Check it out!!

My review for the Distance is over at It’s actually my second review, after I had listened to the songs a few more times. It’s a little nicer. 🙂



31 Responses to “Check it out!!”

  1. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Nice review, I do like all the tracks some are just stronger than others to me.


  2. taylorfan06 Says:

    OMG!!! What a FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now why wasn’t that the CD Cover. I mean “Keep It Real”

  3. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I enjoyed your review a lot but the only thing I’m not sure is right is that he co wrote “I Live on a Battlefield”. I’m pretty sure Paul Carrack and Nick Lowe wrote that one- I really don’t think Tay wrote any part of that one. Can anyone verify this?

  4. You did a nice job on that! You’re right about the lyrics in MYS being poetry. That song just kills me.

  5. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, You and me both listening to it right now.


  6. littlewing Says:

    Hey, good job iag! Looking forward to hearing those bonus tracks. Did someone say funky? Lookout!! 🙂

  7. DISCLAIMER: I don’t pretend to know the psychology behind choosing a hit song and I’m not offering Taylor any advice. I just feel like having a “what if?” kind of discussion. We good? OK, then…

    I kind of wish Taylor would sing a different song on Ellen tomorrow. (Actually, I think she tapes a day ahead, doesn’t she? So, it’s probably already happened.) But wouldn’t it be fun to see him tear the roof off the sucka and do “Seven Mile Breakdown” or “I Live On a Battlefield.” (<—it gets pretty wild at the end.)

    He could run up and down the aisles, stop in the middle of the audience and wail away on the harmonica, those people wouldn’t know what hit them.

  8. littlewing Says:

    I kind of wish he would sing another song from the new cd as well. I like your scenario, caryl. Something that will “grab ’em by the balls”…;)

  9. jerseyirish Says:

    Carly, littlewing, I also hope he starts singing other songs from the CD now that it is released when he makes appearances on shows. But I guess for now he is promoting his single WRIR.


  10. casualfan Says:

    That’s why Jeff is here 😉

  11. Nice review!!

  12. spinshack Says:

    I’m just stopping for a moment, nice review Grey, love your bringing in some music talk with your insight. Certainly not a bit o’ hate in that piece. 🙂

    I have to say THANK YOU for your email. Caryl I know what you were talking about being “wrecked”. Just amazing.

    Hasta manana!

  13. Good review.

  14. Snowstorm Says:

    OMG! I just witnessed a miracle! Taylor is getting internet advertising!!

  15. Very cool review, iag, good for you! LOVE “Act of Kindnes”… raw emotion, no holding back. On the flip side, “Yes We Can” is just, for me, “uhhh, no I CAN’T” … ugh.

  16. *still weeping*

  17. I would love to see him sing IAoK. But it would be great if he would perform on these shows like he performs live. Just give people a taste of live Taylor, ya know?

  18. Music is tricky. It gets into the subconscious. The radio is a great brainwash. Songs that are played a lot on the radio end up doing selling like crazy. Since the more you listen to something and the more familiar you become with it , the more you end up liking it. Goes for good and bad songs. But there’s some songs that hit you right away. Like Indiscriminate. Can you stream that here IAG, or send it over.

    I think the more Taylor tries to sell pop ballad music, the less successful he will be. It doesn’t suit his sound best. So “why why why why why?” LOL

  19. casualfan Says:

    I know what you mean. I was hearing Daughtry all over the place and decided to give his CD a try. Now I really enjoy his music and I wish now that I would have given his music a chance early on. I never want to be into the music of just one Artist as I have with Taylor. IMO, I have missed out on other good music because of tunnel vision. I still enjoy Taylor very much, but I’m now open to other musicians and other musical tastes.

  20. taylorfan06 Says:

    ditto for me, ladies.

    That would definitely get people talking.

  21. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, Yeah!!! Glad to hear that.


  22. spinshack Says:

    Oh man I love that song, IAoK. Grey that is the best I’ve ever heard him recorded outside of that long “Georgia” version. Hicks vocals just get inside of you, expand there to the point you don’t want him to ever stop singing that song. *crying with Caryl*

  23. You’re right, Red. That was my mistake.

  24. I agree, Spin. That song is what I’ve been waiting for. Cannot wait to hear that live.

  25. I think it’s just the pure emotion that comes out of him during it. I have not heard him like that in studio. That is the first time…so I know he can do it.

  26. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Hey guys.
    Home today, very under the weather lately. Taylor released yesterday the Distance? I hope it was successful. I will have to get out and get my copy (copies). I just plugged into KOST. I am surprised I could do that. It sounds good, but alot of commercials so far and a silly contest is all I hear. Hope you all are well.

  27. Plus, the music does not overpower the vocals. His voice is the focus…and that’s when he’s at his best.

    /fangirl rant

  28. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Feel better, this weather has been nuts. Hope you enjoy the CD, I know I am and the extra tracks.


  29. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I can’t see clearly right now. My left eye is totally blurred from a sty. It just came on Sunday, and it has gotten progessively worse since then. The opthamologist is going to give me relief this afternoon. But I will miss Ellen, as my appointment is at 2:15. 😦 But I can’t function like this, for much longer. I went to my regular doctor and he was no help. then I went to the emergency room on Monday night with my youngest daughter, as it was painful to close my eyes to sleep, from the pressure, and there was literally a gunshot victim there, and it was a zoo, they could not help me. I went to school yesterday and suffered through it, but got terribly sick by 10 I was totally wiped. I slept off and on since then as I can’t shut the eye very long without pain. What is happening to health care in this country? My GP on Monday walked in and looked at his blackberry the whole time, and did not even examine my freakin eye. He was looking up the condition and the treatment on his stupid program no doubt but he missed the most important aspect of medical care, the actual examination. Had he looked at it, he would have seen that it was beyond an antibiotic, and he would have helped me with something appropriate instrad of letting me suffer. I am so tired from lack of sleep I can barely see straight. I actually can’t wait for the guy to just stick a needle in my eye. Sounds pleasant comared to this. Listening to KOST. Is Taylor on this today? If not it’s ok, it is a great station, my kind of songs.
    Thanks for the advice on the car JI, I got it registered, but the licence plate bolts were rusted in place, and I had to drill them out, almost turned the drill on my eye. lol.
    Take care.

  30. spinshack Says:

    Man, Bright, you’re suffering some serious discomfort. You are right about the health care system, man, it’s a lot to do with the insurance situations a decent doctor hard to find. Taking medicine into a National (Socialistic) program will only make things much worse.

    Made me laugh at your last comment, turn the drill on your own eye. ahahahaha! (hugs)

  31. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Spin (hugs) yeah it really has me down this bum eye. My students are such dolls, they asked me if I was going to have to wear a patch! How cute is that? I told them maybe…lol. But the kids were like “hey let’s all dress like pirates, wear bandanas and patches so Miss BL doesn’t feel bad. Gotta love the kids. (wink) ouch. Listening to KOST, it reminds me of 106.7 here. Lining up my vacation. Fort Myers! One week! My company make it though! Three of us girls heading down for a good time…activities lined up so far…a dolphin dive, snorkeling excursion, and endless hours reconnecting with my two best friends, my daughters. Hey if you guys have any money left over, or you want to book a cheap flight to see Taylor and you are FLEXIBLE with travel dates, go to I got RT tix to Ft. Meyers for $166 pp. Expedia quoted over 450 for the same tix as did orbitz and others. But you must be flexible in travel, they give you lots of choices, though. I heard KOST announce Taylor, so he is on!! Wooo Hoooo! ouch. 🙂

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