In case you were wondering how close we were…

here is Jake Davis’ vision for the What’s Right is Right video.

Visually I wanted to create mystery with Taylor Hicks. With someone as famous and recognized as Taylor is, it was important to me to create an allure, an attraction, a mystique around him in this video. So my director of photography Jim Larer and I took the moody film noir approach and kept him in the shadows with low-key lighting, a very high contrast level, and shot night-for-night. We always kept the camera moving even if it was slight, the frame was always filled with an out of focus foreground, and the angles were always slightly askew. These are all classic noir techniques but I used them in a very modern way.

Ahh, the mystery man..He did a good job with that. I love the way this was filmed and this really answers the criticism of some fans who wanted to see more of Taylor. Maybe this video is actually for those music listeners who normally wouldn’t be interested in Taylor. People who might recognize him and immediately dismiss the video. The Soul Patrol knows what the hell he looks like, and what Taylor needs is new fans.

I used up to four layers of video at different opacities and dissolve lengths to create that fantastical dreamy look. On the technical side, we shot 4k and 3K on the Red camera with an entirely digital workflow using a Mac Pro, Final Cut Pro, Color, Looks Builder, and delivered an uncompressed digital 2K master on a portable hard drive to the client.

Um, okay…and what’s interesting is that he delivered the “master on a portable hard drive to the client.” Why does that sound dirty to me? And I don’t remember getting the master. I thought I was the client.

My stylist Christopher Kreiling worked on getting those few pieces just right from the slim fit of the jacket to the slight break of the pant. Taylor is actually quite a clothes horse and was really into it.

How come that statement doesn’t surprise me? Taylor a clothes horse? I did like what he wore, especially the jacket. It just added to the mysterious element of the video.

Ultimately Taylor and I wanted to tell the story of everlasting love. From the older couple at the diner who have overcome the obstacle of the husband’s physical disability to the younger couple at the diner embarking on their first romance. And finally Taylor’s own potentiality of love at the end of the video. These all represent the different stages of true love.

I think this was what a lot of us talked about on the blog. The journey of real love and the differences that can be overcome by it. Ok, enough sappiness for now. What I’m really excited about is the behind the scenes video. That will be really cool!

I’m sure it was a mistake by Jake Davis, but I can’t believe that was not in the list of more reading at the bottom of the article. I guess Taylor just comes to us for career advice concerning the Soul Patrol and fans. (no more SP shoutouts, blogging regularly). 😉 By the way, I’m still a little distraught that Bill Will didn’t have a cameo appearance.


23 Responses to “In case you were wondering how close we were…”

  1. Jake, Taylor and Taylor’s team needs to promote the hell out of this video. This is a great video that needs to be shown on VH1.

  2. IDOL BLUES is not there either Grey. I am an unknown quotient. An unnecessary entity. :cry

    From what I see in this situation, Grey we failed in the communication area. Sure we posted commentary. Sure we’ve included links to help folks find him and the latest out there on this video. So did they. Top that they’ve personally worked to have ‘that relationship’. We failed because we did not do that – you see, those site owners contacted him, requested interviews and love him up nonstop. We don’t fit the criteria. Top that, I’m vain. I wanted him to chase me. darn. 😛

  3. Snow so you don’t like it one bit. hahahha

  4. I seriously love this vid, Spin. I’m not being a smart ass.

  5. jerseyirish Says:

    I thought Jake did a great job interpeting the song. Enjoyed reading his insight and thoughts.

    SS, Totally agree this is great video everytime I watch it I see something that makes me love the song more, the video will be a great marketing tool.


  6. I know, been reading your posts. 😉

  7. taylorfan06 Says:

    LOVIN’ you, SS on your statement on the video. My jaw dropped to the ground when I read that. I, too hope that Taylor’s team will be rushing this video to VH1. It DOES need to be seen and I can only hope it does.

    Jake’s video makes the song an amazing visual/audio experience. VERY classy work. I hope they work together on the next video.
    *fingers crossed*

  8. Sounds like the Soul Patrol finally found somebody who LIKES their attention.

  9. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, You have a way with words, too funny!!! 🙂


  10. Kerry Kleiners agency and Jake are just people who won the bid to do the video. It turned out well and I think the idea of a serious Taylor, nightclub singer was Taylor’s and his teams. The artistic and tech stuff was Jakes and his crew. Jake now has SP fans. Randy called Tay his friend, Elliott sang on Tays CD, so like Jake they get invited into the inner circle of the SP.

  11. Forgot to say I liked your above thoughts, Grey, especially the part where non fans who would dismiss Tay as a rule, may be caught off guard and stick around to watch this video.

  12. Off topic alert! Glad to see Amos Lee at the top of your music list. Love him hard!!!!!!!

  13. Another off topic alert! My wish is for a discussion of whether or not Taylor grasps how good/hot looking he is. Recently, he seems to be more in tune with his sex appeal, or Not! I say yes he is. What say you?

  14. Maybe he is. He probably has trust issues too. If he was Joe Blow walking past you on the street would you have noticed him? I think he realizes how he affects women but also wonders whether it is for just him or all that he represents.

  15. Oh God, he is one of my favorites. He is fantastic in concert, too!

  16. Nope, I don’t think he’s any more in touch with his sex appeal than he was two years ago.

  17. I remember a story once about how Taylor and his friend went out to eat…way long time before AI, and the waitress couldn’t stop staring at him. So, I think maybe he’s used to attention from the womenz.

  18. Who am I to comment on his emotional state, really? But since we’re purely speculating here … trust issues? Mr. Hicks grew up with a mother who was a substance abuser, in a volatile custody situation, and was shuttled from home to home. Yeah, I would say that would create a truckload of emotional baggage.

    Do I think he’s aware of his sex appeal? Eh. I think the dirty, sexy, bar singer we see onstage is a different manifestation of the man in meet & greets and in his day to day life. I’m nearly certain the PERFORMER is aware of how to use his moves to affect his audience. As far as Mr. Hicks, himself, using his sexuality … I would have no idea.
    And I’ll leave that where it lies. 😉

  19. Kinda lost me on your comment YKW.

  20. It’s merely a matter of conjecture Fair, speculation can be so … speculative. And all that. LOL

  21. Fairhope, the first part of my response was crafted around your comment re: “trust issues” Mr. Hicks may/may not have. I stated my reasons for concurrence that he may, indeed, have these “trust issues”.

    Rosie requested discussion on whether Mr. Hicks grasps how good/hot looking he is. It’s my belief that there are 2 versions of Mr. Hicks, 1) The Performer, and 2) The Private Individual. I very much think that The Perfomer does what it takes on stage to elicit a response from his audience. Now, do I think he has those moves one on one … no idea.

    Hope that helps.

  22. I’m speculating that Spin is spending time in my head, again.

  23. Well I do enjoy rattling around in there, YKW. Most entertaining. 🙂

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