Well, here it is…ETA: my review of The Distance

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More thoughts later. And I can’t guarantee that they will be good.


I first heard some of these songs last night after midnight, and honestly, I was not impressed. So, this morning, I decided to listen to each one with a perspective that I would use with any other artist. Let me start off by saying, I love angsty songs. Give me angst over upbeat anyday. One of the reasons that I love Under the Radar so much. Obviously Taylor is in a different place now than he was in his mid twenties as a struggling musician. Too bad for us.

The first track is the Distance. Taylor has billed this as the rock song of the album. I think the song’s message is a good one, and really fits in with the times right now. It’s not really a rock song, and for me it’s just ok. It doesn’t really impress me as a song that I need to listen to again and again. I do think the vocals on this song are good, though.

Next up, What’s Right is Right. Moving on…

New Found Freedom is next. I can see him doing this song really well live. I think it lends itself to tagging. I just don’t have a lot of positive things to say about this song.

Nineteen has been discussed here, too. I still think his vocals are off on this one. I can see country picking it up, though.

Once Upon A Lover starts out different, like an old record on a turntable. It’s a little funky, and honestly, sounds like something that would be playing in the background at a mexican restaurant. I’m just eh about this one. I think the problem with this song, for me, is there is so much instrumentation behind Taylor that his voice kind of gets lost in it. That was part of the reason that I loved IYT and UTR, Taylor’s voice was the primary focus, not the music. It made the lyrics stand out and you could feel the passion that Taylor sang with. I think that part of it isn’t as evident in this song and even the Distance.

Oh, Seven Mile Breakdown. I love this song when Spoonful James sings it. I also really like this version. You can tell Taylor has sung this song 23847394 times and really knows it. He sounds more comfortable with this, if that makes any sense.

The next song is the standout of the album for me. I love Maybe You Should. Yes, I know, it’s angsty, but I can really “feel” Taylor in this one. This is what I’m looking for, and I really like it. The lyrics are outstanding. When lyrics can stand alone, then you know they’re good.

I look around this room
And feel the pull of tender years
Before we knew enough
To be afraid of all our fears

Baby there was no corner
We couldn’t fight out way out of
And every thought of leaving left us leaning on this love
We had it all you know, before you started letting go
If you can walk away tonight, give it up for good, throw it all away, like we swore we never would

If you can tear down everything we built, deny everything we felt, I guess there’s a lot
That I misunderstood
If you can leave here tonight
Baby maybe you should

Baby I just keep on seeing all that moonlight shining down
The way our love could light up this little Alabama town
So I keep holding on to hope
Still finding reasons to believe
Cause all I ever got from you, was always just enough for me

But if it’s not for you, do what you’ve got to do
If you can walk away tonight, give it up for good, throw it all away like we swore we never would
If you can tear down everything we built, deny everything we felt
I guess there’s a lot that I misunderstood
If you can leave here tonight, baby maybe you should
If you can leave here tonight, baby maybe you should
Maybe you should

Next, Keeping it Real…this song actually cracks me up. It’s quirky and funny. I don’t think it’s winning a grammy, but I like it. I like how he brings in Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears, and OJ Simpson. Just a simple little song. Why does it make me giggle when Taylor says booty? 😆 Anybody who’s been alive the past ten years can totally get this song. Not what I expected, but it’s a cute enough song.

I live on a Battlefield is one of the songs that intrigued me from the title alone. I like this song though, but the part that caught my attention was when he over-pronounces “shattered, battered and scattered.” Not sure why, but that part makes me think of Waffle House. I can see Taylor doing this one live and tagging the hell out of it. Yay!!

Wedding Day Blues is pretty damn funny. 😆 “Right now she’s singing a different tune, it might have been his wedding, but it’s my honeymoon!” Put that one down in the like column.

Woman’s Gotta Have It is a duet with Elliot Yamin. This is definitely old school music. They sound good together.

All in all, this album isn’t exactly what I was expecting from Taylor, but I’m more impressed than I was last night. I think some of the songs have to grow on me, but if you need me today, I’ll be listening to Maybe You Should.


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  1. taylorfan06 Says:

    Not at ALL what I was expecting… Not really hearing the SOUL or the BLUES or the FUNK. This is no IYT or UTR.

    I’m with you AIG, more thoughts later…

  2. Honest opinion: I like Wynn Christian’s version of Seven Mile better. I kind of liked the song with Yamin because he was in it. But Keepin’ it Real? Bad. Just bad. I still like 19 and sort of like Once Upon a Lover of Mine. But otherwise…This album is not great. The sound feels dated. This is disappointing to me.

  3. Just listened to the title track, and call me Pollyanna, but I loved it. I think it mirrors the renewed hope in this country, and it’s very timely. Honestly, when I heard it, the word “anthem” came to mind.

    It IS a very different sound for Mr. Hicks. That title track, anyway, is not angst filled, nor questioning; it’s seems that artistically, he’s at a very different place than when IYT and UTR were released. Very interesting.

  4. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I agree YKW. I will comment more later. Got to run to school but I LOVED the title track for its pure and simple inspirational message which is let’s live in peace and accept one another, we are after all one kind.
    Be well.

  5. Arrow2Soul Says:

    On a quick not after listening to The Distance I feel uplifted to go to school and teach. It IS that kind of song.

  6. Arrow2Soul Says:

    “note” not “not” above sorry for the typo.

  7. Oh my god, I think my coffee is spiked. I really liked “Keeping It Real”!!

    That rhythm reminds me of honky-tonk, and lyrics (I’m diggin’ the lyrics) call to mind Brad Paisley’s “Celebrity”. I can totally see country stations picking up this track. Another interesting thing, some of you may think “That’s not ‘country’!! ” I do listen to that genre and have for decades. It’s not all I listen to, but at times, I’ve immersed myself in it. The sound and feel of ‘country’ music has changed dramatically over the years; while listening to “Keeping It Real” it suddenly occured to me that maybe this is what Modern Whomp is supposed to be. It’s a sound that’s remniscent of something older, but modernized and tweaked.

    See, I told you my coffee was spiked!!
    And no, I’m not on Mr. Hick’s payroll, either. 😉

  8. My Favs are The Distance which he wrote himself, Maybe You Should, Womans Gotta Have It, WRIR, and New Found Freedom . Good going Tay!

  9. YKW, Keepin It Real, about O.J. and Paris is fun stuff! That Taylor is just full of surprises. I’m pleased that some of these tracks are radio friendly, eg. ‘The Distance’ and ‘Nineteen’, plus current and material. I need more coffee!

  10. Not crazy about “Wedding Day Blues” although the imagery is cracking me up!! “It might his wedding, but it’s MY honeymoon….” heh heh heh, get your bad dog on, Mr. Hicks. LOL!!

  11. Brittney’s in there too, Rosie!!
    Did you catch the lyric about “shaving her hair off”? 😉

  12. “New Found Freedom” loses me on the chorus. It’s too “Up With People” for my taste, but I can see where he needs that chorus to deliver the message of the track.

    Speaking of the chorus, any thoughts on those lyrics? Could it be picked up by the Christian music market? Interesting.

  13. YKW, I thought it was Paris, due to the rich father and booty film, but guess it stands for both. I can pass on ‘Wedding Day Blues’ and ‘Once Upon A Lover’. I can picture New Found Freedom, being the kiss off song on AI elimination night,lol. Maybe it could fit Christian radio. Bottom line for me is Some of these songs are radio friendly and good, and I hope he is given the chance he deserves to be heard.

  14. hicksaholic Says:

    My stupid computer is being very slow so I can’t hear all the songs. I liked The Distance ok, not much into New Found Freedom but songs normally have to grow on me. I really want to hear the other songs. It’s funny seeing the comments here versus the Boogie where there is already Grammy talk LOL.

  15. Oh, I think it’s both Paris and Brittney, Rosie. Should have made that clear.

    I agree with your bottom line. Given what we know of ITY and UTR, it’s a very different sound, a “radio friendly” sound. I think it’s a totally different vibe than the self titled CD.

    Mr. Hicks wants his voice heard, once again!

  16. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I have to agree. I love the message of the Distance. Very positive and uplifting and in my mind, there is certainly nothing wrong with that.

  17. Damn, I really like “Maybe You Should”. He’s in great voice. The lyrics are killing me. Is it too early for sobbing and empty wine bottles?

  18. I’m diggin’ “Battlefield”!!! Totally see myself jiving with a brew in hand, on a wet, slopped on dance floor. Yeah, with my walker. LOL. (Threw that last part in there for Snow. 😀 )

    If “Battlefield” is Modern Whomp, I freakin’ LOVE it!! Love that sound!!

  19. I like “Once Upon A Lover”, but it’s for personal reasons. Ancient family secret stuff, LOL. Don’t see that one going commercial, but honestly, I’m digging this CD!!

    Not what I expected. Really surprised. Very groovy. Damn.

    Where’s Spin?!?!

  20. Bwhahaha! Great mental imagery there, YKW. I can see you now.

  21. I’m here darlin’. Just reading your comments. *grins*

  22. Grey, listening to “Once Upon a Lover” I was waiting for castanets, a grita in the hook, or maracas.

  23. Girl From Impanema that tune reminds me of this too … for some reason.

  24. This is one of my favorites, like the groove.

  25. Yeah, Spin…I can totally see that.

  26. “Wedding Day Blues” really kind a kewl. Like the violin, treatment, the lyrics are fun and playful.

  27. “Woman’s Got To Have It” – love how he starts it; staccato phrasing, jazzy. Mr. Hicks vocals are looser, he growls, he sounds less constrained like on a few other tracks. I like Taylor’s vocals in this song really well. Tune moves and grooves along nicely with a throwback soul vibe. Very Motown soul.

    (Love me some Elliot, the guy can saaang.)

  28. “Keeping It Real” – cute lyrics but don’t it (the music) sound like THIS?

  29. OHMYGOD. I knew it reminded me of something, but I couldn’t remember what it was.

    Oh boy.

  30. Only listened to it once, so these are my first impressions. The only songs I really like is the one with Elliott Yamin and Once Upon A Love. The rest of it is just meh for me. Maybe You Should starts out good, but then he’s basically saying if you want to leave, then leave. Doesn’t Taylor want to fight for love? Just left me a little cold. 19 starts out good too, but by the end of it, I was bored with it. It might have some success as a country song. The rest of the songs didn’t hold my attention. At this point, What’s Right Is Right might be the best song on there.

  31. Darling Man, half listening to my computer (his desk is behind mine) just yelped out “P” word that rhymes with ‘ragerized’ when he heard that track. He said that “New Found Freedom” is an offshoot of a Mike McDonald song. He’s looking for it. Something from the ’80’s he said.

  32. Snow, I’ve just given it some listening this a.m., once through So far I’m liking “Woman’s Got to Have It”, “Battlefield”. I need more time to listen through it again to collect my opinions.

  33. (talking about the “Keeping It Real” tune in ^^ post)

  34. I knew you’d like that one A2M. 😉

  35. Oh my gosh, MAYBE this is setting the stage for a big guest spot on “Hannah Montana”!!! Mr. Hicks’ has been awfully close to The Mouse, lately.
    Fuel to my theory: Why is that CD leaked on the AOL Kids’ Page??!?

  36. taylorfan06 Says:

    spin, you got that right about the Achy Breaky thing. What was he thinking there?

    I really love Taylor and expected great music from him on this new cd. I hate to say that I feel very disappointed in many of these songs. I wanted to hear plenty of intense vocals, high energy, sax/harmonica blues style songs and what I’m listening to falls way below my expectations.

    This cd SHOULD have been great! Instead, I feel it’s a step back for Taylor and what he’s all about. I feel sad about this because I wanted him to WOW us with ALL he’s capable of. Maybe I’ll feel different when I listen to these songs some more, but my gut tells me that I might have to wait to hear his next cd (hopeful) to hear that “hunger” that’s in his belly.

    I hope the exclusive tracks raise the bar a little higher for me on this mediocre recording. It’s a bit of a sad day here.

  37. I was wondering that myself, YKW. Perhaps the American Idol connection. *shrugs*

  38. Yeah, there we are – no sex sax again.

  39. I’d feel bad for tayfan6 but I’m too busy dancing to Seven Mile Breakdown, that was right after I scraped myself off the floor from Maybe I Should. I can hear the heartbreak in that song. Great vocal.
    Yeah, Keepin It Real very close to Achy Breaky Heart but not quite and the lyrics crack me up.
    And I would pay good money to see a vid for Wedding Day Blues.
    That would make my year. 🙂

  40. I get what you’re saying, TF06. I felt that way last night when I went to bed. I got up this morning and listened again..and feel a little better. Do I think this is the best CD Taylor’s ever going to make? Nope. Do I think it’s better than his last one? Hell to the yeah!

    Just keep listening, maybe you’ll change your mind, maybe you won’t…and that’s ok, too.

  41. I am so annoyed that I can’t get streaming in my office; I am DYING to hear just ONE song at the least! *bangs head on desk*

    If anyone can figure out how I can get this to play at work somehow, please do inform me, pronto!!!

  42. Taylor should just stick to blue-eyed soul and R&B. I think that’s the problem with the cd. The song with Elliott is awesome… that’s what he needs to be doing.

  43. Oh wow. Spin’s trying to get all saxed up again. 😆

  44. I’m just kind of eh about the song with Elliott. I don’t know what’s wrong with me…they work well off each other. But somebody else said it earlier..in some of the songs, Taylor sounds like he’s straining. *sigh*

    But I can’t stop listening to Maybe You Should. Oh, and Battlefield is growing on me.

  45. I really like Maybe You Should.

  46. Maybe You Should was the first standout for me and reading around I noticed many others agree. At this point in time I want commercial success for Taylor and this CD may do it. I did not want a rerun of UTR, IYT, or the TH CD. and so I’m happy with this mix of soul, funk, country, and southern rock and inspiration.

  47. Why does Taylor need commercial success?

  48. Yep. Yep. Yep.

    Is it bad that I keep playing it over and over? Wonder why he didn’t release that one instead of What’s Right is Right.

  49. Way too many genres on this cd. Taylor is confused.. he doesn’t know what the heck he is. This cd is going to bomb big time, folks. He’s going against Kelly Clarkson. There no hope for this, at all.

    If I were Taylor, promote the heck out of What’s Right Is Right and Woman’s Gotta Have It and hope for the best.

  50. IAG, Why commercial success? Money=Freedom for Taylor and besides he deserves some positive reviews and radio play. It might be the country tunes that do it for him and I think that is why he chose to include some country this time around.

  51. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see Taylor ever getting commercial success. His genre is just too unique. He’s created a niche for himself, but unfortunately that has more to do with Grease right now.

  52. Maybe that is Taylor, Snow. Maybe he’s a little bit of everything. What’s that saying? Jack of all trades, master of none?

    And Kelly Clarkson happens to be an artist releasing her cd the same day as Taylors. It doesn’t mean that he’s going just against her. Hell, he’s going against everybody.

  53. “The Distance” is my favorite on this cd. I do feel that Taylor is at his best as a live musician and I’m interested in seeing him perform these songs in a venue.

    This cd is much better than the “Taylor Hicks” cd. I’m more interested in what the general public will think and how radio friendly this cd will be than what the SP thinks. He’s needs more fans and this is his “truth” time.

  54. IAG-I have to disagree with Taylor finding his niche at this point. I don’t see anything unique about this cd. He has placed himself in the Americana Roots genre by infusing different sounds on this cd. He may be trying to define his “Modern Whomp” style, but it’s Americana Roots.

  55. Well, that’s what I’m trying to say…his niche right now is as a performer in a musical and a musician on the side. And maybe part of his niche is that he doesn’t have his own musical style, which is really too bad, if that makes any sense at all. It’s like he was trying to please everybody on this cd.

  56. He’s said it more than once…that he always thinks about the songs that he picks for the album in the live sense. I think he can play the hell out of most of these songs, so that should be interesting.

  57. That I agree with;)

  58. I’m excited about seeing him live again. I agree that he will play the hell out of these tunes and make them come alive. I don’t have anything negative to say about the cd, but I’m not gushing over it. Taylor did well with the entire package. It will be nice when he becomes more defined.

  59. taylorfan06 Says:

    I feel so lucky to get the chance to see Taylor live TWICE next month on the West coast. My hope is that these songs from “The Distance” will deliver more of a punch in concert. I’m thrilled to have “new” Taylor music, but I’ll be just as happy to hear Taylor perform songs from “Taylor Hicks”, as well as hearing his amazing cover songs.

    I hope the best for the success of this CD. This whole exclusive thing seems a bit annoying and it could be expensive, getting the one “extra” track from Target and another at WalMart. What’s the story with that? The songs I really wanted to hear, Hide Nor Hair, Yes We Can, and …Importance were not included on the basic release. I hope they can be acquired individually.

    I will definitely be buying this CD but I really am baffled by some of the song choices, especially since like 50 songs were written. I wonder what those sounded like. Maybe we’ll all hear them in 2010. I really do love the guy and what he represents but right now I’m still feeling the blues and not so proud of this release. I could only have wished that Taylor was feeling “the blues”.

  60. This cd is much better than the “Taylor Hicks” cd. I’m more interested in what the general public will think and how radio friendly this cd will be than what the SP thinks. He’s needs more fans and this is his “truth” time.

    Agree 100%, CF.

  61. I decided to venture out and read some of the fanboards to see what is being said about the cd. After slipping and sliding in all the drool that’s being spilled I have come back to this blog because it hasn’t been hosed down with the SP’s DNA as of yet.

    While I wish nothing but the best for Mr. Hicks and I do like this cd better than his first post Idol one, I’m still confused on which direction he’s going. He classified himself as a soul artist, but this cd has no soul in it except for maybe WRIR. It’s a mystery I guess as Mr. Hicks seems to be.

  62. taylorfan06, if you want blues, Seven Mile Breakdown is a blues song, so there you go.

    See, this is what happens when you have too many genres on a cd, you end up pleasing nobody. Told you so.

  63. SP DNA…hahahahahhaa!!

    As for direction, I’m not sure Taylor knows where he’s headed.

  64. Hey…I’m kind of pleased. Sort of.

  65. CF: What do you mean? The SP is getting hot and bothered over the CD? How does that happen? lol

    I agree with a couple of other people that “Maybe You Should” should have been the single. It’s beautiful. I like the simplicity of the background music, among other things.

    I really like, “I Live On A Battlefield”, “Wedding Day Blues”, and “Woman’s Got To Have It.” In fact, I turned WGTHI up loud and got down with my bad self. Love it.

    Is this the same taylorfan06 who asked us to stop picking Taylor apart the other day? You sound different.

  66. Hey! Who wrote the songs? (Don’t say Barry Manilow!)

  67. I think Taylor cowrote Wedding Day Blues, The Distance and I hope to God he wrote Maybe You Should.

  68. Maybe You Should is too slow and the lyrics are lame. He’s saying if you want to leave me, go ahead.. he sounds like a wimp. Taylor, don’t you fight for love, dude? That song is sooo completely wrong for him.

  69. IAG-You have email coming;)

  70. I hear soul music in several of the songs. Even ‘Nineteen’, has a big soulful flavor if you really listen to it. These are the songs and covers he choose having had about 2 yrs to think about his 2nd CD. therefore he thinks this CD best defines him. So much of it reminds me of the stuff he did in the bars in Bama. It has such a southern, blusey, country boy flavor, done to even the inspirational and patriotic tunes. It is NOTHING like the TH cd, which was attempting to be pop and was just middle of the road. Face it gang, he chose these songs for his label. I do see this CD as him! However, I had thought he’d go with a few straight ballads, but I guess they aren’t funky enough for him.

  71. Think he wrote The Distance, all by himself and he co wrote ‘New Found Freedom’, which may be his anthem. I thought I recall reading he wrote ‘Maybe You Should’, damn the list of all the writers was up for awhile somewhere.

  72. I think this is probably the most real song on this cd and probably closer to Taylor’s true feelings than most want to accept. He doesn’t sound like a wimp…in fact the opposite. I think he’s saying that he couldn’t give what was needed in the relationship so he had to let her go. (sounds more like a personal heartache to me)

  73. Agreed, CF. Snow, that song is not about being a wimp, it’s about loving somebody so much that you’re willing to let them go.

  74. hicksaholic Says:

    I am already envisioning these songs live. On Battlefield he will be jumping straight up all over that stage. He can use his Grease acting training on Wedding Day Blues and Keepin’ It Real. I love Maybe He Should on the second listen. But I’m really pissed at IAG- I was liking Battlefield and now when I hear “smattered, battered, tattered, splattered,” whatever all I see is hash browns. And Keepin It Real is definitely Achy Breaky Heart although as I said on another site it could be an ingenious marketing plan. Get Billy Ray to call him on it and the ensuing media coverage will make everybody listen to the album. Free publicity!!!

  75. I agree, the guy in the song isn’t a wimp. A wimp would say, “Baby don’t go! I’ll do anything you want me to do!”

  76. hicksaholic Says:

    These songs are going to be good live!!! I think perhaps Taylor should tour the album and then record it because I really think they will grow on stage.

  77. Hey, don’t blame me!! You know you would have thought it too!!:lol:

    I don’t think the Achy Breaky heart plan is a good idea. Although a little trip to court would definitely land him some media…or something like that.

  78. Hence, the live album idea.

    He should do it. It would totally rock. Hell, take the audio from Whomp at the Warfield and press that. Put it to good use.

  79. LOL! I never thought about the Achy Break Heart angle…but hey-whatever works 😉

  80. I have to admit that I was waffling on if I wanted to see him again in concert. I’m glad I chose to go and now I’m pumped up to listening to new music.

  81. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Wow! So much music…so little time, how can I choose? lol. My life has taken the turn akin to the old Beatles classic…the Long and Winding Road…but this girl is strong and can handle (most) anything, with God on my side to lead the way. That being said I just got home from a long day at school, ran the kids to and fro, bought some fish food, a gift for my daughter’s friends b’day, a book and a cup of coffeee at B&N, and now finally after cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen and paying my bills, I am sitting infront of the computer thinking about the new CD “The Distance.”
    I listened this morning and while time permitted only a short listen, I chose the title track, New Found Freedom for the lyrics which we already had seen. I was inspired. There is an element that is positive in these first two songs that caught my attention, lifted my mind, and energized my spirit. I felt good after listening and went about my day with the melody of NFF in my head. The country is in turmoil right now, we all know, and turmoil might be part of our own personal lives as well to some extent. For that I am grateful for the Distance title track. I don’t need angst right now, nor do I look for songs or music that fill me with sadness. I have enough of that in real life, surrounding my everyday existence to keep me satisfied, unfortunately. I think life takes us through trials so that we may recognize the bright spots and know that these spots are indeed good. If we had all joy, it would be difficult to appreciate it, since there would not any contrast to know the difference. New Found Freedom is a joyful song to me, it made me realize the darkness that surrounds us sometimes, is expected as life is constantly about change, and growth, which ultimately is fueled by pain, then resurgence of the soul. I connect with NFF for reason that are personally meaningful, but Taylor’s connection to it is for reasons of his own, namely his freedom from the constrains of AI, the label that did him no good, and from the chains that bound him to be something other than what he is musically, as he wanted to be his own self in that regard. I have yet to listen to the other tracks. I am in no rush to be honest. I am getting there. I want to savor it like I would a beautiful bordeaux, let it unfold. I want each song to develop for me, in their own time, in my own time. I want each song to take it’s time in my head and heart, and essentially I would like each song to find a place in my soul. I don’t think I will identify with every song, although when I listened to Billy Joel, every song touched me and seemed to be written to outline my past, and many times predict my own life. I have a special connection to Joel that way, his music underscores many aspects of my existence. Taylor’s music from UTR, IYT, and his debut album do the same. I think this CD will too, in so many ways, so as I delve into this CD I am going with my soul first, open to past, present, and future connections that I find so intriguing with my favorite artists. I also vividly connect with and identify with the music/lyrics of Madonna and Don Henely. Taylor has put out his best work here , no doubt. Is it his very best he has in him? I don’t think so. He is so at the beginning of who he is, finding himself as an artist. That is the hardest part for him I think. So much of the past two years or even three years has impacted him, so many changes, and therefore so many evolutions, that he has to bring it all together. The ties that bind those experience lies in his ability to stay connected to his soul and his very keen sense of intuition as it relates to his visions for the future that even he has no idea what they mean for himself, for us all, and for the universe with which we all live as one. Listen again to the Distance, and see if after you listen and feel the melody THROUGH the lyrics, you don’t feel a little closer to someone else who may be far away. It is akin to the the Bridge album by Billy Joel, a very connected song that penetrates and moves us all a little bit closer. The world needs this right now.
    Good job Taylor. I am proud of you for these songs so far. 🙂
    Be well all.

  82. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Did NOT mean to write an epic. Sorry. I just don’t get on the computer so much these days, my kids and four trojan viruses have made certain of that. 😦

  83. What that song is really saying is if you want to leave, then leave. Not a big lose because I have another woman stashed away in closet for later. HAHA!

  84. arrow2soul Says:

    I think alot of listeners can really identify with this song.
    There isn’t anyone who has escaped heartache, breakup, and the letting go that ultimately leads to the separation.
    It is a great lyric, from what I just heard. WOW!
    Taylor empathizes to a great extent, and he clearly wrote this or sings this from that standpoint. I do not see wimp at all SS.
    I just see strength and determination that probably is the precipitate of WRIR.

  85. arrow2soul Says:

    I am really sorry for writing so much guys, I didn’t realize it was THAT long. lol. Forgive me. It’s been days and I had alot to say, unfortunately.

    Taylor is in Tucson? Lucky guy. Love the sunsets there. I am absolutely pea green with envy. If he gets the opportunity, he might want to walk out to the desert at night, when it is pitch black out, and cast his eyes up to the sky. In the desert skies there is opportunity to see the heavens, truly see the heavens as they were created, and meant to be seen. It will give his song WRIR more meaning, even to him, as he says “When you have a dream…I say reach for the sky…” that lyric makes me think of the
    desert at night when you KNOW that up there is promise as it is defined. The millions of stars and the endless universe is unveiled before your eyes, and it so grand, so expansive and limitless, well…you just know, that anything truly is possible in this world. I spent many a night staring up there, and it has shaped my philosophies, and what you are reading right now from me. The desert saved my life, and the desert sky created my visions. You really should try it sometime. Wear a coat it gets cold there at night. 🙂

  86. AZ is a very beautiful state and you are right, the night sky is to die for. AZ and New Mexico has the most beautiful skies, especially the stars. But it can get damn cold out in that desert at night. I lived there for about a year and also lived in Sedona, AZ. Beautiful country indeed.

  87. jerseyirish Says:

    Haven’t listened to the whole CD, had computer problems they had to build me a new laptop so I’m just starting to catch up with work and Taylor. What I did hear on the CD I loved, his voice was clear and catches your attention. Will listen to the whole CD later, got to get back to work.


  88. Glad you’re back, JI!!

  89. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, The best part of the computer thing, my IT guy at work was able to recover and tranfere all my Taylor stuff onto the new computer didn’t loose a thing!!!

    Finally got to listen to the whole CD, myself very pleased with what I heard, there wasn’t anything on the CD that didn’t appeal to me. Alot of different genres but all well done. Loved Battlefield, Maybe you Should, Keeping it Real, Woman’s Gotta have, they were my top favorites. Enjoyed Once Upon a Love, 7 mile Breakdown, and Wedding Day Blues. Just thought it was a well put together CD, saw Taylor’s many sides.


  90. I’m still on the fence. Teetering on the brink. Who I’d LOVE to hear from right now… Gray Charles.

    I would love to hear what charcoal colored Gray Charles would say about this album. Right now.

    Gray Charles, Gray Charles, Gray Charles.

  91. Not enough sax for ya? 😆

  92. I’m not loving this record. Maybe it is time IDOL BLUES shut down.

    I hate the over pronunciation. It Is NOT Phrasing. Sounds so fucking amateurish. I hate some of the outright “borrowing” (Achy Breaky Heart) that he did.

    I think he’s a maybe fucking fake. I think too that fact his ‘peeps’ let someone like poetcindy who’s such a completely horrid writer take this thing and give her a first sampling and write-up more evidence of how badly his management falls to the wayside. I am so sad about this right now it’s hard to type.

    Where’s the sax? Where’s the harmonica? Where’s the fucking blues? He’s so fucking into himself he gets a hard one on singing but he doesn’t get what the fuck to do to create a damn album? WTF?

    Go ahead… kick me.

  93. Grey not enough of anything. It’s a POP bit of pablum.

  94. My thoughts exactly.

  95. No kicking here.

    When I saw Taylor on Idol, I thought…wow, I really want to see if he has any of his own stuff. I can still remember popping that CD in, Under the Radar, and listening to it…I was mesmerized by it. It’s all I listened to for weeks. I knew he had to get a contract and record…because I knew it was going to be good. That’s what I’m waiting for..

  96. Dare you invoke His holy name??!!? *crosses self*

    You know, Spin, I think it’s damn interesting that you say that. I was actually talking about that exact thing with someone earlier today. Don’t you think though that the TH cd was MUCH more POP pablum than The Distance?

    Let’s talk it out. *grabs whiskey*

  97. Well after all this time we still are not seeing it. At least I am not. Why the fuck can’t this stupid man deliver what he does live? What in hell is wrong with him that he is so robotic in recording?

  98. littlewing Says:

    Seven Mile Breakdown and Wedding Day Blues. Thank you, thank you, thank you! For me, these two capture what I love about Taylor Hicks. That southern fried soul that I fell in love with to begin with. The stellar enunciation and delivery, just classic. Of course, he’s excellent on all the songs, but these two are my faves. Am liking I Live on a Battlefield too which has great commercial potential, imo. After a long wait, Taylor is back to please both long-time fans and gain news ones. Good job.

    Yeah, I miss good ‘ol GC and would love to get his take…he was mainly just a fan like the rest of us, after all.

  99. You are sweet littlewing.

  100. Amen

  101. I think too that fact his ‘peeps’ let someone like poetcindy who’s such a completely horrid writer take this thing and give her a first sampling and write-up more evidence of how badly his management falls to the wayside.

    It’s like Jake Davis thanking the “Yes, Taylor” sites right? Yeah, I agree, that sucks. I mean, is he afraid of what the more “realistic” amongst us would say?

    Now, honestly, I can say that I don’t hate it. I really don’t. There are some tracks I like way better than others. There are tracks that I think will kick ass in a live venue.

    You know, I thought the same thing about the lack of instrumentation. You and I thinking alike, Spin. Go figure. 😉
    But I’m wondering if that was eliminated to make it radio friendly? I’m thinking that instrumentation translates better live, than on a CD release.

  102. I’m not kicking Spin!!! Would I kick my own soul??!? LOL!

  103. His holy name? 🙄

  104. littlewing Says:

    Spin wha??? Really? This album has redeemed my faith. It is a little more understated that I would like, but it is so much better than the first album to me. I mean sure Keeping it Real and New Found Freedom are kind of cheesy, but oh well..like I said earlier I would be happy with just one or two good ones, so I got my wish. He’s gonna be allright!

  105. Thing is, I don’t think I’ve ever had a CD where I liked every single track. As for this CD, the majority are just ok…with a couple that stand out for me.

  106. I love you YKW. *grabbing Jack Daniels* I’m so glad you are here with me right now. LOL *slugging a shot*

  107. I am so glad you like it – that you found what you sought in this album.

  108. Naw, man it’s the whole Vibe that make an ALBUM.

  109. littlewing Says:

    aw thanks spin. girl, the blues are there. I mean, didja check out that guitarist, omg. I just dig the blues/bluegrass/honkytonk vibe of Wedding Day Blues. It’s a testament to his roots. Really didn’t expect to like any of it, had set the bar really low. Maybe something will click for you tomorrow, or when you crank that mutha up, lol. OK, will try to contain my excitement now. It is at least closer to what we were looking for, maybe just not all the way there yet, but still.

  110. The three that I can actually listen to are three more than I thought I would like.

  111. I would not leave you in times of trouble, Spin, we never could have come this far.
    I took the good times, back when we were waiting and waiting. I’ll take the bad times.
    I’ll take you just the way you are….


    Now seriously, do you think The Distance is more pop than TH??

  112. I thought Wedding Day Blues is a cool song too. I like Taylor’s sense of humor and I bet there’s lots of truth in that song. I forgot what her name is, but I think that song is about the old girlfriend that works at Kid One.

  113. littlewing, I have such love when you say ‘Crank that mutha up” Man that’s a kick – gal. hahaha. You know I will so do that. You know sometimes, you’re right you just gotta blast that mutha fucka hup and get the true Vibe. I’m gonna try that angle chick. I might be over analyising this whole mess. Gracias chica for puttin me back in the “real”.

  114. Dude-ess chcek my comment to you down the line – forgot to connect..

  115. littlewing Says:

    Yeah Grey, very few albums in my lifetime that I’ve liked every single solitary song. Skynyrd, Johnny Winter, the ABB and maybe a few more. And I can’t leave out KISS in their early days, lol. But liking every song on an album is surely a rarity these days.

  116. I totally agree, Spin. That complete vibe from track to track is what makes Springsteen’s Born To Run a classic. It’s what ties together the Allman Bros. Band vinyl.

    I do take issue with that aspect of The Distance. There is a dis-jointedness to it, it doesn’t exactly “flow”, does it? Someone earlier said there’s something for everyone … I don’t necessarily think that’s a good thing.

  117. Nor do I – my main point in my thinking this album still a work in the mind of Hicks.

  118. Thing is Grey some of these tracks are just… *sigh*

  119. LOL!

  120. Oh, I agree with you…but the fact that are a few that I can listen to without cringing already has the TH cd beat. By a mile. Obviously this isn’t the best cd Taylor is capable of making..but for whatever reason, it seems to be the best he can make right now.

  121. Wow Spin, sorry to hear about your dilemma dear. I have never read your Idol Blues blog. But wanting to shut it down because of T’s cd is somewhat drastic, don’t ya think?

  122. “I think too that fact his ‘peeps’ let someone like poetcindy who’s such a completely horrid writer take this thing and give her a first sampling and write-up more evidence of how badly his management falls to the wayside.”

    Spinny is jealous.

  123. I wouldn’t be “jealous” so much as saddened that Mr. Hicks feels the need to surround himself with “yes men”.

  124. Wow! The last time I read this thread there were more ups than down, then Spin comes along with her Wed. night spinning and it’s all spinning downward. JUST KIDDING. Truth be told when I listened to the entire CD. after Idol ended, I was less enchanted than I had been on the first 4 listens. I like 4 tunes and keeping my fingers crossed for 3 radio hits. Be nice!

  125. Honestly…there might be a country hit with Nineteen, but since his management decided to put out WRIR first (WTF?)…who knows what they will release next.

  126. Oh I have a lot of thoughts about that crap but not worth it.
    Just a couple
    1st album –too many instruments
    this one not enough instruments. Good grief, Its possible there is a reason some of you aren’t record producers.
    And this, the day will never come when I need Gray Charles to tell me what to think about anything or anyone else for that matter.
    And am I interested in what he thinks? I’d read it but not really.
    Its like every other album I hear some good some not so good. And at least one or two really great. And some for commercial purposes. Blogs open, blogs close, it ain’t gonna make a nickels worth of difference to Mr. Hicks.
    A fake? NO Never exactly what you thought? very possibly true.
    He not a genius or a messiah , hes a talented man with a distinctive voice trying to make a buck.

  127. Please let the next single be Woman’s Got To Have It. I love that song! I can’t get enough of it. Now that’s radio hit song, for sure!

  128. Nope, Henry…I said too many instruments on this one, too. 🙂

  129. A radio hit? On what kind of radio, exactly?

  130. Well, I have to say I LOVE the fact that everyone can speak their mind here. I happen to like most of the songs on the new CD, but I love that Spin’s passionate post wasn’t deleted, the way it would have been most other places.

  131. That’s an R&B song that Top 40 would definitely play, but the song needs to be released.

  132. And that just might be where the problem lies.

    I never understood why they sang Runaround on every show known to man, then didn’t release it as the single.

  133. We’re all about free speech here, Caryl. 😉

  134. I can dig it.

  135. taylorfan06 Says:

    I find myself agreeing with snow today. WGHI definitely needs to be the next single. It’s pure Taylor and Eliot adds great vocals and harmony to the song.

    If Taylor does return to AI this season, in April or May, it could be a great opportunity to give the song extra exposure. I think that it would be a groovin’ R&B add and likely (hopefully) get more airplay than WRIR is getting currently. More power to TH & EY! Let’s do it boys.

  136. taylorfan06 Says:

    I meant to add that it would be killer to see Elliot on AI with Taylor.

    Who knows, maybe he’ll make a guest appearance on a shadow tour. Maybe on the West coast. It could be good practice AND a definitely a night to remember.

  137. ROFLMAO!

  138. I have my doubts on Taylor sharing the stage with anyone at this point. He’s too hungry for exposure for himself. You really think he would chance Elliot upstaging him? He goes onto AI, WRIR will be the song pimped. 😉

  139. Yeah, I’m thinking the same, CF. As cool as it would be, I don’t see Mr. Hicks onstage with Elliott Yamin, who:
    *finished 3rd.
    *had much higher sales.
    *received way more radio play.
    *dates a model. 😉

  140. I think he’s a maybe fucking fake. I think too that fact his ‘peeps’ let someone like poetcindy who’s such a completely horrid writer take this thing and give her a first sampling and write-up more evidence of how badly his management falls to the wayside. I am so sad about this right now it’s hard to type.

    There you go again. We went through this shit back in December of 06 when I first interviewed Taylor. You think Taylor’s a fake. Who cares that you think that. How do you fake having an amazing voice.

    You don’t like me. BIG DAMN DEAL You never have. You seem to think you are perfect but so many know better. I am NOT a YES man but I do happen to like the CD quite well more, than I expected. You don’t like my review, fine that is your choice. I am so sick of you going through fits and bringing my name into them. I thought most of the SP were adults but you are amongst one of those who prove being an adult doesn’t mean acting like one. But guess what SUNNY I could care less what you say or think. Right when I start to think you are a ok human you prove me wrong again.

    I love the CD and that is my opinion I got a first listen because I got lucky. You think I’m a horrid writer but your opinion means nothing to me. Grow up someday it’s not such a bad thing.

  141. I like most of the new songs. There are a couple I will need to listen to again. NFF and 7 Mile are there two that didn’t grab me right off.

    I think Taylor has done a good job. I put no expectations on what i think his music is going to sound like. i haven’t been disappointed yet.

    There were two songs on the other cd I didn’t care for either, JTFTW and Place I’ve Been.

    I love the diversity of all the different sounds on this cd. Or actually all his cd’s have a lot of different sounds.

  142. Right when I start to think you are a ok human you prove me wrong again.

    Only in SoulPatrol Land would having a dissenting opinion be a mark against one’s humanity.

  143. This has nothing to do with Soul Patrol Land. if she doesn’t like Taylor fine. if she doesn’t like me fine. But she does not know me and I have done nothing to her EVER. But to always find a way to degrade someone, that is a human thing and a problem. I don’t like certain things about certain people but I do not feel the need to go a site and put them down because of that. If I am the only one who thinks that is wrong, I do not understand people at all.

  144. This blog is about freedom of opinion regarding Taylor. I made the mistake last night of not moderating Spin’s post regarding poetcindy, and I apologize for that. However, now Cindy has come on to defend herself. From now on, if Cindy and Spin want to continue their personal argument, it can be continued somewhere else.

    You can say whatever you want about Taylor on here, and I can almost guarantee it won’t be deleted. However, have some courtesy to your fellow posters and keep the personal jibes to yourself. If you want to make remarks on the Soul Patrol as a whole, that is ok…but just try to make it not so personal.


  145. Sorry IAG. I try to never argue with people and let things go but when I see I am being talked about and by same person as usual I feel I have the right to defend myself. But I am done.

  146. I don’t know why I don’t come here more often, because I certainly enjoy myself every time I do. And as someone so perfectly stated, it’s not full of “SP DNA.” 🙂

    My very small 2 cents:

    That being said, I personally have mixed thoughts of the CD. Some songs I like (MYS as the main one, of course, and WDB), and some I can do without; but then isn’t that true of every album anyone puts out?

    I do think Keeping It Real is very “Achy Breaky,” and I think “New Found Freedom” is a cousin of “Philadelphia Freedom,” IMHO.

    I can’t wait to hear all the bonus tracks.

    At the end of the day, I just really enjoy hearing his voice.

  147. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Hear Hear Henry8!

  148. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    You guys will pelt me with harmonicas but I kinda think Elliot does outshine him on the Woman’s Gotta Have It song. But they do sound gorgeous harmonizing together.

  149. No pelting here.

    I kind of agree with you…I think Elliot’s vocals are a tad bit better. Taylor sounds like he’s straining in some parts.

  150. I can’t wait to see the reviews from real music critics. I think the reviews will be mixed and the “standout” song is the Elliott Yamin song.

  151. I think Taylor has no problem sharing the stage with Elliott Yamin. If he wanted it to be all about him, he would have never recorded a song with Elliott in the first place.

  152. jerseyirish Says:

    poetcindy, Loved your review of the CD, pretty much captures what I thought of it. The CD really highlights his voice and ability to jump genres. Some songs I like better than others, but wouldn’t give any of them a thumbs down.

    SS, Loved him and Elliot together they really compliment each other in song.


  153. I guess some of us like it and some don’t LOL. I really like it. Seems to me certain fans are waiting for Bar Taylor to show up on a CD. But I don’t think Bar Band Taylor is going to gain him enough fans to make a living. He’s been there and done that. I guess if this CD tanks he may be forced to be Bar Band Taylor once again back in the BARS singing to small audiences barely scrapping by. I really hope that doesn’t happen.

  154. Futhermore, I could care less who has the better voice, as long as those two voices complement each other and they do!

  155. This is interesting. A website called “Hot Music Releases” sorts albums by genre. They have “The Distance” listed under “Country.”

  156. How sad that they took the preview down. No more listening until the 2nd.

  157. It looks like the country category includes country and bluegrass. I’m not sure that’s the category I would have put it in, but you can’t exactly put it in hip hop…which also has soul listed underneath it.

  158. I’m not sure Bar Taylor is who I”m waiting for. I’m looking for “use your damn potential” Taylor, personally. I just think he’s capable of more. That’s all. 😉

  159. Ok, who captured Maybe You Should? Anybody?

    I’m kicking myself for not doing it now.

  160. I’m not surprised that’s listed under Country. Taylor has a Southern twang in many of those songs.

  161. Yes, I’m not surprised either. But I wonder who decides on the genre? Do you think his management is touting it as country? That would be smart, I think, since country music sells well.

  162. Maybe they decided to pitch it to Country stations, because 19 is def a Country song. I don’t know – I’m just guessing here. Maybe they are still waiting to see how people react to these songs. I’m not sure if What’s Right Is Right was the best choice for the single – that is def an AC song, but it’s difficult for new music to get played on AC. Hard to say what their strategy is. My personal opinion is WRIR got chosen for the single because of the age group of the majority of his fans and they are likely to buy.

  163. What do you want him to record, IAG? Give us some new covers … that might be an interesting diversion.
    I want to hear “I’m On Fire” by Springsteen.

  164. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Maybe you Should was one of my favorites, didn’t get back to listen again today, the 2nd will be here soon. The songs do have a blusegrass/country sound to them. I also wonder who gives the rating on the genre?


  165. I’m working on a post like that now…

  166. hey! “I’m On Fire” was my idea! (LOL) I blogged about it. That would be HOT!

  167. taylorfan06 Says:

    Thanks snow. So he wrote 7 of the 11. I was hoping his name would not be listed on KIR. Lawsuit, anybody?

    Good news – WRIR is getting airplay on VH! Jump Start. Hopefully the video will make its way to the Top 20 Countdown. It would be an improvement over the noise they call music today.

  168. taylorfan06 Says:

    Actually co-wrote. I was hoping to see self penned Hicks songs on the CD.

  169. Hmmm…

    He co-wrote Once Upon A lover? Ugh.

    I think he needs to go back to the days of writing his own songs.

  170. I mean, look at this…http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:fiftxzykldse

    Tell me how much better that was.

  171. Thanks, snow! So Climie has writing credits? Huh.

  172. taylorfan06 Says:

    TOTALLY agree!!! It will be interesting to see how this CD sells.

    I personally like “Taylor Hicks” much better. It was much more cohesive as a whole and I actually love EVERY song – well, DMA not so much.

    I do look forward to seeing Taylor perform these LIVE anyway. I bet I’ll have a new appreciation for them (hoping). Anyone going to the Belly Up or The Roxy??

  173. I was hoping for a song he wrote all by himself. I think he’s better on his own.

  174. Hey, Climie cowrote WRIR. Could that have something to do with it being the first single?

  175. See my earlier comment…that’s exactly what I think, too.

  176. Oh, I bet. It sure in the hell doesn’t have anything to do with it being the best song on the album.

  177. I read somewhere that if you can get writing credits on an album, you get more bank. Just FYI.

  178. taylorfan06 Says:

    Totally agree AIG. It will be interesting to see how this CD sells.

    I personally like the “Taylor Hicks” much better. It was much more cohesive as a whole. I loved EVERY song on that CD – well, DMA, not so much. Not a Rob Thomas fan.

    Anywho, I look forward to hearing the new songs live. I can only hope they will make me appreciate them better. *fingers crossed*
    Anyone here seeing him at the Belly Up or The Roxy next month?

  179. spin I am sad that you over indulged last night, and then called Taylor stupid and a fake. he is neither of those things and you know it. I think it is hard to separate Taylor the person from Taylor the entertainer.
    Many of us feel we “know” Taylor although none of us do, and yet what we see from him is not “him” but a side of him that is the person who is working or entertaining. The other day I posted something that probably should have explained better. I wrote that I see through the smoke and mirrors, and I was referring to and trying to explainthe concept of the entertainment field. Nothing we see on TV, or in concert, or on the Cd’s is really the person themselves, but is the artist performing their craft. When Taylor tags, he isn’t sending messages but rather performing or entertaining us. When he is on TV he is also performing, and perhaps acting as well, to a great extent. It took me a while to understand this, and in this way I am able to watch Taylor and enjoy him as a musician, and let his craft bring out the things in me that I am happy for, but I don’t see him as real or fake, I just see him as I see every other entertainer, as a working professional earning a living. He isn’t going to be real with us anyways, he can’t, and even if he was, we don;t know him to understand if what we see is real or fake, how can we assume that? What basis is there for comparison? I think the JD went to your head, and if you really weren’t stoned, i would just say you were having a bad day.

  180. Taylor’s label is called Rocket Science? That’s pretty cool. 🙂
    Science is my thing! He is really a gem to be honest, not knowing him, he is truly a rare and unique man. (((((Taylor))))))
    I missed the songs on the Cd as I only listened to a few yesterday, i think four of them so when it comes back I will catch the rest.
    great discussion but I got to run. Be well all.
    WRIR is on VH1!!! I knew he could do it!!!
    I love NFF!

  181. Taylor’s label is Modern Whomp Records.

    Rocket Science is who does his marketing.

  182. taylorfan06 Says:

    It’s funny, even though I wasn’t blown away by the new songs, I miss not being able to hear them. That Taylor DEFINITELY has a hold on me.

    Looking forward to the 10th. I hear he’ll be on Ellen (not literally).
    The show!

  183. Hey everybody should start watching the VH1 Top Twenty countdown this Saturday @ 9:00. They show new vids trying to break into the Top 20.

    Taylor is going to be on R&K this Monday, too… don’t forget.

  184. So now we know why that song got chosen as the single.

  185. I love “Maybe You Should” because of the tone of his voice and I think the concept that he’s “giving up on love” because he’s singing a heartfelt ballad is silly. Half the love songs in the world, maybe over half are about a broken heart and don’t have a happy ending. Don’t confuse enterainment with reality. Taylor’s not giving up on love. He’s singing a song.

  186. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Still I like the sound of that. I am ALWAYS using that term. Today in class, the kids were picking up so well on a concept called “mass mass stoichiometry” using dimensional analysis. It is kinda complicated especially for a teenager but my kids are getting so good at it…(my heart is swelling) So I always love to build the kids up, that is how I get them to try, and today, as i was teaching, i said to the class, “hey I am no rocket scientist and this is NOT rocket science! You are merely becoming powerful thinkers and channeling your energies correctly…” They all agreed I was no rocket scientist. 🙂 lol. At least in that way j do think like a kid still.
    It was weird to see the the word label then rocket science that’s all.

  187. Have I mentioned my love for Maybe you Should? 🙂

    Angst. Gotta love that.

  188. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Yeah would have liked to hear Maybe you Should a few more times beefore it was taken down.

    SS, will be checking out vh1 on Sat. thanks for letting us know, haven’t watched in awhile but will on sat. Monday I have etched in my mind will not miss that.

    a2s, Like that term “rocket schience”, has a nice ring to it. Glad all your students receptive to learning.


  189. ‘Maybe You Should”, really sounds like the type of song Taylor writes and I bet he wrote most of it. Could he have gotten his latin influence from the fact Miami Sound Machine was huge when he was about 12-15 yrs old? I just don’t care for ‘Once Upon A Lover’, and was not a fan of West Texas Sky’, but somehow the bama boy likes him a little salsa.

  190. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Rosie I noticed his love for the latino sound in Hold on to Your Love, and in West Texas sky. I think both of those songs use latin influence in the sound. I love both of those songs so much in fact that they remain my favorites, of his creations. It is hard to understand where exactly we all get our influences from. It does exist however in our fabric. We all are composed of our biological makeup, or genetic components from our DNA, and then we are all a product of our environmental influences or our upbringing, and then as a last thread for our fabric we have our essential selves or our spiritual side that is manifested throughout our lives in the form of artistic expression and talents. I think we are a combination of these elements, and that is why we are so unique and special as individuals. Taylor is no exception, yet he is exceptional. He has a unique blend of DNA, environmental factors, and spirtual or soulful qualities that he is beginning to understand and channel. His road ahead is really quite interesting as it will take him to unchartered territories that even he has not yet imagined, but all of them are bright and smooth roads, as he has laid the foundation within the past two years to now walk the path that his unique qualities have afforded him.
    I can’t wait to see him finally be where he is destined to be, but it takes time, as all things do, and it takes patience and sometimes pain. IYT and UTR were his times of pain, as were his tenure years in the bars, but now that is in the past, and he has paid his dues, cut his teeth so to speak, now he will reap the rewards that his, rightly his for his place in the sun is just beginning. His new CD The Distance is to me equated to be his sunrise, metaphorically speaking, of course.
    Thanks JI. Did I tell you that I was nominated by several of my peers yesterday for Teacher of the Year for our school. I have never been nominated for this, it is an honor, and I cried when I read it in the school news paper. I probably won’t get it, but all the same, in 10 years of educating, I have never been nominated until this year. My enthusiasm grows each year for teaching, it is my passion, part of my DNA, my environmental influences, and of course my essential spiritual fabric.
    Be well.
    Got to run and work the tables in the restaurant now. Coffee anyone?
    sorry for typos…rushing like a mad hatter

  191. I LOVE West Texas Sky. It remains one of my favorite Taylor songs!!

  192. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Congratulations, what an honor to be nominated by your peers. It must have been an emotional proud moment for you. I’ll be rooting for you, even though my vote doesn’t count.

    Also loved WTS and HOTYL, always loved the sound from the minute I heard them.


  193. Arrow2Soul Says:

    WOW! Thanks guys for that. See how a little love goes a long way, I feel really good right now as I head off to work again. If I could only find my apron…all would be good in the world. lol.
    Early Works is unimaginably/unquestionably my favorite “CD” that Taylor released. I just like how he remastered the songs and brought them to life. I have that CD in my car and in my room, and I have one in my computer at school too. I play it frequently, sometimes in the classroom like after school or during class even, when I feel like I need a lift to my spirits. THAT is what I find in Taylor Hicks, I find my spiritual sense, my inner self reflected back to me, so I can really know myself and then really grow too.

  194. Arrow2Soul Says:

    WTS equals LOVE to me. The lyrics in that song, tell the story of my flight from my home to Arizona, although I was headed for California at the time, just never made it. But the emotions he sings about, going where no one will see you cry, and the longing to walk along the ocean and stand beside the sea, while sooooooooo simplistic, are just exactly what I felt as I drove for five days until my car ran out of gas in AZ. Oh well.
    Now I am gone! I am late!

  195. Well spin and IAG I guess you all need to move on. LOL If you don’t like what the boy puts out then, well OK. I think it’s funny that you, IAG, think some of the tracks are slightly worthy…this coming from someone who was the biggest Taylor fan ever until it wasn’t cool to be one…

    That being said, I hated his first cd post Idol. I tried to like it, but I hated it. And I was brave/stupid enough to criticize it on the boards…

    So anyway, I really like this cd. Too bad it’s not what people wanted. I think it’s pure Taylor. He’s not just a soul singer, jammer, rocker, country boy, seventies stylist, etc. etc. He’s all those things.

    So, if you hate it or think a couple of tracks are OK, why do you pretend to be Taylor fans? Could it be for attention? I’m sure not.

    But I might be a hypocrite, I was vilified for hating the first cd. So what do I know?

  196. Warning! Off topic! BL/A2S: Did you go see Taylor in NYC?

  197. taylorfan06 Says:

    Taylor’s in Tucson. Check it out.

    P.S. Could someone please tell Taylor to stop with the “you knows”?
    He definitely does NOT know.


  198. Could he be any finer in this video????? My god, those sleepy eyes! And he is so sedate and serious.

    Oh lawd….have mercy!

  199. You know, you know, his skin is you know flawless, and you know, he has, you know, the best profile. The eyes, your know, are lethal weapons, and you know I love his smile, and well you know, the whole package is so fine.

  200. So, that’s another interview with the “new and improved” Mr. Hicks. I’m actually loving the centered, thoughtful side of him … you know.

    Hmmmmmm….. you know what I mean.

  201. I’m not sure it was ever “cool” to be a Taylor fan! LOL!

    And Badfantoo, you should know it’s cool to like a few tracks, dismiss a few tracks, and still call yourself a fan … it’s what we “bad fans” do, afterall.

  202. I’m so proud of him for not yelling out Soul Patrol.

  203. Wow…that was actually a really good interview. A refined, serious musician. No goofiness, no soul patrol shoutout. Cool.

  204. I meant that I like WGTHI.

  205. He takes direction well.


  206. It’s a southern thing TF6

  207. Hey, I have a dumb question. What does ETA stand for?

  208. Edited to add…

  209. There’s a little bit of goofiness at the end when he gets excited over a box of chocolate cookies. The man loves his chocolate, ha!

  210. Yeah…but it was cute. 😆

  211. Yeah, I noticed that. It was the only time he really perked up. Wonder how many boxes of thin mints he’ll be getting at M&Gs now? haha

  212. And I will say that I thought he went to Vegas because Idol was there. He made it sound like he went there to gamble…and went to the audition as an afterthought.

  213. Interesting that I actually agree with Snow about something! This is Taylor’s CD…he could have made that song any way he chose and he chose to let Elliott’s vocal shine that way. If he only cared about himself, that song would sound much different than it does. Taylor is a great fan of E’s voice, he has said so a lot of times.

  214. I know. I felt like I was hearing the story for the first time (because it was different)! But that’s OK. He’s still fun to listen to.

  215. Me too!!!

    Taylor, you really do make us proud when you don’t act like a parody!!

    *mwah* *mwah* *mwah*
    Bad Fans Kisses R Hotter … LOL!

  216. Yeah, but I can think of some die-hards who are having a fit because of that.

    (snickers and walks out)

  217. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Fair…I have gone to see Taylor in NYC, yes. He played the Beacon in 07′ and I had my copy of HFOS signed at the book signing in July that year too. I did not get to see Grease, unfortunatley. as it made its Broadway run, but his stage door appearances allowed him to sign a couple copies of Early Works for me. I gave one of them to JI actually, and the other one to another fan/friend down south. I still have three other copies of EW though, but the ones he signed for me I gave away. I think that is it. Yes, I have made my way to NYC to catch the Taylor wave. Why do you ask? Do you know me?
    Be well.

  218. I just had the rather unfortunate experience of having “Give Me Tonight” pop up on my last.fm player. Hearing that crap gave me a new appreciation for tracks like “Once Upon A Lover” on the new release. I know I’m guilty for forgetting how far Mr. Hick’s has come in terms of song choice, and the ability to choose his own selections to record.

    Maybe that’s the point of some of the track selections, in that it’s what Mr. Hicks has chosen to share with us, to let us know where his personal stylings lie.
    Or maybe I’ve just dumped too much whiskey in my coffee this morning.

    TGIF, all. 🙂

  219. I am thinking that this Katrina/Vegas/Idol story is closer to the truth, as I have heard it several times recently….and/or the flavor of the month!

    My initial assessment of the CD (latecomer, here) is that I like one song.
    I need to not listen on my computer, perhaps, but although I love the playfulness of a couple of tracks, the only one where I hear Taylor discipline and maturely handle his voice is Maybe You Should. ,And although I love the flip side of Taylor in the scatting bar mode even better, the recording mode I like for Taylo
    The rest make me feel like I am on the playground with Taylor running from the merry go round to the teeter totter to the swingset….he is just playing around? I wish I liked the anthems more, too. There is still something missing for this work….doggone it.

  220. …crap….it submitted before I finished the statement in the middle…

    , the recording mode I like for Taylor is a bit more warm and somewhat controlled. I think that Georgia stands out for me…. although it was free form, it was vocally amazing. I also think of Somehow….and I know you all don’t probably agree, but The Maze. Good grief, he just knocks that one way out of the vocal park.

    I have only listened once to the tracks, so I have that only as my reference point.
    And I must admit….Maybe I Should is a great song.

  221. ..o.k….Maybe You Should….
    and maybe I shouldn’t talk about something I don’t even know the title of.
    …and maybe I need to be about my day now!
    Have a good day Grey-ees. 🙂

  222. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I’ve heard he loves dark chocolate…. 😉

  223. taylorfan06 Says:

    Estimated time of arrival.

  224. taylorfan06 Says:

    Ryan Seacrest brought up the fact that his brother was instrumental in Taylor auditioning for AI. This is the first time where he actually mentioned his brother in that story about getting the airline voucher and going to Vegas. He finally gave his brother the credit for us “discovering” him. I also heard Taylor gave his brother the Mustang he was given at the end of AI.

  225. Interesting..because in an interview, he said he gave it to his dad. 😆

    Amazing how Taylor likes to mix his stories up!!

  226. taylorfan06 Says:

    Suze – I lLOVE “The Maze”. I wish it had been a single! Most people rated it as their least favorite on the initial release of “TH”, but that song really grew on me and I LOVE that song live. The tags are a”Maze”ing!!!

    I agree with your take on the new CD completely. Hopefully they’ll grow on me or hearing them live could make the difference. I will be buying the CD, regardless. I hope you will also.

  227. caryl, itsallgrey, snowstorm, and others,

    I saw your post on Taylor’s genre on my site HotMusicReleases.com and thought I’d respond just as an FYI. I compile all of those lists myself about once every two weeks and spend most of my time formatting the information from various sources. Frankly, I don’t remember which one had him listed as Country but it stuck when I cleaned up the list. With hundreds of releases each month, I just don’t have the time to validate each genre. I hope you understand.

    Ironically, I got a similar e-mail from someone at the Clayboard yesterday because Clay Aiken was also listed as Country for his 3/31 greatest hits release. I’ve updated my records for Clay to have him in Rock next time I update my lists (March 2). If you think I should do the same for Taylor, I’m happy to do it. I recognize that both of them would ideally be under Pop but I’ve intentionally left that category out. It’s just too broad and far too many artists would fall under it to be helpful to most site visitors. Again, I hope you can appreciate my logic.

    Finally, I’d make the offer that if itsallgrey (or designate) wants to do an album review for Taylor’s album, I’d be happy to feature it on my homepage for a few days. It might help Taylor a bit…


    Adam from HotMusicReleases.com

  228. Ok, color me confused. Why are you buying the cd if you don’t like it? I’m not trying to be a smartass, I just really would like to know your reasoning behind that decision.

  229. Awesome, Adam. Thanks for clarifying that for us. There’s an email coming your way!

    Thanks for posting!

  230. IAG…I have purchased every single Billy Joel release, simply because I want his entire collection i guess. Same with Henely, Madonna, The Eagles, and now Taylor of course. it is just nice to have all of the CD’s of an artist or a band in my opinion.
    Cannot speak for anyone else though.

  231. Poetcindy,

    She said something similar to Gray Charles. Don’t let it
    surprise she has a track record.

    She obviously did not take her meds again.

  232. 15, I’d appreciate it that when you come on this blog, you would have something to add to the conversation, not something to bring it down to another level. There was a reason I deleted your comment yesterday.

  233. Somewhere a while back you posted something that lead me to think I may have talked to you in NYC. Were you there over Labor Day weekend?

  234. No it’s not!

  235. Labor Day weekend was when? I am so tired I can’t think but I was there in the end of August, maybe the 27th or 26th, I can’t be sure. I don’t think I spoke to anyone there, I was with my friend, and I don’t recall talking to anyone but I guess it was possible. Were you at the stage door after any of the Saturday matinees? That is where I was.
    Be well Fair, I got to get on to bed, so tired I can’t keep my eyes open right now.

  236. I was at the cancelled show on Sunday night. At the stage door when he tried to sneak out behind his bodyguard. The same weekend you are referring to. I spoke to a lady beside me very briefly. Said she had seen Taylor at Jones Beach? Long brown hair???? I’m getting old.

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