Dating with the stars?


Initially, I wasn’t even going to watch the whole Regis & Kelly dating thing. It just comes off as a huge publicity stunt to me, and my cynicism just didn’t want to let me do it. But, I have rebelled against that part of me, and I’m taking a deep breath and have decided to watch it. After making this monumental decision, I came across the youtube version of the introductions. Suddenly, I was cringing…again.

He does not say…soul patrolin’, does he? OMG.

Is it just me,  or do you think Taylor made a mistake and actually thought he was auditioning to date the other dude?!?! 😆

Ok, maybe not.

But I love the way he says “southern” gentleman. *sigh*


49 Responses to “Dating with the stars?”

  1. Um, yeah. Not impressed by this review. It was written by a fan, as evidenced by her other articles. I can’t wait to see an impartial review.

  2. Yes, I believe that anyone can contribute articles/content to Associated Content.

  3. In all fairness to Cindy…and to Taylor, I’m going to believe this cd will do well. It seems that Taylor infused his own sound and let his creativity flow thru in this one. But this is just my humble opinion of course;)

  4. Redrosespeedway Says:

    There is a new video on the R&K website of Taylor Hicks Backstage.

  5. taylorfan06 Says:

    Regarding Taylor’s music, I am HUGE fan of ALL his work. I think there is more greatness coming over the horizon in “the distance”. I wish him all the best with the new CD!!!

  6. Ok, when he said…”that was cheezy” that new backstage video, I cracked up!! That’s the side of himself he needs to show more often!

  7. Redrosespeedway Says:

    LOL! I agree IAG

  8. This is going to be … interesting.

  9. jerseyirish Says:

    The backstage video was hard to hear for me. I agree it should be very interesting tomorrow. I watched Danny and his date, looked like they had fun.


  10. Arrow2Soul Says:

    The dating show will be great fun for Taylor. He gets to enjoy the company of a beautiful girl, his own age, and hopefully he may connect with someone special. You never know that’s all, and weirder things have happened…I will have to catch the show on here as I can’t tune in at school. 😦 Let’s hope he has fun and gets great publicity! 🙂

    The Distance is going to be his signature album, the one that gets him on the map. He is an independent artist and the CD is full of potential. It will get him noticed in more than the music industry circles is what I mean. The entreprenureal spirit of the man cannot go unnoticed or uncelebrated in the ultimate equation. His musical success is one aspect of the whole picture, the other aspects that will earn him recognition and praise may come in the form of business accolades, specifically in the area of self-made or ground up building of a business. I am trying to say that he is more than a musician folks, he is a true pioneering spirit that has yet to reap all the rewards that going The Distance will ultimately bring to him.
    I just sit back and feel good as I watch him enjoy it all and revel in his success, as the next few months will prove. Then he will do it all over again and again as he gets better and better at it.
    Great job and thanks for the review. No matter who wrote and I know Cindy did, it was spot on, not that I have heard all the music, I haven’t, at least not in this realm of conscience.
    Be well and if Taylor reads by any chance, he may or may not, don’t know the man’s habits…you did well Tay. Smile.

  11. Should I know Cindy? Everybody acts like they know her.

  12. Creepy. All she did was laugh thruout the date. Did she ever speak more than 10 words?

    Oh and more importantly! Did Rod Stewart say BALLS?

  13. Cindy Wright has the blog Poetic Heart and has posted here as poet cindy. She also comments on Chill’s blog. Taylor or his team chose to send her a copy of the Distance and I guess they value her blog and knew she’d give a smart, yet positive review.

  14. Fair, yes Cindy mentioned Tay being ballsy and when Tay had Rod as the mentor, the week he sang You Send Me, Rod said Tay was right to grab the audience by the balls. I’m just quoting others!

  15. rosie, are you saying I would not give a positive review? 😆

  16. First of all I goofed. Cindy didn’t mention balls or ballsy, she said Taylor worked his BUTT off on this CD. Same general area.. I read ballsy somewhere else. Secondly I have no clue as to how Cindy, Cindysue08 got a copy of the CD 3 weeks prior to its release. I don’t know her. Iag, I don’t know what sort of review you would give!!!!???!!!??….

  17. So, is Taylor going to pull out the harmonic during the date?

  18. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    Again with the balls rosie? :laugh:

    Cindy is a fan. But, she’s also very fair. Outing who she is and where she posts isn’t really cool.

    Chill has a nice blog, don’t get me wrong, but, it started as a spin-off blog like the orphans.

    Cindy has a great blog of her own and does work for the AP.

  19. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    My guess would be yes, he will whip out the harmonica and or sing to her. I bet they wind up in a jazz club like The Blue Note or something. Maybe a Broadway show? 😆

  20. ShadowlessSoul, I did not think I was outing Cindy. Chill responded to Cindy about her having the CD. I figured out on my own that poetcindy who has posted here was Taylors Poetic Heart Cindy. Cindysue, was the one who gave chill the link to the review. Anyone can read her blog and know who she is as Cindy Wright. I’ve only been around less than a year and figured out who is who. This isn’t the CIA, its only fans of Hicks. It is on line internet stuff. If she wanted to hide her review and identity, she would have posted with a name like shadowless, so as to not leave a shadow or trace. Good Grief SS and hefty balls to you!

  21. Cindy has a great blog of her own and does work for the AP.

    Just wanted to clarify that Cindy writes for the AC (Associated Content), NOT the AP (Associated Press).

    I don’t think rosie “outed” anyone, really. Lots of us wear different hats.

  22. Rosie its ok you did not out me. Like you said I do not hide who I am. I can see where someone might think that though and thanks SS for the nice comments.

    Yes I am a fan most everyone knows that. Yes my review is a fans review but it is the truth of what I feel in regards to the album and I truly believe this is THE ALBUM. It is amazing I knew I would like it no matter what because I love Taylor’s voice but that being said I was surprised. I believe there will be a lot of that same reaction come March 10th.

    MO is not everyone’s but it is an honest opinion. I listened several times. i payed attention to the lyrics and the meanings of the songs. I payed attention to the rhytm in each. I did this several times before I ever started writing. I then did it listened to each song again as I reviewed each. It is a fans opinions.

    But the ones who enjoy the music are the ones that help the artist succeed. If all reviews were buy someone who did not like him or did not want to take the time to actually give the CD a chance and pay attention to it what kinds of reviews would we have.

  23. If all reviews were buy someone who did not like him or did not want to take the time to actually give the CD a chance and pay attention to it what kinds of reviews would we have.

    Those would be bad reviews, Cindy. And thankfully, we have both types, but fans, and new listeners, will make up their own minds.

  24. Exactly YKW everyone will make up their own minds. But mine is made up now and I wanted to share it with anyone who is interested in MO of the album. It will not be the opinion for everyone. But I think The Distance will please established fans and win new ones.

  25. Loved the behind the scenes video. Now, whether or not we are seeing the real Taylor in terms of dating life in that Q & A is not known…but it did show his personality.
    I think he’s gonna have some fun hamming it up for the camera, and of course, the date. Should be a nice break for him….plus the publicity is a good thing.
    Now that introductory video is another thing….um…..he looked adorable singing JTFTW, but dang, the song sounded terrible. Where’s that new vide when you need it?
    Have always loved the dancing with Kelly.
    And I do squirm seeing him do BSD among the other footage.
    Don’t know why.

  26. Meant to say, where’s the new video when you need it?

  27. And I do squirm seeing him do BSD among the other footage.

    I squirm too, suze, and not in a good way.
    I have a feeling today is going to be horrifically squirm-worthy. *sigh*

    SEE? THIS is the whiplash I’ve endured as a fan of Mr. Hicks. The excitement over a new video vs the embarrasment of seeing Mr. Hicks “ho” himself out for a date. I just KNOW at some point he’s going to “whoooo” like some ackward adolescent who doesn’t know how to act with a woman. OMG.

  28. jerseyirish Says:

    Cindy, Thank you for your excellent review of the CD, can’t wait to hear it for myself.

    I think Taylor will ham it up for the cameras for this date, he is going to play this for all its worth, publicity wise, can’t blame him for that. Should be fun to watch, wonder if his date will be during the day like Danny’s or a night date, guess we will find out soon enough.


  29. Should be fun to watch

    *cringe* Tell me when it’s over!!!! *peeks through fingers*

  30. Oh, that’s perfect. Mr. Hicks won’t have to do his own promotion, apparently Bachlorette #3 will do that for him.

    *goes back to hiding between fingers*

  31. He didn’t pick the stalker. She was clearly the BEST! What’s wrong with you, Taylor! *cries*

  32. hicksaholic Says:

    They are reporting on the Boogie that Taylor picked the blonde- number two. I thought the blonde was number one. I didn’t think it had been on yet either. But for what it’s worth.

  33. You know it’s bad when you sing an artist’s song to him, and he takes a pass!! LOL.

  34. hicksaholic Says:

    I thought R&K didn’t come on until at least 9 AM

  35. I can’t wait to get home to see it.

  36. jerseyirish Says:

    R & K comes on at 9:00, Taylor picked #2 Julie, she had it going on over the others, had all the right answers. He seemed pleased with his choice. Awaiting to hear the recap, hope they have fun today/tonight.


  37. On the east coast it comes on at 9:00, which is 8:00 in the central time zone. So at 9 cst, it’s already been on for the east coast.

  38. hicksaholic Says:

    I think here it doesn’t come on til 11AM.

  39. I knew the WRIR video effect wouldn’t last long *sigh*

    hahaha……oh dear.

  40. He done good! Number 2 had it all going on, personality , quick witty responses and best looking. I thought he handled himself well and gave a little hint of lust when he hugged her. I thought I saw a glint of recognition when he saw Emily and a worried look on his face. Emily tried too hard. He knew he had SP on his hands when she sang WTS and her dance was lame and her answers as well. I’m going to go check the boards to see if the engagement has been announced..

  41. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I saw the same look on his face he almost did a double take when he saw her not a good one. He looked back as she walked away almost with a look of relief on his face. Julie was way above the other two. Let us know when the wedding is!!! 🙂


  42. Is Julie the one who’s a singer and her mother entered her and the mother said she wants Taylor for a son-in-law?

  43. Is this on YouTube yet? I want to see.

  44. Yes, Snow Julie is that gal – interview from SFO. She’d been my pick, had said on Chill’s last week that he should to pick her. Besides Tiara Girl did not wear her tiara so she was out. ha!

    Wowser! He certainly did cut Emily a look – and hardly said a goodbye to her either. I think when she sang his song and then had that lame bring a notebook and take notes to a desert island he pegged her. lol

    My gal did all the right things, said the right things! Muah, muah muah muah. Loved her. hahahahaha!

  45. Spin, that would have been hilarious if he picked the stalker. Don’t you think? That makes for good TV, not to mention all the laughs! 🙂

  46. Well, Julie’s Mom is a fan you know… lol She’s not stalker though like the other chick who certainly had big….. teef and such… It would have been a freaking riot, Emily yapping non-stop about his music. Maybe she would have pulled out past photos of her in the Soul patrol shirt and other fangurl goodies. Wait, promo opportunity lost. hahaha

  47. Spin, I also noticed his body language, he fanned himself with his cards, as in what a relief he didn’t pick her. Julie is pretty, self confident and fun and he may actually have a good time on the date. He will be in San Fran doing Grease!!!

  48. Ahahaha! it was like he was thinking, “Man, I dodged that bullet!”.

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