Why did I join again? Must have been for the glowsticks…

Well, have we been played by the ever talented Taylor Hicks? I, like many others, renewed my subscription to http://www.taylorhickshq.com in February. I guess you could say I was wooo’ed by the promise of weekly blogs and other juicy tidbits only to be shared on that site. Well, we haven’t had a new audio blog for at least two weeks now, and as for juicy tidbits? There aren’t any. This isn’t exactly the best kept site on the internetz. Take a look at the front page.


Does this look up to date at all?

Let’s look. First up, the weekly message from Taylor. It’s right there, kids..in black and white. I think that was around the 18th of February or so, which means Taylor’s definition of weekly is different than mine. Of course, nobody really knows, because there is no date on them. Is that so they can stay up there forever and still look current? Give me a break.

Next up, the HQ blog. Yeah. Taylor blogged exactly three months ago. I can’t believe that in three months he hasn’t had a few minutes to write something down and email to whoever is not keeping that site updated. Wow. So glad I spent good money on this. Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised, because before December it was four months before he updated.

Then, we get Taylor’s CD pick of the week. Must be a hella long week for Taylor, he must be in a different time space continuum. According to this, Grease is on Broadway featuring Taylor Hicks. Huh. Funny, I don’t think so. He was this summer, which must have been the last time this was updated.

Contests and giveaways? Yes, you too can win a package to see Taylor in Grease on Broadway. Oh wait, no you can’t. That’s been over for a good seven months now.

You want to see him in concert? According to this, Taylor is doing one shadow tour in San Fransisco in April. That’s it.

Thinking there must be more, I click on news. Here’s what I see.


This is news? Taylor Hicks signs a cutting edge deal on his birthday, in October? Ok, so say I’m a huge fan of Taylor’s, but I’ve never been on any of his sites. I pluck down my $25 and this is what I get? A five month old article when he has an album dropping in less than a week? Not impressed. Don’t look for new pictures over there. The pics are promo shots for the TH cd. Videos? Nope. Oh wait, there’s a video from December where Taylor talks about his guitar strap. Riveting. One would think his video for “What’s Right is Right” would be on the front page. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to realize that. But it’s not, it’s nowhere to be found.

You want audio, you say? You want to hear him? Too bad. There’s one show from April of 07, almost two years ago.

Time to go shopping at the store!! Would you like a 2007 tour tshirt? How about a Santa Taylor Hicks teddy bear or maybe even a glowstick?


I’m so glad I rejoined to get the weekly audio blogs, chances for meet and greets at concerts that aren’t happening, and the most up to date information. Don’t even get me started on the message board over there. I get that he wants Taylorhicks.com to be his primary focus, at least that’s what it’s looking like. Might as well give your fans a refund and just shut THHQ down. It’s hard enough for his people to keep one site up to date, let alone two.


158 Responses to “Why did I join again? Must have been for the glowsticks…”

  1. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    *SIGH* yep, I am forced to agree. The sad thing is, even though I knew all of this, I still renewed. How sad is that?

  2. Yeah, me too. I just don’t get it.

  3. Snowstorm Says:

    My membership expires in a week and no way in hell am I renewing. I refuse to pay for a message board that I have no interest in posting on in the first place, because that’s all you’re really paying for. There are no exclusives and no incentives and Taylor has done his best to totally ignore the site! Total waste of money!

  4. jerseyirish Says:

    I’ve never been a paid member of any fan site, never saw a reason to pay to be a fan. From what you have posted iag, not really getting your money’s worth, doesn’t seem they keep things updated and the paying members getting any perks.


  5. I just don’t get it. He works so hard in all other areas and is trying to be proactive about the music biz in this digital age, yet he lets that official site sit there forgotten. It’s his link to his fans.

    IAG, you posted that article about online fandom a while ago and it stressed the importance of celebs having a presence online. Didn’t someone say he’s e-mailing that dial-a-date (or whatever it was) woman daily? So, we know he gets online. Can’t he shoot an e-mail to HQ while he’s at it?

    I admit I renewed, too. But now I’m wondering, if the site shuts down, do we get a refund? Probably not.

  6. hicksaholic Says:

    I didn’t renew, mainly because of the principal of it. The site isn’t worth a shit and although it is only $25 and there is the possibility of better tickets(I think the tickets offered thru Headquarters turned out to be worse than you could buy on the street) or a meet and greet( not sure if I want to put Taylor ttru the pain of a meet and greet) I don’t like paying for something that’s not worth it. I figured I could rejoin at whatever point it looks like it is worth something. I’ll spend the extra money on Taylor’s cds. If Taylor has a friend running this site on the cheap he is screwing up royally. Don’t even get me started.

  7. I originally joined for good tickets and the “free” meet and greets. I did win one on his first tour. It looks like now the only way to get one is to pay $400-$500. I like Taylor a lot… but not that much for a couple of minutes with him. If I paying that much for a meet and greet it better include more (if you know what i mean) if he is going to pimp himself for that much. I did rejoin thinking that there would be a new cd tour sometime. Not just shadow shows. Which are fine, as long as he comes somewhere close to me.

    I’m still here for Taylor… and I do like most of the new cd. He hasn’t run me off yet.

  8. Yeah, that’s the thing Trixi…Taylor hasn’t run me off yet, either. The meet and greet costing $400? Ridiculous. For a man who “made it” because he won a reality tv show, he seems to have forgotten the fans on this site.

  9. chitowngirl33 Says:

    FYI: The meet and greets DO NOT cost $400-500. I bought one a month ago. The meet and greet Grease package for TWO people is $329. That ALSO includes the tickets to Grease, which in my case were 4th row.

  10. casualfan Says:

    I saw this coming a year ago and vowed to not renew and didn’t. With the economy being like it is, I just couldn’t justify it. But I did go out and spend $60.00 on a fabulous pair of shoes and dropping another $80.00 or so on a new outfit tomorrow to see Tay at The Roxy on March 18th….go figure.

  11. casualfan Says:

    For $400.00 bucks I would be expecting a booTAY call;)

  12. dottieB Says:

    Casual while I admire your desire to look good and feel good in your new attire, I can assure he won’t notice. No offense to you but Taylor has his eyes on one gal right now. I hope you all understand that it is all about the music now, because he is really off the market. BooTAY call? lol. There’s only one chick getting THAT! This has been a long time coming, even the post up there shows he had his San Francisco gig scheduled first. Taylor has us all conned I think. Gotta love that man for all of his antics, kinda like a snake oil salesman? I think it’s weird but he is not normal either. Enjoy but he will performing for only one gal that night, and she is Miss. Rice-A-Roni. lol.

  13. spinshack Says:

    It sounds like some sort of Carney scam to grab folks’ $25.00.

    I joined, I admit Grey, I was sucked in by the new CD coming out, the video the promise of the DVD, he was moving! I was in a full out fangurl high. Too he was audio blogging, new messages to the fans, I thought, well, what the hell. Paid the fee and for two days was given the most idiotic run around to enter the site. First told I had to wait a day for funds to process. Waited. Second, told I had to enter my information again, as there had been some glitch. That still did not work out.

    Went through that for another day, then said, hell with it. Notified them I was canceling. That was in the beginning of February. Still no refund. It plainly states in the agreement when you join you have 3 days to cancel. Well, good luck getting them to honor that. No one returning my emails either.

    I didn’t even get a glow stick. Word to the wise, don’t pay to be a fan.

  14. spinshack Says:

    Read my post above attached to Snow’s.

  15. spinshack Says:

    I’ve canceled plans to go out West to see Mr. Hicks. Might go see him when he comes my way. We’re just hanging out at home for Spring Break now. Going to rake some leaves. (renovating the back yard actually)

  16. dottieB Says:

    The man puts his weiners before his career I think. That is a problem…lol. ROFL.

    Sorry I just had to! You nice gals seemed like you needed some humore after reading the above post. He isn’t a bad guy, he is well…a guy afterall. You gotta love em!

  17. … he will performing for only one gal that night, and she is Miss. Rice-A-Roni.

    mmmm hmmmm. Well, if that’s the case, do you think Mr. Hicks can survive as an artist having an audience of one? Because, big surprise, I disagree. Mr. Hicks cannot afford to only “perform for one gal”. He is “a working musician” after all, and needs to sell his act to as many fans as possible to turn a profit. And I do think that one thing Mr. Hicks IS really good at is “selling his act.” πŸ˜‰

  18. *passes out rose colored shades*

  19. hicksaholic Says:

    I think it’s wonderful if Taylor has found a person he enjoys spending time with but I can’t imagine it’s been a long time coming as you stated if he just met San Francisco Treat a couple of weeks ago. Unless the whole Regis and Kelly thing was a scam and they already knew each other.

    Call me cynical but although Julie is cute, I can’t imagine Taylor falling madly in love with a contest winner but I giess stranger things have happened. If that’t the case too bad Taylor wasn’t on The Batchelor.

  20. I would also venture that the information on his free site taylorhicks.com is far more accurate and timely than the information at the paid site.
    The admin at the free site seems to monitor that site regularly, and answers questions (specifically re: the new CD and the bonus tracks) in a timely way.
    Furthermore, for an artist running his own label, I don’t think it’s cost-efficient at all to pay for 2 sites. Which only leads me feel that the paid site is there for the sole purpose of garnering funds, with little in return for the fan.

  21. But Spin … think of the ECONOMY!!!! LOL!

  22. chitowngirl33 Says:

    March 4, 2009 at 10:40 pm
    FYI: The meet and greets DO NOT cost $400-500. I bought one a month ago. The meet and greet Grease package for TWO people is $329. That ALSO includes the tickets to Grease, which in my case were 4th row.

    Just saying for me it would run $400-$500 or more. He hasn’t been anywhere close to me and I would have to fly somewhere and get a motel etc. Still in my opinion $329 is still too much too meet someone for a couple of minutes.

  23. Oh, well, then that makes it better. How silly of me.

    So, the man who gave his fans meet and greets is now charging a still ridiculous amount of money for a few minutes of his time. Nice.

  24. Oh, I’ll have to agree with you. I wondered how long it would take for the SP to have them married. It actually took a little longer than I thought.

    This is like the People story from ’06. A blonde on the plane? Only blonde on that plane was Bill. πŸ˜†

  25. spinshack Says:

    That’s it YKW, the ECONOMY!!! ha.

  26. Ugh, Spin…that’s not good.

    I remember when I first joined that site, it took forever to get in. It really makes me wonder who’s running that site.

  27. spinshack Says:

    So what China pattern are we going with for them?

  28. spinshack Says:

    That would be entertaining. *hopes*

  29. spinshack Says:

    Garnering funds but not honoring their contract when you want out. ha. I guess I could just write it off for charity.

  30. spinshack Says:

    I heartily agree, what a bunch of foolishness. Pay to travel that far and then pay to meet him for five minutes. Folks need to pay to get their heads examined. ha.

  31. Soul Bone China

  32. Whatplaentamion Says:

    I let my membership lapse. HQ has nothing for me – nothing new, nothing interesting, and a downright shitty message board.

    They pulled that “weekly audio blog” crap last year, too, just in time for most people’s memberships to expire. He was consistent for (I think) three weeks before he quit doing them. Sound familiar?

  33. Somebody else told me that, too. I don’t remember that…but it really doesn’t surprise me.

  34. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    LOL! For $200.00 can I touch his hair?

  35. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Yeah and what’s really crappy is I had enough time where I could have heard the 3 messages and then let my membership run out. Maybe I’ll do that next time (if HQ is still around).

  36. spinshack Says:

    Hicks as well as other cast members get some seats in the audience to give away. Wonder if these meet and greets are the freebee seats? That’s a tidy little nightly profit. ha. Buy a good pair of shoes by having to suffer just a few minutes of fan face time.

  37. spinshack Says:

    He has more than one (weiner) ? hmmm that explains something…

  38. Snowstorm Says:

    Don’t get sucked in by this thinking you will get good seats. I got third row, center seats to Grease on Broadway by calling Ticketmaster and ordering tickets by phone.

  39. sallyannlady Says:

    I renewed….. we were supposed to get glo-stix???????

  40. You and me both. Guess that was the major marketing plan on that. Worked well, didn’t it?

  41. Getting a glowstick might have made it worth it.

  42. I think the only good seats to watch Taylor in Grease would be waaaay in the back. I think I would have to watch it with my eyes closed.

    It’s almost like he’s fulfilling Simon’s prophesy.

  43. Snowstorm Says:

    The thing is you’re paying to hear someone’s voice. He never has anything interesting to say other than hello. Wow, this guy’s ego is out of control if that’s all he thinks he needs to do to hold on to fans.

  44. spinshack Says:

    Like I said, I never even got to get in the door much less get a glow stick. :cries

  45. Snowstorm Says:

    Oh Spin, you got totally taken. You really think you are getting your money back??

    That whole fiasco with the dressing room meet and greets totally soured me on anything to do with these scam artists. Those people who paid big bucks and didn’t get what they paid for, got totally ripped off.

  46. suze4158 Says:

    Never renewed after my first membership long ago. Good decision on my part, it seems.

  47. There is a lot of complaining going on here just when Taylor has been all over the place doing great interviews and press. The paid site stinks but if you want to hear Taylor talk , all you need do is click on one of his many weekly interviews. He seems to have turned the page and has been coming across as Mr. Smooth and confident and taking the bull by the horns this past week of press. He has been behaving like a STAR! Check it out.

  48. Snowstorm Says:

    If people want to rant over this, they have that right, Rosie. How about you go back to your home site, where Taylor shits flowers and rainbows.

  49. spinshack Says:

    No, it’s looking doubtful Snow. Like I wrote – in another reply I’ll just chalk that up to charity. That and a few other things have snapped me out of that desperate pit of fangurl I had fallen back into and back to me. Man, we all can “slip”. LOL

  50. spinshack Says:

    On his head?

  51. spinshack Says:


  52. I think the complaint is about more than a weekly blog. (I thought checking in weekly was too ambitious for him. Once a month would have been more realistic.) Those of us who have complaints about the paid site feel we aren’t getting ANYTHING for the money.

    Think about where you get your Taylor news. It ain’t at HQ. The contests were fun when they were going on, but when was the last time anybody won anything? The possiblitly of getting a free M&G was fun, too.

    I think the lack of attention to the paid site makes the fans feel unappreciated. And it’s not just about spending the money. God bless those folks who still faithfully post over there.

  53. spinshack Says:

    You forgot glitter, Snow. He shits glitter too, although it smarts just a bit. πŸ˜‰

  54. spinshack Says:

    Behaving like a STAH! Why rosie that excuses everything. It’s also off topic, we’re talking paid site and fans getting grifted.

  55. jerseyirish Says:

    DottieB, Hope Taylor does have his San Fran treat. Heard in an interview he did yesterday he said his love life is “spicy” right now, good for him!!!! πŸ™‚

    Rosie, I agree with all the interviews he is doing he probably just doesn’t have the time to update. Like I said earlier would never pay to be a fan of anyone’s or pay for a meet & greet just doen’t sit with me. If paying for a ticket or buying someone’s music isn’t enough to just say hi then I would pass.
    When I did go see him the group near me wanted me to go with them to the buses after the show, passed on that. I respect the man’s privacy felt he didn’t owe me anymore time the show was what I paid for, and he did deliver I was content to go home with a smile on my face.


  56. Snowstorm Says:


  57. spinshack Says:

    Caryl, yeah and how about just updating the frikking site, he’s not in NYC anymore. Adding tour pictures, vids from the road shows. Stuff like most artists do on their official sites. 😯

    No we don’t get our Taylor news from the Official site, that’s just money in the bank *Ka-ching!* and a charitable organization without the tax exemption.

  58. spinshack Says:

    JI I love you but,

    “DottieB, Hope Taylor does have his San Fran treat. Heard in an interview he did yesterday he said his love life is β€œspicy” right now, good for him!!!!” How cheesy.

    Surprised he did not say he’s dining well with lots of sourdough and rice a roni. πŸ™„

    Please girl, if he has not time to update the folks running the site should be carrying on for him.

  59. spinshack Says:

    *Clarification* By cheesy I meant what Hicks said, not you, typed too fast.

  60. spinshack Says:

    Hicks is back on line with “The Distance” kol.com.

  61. Snowstorm Says:

    ji, are you really believing the crap that comes out of Taylor’s mouth? Some advice for you – don’t ever take him at his word. He said in an interview a few days ago his love life is nonexistent. Taylor can’t keep his stories straight and he’s desperate to hold on fans.

  62. Just seems while you guys are complaining about the site this morning, you are missing the best interviews he has done. Check out 105.3 rock in San Deigo where he looks hot as hell and the females staff is practically molesting him on air. The guys are yaking about him being gorgeous. These last two day with multi interviews he has hardly said a “ya know” and it is like a veil has been lifted and all his charisma, beauty , charm and talent are on display for the world to see. Hope I haven’t upset anyone with this good Taylor news and I’ll leave you all to your pissing and moaning about HDqrtrs. I joined in Aug. got nothing from there so won’t join again.

  63. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    *spits coffee out all over desk and computer*

  64. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, I got that, maybe his peeps told him not to say non-exsistent anymore give a little something. All I am saying if he is having some fun and enjoying someone’s company good for him. Don’t need any further details just that he is happy.


  65. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Missed the interview maybe someone will put it up later, would love to see it, been busy with work haven’t gone far. Was talking with one of the winners I work with that won the mega millions here yesterday, she is still in shock not believing she is now worth 10 million, all 10 that went in on the ticket will each get 10 million after taxes, now thats something to talk about!!! πŸ™‚


  66. Rosie, that’s cool. I like you because you’re not afraid to speak your mind. But I’m feeling so disappointed right now that I’m not interested in the interviews. It’s just more of the same smiley face he puts on for the public. I think I need a break from all of it, in fact.

  67. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I think you are 100% correct

  68. pathetic and hysterical all at the same time. πŸ™‚

  69. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    yeah but I hear nothing when I try to play it.

  70. Just read your post Caryl. What the hell? Some of the interviews have been so much fun. Sometimes I feel like people DON’T WANT to find anything to enjoy. Thery perfer misery. Well, have fun.

    Great article here. Seems Taylor doesn’t always forget what he says.


  71. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I have to admit you are a cool person Rosie.

  72. Rosie would you leave a link for that interview at the rainbow and glitter site. hehe

  73. Nah, that’s not how I feel, Henry. Usually I watch every interview that comes along and I enjoy them. I’ve just been feeling kind of down about TH for a while. There have been lots of disappointments I’ve kept to myself because I didn’t want to spread negativity. Don’t worry about it, this is my problem.

  74. jerseyirish Says:

    Henry, I just watched it, it is over at the BB he was great!!! πŸ™‚


  75. Arrow2Soul Says:

    henry8 your video IS hilarious. I figured you would come up with something so apropos. I think the fans on here are saying they are tired of all the games, and all the tricks that Taylor uses to gain fans and keep them that’s all. He promises alot and delivers little if anything to fans. Coming from me that sounds surprising I know, but I can see that his site did lure fans in with promises of weekly blogging, and whatever else he promised to get what he wanted which was dollars, and then after he got what he wanted, he didn’t keep his side of the bargain. That’s all these women are saying. If the site doesn’t deliver, it should not charge for the membership I guess? I don’t know, but some fans are starting to feel he just does what he does to please us at the moment, then he reverts back. It has no bearing on his talent or his ability, but if its true that the site offered certain things, he should honor those things, and respect fans and their support of him. He knows this is true, but maybe he just got a little eager and tired to keep the cash flow, and spoke before he meant to.
    Be well!

  76. Snow, reign it in. This isn’t the Bloods vs The Crips or even the SP vs the Nots. It is just Mr. Taylor Hicks stuff, so no need to get out the brass knuckles, or to make yourself the turf guard of IAG’s blog.

  77. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I saw it too and he looks wonderful and that is good to see. I hope he carries that into his concert that’s coming up too, as he will light up the stage and everyone around him will benefit. Fans out there should feel blessed that he is doing two concerts in CA, as I know they waited a long time for this!
    He is still an angel, and even with all his tricks and angles, I still think he is a doll. He is like Felix the Cat. lol.
    Have a nice day all!

  78. Snowstorm Says:

    What is Henry8 doing here? I get it that she thinks Taylor is God and can do no wrong. So why is she here? This site is not worship Taylor Hicks, even though some of his antics are questionable. You never see people from this site going over to the fanatics site.

    BL – I’m shocked by your post. Maybe there is hope for you.

  79. Snow, Henry is here for the same reason you are. She’s here to express her opinion. That’s what this blog is for.

  80. Finally. I am understood. πŸ™‚

  81. How much do I love Spin?? hahahaha

  82. Snowstorm Says:

    Im here for intelligent opinions, not stupid fawning over a stranger who nobody knows.

  83. That’s fine. But I bet everybody who posts here thinks that their opinions are intelligent. If you don’t like what somebody has to say, then just don’t respond..or try responding like an adult. πŸ™‚

  84. Snow, really you aren’t worth my time, but anyone that knows me well knows I have no Gods or heros. That would be the last thing I think Taylor is or would want him to be. I never put anyone on a pedestal, there no room to manuever up there. And Taylor does have some manuevers it seems to me. From the first time I laid eyes on him I thought he was a bit of a shuck and jive artist and it made me smile. He SEEMS to have a good heart. Hes talented, I like the man, I enjoy him, I enjoy his music, deal with it.

  85. Snowstorm Says:

    Who are trying to kid. You can’t even admit his paid fansite sucks and he’s milking his fans for their money.

  86. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Snow…please try to tender your opinions with some sugar as they might be more likely to be heard and accepted. That being said you may be right. Taylor needs much better management. Everything he does is kinda quick and sometimes its better to promise less and deleiver more, especially in business. The fansite “sucks” he knows that but maybe he isn’t the only one making decisions, i think he rarely makes decisions actually, and his management does most of that for him, that’s why I think he is mismanaged. Hopefully his latest endeavor will work to his advantage but I have been watching, and I am not seeing much development of the new Cd in terms of promotion. His last mini concert, he sang old stuff and covers, and I would like to see him come out of those covers for awhile, no use hiding under them. lol. He has many covers he loves but an ear is an ear, and he had an attentive audience there in Tucson, I would say it was a missed opportunity.
    Just my take.
    Got a meeting now, got to run…be well and smile a mile all!

  87. Ok, The paid site sucks. I joined because I thought there would be contests, free give aways and that I could get better seats to events. But I purchased my Broadway ticket to Grease via ticketmaster. I recall there were all sorts of M&G confusion last summer with 1 price on Hdqrtrs and another on TH.com and some guy offering a deal with room rates, tickets for Grease and M&G as a package deal. One needded a CPA to figure out the best deal. I did not purchase a M&G and ended up face to face with him outside after the show. Don’t think I’ll ever pay for a M&G. I understand the reason to vent about the site, but for those of you who like to study TH as a musician, singer , person, entertainer, something is going on with him this past week. He seems different. Shoot me or cuss me out if you wish, but he has taken on a Star quality.

  88. Or Rosie, maybe he’s finally decided that the goofy persona doesn’t work. Maybe he finally got the memo that the SP shoutouts weren’t helping, that they were possibly hurting him with the outside (of the fandom) world. Maybe he finally started listening to somebody else.

  89. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I noticed the same thing, he is more in charge of the way things go in the interviews, alot more candid then usual. Maybe he is realizing that this is really working for him and he made the right choice to do the Grease role and is comfortable with everything now. Who knows only him, but I defintely noticed a change in his body language these past interviews.


  90. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I don’t kniw about Taylor but I am feeling like a star this week too…I think the earth is moving back towards the sun, and the intensity of those rays sure has me feeling well today especially. It is supposed to be 70 degrees on Sunday, and that is hard to imagine when there is a foot of snow out there! lol. But there is always hope. Taylor has been in the sunbelt for a week or so now, and I can attest that time in the sun, with its healing powers and just simply the light will have an enduring positive effect on the psyche. He has been in the cold climates pretty much all winter and I guess it is nice to be back in the sun again. He is, afterall an Alabama boy, through and through. I love the sun, not for tanning just for it’s light and it’s effect on my mood. I just agreed to a vacation over my spring break to a sunny spot, and it will do me good, but the temporary light increase from the earth’s forward tilt, has given me enough to last me, until I can park it on a beach chair and slurp a tall cool colada!
    Or he could be in love????? I glow too when I am in love….that;s why they call me “brightlite” lol. Just kidding of course. Smiling big!
    I will catch you guys later if I have time. Be well and maybe Taylor will just shut down that crappy site and refund all of you a prorated amount for your dues. He is a stand up guy afterall.

  91. Arrow2Soul Says:

    OMG Rosie! Are you hinting???

    I know you have the inside scoop. Don’t be a goose and keep us all in suspense! Tell us what you know! Surely it has to be a part in TV or in a movie. Do tell!
    You have already lead us on, so don;t leave us all in suspense now.
    A “STAR” quality??? You can’t go there and just leave us hanging. NOT fair.

  92. I just read this review:

    and I need somebody to explain this sentence to me: “Still, I can’t help thinking that Hicks is co-opting blue-eyed soul in that same calculated way that the Boltster once hitched himself to Otis Redding and Percy Sledge.”

    I’m not kidding, maybe my brain is on the fritz today. What does he mean by, “co-opting blue-eyes soul” and what or who is the “Boltster?”

  93. Oh wait, I already got the Boltster thing. He references Michael Bolton-he’s the Boltster. duh.

  94. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Saw that review earlier didn’t get that statement either. Wasn’t sure if he was saying he isn’t what he says or if Michael Bolton also aligned himself with those folks and Taylor is mirroring them also. Left alot to the imagination.


  95. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Wherever you are going relax and enjoy the sun. I know I heard in the 70’s on Sunday also, the snow is melting quickly here we are up in the 50’s today. Still have alot but it is melting, thank goodness just want it all to go away and bring in the warmer weather, I’m ready!!!! πŸ™‚


  96. Snowstorm Says:

    The soul patrol needs to get ready for many “fair” ratings, however, the way things are in the recording industry, “fair” does not cut it. At least, it’s little better than his post-Idol cd, but not much.

  97. hickifino Says:

    When you’re right, you’re right.

    THHQ is neglected.

  98. Guess The Nine Letters Says:

    “Spicy” isn’t the word. It should hit TMZ soon.

    “Treat” my ass. She’s been begging the R&K show to have him contact her when he goes to San Fran via email.

  99. casualfan Says:


  100. Oh, TMZ…our very favorite up to the minute Enquirer on the web.


    I wonder if he has heartburn.

  101. casualfan Says:

    I was being snarky sweetie. I have no intention nor do I give a rip’s ass on who he’s “daiting” right now. πŸ˜‰

  102. casualfan Says:

    ROFLMAO! Have I told you lately that I LOVE you?

  103. Snowstorm Says:

    LOL, the TMZ publicity machine at work. Well, he does need it. Do anything at this point to get attention.

  104. casualfan Says:

    OMG! Now this made my day……GREAT POST SS!

  105. It’s too much to hope for!!

  106. dottieB Says:

    hmmmmmmmm I love puzzles and games…
    guess the nine letters is so intriguing, I am even putting off getting dressed for work for this one. LOL
    Everything I can think of has well…
    8, 10, and 11 letters, and the other… is two words and has only seven!!
    ricearoni has nine right? rofl. I am sorry Guess but I am out of guesses right now. Let my mind work on it for a few.
    SS I was thinking the same…burritos are spicy and he was in Arizona…I have cuddled up to a few burritos in my day. Pass the tums to TH please.
    Spicy Taylor has many connotations, all of them BAD!
    See you all later. Get your minds out of the gutter now. I was thinking
    about inspirational words of course. πŸ™‚ The sun is really bright here and I can’t help but smile today. Life is funny that way ya know, how it changes on a dime, then you end up on a buck. What I mean to say is I got my finances in order and I am seeing the light at the end of the freakin wind tunnel I have been in!!!! WooooooooHoooooooooooo!
    I love you God…thanks for sitting squarely on my shoulder with a gosh darn flashlight to light my way to the answers I needed. I dreamt of my father last night, and I knew it was going to be a good day, even great start to my new life finally.
    JI…you understand this right??? I am fine now, everything has clicked, today with my my situation!!! HUGS.

  107. Snowstorm Says:

    How many names do you have? My head hurts.

  108. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Snowstorm has 9 letters…. πŸ˜€

    Just jokin

  109. Snowstorm Says:

    hahaha! thanks for the laugh!

  110. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, I’m getting it, all is good right now and I am happy for you. Have a good one!!!! πŸ™‚


  111. Oh, brother, here we go again with rumors and speculation. One person says they’ve been e-mailing DAILY, now you say she’s trying to get him to contact her. Bleck! This is why he’s got to keep his personal life underground. Though a televised hot-tub scene with the Soul Patrol would be entertaining. (Someone would drown!)

  112. dottieB is Brightlite? The earlier posts by dottieB didn’t sound like her. You’re messing with our heads, gf! (Or somebody is.) πŸ™‚

  113. casualfan Says:

    Now I guess I have way too much sugar in my system because I actually agree with you.

  114. Well, it seems like so far she has three names, which, when put together, do not equal nine letters.

  115. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Yeah the first post threw me also, but the second one sounded like BL, had to look at it twice.


  116. casualfan Says:

    There is some cryptic shit going on here today. Did someone put something “spicy” in the damn kool-aid?

  117. Does she win a membership to THHQ, iag??!!?!!?

  118. Snowstorm Says:

    Don’t want no damn membership, lol!

  119. It could be a reality tv show….Swimming with the Stars!! Season One featuring Taylor Hicks and the SOOOOOOOOOUL PATROOOOOOOOOOOL!!

  120. Hey, we don’t drink kool aid over here. I quit serving that a long time ago. πŸ˜†

  121. Snowstorm Says:

    Nine Letters..come back and play with us! I’ll play nice, I promise! πŸ™‚

  122. It’s not for you anyway, Snow. Now, don’t be bitter. πŸ˜†

  123. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, just spoke with BL, Dottieb is not her it is an imposter.


  124. Why will it hit TMZ?

  125. I’m gonna post under my secret name, too!

    If you walk three paces from Ridell High, turn right and then take ten paces towards the R&K Studios, you’ll wind up in the distance. Look inside the ice cream cone and you’ll find rice-a-roni.

    There’s my cryptic message.

  126. I’ve got it! I know who nine letters is. First I asked myself who would know if the “treat” is calling R&K? The rest was easy: it’s Kelly Ripa!! woo-hoo!!

    Kelly likes Taylor, she’s just looking out for him.


  127. Stupid trivial nonsense and game playing. Dottie, Guess 9 letters, or Dodo Bird, know nothing about Tays love life or even if he has one. I read last week on his myspace someone using a guys name was warning Tay that his SF treat was bragging on the net that he was e-mailing her. Celebrity can be a curse but his R&K date seemed on the ball and sane and secure with herself. Thank goodness!

  128. Oh gee, it seems Taylor didn’t write this song in wretched revenge over his ex after all. And it was a sweet tormented little story!!

  129. And why, oh why, does a grown man “need warning”??!?

  130. Caryl, I thought that critics review of ‘The Distance’ was lame. If he was trying to to be cute he failed and the majority of readers wouldn’t get it. According to him Tay should even have gone off key on WRIR or grunted, groaned or wailed in order to have had a better yet less easy listening song.

  131. Snowstorm Says:

    Just think if Taylor gets on TMZ, then Nine Letters was right. Isn’t that too cool?

  132. I’m not holding my breath, Snow.

  133. littlewing Says:

    I never had the inclination to join THHQ. Too bad that mgmt is lacking. I can’t get into TH.com now, but before it always seemed like a great site. I always envisioned Taylor streaming cool music recommendations and maybe blogging just a little from his own site. Not too much to ask.

    ouch, the OrlandoSent review was downright nasty, though I do have to agree in a way that the album could use a few more rough edges. Dismissed as just another BlueEyed Soul wannabe. I hate that he was branded BES early on, he’s much more than that, and some of these songs reflect more music layers. I’m ready for him to break this tired old stereotype.

  134. Bluerosespeedway Says:

    LOL Caryl! You’ve inspired me: I’m posting under my secret name too!

  135. I just watched the wild card selection for # 8 AI, the top 13. Yuck, the show is going downhill fast! Thank goodness Taylor has mentioned in a few recent interviews that his season was the peak. I could go on and on with some praise for him, but I won’t now on this blog. In fact I will just behave as Fairhope and say he is looking hot, and try to keep my comments about him being ballsy and out there promoting himself wherever he appears on his Grease tour. Bottom line is that self promotion, city by city, new found fans, and freedom of expression is way more important right now than that sorry HDQuarters site or any one or two or five line bullshit he could say to us. He is just out there doing his thing. It Is A Good Thing!

  136. Snowstorm Says:

    I just got a scoop, but don’t know if it’s true. Taylor will be in this week’s issue of People magazine. I’ll def be taking a look this Friday.

  137. Guess The Nine Letters Says:

    It is NOT Kelly Ripa. Please don’t get that started. He doesn’t need that grief. She’s a married woman.

  138. Ahhh, but is she HAPPILY married??!? LOL!

  139. Snowstorm Says:

    LOL, since when did “married” mean anything in the entertainment business?

  140. Exactly!!

  141. Guess The Nine Letters Says:

    How fantastically egotistical of the blog owner to think that I’m TMZ.

    Some things never change.

  142. We’ll see about the new found fans. We’ll see if they buy records.

  143. TMZ only has three letters. NO MEMBERSHIP FOR YOU!!

  144. What the hell does that even mean?

  145. People? Not TMZ? πŸ™‚

  146. uhhh, well, you can garner the “TMZ 3 letter” reference up thread. And I take the “NO MEMBERSHIP” comment to be remniscient of Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi.

    Time for my pop culture brain to go to bed! LOL!

  147. Aw, c’mon, it was brilliant! “Kelly Ripa” has 9 letters. Ta-da!!
    (C’mon, you DO realize I was kidding, right?)

  148. No, no, no. Whoever guesses who 9 letters is wins a membership at HQ.

    But, when did anybody say that 9 letters was TMZ? That one I missed.

  149. Redrosespeedway Says:


  150. Redrosespeedway Says:

    Whoever it was they can’t count.

  151. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Hey guys, it is Brightlite, it really is.
    Joking aside, I cannot explain yesterday in a humorous light, it just isn’t humorous to me or to the person who made the post. Out of respect to them I will not joke about it at all. All I can say is read my Valentine’s Day post, recall the post I made shortly before that, then maybe you can figure it out, or understand, or maybe in this case, sadly do both. I saw you all were joking about it, I knew you didn’t, nor couldn’t understand it, so I am not offended by it. Love can make us do things that we don’t understand, and in the cause of love we may even do things others don’t get as well, but alas, love is alive and love makes this crazy world go around as it does.
    I am only Brightlite, posting as Arrow2Soul, never kept that hidden. I am anything but hidden. Perhaps that is my biggest weakness in this life.

    Yesterday I awoke renewed with a sense of promise in my life shining down on me, and today I feel blue, if not despondent again over not just my life, but everything, everywhere, all over the globe. I should not have, but I watched the news last night, very late, and saw the dismal stock market news. I stopped watching that the day I stopped blogging and closed Brightlite’s Journey, back in Otober I guess it was. There is bigger issues at hand now for us all, and the less I see on that horizon, the better for me, but it isn’t something anyone can fix for certain. I am here to say that on a small scale, I am experiencing what the world economy must endure eventually as it corrects itself. Pay off as much debt as you possibly can, scale down your living, secure your jobs. All sound advice, all metephorically appropriate “lifeboats” in the Titanic that we all have enjoyed. In some ways, I think God got to me early, and put me out of my comfort zone, enough to make me make these changes already, so that the eventuality won’t floor me, as much as others will be floored. But no one is safe I fear, except as in the Titanic, you are the very, very, elite wealthy. Don’t under any circumstance sell your gold.

    Sorry to venture off there, I am what I am. Love me or hate me, at least you know what you are getting. Again, sorry for yesterday, I don’t wish to expound.

    We have state testing this week, so the schedule a bit crazy but we get out early today, and the sun is shining so brightly, I think my dark mood might lift, as the sun comes up more. I am and always have been alligned with that star, and the more it shines and the higher it goes, well I am just there too, rising and shining, through it all. The sun is afterall, the only thing we have now, that is something we can depend on, it will rise and surely set on us all. Day in and day out, no matter what the planet endures, remember that universally we are infinitely insignificant, as tiny as a speck of dust in the wind.

    Here is MY video for the day.

    I have to run now and get on to school early. If you can today inspire someone along the way for those we lift will surely lift us one day.
    Be well.

  152. No, no, no…Nine Letters thinks that I thought that they were TMZ. As if. Now that’s funny. πŸ™„

  153. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, A lot of strange things going on in this world around us. Be happy that you have worked some things in your direction, the rest will work themselves out. I am so hoping that Spring is here to stay, the long dark days of winter do tend to get one down. I am looking forward to the longer days of daylight and warm weather. Have the day off today, my daughter doesn’t have classes today so we are off for a day of Spring shopping. Hubby has been working alot of OT, told him what we were doing today and he said don’t leave too much of it at the Mall and winked. So shop I will!!! πŸ™‚


  154. littlewing Says:

    Bottom line is that self promotion, city by city, new found fans, and freedom of expression is way more important right now than that sorry HDQuarters site or any one or two or five line bullshit he could say to us.

    In my case, I don’t have broadband and can’t watch any of the interviews. So, a few written words from Taylor here and there would be a pretty cool thing for those who don’t have a high speed connection.

  155. spinshack Says:

    I have you know, Snow. I’m an equal opportunity poster.

  156. spinshack Says:

    A2M really has some sound things to say now and again. πŸ˜‰

  157. Branded Says:

    Your pooper scooper must not be working – no Taylor in People this week.

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