Undiscovered music…Taylor with Spoonful James

I was browsing the other day, looking for old Taylor music, hoping against hope that I could find something that I had never heard before. I hit the jackpot. Not really sure how this set got past me before, but here it is in all it’s glory.

Five songs performed by Spoonful James and Taylor Hicks, way back in January of 2003 at Workplay in Birmingham. This is young(well, mid-twenties young), raw, passionate Taylor, along with his friends, really feeling the music. I’ve already done one post on Spoonful James and how great they are, but, honestly, I don’t think they get the credit they deserve.

In the first song, Too Late, you can hear the great vocals of Wynn Christian, with (I’m assuming) Taylor on harmonica. Taylor also chimes in during the chorus.

Next up, Your Time is Gonna Come, made famous by Led Zeppelin. Standing on Shaky Ground by Delbert McClinton makes an appearance, too. This is just letting the music lead. Fantastic. Just on a side note, Taylor’s accent totally cracks me up at the end. I don’t know if he’s drunk, or just “at home”.

I’m a Steady Rolling Man is next on the menu. This song was originally sung by Robert Johnson, a famous blues musician, who was also famous for “selling his soul” to the devil in exchange for the best blues anyone had ever heard.

Why does Love Got to be so Sad? has been sung by Taylor and Spoonful James more than a few times. In this version, they tag U2, Still Haven’t Found what I’m Looking For. Here they are, five years later, singing at Ona’s in Birmingham.

And lastly, The Badge, which became a great encore song for Taylor during his tours, comes alive with Wynn and Taylor. Here’s another version done by Wynn and Taylor in Dothan, Alabama in 2007.


11 Responses to “Undiscovered music…Taylor with Spoonful James”

  1. No comments? I’ve been downloading the songs and haven’t listened to all of them yet, but I love what I’ve heard so far. Funky. Hope we haven’t lost the funk with the reinvented Taylor.

    Today was my friend’s funeral and I’m on my way back over to her house. Tomorrow I should be able to really listen to these gems and comment appropriately. His music makes me feel good and I need some of that right now.

    Thanks for finding them for us.

  2. Caryl, so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you can find the comfort you need.


  3. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Great videos, he was lost in the music in both. Thanks for posting.


  4. I think some of us might just be TH exhausted after last week’s video and this date reveal. lol I think I am. I’ve been busy tarding about someone else this week – oh those shiny objects…. ha.

    Still love you Grey-gal.

  5. Death is the final goodbye. That one the hardest to make. I’ve seen a great deal of that so I understand your emotions, Caryl. It’s just another step forward. Death allocates no step back. (hug)

  6. I was wondering…hahahaha

  7. whatplanetamion Says:

    tishlp posted this on The Boogie last August. Here is the original location, complete with the ENTIRE set:


    You can get the Flac files at that link and don’t have to enter the Great Vault of You-Know-Who.

  8. Well ain’t that kewl, whatplanetamion good to see you here, man.

    ‘Preciate the hook up.

  9. Oh, Caryl. I am sorry. Be well, friend.

  10. I’m resting my typing fingers, clearing my brain of fog, and ordering a new thesaurus in preparation for next week’s CD stream. I’m trying to be a good fan.

    It’s exhausting. LOL!

  11. Boy, I enjoyed that. On excursions like this, it is all about the music.

    BTW, I l had to listen on the archive.org link from planet. That first link , iag, gave me flashing lights of virus warnings, etc…. my Norton had to fight them off. But all is cool…

    Peace be with you, Caryl. I am sorry for your loss.

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