The reviews are in…

A music video promoting Taylor Hicks’ new song “What’s Right Is Right” has been released. Filmed in Chicago and directed by Jake Davis, it mainly provides a look into the crooner performing in a dark lounge with his trademark soulful sound.

Season 5 American Idol champ Taylor Hicks is back with a brand new video for his first single, What’s Right Is Right, off of his new album The Distance due out March 10th. If you’re looking for a big flashy production for a video, this is not for you. If you’re looking for a cool, soulful video to go with an equally cool and soulful song, you’ll completely dig this. Check it!

I like this song, it reminds me a lot of Michael Bolton in it’s slowness, but it’s got a good vibe.

What do you think? Even though I wasn’t a card carrying member of the Soul Patrol, I still like Taylor’s voice when he sings certain songs. “Give Me Tonight” is my favorite by him, but I like my music
with a lot more pulse to it.

Despite losing his first major record contract due to slack album sales, American Idol Season 5 champ Taylor Hicks isn’t giving up on his need to sing.

The gray-headed crooner is back on the scene with a new music video, titled “What’s Right Is Right.”

The reviews are in…mostly positive from what I can tell. Is Taylor finally going in the right direction?

The most interesting part of the video, I think, is at the end..when the bright light fills up the screen. I’m sure it has some significance and if I was smarter, I would be able to figure that part out. 🙂


52 Responses to “The reviews are in…”

  1. He’s all over my google alerts and yes, allt he reviews are positive. Good for him!

    I didn’t notice the bright light at the end. Maybe it’s a message to brightlite. lol

  2. I cant get that song out of my head. I think there’s some kind of subliminal message that’s being embedded in my brain everytime I hear it.

  3. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Thanks for these reviews IAG, I don’t spend enough time on the computer to find any of this stuff. The critics cannot say anything negative about the video, it is impossible. The song is beautiful and the video is serious. There is mystique and it has build. By that I mean that there are layers to this video. The characters, the music, the lyrics, the lighting, the symbolism, the story, the rhythm, the mystique, the faces of Taylor who is an undeniable American public figure, and also there where people who know can see it plain and simple…the muse. the muse is the most important aspect to this video as it adds to it the flavor, the essence that he was looking for I think. Anyone who is creative and understands the artistic perspective of music will see it and feel it, and that will get the video rave reviews. it also will be a step in the right direction of him being taken seriously. I am proud of him for all that he did with WRIR. I knew when I saw it what it was, hench my comment, a step in the right direction…I think the video will go pretty far and make inroads into mainstream America, the cable stations, and perhaps VH1, BET, and for it’s soulful sound, and muse-ic presentation it may go further than that.
    WRIR is a beautiful love song bottom line and it was sung with the right vibe and no one can deny that, it was just right and that is what was intended and what is meant to be.
    Good job Tay.

  4. The video definitely greases the wheels for the song to do better than it would on its own. Visually intoxicating.
    Beginning is sweet. Ending is sexy.
    Love seeing the video embedded on these blogs.
    Very positive.
    Thinking in phrases today…

  5. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Caryl, that is funny darling, but no, Taylor makes no references to me, he does not know me nor knows anything about me. I have never spoken with him, short of three words. But the video is amazing, and I see the muse all over it, in his voice, in his eyes, in his face, the muse was there with him while filming and maybe that was the “brightllite” that you see. I see the muse in my head when I see it, it is there as a force and as a guide. I don’t know why that happens to me, but it is all the same a similar light inside that I saw in Taylor. I think the girl looks like you! from what I remember, maybe Taylor is sending a message to you darling. 🙂
    Be well.

  6. YKW, I’m with you.

    I think Taylor has put something in the video…maybe a quick flash of the words “You will like this song.” There must be some kind of subliminal message in there somewhere. Anyway, it does make the song bearable for me.

    One thing I noticed is that most people don’t think Taylor is seen enough, or that the lighting is too dark. I actually am going to give Jake Davis kudos for this one. He could have went the easy way and featured Taylor, but it definitely wouldn’t have fit the mood of the video. I actually like how the lighting adds a sort of mystique around him..the character in the video.

  7. And are cracking me up again!!

  8. No one could call him just a drunk Dad at a wedding after watching that video.

  9. Amen, Spin. And I really hope that’s what he’s trying to accomplish. It would serve him well to drop the shtick and start being a musician…and this video is a great step in that direction.

  10. It seems to be growing on all of us.

  11. hicksaholic Says:

    I never understood the drunk dad comment. Even before Taylor’s appearance improved he never looked like a drunk dad to me.

  12. I think it has something to do with Taylor’s exuberance, hicksaholic. On Idol, he just seemed like he would do anything to entertain..and I think that’s where that came from.

  13. The bright light is the revelation he got that the girl was into him and that he would not have to know what an empty bed is like. The connection.
    Tell spinshack that was the sex moment.

  14. hicksaholic Says:

    I don’t think she’s going to be happy with that being the sex moment- she wants skin.

  15. Well…I am sure they would shed the overcoats for the non-empty bed… 🙂
    The light was the allusion to that future moment. Just guessing, here.

  16. hicksaholic Says:

    On that exuberance thing, didn’t I read somewhere that TPTB told Taylor to really play up the Joe Cocker moves in the early shows? I watched AI last night and couldn’t help thinking when I saw that Tatiana who was a wack job on the last couple of shows tried to significantly change her persona last night. I wondered how much of Taylor on AI was Taylor and how much was AI producers. I guess as he progressed he was able to change his performance personality whereas in the early going he was told what to do to make for interesting tv.

  17. Yeah, I don’t think Spin is going to accept that moment as sex. She’s a hard sell, I tell ya.

    I remember reading somewhere that during the audition, they told Taylor to not act so goofy, and that’s why when he was singing A Change is gonna Come, he has his hands clasped behind his back. Then Randy told him to “shake it out”…and a star was born, or something like that. 😉

  18. Virtual Speak Says:

    It’s good to see so many postitive reviews for Taylor.

    God knows, he’s had a shit storm swirling around him for almost three years and a few nice critiques is hopefully the boost he needs.

    Everyone knows the light at the end of the tunnel is sexual double entendre for well.. the tunnel 😆 😉

  19. You know I’ve been thinking about this and I’m not saying this is his real life, because I have no freaking clue.

    I think the woman at the end is just another meaningless sexual encounter and that would explain the loneliness he feels at not really connecting emotionally with anyone. He just has this endless string of meaningless sex with women in the audience.

  20. He must tie them up with yarn, stick silly puddy in their mouths, and blindfold them too, before, during and after these encounters because you never hear boo from them following these strings of meaningless sexual encounters that he has so frequently. maybe he stores them in his closet? Or better yet he pays them millions to silence themselves forever. Sort of a code. Yes, thats it..the code. The DaHicksi code.
    I knew if I thought of long enough I would get it.
    There i said it. The DaHicksi code is the code of silence for all the women he has slept with, the whole frickin string of meaning less women he has picked up in bars, all thousands of them…lol. I think you are on to something Snow.

  21. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Thanks for posting the reviews, couldn’t imagine anything negative coming out for the video, it was perfection. Loved the lighting and camera angles they were just perfect. Loved that it showed the very serious side of Taylor.

    SS, We agree, I said the same thing about the girl he wants a meaningful relationship and he knows she would probably be one of his one nighters, thats why he walks away, because there is no real connection.


  22. Taylor’s new video is going to go places Snow! Are you excited at the prospect of Taylor really making it in the music world?? I am because he so deserves everything he gets because he is a hard worker and he is creative and has a gift that was given him. He has taken the gift and has turned it into something real and something beautiful instead of something less than nothing. Some people have a knack for seeing the best parts of people and knowing that they are worthwhile, and that is Taylor…that is this video and that is the song WRIR!!
    Cheers Snow! Mission accomplished don’t you think?

  23. I don’t think that is the message of this video, SS. It very well could be that is what the outcome of the encounter is, but the beginning of the video makes it seem that the singer is looking for something more….you know that searching through the snow, admiring a sweet relationship and stuff. This very well could be the meaningless encounter that means something. I am an optimist about relationships, though.
    As for real life…well….as you said, who knows for Taylor. He seems to keep that under wraps, other than being the manbait on R & K.

  24. Where has our good friend Wandaliscious been? I miss her. Maybe she made it to the R&K show, but I “doubtfire” that actually. lol
    Dude looks like a lady…
    sorry IAG, but had to say that.

  25. Arrow – I’ve said all along that Taylor is talented. You’ll never get an arguement from me on that, however, I don’t think he’s made all the right decisions regarding his career.

    So, you want the encounters posted on the internet in full detail?? HAHA! Good luck with that.

  26. suze, yes, you are right too. Could be this encounter is the love of his life. Since they don’t actually walk off together. He either walks toward her wanting to meet her or maybe he just staring at an attractive woman, but then walks away, never to see her again. O woe is me – a missed opportunity. I guess it’s left to the imagination.

  27. hicksaholic Says:

    Poor Taylor. Everything he does is dissected to the nth degree including his video. Just kidding.

  28. Brightlite, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I don’t think you understood what Snow said. What you have to remember is that this video is art, not real life. IN THE VIDEO, he could be having sex with meaningless women when he is really looking for a relationship. In no way, shape or form, should anybody assume from this video that this is a snapshot of Taylor’s life. IT’S A VIDEO.

    On the other hand, if Taylor wants to have meaningless sex with women, good for him. Whatever. He’s a grown up. That being said, I really think people need to keep the ideas separate. The video is not real life, or vice versa. Just keep that in mind.

  29. I read on his myspace that the guy in the wheel chair is the long time owner of the diner. I’m happy they used him and I bet his business will increase.

  30. Women of substance don’t go to bars alone. Don’t you agree? (I’m trying to get at the meaning of this video.) I kind of think Jake is implying that the woman COULD be the love the singer is looking for, but I can’t get past the fact that she got all dressed up, sat in a bar alone and made goo-goo eyes at the guy on stage. Maybe if she were at a table with friends and was distracted by the singer’s obvious passion for the song I could believe in a happily-ever-after scenario. ERGO (that’s right, I said “ergo”) whatever he gets from this woman is just more of the same: empty and meaningless.

    How’d I do?

  31. Caryl, you left out the part where she came with her lover, but he left her because of how she was dressed. I mean that changes the whole concept, don’t you think?

  32. I thought the pretty brunnette out on the town by herself was very odd, so I agree with you Caryl. But, there are a few possible scenarios, she’s a very lonely woman and Taylor is a very lonely man – she is on the prowl and so is he, so that’s where the meaningless one-night stand, with a stranger, comes in and the loneliness that comes from a physical connection but lacking an emotional connection.

    Or, maybe she’s stalking Taylor, haha!

  33. Oh thank God you explained that. I was so upset by her innuendo. lol. Not. :0 Nothing could upset me today, I am having the best day in the history of days and it is going to stay that way.
    Did I tell you that last week I had my car die on me, my drains clog up in all my bathrooms, no hot water, and a leak in the only pipe that did drain, not to mention I got a brush stuck in my hair, and now Ihid a dirty little secret in my new and perky hairstyle. LMAO.
    So this week is going much better and I for one am so glad that Friday the 13th has come and gone with the full effing moon now moving through its new phase, and Mercury is moving forward again, and Mars is no longer sextiling Jupiter. I could not take another moment of that, nor could my hair. LOL
    Be well.

  34. Maybe that’s a male fantasy: a lonely, beautiful woman out by herself. Kind of like the gazelle who strays from the herd. She’s vulnerable.

    Maybe Jake thought that was romantic, but we women know that you don’t go out alone. It makes you vulnerable! Being attacked by some strange guy isn’t romantic. (Not saying this singer is going to attack her! I’m saying that’s why women don’t go out alone. Unless they’re prostitutes, that is. Not saying she’s a prostitute! Oy. Commenting is exhausting!)

  35. jerseyirish Says:

    Realizing this is all up to one’s perception, I came away feeling that he wants that meaningful relationship but hasn’t found it and just wasn’t settling for a one night stand this time out.

    Caryl, I agree usually you don’t see a woman in a bar alone.


  36. Haha, It was an upscale club with a dress code, not a bar. How many good looking women do you think would show up alone to see Tay perform in such a place with the hope of hooking up with him? Me thinks plenty. But I agree with the rest of JIs assessment. Any of those late night onlookers that Jake mentioned who froze their keisters off during the outdoor scenes, could have gone online to clue us in that there was no kiss. So I still stand by my belief there are tons of Tay fans who never go online. I’m suffering from WRIR burnout!

  37. But it’s not Taylor. If it were Taylor, he wouldn’t be alone in that diner, he’d be signing autographs for the waitress, etc…He wouldn’t be walking around alone in the snow, he’d have Bill along.

    In this video, it’s some random bar…OK, upscale club singer. The chick’s a slut. (LOL)

  38. “How many good looking women do you think would show up alone to see Tay perform in such a place with the hope of hooking up with him?”

    Not too many, Rosie. The SP’ers I’ve seen don’t look anything like that pretty brunette, lol.

  39. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, For me even if it were upscale don’t think I would go alone. Was always the type that went with a group.
    I know I keep watching/listening don’t seem to tire of it. I think he has fans that are not on line. I know of a few I work with that have his music like to know when he is around, usually asking me, but do not go online in search of info.


  40. I kept waiting for Bill to show up in that vid. 😉

  41. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, Funny but that thought crossed my mind also maybe have him sitting at one of the tables, but didn’t see him.


  42. That bright light you saw at the end is probably Bill’s flashlight. 😉

  43. Good one doc2! By WRIR burnout, I meant I just want the song and the CD to be a success. The gals a the BB are keeping track of the songs movement day by day and fans are rating the video a 5 and requesting it for VH1 top 20. It just seems he’s paid his dues and deserves a little break and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be played in every city, and played now, damn, Today. All the effort, tracking, wishing hoping and praying being done by the fans is wearing me out. Let’s just get the Taylor show on the road!

  44. JI and Caryl, You two are married. It is 2009, and in a group, one does not stand a chance for a one on one, with the object of their affection. A gaggle of even young pretty Soul Patrollers/fans would scare the man to death. But just one, meeting by chance, wink-wink, might stand a chance! A gal could always make up a story as to why they were alone.

  45. Rosie, I know women show up for Taylor shows alone, but we’re talking about the video. The singer in the video doesn’t seem to be a celebrity. He’s some dude walking around by himself and drinking coffee by himself. There’s no gaggle of fans waiting by the back door when he leaves. IT’S NOT TAYLOR. OK, let’s let that sink in. It’s not Taylor. OK, we’re on the same page now.

    The girl went out to a bar by herself and happened to catch this guy singing. At my local upscale club, we’d call that girl a ho.

    hahaha! Just playing with ya, Ro-Ro.

    Maybe it really is a romantic saga of two lonely souls who happen to meet one night. Ah, sweet innocent love between a guy on stage and a girl alone in the audience. What could go wrong?


  46. Besides, we know Taylor wouldn’t be alone. Bill would be with him!

  47. It is the same be it Taylor or an attractive lounge singer. One to one = best odds. Doesn’t Tay go to the bathroom alone?

  48. Rosie! What are you talking about? You want to hook up with him in the bathroom? 🙂

  49. You know, you guys could take lemonade and turn it back into lemons.

  50. Someone’s lost their sense of humor!

  51. Henry8, I don’t know what you mean by your comment since everyone who has posted has liked the video. The lemonade is sweet and refreshing. I just want the guy to now reap the benefits of his hard work and planning that have led up to this CD and video. I hate that fans have to constantly keep track of his stats and worry and talk about what went wrong in the past. I wanted this song all over the radio—yesterday. I want at least 3 hits from this CD. heck I want him appearing in Vegas in one year. I want all of that because he has talent, is different and deserves it.

  52. A2M, that’s just brilliant, “The DaHicksi code.” Man, I’m going to find a way to use that…. *steals it*

    “So this week is going much better and I for one am so glad that Friday the 13th has come and gone with the full effing moon now moving through its new phase, and Mercury is moving forward again, and Mars is no longer sextiling Jupiter. I could not take another moment of that, nor could my hair.” ahahahaha! I can relate, man. Had a run of some bad on my end of the sphere as well. (thanks for that poem you sent, it was lovely)

    Doc you is cracking me up “That bright light at the end is probably Bill’s flashlight”. Dayum.

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