When in doubt, shoot up the middle!! ETA: video


Cringe worthy. Yes, it was, but funny at the same time.

Taylor is the nicest and most handsome gentleman on the planet according to Kelly Ripa. I think somebody might have a crush. :haha:

1. Taylor came out in his standard date uniform, chosen by Bill, I’m sure. The three women were already there waiting for him. Taylor looks a little nervous, clutching his questions cards.
2. Who wrote these questions, that’s what I want to know?
3. “Your San Francisco treat?” Okay.
4. A thick notebook to write down your thoughts? If I was stuck on an island with Taylor, there is no way I would be writing my thoughts in a notebook. Nope.
5. Um, how about number three singing “West Texas Sky”? Yeah, that’s what it was. πŸ˜†
6. Is it just me, or does number 3 look like she needs a shiny brass pole in front of her when she’s dancing to Greased Lightning?
7. Number 2…and the language of love? Who knew it was “mwahmwahmwah”?

And the winner is number 2, Julie Courtney!! She seemed to be the right mix of fun and personality..and not a stalker.
The great thing about number 2 is that she looks like all of Taylor’s previous girlfriends. Stick with what you know.

Oh, I can’t wait for tomorrow.


57 Responses to “When in doubt, shoot up the middle!! ETA: video”

  1. I gotta know… did Taylor yell out – Wooo, Soul Patrol on R&K?

  2. Nope. Not even once. No crazy backbend either. πŸ™‚

    Good boy, Taylor. *pats head approvingly*


  3. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, Checked youtube and R & K site nothing up yet. He was very charming this morning, me thinks he was happy with his choice. If you do get to see it watch when Emily comes out, I think he may have recognized her it wasn’t a happy look. Just something both Rosie and I caught.


  4. Cool! Can’t wait to see it!

  5. Yep, he shot her a look and she caught it – whoa, awkward. lol I think he had her pegged from the singing his song and the ‘love your new single’. That notebook part was so LAME.

    Julie was my pick from the start, she is a SFO treat! *giggles*

    Can’t wait to see tomorrow now. I must say didn’t Taylor look great?

  6. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, You found it, not real good at finding these things. He did give her a look. Tomorrow should be fun to watch to see how things went today, I’m sure they will have a nice day. He seemed very pleased with his choice and looked fantastic!!! πŸ™‚


  7. Checked out the dance moves again from the 3 gals, did you check Emily looking at Julie? *grins*

  8. He must have been relieved he didn’t pick her. I’m sure Taylor surfs the net and knew all about her beforehand or his friends tipped him off. it’s possible that the show tipped him off, too. I’m suspicious of these shows and I don’t think everthing they do is on the up and up, if you know what I mean.

  9. “”6. Is it just me, or does number 3 look like she needs a shiny brass pole in front of her when she’s dancing to Greased Lightning?””
    You got that right. Hahaha
    He definitely made the right pick, however its done. I think they will have fun.

  10. Bill so tipped him off. I bet he was on the headphones and said.. “Pick number two.” πŸ˜†

  11. If he checked out their pics and bios, the SF treat tipped him off to Julie. Number 1 said she was a southern girl , so he knew who that was. Process of elimination!

  12. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    I’m glad he picked Julie. Part of me can’t help but think that he sort of kind of gave Emily a bit of come-up-in’s by making her sing. He had to have known who she was, and about her power voting campaign.

    The singing of his song, sealed her fate. He wasn’t impressed.

  13. Exactly Rose!

  14. Gonna be a cynic, here. The winner had acting chops….the other gals seemed like regular folks. Could it have been a set up? πŸ˜‰
    Oh, no, not on tv….it’s never scripted, is it?
    (I am glad he picked her, though….she can dish right back whatever he dishes out….I like that)

  15. Bill was probably in the audience giving him the #2 sign. No doubt about it! HA!!

  16. Plus she’s a singer, herself… hmmmmmmmm! Wasn’t the other guy’s date an Irish dancer?

  17. Julie’s no plant. I think perhaps they liked what they saw (the producers) regarding television quality. I think they had higher hopes for Emily. Regis’ intro sorted of slanted that way. lol

  18. ..staged,and/or that…the Bill secret communication thing…

    I see Taylor and this gal hamming it up big time for their TV date. Should be fun to watch tomorrow. But the realities of the camera being there the whole time would be strange, if it weren’t for this being purely promotion, and all.

  19. I’m just thinking about poor Emily, after all she did to get on the show. Will this experience make her even more crazy than she already is?

  20. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    Emily could go all Tatiana. Could be entertaining.

    However, he did check out her ass, then gave her a “look”

  21. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I agree the SF treat tipped him off as to who was who, and Stephanie saying she was from the south, he was able to figure out which one he wanted.

    Julie just came across as someone fun to be around, nothing put on about her, she just gave the best answers and sparked his interest, don’t think there were any plants either.

    ShadowlessSoul, Did notice the look at the back end but the other look really caught me, to me it was very telling that he might have know who she was.


  22. If you do get to see it watch when Emily comes out, I think he may have recognized her it wasn’t a happy look. Just something both Rosie and I caught.
    Isn’t she the one who poured herself all over the Net for votes? Do ya blame him? He probably was thinking….HELL NO!

  23. Ok, why am I not seeing “the look”?

  24. Emily could go all Tatiana. Could be entertaining.

    Ok, shadow..that is cracking me up!!

  25. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    the look is at 4:03- 4:04 IAG

  26. So Julie won the date with Taylor and Bill, huh? SWEET!

  27. Um, yeah. I caught it that time. πŸ˜†

  28. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    Sorry. It makes me laugh.. πŸ˜†

  29. jerseyirish Says:

    They should have a nice day in NYC today, yesterday NJ & NY we had snow and ice, today it is sunny and in the 50″s.

    iag, Caught that look right when it happened.

    CF, She had the thing up on project runway finding the right outfit to wear for the show and date. Also heard there was alot of campaigning for her for votes.


  30. We’re sad, got to get all slo-mo over everything this guy does. ha.

    I so hope Bill has a cameo. :pray

  31. Julie is no plant and so so many actresses are dull with off the cuff conversation. She is a Real Estate Salesperson/Consultant and many have great personalities and people skills and have to be quick on the take. He checked out their info to be prepared and wanted no part of Emily. She’ d take along a thick notebook on the date and blab and brag about it all over the net. He’d have never gotten rid of her and he knew it. Julie seems grounded in reality and just her sense of humor alone would make for a fun time.

  32. I mentioned on the other thread that not only did he give that look with Emily but he used body language. He waved his cards, as in whew, I escaped that one> Check it out!

  33. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, You are good, went back and looked he did wave the cards as if the say “whew!!!”.

    I agree Julie just seems a nice match for him, she has a nice easy way and I think they will enjoy each others company.


  34. Arrow2Soul Says:

    He made the right choice. πŸ˜‰ He looked happy and gave her a big hug so I am glad he chose wisely. She was happy as can be too, but who can blame her!!! It will be cool to watch the date but that must be kinda difficult in front of the cameras like that. Maybe after this inital “date” they will find real down time to really get down to business. let’s hope it works out. She is beautiful and smart, and they look great together.
    Maybe now Taylor really is OFF the market and we can all invest in rice! lol
    And baby rattles for the happy couple…
    Be well.
    Got to run, will be back later if I can, after work tonight.

  35. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    A2S.. It’s been like 5 hours since they met. I hardly think that constitues “off the market.” She may be a very nice girl. Seems to be. But, it didn’t look like a love match. He had more chemistry with Kelly.

  36. The thing was a set up from beginning to end. C’mon girls. He’s not going to date an SP stalker. He knew exactly who he was going to pick before the dating game thing ever started.

    It was entertaining, but it was and is a publicity stunt.

    Arrow, I love your posts. Truly some of the most entertaining reading in Tay Tay land…

  37. I’m not sure if Taylor looked all that happy there at all. He hardly even looked at her. I didn’t catch a look he gave Emily. Where was that? I’ll have to look it at again.

  38. Maybe now Taylor really is OFF the market and we can all invest in rice! lol
    And baby rattles for the happy couple…

    Okay, that’s almost funnier than seeing Bill standing protectively just offstage!!! Hahahhahahaha!!

  39. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, If you look when she walks by he looks then his facial expression changes and he waves the cards like almost “thank goodness”


  40. Virtual Speak Says:

    This is pretty funny too.. Look who’s in the background.

  41. hicksaholic Says:

    Who is in that picture’s background? It doesn’t look like Bill.

  42. Looks like the cab driver to me!

  43. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I just woke up and got to really watch the video with audio, lol. And I must say that he was really into Julie, after them embraced he looked at her quite lovingly and I think he was into her ample cleavage as well!
    Wow! They played that Beyonce song All the single ladies…at the end of the clip, and it made me chukle. πŸ™‚ Just saying he held her pretty close on that embrace, and although he looked pissy in that one clip, he might just be pissed that he has to do things the way he does to please his fans which is really sad. Maybe Taylor feels like he has to eaaaasssseee someone in his life into the faces of the SP and his other fans so they don’t go all crazy. There! It’s out! I have a woman, and we really dig each other kinda thing. It was arranged, I know this becasue Kelly Ripa slipped and spoke over the prearranged announcement when they introduced the bachelorettes at the end. Tell me you guys did not notice THAT! lol.
    Julie and Taylor are a handsome couple and we should not do anything to make it difficult for them, like draw lines all over their pictures IAG! lol.
    I think it is exactly what it IS. At least now we all know the score. (wink)
    Be well folks.

  44. I don’t agree with your assessment A2M, don’t think he and Julie were an item before this ‘match’. C’mon this is for teevee promotion – we don’t know any ‘score’ here. LOL

    Grey’s line drawing brought it all into perspective for me. Top that we had a looong private chat session where she worked hard to convince me to write on my blog that “Yes!!!” that guy and Bill are the same! Sadly I could not concur. Even after multi angles and reverses, I still think it’s just a body guard. [/sarcasm]

    Waiting to see if Bill cameos. (again)

  45. Did we have to bring up the private chat? I’m still bitter.

  46. Arrow2Soul Says:

    True spin but I think they are an item post “match” lol!


  47. Karaoke! Bwhahaha that’s just great. Of course they had to go do karaoke.
    (I subliminally told them to…)
    spinshack // February 19, 2009 at 6:44 am
    “It would be kewl if he selected Julie and for the date they did karaoke. hahaha, I kid. Or am I?” (excerpt stolen off of chill’s blog)

    It was a much less awkward segment than Danny’s. Agreed A2M they could be fun together.

  48. spin I am certain with a California girl like that “bubbling” over with “enthusiasm” it would be hard…ahem (cough) not to have “fun.” lol
    Winking so much my eyes are twitching. No she really was “full” of that exuberance that any red-blooded American male loves,
    Let’s give them both a hand for that talented and convincing show. clap clap clap lol. The acting was superb but it did not convince me.
    Still I love him to death.

  49. Arrow, you are a wench, but a funny one. See, I’m not the evil one after all, hahaha!

  50. SS… I am not a wench but I do see through the smoke and mirrors.
    Again I don’t blame the guy, he can’t have a life really and if he is involved with a girl he stands to risk getting the fans in an uproar, so he has to gently introduce someone that’s all, and I think that is exactly what this is. My opinion of course, I don’t know for sure. They did not behave as if they had never “met”, their body language was too close for just meeting, they had intimate distance between them from the moment they met, so my speculation is that they are more than acquainted and more than friends. However he has to do it is fine, as long as he is happy… and he is glowing, alongside Julie, so more power to him and them.
    We all should be so lucky to find someone that makes us happy, I am still searching the planet for that special one that makes me shine.
    And this is merely my opinion on the Dating Game segment, I repeat, I don’t know if what I think is true or not, just saying what my impressions…I think they know eachother very well. By the looks of it, she has been to more than a few Grease productions, did you see her do Greased Lightening? My Lord if cannon balls don’t fly then what were those? lol. Seriously she knew the timing to the dance, that much I could tell for certain!
    Wench? HA! And you are evil snowstorm…just kidding. Not. lol

  51. Arrow, how in he world do you come up that they know each other? I saw no clues to that whatsoever. The whole thing was so completely staged, that it was almost painful to watch. This was a way for Taylor to get attention – END OF STORY. I believe Taylor when he says he’s private about REAL relationships and this was all done in fun and it came across as more of friend date to me.

  52. A2S, Seriously? Is that really what you believe or are you just messing around?

    I’m pretty sure Taylor is capable of dating without needing to orchestrate this elaborate plan to “out” themselves. Come on…

    I’m sure nobody, except for diehard SP’ers, believes that they will ever even talk again, let alone get married and have little Taylors running around. So, I’m not sure I see the point.

    As for the “date”, the kiss on the cheek was pretty telling.

  53. That Taylor, he’s such schemer.. he’s trying to fool his fans again. I think he got together with the CIA on this one, lol!

  54. GOTCHA!!!
    I AM a wench! HA!
    I was testing you guys and I know what you mean.
    Just love the whole conspiracy theory bit, it is fun to think right?
    Be well. I have a busy weekend ahead, laundry and dishes and other very cool things…water taxi paaaaaaaaaleaseeeee. i can show Taylor a perfectly wild weekend! Try watching your washing machine spin out of balance and walk across the frickin floor until humps the wall, boom boom boom. it really is a sight. The dryer gets all hot. lmao.

  55. Hahahaha, A2M, that was fun. Catch up with you later crazy Momma.

  56. I was just mad the CIA did not let Bill go on this too. (Or maybe he was just out of camera range…?)

  57. What? No little Julies and Taylors? Sadness. hahahaha

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