s something I have no control over. The music is what it is, and it’s either going to be received well, or not. That’s totally Taylor’s issue to deal with. I like the music, so I will buy it.

    The key, in my opinion, is whether one or more of the songs from the CD catches fire and gets the right attention. There are songs on the CD that have the potential to do so: Maybe You Should, Seven Mile Breakdown, Nineteen, and Indiscriminate Act of Kindness immediately come to mind for me. I’m just hoping for the best for Taylor, and enjoying the music in the meantime.

  47. Soulaz, I agree this CD will have some legs. Chelsea Handlers show does not have a big market share. The reason non fans ask what happened to Taylor is because they do not see him on Leno, the big shows , the gossip tv shows, in Magazines or hear him on the radio. He is doing all he can to try to change that.

  48. Arrow2Soul Says:

    My take on the People Mag review…the first comment was not great, but then it did get progressivlely better. If you read it, it begins with “blah, blah, blah…nobody expected much from Taylor Hicks.” To me that means that most people did not expect his return to the music industry after he was dropped from the label. I didn’t take that as nobody expected much from him musically. Then after the comparison with Daughtry, the review became positive! The reviewer stated that Hicks “scored” and also mentioned that the CD “reminds us why we crowned him in the first place.” How is that bad? It goes on to RECOMMEND two great songs, and they gave it two and half stars of four, so it is NOT a BAD review. Guys, someone a long time time ago, told me…it’s not how you start that matters…its how you finish that counts. This review started somewhat negative but ended well. I still think Taylor has a long way to go but I do think he is on his way, and all will finish well for him in the long run.
    I wasn’t disappointed by People Magazine’s review whatsoever. I want to remind you all of Captain Jack in Pirates of the Caribbean and a favorite scene of mine…

    At least Taylor is still in the game…hang in there! 🙂

    I am busy today with so many details before we go away. I know its far off, but with three teens you can never plan enough. My son did not want to go, he is 15 and wasn’t keen on travelling with mom and two sisters to Florida. I didn’t force him to go. I showed him the resort we are staying in and showed him three things…the fitness center, the pool tables, and the nightly band scene that occurs on the beach. One look at a band hooking up to amplifiers, and wearing island shirts, and bandanas, and playing music while the sun was going down over the gulf waters, and he drooled.
    “Mom…I guess I’ll go…” he said sheepishly. YAY!
    Be well.

  49. JI, The People rview did mention that hearing his good voice on the CD one remembers why he won. They gave the TH cd only 2 stars so this is an improvement. I feel positive this CD will be more of a marathon with sales rather than the sales sprint that the TH cd was.

  50. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Didn’t think the review was bad, just the negative opening, to me its like why? If they like it give it a positive if they don’t then thats fine. Being a fan we read the whole review others may not fo any further then the first line, thats why I shook my head.


  51. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I agree he is really putting himself out there to get the spots. I think this time out he is really visable to the public, hopefully he will get a Leno or other big spot soon.


  52. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention , that my 15 yr old boy isn’t into watching guys play music on a beach…I didn’t clarify. He is into music and playing in bands himself, and I know he will somehow hone his way into jamming with these guys and knowing him, he will steal the show. He is truly a severely talented musician, and lately he is really desiring to entertain. He is a sly fox, and reminds me a great deal of Taylor, in his shyness, his remoteness, and his desire to immerse himself in music in whatever he does, wherever he goes, including his vacation. That’s the only true love he will ever know, I am afraid, music is my son’s only love, and I can understand how music is Taylor’s “mistress” when I watch my son disappear for hours with his guitar, or drums, or trumpet, or his bass, or his piano, or french horn, etc. At last count he plays eight instruments with ease. People who love music, must have it in their lives like a drug, it must always be there for them. My son’s extreme talent is in heavy metal guitar, and he shreds like a pro, but the bands that want him to play for them scare me to death. He is so young and at what age do you allow the “passage” in to THAT life. I should have posted this under IAoK in the the other thread. It’s a scary world and a dirty world in that scene, that much I know.
    Got to run now!

  53. spinshack Says:

    I think that tune, “New Found Freedom” could be commercial. I could hear it being utilized at sales rep meetings and multilevel marketing seminars.

    “I walk with confidence, when I talk I have a positive sense of who I am in life”. Video images of inspiration could flash on a big screen to pump the sales associates to get out there and sell, sell, sell.

    That’s what I envision when I listen to the song.

    YKW, I know what you mean, Hicks is just not a topic of conversation in my real world situations either.

    Regarding Idol, this would have been a great week for him to be on with his new CD just out and the country sort of vibe many of the tunes carry. Who knows if he’ll be on at all this year. The show has said past winners will be on this year yet Carly Smithson and Michael Johns were hardly winners. LOL

  54. taylorfan06 Says:

    To my shock, Rolling Stone magazine gave “The Distance”…
    NO Stars! That’s not good.

    That’s like some reviews on iTunes giving the CD one star. There’s no way they listened to it.

  55. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I disagree about not reading the full article because it starts out with a “slam.” THAT is what makes people read JI.

    It wasn’t a bad review. People who read it will read it ALL. They will remember it and remember he is STILL here.

  56. spinshack Says:

    I love Captain Jack. Bright, you’re right on the People review, not a bad one really. They could have just ignored him or – one starred it. Songs pointed out were good ones. Too bad they did not get IAoK. That would have made an impact.

    I have been reading some of you all don’t like it much, but as a big music fan he does a great job on that song. In the case of over pronunciation that I don’t care for in other songs, the way he does “indiscriminate” is perfect emotionally for that piece. His vocals absolutely weep the tune.

  57. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Rolling Stone Magazine has a demographic that will NEVER buy or appreciate Taylor’s music. I am really surprised they even mentioned to be honest. No loss there in my opinion since that is not the right place for his stuff. Not surprised. Not caring there either. I don’t know anyone who reads Rolling Stone to be honest. People Magazine is much higher circulating periodical, and it’s review was not really that bad, it was better than I expected.

  58. Snowstorm Says:

    They took a little jab at the soul patrol, too. I’ve been saying it all along, Taylor should have dropped that nonsense right after he won. Nobody I know wants to be associated with it.

  59. Virtual Speak Says:

    Soulaz- It really doesn’t matter what some other talking head with a show on E! thinks. In light of what she’s said about him, it would be funny to see her have a change of heart is all.

    I’m the same way about critics. I’ve never bought a CD according to a critics pan or pick. Never will.

  60. Snowstorm Says:

    Ouch! No stars??? That’s pretty bad.

  61. Snowstorm Says:

    What are you talking about? Rolling Stone is a music mag. Not getting any props from them is as bad as it gets.

  62. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Thanks spin. I really should be doing something other than posting, but I get so busy and I can’t sign on and even read at times, so here I am in front of the fricking screen and unable to break way, for fear I won’t be back for a few days!!! I love Depp. I truly love him. He has such talent and such diversity and he rose from the ashes of nothingness to get to his place in the sun. Depp is my hero, and his ascension into stardom wasn’t overnight and it wasn’t paved with roses, but he did it. Scratched and clawed his way into being one of the highest paid, most sought after actors in the business. He did it by being different, he took weird roles, risky roles, uncanny roles, even odd roles that no one lese would do. He gave everything his flavor, he approached every role in “depputy” form, and he took charge of the character! He is genius. Pure and simple genius. His oddness and weird ways are just a reflection of his deep thinking. I don’t like EVERYTHING he does, but when he gets down to business, it is not a performance that anyone can replicate. Who on earth could EVER be Captain Jack after him? No one. Well maybe Taylor…lol.
    I have got to get going and clean this house!

  63. Snowstorm Says:

    All she has to do is look into those big brown puppy dog eyes and she’ll be putty in his hands. You’ll see.

  64. Arrow2Soul Says:

    It is a music magazine yes I will concur snow, but the demographics on that are not really who the music is geared for. The only thing I think is bad about the RS review is that music industry folks read it, and in that way i think it isn’t good, but they have their minds made up anyway so it isn’t swaying them at all, let’s be honest.

  65. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Well snow at least they know about them. Even a bad reputation is still a reputation, and being remembered is much better than being forgotten.
    Taylor will never be forgotten, he won’t let that happen.

  66. Snowstorm Says:

    New Found Freedom, Keeping It Real, I Live On A Battlefield are def the bottom of the barrel on this cd.

  67. Snowstorm Says:

    You’re right about that. American Idol winners are never forgotten, but they are def ranked – best to worst and Taylor is at the bottom, along with Reuben Studdard.

  68. Snowstorm Says:

    Not really. I think if they liked it, they would have given it the props it deserved. They were probably confused by it.. is it Country? is it Soul? What the heck is it?

  69. spinshack Says:

    My commentary with envisioning the song at a multilevel marketing meeting not intended as a compliment, Snow.

  70. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, It is great he has an app;reciation for music at a young age. My older one is now taking advanced guitar lessons honing in on his technique. He also played with older bands at a yong age, most were 4-5 years older then him, they find their way. Mine started as a bass player that is his first love, and has since added many more. He recntly bought a mandolin and just love listening love listening to him play.


  71. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Love Johnny Depp also, he creates his characters so well.


  72. Arrow2Soul Says:

    NFF has a niche in the corporate market. Spin is right. It has potential there. It also could be an anthem for a car promo. I just see that song being played while someone is cruising in their new car, especially a teen ager with their first new vehicle.
    Just a thought.

  73. spinshack Says:

    I became a Depp fan back when he did “Gilbert Grape” and “Edward Scissorhands”. Capt. Jack one of my favorite movie characters.

    I’ve got other issues to work today as well, and I too haven’t had much computer time in days, life sometimes moves just so fast…

  74. Snowstorm Says:

    I know, Spin. I skip that song. My ears hurt after listening to it. Why he would have such as awful song included on his cd, is beyond me, especially after some great songs like Seven Mile Breakdown and Woman’s Got To Have it.

  75. taylorfan06 Says:

    I LOVE ILOAB! Many do.

  76. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Well rankings can and do change snow. I know you understand that. Remember what I wrote…it doesn’t matter where you start…we’ll see what the rankings say in a few years, and even after that. The ones that are ranked high will only be high until they tank after their “sex” appeal drops off. Even you know that. Then what for those poor girls? Taylor has staying power and he will outlast them all IN THE END. That will the cruelest irony for Daughtry as his wave is not going to last forever. Already hs ins’t fairing as well, because his following is growing up and out of the music he does, and he isn’t able to reinvent like Taylor has done and is doing. Reinvention is the key really for all artists. It only counts where you finish snow.
    Be well.

  77. Arrow2Soul Says:

    JI….living with a musician ain’t easy as you know. They are pesky and testy. Why they got to be so testy? lol. Still it is fun. The sound of music NEVER stops in my home. It is a constant symphony. There are amplifiers in three rooms, and he just plugs in and goes into his own world. I love it, it never bothers me, the sound of music fills my souls with gladness.
    My son got the bass bug too. Slap bass is incredibly cool and I ever knew what it was until he picked up a bass guitar and taught himself. That’s the coolst thing actually, the self teaching that he does. I had him in lessons for lead metal guitar playing, but he said Mom don’t waste your money you work too hard. I can do this on my own. And he does. He is brilliant, it runs in my family, haha…musical talent that is. I just dove into the shallow end of the genepool in THAT regard.

  78. Taylor is going to do very well with this CD especialy considering it is his own label and some considered him a has been or a never was. How can anyone not like Battlefield and vision him doing parts of it live! WHAT!

  79. Snowstorm Says:

    You’re probably right about Daughtry. I don’t think his next cd will be as good as his first. There’s no way he can live up to that. Having a big success like that right off the bat is not a good thing.

  80. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I love his early works. Not everyone gets his roles but his bizarre flare is evident then.

    Life moves at the speed of light spin. THAT is why I embrace it and THAT is why the light shines on in me. 🙂
    Ahhhhhhh…the smell of maple flavored ham cooking in the pan….sizzle!
    I am making breakfast for three hungry kids.
    Let me go now and finish.

  81. Snowstorm Says:

    Have you listened to the original by Nick Lowe?

  82. No Snow I haven’t, but Tay’s version and imagining him doing in concert is enough for me. My fav song is Maybe You Should, and if he even wrote a quarter of the lyrics or melody, then he has great soul and genius in him. I also love The Distance for it’s simplicity and easy listening beat. I’m sure some critics think he is pandering with that song, NFF and Nineteen. I haven’t listened to Yes We Can, and was turned off by the lyrics since it makes women out to be weak 2nd class citizens who need men to protect them. Critics would rip that apart big time.

  83. Snowstorm Says:

    Of course he’s pandering. He doesn’t want to lose the grannie patrol – maybe cause they have the money. He’s not stupid.

  84. Yes We Can is a fantastic song recorded originally by The Pointer Sisters. It’s about respecting all people, taking care of each other, and living your life in a way to make the world a better place. I am not sure how any of the lyrics of this song make women seem weak.

    “And do respect the women of the world.
    Remember you all have mothers.”

    That’s the only line that specifically talks about women. And it’s a line that was originally sung by women. And this woman agrees with that sentiment.

    I’m quite confuzzled . . .

    I love Taylor’s take on the song, BTW. I think it should have made the cut as more than just a bonus track.

  85. It’s imperative that Chelsea calls Taylor a silver fox. The fate of his this CD-nay, his career rests on it!

    *shrug* or not.

  86. I will own up to being a dumbass, I don’t really care, but I don’t get that Rolling Stone “review.” There IS no review, it just says “RS: no stars.” No explanation, not even a sentence about the CD. I think that’s shoddy.


  87. taylorfan06 Says:

    I saw him perform ILOAB at the Belly Up and he KILLED.
    The last part when the tempo picks up had the crowd going out of their minds.

    Everyone, do yourself a favor and see him tour this CD.
    It’s pure heaven, PURE Taylor. I can’t wait until Wednesday for The Roxy. A good time WILL be had for ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. I also like “Battlefield.” The ending is pure Taylor.

  89. Hey! I wrote that before I read taylorfan06’s comment! 🙂

  90. I haven’t heard it but read the lyrics. It is from a time when men ruled the world and fits the 1960’s. BTW, I love men.

  91. taylorfan06 Says:

    OMG! I just looked at the top albums on iTunes and Taylor is down to #91.

  92. hicksaholic Says:

    Where was he?

  93. What’s the FOX Reality Channel?

    “The new Season of American Idol Extra premiers on the FOX Reality Channel Thursday, March 26. Several Idol performances were schedule to be taped Saturday, March 14, to be shown throughout the seasons. Idol alum that will be performing include: Taylor Hicks, Blake Lewis, Jason Castro, Brooke White, Michael Johns, Kristy Lee Cook, Syesha Mercado, and Carly Smithson. The show is hosted by Jillian Reynolds.”

  94. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, I looked through my TV listing when I read about it, couldn’t find anything. Not sure what it would be listed under.


  95. taylorfan06 Says:

    The highest position I saw was like #42.

  96. taylorfan06 Says:

    I can only buy so many copies, people! LOL

  97. I don’t think Rolling Stone gave it no stars; I think it says no stars because Rolling Stone has not, and may never, review the CD. I wouldn’t expect RS to give it any stars, but I thought they had to review a CD before doling out stars or an absence thereof. Maybe I’m wrong.

    Somebody said that to have a huge success with a first CD like Chris Daughtry did is not a good thing. Let us all pause a moment to guffaw over this piece of nonsense.

  98. Tays die hard fans bought the CD . When my Amazon copy came today I noticed I ordered it on Jan. 20th because I must be nuts. He may do better later on itunes should one of the songs catch on on the radio. Older people buy the CD. Does anyone want to take bets on his first week sales number?

  99. They only have the single on their site with no stars, not the CD. I think it means they did not review it.

  100. casualfan Says:

    This doesn’t surprise me TF6. Taylor is a hard sell and there are those who will “get him” and those will not.

  101. casualfan Says:

    Rolling Stone is considered the “Holy Grail” in the music industry.

    People magazine is a rounded “entertainment” entity. Rolling Stone is tailored for music.

  102. casualfan Says:

    Snow, I think Taylor’s finally seen the light on that just as he did with that black wristband thing. He dropped that and shouting out “Soul Patrol” is following that same path.

  103. So How Many CD’s do you think he will sell the first week? Don’t be chicken, give a guess, have some balls! Let’s get the Ball rolling with some predictions….. I say 19,000. What say ye?

  104. Virtual Speak Says:

    Rosie- You do have a penchant for anything balls no? 😆

    I’m not a numbers person at all. But, it’s probably safe to say his sales will probably be low the first week due to the marketing issue.

  105. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Are any numbers out yet? I was thinking about 25,000 for the first week. I’m hoping I’m low and he sold more.


  106. I predict 12,250.

  107. VirtualSpeak, You can still give a number guess. Just think , give a number and you will become VirtualSpoke. LOL Ah to live in infamy on some blog, even in parody! The fame of it all!

  108. I was wondering if that meant they didn’t do a review yet.

  109. littlewing Says:

    A2S and JI, my son also has a gift for music and plays by ear. We bought him a set of Tamas when he was 15 and have not regretted it. He has since taught himself electric and acoustic guitar and the bass.

    RS should review the entire album. Don’t know why they wouldn’t.

    I’ll venture a guess for 1st week sales – 8,500k.

  110. littlewing, love you girl, but 8,500 would be sadder than sad for any AI winner. I don’t feel like being so sad and Taylor would just cry. Where is the faith that some of those who bought 298,000 TH CD’s that first week in 06 still care about him and his music?

  111. Virtual Speak Says:


    There you go rosie Virtual Spoke. 😆

  112. *reviews bids*

    $1, Bob.

    LOL! I’m having a “Price is Right” moment! 😆

    I’m saying 17,000.

  113. littlewing Says:

    Rosie, I haven’t really analyzed it at all til now. I went low because VS mentioned the marketing/distribution problem. May have gone too low, in this case I want to be wrong. I do agree the cd has legs and will have sustained sales over the long haul.

  114. Virtual Speak Says:

    What do we win? 🙂

  115. YKW, $1, Bob. “Price is Right” moment! What a wit! We have fun… Sorry Tay.

  116. Our claim to fame being more of a sooth sayer/mystic than BrightLite. We, or the winner becomes the Keepin It Real person of IAG’s blog. Quite A FEAT. Perhaps Tay will hire the winner as his marketing geru. Why one could even replace Mr. Bill and travel with Tay and advise him on sharpies, flashlights, and women. I vision guarding his body! The possibilities are endless. After all, it is All about the music, and she who can best predict CD sales wins his heart and soul. If not his LOVER, you can at least become his MENTOR.

  117. spinshack Says:

    LOL Ro you are over the top. 😛

  118. spinshack Says:

    I’m hoping for 10,000. Call me Eeyore.

  119. spinshack Says:

    *grins* this is why I like you Rose.^^

  120. soulpinoy Says:

    given his exposure on grease.. i would say

    between 30-35K 🙂

  121. My prediction for second-week sales: 4,400.

  122. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I would love to guess but I am not eligible for that wonderful prize Rosie.
    It’s hard to predict how many units sold since it is unclear how the distribution was handled. We don’t know how many were distributed. Also, there are numbers from retail sectors like Target and Walmart, and numbers from online sectors such Amazon, and units sold on Amazon would only count if shipped. Also, it unclear to me if individual songs downloaded at Itunes count as one unit or a partial unit. Again without seeing the method for assessing the units, it is very difficult to predict this number. Also, it’s unclear to me if everything ordered was actually shipped. I think this a highly speculative estimate at best and probably has an error value of +/- 15.0%.
    With that in mind I estimate that the amount of units sold for the first week to be 10700. This includes both the retail and online sectors. Without knowledge of the actual shipment of online units which would be included in actual sales unit volume, I cannot predict a number without including the error of +/-15%.
    Therefore my prediction is that the first week of sales for The Distance generated between 7400-12305 units sold.
    I never make an estimation of without including possible error sources and an error percent value.
    I am a rocket scientist by the way by trade and calling.
    So there you have it.
    I gave my number(s).
    Thing is that it really doesn’t matter what the numbers are for the first week or any week for that matter.
    This CD will grow legs over the course of time. Each song will have its place in its own right over the course of the next few years, and beyond. All things grow with love, and Taylor loves music and therefore this creation will grow.
    I am not feeling well again so I will bid you all adieu for now.
    Be well.

  123. Snowstorm Says:

    Between 3,000 and 6,500. I really doubt he sold higher than that.

  124. Arrow2Soul Says:

    oh and Rosie… I took it upon myself to copy a post I made at chill’s way before Taylor released “19”. I “saw” it before it came out. I predicted the number 9, the fighting, and the word “goodbye” in my “mystic” ways. I am sorry you can’t understand what I see or feel at any given moment, and that you don’t have the visions I have from time to time, but I am not happy to sign on and find that you are poking fun at me. Unless you can walk a mile in a man’s shoes, you can’t understand his road.

    Posted at chill’s…
    brightlite // June 26, 2008 at 8:50 am

    …let me get the Ouiji Board out and I will ask it the ultimate question.
    Does anyone have an ultimate question?

    Actually yesterday I asked the grand Ouiji if Taylor would be successful with his new MWR and Vanguard.

    I concentrated on my question. I closed my eyes. I was sitting by a window, and the sky grew dark and and I knew the spirits were churning.
    I allowed the energy of the board to guide the cursor. I heard the wind blowing hard outside my window and the leaves that I never raked from the fall riased up i a swirlk like a tornado.
    I closed my eyes again, and let the energy of the question burn into my mind…
    Will MWR and Vanguard be a successful venture….
    It was perfectly sunny yesterday except for that few moments, and I wondered if that was a bad thing, and I worried and I troubled over the answer, and as I waited with my eyes closed I felt the warmth of the sun poor over me.
    I opened my eyes and my hands were resting on the word “goodbye.”

    I closed my eyes again, and I asked the question AGAIN.

    The sunshine was now straming in, and it was growing so hot. I thought about the central question…

    “Will Modern Whomp Records be successful for Taylor?

    The rays of the sun beaming down on the board itself, concentrating each ray onto the letters and numbers. I refused to look further, I closed my eyes, and allowed the energy to pass through my fingertips into the guide.

    I heard a bird calling in the distance a little while later. It was a cardinal. They have a very distinctive song, a “pecking” sound. I wanted then to open my eyes to see my answer.

    I waited.

    I then heard another bird, it was not peaceful, it was angry. It was a song of not happiness but a battle cry. I feared it was a blue jay, and I was right. The blue jay sat outside my window, chasing away the other birds, including the cardinal, it was angrily hording all the birdseed for itself. The other birds flew away but remained insight waiting for the opportunity to swoop down and grab a seed. I was so focused on the birds I forgot about Ouiji! I looked down and the cursor rested on a number.
    I don’t know what it all means
    NOW I see what it all meant. The red and blue birds represented the colors of our flag, the gathering storm clouds was the loss of purity for out country at war. The birds fighting– the symbol for war right now. The word Goodbye symbolized the death of a soldier, and the number 9 was the second digit in the age of the soldier. Taylor picked a great song, and I predict that “19” will be the most successful song of the CD in the coming months and years. I say that with confidence.

    Year 2010 units sold prediction for “19” = 1,000,000 +/-5%

    Good day.

  125. jerseyirish Says:

    littlewing, It is wonderful to hear them love and create music. My son just recently has discovered blues/soul. Hubby and I have been quite impressed with some of the pieces he has written so far. He is not good with the lyrics, its just the music so far, but it is wonderful to listen to them. Mine discovered a set of drums up in the attic about 2 years ago someone had given them to my husband back in the late 70’s, they now have their place in our den. He has spruced them up and is getting pretty good at them. Hubby could pass on the drums doesn’t mind any of the other instruments but the drums do get to him at times.


  126. Snowstorm Says:

    I have no words. For once in my life, I am speechless.

  127. spinshack Says:

    I’m no rocket scientist but am right there with you on the estimate Bright. Hope you feel better.

  128. spinshack Says:

    Snow you have no idea. ^^

    Spirit Momma, I remember when you wrote that. 😉

  129. Arrow2Soul Says:

    spin I feel like crying right now my head hurts so much. I am going to lay down.
    Be well and let’s pray for peace or 19 may be a hit sooner than later.

  130. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Hope your head feels better, funny I woke up with one also, not real bad just nagging.


  131. What a crock.

  132. Snowstorm Says:


  133. Snowstorm Says:

    Hello???? We are in a recession heading for a depression. Nobody is spending money, especially on Taylor Hicks. Where’s the National promotion? There’s been hardly any. All he’s done is Ellen and Dating With The Stars was laughable. This other show he’s scheduled on Chelsea H…hate to tell you this, but that show is not popular.

  134. Or, maybe we win a membership at the NEW & IMPROVED HQ site!! 😀

  135. spinshack Says:

    Snow, baby, remember he’s Indie. There is not any $$ for a big blown out National campaign. I’d think you’d be cognizant of that fact.

    Regarding Bright’s prognostications just go for the ride, you know you’ve had your time with the Magic 8 ball. LOL

    How “Nineteen” will do will depend on lady luck and the folks who might happen to catch the tune and Hicks. I really think he’d be better off not playing that same tune (WRIR) over and over every time we see him. Granted it is his pick for the single, but letting loose another selection would not hurt.

    Chelsea’s on Monday right? If she’s not popular I imagine she’ll see a slight ratings hike with Hicks on the show. I’ve never watched her but then my Teevee time is limited.

    So what would you expect him to do now Snow ? How would you if you were he, fund a National ad campaign?

  136. Feel better, BL.

    I do enjoy reading your posts. There is much more unexplained than explainable in the world.

  137. BL, Im’ sorry I offended you with my teasing. I hope you are right about your predition of sales for 19. I said 500,000 sold by SEPT. and some laughed at me. Keep saying and doing your thing, I find you fun and interesting.

  138. fairhope Says:

    What the hell……?

  139. Snowstorm Says:

    Aren’t we talking record sales here? Those that are predicting high sales numbers, don’t have any idea what their talking about. Yes, I know he’s Indie and hence, he gets little promotion, so how do these ladies come up with these numbers?

  140. spinshack Says:

    I’d say Bright’s sitting in the sunlight with a Ouija board about as good as anyone’s predictions considering none know his real distribution nor much about how the “Grease” gig is doing for sales. 😉

    I’d def not go with high sales numbers initially.

  141. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Thanks Rosie. Sorry to blow off steam at you, didn’t mean to single you out. I actually enjoy your posts too, most times.
    Thanks again.

  142. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Just a follow up to the post I made for anyone interested. We are fast approaching a conflict of epic proportions on our own soil. The Depression we are staring at is the catalyst for the upcoming battle that will rage between Americans and people who have invaded the US, both physically and financially.


    The Number Nine
    After the rewards bestowed by the Eight we realize we are reaching the end, The Number Nine. As we confront this ending the focus shifts from the material to the spiritual. Selfless service and universal ideas become paramount. The character of the Nine, 9, is very much like the Six, 6. Whereas the Six sends its love to the material world of family and friends, the Nine closes the cycle by returning its love and compassion to higher ideals.

    Just saying.
    Taylor’s song “19” has a niche.

    I know what I am writing seems apocolyptic, and for that I apologize.
    If you think I am insane it is okay, I just may very well be for all I know.

  143. “upcoming battle that will rage between Americans and people who have invaded the US, both physically and financially.”

    Unless you’re talking about aliens from outer space, I sense racism in your comments. I suppose I shouldn’t exclude the aliens though; for all we know, they deserve the same rights as other invaders.

  144. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Wanda my comment is neither racist nor comedic. I am far from both of those with regards to my nature. I have three children who are half Puerto Rican/Mexican, so I am capable of and have demonstrated complete love and acceptance of others who are not “like me.” The people who I speak of as invading our country are of many different races, nationalities, and creeds. It makes no difference whatsoever to me what they are, but it is what they aren’t that is tearing this country apart at the seams. They are not Americans, and in that vein they do not have the same respect for, or adherence to our laws or our values, mores, or teachings. Being here illegally just allows them anonymity in many respects. We all see from being on the Internet how being anonymous can ultimately lead to hatred and division. I mean no disrespect to anyone, I just see first hand the flow of the tide, I work with and break bread with several people who crossed illegally and they have fake driver’s licences, birth certificates and social security cards of our dead young American kids, all obtained illegally in another state (Michigan) and they all make more money than any American working in the place. This new wave of “immigration” is supporting the always ever present underground world of dirty money. I know the writing is on the wall because my back is up against it and I see it. 25,000,000 undocumented (mostly men). None paying their taxes, and who is collapsing under it all….you and me, and every other American taxpayer. It is all an unravelling of a society Wanda. Get used to it. But there’s more to come…so much more.
    Be well.

  145. 25,000,000! Surely you jest! We are already doomed, then, if 25,000,000 illegal immigrants (mostly men) are walking our streets, breathing our air, working in our carwashes and restaurants, and cleaning our toilets. How are your three children half Puerto Rican, yet half Mexican? The Gulf of Mexico is wide and deep, and 1/2 + 1/2 is a whole.

  146. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Cleaning our toilets sounds very derogatory. 25,000,000 is the estimate to date, but only includes what the government census numbers can actually count. I work in a school district that has 12,000 students. Six schools. Very wealthy area. We have an immigrant population, or ELL poluation, of 14% and growing each year. We are at the low end of the numbers that are in schools, and many of the students won’t stand for the Pledge, they just don’t feel the same way as us, nor do they care about the “rules.” These kids have to be examined by school doctors and get immunizations free of charge, in essence free physicals. That doesn’t bother me, they are children, they should be cared for . The adult population is the greatest risk to us. That is what is of concern to me. The adults are are cooking our food in the kitchens of most every restaurant in the US, with the exception of very high end establishments, they do not have free physicals Wanda. They do not have the immunizations that you and I have, in fact they could be and most likey are carrying communicable and infectious diseases, like Malaria, Small Pox, and Measles viruses, and by no fault of their own, and with no malice intended, begin a national health crisis.
    My children’s father is half Puerto Rican and half Mexican. Hence half Puerto Rican/Mexican. Not that it matters, but I wanted to demonstrate that I hold no biases towards any race. But my children and their father, and you and I, are all Americans.
    Is it a crime to protect and love and serve the country we are born in? I just see it all falling to pieces, and it saddens me to no end.

  147. Elizabeth Wallace Says:

    Not available at my local Walmart (Norwalk, CT). The sales clerk did a search on his computer and showed me the results. No “The Distance” CDs for this store, with a “not available at all stores” notation. Seems to me someone goofed. It’s hard to make the charts if the CD is not available.

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