Intimacy with Taylor…


A couple of new interviews with Taylor…where he actually gives us some insight into his feelings and his dealings.

Taylor is finally reinventing himself, as this article suggests. Looks like he’s leaving the lean and Soul Patrol in the past for good, thank God. He talks about the video for “What’s Right is Right”.

“I wanted to create that alone, James Dean feel, and get across my point of what true love is,” Hicks says. “There’s a couple with something to overcome, an obstacle. But when you know it’s real, what happens with one person happens with another. It also brings out the idea that there might be a little bit of longing for true love in me. I know true, real love is out there.”

You can read the rest for yourself, but I just want to highlight my favorite quote from him…I could say so many things about this one, but I’m biting my tongue.

“I needed to go to sleep, then I had to go get in the ice-cream cone,” he says. “But really, I’m so happy with this record, I could play it at Steak & Ale for the rest of my life.”

That article then takes us to another one, where Taylor comments on his tracks from The Distance. I’ll have to admit I squeed a little inside when he talked about writing “Maybe You Should” and said “I wrote that with Mike Reid, who’s famous for ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ with Bonnie Raitt. It’s one of those songs where we got chill bumps. It could end up being a career song for me.” Love that song, and he’s right…it could be a career song for him.

Interviews like this, that allow us a little peek into Taylor’s psyche are few and far between. But when they do come around, they definitely leave us begging for more.


79 Responses to “Intimacy with Taylor…”

  1. Great articles — from time to time, it’s nice to see how the wheels are turning in his head. I believe he could talk about this new CD all day long.

  2. Damn, I just posted the same thing on my blog and quoted the same sentence about Steak and Ale. GMTA!

    It’s a great article.

  3. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor only has a few songs on this cd that are winners, the rest of it is a dud. It’s a BIG mistake to put so many genres on it. Most critics will not like this and the majority will only give it a “fair” rating. This cd will sell horribly, unless a miracle happens and he can get his vid played on VH1, which may increase his sales. Last I checked, WRIR only got about 143 spins last week for the entire nation? that’s pretty bad.

  4. Snowstorm Says:

    Steak and Ale… self-fullfilling prophesy? Hmmm, doesn’t Taylor want to be successful?

  5. spinshack Says:

    What I question; the Modern Whomp thing. So he’s delegated that now to just his label and not a new genre mixing swamp, zydeco, country, blues, soul and jazz? Has to be it.

    No one wanting to establish a cohesive sound that completely defines them as an artist or wants to establish their own ‘genre’ as he’s said in the past, put out works that piece-meal different genres.

    This new CD has some bright moments but overall breaking it down, so far, it’s like, Taylor Hicks does gospel, Taylor Hicks does country, here’s Taylor doing a Spanish song, here’s how Taylor sings the blues. It’s segmented.

    Granted it is good to have diversity regarding songs on an album, but to have completely different genres of music lumped together is that good?

  6. spinshack Says:

    I just had some fun with the Mary Colurso interview.

  7. Snowstorm Says:

    That interview was beyond awful. Why even bother giving an interview if you’re not willing to say anything. Or, is this Taylor being an ass again?

  8. spinshack Says:

    Snow, there’s suppose to be more to come. Maybe… big word in the interview, there’s more to come.

  9. spinshack Says:

    Great? Maybe when the rest goes “live” it will get better.

  10. spinshack Says:

    I’m on my laptop and this ^^comment got edited weird. Maybe I had one too many ‘more to comes’. Just maybe. 😉

  11. Snowstorm Says:

    Oh great.. there’s more coming. Can’t wait. There’s more excitement watching paint dry, lol.

  12. Your just jealous Spinny because you can’t get an interveiw
    with him.

  13. spinshack Says:

    I know I am in suspense. Really enjoyed the button question. You know, I’ve never even noticed the buttons on his jacket much less the colors. Those fans must have panned in and examined every thread on his clothing. bet there was an entire thread about those buttons someplace.

  14. spinshack Says:

    You’d like to think that but then you have a mind like that. Why would I get an interview? Never asked for one and I’m just a blogger.

  15. taylorfan06 Says:

    I think that Taylor was always be about the mystique. He is who he is.

    He may not always deliver on record (to some), but boy, does he EVER deliver LIVE!!! I admit that I am guilty of not liking some of the new songs, but after seeing him last night at The Belly Up, I think I will have a new appreciation for him come March 10th!!!

    Taylor and the band were on FIRE last night and the crowd was LOVING IT! He sang 5 songs from “The Distance”. Opening with that song (VERY powerful live), he continued throughout the set with “I Live On A Battlefield”, “Seven Mile Breakdown”, “Hide Nor Hair”, and “What’s Right Is Right”. He really took us to church on ILOAB and went “harp crazy” on SMB! I actually liked these song choices on my original listening of the new CD, except “Hide Nor Hair”, which I look forward to hearing on Tuesday. That performance was strong and definitely needs to be heard by all of us here.

    You can read more of my concert experience in The Soul Lounge at , under “concerts”.

    It’s too bad that some of you (snow) didn’t see this show. I personally, think that talent is a true talent that definitely needs to be “heard” live.
    After last night’s performance, I really appreciate the performer I always knew he was and will definitely continue to support him.

    Being on the West coast, I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to see him in person. As a matter of fact, I actually did meet him again last night as he was going in the backstage entrance for “Grease” at the Civic Theater in San Diego. My friend and I waited over an hour to finally see him arrive with his driver in a black SUV. He’s really is handsome in person and looked real thin. I think his schedule is doing a great job of keeping the weight off. Anyway, he was gracious to take a few pictures and sign autographs before he headed in.

    By the amount of people heading to the theater, it appeared that there would be a good size crowd inside. Talking with people involved in the production, many good things were said about Taylor and the response he get from the audience. I guess what that means that sometimes what you read IS true.

    My friend and I really took a gamble that we would see Taylor before “Grease” and it definitely paid off. In return, I had also made a few CD’s for Taylor. Like Taylor, I REALLY love music and enjoyed putting together some mixes which he truly appeared to appreciate as he looked over the list of songs. I saw a smile and a raised eyebrow. Did I mention that Taylor is sexy?

    Anyway, I’ll finish by saying I had a very memorable night, made only better with my Taylor encounter. Please don’t come him out and REALLY, go see this man live (again, if you haven’t already.)

    My unsolicited take on Taylor, REAL MUSIC – REAL FUN!!!

  16. taylorfan06 Says:

    OOPS! I meant, “count” him out. I was lazy and didn’t proofread. Sometimes I do that.
    There are a few mistakes but I hope you can read this post clear enough.
    I need to get some sleep…

  17. taylorfan06 Says:

    Again, “Taylor will always be about the mystique”. I really messed up there.

  18. taylorfan06 Says:

    Also, I wanted to mention there were NO SP shout-outs or RC bends. Not that I mind that, but I just thought I would add that in.

    Taylor was slick, polished, professional, and MOST of all
    He know how to throw a “party”.

    “Now I’m gonna have some fun”.
    Taylor R. Hicks

  19. “My unsolicited take on Taylor, REAL MUSIC – REAL FUN!!!”

    Until you’ve seen him live during this shadow tour.. there is just no way to convey that the muscian that lives inside of him is still very much alive. Probably more-so than ever before.

    Great review tf06!

  20. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Thanks so much for telling us about your experience Taylorfano6! 🙂

  21. casualfan Says:

    It’s not alot of genre’s Snow…what he’s singing is AMERICANA ROOTS MUSIC. It’s a genre that more and more artist are going into.;)

  22. casualfan Says:

    I think Taylor is making the right decision by going into the AMERICANA ROOTS genre. He will have more self expression opportunities and more chance of radio play…..GOOD MOVE TAYLOR!

  23. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Can I ask a stupid off topic question? Who sings “Lodi”? Is that Creedence Clearwater Revival?

  24. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Thank you Caryl. 🙂

  25. Snowstorm Says:

    American Roots?? You’ve have got to be kidding me? That’s not going to ever sell, honey. Do you even listen to the radio? I don’t think you do.

  26. Snowstorm Says:

    I would go to his concert if he came to my city. I would never hop on a plane to see him perform.

  27. Taylorfan06, I caught the Tay fever from your recap. I was a real boob to miss seeing him in Annapolis but perhaps I’ll go to Philly.

  28. Yeah, but can “American Roots” outsell “Modern Whomp”?? Bad fans everywhere want to know!

  29. taylorfan06 Says:

    Your loss. Seeing Taylor LIVE reminded me of why I became a fan in the first place. I hope his continued perseverance (and potential airplay) puts Taylor in more respected place in general.

    He really has earned it.

    After my experience last night, I know how people can come around once they experience him. He does have “it”.

    I also TRULY believe that Taylor does respect his fans (that whole HQ is real mess though). He really showed me that last night.

    In the end, I think his talent will keep him in the spotlight. We shouldn’t give up on him. He IS worth it!

  30. taylorfan06 Says:

    DO IT!

    I’ll be seeing next week (3/10) in Grease AND at the Roxy (3/18).
    I’ve found that if he’s in your area, you NEED to go. I originally didn’t plan on going to The Belly Up until it occurred to me that March was the only time to see him on the West coast. It was a GREAT move on my part. …the memories!!!

    I can only hope more dates are added when he’s back for Grease in April/May.

  31. I’m giving away two tickets to The Roxy (dammit!). I really want to go but can’t. If you can use them, go to my blog and claim them.

  32. Snowstorm Says:

    Only a fanatic would hop on a plane and I’m not one of them and certainly not for Taylor Hicks. I live on a budget and I don’t have disposable cash and there’s no way I would run up my debt. You older ladies seem to forget that not everybody has cash to burn.

  33. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I am going to Philly also, hope he has a shadow date there.

    Taylorfan06, Wow, what a great night you had, Always have said until you see Taylor live you have not experienced the man and his talent!!!! 🙂


  34. Snowstorm Says:

    Neither one sells – PERIOD.

  35. taylorfan06 Says:

    HE’S WORTH IT!!!!

    I do hope he comes to your town, snow.
    He will surely (don’t call me shirley) put a SMILE on your face.


    And you will like the new songs better!

  36. casualfan Says:

    caryl, I know 2 ppl who would LOVE those tkts. What is the link to your blog?

  37. casualfan Says:

    Actually, it will sell VERY, VERY well Snow. You need to do some research because many, many mainstream artists are going into that genre. Yes, I do listen to the radio.

    You have set yourself up to be negative towards Taylor no matter what he does or says. I understand that we all have opinions and you are certainly entitled to yours. But it sounds as if you have something personal against the man and that’s a shame if that is what is going on. I’m not wild about all of what he does, but even I have an open mind regarding Mr. Hicks. 😉

  38. casualfan Says:

    John Cougar Mellancamp-Is the perfect example of Americana Roots music. Snow, if you don’t think Mellancamp is a great artist and has sold tons of records, that’s too bad. Also, Van Morrison is listed as Americana Roots.

  39. hicksaholic Says:

    I speak from Taylor Hicks concert experience- if you can go to see him live, do it. I have never hopped a plane but have driven 4 or 5 hours. Luckily some of the places he played I had a friend to stay with, others I used as a way to get together with old friends. I’ve never come away disappointed. If you haven’t tried it don’t knock it. I’m not saying clear out your savings account and fly across country but if he is in driving distance GO, you will not be sorry.
    Snow Have you ever seen Taylor on tour(not AI or Grease)?

  40. I was going to tell you to click on my name, but it takes you to my personal blog. Here’s my Taylor blog:

  41. It seems that things are going good for Taylor. He seems to know that he has to work hard to continue in the business. It’s nice to see the serious side of him.

    I really don’t listen to the radio much,(ipod) but if it is on usually it’s on one of the “new” country stations. Several of Taylors songs would fit nice into that genre. Most country music today is more country/rock or country /pop. I’ve always thought that Taylor would fit into the “new” country genre.

    I’m hoping for a shadow tour in Ft. Worth. I will travel there because I have family, what a good excuse for a visit.

    Reading the review of the The Belly Up… has got me excited for Tuesday and the release of the cd.

  42. casualfan Says:

    THanks Caryl….I’m on my way dear 😉

  43. Snowstorm Says:

    You’ll see when I’m right and you’re wrong.

  44. Snowstorm Says:

    When was the last time he had a hit song? Back in the 80’s, dear.

  45. Snowstorm Says:

    Only been to one of his concerts and I wasn’t impressed – I didn’t care for his post-Idol cd. Saw him on the Idols tour and thought he was better on the Idols tour than his solo tour, so there is hope for him.

    I would only see him if he came to my city. I would not travel to see him, no way.

  46. spinshack Says:

    We got it. You were drunk posting on your concert high. It’s all good, man.

  47. spinshack Says:

    This is a crock of shit and Snow you know it.i

  48. spinshack Says:

    Snow you will be right.

  49. spinshack Says:

    What you are comparing Modern Whomp to Cougar Mellancamp? WTF? *giggles*

  50. spinshack Says:

    I know you are addressing Snow here because she’s the whipping post here but I saw him and was not knocked out of my knickers or were my pals with me. I have hope for future redemption but they are out.

  51. casualfan Says:

  52. hicksaholic Says:

    Boy, Taylor math is alive and well! Now he says he wrote 80% of the album’s songs. Before it was 70% but I think someone actually said the percentage was actually 63% and Taylor must have rounded up. We will know it’s a problem when he gets to the point he says he wrote 110% of the songs on the album.

    I saw Taylor live in both larger arenas(seating several thousand) very small clubs seating only a few hundred and House of Blues in New Orleans holding about 1000. House of Blues is my favorite size and place type venue for him to perform. Smaller venues are great too but he loses something in the translation in the bigger venues.

    I am surprised if you saw him in a smaller type venue and you didn’t think he was good. Although you didn’t really say he wasn’t good just that he didn’t knock you out or make you want to travel to see him again. I would travel to New Orleans(granted only 2 hours from me) in a heartbeat to see Taylor perform live but to each his own.

    There must be something that keeps you coming back though if you don’t like the album or were not blown away by him live.

  53. Thats Okay Spin, hes knocked the knickers off quite a few so he probably won’t mind if you hang on to yours.

  54. Redrosespeedway Says:

    I agree he’s worth it taylorfan06, but not all of us has the money.

  55. spinshack Says:

    Yeah, she did a good interview with Hicks. He’s probably getting weary though of the continuous asking of the same questions. I’d ask him what ever happened to his new genre he was going to create, you know Modern Whomp. I’d also ask him why on the first CD and now this one he prefers to jump around genres instead of adopting a sound or musical styling that would be prevalent and continual throughout his album. Granted the listener knows (well, his fans anyway) his voice, but the music itself varies so widely from Country to Spanish to Americana.

    I’d also ask him why he records so differently than live in his treatments of a song. Is it comfort level?

    I’d also ask him, so you like Billy Ray Cyrus? LOL

  56. spinshack Says:

    Too bad henry8 you just can’t have a little fun. By writing ‘knickers’ I was kidding around, but yeah, I plan to keep ’em on, if I actually had any ‘knickers’, per se. 😉

  57. Oh Spin, I was having fun. Were you? 🙂

  58. Snowstorm Says:

    How come there’s no ads for this cd on the internet? Geez, even Melinda Doolittle advertised on the internet. Of course, Kelly Clarkson is all over the place. If Taylor is counting sales from the SP alone to pull him thru, that’s going to be a huge FAIL.

  59. casualfan Says:

    Spin, I seriously doubt that Hicks has any problems with Cindy or her writing. She stays off the boards and away from the drama and she doesn’t use her blog as a weapon to hurt other people. Perhaps if more followed her example and stopped the jealous rants and the hate they would get further in their quest. 😉

  60. spinshack Says:

    Yep. I live for fun, henry8.

  61. Can we stop talking about Poet Cindy and start talking why Taylor would be happy playing in the Steak and Ale?

    And while everybody might not like the author, she did ask interesting questions instead of drivel like “When did your hair turn gray?”

  62. spinshack Says:

    Who are you writing to? If it’s me, I guess it was the suspense of what he was going to come out with next. He was fine in concert, but no I’m not traveling to just see him across country. I don’t gypsy around following any bands anymore. Did that for a while but now I have a life. LOL

    We were going to catch him while we were in SFO to visit someone on Spring Break, but plans changed. We were not going to just see him.

    Regarding Mr. Hicks, I’m leaning more with willpen everyday.

  63. spinshack Says:

    They’re fixated on my insulting her writing and what a jellus h8ter I am. Yes, she did a good job in her interview.

    Regarding the Steak and Ale, don’t think he meant that for one minute Grey, that just made a good sound bite. 🙄 He has no intention to returning to that life.

  64. spinshack Says:

    You guys heard of the Ivy Hotel in San Diego?

  65. What’s going on there?

  66. Come join us, spin! I’m on a beach with Willpen, Gray Charles, Jena and Shelley.

  67. hicksaholic Says:

    I was addressing my earlier comment to Snow but did not mean for it to be a dig at anyone. If it came across that way I apologize.

    I like Taylor and enjoy his live shows. I will travel a reasonable distance to see him and if money and time were no object(which it is in my case) I would probably go more often. I have a life, a family, a lot of friends, a job and a dog who loves me.. I do still enjoy watching Taylor perform live and listening to his music but I don’t gypsy around following any bands, never have and never will.
    Unfortunately, if things don’t pick up workwise I may not be able to afford to go see him regardless of how close to me he is performing.

  68. hicksaholic Says:

    Sorry spin
    I am now reading and it looks like your comment was addressed to casualfan not me,I guess. Sorry I am all confused.

  69. spinshack Says:

    I love the beach, let me grab my sunglasses.

  70. spinshack Says:

    It’s where somebody’s been staying. 😉

  71. I don’t think Taylor would be happy playing at The Steak & Ale . He just seems to want to present himself as a positive person who just loves to do his music and make ends meet. I think he caught the fame bug and will work extremely hard at keeping his name in lights. If he really is as nice as he presents himself such as never bitching about AI, Clive, Simon and really is happy for Daughtry and other idols success and is as positive as he comes across, well I might have to declare him a saint. Some of what he says is press speak.

  72. Okay Spin, you know how curious I am and I would have to look. Are you saying Taylors stayed at the Ivy? Cause that sure ain’t no Steak and Ale. The Star suite has a stripper pole. Hahaha
    And the Envy sounds like a fun spot. 🙂
    Have a blast, Taylor.

  73. AHAHAHAH!! OMG. A stripper pole? Nice!! I love the king size bunk beds, too!

  74. I’m thinkin maybe he didn’t stay in that one since Dad was there this week.

  75. The place is beautiful tho. SIgh.

  76. spinshack Says:

    Yeah, perfect place to hang. So his Dad was there this week? henry8 where do you get your info?
    You saying he’d not stay with his Dad? O the scandal. haha

  77. Who knows?

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