Wooo..no SP shoutouts!! And other randomness…

I also watched this interview. No awkward backbend or woooo in this one, either.

I think our baby boy is growing up..definitely moving things in the right direction. I just heard yet another new audio blog from Taylor today. I think that makes the third in as many weeks. No Soul Patrol shoutout in that one either!!

But, the whole Whomp at the Warfield fiasco puts a damper on things. He’s been trying to get this video out for what, two years now? Damn, dude. Either give up on it, or be completely positive that it’s going to be shipped before selling it. I think that dvd has some kind of curse on it, probably put on it by one of the Simons. The latest news on that is that it has been discontinued by the manufacturer, according to notices sent out today by Amazon. What would have been nice is if Taylor would have addressed that issue in his audio blog. Can’t have everything, I guess.

Also, I’m hoping this news about reupping his Grease contract for the 2009-10 season just means he’s touring with them until January 2010 or something. Ugh. In fact, I can’t even think of anything good to say regarding that. So, I’ll stop talking about it.

I heard rumors that a couple of the songs on the album were going to be digital exclusives, leading me to wonder if I’m going to have to buy a hard copy and download one too? *sigh* I must hear “Indiscriminate Act of Kindness” sung by Taylor. Must. Until then, I’ll just keep listening to Foy Vance sing it. Songs like this..songs that tell a story are right up Taylor’s alley. He has the ability to bring a song alive with his vocals, much like Foy Vance does in this version. Cannot wait to be able to compare the two!

Yes, I know that I’ve put this video up before, before somebody reminds me. But I felt the need to put it up again. Click here for the lyrics.


68 Responses to “Wooo..no SP shoutouts!! And other randomness…”

  1. WATW and Early Works both could have and perhaps should have been dropped. Someone is on the ball to revitalize his carrer. Since he is at the helm, has his independant label, looks happy and is the one calling the shots, I’ll give him the credit. This man has never had a real job except for 2 weeks stripping floors in a nursing home. Could the long term Grease thing equal what most of us consider a job or a career, that is some sort of stability, a regular paycheck. a reason to get up and showered in the AM? It just might be that first time regular job, with good pay and benefits.

  2. Who the hell is Dr. Smarmy on the right?
    “Gee, Taylor, how old were you when you went gray for the first time?”
    How I wish he would have answered “Uh, Dr. Smarmy, I’ve only gone gray ONE time.” *smacks Dr. Smarmy upside his dumdum head*

    I may be in “a mood”. *sigh*

    I agree with Rosie. Mr. Hicks has done a very good job this week with the “reinvention” plan. Let’s hope he keeps it up and that the “Grease ’til 2010” thing goes the way of WATW.

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I agree also Taylor is doing a great job, he is getting wonderful positive publicity. I’m not concerned about him going further with Grease, I believe he has a master plan all worked out of how this will all play out. At this point he is making money through Grease and his shadow dates, with no real overhead, can’t beat that.


  4. jerseyirish Says:

    Oh forgot to mention the date made it onto Splash, thought it was just a matter of time before they picked it up.


  5. Oh Splash, that wonderful, wholesome website…


  6. I have a question about the ‘Soul Patrol’ thing.

    He said it once recently, when he basically read it off a cue-card on R&K. But other than that, when’s the last time anyone remembers those words passing his lips, whether in performance, or in an interview, or whatever? Do we dare believe that the Soul Patrol shout outs are finally dead, killed, terminated, executed, and buried? (Not that I care about this – heh.)

  7. I love that Splash tried to spin it. There’s yellow journalism and then there’s yellow journalism. They did zero research.

    I don’t even care if I have to buy the hard copy and a digital exclusive to hear Taylor sing “Indiscriminate Act of Kindness” might tide me over till he decides to call it quits with Grease.

    But, the way things are looking, pompadours’ will either be back in style, or Taylor will be totally bald by the time he’s finished with that run.

    At this point, Whomp at the Warfield is passé. My guess, based on nothing is that he’s having a problem getting rights from artists for some of the tags that he does. Shame, I’m sure he put out some bucks to get that thing made.

  8. True- I believe the shout outs might really be amorte.

  9. You mean to tell me he didn’t do a shout-out at his last concert?

  10. Nope. Not one.

  11. It is now Feb. 21st here in Maryland. On Feb. 5, 2009 while promoting Grease in Balto. on the morning Fox station I saw him say SP and do the Ray Charles bend. Tay does his own thing and I think that is great!

  12. Thanks rosie.

    I remember him doing it at a Radio station interview in Baltimore too. That must have been right around the same time – Grease opening. But not since.

  13. And someone who attended the Baltimore show mentioned that there was no was “soul patrol” at the shadow gig in Baltimore.

    I dig it when the guy’s body spazzes as he’s performing, as a natural response to the music. I like the physical involvement in the music (from any musician, really).

    I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns when it’s done on purpose, as TV reality-show fakery and pandering. I just lose all respect. “Bringing back the REAL”, after all, was what drew my interest in the first place.

  14. I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns when it’s done on purpose, as TV reality-show fakery and pandering.

    True, thank you for articulating this sentiment! Yes, I feel he needs to “move on” from the AI persona, but whenever I saw the shout out and bend, I instinctively felt it was “forced”, as if Mr. Hicks felt it was expected of him.

    Hmmmm, no SP at Ram’s Head? Really? The bad fan in me feels encouraged by that. Is the “Grease” gig REALLY bringing in new fans? It’s almost too much to hope for.

  15. jerseyirish Says:

    I don’t think the shout outs or the bend will ever go completely away, they are part of his personna, people do relate to that. I think he is moving in the right direction, he seems to have really good promotional people guiding him this time out.


  16. AMEN, True. Amen.

  17. I think it might, if he’s smart enough to figure it out. I don’t think it’s part of his persona in real life, I think it was for AI.

  18. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I agree part of what he created on AI the sp. I do remember seeing some pre Idol videos of him and he does do the bend, so I don’t think that was Idol, he has mirrored himself after Ray his idol, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I do believe he is trying to create a more polished performer personna now, but do believe the shout outs and bends will stay not on a regular basis but will come out now and then.


  19. Bwhaha, I was going to comment on what you wrote. I’ll just ‘second’ it. LOL(Regarding Doc Smarm)

  20. I hope the digital downloads are available on Amazon. Itunes, Rhapsody and sites like that crash my computer. Otherwise, I’m going to have to wait until some other “Bad Fan” puts them on You Tube or Sendspace. I’m more than willing to buy a download of the whold CD, but if it’s not on Amazon, I am SOL.

    I’m gonna hate it when CDs are eventually phased out and everything goes digital. I enjoy the cover art and liner notes.

  21. OK, can’t spell today. Whold is supposed to be Whole. Sorry.

  22. jerseyirish Says:

    Bad Fan, I hope they don’t discontinue CD’s as we know them today. I also like the covers and reading the info inside. Guess if thats the way its going to go, gonna have to learn how to do it, right now my kids download everything for me, I’m neve sure how to do it.


  23. I’m thinking that there will be several versions of The Distance. I’m reading that The Empire of Evil known as Wal*Mart, is offering a bonus track.

    I won’t miss CD’s the way I miss vinyl. When they discontinued vinyl, so ended an entire genre of album art, the nearly sacred feel of placing a new release on the altar (turntable) for the first time, and the rapture of losing oneself in the mystery of the album as a whole.

  24. Real cover art is dead as an art form even with CDs. Man, you have to check out the old vinyls to find the true art work. I collect old albums – love to listen to them on the turntable. Something so cool about that slight hiss some of the old ones have that I absolutely dig. We have some amazing albums on the wall the artwork dimensional, pockets, zippers, moving parts. Fabulous graphics.

  25. YKW we were posting similar thoughts at the same time! Yikes, Psyche!

  26. That special feeling of using that turntable setting the album in place just is not replicated in this digital era.

  27. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, YKW, My hubby will never let go of his vinyls, has many that he bought two copies and never opened one. We still have a stero with turntable in our livingroom. He pulls out his Rolling Stones, Pink Flyod and all his favorities sits there between the speakers and just gets lost in the music. I even have my folks collections of all the classics, Goodman, Sinatra, Cab Callaway too many to liest, I have crates full of the old vinyl’s we have kept stored in a dry cool place. You just can’t replace stuff like that.


  28. Spin, you don’t want to be in my head … it’s a dark and twisted maze. LOL!!

  29. hicksaholic Says:

    I had a great collection of albums. Unfortunately my oldest daughter who was about 4 or 5 at the time decided they were all dusty so she washed them all. They didn’t play the same after that.

  30. Oh man, I couldn’t agree MORE about the cover art. I swear, I remember there being an award category for cover art, wasn’t there?!?

    Something so cool about that slight hiss some of the old ones have that I absolutely dig.
    EXACTLY! Such an amazing thing with vinyl, the sound of the material actually became a part of the music.

  31. JI, ahaha, along those lines – when DarlingMan’s dear Grandmother passed, cleaning out her house which was packed with all sorts of memorabilia – we found some… Slim Whitman albums. *giggle*

    One night we actually spent a few hours kicking back with beverages and listened to some of her old albums and those Slim Whitmans LOL. That was a kick.

  32. I can relate. ha.

  33. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, When my Mom passed and we got through everything we found some classic Mom’s Mabley laughed for hours over them. My kids will still pull them out and listen to them, that was one funny lady!!! You just can’t replace stuff like this, so many memories attached to all of it. I told you how my Dad would dance my Mom around the house to Sam Cook, I have the album still and always touches my heart. The kids bought me a CD but it just isn’t the same to me.

    Hicksaholic, Kids you never know what they will do, probably thought she was helping Mom.


  34. I collect old albums, too, and frame them — a fairly cheap, fun way to decorate the house. As for vinyl, my brother just bought a brand new turntable and there is, indeed, something rich and satisfying about listening to an LP. That said…he had just hosted a 70’s party and had a lot of bargain bin LPs on hand. And I must say, there’s nothing particularly rich or satisfying about listening to John Travolta’s “Let Her In” in any format. 😉

  35. I’ll take exception to the presumptive “people do relate to [the AI gimmicks].” Obviously that assertion doesn’t stand up. You’re surrounded right here and every day by people who not only do not relate to it — they are repelled by it.

    And I agree that he’s moving in the right direction – though we’re probably not talking about exactly the same direction.

    I’d take exception too to the “really good promotional people” statement as well, since they haven’t managed something as fundamental has having his upcoming CD cover and release date announced on the front page of his official website. They only got the video announcement up within the past few days. No pre-priming that on the official site, either. I don’t think there’s any question that’s not good promotion.

    But it is better than it’s been before, yes.

  36. Vinyl? Turntables? Shh..snowstorm will hear you! (I’ve still got some 45’s.)

  37. FYI: January 16th Taylor signed my playbill: T-scribblescribble Soul Patrol!

  38. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Got some of my old 45’s too, a little scratched but still put them on once in awhile while my husband grimaces because you can hear the scratchy sound, but still love them.


  39. *taps True on the shoulder*

    You forgot to mention how the really good promotional people once again completely fucked up on the WATW dvd. *shakes head in disgust*

  40. bwaahahhaha, Caryl!!

  41. ::SIGH:::…. there was nothing better than laying on your bed with your ear phones on and the album cover 6 inches from your face, totally getting lost in the album art and the lyrics. The freaking words on CD are too damn small for me to even be able to read….. :::SIGH AGAIN:::

  42. AMEN !!!! I still have my original Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke Album with the huge rolling paper. I was the only one who refused to use my rolling paper. My son now has it hanging in his room and I never really went into any big explanation as to why some people did not have the rolling paper 😉

  43. I love this new reply feature..

    Grey, I also want to thank you for the Foy Vance video. This guy is really good. My interest is also peaked now about how Taylor will interpret this song. I think that Vance did an amazing job. Is this song written by him?

  44. Yeah, he did write it. Another song of his that is amazing is “Gabriel and the Vagabond.” I just can’t say enough good things about this guy’s music.

  45. Thanks.. checking it out now. I keep replaying Indiscrimate Act of Kindness over and over on his MySpace.

  46. The only fuck up on that was the usual, which is Taylor hyping and not delivering. Actually at this point I think releasing that DVD would represent a step backward. If they’ve withdrawn it for that reason, then I say good call.

    That guy needs to learn: under-promise, and over-deliver. Not the other way around. Unless you’ve got it in blood, just STFU about it because there’s plenty of other stuff you could say, and people will be perfectly happy with it. But this product stumbling and bumbling really need to stop.

    He’ll get it. He’s really coming along, IMO.

  47. I just watched that Fox video you linked to. Way cute. And no embarrassing stuff! …aaaahhhh… What a breath of fresh air.

  48. I know! It’s one of those songs that I just can’t get enough of…and the message behind it is fantastic. That’s the kind of music I was really hoping for for Taylor. Not this bubble gum, poppy stuff.


    I know the potential is in there.

  49. I know, right? I was like…oh thank God. We made it through another interview without the SOULPATROOOOL!!

  50. You can embed, you know.

  51. Amen Sistah !!! From your mouth to God’s ear…

  52. There’s a button below the video which says “menu”. You can get embed code there.

  53. Ahhhh…I couldn’t embed the link from Fox. Not sure why.

  54. Yeah, I tried that..but wordpress wasn’t agreeing with me.

  55. Oh I forgot. WordPress – not terribly video friendly.

  56. What’s up dudes? I’ve been away from my computer for a few days. Did Taylor run off and get married?

  57. Not yet, Caryl…but I’m sure there are people still waiting for the announcement!

  58. Any news about the 2010 Grease tour?

  59. Nope. None that I’ve heard.

  60. Look! Tayor’s on the beach with another blonde:

  61. Aww…you can’t see it, it’s David Spade!

  62. Look! Taylor got another gig:

  63. Sorry. Going through my photobucket account. I’ll stop now.

  64. AHAHAAHAHAH, Caryl!!

  65. I dunno about ‘from God’s ear’ – it’s about the ability to “walk” I’m gonna look at.

  66. Geez, just when I was hoping we could draw red lines again.

  67. Aw…sorry spin! I got you all excited fer nothin’.

  68. I’ve seen the “no real overhead” comment a few times, but with not much understanding of touring, I’m not sure I understand this. I can see that his own transportation and room and board are covered, and that he’s getting some free publicity by inserting it into ‘day-of’ radio spots. But the rest strikes me as still plenty to pay for:

    – band salaries
    – band transportation, room and board
    – venue rental (or whatever arrangment that is)
    – advance publicity(?maybe the venue does that)

    Not that it matters, and it certainly makes financial sense to piggy back on the Grease tour, but I’m just being a stickler about the word “no”. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a break-even proposition: the arrangment allows him to play small clubs (a good thing) and still pay for good sidemen (also a good thing). Only downside: may not be a sustainable model.

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