When I started this blog, I was just looking for a place where I could express what I was feeling about Taylor. What’s funny is the way people react to it, though. It seems that there can only be a certain kind of fan in the Taylor Hicks fan world. You either love him or you’re labeled a hater. Most of those fans that lurve him think that this is a hate blog. That’s the farthest thing from the truth.

One thing’s for sure, there are many different kinds of posters on here. Some people come on here just to stir things up, others come on here to talk freely about Taylor, as this may be the only place where they can do it without “retribution”. Some come for the music talk, some just for Taylor music. I post on whatever I feel like talking about that on that day. But what I’ve discovered is that people like to talk about this place. People like to email me and say “You’re not going to believe what they said on this blog or on this board.” This is just some of the criticism that I’ve come across, so I just thought I would address it here.


1. Taylor Hicks has feelings. How dare I blog about what he does wrong? I could hurt his feelings.

Taylor Hicks is an entertainer. I highly doubt he scans the internet looking for information about himself. That’s what he has Rocket Science for. As for giving him bad publicity…please tell me nobody is serious about that. Music fans aren’t going to stop listening to Taylor because I say something bad about him. Please. Nobody listens to me. Don’t give me so much credit.

2. I put Taylor into a box.

See, here’s where it gets tricky. I like music. You like music. Are we going to like exactly the same music? Probably not. Isn’t there times when you want to hear a certain song and then another time you just skip right over it? As for Taylor being put into a box, it’s kind of the same thing. Taylor can be whoever Taylor wants to be. And I can blog about him however I decide to. There’s no box for Taylor. All there is potential. My potential for him may not be the same as yours. And you know what? That’s ok. Yeah, I want him to be a dirty bar singer, I happen to think that’s where he shines. I realize, however, that he has to do things to make a living….like *coughgreasecough*.

3. As a Taylor fan, I should like everything he does.

Um, I call bullshit. As a Taylor fan, I don’t have to like every song on The Distance. I don’t even have to like most of them…they are growing on me, but they don’t have to. I don’t have to like the TH cd. I don’t need anybody telling me to “move on” or “find someone else to listen to”…the Soul Patrol doesn’t get to pick my music.

4. I like to criticize too much.

Well, I guess so, if that’s what you’re looking for. However, the posts that are full of praise for Taylor, while they might not be as often, are often overlooked. I am so sick of hearing…oh, you’re just doing this for attention. I’m doing this blog because I needed a place to be able to talk Taylor with people who want to talk about Taylor. I wanted to be able to express myself truly without the added obligations of being a moderator on a website, and all that entails.

5. Everything Taylor does is fantastic!!

Taylor is not a God. Taylor is a human being, with faults and idiosyncrasies just like the rest of us. He is a musician. He makes music. Most everything we say on this blog consists of speculation. I don’t know Taylor, nor do I claim to. I’ve met him once…and I haven’t been the same since. πŸ˜† I don’t know how he works, thinks or acts when he’s with his friends. I can see how he acts on stage, though. I am not in the music business, nor have I ever claimed to “know” music. Sometimes, what Taylor does on stage, I happen to love. Sometimes I don’t. That’s all.


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  1. strawgirl,

    If you had not started this blog by taking swipes at people or groups of people (look back at your first posts on this site) in addition to the T-shirt image on this post it would not be considered a hate blog. So don’t act surprised.

    It is surprising considering you were once a person a hate blog took a swipe at. Remember MFOYA?

  2. Um..okay. My point, exactly. Once again, it’s things like this, where people forget to act like adults behind fake names…this is why this fandom is so fractured.

  3. mamaforpeace Says:

    I just found your blog recently, and I think it is one of the sanest TH blogs. As much as I think Taylor has great potential, for me, he hasn’t yet realized it. He does have these moments of brilliance though, that keep me coming back. For now, that’s enough. Regarding the new cd, first impression is that it’s better than the last one (again IMO). I’ll wait till it comes out to decide how much better. As far as Grease, well I wish he hadn’t, but hey, I don’t know him, don’t know why he decided to do it, don’t care really. I am planning on going to the shadow tour in San Francisco, though. If it’s as good as the one I went to during the Idol tour, I’ll be very happy.

  4. If this is an apology to those people; you need to better than this lame comment.

  5. Thanks, mama. I completely understand your comment about his potential. In fact, I agree with you on all your points that you made. Have fun in San Fran…I’m sure it will be good.

  6. Iag, The first poster on this thread is an example of those who much prefer talking about other fans than Taylor or music. There is a little clique of females who now and then thud, say Taylor is the greatest, but they mostly seem to get their kicks from picking apart the comments of other fans. If you discuss Taylor Hicks without two thumbs up for his every move, you will be told to move on to some other singer, or at least be a person they try to psychoanalyze. Haven’t you read that it is their expert opinion that any female who writes anything negative about Taylor is a gal scorned by him?

  7. rosie,

    You obviously did not see the first posts on this blog or the T-shirt image on this post. Or maybe you just support hate blogs.

  8. Oh yes, that rosie. She’s a big supporter of hate blogs. In fact, she’s agreed to sponsor us for the next fiscal year.


  9. Oh yah rosie. I don’t belong to any “cliques”.

  10. 15min? In all sincerity, do you support book burnings? Freedom of speech? Independent thought?

    What’s it to you if someone chooses to not fill your definition of a “fan”? How does that affect you at all? We all have freedoms, including the freedom to read, or not read, that which might upset us. So what if Spin or IAG don’t care for the new cd, or for certain aspects of Mr. Hicks as an artist? Is your world so small that their non-conformity disturbs your precious equilibrium?

    Life is tough, dude. Tighten up.

  11. YKW,

    You missed the point.

  12. Oh, snap!!

  13. 15, Lets be real, lets laugh at ourselves and live, let live and have some fun. The t shirt says SP XXL and there are many BIG Sized Tay fans as there are fans of all the Idols. How in the heck can I, or better yet anyone recall IAG’s first words or thread. Fandom like life is ongoing and it could be soiled, spoiled by taking notes and keeping track of who said what, when and who knows why. I was deemed a hater and a fanatic within six months and it just makes me laugh. Lighten up.

  14. moonpie3 Says:

    back at it again I see………….

  15. And Rosie, I thought “XXL” referred to how much love the SP had for their Idol!! My bad!! LOL.

  16. Please tell me that we are not going to make a big deal out of the XXL shirt, are we? Come on. It’s just a picture. Dear God, I should have put a pic of a magnet up.

  17. spinshack Says:

    There’s ol’ 15 Minutes of Cyberstalkerfreak wanting an apology. I live for moments of such irony. bwhahahaha!

  18. He he, Now you will be called a super huge hater!

  19. spinshack Says:

    Yo 15 You belong to the cyberstalker cliques, everyone knows that. So how long you been on Grey’s today? 20.1 hours? LOL

  20. Then remove it .

  21. spinshack Says:

    Yes it upsets her/he/it so much they must stalk and stalk and stalk… hahahaha. Then call everyone else demented. I love her/he/it for all the irony – like an all day buffet of ironical comments and moments.

  22. spinshack Says:

    It can’t because that’s its shirt size.

  23. spinshack Says:

    Sensitive much my XXXXXL sized fan?

  24. Why? Because you say so? Because you choose to think that the picture is something derogatory, when in actuality, it was the first one I came across that said “Soul Patrol” on it?

    Um, no. See, here’s the funny thing. This is my blog. I can keep the picture up if I want. It’s not hurting anybody. It’s a fucking tshirt. Give me a break.

  25. spinshack Says:

    Grey why do you want to cater to that thing or its pals? Low-brow mentality, and a list of other strange behaviours.

  26. Come on, Spin. Let’s not do this again.

    You two can fight on your own blogs.

  27. spinshack Says:


  28. spinshack Says:

    *chuckle* I am not fighting, man I am keeping it real. Just trying to help you out, but hey if you want to deal with it yourself go ahead.

  29. spinshack Says:


  30. moonpie3 Says:

    my comment was directed to 15

  31. strawgirl,

    Did you really want me to remind you of this?

    I can post this anywhere.

  32. Badfantoo Says:

    Why do a blog post about why you blog what you blog? It’s your damn blog to blog as you see fit to blog. And really, isn’t that t-shirt a bit small?

  33. As far as The State of the “Fandom” – it could stand with a lot more “fracturing” if you ask me.

    I’ve never before been a fan of a musician where it’s caused me to be involuntary inducted into an enormous body of evangelizing strangers who for no apparent reason feel entitled to demand that I think and behave exactly as they do. Well, I didn’t sign up for that cult, thank you very much.

  34. casualfan Says:

    Because they have no creativity and they are bottom feeders. The leaders of that rabid dog pack have been banned from most of the fan boards and have nowhere else to go.

    They aren’t worth the time it takes to post a response to their banters of pure bull shit.

  35. Oh thanks, iag! Now I have a mental image of Spin trying to hold you back, with you yelling “Let me at ’em, let me go, dammit!!”


  36. Left alone on the playground again. *sobs!*

  37. hicksaholic Says:

    I don’t get this thread. I normally find most of the posts on here entertaining but this thread appears to spiraling downward.

  38. I’ve just started posting on this site. Have there been times that I’ve read post I didn’t agree with? yes Have there been times that I’ve read stuff that I agrre with? yes Have there been times I thought, what the f#@k was that about? yes.

    But because this is the USA there is such a thing as freedom of speech. It’s each persons choice to come here. If you don’t like it, it’s your choice to go somewhere else.

    I guess there’s also a relevant thought about maturity. A few Taylor fans apparently don’t have it. You can disagree with someone without personally attacking.


  39. jerseyirish Says:

    Wow, A picture and all this. Don’t think never have that this is a hate blog. Just very strong opinions, don’t always agree, but this is what makes the world go round. I do believe everyone enjoys Taylor, just differently. Bottom line is the man is gonna do whats right for him, everyone may not agree with his choices but in the end they are his.

    iag, Always enjoy coming here the bantering back and forth is fun. I know I am not going to change anyones point of view nor is mine going to change. It is interesting to see how he is perceived by others.


  40. 1. If you have an opinion you have a hate blog. Don’t forget the SP is filled with mostly… well seems most of them just aren’t very… um. Let’s just say if Taylor Hicks is the greatest joy in your life there’s sumthin’ wrong up there.

    2. 15 minutes? What is that blog? I’m hoping a spam some machine made that blog because nobody can be that sad and bored.

    3. The Distance is weak. Not terrible. Not even close to being great. Someone’s drinking his own kool-aid. Huge reality check coming up shortly.

    4. “Cindy” writes like she’s in 2nd grade. I don’t want to read her poetry if there is any. But I’m not surprised he would let her interview…she asks him questions that don’t need any brains for him to answer. Gray Charles was a great blogger. His interviews made Taylor look much cooler and smarter than he ever was. Now he gets interviews with Cindy Poet Heart. Talk about a demise people. Not trying to be mean just “keeping it real”

    5. Spin, I went and read your blog. Not that u would want one but he would never grant you an interview in this climate. You’d be asking him questions that he wouldn’t be able to answer with generic BS. You’re too smart. Sad but true. You’d probably ask him how his career got so crappy. People in the public eye that aren’t doing well stay away from smart writers. It scares them.

  41. littlewing Says:

    This is like deja vu all over again. It seems like the term “hate blog” is tossed around too casually these days. There is a lot of selective memory going on. have they not even noticed the positive posts? I like it here, there is a healthy balance of opinions. I feel I can speak my mind without being ripped to shreds. Reading non-stop OTT gushing comments is just not for me, but that doesn’t make me a subpar fan. My $$ spends just like theirs. I’m with you IAG, I don’t appreciate being told to move on because I do not like 100% of everything Taylor does. Obviously we are still fans or we wouldn’t continue to blog.

  42. You know what? I don’t need to be reminded of anything. Because until you’ve dealt with the insanity that the SP can deliver, you have no idea what is going on.

    Did you want me to delete your comment? Nope. Not going to. Let people click on it. It just proves my point. This is the kind of ridiculousness that happens if you don’t agree with the SP. Wow, suddenly, I’m back in 3rd grade.

    Oh, and you don’t have to keep calling me Strawgirl like it’s a big secret…It’s right here.

  43. hicksaholic Says:

    I agree- the differences of opinion are what makes this blog interesting to me.
    I personally don’t understand the personal jibes back and forth but that is probably because I don’t know the history of everyone here.

    I would LOVE to hear a unedited Gray/Taylor interview now. Things are sure not what they used to be.

  44. Snowstorm Says:

    Just a few comments…

    a. This is not a hate blog. This is a realistic blog. The music business is tough and Taylor’s fans are mostly “everyday” people who don’t understand music and have NO idea on what’s popular. Before Taylor came along, most of his fans could have cared less about music. Most, but not all, of his fans are fans of an “american idol winner” and the music is secondary to them. He’s got lots of fangirls who do not give a flying fuck about music.

    b. I’m not sure if the Distance is weak.. I guess I would call it average. If I had to give it a grade, I would give it a C+. He has some bright moments in there. The best tracks, imo, are: Seven Mile Breakdown, 19, Woman’s Got To Have It and Once Upon A Lover. What’s Right Is Right could have been a great song, but it needed better lyrics and more sax.

    c. It’s so obvious why Poet Cindy got an interview and an advanced peek at his cd. She is a fan, who has never had a negative thing to say about Taylor. That’s great that Taylor wants to surround himself with postitivity, but how is that keeping it real? Poet Cindy is a FAN, not a music critic. Just read a review of The Distance in Entertainment Weekly. The review was not kind and gave Taylor a C for The Distance. This is keeping it real, folks, not Poet Cindy’s review.

  45. Blue, a critic just gave The Distance an A+ and some other review have been decent and so far I haven’t come across any what I would call bad reviews. Taylor should like his CD since he chose the songs and believes he has talent and won AI. Cindy interviewed Taylor and reported on same, just fine in my opinion. Taylor has been all over being interviewed and does not seem to be afraid of the questions or the answers. I would consider anyone who asked “how did your career get so crappy”, a Turd.

  46. right on, jersey,

  47. LOL @ ‘rabid dog pack’! Who the hell are those people? [<—–rhetorical question]

    It’s interesting, the way various groups seem to have pooled together. There are the ‘uptight conservative’ boosters, who want Faux News for Taylor.

    There are the ‘treasonous liberal’ intellectuals who just want the debate to be reality-based, god dammit!

    And then there’s the ‘rabid dog pack’ snarling and spitting at the heels of the ‘elite’– which would be, I guess….Coulter?

    Heh. It’s funny.

  48. Snowstorm Says:

    Off topic, but who saw Ray Lamontagne last night on SNL? That’s what modern soul music is all about, not middle of the road music, AC music like What’s Right Is Right, which ONLY appeals to the grannies.

    Ray has also kept it real by staying away from the Hollywood Machine. Living in Maine and keeping his private life private. He is truly in it for the music, not the fame. If Taylor ever realizes this, he might have some real success in his life.

  49. Dammit. I forgot to watch it.

    *runs to youtube*

  50. *sigh* So awesome…

  51. You have hit the nail on the head with that description. For sure.

  52. Snowstorm Says:

    He also sang Trouble, but I don’t see it on youtube.

  53. Dammit again. Let me know if you find the link, Snow.


  54. Snow, Taylor greatly helped Ray by singing Trouble on AI. when so many had never heard of him. Tay also helped sell some Otis Redding, Ray Charles and Sam Cook old material. But by mentioning Lamontagne and that Trouble had never been song before on AI. he lifted him out of obscurity and into the limelight. Taylor has done more than anyone else on AI to call attention to good singers. People, including even Simon, believed that Taylor was all about the music . How ironic that during AI Taylor was considered a music expert yet now even some of his fans diss him and his choices.

  55. Snow, I read the “review” in entertainment weekly. There was almost nothing in it about the music. In a great music review, I should not even know how the reviewer feels about the person, I should know how he feels about the music. He never said why anything in paticular was bad or why anything was good. He could have written that without even listening to it. For all I know from reading that he could just have been going from his last impression. Whenever you find a real music review let me know, all that was was a short hatchet job on a personality.
    You liked it because it was bad and therefore real.
    And just for your information, my knowledge of music is extensive.

  56. Oh and by the way Snow, I did see your “you can’t even admit HQ sucks” nonsense. Of course it sucks. And I couldn’t begin to tell you how little I care about that. The place just is not important to me, if it is to you so be it.

  57. hicksaholic Says:

    I guess Ray LaMontagne is a critical success and I’m sure I will be lamblasted but I can’t imagine being entertained by him for an entire concert. I feel sure his recording are probably far superior to Taylor’s but I wouldn’t go to see Ray numerous times like I would Taylor. Shoot me.

  58. I actually wrote another review of the Distance, after the music had a little time to soak in my head. I tend to write off the cuff, so with this review, I really, really listened. It turned out better than I thought.

  59. You are absolutely right rosie, I knew him but most had never heard of Ray Lamontagne until Taylor sang Trouble on AI. I love that song, not all that crazy about Rays voice. After listening to him sing 3 or 4 songs in a row I find myself wanting to stick my head in the oven. Great songs , tho.

  60. While Ray LaMontagne may be a “critical” success, not many people have heard his music. Taylor is the one who turned me on to Ray, and I know that I’m not the only one.

    As for being entertained by him for a whole concert, I don’t know..I’ve never been to see him. But performance is where Taylor outshines everybody that I’ve ever been to see…Taylor is a fantastic live performer.

  61. Snowstorm Says:

    Please do NOT compare Ray Lamontange with Taylor Hicks because that is beyond ridiculous. All Taylor did was perform a great karoeke rendition of Trouble and that’s about it.

    I’ve got news for you, Otis Redding, Ray Charles and Sam Cook are all DEAD and their music is not making a comeback anytime soon. Lady, you are TOO stuck in the past.

  62. hahaha hicksaholic , I agree.
    Hicks likes Rays music, but I don’t think he likes to spend an entire night depressing people. He mixes it up.

  63. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I agree, Taylor has introduced many of us to singers we weren’t familar with. He really has a great ear for good songs.


  64. jerseyirish Says:

    Henry, I saw the review of the CD in Us magizine again, talked about the SP not the album, gave it 2 1/2 stars. Didn’t think much of it myself.


  65. Oh and Snow, if I take the notion , I will compare Taylor to any damn person I chose. Whether you approve or not means nothing to me.

  66. choose, damn it . I do know the difference.

  67. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, I thought Cindy’s review was good, similar to my thoughts of the CD. Why would Taylor or his people want a fan review if they think it will be negative, give the opportunity to one who enjoys all he does. I think they made a wise choice in having Cindy review the CD, we all know when the “real critics” give their reviews they may not be glowing becasue most don’t understand Taylor and his music.


  68. spinshack Says:

    Post those links Rose, all I’ve read is Cindy’s and that guy with Entertainment Weekly. Share the positive reviews.

  69. Snowstorm Says:

    Idiots, Trouble was a hit song in the UK and since then his music has caught on in the US. Taylor did Ray a huge favor, actually, but it did nothing for Taylor.

  70. spinshack Says:

    Wow, thanks Blue. You made this jellus h8ter’s day.

  71. Snow, you need to use your medium button. Let’s start by not referring to fellow posters as idiots. Simple respect. That’s all.

  72. Snowstorm Says:

    Do it! Stick your head in the oven!

  73. And the mature side of Snow comes out to play, I see. πŸ™„

  74. spinshack Says:

    “Stick your head in an oven”? Henry8 that’s some harshing on Ray. Strange too since you’re such a music expert and all.

    Regarding the Entertainment Weekly piece, no you can’t really call that a review since he talks nothing about the music. He’s utilizing Taylor as an attention grab for his self perceived wit.

  75. Snowstorm Says:

    He listened and didn’t like it.. what is there more to say?

  76. spinshack Says:

    You know she couldn’t resist that, it was too easy. πŸ˜›

  77. Ray has written some good songs, sings like he has a frog in his throat and the lyrics are simplistic in the link Snow gave to his performance last night. She’d be all over Tay with negativity, had he written those lyrics. I wouldn’t pay to see Ray in concert and I agree Henry about your oven comment. Snow it does not matter that Otis, Ray and Sam are dead, their music lives on as classics and some of the best. They are The Greats, and their people appreciated Taylor performing their music and speaking so favorably about them and thus increasing their sales. Everyone who reads this blog knows that you know no more about music than anyone else and that you often stick your foot in your mouth.

  78. Snowstorm Says:

    I can’t help myself because these fanatics are such idiots. Don’t they realize how people laugh at them and how badly they reflect on Taylor? Somebody they claim to love, which I really doubt. Nobody can be that obsessive. I’ll bet they place Taylor in front of family members. How fucking sad is that?

  79. Well, he never even said he listened to it. All he did was talk about Taylor losing his label and being a pop culture figure. Oh, and something about singing in lobbies. I think Simon wrote it, actually. πŸ˜†

  80. HE listened! Foot in your mouth Snow, Henry is a she. HEHEHEHE!

  81. Snowstorm Says:

    Then go listen to them, if they are your favorites, but they are not relevant in today’s music. They are the pioneers. The founding fathers, if you will, but their music was popular 40-50 years ago, for pete’s sake. Music has ALWAYS and will always be fresh and new. ALWAYS. Understand?

    Today’s popluar music is R&B, Rock, Pop-Rock, Hip-Hop and Country. The classics rarely make comebacks.

  82. Snowstorm Says:

    HELLO?? He recommened 19 as a download.

  83. And that proves what, exactly?

  84. Snowstorm Says:

    If you don’t care, why bother bringing it up?

    edited by IAG

  85. Snowstorm Says:

    I’m sure MANY people would say the say about Taylor Hicks. They can’t imagine being entertained by him for an entire concert either. Taylor fans have such narrow vision.

  86. At least Spin, I am capable of knowing what WRIR is about on FIRST listen . I’m not sitting around unable to figure out the meaning after repeated listening, a very clear video and an unneeded explantion from Taylor. I mean, thats dense.
    I didn’t say I didn’t like Rays songs, I said a large dose of him was depressing and it is.
    I also did not say I was an expert, I said my knowledge was extensive. There is a difference.

  87. rosie, bad as i hate to say it, I think she meant the reviewer was a he. I think he was just a run of the mill ass, myself.
    Certainly not a reviewer.
    And Snow you might want to check out just how well some of the “old dudes” sell.
    Not number 1 but they do just fine.

  88. Glad to see you realized that wasn’t really a review of the music ,Spin.

  89. Snowstorm Says:

    It is not depressing – it is heartfelt. It strikes a chord in people and touches their emotions…something Taylor has failed to do.

  90. Snowstorm Says:

    Their sales are practically non-existent. Don’t tell me.

  91. Snowstorm Says:

    The “old dudes” are DEAD, by the way and so is their music.

  92. spinshack Says:

    I don’t think Snow was referring to henry8 in her comment. I did not read it that way, rather talking about that Simon guy’s review.

  93. spinshack Says:

    Yes, henry8 I’m a dense fool – it’s just good there are genius people like you in the world to enlighten the rest of us dolts.

    I mean you understand Hicks perfectly. Like you’re of the same mind and soul. Ah, Henry8, I am humbled at your mighty mentality.

  94. spinshack Says:

    Yes ma’am, as dense as I am I got that part right. Go me.

  95. Oh no Snow, wrong again. Their music will never be dead and they do pretty damn well in sales. Sorry.

  96. Snowstorm Says:

    When are you going to realize – it’s not about the music alone – it’s about everything and that includes Taylor’s Idol persona, would he refuses to let go of. But trust me, if the music was really that great, the cheese factor would have been overlooked, but the cheese factor is soooo prevalent that it cannot be overlooked.

  97. Snowstorm Says:

    Maybe in your delusional dreams.

  98. The reply feature confused me as to who SS was referring to. SS does make me laugh sometimes and that is a good thing. Can someone post a link to the guy who gave Tay a 4.35, A+, as I’d enjoy hearing what SS has to say about it.

  99. SS, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that within 6 months, Sept. 10,09 Tay has sold at least 500,000 CDs of The Distance. Up above you mentioned that Ray was a serious musician who lived in Maine. Since Taylor lives no where but on the road singing his heart out, than shouldn’t you consider him even a more serious musician than Ray?

  100. spinshack Says:

    I haven’t read any A+ reviews yet, here’s US Weekly 2 Stars

  101. spinshack Says:

    link not working, 2 Stars

  102. casualfan Says:

    I see the same kids playing in the sandbox today.

  103. taylorfan06 Says:

    Hey IAG, when you say that sometimes you like what Taylor does on stage and sometimes you don’t, does that apply to ALL artists or just Taylor?

    It sure sounds like a bias to me, and a slam. Even the so called “superstars” have mediocre performances live.

    Just sayin…

  104. casualfan Says:

    I never grasped the concept of all the psycho babble bullshit of a review anyway. If I like some one’s music I’m going to buy it. Everyone’s tastes are different and Taylor worked really hard to appeal to everyone with this cd.

    For me at least, half the fun of being a supporter of Mr. Hicks is trying to figure him out. He’s not boring, that’s for sure. I think once a person “get’s him” they start to enjoy his music. At least that’s how it worked for for me. Taylor’s led an interesting life and he has many interesting stories to tell. His first two cd’s reflected that stage of his life. The “Taylor Hicks” cd I feel he was just going thru the motions with no emotions but “The Distance” is about this stage of his life. He’s interesting indeed….

  105. taylorfan06 Says:

    Right on henry an ji!!! I also appreciate reading your thought on Taylor.
    It’s great when the fans “connect” with artist. You truly do. If you saw the concert at the Belly Up all doubt about Taylor would have been greatly remedied.
    The man was so happy and loving his “job”. The songs from the new cd were pure “magic”. Check out the “boogie” recaps!

    I met up with many first timers and believe me, they ALL got the woo!!!

    Taylor is an amazing self promoter and will achieve the success he deserves.

  106. taylorfan06 Says:

    Hey Snow – I remember when “Come On Over” by Shania Twain came out and only received 1 (one) star by a reviewer. That CD went on to sell 19 million copies! One review does not a CD make.

    And before you say it, I’m not predicting Taylor’s CD will do the same, I’m just trying to make a point.

    P.S. Can you take a happy pill from time to time?

  107. taylorfan06 Says:

    YOU ROCK, ROSIE!!!!!

  108. taylorfan06 Says:

    Well said, cf. You just put my thoughts in a nutshell. I am a fan of Taylor’s and will be buying “The Distance” on Tuesday, regardless of ANY review. Period!

  109. Snowstorm Says:

    500,000??? hahahahahaha! He’ll be lucky to sell 200,000, but I don’t think he’ll even reach that number. You are completely wacky to even compare the two of them. Taylor flies in an ice cream cone night after night singing a God-awful song. Nuff said, except you are one silly lady.

  110. spinshack Says:

    It’s always interesting to me, how many of Hicks’ fans will say exactly what tf06 said about other artists – so many seem to think he’s alone in being “picked on”. If you follow other musicians much you’ll see that they too have their critics and detractors, it’s not just Taylor. It’s part of being an artist in the spotlight.

  111. spinshack Says:

    That’s part of being a fan of a band or in this case, a guy, Taylor Hicks. He puts out a book, you buy it, he puts out a record, you buy it, you’re not going to NOT do it just because Joe Schmo with the Cleveland Herald doesn’t like it.

  112. Snowstorm Says:

    Every single artist has critics and detractors, but try telling this is Hicks fans. The music experts.

  113. jerseyirish Says:

    cf, I also agree with you. Don’t pay much attention to reviews, I open my wallet not critics. If I like something I will buy it regardless of what folks think.


  114. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, I have seen what you are talking about with other artists, I know Taylor is no different, I guess because so many that follow Taylor go no further then him. I do go around and check on other artists I like and see the good and the not so good.


  115. casualfan Says:

    Spin, Since this is a Taylor related blog of course we are only referring to him! I follow many other artists but I don’t follow their fandom…lesson learned from the sp.

  116. Redrosespeedway Says:

    That was fantastic! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  117. Snowstorm Says:

    Stop it with the stupid woo! It’s lame!

  118. taylorfan06 Says:

    That’s exactly my point, spin. But here, it seems like Taylor is the only one who has suffer.

    “won’t you give him some slack?” heaven knows around here…

  119. Snowstorm Says:

    Shania Twain?? Are you really comparing her to Taylor Hicks? I’m having a good laugh over that one.

    First of all, Shania Twain knows who she is.. she is country pop.. PERIOD. Plus, she is a WOMAN, who has an extremely sexy stage performance. She has the winning combination….

    good country pop songs + sex = success

  120. Snow, I like Ray, but face it, in large doses he is kind of depressing! Or as someone once said, “overly earnest”. And actually not all that popular among the “young” folks.

  121. Redrosespeedway Says:…ks-the-distance

  122. Snowstorm Says:

    He has lots more younger fans than Taylor. I remember the early days too when the SP tried to join Ray’s forums and were chased away. It was obvious they wanted nothing to do with SP fans.

  123. That’s your idea of a serious review?

  124. taylorfan06 Says:

    Regarding Tays music, (and other artists,) we like their songs to varying levels others. We like what we like. Who’s to say who’s right or who’s wrong. As an example, I personally give “TH” a strong A. (My review.)

    We are all critics on Taylor’s music but it doesn’t mean it has to be bad. (with the exception of snow) (we know she NEEDS the attention.)
    Anyway, hence the term, “critical praise”.

    I would put myself in the upper percentile of loving all of Taylor’s music. Some others here, not so much.

    On LIVE Talor, He’s is definitely in a league of his own there. See him on a shadow tour and tell me different. The man is a pro. Even recent first timers I’ve met with at the BU had told me this. He does have “it”.

    Bottomline – He will always have that something that keeps us around. I guess I can only speak for myself, but I do know there are others, even some here. Yeah!

  125. Snowstorm Says:

    Only a loser would beg his audience to buy his cd so he doesn’t go back to playing Bama dive joints. That is very sad.

  126. Here is the link for an actual music review. And he appears to be an actual music critic.

  127. You know, reviews are just the opinion of the person writing. I read them for the artists that interest me, but they never make up my mind about whether or not I will buy a particular CD. And they don’t really have much to do with the ultimate success or failure of any album.
    As far as other artists, the same kind of arguing goes on in their fan bases. For example, reviewers LOVED Springsteen’s new one, but the fan base is pretty divided between those that love it and those that think its total crap. (out of14 tracks, about half made it to my mp3 player-slightly better than most cds do with me).
    I think that when we are talking about sales of The Distance we should keep in mind that its an indie, not a major label release, so I’m not expecting huge sales. That being said, I think it’ll do alright, and remember, it doesn’t have to have the sales of a major label release to be a success for Taylor.
    Snow, I think its clear that Taylor is defining the kind of career he wants, and I don’t think he is looking for the kind of huge superstar career that seems to define success in your view. I think he wants to make the kind of music he wants and is seeking a path that will allow him the freedom to do that. I don’t really think he is trying to appeal to the audience that defines success in your world.

  128. taylorfan06 Says:

    time for a happy pill

  129. So, since Springsteen has been know to ask his audience to buy his CD (in much the same manner as TH has done) that makes him a loser also? Get a sense of humor, I don’t think there was any begging involved.

  130. taylorfan06 Says:

    snow, I thought you to go put your head in the oven.

  131. taylorfan06 Says:

    “I thought I told you…”

  132. jerseyirish Says:

    msmxup, Well said, I believe Taylor is happy with the success he is seeing. He wants to do his music his way and be happy about what he puts out, and not be forced to do what others may want. We all know where Taylor excels and that is his live performances, can’t beat him on that one.


  133. taylorfan06 Says:

    I LIKE YOU, msmxup! Very well said. It’s nice to have you here.

  134. taylorfan06 Says:

    I LIKE YOU TOO, ji

  135. spinshack Says:

    Very good points, msmixup.

  136. if you say so Says:

    Wow….so much for no personal attacks.

  137. Snowstorm Says:

    You are completely wrong. Every artist wants success. If nobody is listening, then what’s the point? Making music that appeals to middle-agers is completely wrong path to take. The biggest population does not care and you will soon see this when his cd sales don’t amount to anything worthwhile.

    Taylor went on Idol to be a success.. so a door would open for him. And that door did open for him, but he didn’t take advantage of it. I’m sure you don’t realize this, but people who do not follow Taylor, look at him as some flash-in-pan, gimmick who’s always yelling ‘Soul Patrol’.

  138. If anyone is interested Taylor will be on a show called MY Turn. He will be playing music for an hour. Its out of LA, 6:00 pacific time.
    I have been listening on line and just heard Taylor doing a promo.
    good station.

    Didn’t need to be a mental giant to understand a simple set of lyrics.
    Snow, you are hysterical. πŸ™‚

  139. Snowstorm Says:


  140. if you say so Says:

    Your M.O. is showing, SS; you’d better cover it up.

  141. jerseyirish Says:

    taylorfan06, Like your way of thinking also!!!! πŸ™‚


  142. Every artist wants success, they don’t necessarily define it in the same way that you do.
    And don’t tell me what I do and don’t realize…its condescending and rude.

  143. And furthermore, artists such as Otis, Ray, and Sam (love that casual feel!) have stood the test of time. Mr. Hicks, with his 3 year old major label career cannot possibly fathom that comcept at this point, and he is EONS away from that comparison.

  144. jerseyirish Says:

    Henry, Listening, good station.


  145. Snowstorm Says:

    OK, everybody just give up. I won all the arguments. I honestly wish Taylor every success, but I don’t think he will get it with this cd.

    Accept what I saying because I know a lot more than you do.

  146. spinshack Says:

    Thanks for the link. That’s the one Rosie must have been talking about.

  147. spinshack Says:

    Hahahaha πŸ˜›

  148. LOL, Snow!!

  149. I have been to several concerts and they all ask you to stop and buy their CD. They all point out they have a merchandise table.

  150. taylorfan06 Says:

    Snow –

    My wish for you is to stay off this blog, raise some money and EXPERIENCE TAYLOR LIVE on the shadow tour. Taylor could only do your “heart?” and “soul” good.

    You would definitely benefit from the ‘experience”. If that doesn’t work…

    (could you imagine this site without snow – LOL)

  151. Redrosespeedway Says:

    All I know is I am loving the Sound Radio! I’d never heard that great U2 or the Killers songs and I love the Pretenders too! Lots of great songs on here! πŸ˜€

  152. Snowstorm Says:

    Anybody want to give me donations?

  153. Snow I’m wishing a few of the songs will get big radio play and that the CD will sell over 500,000 and it seems you wish for it to sell less than 200,000. You say you wish him every success yet you choose to point out dozens of reasons why he will fail. Bottom line is He won’t be sticking his head in an oven because he is too happy and successful and has balls.

  154. Redrosespeedway Says:

    Oh and here’s the link to watch Ray Lamontagne sing “Trouble” from SNL:

  155. Snowstorm Says:

    Good luck with that, Ro.

  156. taylorfan06 Says:

    Get off here and get a JOB!

  157. jerseyirish Says:

    redrsoespeedway, Great staition, playing some great music.


  158. Snowstorm Says:

    HAHA! That’s funny!

  159. “and has balls.”

    Yay! Rosie’s baaaack.

  160. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, You are too funny. Everyone listening to Taylor hosting the show, great music he is playing.


  161. taylorfan06 Says:

    Right now Arc of A Diver is playing. I knew he would play Steve Winwood. Oh, I guess his time is up. That was a FAST hour.

  162. taylorfan06 Says:

    “balls of brass”

  163. littlewing Says:

    this is OT but just read this in the Taylor thread at MJ’s:

    I’m watching Idol Wrap and they just said that Taylor was going to be on on Wednesday

  164. He said Soul Patrol with a sexy voice. His song list is eclectic, leaning towards soul with some boogie woogie. Taylor really is an old soul, Brook Benten, my oh my. I need to buy me some Susan T., loved her version of Dylan.

  165. jerseyirish Says:

    Rsoie, He did a great job and had a wonderful group of songs he played.


  166. One person’s “old soul”, is another’s “hopelessly out of touch”. I’m just sayin’.

  167. Redrose, Thanks for the link. Just watched it and I felt like putting Ray out of his pain. The man needs a nebulizer treatment ASAP! Does anyone notice he resembles Jesus? Anyway, I like the way Tay sings it better, but it sure would be fun to see Taylor in concert imitating Lamontagnes SNL version. Bring out the respirators!

  168. Yeah…he’s supposed to be on Idol Tonight, that show on the TV guide channel.

  169. 1. I’ve seen RL in concert twice. He sounds as good if not better than he does on his recordings. Both shows sold out. He is very intense, quiet, humble, does not talk at all, just sings and plays the hell out of his guitar. His band is always tight. He has a female bass player who dances while playing. It’s a great show. Don’t knock what you’ve never even seen. He is opening up a 18,000 person venue in the summer that I’m thinking about making a trip there to meet up with a few friends that live there. He must have quite a few fans.

    2. is a site based out of Atlanta, Georgia. You can sign up and write a review.

    3. The real reviews/publications are slamming the album because it’s not really very good. When you listen to it without blinders it’s just luke warm. The problem is it would take a genius album to make up for the bad press and cheese factor and for him to make a comeback. The distance is far from genius. It’s mostly contrived and trying too hard. I like 19 though and a couple others aren’t so bad. He is better on stage and should head to Vegas.

    4. What is up with fans that claim they have so much music knowledge and expertise and slam critics who do this for a living? What do they do for a living? Bet its nothing to do with music.

  170. He said Soul Patrol with a sexy voice.


  171. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor panders to his middle-age fanbase. It’s either them or nothing. It’s too bad he doesn’t have enough confidence in himself to let loose.

  172. Thanks for the link!!

  173. Fairhope Says:

    Did you read the A+ review? Notice all of the mis-spellings and grammatical mistakes???? I don’t think it was a”real” review. Just saying!

  174. Fairhope Says:

    Did you actually read the A+ review? It had tons of mis-spelled words and grammatical errors. I don’t think it was legit! Sorry!

  175. Fairhope Says:

    I with ya there! “Woo”, “thud”, “squee” and “hee, hee” all get on my last nerve!

  176. Badfantoo Says:

    You know? Being a bitch isn’t keeping it real. It’s just being a bitch.

  177. Fairhope Says:

    An actual critic who doesn’t edit his reviews??? Come on! I had to read it several times before I could understand what the hell he was saying. Can anyone say “run on sentence”????? It’s too not to! I cant’ get past the spelling and grammer mistakes. Sorry! This is not legit!

  178. Fairhope Says:

    Did someone say balls?

  179. Fairhope Says:


  180. Fairhope Says:

    Everyone on this blog that is a bitch…raise your hand!

  181. Badfantoo Says:

    If I listened to the critics, I wouldn’t own three quarters of the music I own. And the fun thing about critics? They’ll slam an artist or a CD, and a few years later the artist or CD will be considered a classic. Liking or disliking music is totally subjective.

  182. I’m not sure “obscurity” is the word I’d use for Lamontaigne’s status at that point in time. Prior to Taylor’s appearance on Idol, RL had a label, and a very good start in the national live music scene, playing places like Austin City Limits and Bonnaroo, for example. My very good local station in Colorado, far from his home base, had him for a live, in studio performance and was playing him on the air.

    I’m sure more people watch Idol than follow live music closely, so it’s no surprise that many people (me included) first heard of RL when Taylor sang Trouble, and it probably did give him a bump in record sales for awhile and more visibility among TV fans.

    But his career arc looks like the natural one for a solid singer/songwriter/performer with a national following, good material and a good work ethic, not something radically transformed by one 90 sec. TV performance three years ago.

    The thing is, there’s a lot of good music out there, and a lot of ways for it to percolate up. I feel like I hear/watch a lot, but am still constantly surprise to catch someone on a late night show, for example, whose terrific, who I’ve never heard of and whose been on the scene for a few years. They weren’t obscure before, I was just looking in the wrong corners.

  183. When a dude “keeps it real”, he’s a “critic”.
    When a chick “keeps it real”, she’s a bitch.

  184. I’m dying to see RL. What you said, blue, about his “style” (ie. quiet, intense, humble, doesn’t talk) reminds me of Tracy Chapman. Whatever happened to her?

    The problem is it would take a genius album to make up for the bad press and cheese factor and for him to make a comeback. Very interesting points about The Distance.
    Here’s the thing about “Grease”. There are others, besides the “bad fans” who scoff at the “Grease” gig. Those “others” are critics, fellow artists, and industry insiders. It all adds up to bad ju-ju for Mr. Hicks. And that’s from someone who actually kinda likes The Distance. *grimaces*

  185. Well, badfan, I’ll have to agree with you on the critic part. I don’t listen to critics much when it comes to music, or movies, or basically anything else. But, there are people that do…and unfortunately, those people will probably be turned off by a critic giving The Distance a bad review.

  186. spinshack Says:

    Sounds like you all were having a ball. πŸ˜›

  187. spinshack Says:

    Rose your response is so typical I just have to say something, why do so many of Hicks’ hardcore fans cry foul when he’s criticized by someone yet are so ready to harsh on another artist? Ray sounded great, that’s soulful, man. You may not like him but from the comments on Youtube you be in the minority.

  188. spinshack Says:

    I have to jump in line here to comment Blue, you summed it up. I guess that’s why I was wallowing in an angsty mire shortly after hearing the whole thing. All that talent on the CD and it’s not all that different from the first Idol record.

  189. spinshack Says:

    Amen to that. When a man’s pissy and moody he’s mysterious. When a woman gets pissy or moody she must be crazy, on crack, need meds or just drunk all the time.

  190. littlewing Says:

    iag, thanks for the info, so he’ll be Idol Tonight, there I was getting excited for nothin’ *slaps head*

    At least the critic above gave Taylor a few props. I don’t put a lot of stock in their words either but they do create the buzz. I would guess that a “C” grade is probably going to be standard, with hopefully a few B’s here and there.

  191. Sweetay Says:

    grey.. I would not waste my time trying to explain yourself. Those of us who understand your intentions need no explanation, and those who don’t… no explanation will be good enough. They are not looking for an explanation, they are wanting an apology and ten hell Mary’s.

    As far as Taylor.. IMO Taylor is too stiff when he records in the studio. It sounds all too calculated. The studio performance is nowhere near the same as what we witness when he takes the show on the road. But the CD is what we be reviewed by the critics, most of them have no idea what it is that we find so exciting and entertaining about the old grey hair dude.

    Ending on an up note… I think this album is much, much better than the Idol one.

  192. Snowstorm Says:

    Can I be the head bitch?

  193. I was watching SNL when he came on. I had heard of Ray of course. Half way through the 1st song I changed channels. He may be some peoples cup of tea, but he did nothing for me. I was hoping to like him.

    I do prefer Taylors version of Trouble.

  194. You already are.

  195. Oh Snow…now you asked for that one!! πŸ˜†

  196. Spin, I don’t cry foul when Tay is critiqued. I’m not even one of TPTB, or Simon blame throwers. The version of Trouble that Ray did on SNL, was not his best, IMO. He was soulful in a stumping his toe kinda way.

  197. YWK, do make it to an RL show. He’s on tour right now maybe near you.

    About critics and their reviews. They are the ones that generate buzz. What I do not understand is the double standard here. If a reviewer gives him a good review (yet to be seen really) this person’s words are worth gold. If it’s negative, they don’t know shit and their review isn’t worth anything.

  198. mforphans3 Says:

    Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend, do it in the name of heaven, you’ll be justified in the end, won’t be any trumpets blowing come the judgment day, but the bloody morning after…. one tin soldier rides away…………………

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