Indiscriminate Act of Kindness

When I first heard that this song was going to be on the album, I found the video for Foy Vance, the writer and original singer.

Honestly, I’ve been waiting for Taylor to sing a song like this since I heard Under the Radar. To me, it seemed like on The Distance, some of his vocals were lacking in depth and emotion. Not bad, just not quite up to where he could be. He’s obviously more comfortable on stage, and that comes across in his vocals on studio recordings.

So, yes, I ran to Target Tuesday to get this song and I was not disappointed. When I popped this into the cd player in the car, I knew I had found the gold at the end of the rainbow. This song requires, as Caryl put it, an intimate feel. These vocals have to be sung with emotion and passion to pull the song off. When I listened to Taylor sing it, it tore at me. He was able to transfer his emotions through this song, and that is a difficult thing to do for him in the studio.

People are constantly saying “Why do you stick around if you don’t like what he does?” This is the reason that I stick around. Because I know that Taylor is capable of this kind of performing. With this one song, he’s able to turn me inside out. It seems like from the buzz around Taylor Hicks land, I’m not the only one that feels that way. So, turn it up loud, and feel the song…really feel it. It is amazing.


100 Responses to “Indiscriminate Act of Kindness”

  1. You know, I’m not sure it will be as good live. I feel that way about “The Fall,” too. I think it’s better on the CD because his voice is quiet and you can hear every breath. In a live setting, you have to deal with the shout-outs from the crowd.

    He must have really gone inside himself when he sang it. I can imagine him opening his eyes when he was done and kind of shaking his head back to reality.

    I’m not even sure how to say this, but it’s like his voice becomes one of the instruments. Yes, I know the voice IS an instrument, but I really feel …grr!! See, I can’t articulate it! His voice creates a mournful sound.

    I wouldn’t have picked this song for Taylor, but it may be his best performance. Ever.

  2. Yes, I love how you can hear him breathe. I love how his voice is the focus of this song, not the instrumentation. When I really listen to him sing this…it’s incredible. This is the Taylor Hicks that we need more of. I can so see him on the stage, on a stool, losing himself in this song.

    As for shaking his head and bringing himself back to reality…he did that when he sand Georgia, at Smith’s I think it was. It was like he forgot the audience was there and somebody yelled and he woke up. It was cool, really, to see him that deep into the music. I think you’re right, I think he was probably in that place for this recording. God, I wish he could do that with every song on this album.

  3. I was just finished listening to that song when I happened upon today’s blog. I just can’t stop listening to it! I’m at work so I have to, but damn, it’s good. This and maybe you should will def hold me over until the next album. Have to agree with you both, this is on a whole different level than the rest of the album. His voice is on a lower register or something I can’t explain. Thanks so much for sharing this with me and I’m so glad that someone agrees with my tastes!

  4. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, When you put up Foy singing the song it was powerful to me. I couldn’t wait to hear Taylor’s interpertation of it, like you said it blew me away, just the raw emotion and pain you can hear as he sings and each brath he takes, wow can it get any better. You feel almost like you are a part of him when he sings the song, the feelings come across very strong.


  5. You feel almost like you are a part of him when he sings the song, the feelings come across very strong.

    I think you’re right, JI. It’s almost like he envelopes you in the song.

  6. greeneyes Says:

    This is pure piracy of Taylor’s music. You should be ashamed of yourself posting it at youtube where people can download it. Taylor is trying to make a living and people like you are a disgrace.

  7. Ok, so Taylor streaming the entire CD where people can download it is what?

    This song is on his cd just like the rest of them. What would the difference be if I put up a video for a shit song, like What’s Right is Right? None. Um, it’s advertising. Has anybody ever thought…wow, if people heard this song and like it, they just might pick up the cd.

    Get over yourself.

  8. Does’t You Tube generate a buzz so people will WANT to buy his cd? It sure makes me want to buy all three copies. . I work with a lot of really youngBut what do I know kids who check out songs before they buy them on You Tube, etc.

  9. Snowstorm Says:

    I like the raw emotion in his voice, but for the song itself…it’s too slow and depressing for my taste. Just OK for me. This is not a song I would listen to over and over again, unless I wanted to be in a perpetual state of sadness. This is rainy-day music…I would listen to this on a cold rainy day with a cup of hot cocoa.

  10. Snowstorm Says:

    Kids are checking out his music? I really doubt that.

  11. Haha, no they are def not listening to TH, but you get the idea!

  12. taylorfan06 Says:

    This is the “real” Taylor I love. Emotion, heart, and Soul.
    …yes, indeed!

  13. greeneyes Says:

    Joshua George: What’s your take on the RIAA and the way they’re attacking individuals as far as pirated music? How do you feel about the fact that perhaps your CD is out there already being downloaded by somebody? Are you one of the people that believes people should go out and buy the CD or are you one of the people who just wants you music out there no matter how it gets there?

    Taylor Hicks: That’s a pretty difficult question for an artist who owns his own record label. To a certain degree I believe that pirated music has to be patrolled. I think that the artist definitely has the right to control where his music is being bought and sold and so I think it’s up to the artist and the label to be able to control that idea and to be able to make sure that the quality stays high and also the quantity as well.

  14. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor needs to take some blame. He never said anything about cell-certs and taping almost all of his performances. He should have spoken up about this a long time ago.

  15. I think that the artist definitely has the right to control where his music is being bought and sold

    I bought it. And I sure in the hell ain’t selling it.

  16. Oh, give me a break, Snow. It’s called marketing in the 21st century. Do you know how many artists I have discovered because of YouTube and how much money I have spent because of that? It’s allowing a huge variety of people to hear the music who otherwise wouldn’t. That’s why he streamed the CD before it was released. He sure in the hell didn’t do it for the Soul Patrol.

  17. Snowstorm Says:

    I hate to tell you this, but nobody is interested in Taylor except the Soul Patrol. Those vids he has on YouTube are not getting the big hits.. only fans are looking at them.

  18. I’m pretty sure Taylor is “making a living” just fine, “Grease” is The Word, after all.

    What’s really a disgrace is that children go to bed hungry in the richest nation in the world. Get some perspective.

    Yet another Soul Patrol Mama defending her cub.

  19. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Quick response here as I have precious little time today. Still half blind.
    When I first played the video I though I was listening to the beginning of an Eric Clapton song. I can’t think off the top of my head which one but it has a very similar lead in to the first verse. It’s neither here nor there but that was my first impression. It may also be the person who was playing the guitar which I don’t think was Taylor, but I could be wrong but the style was very jazz/bluesy, and it didn’t feel like a Taylor guitar sound. The song lyrics were posted, and for that I was grateful as it helped me to understand the story unfolding behind the lyrics, and then I could really listen to Taylor’s voice. I got chills immediately into the first verse, and throughout the first half of the song, just picturing the story and the act of kindness that was developing. When Taylor wept his voice through the beginning and built to the end I could hear him strain a bit, and that isn’t bad. Singing isn’t about holding notes and being at the correct pitch, or even doing everything “perfectly.” To me singing is about telling a story and coloring the voice to fit the story. When I detected “strain” I felt it was part of the story. The straining was part of the dynamic that were there when the song was written or visualized by the songwriter, Foy Vance. This song needs a very gritty touch, as well as a tender touch to it. I can see this song touching many people who have witnessed and have been devastated by drugs. The lyric about the needle is so visually stimulating, so real, so shocking to me, I just got emotional thinking of the woman and how desperate her life had become. Snow is right, this is a sad song. It is a hopeful song but it is a sad song about the reality of our world, our very stressful, depressed, and dirty world. But IAoK does shed hope, or a ray of light on that otherwise dismal and downward spiral we call drug abuse. The song is about drug abuse, and it is powerful and sung with emotion and passion of someone who understand the world quite well I think. I am not saying Taylor is into drugs, nor am I saying anyone he knows is that way either. I am saying that Taylor’s experiences have dyed his fabric and those threads came together for this song. The imagary that it conjures up in MY mind when I listen are pretty traumatizing for me, personally, I see too much when I listen and read the words. The song is borderline scary in a way, I think it will do well as a download for the younger folks. I say that because young kids today are desensitized, sorry to say. Sadly they have seen so much and done so much, that they won’t find the same imagery in their heads as I do, they just don’t make much of anything anymore, so the words won’t “trouble” them, like they do me. I am of the old school, and I am not familiar with the seedier side of life, the side of drugs and the streets. It just depressed me a bit, but I see it as a hopeful song too. He sounds amazing on many parts, and where hsi voice pushes to pull out the emotion, I see the “stranger” emerging, meaning I see the soul right there, the inner core of expression and energy carrying the message forth.
    Don’t know anything about pirates except I may look one soon if I don’t my eye fixed up.
    Be well.

  20. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Ok it wasn’t quick sorry, but I am done for now.
    Oh I found it

    It reminds me of this. it must be the style of the guitar playing?

    It might be my ear too.

  21. I really like this song. My only problem is that I enjoy him live more then studio recorded stuff. Personally, I think the song would be better live. Simply because when you’re at a concert, and the whole crowd is completely quiet and just listening to that one song……’s just the coolest feeling. Ya know?

  22. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Eric Clapton is a God I think. He is truly a genius in every way. I love the song up there, River of Tears. Wow!

  23. I think it could go either way. It’s really so cool when you’re at a concert and nobody yells throughout the whole song. But, more often than not, somebody is shouting something, ya know? Damn drunk people. πŸ˜†

    And I’m with you, Taylor in the studio usually doesn’t equal good stuff. But I think, in my opinion, he finally brought it home.

  24. Well, I think it would be pretty naive of us to think that Taylor doesn’t know anything about the drug world. I mean, he’s been in bars for a long time. I’m not saying he’s doing drugs right now…I’m just saying that I bet that at one point, he’s been around them.

  25. casualfan Says:

    Actually no, it’s not. IAG is not profitting from this in anyway. She purchased the cd so therefore has the right to do with it as she wishes.

  26. The lyric about the needle is so visually stimulating, so real, so shocking to me, I just got emotional thinking of the woman and how desperate her life had become. Snow is right, this is a sad song. It is a hopeful song but it is a sad song about the reality of our world, our very stressful, depressed, and dirty world. But IAoK does shed hope, or a ray of light on that otherwise dismal and downward spiral we call drug abuse.

    Very well stated, BL. Kudos to Mr. Vance for the words, Mr. Hicks’ for the sentiment.

  27. casualfan Says:

    Snow, I know a lot of young teens who do appreciate Taylor’s music and they enjoy listening to him. If kids are exposed to different types of music when young, they develop an acute sense and are more responsive to different types of music such as Taylors. I know kids who love Neil Diamond. Contrary to belief not every kid is drooling over the Jonas Brothers, Hanna Montana or Brittany Spears.

    You may think Taylor is not cool or hip with the times, but he’s an old soul with a very important message to send.

    IAG-You are right….That song IS why WE hang around to support Mr. Hicks. This song proves what I have been saying all along….when he puts his heart into his music, he can move mountains and touches hearts. Riding around in an ice-cream cone does not.

  28. taylorfan06 Says:

    FYI Snow – when I saw Grease opening night on Tuesday, there were A LOT of kids and young adults in the SOLD OUT crowd. A good majority of them were also at the back stage door after the show getting autographs and pictures with Taylor.

    He does have his share of younger fans.

    You really DON’T know everything about Taylor. Get over yourself!

  29. taylorfan06 Says:

    Good post CF.

    But you’re wrong on the “ice cream” gig. It is doing him very well. You obviously haven’t seen Taylor in Grease.

    The crowd REALLY eats it up. The reaction from the crowd is incredible (and deafening). I LOVED it and I pretty sure he’s loving it also. (See the show.)

  30. casualfan Says:

    Not everyone is drunk…they are just plain-ass rude, inconsiderate and annoying when they do that. When Taylor sings those slow songs, it’s a crime when someone shouts out and ruins the moment.

  31. True…but sometimes people are just drunk. ahhahhaaa

  32. I”m sure the crowd eats it up. It’s entertainment…and that’s great if that’s what he wants to do.

    I just want to hear him sing. I was three blocks from a Grease performance and just couldn’t bring myself to go. Just couldn’t do it.

  33. Virtual Speak Says:

    I hope if he ever does this song people respect him as an artist and it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Some songs are meant for call and response, this one calls for the audiences absolute full attention to just listen and feel it.

    He should try it out on a few crowds, if they yell through it, put it to bed.

  34. jerseyirish Says:

    VS, Yes I hope people would be respectful of him and the song if he does it live. It is not the type of song yelling and screaming should be done, just listening.


  35. It’s going to happen. He’ll be singing his heart out, emotion dripping from his pores and someone is going to yell, “Taaaaaylor!! Wooo!!!” Some of those women don’t care what he’s doing on stage as long as they get a good view of his jeans. It pisses me off.

  36. Arrow2Soul Says:

    If I were a performing artist and I cut a song like this on a CD and was to perform it, I would preface the song with a short but serious note to the audience. Something to the effect “This a song I recorded because it is an important song with an even more important message. I am a vehicle for that message, now if you would listen, and carry the message to someone you know and love, then my job would done.”

    If that doesn’t work I will offer to pass out duck tape just in case.

    Don’t know if he could get all that out, he is a man of few words, as evidenced by his lack of communication during concerts. lol. But if he told the crowd how important the song is both to him and to anyone that the song may touch or inspire. It is an inspirational song, sad and real and vivid, but inspirational. It is about looking beyond what someone is because the world around them has taken its awful toll on them, and accepting, accepting, accepting… even though they may not even care about, love or accept their own self.

    I always thought of Bono as a messenger. I always thought of Clapton and Elton John in that vein too. As well, I consider the old music of Cat Stevens and Carole King as message inspired music. When John Denver was alive he filled us with music that had important impact when he wasn’t singing about country roads. I am sure you have your favorite artists, but like painters some paint a flower, and make it all pretty and colorful, while others paint a scene, and make it come to life with very little color or drama, it’s a matter of substance I think. Some artists whether in music or in painting or in drama just have substance. Taylor is developing his substance I think. And IAoK is one of those songs that he understood, and it reflects his substance as regards substance abuse.


  37. Arrow2Soul Says:

    If Taylor does this live, he really really should have these lyrics down pat. If he screws up the words and has to improvise or fudge or make it up he will destroy the message and that would be an awful thing for the song and message here. I would hope that he understands that a song like this is too serious, too close to home for many people that it would be an injust ice to perform it and slice and dice it along the way. If he did that in fact I would probably dismiss him as an artist, sorry to say. I haven’t done that, of course, but treatment of this song in any way but in its intended way might totally bring it to an unwanted place. I know he has trouble with lyrics, so I just hope he practices alot. I have a feeling he will or he won’t perform until he is ready to do so the right way.
    Just my opinion on that for what it is worth.

  38. I’ll have to say that I wouldn’t be surprised if he screws up the lyrics. He can’t even remember lyrics to songs that he wrote. πŸ˜†

    But, I agree with you…that this song isn’t one to mess up on.

  39. Wow, this blog is reading like a fan site today. I just read on the BB that Skeeter’s son has been hearing 19 on a country radio station the past few days and the DJ commented it was a great country song. Skeeter said her son also heard 7 Mile Breakdown. Should this be factual, good news for Tay. Seacrest said last night all the past winners will be on this season. Kelly was on last night looking so large and matronly and nothing like her CD cover.

  40. Arrow2Soul Says:

    When I say dismiss him as an artist I am referring to his intentions. I find that most performing artists do not understand the impact they have on their audiences. It IS a responsibility to deliver not just a song, but a song that does something good. It doens’t have to be flowery or upbeat either, it just has to be something that makes the world better I guess, not WORSE. Songs of death and hate and violence fill our airwaves and that is a travesty.
    If he disrespects the power of THIS song, I will not look at him in the same light, I guess I wll see him as being like most other artists, out there for money and nothing more.
    Now I am out of here for good tonight.

  41. What if he tagged, “Let’s Get It On” in the middle of it? LOL!! (Well, that made ME laugh!)

  42. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, You always make me laugh. I don’t think he ever screws up the lyrics on purpose he just has so much music in his head it happens. I would not stop admiring him if he did, its natual for folks to momentarily forget.


  43. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Yeah my son heard 19 on a country station at work today, his boss won out for music today.

    I couldn’t believe how bad Kelly looked last night, the outfit she wore did nothing for her but make her look bigger. She is really an attractive young lady who just seems to have let herself go.


  44. I’m still laughing out loud at the thought of him going from this get-wrenching song to “Let’s get it oooon.” Maybe it’s cuz I’m sleep deprived.

  45. GUT wrenching. Let’s GUT it oooon…

  46. Now I’m just being silly. Sorry!

  47. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Yeah we differ there JI. I am a ok with lyrical slips in most songs but it could run into very muddy waters on a tune like this, and I say if you aren’t serious about your music then don’t sing serious songs. He know this anyways so i don’t have to write it anymore. He will do it justice. Not concerned.

  48. Snowstorm Says:

    Hello???? The kids are American Idol fans. They are NOT buying his music.

  49. Snowstorm Says:

    I never once said that Taylor should do music for teens. In fact, he should never do music for teens. What Taylor does need is more of the twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings, but I think it’s safe to say that the majority are are not interested.

  50. There’s something wrong with me. I think everything is hysterical tonight. (and I’m not under the influence of anything!) The photo on the back of the CD looks very country to me, so I gave Taylor a hat:

    But what if he’s in a playful mood?

    I’ll go away now.

  51. casualfan Says:

    OMG-I hear ya Caryl! The “Thigh Patrol” turns my stomach. There’s a time to thud and there’s a time for respect.

  52. casualfan Says:

    I don’t think Taylor “forgets” anything. He has a photographic memory so I find that a little hard to believe. I think when he’s up on stage he’s so into the moment that he just goes with whatever flows. That’s one of the many attributes I adore about him.

    (even I have my girly-girl moments) πŸ˜‰

  53. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA, Caryl!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Playful Mood Taylor” … that’s hilarious!!

  54. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Big smile, thats funny. love the tilted hat Taylor!! πŸ™‚


  55. So I’m not alone in hating the outrageous screaming, whistling, and even loud conversations during great slow songs?

    How about saving that stuff for when he finishes the song?


  56. taylorfan06 Says:

    If he plays it as the Roxy next Wednesday, I’ll let you know.
    *fingers crossed*

  57. Exactly. He’s hot. Get over it and move on. Or sit down and shut up. Either one works for me.

    The loudmouths are completely socially ackward, and it shows.

  58. Arrow2Soul Says:

    That’s not exactly country, it’s western. That’s my take.
    Very funny hat there. Very cute. πŸ™‚

  59. Can somebody explain to me why I’m a target lately? What did I do? Seriously.

  60. I was having so much fun tonight, but now somebody is making fun of this blog and for some reason, I’m included in the ridicule. Read my comments. What did I EVER say?

  61. nevermind. itsallgrey should be offended, though.

  62. Arrow2Soul Says:

    They’re probably taking me down a few pegs but that’s okay. I have lots on my plate right now and I am not in the mood for any negativity, so whoever they are, and whatever they have to say, I could not care less. I am not hurting anyone here by posting, nor are you, JI, IAG, YKW, casualfan, Tay06, or anyone else here for that matter. Caryl, let people say what they feel they have to, perhaps they have to get it off their chests? Its no reflection on you, it is a reflection on them. I have to worry about bigger things right now but I wanted to stop by and post a bit about Taylor. It’s not a crime to exercise free speech. You said nothing wrong, and I am sorry if folks are using you as a target.

  63. Ok, caryl..question for you. When you look at the pic on the inside of the CD, does Taylor look funny to you? Like his head is all jacked up?

  64. So I’m not alone in hating the outrageous screaming, whistling, and even loud conversations during great slow songs?

    How about saving that stuff for when he finishes the song?


    Well, there might have been some very drunk people there. People who had been out in the 102 degree weather all day…and might have had too much to drink at dinner. Not that I know anything about it or anything. πŸ™‚

  65. Thanks, BL. I really appreciate that. They actually aren’t making fun of me after all. I took it the wrong way.

    As for that photo? It looks like one of my worst photochops, where I put a too-small head on top of a body. Maybe it’s really NOT his body. Let’s launch an investigation.

  66. Snowstorm Says:

    I noticed that right away. What an odd picture to use. Maybe it’s a joke? Done on purpose? Who knows, lol?

  67. It does look like a bad chop, doesn’t it? I mean, my friend opened the CD today, looked at that picture and was like…um, why would they put that as the pic you see when you open the CD? Then she looked at me and said, “He really just doesn’t have good people, does he?”

  68. Caryl, you said nothing and you did nothing.

    The Soul Patrol doesn’t really give a shit about Taylor.
    They care more about their “fan status” vs your “fan status”.

  69. Snowstorm Says:

    His people can’t be that dumb?

  70. I didn’t say they were just seems like a really strange picture to have right there.

  71. I didn’t like the photos inside the last CD, either.

  72. Do I need to get out the pictures with red lines again??

  73. I have it on good authority that this was their second choice:


  75. Not bad, huh? I just made that, I mean…FOUND that.

  76. I don’t remember those.

  77. absolutely! This is serious stuff!

  78. You would definitely make one hell of an investigator. πŸ˜† We’ll find out what happened to Taylor Hicks’ real body…and we’ll find out who the fake body belongs to. Oh yes, we will!! ahhaha

  79. photos from the TH CD:

  80. Fan photos are better.

  81. taylorfan06 Says:


  82. Seconded!

  83. Yep. I’ll have to agree with that.

  84. Sounds like it was quite a night!

  85. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Nice


  86. RedRoseSpeedway Says:


  87. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I think the album cover or back or inside or whatever that is where he is leaning on a fence is very nice. It is peaceful and serene and it looks reflective which is maybe the point of this kind of photo. I don’t see where his head looks jacked up, I am just not seeing that at all. He looks amazing, a little sad too, his lips are downturned at the corners, but he looks serious I guess is all.

    Be well.

  88. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, I think Taylor’s message with the CD is that he is a serious musician. I personally like a happy smiling Taylor over the serious look, but all the same they are all nice shots of him.


  89. We’re talking about the one on the inside, where he’s walking down a road.

  90. Virtual Speak Says:

    His real body? His head all jacked up.. oh my..

    Taylor talked about CD cover art and how it’s just not done anymore.

    My thinking is with the severe angsty (btw caryl.. that blog parodied my name too, so I had to throw an “angst” in there) gothy, vintage, serious pensive look is another form of his art or a side of him that nobody knows.


  91. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, didn”t realize that was the one your were talking about, Either way all the shots on the CD come across as a serious tone to me.


  92. I guess I’m the picture-lady in this thread. Here’s the photo we’re talking about:

  93. Snowstorm Says:

    Goofy Taylor! Done on purpose.

  94. Seven Days Says:

    The only thing I can think of is that the photographer must be a good friend of Taylor’s who’s just getting his feet wet in the business. Otherwise I don’t know how to explain away “constipated Taylor” or “bobblehead Taylor”.

    Caryl, your “tilted hat” picture made me laugh out loud.

  95. btw, this is a very small thing. I think they did a great job on the cover art. I LOVE that there are lyrics included (perhaps because we fans requested them over at TH dot com?) and I think the poster was a nice idea. I won’t be hanging mine up mainly because Craig Ferguson would be jealous (he’s my current celebrity crush.)

  96. Save a horse, ride a cowboy!!!

  97. To me it looks like he might have been strutting down the road with his pimp walk, and they caught him when he was bobbing his head to one side.

    It kind of reminds me of the John Travolta walk in Saturday Night Fever.

    The I’m the man walk.

  98. I get that, but you can’t tell me there wasn’t a better picture to use. I can’t believe he looked at that and said…Oh yay, I look good!!

  99. Oh I totally agree that is a strange picture to use. I wouldn’t have picked it. But I can see the “I’m the man attitude in it” Hell, even some of the pics from the video shoot would have been better than that.

  100. LambertsLabelle Says:

    You have to hear that on headphone.If you dont get touched very deep inside-something s going wrong with you!!
    I looove the instrumentation,just soporting,never taking over!For me-a masterpiece!!

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