Familiarity breeds contempt?

Familiarity breeds contempt. I’ve been thinking about that phrase lately. Before anybody gets their panties in a wad, I just want to make it clear that I do not have contempt for Taylor Hicks…it’s just that the phrase sent me thinking on a whole train of thought about him. I’ve been a fan of the man for about three years now. In that time my fan meter has gone from hot to warm to lukewarm to hot to who knows depending on the particular day. What’s interesting is that I can remember when he was on Idol, and how cute I thought the “Play that Funky Music” dance was. You remember, the one where he ended up on his back? I remember thinking…there’s that Taylor, doing what he wants to do, thumbing his nose at Simon.

I’ve also been thinking about the purple jacket. I remember being shocked when he came out in that, but then thinking…awww, how cute is he in that.

So, the question is, how would I feel about that now? What if Taylor went on the Regis and Kelly show with the purple jacket on? (I know, it’s at the Alabama Music hall of fame, but just humor me). Would I still think he was so cute in it? Or would I cringe and write a blog about it? I know that I never used to mind when he did the backbend and the woooo…and shouted Soul Patrol. But that shtick got old. And every time he did it at an end of an interview, I found myself soon rolling my eyes.

Is it because I am more familiar with the man and his music? Is it because I know that deep down somewhere, he’s capable of writing good tunes, yet somehow can’t find that part of himself again? Does familiarity indeed breed contempt because I’m suddenly asking more of him?

Now, he’s going on a “date” with somebody for the Regis and Kelly show? Ok, that’s pretty good publicity. But, to me, it’s just him moving farther away from the music and leaning towards the entertainment aspect of the business.

I’m waiting for this CD, hoping that the best songs aren’t the ones he’s released so far. I’m hoping that there will be gems on it, just like there were on his first two CD’s, songs like The Deal, The Fall and West Texas Sky. Lyrics that could actually stand alone, not needing the musical accompaniment. I’m hoping that this video that’s being released on Tuesday will actually make me like What’s Right is Right, the twin of Do I Make You Proud. They basically sound like the same song to me. I remember when DIMYP was released, and when I heard it on the radio, it was bittersweet. It was great because Taylor Hicks was on my radio, but the song itself was awful. I told myself, oh that’s only because he HAD to record it. He didn’t have a choice…it was all the fault of those evil AI people. Then I heard What’s Right is Right, and I was disappointed. Because this album has been touted as all “his” choices. Ugh.

My fanmeter continues on it’s journey, and I’m still holding out that Taylor will reach his musical potential. I really find it hard to accept that he peaked in May 2006.


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  1. IAG: The reason you would cringe if he showed up in the purple jacket is because you and I both know that is not the real Taylor. That is just a persona he made up to win Idol. It worked. But now we know that the real Tyalor is reserved, private, maybe a little shy and YES…pissy. This is the Taylor that makes me hot!! I hate it when he makes that stupid big grin face when his eyebrows go up. He’s making that face in one of the AI Experience photos on stage. He looks goofy. Maybe one day he will be Goofy at WDW. Oh baby, I like him serious and sexy. I like it when he looks like he is in a trance.

    So anyway, yeah, I want the Idol Taylor to be put to rest. Time to move on big boy!

  2. Maybe too much is expected of him…..he was in a murky groove of joints/bars/gigs for 10 years and suddenly found himself thrust into the BIG game. Maybe he’s not as deep as he thinks he is. Maybe he’s just a so-so talent who caught a break and–in trying to please everybody–pleases the lowest common denomijnator. Now I’m not saying any of that is true…not at all.
    But I remember his early interview when he said he was “a broke performer”. He didn’t say singer or songwriter or musician. He said PERFORMER. So, at heart, he may reach for something some may not wish for him in his career. But he is steering his own ship and he certainly seems happy. Slim, handsome, in great voice and in charge of his future. I’m glad.

  3. Sorry, but I’m completely distracted by these two videos. Damn, he was good on that show! (Why didn’t I watch it?) His voice sounds so good and strong. And you’ve got to admit that character he played or that side of his personality (whichever you prefer) is damned endearing.

  4. I’ll never understand why people hate on the purple jacket. It was freakin’ awesome.

  5. Caryl, I agree, it was endearing. But that was then. I remember when I first heard “Under the Radar”, I was completely obsessed with it. That music, for me, was perfection. There was just enough instrumentation, the lyrics were beautiful. It wasn’t overproduced. Sometimes, less is more.

    That persona has hurt him more than it helped him, I’m afraid. And yes…his voice did sound so good on AI. Not that it doesn’t now, but I think now, it’s just a little different.

  6. Fairhope, I’m with you on the serious and sexy. There is nothing I like more when Taylor is so into the music that seems like he’s in a trance. Like in the Georgia video at Smith’s, he seemed surprised that the audience was there, like he was taken away with the music, if only for a little bit.

    Linn, maybe you’re right…maybe we’re being too hard on him. But he got the biggest break that you could hope for in the music, or maybe I should say entertainment business. And yet, somehow, it didn’t work out for him. It just saddens me to think that he was at his best on Idol. I just don’t believe that.

    tandjam..you really liked it? πŸ˜†

  7. Taylor really was phenomenal on AI . . . and I am not as convinced as some people are, that he was merely playing a “character” on the show. He definitely had to make himself G-rated for a television audience, but I believe he was being himself during the show.

    If you look at the variety of performances during the show, you find the exuberance of performances like Not Fade Away and Play That Funky Music . . . but you also find those more serious performances like Trouble and In The Ghetto.

    If you look at Taylor’s performances in his concerts, you get the exuberant silliness of Dancing Queen, and the seriousness of the infamous Smith’s Georgia . . .

    Taylor Hicks is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. And sometimes what you get is an awesome purple jacket.

  8. Well, there’s no doubt that he’s grown as a performer. And he’s not the same guy he was before Idol. I’m trying to figure out what I’m trying to say, but let me put it this way: I used to write poetry. From the time I learned to write as a little girl, I was scratching out verses. I even won an award in college for poetry. But I can’t write it anymore. When I try, it’s crap. (Or an amusing version of “Somehow.” haha.) I was talking to an old college buddy about it and I told her, “I can’t write poetry anymore. I’m too happy now.”

    Some of the best art comes from HUNGER. You want something so bad it tortures you until you find a way to open the gate and let it out. It consumes you, it’s all you can think about. Taylor’s got the skills, you know, the talent, the know-how, the voice. But now that he’s tasted fame, is he still hungry?

  9. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, I think Taylor still has it in him, is he in a different place then he was pre Idol, yeah. I bellieve people are just having a hard time accepting his choices they believe he has left his music behind. As you said some folks do their best works when they are struggling, because they have to look deep inside to find a reason to continue. The struggles aren’t over for him, this CD will be very telling for Taylor, I think it well be a good variety of music on it from what I have heard from the shadow dates and the songs he has done. I think we all agree Taylor is at his best live, the studio stuff just may not show him at his best. Myself I have enjoyed everything he has put out to date, I am not disappointed at all.

    The purple jacket thought it was gutsty of him to wear it, it was eye catching, glad he put it in the Hall of Fame!!!!


  10. Caryl you make valid points. The muse visits when times are tough and for some of us, expression in its most basic form through art, writing, music, and other creatie pursuits is basicly a venting mechanism. I see no relationship between what I write and what I feel or think, it is just the muse working through me to allow me to work through what I am going through. I DO feel better after I write, like it is a release, it is for me better than sex. Not kidding.

    Now Taylor is in a good place but he wants more in my opinion, I think he is hungry but he is also torn an so many directions that it is hard to find the solitude to write. And write well. It is very difficult to write when there is a million and one distractions, in fact I cannot write unless I am alone, and that is hardly ever so I don’t write like I used to, I just can’t find the down time.
    Whatever he writes and why or how he does makes no difference to me. I love his style and his sense of music for all its worth. Hungy or satiated he is truly a talent that is yet to be fully reckoned with, it is just a matter of time now…that’s all. Talent like him does not come along everyday, and even though he won Idol, he is undiscovered, and that is exciting in and of itself, his musician side is really undiscovered. We all know the entertainer in him, but musically he is blossoming.

  11. tandjam..you really liked it?

    Hell yes, I liked it. It’s a beautiful jacket, and he was king of the world in it.

  12. After my M&G with Taylor in Chicago, I told my non-Taylor friend some of the things he said to me. Remember, she was listening with a “fresh” ear, she hasn’t been reading and commenting about him they way we all have. She said, “It sounds like he’s still coming to terms with fame. Still trying to figure it all out.” It blew me away that she said that, because that never occured to me. Of course she could be wrong, but I though that was interesting.

  13. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Your friend could be very right in her opinion. Having local fame, then in an instant becoming a household name can take time to adjust to. He seems comfortable in his own skin and what he is doing. Maybe it is all the fan admiration that takes time to get used to. Just my thougth.


  14. Just dropping in to say I agree with Soulaz because I believe Taylor was not playing a role on AI. In fact I am surprised so many think he played a role to win it. It is my opinion he only played his cards smartly by using his music knowledge and years of performing when choosing what and how to sing and perform each week. I see the exact same guy then as I see now. After the Relix magazine fiasco, I saw a more guarded guy when being interviewed, but now he is back to being open as he was on AI. When Kimberly Locke asked him the other day if he was going for theater or music he shouted out both. On his first AI interview he stated he had been a “performer” all his life. Hope everyone gets the message that is what he wants to be, a performer. I get it because he has said it and shown it since the first time I saw him on AI.

  15. hicksaholic Says:

    You expressed very well some of the same thoughts I have had regarding Taylor’s career post idol. I wonder if he is so afraid of going back to obscurity that he is unwilling to take the downtime to write. Or perhaps he is not a very prolific songwriter- he really only has about 10 or 12 originals in 10 or so years of performing.
    It seemed like Taylor was very focused and on a mission on Idol. He got better and better each week and the audiences rewarded him by enthusiastically supporting more and more. This seemed to build even more confidence in Taylor and he got even better.
    I have to wonder what happened post idol. And I don’t even know how to word it because I am just thinking out loud. I sometimes wonder if Taylor thought he would be a commercial success post idol regardless. I have to wonder if Taylor came off of Idol as thinking he knew more than he did and thought he could have everything his way and still be as wildly popular as he was on Idol. I have to believe something happened (perhaps when he didn’t sign with 19) and he may have been difficult to deal with. As popular as he was on Idol I can’t imagine TPTB not wanting to capitalize on that popularity if they could. Taylor had more going for him coming off Idol than any other winner IMO. He got the cover of People as most eligible bachelor and the Ford commercial. Everything was rolling forward in a positive manner until at some point(and I believe it was well before the release of his album the publicity changed to a more negative vibe.
    Of course, all of the above is speculation. I have no knowledge of Taylor’s dealings with anyone.

  16. hicksaholic Says:

    I loved the purple jacket too. It took balls to wear it since I am sure it had a lot of people questioning whether or not he was gay.

  17. hicksaholic, I agree, Taylor has shown time after time he has big balls!

  18. Oh, no, not again, Rosie! πŸ™‚

  19. I love the purple jacket and all it said. He was king of the world in it. *sigh* Some of my favorites from the show were “In the Ghetto” and “Trouble” too, so different sides of Taylor just in those choices.

    I have said many times Hicks played the game so well on Idol, regarding being in character, I have never meant he was being someone he wasn’t. He like many of us have different sides to our character, to our moods. Different situations create different approaches. I think he used the approach and selected a side of himself that he felt fit to win the show. It worked.

    Perhaps Grey, he did hit a peak in 2006. Perhaps as Caryl’s friend said in her impression, he is still finding his way, after all the Big Real is very different than a ‘reality show’ with defined perimeters. Perhaps with Jake Davis and this new video, he will find way to redefine himself and rise ready to climb another peak in his career.

    A2M Loved what you wrote. I too, have to be alone to write. I think often of it being the best feeling in the world as well. It is so hard to find that down time when challenges of just the day to day are so prominent and immediate.

  20. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I agree, I still see the same humble guy I saw on Idol, did he ham it up a bit sure he did, he was out to win. I still see the same passion he had for his music then, just exploring other areas of the entertainment world. I also remember him saying he wanted to be a performer/entertainer, he wanted to experience it all. I give him credit for having the confidence to go forward with the Grease role, he knew it was a good fit and has made it work for him and the show.


  21. I remember a clip from Idol where Taylor is going to- I don’t know- hear if he was going to move on? You all would know better than I. I think he was waiting for an elevator, he looked nervous and he pointed up to the heavens as if to say “It’s in God’s hands.” I think about that from time to time and wonder if that was a real emotion or just something he did to get people on his side.

    I know that’s terribly cynical, but he doesn’t seem very spiritual to me. *puttin on my hard hat* πŸ™‚

  22. taylorfan06 Says:

    This man is dissected like no one else.
    Won’t you pleas give him some slack?

  23. taylorfan06 Says:


  24. You’re saying “please”, tf06, that’s very nice.

  25. I thought we were having a pleasant convo, but it makes me no nevermind if we stop.

    For what it’s worth (before I stop), I DO think he’s still hungry but he may be wondering how to recreate the magic he made on Idol. He’ll figure it out.

  26. I was in no way implying I’d stop talking about him Caryl just because tf06 wants me to. lol Yes, we were having a nice convo, if folks don’t like it they can read elsewhere, it’s a Big Wide Web.

  27. Yeah, I know, spin. But I’m not that invested. πŸ™‚

  28. Speaking of big balls…did anyone else notice in all the pics from Disney that his “package” seems to be lumped to one side???????????

    Can someone give me proof that he did the Ray Charles bend and woos before Idol? I need video. I don’t think anyone can show me anything pre-idol showing Taylor in that character.

    I think he did what he did to win Idol and was smart enough to realize the target audience and played to them!

  29. Me either Caryl. *whistling*

    Fair its highly doubtful he ever did that before Idol, that was just some sort of thing that may have popped into his head and he ran wild with it.

    I wish I was smart like that. *thinking about who I’d act like…*

  30. Fairhope . . . I totally noticed that. I also noticed that he seemed to be lifting one leg a lot. Attempts at adjustment, perhaps???? πŸ˜›

  31. When he sang Easy, top 20 week, he was wooing himself to death. The next week he did Taking It To The Streets and was moving well and did the side bend. Simon asked him if the bend was going to be his signiture move, imitated Tay, and the rest is history. At the same time Tay said Ray Charles was his hero. Ray’s people liked him and he took the doll on tour. Now I need to go check out those Disney pics. How could I have missed that?

  32. The package was hanging out on his left thigh because those were some skin tight jeans and it couldn’t fit in the middle.

  33. I really don’t understand what it matters to anybody how we “dissect” Taylor. We’re having a conversation about him. That’s it. God, I just don’t get that part of the fandom…where each individual fan takes it upon themselves to monitor others and make sure the world is speaking nice of Taylor.

    I think befora AI, Taylor was a musician. Bottom line. Since AI, he’s decided to be an entertainer…which is disappointing to say the least.

  34. But what about his package, itsallgrey?

  35. Geez, tf06 will be so mad you guys are talking about his package now. Wait, package? Did he send y’all something?

    Yes we should let Cedric know – now he’s now no longer the only one.

  36. typo *-now he’s no longer the only one. (stupid sticky keys) I need a new package, a package containing a new keyboard.

  37. Who is Cedric?????????

  38. Yeah! I don’t know nuttin ’bout Cedric’s package.

  39. I was targeting Grey’s comment, “Since AI, he’s decided to be an entertainer…” It’s right ~ up there^.

  40. Still lost. Guess my mind is too pure. πŸ™‚

  41. Oh okay! I thought maybe you were referring to Cedric the Fed Ex man!

  42. AHHAHA, Fair, nope not Cedric the Fed Ex man. Darn.

  43. Cedric carries a big package!

    When can we talk about Emily the stalker girl from in a date with Taylor?????

  44. Ooooooohhh! Cedric’s not the only entertainer. I gotcha now.

    I don’t know nuttin ’bout Emily neither.

  45. I remember her now. Might be some Must See TeeVee.

    Do you know who she is Fair?

  46. I still can’t believe everybody liked the purple jacket.

  47. I didn’t, itsallgrey. (I didn’t want to be a downer and upset taylorfan06 again.) But we’re all grown-ups and having an honest discussion (and besides, nobody reads here, right? haha) so I’ll confess that when he came out in the purple velvet jacket my first thought was, “Oh. I didn’t know he was gay.”

    I think I get what he was going for, but he’s not Prince. (sorry, dude!)

  48. Loved the purple jacket, it was ballsy and fun and entertaining—just like Taylor. It was also kind of a screw you Simon statement.

  49. Um, Caryl…I had the same thought…only just a tad bit different.

    As in…ok. Now I know!! πŸ˜†

    And I just have to quote hicksaholic here…

    I sometimes wonder if Taylor thought he would be a commercial success post idol regardless. I have to wonder if Taylor came off of Idol as thinking he knew more than he did and thought he could have everything his way and still be as wildly popular as he was on Idol. I have to believe something happened (perhaps when he didn’t sign with 19) and he may have been difficult to deal with. As popular as he was on Idol I can’t imagine TPTB not wanting to capitalize on that popularity if they could. Taylor had more going for him coming off Idol than any other winner IMO.

    I agree 100%. Ten years in bars does not equal knowiing the business part of the music business. If he knew the business part that well, he wouldn’t have been in bars for ten years.

  50. Rosie, I think YOU’RE ballsy and fun and entertaining! πŸ™‚

  51. The purple jacket is love.

  52. Hope its OK to do this. You can delete it if you want, itsallgrey. I wrote about the purple jacket when it went into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. There’s a couple of interesting facts in there:

  53. SHUT UP!! $1648 for that? Dear God.

    And…it still does nothing for me. Can you even imagine the convo with the stylist? hahahahhah

  54. Purple jacket didn’t set off my gaydar at all. As a matter of fact I didn’t hear any “gay” stuff until about 6 months ago. Purple jacket was cool.

    Can we talk about the Emily girl now? No, I don’t know anything about her beyond what I have read. The Boogie grandmas love her and Idletard is having a blast making fun of her. Very entertaining reading.

    And listen! I will give Taylor a test drive anytime to test his “manliness”!

    Oh Tay Tay, please unwrap your package for me!

  55. Ugh. Do we really have to talk about the whole date thing?

    It’s another marketing nightmare for Hicks.

  56. I watched Taylor emerge in the purple jacket and I didn’t even think “gay.” It never crossed my mind. I just thought “entertainer” and even “standout” or at one point I thought “different” but I never thought gay. He doesn’t give off gay vibes in any other way, and not knowing about Bill then, when he was on AI, I just did not think that at all. I know that when he did that, came out in the purple jacket, he set himself apart, made a statement, and his appearance and performance screamed “Look at me and remember me and vote for me!” He is sort of a politician in a way, he was just getting votes. I have often thought that he should be a politician, although you have to love politics to be in that, but he is adept at getting people to get behind him and rally for him, and he sometimes makes promises he just knows he can’t keep. πŸ™‚
    But we are all human and sometimes there is a slip between the cup and the lip.
    Good night.

  57. Damn…. I missed the conversation about “The Package”… DAYUM !!!!!

    Definitely agree with you Grey. My fan meter is all over the place as well. Some days I just want to forget that I ever liked Taylor Hicks, then something comes and reminds me why I did in the first place.

    I also agree that for me, Taylor is at his best when the music is less instead of more. Taylor and overproduced music just does not do it for me. As a matter of fact NO OVERPRODUCED MUSIC does it for me no matter who is singing.

    I have been messing around in Youtube tonight and came upon some Neil Young videos. Now this is the way I would love Taylor to sound.

  58. To be Fair…
    Let’s not let this blog talk about Emily. She is most likely a very nice girl, who may have won a date with Taylor, and if she does then she is lucky and we all will be a bit envious, some of the people here will be pea green with envy, but it isn’t classy nor respectable to tear her up or anyone else for that matter, who has an interest in or who has some potential with Taylor. She is very pretty and you never know. Taylor wants to meet someone special, and fall in love, and from what I can recall from People Magazine last year, have a family. It isn’t right for us to be judging or critiquing the girls he likes or dates, let him just live and enjoy and be human for once. Emily, if you read this blog, and you get picked…good for you girl!! πŸ™‚

  59. Agreed Willpen. And that’s how I thought he was going to sound when I found his first two cd’s. But that didn’t play out like I expected it to. I’m waiting for The Distance…and hoping against hope that it will be different.

  60. With all due respect, BL, how do you know that Taylor wants to date and start a family? Because he said that in a magazine?

    Good God, don’t believe everything you read. I really don’t think Taylor is doing this to find someone to settle down with. Taylor is doing this for publicity. End of story.

  61. Oh, Dear God BL.. If R&K would have done research on her.. she wouldn’t be in the to 25.

    Emily probably wants to start a family too. I’m sure her hope chest runnith over with SP bibs, onesies and rattles.

  62. Good God itsallgrey…but he WAS interviewed and he was quoted as saying he wanted to have a family. I am not making it up, and no I don’t believe everything I read, but if it is in a magazine like People, I think they did not make it up, so as of last year I think he said that. Also I believe him, although I understand that entertainers say things for publicity, I also think they speak from their hearts sometimes too. Why is it so hard to think that he would want to live a somewhat normal life and find someone special and have children. He is a talented, famous, and historical figure in our society…I think having children some day might be a reality for him, and probably a very normal thing for a man that just might want to pass his talents to his offspring.
    If you don’t like my comments it’s okay, but don’t be condenscending IAG. He said it, and I read it, and I give him the benefit of the doubt.

  63. Historical figure? He won American Idol. He hasn’t cured cancer, created peace on earth or saved lives. All he’s done is win a reality tv show. Perspective is a wonderful thing.

    I’m not saying that he didn’t say it. He says lots of things. Doesn’t mean that all of those things are true.

  64. CS..it is obvious you are very upset over Emily. Please try to get over it. She may just win, and then she will be sitting aross the table from Taylor batting her eyelashes and turning on all her charms, and she is very very pretty, so what’s a man supposed to do?? lol. πŸ™‚ I wish each contestant the best of luck, and if it is Emily whoever she is, I say alllllright!!! Be happy for Tsylor, maybe for once he can have some fun without getting the fans all pissed off.

  65. Grey,

    Don’t you know that Taylor has recently parted the Red Sea and brokered Peace in the Middle East…

  66. Dammit, Willpen…I always miss the big news. πŸ˜†

  67. How about not giving a rats ass who wins this stupid contest anyway. It is only a publicity stunt and the mere fact that some of his fans are even discussing it to the extent that they are wants to make me run from the room like my hair is on fire.

  68. Yes IAG he is historical. He is in the encyclopedias at school. I think they are pretty good indicators of history and of what is known around the world. Sorry you don’t think so but Taylor is an icon of sorts, and yes perspective is a beautiful thing actually. lol.

    I would love to raise my kids to an age that when they are asked to research in an encyclopedia for a school project, they find a picture and story and biography of ME. Pretty effing awesome! Can you say about your own self?? End of story. Ha!

  69. No, it’s not really the end of the story, BL. There are plenty of people in encyclopedias. It doesn’t mean they’re historical figures. Taylor might be a pop culture figure, only because of his win on AI. I’m sorry, but a reality tv winner doesn’t go down in the books as somebody who’s changed history. It just goes to show that he knows how to get people to vote for him. He had his fifteen minutes of fame. Now, he’s playing a bit part in a so so musical, according to reviews.

    Will he change the musical world? Maybe. Maybe not. Not if he keeps making songs like WRIR. That still remains to be seen.

  70. Agreed, Willpen.

    Publicity. Pretty sure if Taylor wanted to meet a woman, he wouldn’t be holding a contest on television to do it.

  71. Oh and I may have said this before, but I will refresh you memory just in case you forgot…there is something called a “legacy.” It is something I value to a great extent, more than money, or more than fame, I think legacy is important. The purple jacket got Taylor noticed and perhaps contributed to some extent to his carving his legacy. A legacy is that which people remember us by after we are gone, and it is a lasting and inpenetrable memory which defines us and points our descendents in a direction that continues the line. A legacy is a way to keep your self alive even after you are gone, in essence it let us live forever. I think he has made his mark but I also think he has alot of work yet to fully lay out his legacy for his future.

  72. Why would I be upset BL? It’s obvious you have dreams of grandour… you’re the one romantacizing a publicity stunt.

  73. Exactly IAG! he is a pop culture icon, and in this day and age that counts for a lot! He has not changed history, I NEVER said that. he has made history in that he is in the history books…again…I cannot say I am in the history books…can you or anyone else here? Clarkson, Studdard, Burrino, Underwood, Hicks, Sparks, and Cook are all part of that POp culture iconic superstardom machine called American Idol, and for a number of years, that show was pop culture. FIFTY years ffrom now it will be still looked upon as iconic for its time. Don’t you get anything? The big picture is there but some people refuse to see it I guess. He is part of a famous and select group of Champions of the greatest TV reality ever in the history of television. Get that? Not just some reality show. The greatest, most famous, most watched, longest running, most successful, most revered, reality show EVER. Sorry but you cannot say that he is NOT part of history. HAVE kids Taylor and when they are big enough to read, show them everything you are darling!! A2S

  74. If I had such dreams I would have applied right? But to be honest I am not Taylor worthy. I am just realistic that when a man has the opportunity to sit and chat with an attractive girl, anything can happen…later. lol. cmon be real folks, he IS a man afterall and well the girls that are vying are very pretty, educated, and they are most likely attracted to him so that is all I am saying. Nothing may happen too, it is up to chemistry I think, but you never know about that chemistry…

  75. A2S,

    I am not trying to be condescending, but you really need to put the concept of historical and legacy into context. I don’t know what type of encyclopedias your kids have access to, but if they are most likely online sources then they really cannot be deemed 100% accurate. Especially if they are using Wikipedia, which is by no means accurate.

    No one wants to take away what Taylor has accomplished, but this really needs to be put into a more realistic perspective. He is no better or no worse than dozens of other musicians that have achieved notoriety for themselves, which includes many other AI winners and contestants.

  76. Gee, I guess I don’t get anything. Here I was thinking he was just a reality show winner, but you’re telling me that AI is the best show ever..and because he won that show, he’s iconic?

    Um, no. We could argue semantics all night long, but when Hicks is as successful as Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood…who are successful in MUSIC, then you can call him an icon. I called him a pop culture figure, not an icon.

    In the end, it’s just a reality show.

    And when the key figures of this generation are gathered up to write about how the world was changed, I don’t think Hicks will be among them. Although Willpen said he has recently brokered peace in the middle east, so, hell, what do I know? πŸ˜‰

  77. I guess I don’t get the big deal. What if he goes on a publicity stunt date with this woman? If it makes you feel better to get him married off, then whatever.

    All I want is good music from him. *waits patiently-ish*

  78. A2S,

    Reading what you posted before my comment, I just have to say that we are both looking at the same story here but with two completely different perspectives.

    You apparently see AI as a history making program, while I see it as what has brought television down to the lowest common denominator and why this country has become filled with crazy people who live their lives like they are on reality shows.

    A perfect example of this is that whacko mother of the octupletes who actually believes that she is going to make it rich by having had 8 babies at one time. I call this more a symptom of the problem of reality TV, but that is just my opinion.

  79. American Idol is a reality show that everyone all over the world knows about if they have access to TV. Willpenn you are not being condenscending, you just don’t want to give Taylor his props I guess.
    I am not saying I think AI is the greatest show ever, but it is the most watched, most successful, most famous reality show ever. Name one more famous please. Survivor? Deal or no Deal? Accept it. He is in the history books…forever. As far as accuracy is concerned, I think saying that Taylor Hicks won Season Five of AI is quite accurate, and his biography seems spot on to me.

  80. I get all that, BL, however what I don’t understand is how you can equate winning a reality show with being iconic?


    That’s it, so far. Nothing much more to speak of musically.

  81. The win a date thing is all pub. I would be surprised if the date hasn’t already been picked.

    Taylor a historical figure? That’s a good one hahahahah!. Oh. You aren’t joking. Never mind.

    Let me bring myself back to the topic. I think all the goofy stuff Taylor did on Idol was hilarious. To me that is just another aspect of his ability to entertain. If he wore the purple jacket or missed while attempting a microphone stand kick again, I would be totally entertained.

  82. Ok, I was entertained by the missed microphone stand kick.

  83. You deleted my comment. willpenn compared taylor to the freak with 8 babies, and I call her on that and you delete it.
    It was and is a stupid comment.
    I stand by that.
    I am not trying to marry off Taylor, I just want to see him have a great life, if that includes marriage and family down the road, well by all means he is entitled. I was sad the neuroscientist didn’t make it, she was cute with the puppy.

  84. It was the way that comment was worded, BL and you know that.

  85. It’s posts like this that keep me coming back to your blog. I wish more Taylor fans like you, I don’t agree with everything you say but at least your honest. I can’t stand how some people gush over every little thing he does like every song he sings is greatest thing in the world. He’s a great guy and I feel like I’ll always be a fan of his but seriously I am often very disappointed in the decisions he makes career/song-wise. Unfortunately I feel like this new album is going to be another one of those disappointments, judging from the couple songs I’ve heard already.

  86. willpenn compared taylor to the freak with 8 babies, and I call her on that

    BL, I don’t think that willpen was actually comparing Taylor to the octuplets’ mother, but was rather commenting on the way they each achieved fame. In all fairness, willpen’s comment was more of a reflection on today’s society. Your original comment was more specifically about Taylor.

    BL, I do love Mr. Hicks as an artist, and I guess it’s great that he’s found his version of recognition and steady work in the “Grease” gig. I just wish, wish, wish sometimes that I still saw that musical artist that I caught glimpses of during the AI5 season.

    I think some members of our community are just frustrated, you know?
    And don’t feel you need to defend him here, it’s just how I feel, not likely to change until I hear the new CD (crossed fingers).

  87. A legacy is that which people remember us by after we are gone, and it is a lasting and inpenetrable memory which defines us and points our descendents in a direction that continues the line. A legacy is a way to keep your self alive even after you are gone, in essence it let us live forever.

    I think that if the whole world looked at life the way you do, BL, it would most likely be a kinder, gentler, more productive place.

  88. Thanks, felicia. I appreciate that. I could do without the gushing, and I guess I keep trying to figure out why people feel the need to defend him ad nauseam.

  89. Felicia you are a welcome breath of fresh air here. You’re not popping up to defend Hicks nor are you hating on the guy or the posters, LOL. I hope that this album will be better than so far I’ve heard, too. Man,I wish he could capture on disc what he does live, it would make such a better representation of who he is as a performer/entertainer.

    Regarding the dating situation, I’ve approached the whole thing very tongue in cheek. I think this news about Miss Emily hits me completely hilarious because this whole stunt, as Grey’s pointed out just for publicity. It’s also funny how so many on-line fans want to believe Mr. Hicks is truly looking for love in this. If he is, he’s looking for love in all the wrong places. πŸ˜‰

    This a ratings ploy for R&K and publicity for Boome and Hicks. It’s also not about these gals – well except perhaps Emily – wanting to meet him, it is more about them wanting national television face time too. The whole idea of a romance in the making that some are conjuring up is funny.

  90. hicksaholic Says:

    I agree about it being a publicity stunt and can’t imagine anyone really thinking taylor is looking at this date thing as something that might lead somewhere. I wonder if he will feel free to smoke and say fuck on the date.

  91. No way. He won’t smoke. He won’t drink. He won’t curse.

  92. If Emily, the stalker, wins the date with Taylor, I just might wet myself!!! Please let me be her!!! HAHA!!

    You know, I might rag on Taylor once and a while, but the dude keeps me entertained! πŸ™‚


    lol, not me!!!!

  94. YKW
    It is refreshing that someone can see my points. I always think in the big picture, in the long run, and look at life as a series of roads we take to arrive at a destination.
    I am not gushing over Taylor. Far from it. I state the fact that he has carved his place in Amreican pop culture history and people here call it gushing. How about I am stating facts?
    How does that sound?
    Gushing sounds fangirly and I am not fangirly.

  95. You are right…he does have his place in American pop culture. All of the Idol winners do.

  96. I said that he did have a place in pop culture, but where you and I disagreed, BL, was that you called him iconic.

  97. After reading thru these comments, especially BL’s, I decided to look up the term “cultural icon”. Here’s a link to some interesting reading…hope it shows here.


  98. To consider Taylor Hicks a “cultural icon” is to place him in the same league as the musicians mentioned in that fascinating article. He’s no icon and if he ever will be remains to be seen. He hasn’t matured yet as a musician and is obviously still trying to get his footing in the music industry.

  99. Yes, it’s a stretch to call Mr. Hicks an ‘icon’ at this point. That was one thing I had disagreement with over at Jake’s when he referred to the shoot and the video as iconic in appearance. Just looking up pure definition of the word clashed with concept but it sounded nice, which is why it was used.

    I have an acquaintance who lists “Icon” as his occupation. He does so as he’s made changes and a difference with lasting impact on his line of work and his trade as it may be. Considering his technique in his line of work and the type of art that has come out from it has altered mass conceptions involved in his particular genre, he has single-handedly radically changed how folks thought about what it is he has done; I understand why he’s able to list that occupation with a straight face.

    Mr. Hicks has not achieved Iconic stature. He is simply at this point, part of the American Pop culture as it relates to reality television.

  100. Yes, Casualfan, just getting a footing in the music biz, and as Hicks likes to repeat ad nauseum, get his feet wet in acting, that’s not indicative of Icon stature, that’s still a guy struggling to make it in the entertainment field.

  101. Boy I guess I must have really pissed A2S off for Grey to have had to delete her comment.

    Let me first start by saying, that if you would have REALLY read what I wrote A2S, and not only seen what you wanted to see, you would have realized, like someone already said, that I was referring to what I think that reality shows have done to our society as a whole.

    I am kind of sorry that I did not get a chance to read your response. I am sure that it was filled with some more of your cheerleading views on life.

  102. Casual Fan,

    Thanks for the link about Paul Simon. That is exactly what the difference is between fame and really being iconic.

    I am hard pressed to think of any artist today that would fall under the heading of iconic. I don’t think that even Dave Matthews who has definitely made his mark on the music world could be considered iconic.

    This would be a great topic to discuss. Can anyone come up with a current artist that could fall under this definition?

  103. Madonna, for starters

  104. Definitely Snow. But how about someone more current than her? You are more in tuned to current music than I am.

  105. willpen, I was just thinking of an artist from today and honestly can’t think of one. Today’s musicians mimic each other. I think the originality of music has been lost and that’s why I don’t really listen to the radio anymore.

  106. I agree Snow…Madonna helped to define Dance Club Music and all of her songs were originals.

  107. U2. They have a new cd coming out, I think early March.

  108. U2 is awesome and definitely fit the Icon status….I think of those musicians from the 80’s and not of today’s crop even though they still record.

    If willpen is referring to the new musicians of today, I can’t think of any.

  109. I just thought of one….I think Kelly Clarkson fits into the future iconic figure. She is fresh, new music and is different to me. She’s a good roll model to follow and I can see her with the honor of “Icon”

  110. But U2 is not new and that is the point. I think that CF is right. The problem with today’s music is that everyone sounds like everyone else and I think that the Idol machine, while not having created this, has not done much for encouraging originality. That is probably why most of us were drawn to Taylor in the first place and why so many of us have been disillusioned. Were we possibly looking for someone to take music back like he claimed he would? And are we now kind of disillusioned again because he has not?

    How much of our disillusionment is our own and not really us feeling that way about Taylor?

  111. I look at AI as being a reality show. I don’t know how serious they are in finding real talent. Plus, you have people power voting for their favorites, which takes away from it. Most of it is a crap shoot. I just don’t take the show seriously anymore. Maybe in the beginning, when it was fresh, but not anymore.

  112. My list of music Icons:

    The Beatles
    The Rolling Stones
    The Who
    Eric Clapton
    Simon and Garfunkel

    There are so many more that I can’t think of at the moment, but I have to run out for a bit. This has been a very cool conversation.

  113. Mariah Carey has had a good run too. She had her first hit song in the early 90 and she’s still around.

  114. Two more before I go:

    Joplin and Hendrix.

  115. Another question just popped up in my head. Does being iconic have to mean that you write your own music or can you become iconic by singing someone else’s music?

    OK… I am really out of here now….

  116. Bob Dylan

  117. Michael Jackson
    Stevie Wonder

  118. I have to throw Elvis in there also.

    Snow-I have to agree with you on AI. I still appreciate the fact that it offers these kids the opportunity to have their voices heard but there’s no originality. Power votes are out of control and that became obvious with Taylor’s win. I have watched AI since the beginning and feel that America only got it right with the first Idol.

  119. Green Day is still around too. They had their first hit songs early 90’s. I believe they are working on a new cd.

  120. Another question just popped up in my head. Does being iconic have to mean that you write your own music or can you become iconic by singing someone else’s music?
    I think an Icon is someone who is not afraid to experiment and take chances. A music Icon is someone who doesn’t brag about taking music into a new direction, but does it, stands by their promises and works really hard in what they believe in.

  121. Since we’re encompassing past icons, John Lennon stands apart from the Beatles, he had his own thing going on, Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, jazz greats – Benny Goodman, Miles Davis, Igor Stravinsky, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Johnny Cash; Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings (The Outlaws), Hank Williams, Buddy Holly.

  122. jerseyirish Says:

    Willpenn, To add to your list “The Grateful Dead” and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young two of my all time favorites.

    Spin, My take on Jakes comment about the video being iconic was he was referring to the lighting and technique used, not the vidoe itself just the concept.


  123. I can’t watch AI anymore. Again, itsallgrey, I’m going to include a link to my blog and I’m sorry about that, but it says what I don’t have time to write here:


  124. JI, with all due respect ‘iconic’ has nothing to do with lighting or effects really. I think he must have simply liked the way that sounded. It adds to what might be appealing to fans to align themselves with. I noticed so many began monkeying that word in their complimentary posts to Jake.

    How’d I forget the Dead? Definitely they’re a legend and still going even after Garcia’s death.

    Frank Zappa, there’s another.

    I’m off for the afternoon into the Big Real. Catch you guys later. Oh, recorded R&K, couldn’t watch the show as I’ve been working on my computer – will catch it later to write something about the ‘contestants’. *evil grin*

  125. As far as the “date” goes- c’mon! Taylor is far too private to find a woman this way. He’s probably already got a girlfriend anyway.

  126. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, I agree, this is just publicty for him, another role so to say. If he does have someone special in his life I am happy for him. Its nice to have someone you care for to spend your down time with.


  127. Spin, I only read Jakes blog a few times and I can’t take the man seriously. He obviously enjoys being the flavor of the month but I don’t think he’s doing Taylor any favors at this point. I do however enjoy watching factions of the SP fawn and drool all over each other in getting his inteview.

  128. Taylor dated someone last year for months and took her to Italy without it hitting the SP network. I think it’s safe to say that he’s been seeing someone for a few months now and this “date” is only for publicity purposes. πŸ˜‰

  129. Ray Charles is one example of someone who is iconic but didn’t write a lot of his own music. He admits in his own biography that there was a turning point rather early in his career that he chose to be an interpreter of songs rather than a songwriter. He could do that because his interpretations were unique enough that each cover sounded like a Ray song. I mean, I have to struggle to remember that “Georgia” is written by Hoagy Carmichael.

  130. WOW.. I can’t believe I missed so many greats on my list…..I guess that happens when you are an old an over the hill fan..;)

    Seven Days….. Ray is a perfect example of that, but how many other artists could have done the same. I think in general there are probably two types of artists. One who writes their own music and puts a personal interpretation on the song and one who can take any song and make it their own.

    I always did believe that Taylor had an amazing ability to make a song his own, eventhough he did write some fairly good songs. As a song writer though, I think that he has to grow a bit more into himself. His early works were from the gut and showed the pain that he was living. I don’t know if that is possible anymore.

    I often think of the difference in how Taylor sang Somehow on IYT and how he interpreted it on his tour. For me it was like a different person singing it and I wondered if it was because Taylor was no longer a 19 or 20 year old young and in pain.

  131. Van Morrison.

    HE is iconic.

    John Lennon. Iconic. Along with the Beatles.

    Bob Dylan. My personal favorite. Iconic.

    You can’t walk into the music scene with a half assed cheese ball song and think you’re considered iconic. I honestly can’t believe anybody would use that word along side Taylor Hicks’ name.

    The man needs some time under his belt before you can even think about calling him anything more then a lucky bar singer. Sorry, but that’s the truth. He’s the got the goods, just wish he’d use em.

  132. I agree, Rhonda.

    Use the goods, Taylor!! ahahhahaha

  133. He’s also got the accessibility.



  134. Oh, and I’m adding Ozzy Osbourne to the list.

  135. sorry for the spam.

    Ozzy qualifies as an icon who didn’t write all of his own songs. But deserves the icon status for messing up the world with his rock and roll. HAHAHAA!! God I love that man.

  136. hahahah Rhonda…you are cracking me up!!

  137. Oh…what about Aerosmith? They could write a book about being icons.

  138. Did anybody say Springsteen? What about Kurt Cobain?

    Are all of these icons male? hmmm…

  139. I am gathering from all these great lists that becoming an icon has a lot to do with longevity. Everyone of the artists mentioned have been around for a long time and I think that is what makes the difference. There is paying dues and there is paying dues. Taylor may have paid his dues being a bar singer, but in order to be able to be considered among the names that have been mentioned here, he needs to up the ante and make his mark. I somehow feel like he has gotten himself between a rock and hard place and can’t quite find his way out.

  140. What I’m noticing is that they have all put music first. You didn’t see any of these people doing broadway, maybe doing a concert here or there…these people made music. And that’s what they lived for. And that’s what Taylor portrayed himself out to be. It’s just not panning out that way.

  141. hicksaholic Says:

    I am guessing Taylor learned some lessons from his “public” relationship with the newscaster that had the photos hit the internet and the ensuing meltdown by a lot of his fans. I am guessing Taylor is very private now- no more introducing her at book signings. Good for Taylor. Nobody should have to have their personal relationships dissected by people who don’t even know them. We do a pretty good job of that with his career choices.

  142. I’m pretty sure John Lennon went through the whole dissection for being with Yoko. πŸ˜‰

    I know Taylor Hicks is just omg the best thing since sliced bread, but he’s not the first, and isn’t the last, to have a fanbase that is this “involved”. Is it sad? Yeah, at times it is, being he can’t fart in public without some saying he did it wrong. But it can also be beneficial……like, you know…when he actually put some music out and people purchase it.

    I don’t care one way or the other about his personal life….I wish Bill would have tried out for the date publicity stunt….THAT would have gotten his name all over the damn place!! HAHAH!! But I’ll defend the fans who might be a little over board, simply because I don’t see any harm in having a little obsession now and again. *shrugs* But I also won’t let people tell me I suck because I hate his new single, or because I think he’s being a dumbass……..

  143. Great point Grey, but I am wondering if it is possible now for an artist to just be an artist like so many of those we mentioned. It seems that it is too important now to be part of the red carpet pop culture that drives the 24/7 coverage of all actors and musicians. There are those who do not take that route but there are just too many that do.

    I guess it all comes down to whether or not you want to see your favorite musician on the cover of People Magazine or Entertainment Weekly. Even Rolling Stone is not what it used to be.

  144. Rhonda, Bill as the date? Oh, that definitely would have gotten the publicity he wants!! ahhahahah

    Willpen, that may be true. Obviously today’s world is nothing like it used to be. Now, the pop culture in America is so “in your face” it’s ridiculous sometimes. With the rise of the internet, it seems that more fans are involved on a higher level than before…when you could go to a concert, or maybe join the fan club!

  145. caryle, Bruce is mentioned as Icon status in that great article I posted the link to up the thread. You are right, seems that most Icons are male. I think Janice Joplin is perhaps the biggest female Icon of all. She broke down barriers for women in the field of rock.

    But the article did say there’s a fine line between popularity and Icon status. IMO there are actually very few Icons in the music world, but that’s only my opinion.

    Great topic btw.

  146. I also believe the goals of musicians have changed. Now it seems to be a popularity contest and who will win what award and it did’nt use to be. Musicians use to sleep in their cars, drive broken down mini vans and rely on the good graces of the fans for a home cooked meal and their couchs. These days, musicians are coddled, drooled over and photogs are selling their mommie’s souls for that perfect pic.

  147. Thanks, CF (concerning Springsteen). I’ve been in and out of here today because I’m busy, so I didn’t read the article. (I know, that’s a no-no in the official commenter manual! haha!)

    You also wrote: “But the article did say there’s a fine line between popularity and Icon status.” I was wondering about Britney Spears. No, I’m not a fan and no, I don’t think she’s created ART, but she’s had a major influence in popular music. Or has she? Maybe she’s been more of a follower of trends than a creator. Ow. My head hurts now.

  148. Some people feel Sean Combs (Puff Daddy, P Diddy) is iconic in his genre. I would love to know how his fans feel about his transition from rap star to Broadway star, to fashion designer, restaurateur, and this list goes on and on with his entrepreneurial endeavors. Because none of it hurt him a bit.

  149. CS,

    I have seen Sean Combs act and IMO it is not a good thing. He should stick to music. There are not too many artists that can safely make that transition from music to acting and I think that Taylor is one of them. What he is doing on that stage in Grease is in no way acting.

    Ducking for cover before I get something thrown at me…..EEK….

  150. No need to duck. I wasn’t insinuating that Taylor was a good actor. Because.. God knows.. lol

    Just trying to make the point that this fandom is so caught up in his business decisions that they’ve made the music secondary and turn around and say Taylor has. If I was in his position, my last CD bombed, the phone stopped ringing, and got a call to do a Broadway show.. I would have done it too.

    He lucked out, and turned a shit role into a headliner for himself. He also found a way to do his mini tour on Grease’s dime.

    I’m in now way protective of Taylor or on the Brightlite plane of fandom.

    His situation reminds me of Eminem’s lyrics from Lose Yourself:

    Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
    To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
    Would you capture it or just let it slip?

  151. Jay-z or however you spell it could really be considered iconic. I’m not into that genre much…but he’s definitely a talented man and probably deserves to be on some sort of “icon” list. ahhaa…….

  152. I think that Eminem’s early Raps were outrageous. He was truly a poet and it came from deep inside of him.

    CS… I totally agree with you that Taylor has made some good tactical decisions. Do I agree with all of them? Absolutely not, but that does not make me a bad fan as some would like to think that it does.

    This whole topic has really go me to thinking about what truly makes someone an icon and where is the line drawn?

  153. Willpen, Of course it doesn’t make you a bad fan.

    Actually, when Taylor first annouced his Grease role, I laughed and thought it was kind of cool. However, the year long stint, whether Grease is paying for his mini tour or not, doesn’t bode well. But, after seeing him on one of his shadow stops, I do know that he’s grown as a live performer, and this Grease gig is just a means to an end.

    Eminem was genius in his early works.

  154. I was wondering the same thing, willpen. I think we’ve all decided that Taylor hasn’t reached icon status, but I would assume it’s all subjective. Longevity is involved, as well as making some sort of mark in their field.

  155. littlewing Says:

    I thought the purple jacket was cool, and fit in with his persona. I did not know at the time I had been duped. (kidding, sorta) I hope for some gems from the new album too…just one or two will be plenty enough for me.

    One definition of an icon is “one who is the object of great attention and devotion; an idol” according to trusty online dictionary. I think that’s all Jake Davis was shooting for, and well, it does sound cool. Taylor is representing his definition of an icon, I guess.

    I think it’s interesting that a talent like Taylor is going at his career assbackwards, doing Broadway as part of his journey to get to the top of the heap. (music-wise that is, and not selling a gajillion units). However he needs to achieve/carve his way is cool with me. In 5 years, maybe we will be talking about what a trailblazer he was….;)

  156. CCR….they were great. Also agree with CSNY…amazing.

  157. TINA TURNER: ICON for sure

  158. I agree with you about Jake Davis, littlewing. I’m not so sure that he was saying Taylor is an icon, just that in his vision of the video, Taylor kind of plays an iconic figure…like a Ray Charles kind of guy. Guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to be sure.

  159. And where will this video be aired…Utube? Imeem? Facebook? Itunes? Does anyone know? I’m not a video kind of gal, but this I gotta see.

  160. Thanks…is there a certain airing time or is this a re-looping thing? I have never been on yahoo music before.

  161. roflmao! I just went to the link you gave me…WHO THE HELL IS LADY GA-GA! OMG! Geeez, I’m old!

  162. “Geeez, I’m old!” shhh..don’t let snowstorm hear you say that!

  163. Arrow2Soul Says:

    You are all naming musical icons, not pop culture icons. To me, American Idol is a pop culture phenomenom. He won in 06′ ad so he is part of the pop culture phenomenom known as AI. I said it before, in 50 years they will still be talking about Idol, its impact, it’s legacy and its personalities. Taylor will be among the “personalities” as will be many of the persons who won or didn’t win. But the fact that he won gives him a certain title that can never be taken from him and he will always known as the Champion of Season Five. We still watch and enjoy Gone With the Wind for it’s story and filming breakthroughs, even though it is over 70 years old, same with Wizard of Oz. The story and the characters and the introduction of technicolor and the impact of that movie is undeniable.
    American Idol has made the same impact on American pop culture. You can deny it but if you do then you are just denying the fact that the show is a monster of a vehicle, even today after 7 seasons. In it’s eighth season it may be losing steam, but it still remains to be the most watched and most well known reality show on TV, and it has changed the face of TV forever. He won and he is part of the icon that is American Idol. That makes him an Amercisn pop culture icon. Not a musical icon, that has yet to be seen. Also Taylor recieved more votes than any other contestant so he was the most popular Idol in AI history.

    Not bad for a guy from Alabama that played in bars for 10 years.
    I don’t expect any of you to agree because most don’t really like Taylor anyways.
    For all the fans of Taylor …hugs!

  164. I had to watch that GaGa video for kicks. She found a new purpose for those subway rails…LOL!

  165. Did you know that Miss Piggy is a pop culture Icon? So is Anna Nicole Smith…just saying.

  166. @A2S: you said:

    >>>>>>>>>>I don’t expect any of you to agree because most don’t really like Taylor anyways.<<<<<<<<

    You almost had me through your entire post until I read the last sentence. You can have your opinions, but you ABSOLUTELY HAVE NO PLACE TELLING ME THAT I DON’T REALLY LIKE TAYLOR ANYWAY.

    In addition, it is your opinion that Idol has had a huge impact, but on whom. It certainly has not on me and I am very much part of a very viable demographic. I might not be the 25-34 demographic that most people vie for, but I am certainly still viable.

    Once again, it is strictly a matter of opinion, which I would have bought until your last sentence. With comment like that you completely denigrate your whole argument. You can get more flies with honey then you can with vinegar.

  167. WOW.. I just watched the GAGA video and I must say that it is quite wild to say the least. If this is what is judged as good music then I am going to poke at my eardrums with hot coals so I no longer have to listen to this…. GEEZEEEE….

  168. I think the only impact with AI is the opportunity it’s afforded people like Taylor to have their voices heard. I don’t see it being a cultural icon. Star Search was very popular also and it hasn’t met that status. There will be plenty of reality shows within the next 50 years and by that time AI will be in the dust.

  169. BL- Saying most of us don’t like Taylor really does go against your whole sweetness and light persona you try to give off.

    Just as it did when you acted like the seventh graders you teach with your “Neener neener” attitude about Emily sitting acrossed a candelit table from him, when he’s on his faux date.

    That sounded like a case of putting your jealousy on someone else, so you don’t have to own it.

    Oh, you’re right.. He said he wants a family in People magazine, so it has to be true. πŸ™„

  170. Raise your hand if you’re a Taylor Hicks fan.

    *raising hand*

  171. (I know that’s queer, but I’m making a point.)

  172. **Raising Hand **

  173. and it’s not queer….

  174. Wow! BL sure got you guys off topic. I just read and read thinking all the while why are they all talking about music Icons when BL meant Tay is a pop culture icon. Hey guys, when he won the 5th season of AI, it was still a huge phenom, hit show. The 4 prior winners were taken from obscurity to instant fame and wealth. Because of Tays age, the hair and the odds, he not only was the first , but also the last to end up on the front page of The Balto. Sun and 50 some papers across America. He was at least in 2006 a Pop Culture Icon. BL is correct, unless some new more significant show comes along, or AI goes on for 15 years, the AI winners and the show will remain a part of Pop Culture. But a music icon , well really there have only been 3 in our time. Elvis, The Beatles and Michael Jackson. Back in the day maybe Louis Armstrong or Bing Crosby would have been Icons of music. Did they even have music icons or pop cultural icons in the 19th century? Certainly the term pop cultural icon has only been in play since the start of movies and became very relevant in the 50’s with James Dean. Monroe, and even Brando. Good job BL! You got everyone yaking!

  175. If you’re a Hicks fan and you know it.. know clap yer hands..
    If you’re a Hicks fan and you know it.. know clap yer hands..
    If you’re a Hicks fan and you know it.. then your love and devotion
    should really show it..
    If you’re a Hicks fan and you know clap yer hands..

  176. By the way.. I f’d up the lyrics as homage to Taylor.. πŸ™‚

  177. I love the homage but…you didn’t raise your hand!

  178. I’m looking forward to seeing Taylor’s first video and he will not be wearing purple. I hope IAG will have a Video thread. I also hope grey that you will do one after his two appearances on R&K, Thurs. and Fri. to choose his date and discuss how it went. I don’t care if they are positive or negative threads, since we can all give our thoughts provided we don’t insult our fellow posters!

  179. I had my hands raised when I clapped caryl. πŸ™‚

  180. Rosie,

    I think that you kind of missed the segue way into the musical icon conversation. We totally understood what BL was trying to say in her very “rainbow and puppies way”. We were just trying to bring the topic around to something a bit more interesting than her incessant Taylor cheerleading that she loves to do so much.

    The points that we were trying to make were that iconography is a bit more than just being on a reality show no matter how much someone may think that constitutes being a pop culture icon. I will admit that Idol can be considered as having changed television. As for the contestants and winners I think that they need to do a bit more on their own before being ranked up there.

  181. CS… I was jumping up and down on my desk chair… πŸ˜‰

  182. rosie, I’m sure the entire fandom will have threads, blogs dedicated to his date choice.

    I have faith the Grey will come up with a new spin on this very worn out subject and I’m looking forward to reading her thoughts.

  183. Thanks willpen…now I have “Dog and Butterfly” by Heart stuck in my head. πŸ˜‰

  184. Wow. I have had that question thrown at me all day today.

    “Do you even like Taylor?”

    Yes. I do. Or I wouldn’t spend the hours on this blog that it takes to keep it up and running, moderating it…and giving people in the Taylor Hicks fandom a place where all opinions can be stated freely. Right now, my fanmeter is a little lukewarm, and that’s because of various reasons. I want this CD to knock my socks off. I want this video to make me actually like What’s Right is Right. I want Taylor to reach his potential in music.

    Has my attitude changed toward Taylor over these past three years? Absolutely it has. For one, it’s become more realistic. And I’m not saying that some of the die hards aren’t realistic in their own minds..but for me, I’ve come to an understanding with my “fan” attitude. Once my home Taylor board closed, I still needed a place to talk Taylor, but I wanted to do it on my own terms, so It’s All Grey was born. It may not be perfect, but I try to keep it friendly to all…and that isn’t an easy job sometimes.

    Anyway, stepping off my soapbox about how I feel about Taylor, with my hand raised. πŸ˜‰

  185. IAG-more people agree with you than you realize.

    Hand is raised high on this one too.

  186. This is the most interesting place to talk Taylor, that’s fer sure. I like that I can say what I honestly think without fear of banishment. (Oh no! the dreaded banishment!!) It’s interesting that from time to time this is called a hate blog. I mean, we’re just discussing a common interest. That’s it.

    One more thing: this is where I would come if I wanted to know what the fans REALLY think. You know, like, if I were, uh…you know, dare I say *whispering* taylor. Yeah, uh-huh, that’s right! I said it.

  187. One thought

    Frank Sinatra
    Oscar winning actor
    musical icon
    Broadway star

    Nothing to do with anything except to say that it can be done by someone with enough talent, enough diversity, enough ego, enough confidence and belief in themselves and enough stubborness and determination.
    Could Taylor do that? Well, probably not, and not according to any one here thats for sure.
    But miracles have happened. And whats the point of thinking small.

  188. Henry, is your hand raised? πŸ˜‰

  189. Maybe she’s clapping. πŸ˜‰

  190. Could be, CS. πŸ˜†

  191. Caryl. I agree it is a great blog to discuss all thing Taylor Hicks. Don’t think he has much time to read anything fans say or non fans say. He is 32 years old and has done what he enjoys doing for years. He had the balls to drop out of college, with 1 yr to go, despite having a smart successful, educated professional father. He did what he did despite having a loving, caring dad. The guy I watched on AI and have followed since, would not take career or any other advice from this blog or any other blog. He bought an expensive outlandish purple velvet jacket because he wanted to. Guess I just trust, allow, and enjoy what he has done more than most of you.

  192. rosie- you do love to talk about his balls no? πŸ˜†

  193. Henry8, Yes , I realized I left out Frank, who did it all and even had a character in The Godfather, based on him. What you said made me think about something many have overlooked. Taylors ego has not been mentioned before. I know it is a Fraudian concept, but it has been accepted as that inner self esteem and drive, something Tay seems to have.

  194. Here you go again Rosie.

    Why is it that you think that you “trust, allow and enjoy what he has done more than most of us”?

    How do you know what I think and feel? I was there at the beginning like everyone else and I did most of the same things that most of Taylor’s die hard fans did. Hell… I went to 22 fricking concerts and traveled all over the country. But, when I stopped for a moment and thought back on it all I realized that what I had done I did more for myself than as a fan of Taylor’s. Granted he may have been the catalyst that sent me on my 2 year journey, but in reality it was all about me taking time for myself.

    Like so many others have said, when I did stop and take time to think about it, I realized that I had been a bit too obsessed for my comfort level, so I stepped away and put it all in perspective. That does not mean that I don’t care about him or his career, it only means that I have been able to take a more rational approach to it. I no longer need to stand on a soap box and defend every thing he does.

  195. CS, I guess I have mentioned the balls a time or two! It’s a Good Thing. While trying to expain the innards of Taylor Hicks, talented, driven, hard working, risk taking, confident and seemingly a nice guy, A flash of his outward physical appearance comes into my mind when I use the term ballsy, especially big balls and hefty balls. He is definately inches above others in height, width, depth and in other areas.

  196. Blah! Blah! Blah! Can we get back to the size of the package already?

  197. willpen, it feels good to get back into reality doesn’t it? It’s amazing how clear things become when one stops drinking from those kool-aid barrels.

  198. Rose, no offense but I think you’re up to about 100 referrals to Mr. Hicks’ gonads in just over the past week or so; it’s really beginning to creep me out, this very obvious fascination. You just can’t write the word “balls” enough or something.

    Back to icons, someone, was it Bright? Mentioned women icons in the music business, how about Blondie and looking waaay back, Billie Holiday. (You know, as in Lady Sings the Blues.)

  199. Willpen, I only stated what I did because I seem to be a little more in his corner, right now on Feb. 16th 2009, than many of you who have given your thoughts on this blog. I’m not saying that you or some others do not wish him success now and in the future or have not enjoyed him in the past. I enjoyed his decision to go to Broadway for the Grease role. I had a bit of a problem with the Grease tour at first and then a bit of shock with the year and a half venture, I just accepted it was what he thought best. Willpen, the more I’ve seen him do and become, the more I respect him and his choices. He is a unique talent. I just enjoy being a fan and seem to have less angst in my mind and soul than some others. I hope I not only answered your question, but have not offended anyone who feels differently. Enjoy is subjective as is trust and allow.

  200. Fair, I won’t discuss the possible size of a man’s package that’s just futile. I only discuss the size of mens’ packages I’ve actually seen and held in my hands. Since that ‘s not the case with Mr. Hicks, I got nothing.

  201. I breathe angst, Rosie. It’s how I live. πŸ˜†

  202. Well, Grey, at least you’re not breathing that angst through ‘balls colored glasses’ or a jock strap. hahahaha. πŸ˜‰

  203. Uh oh, I’ve upset my first on line friend and bud, Spin. Sorry, but I don’t care about what male or female is a musical icon. I’ll leave that to the experts to put in some almanac, next one out the 2010 addition. I was trying to somewhat stay on the thread topic. Perhaps I’ve mentioned about 7 or 8 times Mr. Hicks’ guts and used a more venacular term. Hicksaholic stated he was ballsy to wear the purple jacket. I agreed. Since we should be discussing Taylor, I tend to do so and when and where I feel it is worthy to state he has guts, personal integrity, or any other quality I vent my opinion. I dont use the F word, never have. I thought having balls was an accepted phrase. But I’ll will refrain. PS. Fairhope, they dont want me to mention the package or the packaging insulation, which is needed to surround, protect and prepare the package for shipment. We NEED to UNIONIZE ASAP!

  204. Okay,my additions to the icon list:
    Patsy Cline
    Loretta Lynn

    Furthermore, I would include groups such as the B52’s, Dire Straits, and The Cars that took a new concept called the “music video” and ran with it.

    Oh, and yep … my hand’s raised!! πŸ™‚

  205. And Dolly Parton!!! How could I forget Dolly Parton, one of the premiere woman artists who had the audacity to OWN the publication rights to her original music. She changed the industry for the many atists, men and women, following her.

  206. Rose, you haven’t upset me – haha – just sort of creeped me out. No, it’s not been 7 or 8 times, maybe 7 or 8 times today. I did not think Mr. Hicks’ ‘nads were the topic. Perhaps I read that wrong. lol

    YKW exactly! Patsy Cline, Loretta and Dolly. Holy wow, yeah now they all three broke through some music barriers, Dolly especially and while playing the whole game as if the men were the ones running the show. I guess if Hicks is ballsy, Dolly’s just breasty! hahaha

  207. Balls? Did anyone say balls?

  208. I’m sure y’all know that T’s video is now up right?


  209. Little round balls wrapped in a pretty package? Big bow on top?

  210. Saw it. Where’s the kiss that everyone was talking about????

  211. Where’s any interaction with a lady? hahaha. A glance that may have been between them but since they were 100 feet apart and in different scenes who knows. LOL Wow that certainly wasn’t the romantic “hummer” flick that I think many were hoping to see. Jake, Jake, Jake. Iconic?

    Why did they even need any extras?

  212. A little overuse of the light bubbles I think. Wow .

  213. Omg, I don’t have a first impression except to say it seemed so less than all the other videos I’ve seen. It was Way Under The Radar! Is that iconic? How would I judge such a thing, being a fan of the man? I think I like it, but then again I like Tay and wish him success. I am going to view it again.

  214. LOL Spin…I thought it was ok, not the big romantic epic I was led to believe, but decent.

  215. Some quick thoughts:

    I brought up the fact that no one had mentioned any female icons. Just wanted to be sure I got my props since I rarely say anything intelligent. πŸ™‚

    I think it’s funny, not creepy, when Rosie mentions his balls. You go girl!

    I didn’t really mean that Taylor should take advice from this blog, but at least he gets a balanced view here of what the fans are thinking.

    And lastly: Hi, Taylor! We be fans.

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