The wait is over…


More thoughts as soon as I watch it. Again.


ETA: First impression? I like it. Still don’t like the song, but I like the video. I like the way it’s shot, I like the way he looks. Maybe I’ll just put the song on mute.

And I thought there was supposed to be a kiss? Huh. Interesting.

It’s way better than I expected. Honestly, I didn’t expect to like it much. But I do, I like the dynamics of the relationships featured in the video. Did I mention that he looks really good in it?


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  1. I think the soul patrol has crashed the website. I can’t get it to play!

  2. Overuse of the light bubble effect, no interaction with any lady really. Separate screen shots – he’s alone a lot of the time walking in snow. No romance. Thought this was to be about romance.

  3. I like the vid…..made the song almost bearable. 😉

  4. So what did you get out of it rhonda?

  5. Spin, you want romance?

    No way did I think this vid was going to be about romance.

    Rhonda, agreed.

  6. Spin, you romantic fool!! It’s about iconic images, not reality!! 😀

    First impression: I like it. It’s not what I thought it would be, I’m glad it doesn’t “tell a story”, but instead is random images. It allows the viewer/listener to experience the music in a way that emphasizes a personal experience, guided by the artist’s (or director’s) “vision”.

  7. No I did not want romance, never said I did. Been reading everywhere how this song is about romance. They empty bed and all that crap. So what is it about?

  8. Why did they need extras?

  9. There’s a gal there toward the end looking coy but man, he’s not acting like he’s targeting her in the song. He’s singing on stage to no one in particular. What’s this message?

  10. It’s about relationships…not romance.


  11. She wants him. He doesn’t want her. 😉

  12. Damn good question, Spin. Methinks a lot of extras were swept up and dumped in the editing room wastebin.

  13. The beginning – when there’s trouble in your eyes.. and that couple are smiling at each other like everything’s hunky fine. What?

  14. He’s out in the cold, in a …. *gasp* “snow storm”.

  15. Hey…I was in that snow storm. It sucked.

  16. I don’t see that Grey, it’s film over face shot but he’s not involved and she doesn’t look in any anguish over if he doesn’t want her. That song’s about him wanting her in that freaking bed, not to be alone so why would he be not wanting her? Makes no sense there Grey.

  17. I posted this on RHS also.

    This is my interpretation.

    It’s a bit jumbled, and scattered, I think that’s to signify the life of a bar singer?

    The dark feel of the club, and the use of the fog and lighting sets the tone and the songs angst.

    It not risky, he stuck to what he does and knows best.. blues, seedy clubs and the mystique of picking up a pretty woman, that girl probably isn’t the even girl he’s even singing about.. but, she’ll do.. or.. will she? Is he going home to an empty bed once again?

    That’s totally Taylor though. For as much as he tells us, he remains in the dark, and an enigma.

    Very nice job.

  18. YKW, those poor freezing extras in that wastebin. What a waste of a day for them hahahaha. 😛

  19. Oh, I love that they showed an ashtray in front her her too. 😆

  20. He’s not even interacting with the crowd Harp. What is so great about that – so he’s an enigma. whoopee.

  21. Poor freezing HUNGRY extras, Spin. Don’t forget about “hungry”….
    Art = Pain

  22. The angst is lost because there is no palpable angst in this video. The old folks are cheery, and there are a lot of light bubbles. Help me here, I’m not finding a satisfactory meaning and I’ve watched it four times.

  23. That’s the idea Spinshack.. The old folks in the diner are happy and cheery, and he isn’t. That’s the angst.

  24. Spin…man, you do not like it, do you?

    I think the overall tone of the song is about relationships and the difficulty. Like the guy in the wheelchair at the diner…and the white, one black.

  25. Oh yeah YKW, LMAO, forgot about how they did not get any lunch all day!! Likely no coffee like those happy old peeps. Dang.

  26. Yeah, Taylor=angst. That’s why I like him.

  27. Oh, Harp man, help me here. That’s true as I watched it again he’s looking rather abject sitting there singing. Alone.

    Grey, it’s not I don’t like it to just not like it. I like his voice, I like how he looks, the suit is hot. Like the lighting on his face. *watching it again*

  28. “So what did you get out of it rhonda?

    Nothin’, other then it’s a video for his new song. hahahah…

    I don’t understand the “plot”, but maybe there isnt’ one. Maybe it’s just him singing on a stage. *shrugs*

    The visuals are nice. The lighting, etc.

    The ending is awkward….

  29. and I just completely over analyzed that damn video.

  30. I actually like the ending.

  31. Ah I was looking for something that would take Mr. Hicks in a direction he has not been yet. Something that would give him more appeal sexually with interaction with a young lovely. *sigh* I guess to sort of drown out that marching about I wanting some soft porn dammit.

  32. *I was wanting some soft porn dammit. (still need that new bloody keyboard)

  33. Harp, good interp. It is what it is and he looks hot, damn hot in every frame and sells the song, or the tune sells him. Who cares! It is a song a video and Taylor Hicks.

  34. Ok, so he’s walking. Alone.
    Goes to the diner. Sees the nice couple.
    Walking. Alone.
    Singing. Alone.
    Watches couples in the audience.
    Girl alone.
    Taylor alone, still singing.
    He leaves the bar, alone.
    She leaves the bar, alone.

    Angst all over the damn place.

  35. Thank you, I plan on it. lol He should have been singing in that bar a bit, then cut to a candle lit room with that gal cut to some loving, cut back to the bar scene, end with the snow scene as they part.

  36. Angst is pure joy. There, I said it.

  37. I never thought the song was a long song per say. What I got out of it was about relationships period. I thought he was singing about standing by the people he cares about and no matter how bad things get he’s always there to support…what do I know?

  38. Spin, no way Taylor is going to sell himself sexually.

    Now, he’ll sell himself for broadway…but not to be a sex symbol.

  39. LOL! now y’all got me laughing. IAG-I love your rendition of what happened in the video.

    Maybe he’s secretly singing to Bill;)

  40. What? Casualfan have you read the lyrics? So you want to have folks you just care about lying in the sack with you forever? The bed part gives the sex part impact in the song. You only say shit like that to someone you are intimate with and love to have a roll with and only with them. Surely the stand by you could be on a platonic level but not the bed part. I have a few great girlpals but man, I’m not sacking with them forever or anything. LOL

  41. Now Casual, that about Bill is getting more credence with me by the day especially with what this video is lacking. hahaha j/k

  42. Thanks, CF!!


  43. Maybe I need to review the lyrics again Spin. I took it all as a metaphor…my bad

  44. Spin…I think maybe you’re taking the song too literally.

    Step back and look at the video…just in the context of relationships, platonic or otherwise.

  45. Grey I’d have had him at least partially naked in the vid of course with a lot of those bubble lights about and some steamily inferred sex going on with a cut back to the bar scene and his singing. That sax part could possibly been a good away to the sex romp. You know, sex/sax – ha. My vid would have been much hotter. Damn, and nobody asked me what I wanted before hand. *pout*

  46. Eh. Too much angst for sex. 😆

  47. Spin,, your comments are fricking hilarious tonight! Thanks for making me laugh…I seriously needed this.

  48. Casual, metaphors are overrated. Shit, I wanted some soft porn. *pouts some more*

    Grey, please, what are you talking about taking the song too literally. For hell’s sake I’m going by the lyrics. A bed is a bed. hahaha What else would it be? Of course there’s that marching part…

  49. 😛

  50. Spin, please tell you don’t believe that an actual cake was left out in the rain to melt do you? ROFLMAO

  51. Yes. It wasn’t? 😦

  52. LOL! well you will never have that recipe again my dear……

  53. Damn rain on that lovely cake.

  54. I’m still trying to figure out the true meaning behind those lyrics. But songs like that take serious talent to create. I just recently figured out what Jefferson Airplane was referring to in “white rabbit” LOL!

  55. OK I have found respite. I like the video.

    Thank you Casualfan for helping me through this troubling time. 😛 I am forever grateful, let us go Marching step by step, walking side by side.

  56. I love White Rabbit. *ADD kicked in, must go listen to it*

  57. And here I thought somehow I helped, too, Spin.



  58. LOL! You are a sweetie Spin. Now help me figure out what that damn cake means….

  59. IAG, this is a great topic….meaning behind the words to songs. I love riddles

  60. For Casualfan It’s not exactly cake…

  61. <a href=”” there forgot a piece.

  62. Can’t link with this keyboard, perhaps it is the typist.
    There hope that takes if not forget it. lol

  63. spin, here’s some trivia….Richard Harris who is the writer of “the cake bake song” also played Albus Dumbledor in Harry Potter. Talk about multi-talent!

  64. He is a genius. LOL
    Here’s the man, Harris doing the tune. (Let’s hope this goes through I’m trying to type slower with this board.)

  65. good heavens Spin, you have to have everything spelled out for you?
    Where the imagination.
    I posted this else where, I have to get to bed , I’ll just copy.
    Its not really a romantic video, its a lonely seaching video. A study in contrasts to me.
    Its beautifully done with the lighting, retro , lonely look, Its sort of a study in contrasts to me, the song is about a long term committed relationship as the glimse of the couple in the diner points out, but the man in the video is alone, lonely and searching for something.
    A look at the end and hes found something but just for the moment. Just to not be alone for that night.

    I found myself thinking of Sam Cookes “Its a Mean Old World”
    Its a bit sad, but I loved it.

  66. My first impression – it’s a delicious moody, velvety look – very appealing. Lots of film noir influences (in lighting, costume). There’s a lot to like there, visually.

    A literal interpretation of the lyrics would have been lame, and I’m glad to see it’s not that. It looks like lonely to me. A seasoned musician on the road is a very lonely, very bored, man. It’s a tough life, for real. This does a nice job portraying that feeling of loneliness, drudgery that can set in.

    All the images are of the life of the musician on the road, alone; even his audience is just shadows and glimpses – nothing solid. The late-night diner scene, he’s alone at the counter (so typical), appreciates the small kindness of the mother figure; catches the tender exchange between the older couple who’s been through hard times … and again, is lonely for his own home, woman.

    He’s missing the person he’s singing to.

    It’s all a much better thing than I expected.

  67. Just one more thing, after reading SOME of the other posts.
    IMO the real TH is not all that angsty. And the Bill crap is just stupid, and that much I really do know. And its getting real old.

  68. Well look at that. Henry8 and I must have been on simul-type or something. Throw her take and mine together in the pot, stir it up, and I do believe we have the whole story.

  69. Boy , we were on top of each other the second time LOL
    At least in the first one we agree for once anyway.

  70. step by step, side by side is not such a terrible thing Spin. And now I really must go.

  71. Henry8 you were borderline coherent but if you feel you made your point you go forth and prosper. ha.

  72. True you and henry8 were step by step and side by side.

  73. Sure, but we didn’t get to the finish line together, now, did we?

  74. I think you did, by all appearances.

  75. No – she’s an early finisher. I’m still here.

    I see comments are open there now. Will Soul Patrol be able to FOR ONCE give the guy a break and not go set off a fucking week-long RAINBOW EXPLOSION of embarrassing, gushing tay-tay-hyperbole?

    We’ll see.

  76. Who the hell knows, but here’s my take for what it’s worth Sunny’s IDOL BLUES Review.

  77. jerseyirish Says:

    Late start here, just saw the video a bit ago, thougth it was beautifully done, the lighting and camera angles were perfect, made me love the song even more, now I understand his take on the song.


  78. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I have to run to school now and for the record I do not teach seventh graders to whoever wrote that…geesh. I teach high school, specifically science, more specifically chemistry which is where I hold my college degree. I am also qualified to and have taught physics and in the summer I will be teaching chemistry in college, well the local community college but it is still college.
    As to the video it is beautiful. I am not sure if it was what I expected. I expected more iconic references, although the scenes were reminiscent of a 1940’s speakeasy, Sinatr-esque type movie, perhaps even something Casablanca-ish. It was not romantic it was lonely. It is art and it is up to interpretation but as usual no one will be right. There is no right or wrong in art. It leaves us all with our own feelings based on our own experiences. I think the song sounds beautiful. He looks great and that video is worthy of play on cable. It may not really appeal to a young audience, they won’t get it. But it would appeal to pop-AC video stations.
    Great job I say. I think it is a step in the right direction.
    Got to run and teach some science.

  79. So, I’m starting to feel that while I like the video on, shall we say, a “hormonal” level, I’m still left feeling like maybe Mr. Hicks missed a real opportunity to reinvent himself on some level. The vibe of the video is definately “old fashioned”. In today’s world, the woman exiting the bar with Mr. Hicks would have approached him for coffee, at the very least.

    And, what of the “empty bed”? Did he miss an opportunity to bank on the smoldering sexuality? Could he have gone there in a classy way? I think absolutely, yes, he could have. Some shadowy images of twisted sheets, interlinked ankles, lips pressed to bare shoulders, hands running down a bare back …
    Sex sells. That much is a fact . Does this video sell Mr. Hicks as well as it could have?

  80. Damn, I’ve discovered I really do like looking at Taylor more than listening to that song. Sigh…

  81. YKW, I think that video did sell him as much as could have been sold with this particular song. I just can’t see Taylor doing a sexy video. I think he did reinvent himself…there was no goofy persona, there was no crazy dancing. All in all, he was very serious..and yes, angsty.

    Caro…completely agree with you.

  82. hicksaholic Says:

    Maybe Taylor is waiting for them to film him jumping on his R&K date in the back of the limo. Emily might be up for it.

  83. hicksaholic Says:

    I was prepared to be disappointed after reading some of the comments but I loved it. Taylor is a visual performer and he needs a live audience or a video to get his music out there. Once the visual performance is embedded into the audience’s mind an audio only will be an easier sell.

  84. YKW, I think Taylor is trying to sell his MUSIC dear and not sex. I agree, that “sex” usually sells, but T seem’s to be part of the movement that wants to “bring back the music” which is what needs to happen. I find it refreshing as hell to watch a video that doesn’t have sexual undertones.

    I’m not crazy about the song, but when combined with the video I find it ok. He did well.

    Henry8-get over yourself. You stroll onto this blog and make a snipe comment about ‘OTHER’ posters and references to Bill getting old. Any sane person here knows those comments are all done in fun and jest…a concept you don’t seem to understand.

    Good day all!

  85. jerseyirish Says:

    I felt the video centered on him and the song, it didn’t need any sexual overtones to make it work. It caught his emotions while singing the song, thought it was very classy and well done.


  86. I was pleasantly surprised. I was kind of waiting for a grimace moment that really did not come.

    While I think the video is good I would only give it a 7-8 on a scale of 10. The thing that I liked the least were the cut aways to the couple with the guy in the wheel chair. I tried to understand the point and though that maybe they would tie that in with something, but they didn’t. So for me that was a awkward moment.

    I also think that they did not show his face enough. The point is for people to see him. He is very physically appealing when he sings and while I liked the film noir effect, I think they could have shown his face a few more times.

    I actually liked the song better seeing him sing it. Still don’t love it, but seeing Taylor physically sing something is always better.

  87. Me thinks the Jake fellow got some letters mixed up when he said it was an iconic video. I think it is an Ironic Video , not iconic, because it is about a lounge singer who sings the songs but doesn’t walk the walk. The song lyrics tell a beautiful love story but the video shows a lonely singer who has to settle for one night stands. The reality for those who follow Taylor is that he has been on the road for years and hasn’t found a lasting relationship so the WRIR song lyrics do not apply to him. I too wish the lighting had been raised a notch, here and there so Tay could sell his handsome face better.

  88. I’m sorry that I don’t have time to read all of the comments, but the ones I read are damned funny! Sorry I missed the fun. Now, truth is I haven’t watched the video yet either, but I know what the meaning behind the video is just from reading some of these comments.

    What Taylor is trying to say with this video is… *trumpets* Are you ready? Wait for it…here it comes:

    He will NEVER go home with a fan.


  89. On second thought an ironic video is an iconic video. But darn I wish there had been a few clearer views of his face, especially his eyes. Does anyone else see from this that Taylor could be a dramatic film actor, or has my brain been fried from too many years of loving the guy!

  90. caryl said, “he will NEVER go home with a fan”> Right on, loose lips would sink the Hicks Ship. He said in People mag he wants someone who would have liked him pre Idol. Good luck with That Taylor, there is no going back to pre Idol………..

  91. Just saw the video and I like it a lot. I love the snowy, cold night, lonely, smokey jazz bar singer feel to it. The beginning and end seemed to get most of my attention. I understood the couple in the diner because that’s what he’s longing for himself, but he hasn’t found it. The end when he locks eyes with a mysterious brunnette, who’s by herself, adds romantic intrigue to the vid.

    This video needs to get played by VH1 and that will bring attention to the song, which is really not a bad song, afterall.

  92. Well since I’m here talking to myself just want to tell myself that I got a huge kick out of Spin getting all worked up over the video.

  93. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, I think you are right on the money with that one!!! 🙂

    Rosie, I think the video shows he is capable of more then just singing, he showed emotion, that something might be missing with his look. Just left me thinking what really went into the writing of this song. Does he feel an emptyness a void who knows.


  94. Somebody check to see if snowstorm has a fever. She just said something nice. 🙂

    Gotta run, maybe I’ll watch the video later.

  95. okay…second opinion:

    It made me like the song. IT MADE ME LIKE THE DAMN SONG!

    *sobs uncontrollably* I was perfectly happy hating that song. Why?! WHY?! WHY TAYLOR WHY?!?!


    Either that or the vid just made me horny. I’m not entirely sure yet.

  96. LOL @ caryl

  97. He said in People mag he wants someone who would have liked him pre Idol. Good luck with That Taylor, there is no going back to pre Idol………..
    Rosie, I think Taylor is saying that he wants someone who respects and accepts him for who he is which is the same guy as pre-idol. I totally believe Taylor is the same person as he was pre-idol. Of course he’s more mature, but his feelings and persona are still there and I hope that never changes. That doesn’t change his personal life…just has made him more cautious and with good reason.

  98. Perhaps this video is the magic bullet needed to calm the waters about his music. I watched the video again and I enjoyed it. He looks focused and serious about what he’s doing and I respect that.

    He does seem sad and seems to be lonely. Living the life he’s chosen has to be hard on him especially at his age. Most of the women he’s dated are at the age where they want to settle down and have a family but Taylor isn’t there yet. He has said before that he wants to be in the position to spend the time with his family and to take care of them. He’s doing it the right way and I’m proud of him for that.

    I highly recommend this video to people who are on the fence about his music. The video does make a difference in the presentation of the song and of him as a performer. Good job Taylor!

  99. casualfan, you may be right, but this is also acting. This is a video, not real life. This is really just a 2-minute movie and he’s playing a role

  100. Don’t read too much into this.

  101. Virtual Speak Says:

    Can someone please screencap Snowstorm’s comment? This truly is an historic day in Taylorland. 😆

  102. I was always a fan, just a truthful one, lol!

  103. Virtual Speak Says:

    Of course he’s playing a role. But, that song most likely came from a personal experience.

  104. There’s no way to know if that’s a personal experience. Maybe the director came up with the whole concept.

  105. Snow, LOL! I know he’s playing a roll, but as VS says…this probably came from personal experience. Ever listened to Taylor’s pre-idol music? All of the songs he wrong are very personal and most are very deep. Check them out…that’s the TayTay I fell in love with.

  106. he wrong are
    ERROR: I meant WROTE

  107. Virtual Speak Says:

    He’s said in a few interviews that some of this record was coming from personal experiences. Who knows if this song was one of them? Speculate and theorize.. isn’t that the name of the game here?

  108. You guys are reading way too much into this. Unless you know this guy personally, there is no way for anybody to know. All you are doing is speculating.

  109. “Well since I’m here talking to myself just want to tell myself that I got a huge kick out of Spin getting all worked up over the video.”

    I was in an angsty quagmire, Rose. It was most beautiful. 😉 I actually love the lighting, the snow, that peacoat jacket, I just wanted more S E X that’s all. I never get what I want. *grins*

  110. Casualfan, Today you sound like more than a casual fan. I know Tay hasn’t changed post AI but now that he is famous and has money any woman is going to take that fame into account.

  111. You are correct VS. I went as far as I’m going with this subject. It ruins it if too much is read into the song…at least for me.

    Maybe he’s singing about a favorite teddy bear he had as a child

  112. a sn is just that rosie, a screen name. Don’t worry about who I am or what I do 😉

  113. Virtual Speak Says:

    You are kidding right Snowstorm. Reading way to much into this? What? This blog was born because everyone here is a fan and reads way to much into things.

    Spinshack.. the video is soul.. soul music is sex. The person’s imagination makes it sexy. You don’t find it sexy to be left with the burining question of did he or didn’t he take her home?

  114. Spin, what? You wanted more sex? Are you serious?

  115. Virtual He didn’t even co write this song. I think he chose it for the melody and lyrics and it has nothing to do with his life. I’m with Snow and think the video idea was an after thought.

  116. No, I’m not kidding. You all think you know this fellow, and what’s he’s thinking, but none of you know him. You all think a 2-minute vid is real life…hello?? it’s acting!!

  117. Virtual Speak Says:

    rosie- Didn’t I just say I have no idea if this song was one of the songs that may not have been one of his personal experiences?

  118. snow, how do you know that no one here actually knows Taylor? You have no idea who anyone here is or where we come from. You are making assumptions yourself.

  119. If Taylor’s friends post here, then Taylor should get some new friends. That’s not to say they don’t read here, because I’m sure they do.

  120. Virtual Speak Says:

    It’s 4 minutes.. and hello I said it was acting.. how about we read into your comment about the video? Because you said something nice, all of a sudden you go on the defensive and say others are reading to much into it? You seemed to have had a great time picking him apart since this blog opened. Now, all of a sudden you like him?

    Don’t speculate on who is who.. and who knows him and who doesn’t. Where does that even fit into the equation?

    The video is a collaboration of the director and Taylor’s vision. It’s art. Nothing wrong with interpreting it any way anyone sees fit.

  121. “Maybe Taylor is waiting for them to film him jumping on his R&K date in the back of the limo. Emily might be up for it.” Now that’s an idea! Be better that than Rock of Love show should that happen. *hoping* (hahaha)

    Who asked if I wanted more sex? Oh it was the always entertaining and surprising darling of our group, Snow. How about I just wanted the inference that there might have been… with all that bed talk and all.

    I know, our hero is doomed to walk this frozen snow covered Earth alone and sad, pining for what he can not have. That’s so romantic.

    I agree with you Snowy, he is playing a role this isn’t about his life. The video maybe more an interpretation of his days and nights but for all we know after show times he and Wee Bill are frolicking with a bevy of twins in Victoria Secret underwear.

  122. Of course, I mean the ladies are in the Victoria Secret, not Taylor and Bill….

  123. Virtual Speak Says:

    Bill looks terrible in the newest Angel push up bra line. 😆

  124. I LOVE you Spin!

  125. I get this song. I like this song.

    Maybe it is because I have been in a loving relationship with another person for many many years. I can’t imagine a day without her. I DON’T want to know what an empty bed is like. To think that is all about sex is really missing the point. The couple in the diner? Perfect.

    I think the video is extremely well done. This shows a side of Taylor Hicks that many don’t get a chance to see. What does the song have to do with the video? I see it as a longing. Taylor sees that in other couples and is missing it in his life. I mean this in the context of the video not his personal life.

    Taylor Hicks fans should be celebrating today.

  126. I don’t agree that interpreting this video is Taylor’s real life. It is what it is…it’s a music video where there’s a script to follow. Get it?

  127. VS I bet he would look great in those angel wings

  128. Now, THERE’S a video.

  129. Bravo, Spin!

  130. Virtual Speak Says:

    People have the right to interpret it anyway they so choose. What about that don’t you get?

    Intepretation. Speculation. Theorizing. Get it?

  131. I stand by my Teddy Bear theory

  132. Give a break! Music videos are 2-minute movies. You can’t be that naive? Or, can you?

  133. Virtual Speak Says:

    It’s 3:42. Naïve about what? What?

  134. Snow-why are you so defensive? Lighten up….we are having fun!

  135. OMG! I just broke an SP golden rule: “Thou shalt Not Have Fun with ANY Taylor Related Topics” my bad

  136. I think most fans just want to believe he’s really this painfully shy, lonely guy, meanwhile he’s spent most of his life in bars, ha. And I can see that because most women are romantic in nature and want to believe it, but realize that it’s probably a fantasy that you have created in your minds – that’s what movies and vids are for, but it’s not REAL life.

  137. Virtual Speak Says:

    How do you know Snowstorm.. do you know him? Because now you’re talking like you do.

    Nobody here said the video was real life. You seem to be missing that we’re interpreting it in any way we want. What’s wrong with fantasy? The video in itself is fantasy.

  138. I don’t need to know him. All I know that he’s spent a lot of time in bars as a struggling musician and that’s all I need to know. I don’t believe for one minute that he’s a lonely guy. Jeesh he’s on the road meeting all kinds of women. He’s probably the type who has a problem with commitment, but there’s no shortage of women.

  139. Well he is a 32 yr. old singer, musician, entertainer who is on the road singing love songs to other people, yet has no long term love interest. He is a soul singer without a female soul mate. Therefore I see the video juxaposition lyrics as his real life. The whole thing is just so amazingly damn ironic to me. This just raises his enigma status ! His having to be private about his love activities due to the SP even comes into play in this video of the lonely guy.

  140. Snow, that doesn’t make him a hard partying bar gypsee. You are beginning to sound like one of those women who has had a “secret stare” with him. Get over it and just enjoy. 😉

  141. Virtual Speak Says:

    The question was.. do you know him.. not do you need to know him.

    See.. again.. that is your interpretation and fantasy. You have no idea either.

  142. No, I don’t know him and neither do you. But, someone who’s a bar singer is NOT some innocent guy. C’mon use some commen sense.

  143. Virtual Speak Says:

    Okay.. enough.. I’m going to play the RHS Dating game. Good fun there today.

    My delusional fangirl self might win. I hope I get number 3! 😆

  144. Virtual Speak Says:

    Did I ever say he was an innocent choir boy? Did I ever say I knew him?

  145. Snow, You are missing the point entirely. You DON”T know if anyone here knows him. So save yourself some grieve and give up on this silly nonesense. It’s not your concern anyway.

  146. I really, really doubt it. I think his friends do not post on message boards. Do I know this as fact? Of course not, but I’ve never seen any evidence of this. I also do not think Taylor is friends with ANY fans and does not spend social time with them, other than meet and greets.

  147. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, You are probably right that no one knows him. Not being fangirly here, just what jumped out at me from the video, that this is something he wants but has not found it yet and maybe not willing to settle. Just my opinion.


  148. I also do not think Taylor is friends with ANY fans and does not spend social time with them, other than meet and greets.

    Stop the presses… I’m agreeing with Snow. Yes, you saw it here first.

    What amuses me is that I’ve been reading this same conversation for nearly 3 years now:
    “Does Taylor read the boards?”
    “Do Taylor’s family/friends read the boards?”
    “Does anyone here KNOW TAYLOR???!!!?”

    The more things change, the more they remain the same.

  149. And it will never change YKW.

  150. *goes for change in topic*

    So, was he HAWT in that video or what??!!?!!???!?

    *gives in to a fangirly moment*

  151. I’m so mad at him right now.


  152. Hm….not what I expected. I’ll preface my opinion by saying I prefer UNDER-acting so as to be able to use my imagination vs. having it all spelled out for me. The only “question” here was …did he go with her or not? The girl in the vid didn’t seem….well, hell, I dunno…..RIGHT, I guess.

    I agree that more of his face could’ve been a plus. It was all just more or less mysterious and that may be what Jake was aiming for. Whatever. It’s a beautiful piece of film and a good start for Taylor’s potential library of iconic vids.

  153. I’m mad at him too rhonda.

    There I was looking forward to some romp in the covers shots and what do I get? The man shuffling through snow. 😉

    *¡ǝǝǝǝǝǝnbs* ¡¡¡pooƃ uɯɐp ʎʇʇǝɹd ʞooן pıp ǝɥ ‘ʍʞʎ ˙˙˙ʇssd

    DBarlow, we are celebrating, as if there’s a doubt. 😛

  154. Spin, I wonder how the sp’ers would have reacted to a romp in the covers? That would have been fun!

  155. hicksaholic Says:

    I still say he should surprise everyone and romp in the covers with the R&K girl. That would make for an interesting Friday recap.

    I bet Taylor will never be so glad to see the weekend roll around. I would have loved to be in the meeting or phone conversation or whatever when the whole date thing was first brought up. I bet Taylor’s initial reaction was what the fuck are you thinking. Then when he figured out it was free publicity for the album he reluctantly agreed. Isn’t it odd the date is sandwiched right between the video release and the album release?

  156. jerseyirish Says:

    hicksaholic, i usually watch Regis and Kelly Valentines week because they do stuff like this, some years it is weddings, dates with a celebrity, or having young ladies on that invite someone they are interested in out. It varies from year to year. I think the timing just worked well for Taylor, the show would have been done with or without him.


  157. Spin, I wonder how the sp’ers would have reacted to a romp in the covers? That would have been fun!
    Snow, some would have him married off, kids in tow and finding out where she lives, works and hangs out. IMO-he was wise to keep that out

  158. How I would love it if they showed up for the Friday interview disheveled and clinging to one another, nuzzling, playfully biting, and maybe even some little ass slapping … LOL!!

    How’s that for a Happy Valentine’s Day?!?!

  159. Next question: Can he perform this song live in all the TV promo spots and STAY in touch with the introspective, tender feeling of it – like a real soul singer?

    If he can, wow. Wow. Wow. But if he goes ape-shit and grins and dances it up all self-consciously as he has tended to….well, it all goes flat, I think.

    Taylor Hicks: you are my Manchurian idol/puppet. (Heh.) Listen to me. Stand still in the spot. Plant yourself. Put one hand on the mic, and one on the stand. Close your eyes. Shut out the world. Feel this song, and just let it come.

    Hey, no charge. I do this out of love for the people. Hee.

    So … anyone know when he’ll be on the TEE-vee?

  160. True, he performed it the same way after his Balto. Grease show, very gritty and soulful. He is playing the dating game on R&K on Thurs. and coming back on Fri. to tell how the date went. He might sing it on FRi. Rocket Science had his promo schedule up a few weeks ago but took it down.

  161. I didn’t have the patience to wade thru all of the above comments. But…is anyone else having trouble playing the video? The little circle in the middle just spins and spins and it keeps saying it’s loading something! I’m getting angry! Saw it last night once with no problem after that nada.


  162. jerseyirish Says:

    Fairhope, Was having the same problem. My daighter typed his name at the top and it brought up his information, if you click on video’s, it will show WRIR click on that. I saved it as a favorite at that point and haven’t had any problems playing it since.


  163. Thanks! I’ll try that.

    And one more thing…Did anyone say BALLS?

  164. AAAHHHHHHAAHHHHHHHAAAAHHHHH! I give up. I have zero patience. It’s Prozac time.

    WTH? Why doesn’t it work?

  165. Comment on the video from a blog out there:

    I have liked some of Taylor’s singing but grew to really dislike his performance contortions and pandering to his fans while on the show and even afterwards as he promoted his efforts in Grease. “Soul Patrol” shout out indeed! But, now that I’m away from his grating personality, I can acknowledge that he is talented. It’s going to be painful to know that he’s getting even a small amount of my hard-earned money but I do like this song and I continue to like his singing.

    speak out.

  166. Those unable to play the video, try opening it with another browser. If you’re using firefox, try opening it with IE.

  167. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I am running late this morning, could not find my way back on to comment further yesterday about the new video, but here I am and well if you want to read please do…
    The video is highly symbolic and to me that makes for an interesting view each time.
    The characters: There a roughly five or six players or characters here. An much older blond waitress, a younger wheelchair bound man, who has a relationship with the blonde waitress. (They may be a couple or they may be related in another way.) A middle aged couple (older guy with a hat and a blond woman), an attractive brunnete, and Taylor. I believe that each person and their character was picked for a reason to symbolize something Taylor wishes to express to his fans. Each character may have significance to some of us, or some of the characters may have significance to all of us, or all of the characters may have significance to one of us. I won’t say where I fall in that broad genralization.
    The music was beautiful. It was sung with passion and the soul came through loud and clear for me. Taylor was working that day, he was not with anyone but himself up at the mic, and his muse was workign through him like storms move through the atmosphere, unstoppable and many times unpredictably. But the soul is that way, it has no chartered course, it just moves when the muse is present, and Taylor had the muse that day at the mic and it was moving to me. I could see him like a writer or an artist struggling to present it in the best light, wanting his art to be seen in its best way. I wasn’t there of course but he was working it, he was wrestling with the muse when he filmed this video, there multiple shots where you could see the pain in his face, the angst was not lonliness or want or longing as has been interpreted, it was not acting as has been said, it was the muse. The muse presents that way. If had not made a video that day, I would hope he would have sat down to write and captured it as he often wishes he had the time to do.
    So I love the video, it leaves so much open for interpretation but I am not analyzing anymore. I watched it four times and saw it for everythingI look for in a video. The lighting, the mood, the story, the characters, the song, and most importantly to me the movement of the artist through his vehicle of expression–the exultation and celebration of the inspirational muse. Remember I think of videos as an artist’s canvas for the musician it should leave us all wondering and thinking what is going on inside the musician. It did. Perfect and wonderful is what I saw in there, and it left me feeling like all is good, there, here, and everywhere.
    Be well all.
    sorry for typos if any…I got to run.

  168. True..for the computer idiots! What’s a browser and what the hell is Firefox and IE? Is a browser the same thing as a search engine?????

  169. OK, duh. Nevermind. I am using Explorer. ANy other ideas??? It just keeps saying “waiting for ad….” and “waiting for new music” and then says “done”. But nothing happens! ANy other thoughts???

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