Hey Soul Patrol, does that exclusive deal with Target include a wedding registry?!? ETA: video


The day we’ve been anxiously awaiting is upon us. And who is the co-host, no other than Randy Jackson!! Well, this should be interesting.

Kelly wants a fruit tree, Randy talks about Twitter. Blah, blah, blah…

Taylor gave her a harmonica with a rose. Nice.

“Are you taking me to a swinger’s club?” OMG, I like this girl.

He’s wearing the fur coat. Ick.

Oh, do we have to have WRIR in the background?

Thank God, original music now…

Taylor’s having fish.

New York water taxi. Taylor wants to drive.

Little peck on the cheek.

Um, yeah, they go to a karaoke bar. Simon would be so proud.

Taylor is actually doing karaoke…”Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.” ahahhahahahah

Ripa says there is chemistry.

Did anybody catch a glimpse of Bill Will anywhere? No way Taylor made it on the whole date without him!!

Oh, and at the very end when he says “Thanks for voting..for the San Francisco treat!” did anybody else think he was going to say “Thanks for voting for me!!”?


25 Responses to “Hey Soul Patrol, does that exclusive deal with Target include a wedding registry?!? ETA: video”

  1. Not sure why the comments were closed..sorry.

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    I thought they seemed to have a nice time. She seemed to make the moves, with the golf, thought he would have shown her, and her asking for a kiss. I’m sure Taylor was on guard with the cameras watching but a little hand holding would have been nice to see. No didn’t see the likes of Bill Will anywhere they were.


  3. Oh, I bet Bill Will wasn’t too far away. 😆

    But it was all incredibly staged, of course….it was for publicity, and he got what he wanted. I have had three people tell me in the past 18 hours that “Taylor Hicks is going to be on Regis and Kelly”. He wanted publicity, he got it. I’m thinking it would have been nice to work the CD release in there more somehow. 😉

  4. She seemed like a bit of a pushy broad, but sweet. The more realistic half of me wants to cringe over this, but the mushy part kind of wants to say… AWE……. 😉

  5. ahahhaah “pushy broad”

  6. Ooh the chemistry! It just blasted through my television screen. I wonder if they’ve set a date yet?

    Actually I thought the “date” was kind of sweet. Nice that they played some of his songs.

    Definitely good pub.

  7. The “San Francisco Treat” is sooooo overdone. I’ll bet you most of this crap is scripted.

  8. I am repeating myself from elsewhere, but I do believe Taylor’s most loving moment was as he was looking at his dinner’s dessert!
    Also, he had better boots than hers.
    I thought this was real cute, ya’ll.
    And a set up….but fun nonetheless.

  9. Cute…nice that he was neither “stand-off-ish” not leering. I guess I’ve had too many baaaad blind dates. I imagine the people at R & K thought he was just right. And good publicity, yeah.

  10. Awww, c’mon Snow, where’s your belief in the Power of True Love?!? LOL!

  11. The “swingers’ club” comment was hilarious! Good publicity for Taylor, good original music and the single, and he’ll supposedly be back on R & K in 2 weeks.

  12. jerseyirish Says:

    YKW, Liked the “swingers club” comment also, thought it was pretty good.

    suze4158, His eyes did light up with that desert didn’t they?

    All in all I think they both probably had a nice time, Taylor was very aware of the cameras and wasn’t as relaxed as he could have been without them.


  13. Taylor has the star factor. Can’t fathom how the planning and date editing could have gone better. He was manly and sexy walking and talking with his hands in his pockets. It is a good long term career move to not hold hands and get all gushy over the gal. He is still an enigma and one who showed more tenderness, yearning and love when he kissed Bozo and held Bozo than he did on this Public Date with his SF winning treat. Good going Taylor, you leave fans wanting more and you excite and anger the public at large. Some mock Mr. Hicks but he just keeps going and going. He wanted his voice heard. He has been the only AI contestant who Seacrest remarked about having a first confident performance. He is the only AI contestant who has such charisma. He has come across, so far as such a nice guy. He was the celeb on this date but Julie should feel proud. He gave her, R&K, those that voted big props, by thanking them for selecting his SF treat. Tay deserves to be famous and I truly believe he will be around longer than the rest. I did not see an awkward moment, like some did. I watched 6 plus minutes of about a 4 hr date. I saw him laugh and slap his knee, in response to her swingers club comment. I saw the real Taylor once again. He seems very happy since last May when he announced the Grease role. Good going Taylor and props to Julie.

  14. He is still an enigma and one who showed more tenderness, yearning and love when he kissed Bozo and held Bozo than he did on this Public Date with his SF winning treat. Good going Taylor, you leave fans wanting more and you excite and anger the public at large.

    Rosie, I love this!! I couldn’t agree more. What you said about Taylor and Bozo is hilarious!! LOL!

  15. Yeah, I noticed she was making all of the moves. I think she came on too strong for our reserved southern boy. SOuthern women are a bit more coy and like to play hard to get. That’s what he is used to. Just saying……….

  16. I consider “broad” to be a rather passive aggressive negative directed sometimes at women who walk in the ‘man’s world’. I may have some personal derogatory feelings (wimmin shit) about that sort of thing since I walk there and have a certain sensitivity… I thought Jules did a really good job, considering…

  17. She acted like well, how me, as a Texas ‘Broad’ per willpen, would act. I’ve always been accused as being too demanding, forward, brazen, whatever. I liked how she conducted herself. Mr. Hicks might need more of that type of treatment were he so inclined, or should I say, should he appreciate that sort of thing. 😛

  18. Of course they – the show – played his songs. That’s how it was set up. Danny cooked, Taylor sang. The end.

  19. D’oh? hahahaha

  20. Very nice, Rose, and good points made while being very… funny. haha!

  21. Wonder if he went through the whole date without smoking?

  22. Fairhope, so often you are a thread behind, but I like you. I wondered the same thing myself. Perhaps he wore a patch and chewed nicoret gum. There are always bathroom breaks!

  23. Being one thread behind is my life.

  24. I wonder if he went through the whole date without Bill.

  25. No freakin’ way.

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