Man of mystery…

From Jake Davis..


I really like this picture.


83 Responses to “Man of mystery…”

  1. um. oh. my.

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Just saw that, our mystery man indeed, it is a nice picture.


  3. Nice picture. Taylor does bank on mystery, doesn’t he?

  4. I like how he’s poppin the collar. I really think this video is going to be hot. Yeah.

  5. I think he just forgot where he parked his car.

  6. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Now thats just funny, thanks for putting a smile on my face!!! 🙂


  7. littlewing Says:

    caryl, ROTFL! He really looks like he’s into it, all pensive, maybe even a little forlorn. It will be fun to see Taylor on my teevee again.

  8. I read Gypsee’s interview with Jake. He said despite it being blizzard conditions and the middle of the night, the streets were filled with fans. Now we heard nothing on line about the outdoor filming or the diner which just goes to show his on line fan presence is tiny. When I first starting reading and posting on blogs last summer, I found it laughable how the posters and bloggers seemed to believe they were so important to Taylor, and the only ones with vital info.

  9. Rosie, I’m not completely following you. I was also surprised to hear from Jake that there were a lot of fans in the street watching the shoot. We never heard anything about that.

    So, you’re thinking that Taylor has MORE fans who don’t go online compared with the fans who are online?

  10. I’m confused, too. (What else is new?) But I would have thought that “someone” would have heard “something” if the streets had indeed been “filled with fans”. What I’m remembering, though, is the son of the SP member that was there. I don’t think he mentioned that.

  11. Caryl, I wasn’t online posting til summer but was a huge fan and would go on line to check out what he was up to. Oviously those there for the shoot, were no online fans or they would have reported back. Sometimes you get the drift that those on line think they have been selected by Neilsen to represent who makes up Taylors fandom. But on line people in no way do because they are (special, unique), just by the fact they post online. They are also mostly all female. So someone like Snow, REALLY, makes me snicker when she acts like an authority on anything Taylor. The whole attitude that what any of us says has any impact on Taylors bottom line stricks me as funny. So does all the talk about the SP versus non SP, because most people who follow Taylor could care less and wouldn’t even know what we are talking about. How many of those people who were screaming for Taylor yesterday at DisneyWorld, have ever read a blog about him or posted about him?

  12. Taylor’s fanbase is tiny, Rosie. That’s a fact, dear.

  13. Hmm..that’s interesting Rosie. Not sure I agree, but that’s OK.

    I wasn’t involved online during Season 5, but my impression is that the fanbase really came together and grew online. I could be completely wrong about that, maybe somebody who was around then could fill us in.

    Just FYI, I was sort of aware of Taylor during season five, but he was just that gray haired guy with the nice voice. I didn’t (and still don’t) watch AI. I saw him on TV around the holidays in 2006 and did a google search for “Taylor Hicks” to see if he had a CD out. I was directed to Gray Charles and found this really cool, interesting blog about music. I’m telling you all this because even though I wasn’t involved in the online voting extravaganza from season Five, I did wind up in the online community anyway. I have a feeling most of his fans are online.

    Again, I could be completely wrong about that, but if someone ISN’T online, how would they know anything about him? He’s gotta very little press.

  14. Snow, his online fanbase is small but millions still remember him from AI and many of them voted for him and others who never vote, just enjoyed him. Some of those have been going to see him in Grease and for all we know some may have even traveled a bit to do so. Some others who liked him may wonder from time to time what happened to him. Some will buy his music if they like it and others may want to catch him in the next show or a movie role. Those of us who go online and debate such things as Grease or no Grease etc. are in a tiny little world of our own. This is my opinion and not one I feel like debating in this tiny little online Hicksland. I just put it out there just like you post your thoughts, (facts), and rip ups. It is hard to state facts about a man of mystery, because with Taylor the facts written in stone can change in a flash.

  15. Caryl, I would google him about every 10 days and the news articles or watching the videos would tell me what he was doing. Maybe I did click on a blog to get info. but I just didn’t read it all or post. So I knew his 07 tour schedule when he’d be on TV, the beach scene and his split with 19. There may be many fans around the world who do the same and never post. So the internet is important but my son in VA from reading the newspaper knew about his summer 07 concert there as well as the Beatles thing before I did. People can learn about Grease from the newspaper and TV and radio commercials in their towns. Word of mouth may have spread the news about his video shoot in Chicago. The online posters may be hard core but there are many other hard core fans who never post. Should this single or his next, catch on with the public via radio play then he is in a whole new ballgame and it won’t matter how many online fans diss the tracks. IMO

  16. Well, I guess that’s the $64,000 question: how many fans does he really have? We’ll have to wait and see.

    Pleasure “talking” to ya, Rosie!

  17. Rosie, there are two kinds of fans…hardcore fan, who will buy anything the artist has to offer, regardless if it’s good or bad. Usually you can find these fans on fansites messages boards. I still check out his fansites from time to time and it’s always the same fans posting and this group of people is actually quite small. Then there are casual fans and these fans only have a casual interest in the artist. They might buy if they like it or if they don’t, they won’t buy. Sometimes a casual fan might keep up with the artist when there’s news about him, but the majority do not. In Taylor’s case, the casual fans might be the bigger of the two groups, because people remember him from AI.

    His myspace is a good indicator of fans and his myspace always has the same people posting, with very few new people. But, that could be because his older fanbase does not use myspace and facebook.

    Taylor needs some new fans, especially younger ones. But, I honestly believe many fans left him for other Idols, especially since Taylor did nothing in music and the majority of Idol fans are not interested in Broadway musicals.

  18. I use myspace and facebook and so do a lot of my friends. It’s not just a young-person thing. But I stay away from Taylor’s myspace page because it’s creepy what people write there.

  19. caryl, if you like him.. show him and post a comment once in a while. Why not? David Cook gets tons of comments. If you don’t like the creepy ones, just ignore them.

  20. Nah, I’m not into that. I doubt he reads that stuff, anyway.

  21. I have been a member of the BB. for 1 day and haven’t posted yet but been fascinated by reading some of it. I guess those gals are hard core from what I’ve read and seen the last 24 hrs. Been fun gabbing with you Caryl and Snow.

  22. How do you know that he doesn’t? The point is you don’t know.

  23. Not gonna do it. I wouldn’t leave a message for any celebrity on their myspace page. I just don’t see the point.

  24. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, I’m the same as you I read his myspace but don’t leave comments, some are just a little too over the edge for me.


  25. I think Taylor would LOVE to see some new people.

  26. You go first, snow!

  27. Someone asked this elsewhere….maybe you all know.
    Where are music videos seen nowadays? Where will most people see this one of Taylor’s?

  28. Well…does VH1 even play videos anymore?

    I think most people will see it on YouTube. I doubt it will be on MTV, and actually I’m not sure that they even play videos anymore.

  29. I asked that question in a comment on Jake’s site (where will the video be shown) and my comment was ‘poofed’. Yeah, went back to read comments and mine was gone.

    That must be taboo subject. Perhaps that Jake & Co. only want to read all the fawning, “OOOH Jake you’re so great and Taylor looks so iconic” and not much else. My other comments on other posts still there, just not the one asking where this vid is going to be shown. *shrugs*

    BTW anyone voting for Taylor’s date? I’m going for that Julie chick. Should be interesting.

  30. That’s interesting, spin. (about your comment disappearing)

    MTV doesn’t show videos anymore but VH1 does a top 20 countdown. There are some online sites that show videos, but it would be nice if we could get a definite answer about where we can see TAYLOR’S video.

  31. What I thought initially was just a glitch in cyberspace (regarding my poofing), but man, no answers anyplace to be found yet on the Where of this vid. Youtube could be it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  32. But, seriously, it’s just like the rest of the marketing. Why wouldn’t you tell us where this vid is going to be found? It just doesn’t make sense, ya know?

  33. jerseyirish Says:

    This is where I found the video will be streaming on Tues:

    If you scroll to the bottom you will see Taylor, by Tues he should be on right side that it is up and running.

    Hope it works for you.


  34. Speaking of on-line fans… I posted more during the days when Taylor was on Idol. My posting has not decreased because my love for Taylor has lessened. No, the reason I stay fairly clear of all this is because of all you guys. If you are not worrying over each other and tearing each other apart, then you are worrying over Taylor and tearing him apart. I’m not just speaking of this site, its everywhere. The sky is falling!

    During AI , the “SP” was fun. Now.. not so much.

  35. Sweetay,
    I am in the same boat as you. Taylor still interests me and I wish him well, but the SP has ran off more fans than T will ever know.
    So sad too, cause it was fun for about 2 years.

    I am looking forward to his new music, video and concerts if he ever tours my way again. But as far as the SP is concerned I have no use for any of that stuff!

  36. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Love knows not a moment
    Nor a season in time
    Love knows not a distance
    Nor two points on a line

    Love knows not reason
    Nor words or prose
    Love knows not why
    Nor how it simply grows

    Love knows not hurt
    Nor pride nor gain
    Love knows not a beginning
    Nor its end in vain

    Love knows not one
    Nor two or three
    Love knows not just her
    Nor does it know only he

    Love knows not how to count
    Nor does it ever measure
    Love knows not goodbye
    Nor changes in weather

    Love knows not a plain
    Nor does it know a mountain
    Love knows not the desert
    Nor a natural fountain

    Love knows not the waves
    Nor as they pound the sand
    Love knows not a woman
    Nor does it know a man

    Love knows not a future
    Nor does it know the past
    Love knows not a grudge
    Nor does it judgment cast

    Love knows not the wind
    Nor where it blows to
    Love knows not anyplace
    Nor what it makes us do

    Love knows not silence
    Nor drama or mystery
    Love knows not romance
    Nor does it know misery

    Love knows not how
    Nor does it understand why
    Love knows not tears
    Nor does it itself cry

    Love knows not where
    Nor does it ever try
    Love knows not why it is
    Nor how it makes us fly

    Happy Valentine’s Day. I am spending mine with my daughter. We had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts (yum) and for lunch we are having our favorite… mexican food. We are spending a day getting our nails done, then tonight she goes out for her first Valentine’s Day dinner with her boyfriend. Love is in the air for her at least…lol. Hope you all are well.
    Be well on this beautiful day that is about love. It’s too bad that we need a day like today actually. Everyday should be about love. I wrote the poem above a few minutes ago, sitting her thinking about what love is…and it occurred to me that it is easier to write about what love isn’t since in my life I have found that finding out what love is might take an eternity since love is eternal.
    Peace and love to all who read this, even my husband who occasionally wanders on here to bug me and that’s okay…love is forgiving if not laughable at the things it makes us do.
    Until the next time I am moved…

  37. Arrow2Soul Says:

    My song choice for today.

    Love to all.


  38. Regarding the question of videos on tv, they come with my basic Cable. There is an on demand channel 1. I click on music and it list by the artist or genra. Clarksen, Underwood, Pickler, the Davids, Bucky, Mandessa, Daughtry, Elliott and others have all been on there as well as old and new music. I would imagine if WRIR is anyway suuccessful, it should be on there. My basic cable cost $64 a month. I thought just about the entire USA had this. The music videos are free with the basic cable. Doesn’t anyone else have this?

  39. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Yeah we have that also. when I asked my daughter where new video’s are shown she said there are many sites that show new video’s. She did a search and came up with the Yahoo site that will be showing the video on Tues. Hopefully it is right and it will show.

    a2s- The muses are busy today, have fun with your daughter. !!! 🙂


  40. I have had just sporadic moments on line here and there so no time to look for the where of the video. Just would be nice to have someone in the Hicks’ camp post that like on his Myspazz. Perhaps they’ll do that soon.

    Regarding the SP being more fun in the Idol days, Sweetay and moonpie, that was largely due to the novelty, the goal the folks aligned themselves with – voting Hicks to win. That’s not the case anymore. Time has passed. If you dislike so many of us on-line then why even bother reading anything? Must be so distasteful for you.

    Sweetay, I can’t believe you’d come here to chastise ‘us guys’ for doing the very thing you took time out to do, write something negative, harsh and very judgmental. Top that you did this on Valentines Day. Aren’t you the pillar of the community. hahaha.
    “No, the reason I stay fairly clear of all this is because of all you guys.”
    Yet another act of hypocrisy and irony in motion. Very brilliant of you, seriously.

    A2M, you have a such way with poetry.

  41. spinshack.. oh no.. I have been chastised (cool word) by a member of the SP! How will I ever go on???!!!

  42. BL/A2S, in all sincerity, your poem brought tears to my eyes. Have a wonderful day with your daughter!! And you are correct, the world would be a better place if everyday was all about love.

    Rosie, I do remember hearing that the video would be streaming on Yahoo. The CD too in early March, right?? Thanks for the info on where to find new vids … I’m sure we have that service too.

    Spin, will u b mine? ❤

  43. Spin, Moonpie and Sweetay make great sense from where I sit. I did not know the fandom rules last summer when I began to post. I also didn’t get there were cliques right off the bat. So I thought it was a free world and I could post my opinion on blogs like other people. Found out that is not always the case. I was blocked from Wonders because I didn’t agree with the out of juice interp, the clown noses and Someone saw I had made 1 comment on Morphs. I was deemed a hater. So then I joined Morphs group, all opionions welcome, behaved myself there, had some fun but was eventually run off. Now we have the nonsense, last week about those who post on Chills being fanatics. There is the nonsense that this is a hate blog. There is the constant non soul patrol versus soul patrol. And I truly believe, thank God, most fans never have made a comment on line ever.

  44. jerseyirish Says:

    YKW, BL/a2s writes some of the most beautiful poetry I have ever read. There have been many she has written that brought me to tears, simpley baeutiful.


  45. Rose, if you read what Sweetay said, it includes you apparently, she’s addressing this blog. Her only goal here to insult and create a problem, the very thing she’s supposedly protesting. From where I sit that ‘s beautiful irony. lol

    Sweetay, you have not been chastised by one of the Soul Patrol, sorry to let you down. So how you’ll ever go on, I’m guessing pretty much like you’re carrying on now, criticizing and lumping erroneously together folks you don’t know. SP is not me, baby.

    YKW I’ll always be your Valentine and you be mine! ❤

    I’m off in the Big Real, catch you all later.

  46. I think it’s fairly safe here. Snow is the only one who gets under my skin, but I’ve learned to read her comments with a sense of humor. Her posts only prove that she doesn’t know me at all, so they don’t bother me anymore.

    I’m just here for a little fun and some interesting conversation. It’s all good.

  47. Nobody’s comments get under my skin. I choose not to give people that kind of power over me. I say what I want to say, when I want to say it. And I suppose everyone else has that same right.

    I don’t agree with about 90% of what I see written about Taylor by his fans. If I felt the need to attack and defend any time someone said something I disagreed with, I would have a pretty miserable existence.

    But hey . . . I’ve got a question. Does anyone else remember Emily, one of the three date finalists, from the AI boards and the Workplay in 2006? I believe her screen name was Avocet. I don’t remember her mom’s screen name, but she posted on the AI boards too.

    I could be wrong, but Emily sure as hell looks like Avocet to me.

  48. jerseyirish Says:

    Soulaz, Someone said Emily is the daughter of a SP’er. Don’t know for sure but that is what I have read. She is an attrative young lady and I wish her luck on the show.


  49. JI, if Emily is Avocet, her mom is definitely a Taylor fan. Both
    Avocet and her mom used to post on the AI boards. At the Workplay show in 2006, Avocet and I were both in the front row, and she was just a couple people down from me. I’m like 99.6% sure Emily is Avocet. I’m trying to remember, but her mom’s screen name is escaping me right now.

    Not that it matters or anything . . . it was just interesting that I think I’ve placed the face with a screen name.

  50. Sweetay, didn’t make a personal attack, just a generalization. There is a big difference in my opinion. She has posted on this blog several times and I enjoy her comments. Not everything someone says needs to have an opposing opinion or worse yet a counter attack that is made personal. I know we all done it and all been on the receiving end. I hope Sweetay continues to post.

  51. jerseyirish Says:

    Soulaz, Have you seen this, just got it a google alert Emily is aking project runway to help dress for the show and possible date with Taylor:


  52. JI . . . that picture looks even more like the poster Avocet that I remember from Workplay. I’m feeling pretty definite that it’s her.

  53. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    Soulaz- Yes, I do remember Avocet (Emily) and her mother from the AI boards. Her mother would use every opportunity to “pimp” her daughter and tell everyone what a fantastic match her daughter would be for Taylor.

    Emily should have been disqualified for making a A Vote For Emily facebook page.

    Now she’s pimping herself to Project Runway. Get a grip Emily. It’s PUBLICITY! He’ll have a nice dinner with her if she wins, some small talk, maybe a peck on the cheek, and have a nice life.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if she’s registered their china patterns and made a layette list at Babies R Us.

    The R&K show should have done some background checks.

    Emily wrote on February 13, 2009 at 9:16am

    Yeah, she only wants to date “the man”

    I’ve been a huge Taylor fan for a few years now so I don’t really need to do any additional research (I invented some of those fansites!). My strategy is mostly going to be honesty — it’s a matter of phrasing my honest answers in a way that is humorous and appealing. 🙂

    My favorite song is “Closer to Fine” by the Indigo Girls. Perhaps not a favorite of Taylor’s, but at least it’s an interesting response, and I think he’d appreciate it musically. They have a great accoustic, southern vibe on that song that is not dissimilar to his own music. 🙂

    I’m already prepared to quote Taylor’s lyrics if it ends up being relevant. But yeah, I don’t want to seem too creepy. 🙂

    Wow I am over-using emoticons even more than I usually do! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  54. jerseyirish Says:

    Soulaz, You are probably right, at another site they are also saying she is Avocet. Was never on the boards then so I really don’t know anything about the young lady, only what i have read that she is an SP’ers daughter.


  55. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    JI- Not that there’s anything wrong with an SP’s daughter winning, because I know for a fact that another SP’s daughter was picked as well. But, the others had the common sense to keep it quiet.

    Unlike Emily who for all intents and purposes was quite a troublemaker in Taylorworld back in the day.

  56. Interesting . . . I am not sure which fansite she invented. She didn’t invent any of the “big player” fansites. But I do recall that she had a blog back then that caused a lot of drama in certain circles. If I recall, she wasn’t particularly kind in her assessment of Taylor fans.

    But really, that’s either here nor there . . . she was voted into the top three and now it’s up to Taylor to decide? I’m so out of the loop with all this stuff, I don’t even know how the winner gets chosen at this point.

    I find the whole win a date thing to be so silly in the first place. I certainly hope that none of those three girls have their hopes up that they will end up in some sort of relationship with Taylor. I am not convinced that is what his agenda is. I think he’s just promoting a CD.

  57. jerseyirish Says:

    ShadowlessSoul, I agree nothing wrong with anyone particiapting in the win a date. Thats interesting another daughter is in it also, but nothing was mentioned, that does say alot. Like I said earlier I wish them all luck it should be a fun time, a night out with Taylor for the winner.

    Soulaz, Totally agree, if any of them think this will lead to a relationship I think they are in for a big diappointment. I also thought it was another angle to promote the CD. I’m sure he will be very charming and show the winner a nice evening but thats about it.


  58. When does this momentous date happen? I haven’t really paid attention.

  59. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    JI- The other daughter did not make the top three and she and her family have chosen not to say a word. Which, if Emily had any kind of common sense, she should have done too.

    If she’s been a fan so long, she should know one thing.. he’s fiercely private. Even if this is publicity.

  60. jerseyirish Says:

    ShadowlessSoul, Had I been in that position with my own daughter I probably would not have said anything until it was completely over, or maybe nothing at all. I agree he is a very private person and this going on around the internet might not sit well with him.

    Caryl, I thought something goes on Monday, but it says he will choose his date on Thurs. So not sure what is going on on the show on Monday, maybe they will have the three ladies on. Guess we will have to wait and see.


  61. I don’t know Emily or Avocet, but I thought the pimping on her Facebook was over the top. I didn’t vote in the selection, because I really don’t care. This is just a publicity stunt and not “till death do they part”. I mean no disrespet to Emily (or any of the other contestants), but her actions really turned me off. Not really a problem, because she isn’t trying to impress me.

    I do love how some of the SP, have their children already named….

  62. Well, yeah, it gets him back on Regis & Kelly, which is a good thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill is hovering nearby during the “date.”

    Wouldn’t it be fun, though, to have all that time to ask him questions? What a great experience that will be for whoever gets to go.

  63. Um, Bill is always hovering. 😉

    I don’t think he would really truly “answer” the questions. He just seems way too private for that. I think he might tell you what he thinks you want to hear. Just my opinion.

  64. Yeah, he’s got to come up with, what…like, an hour of talking without saying anything! It would still be cool to be able to talk music with him. I like talking to him. He has an interesting way with words.

  65. It would be cool to talk music with him…I agree. I think it has an interesting sense of it, if that makes sense.

  66. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I agree he is a very private person and on a first date I don’t see him revealing much at all. He will probably keep the conversation very general, not getting personal.

    Caryl, If she talks music she will have his ear thats for sure!!!


  67. Are you kidding me? Emily is Avocet and she’s one of three dates for Taylor? Oh that is hilarious. Emily and her mother are crazy-assed stalkers. They both stalked Taylor on the Idol tour and went to many concerts. They went to the hotels the Idols were staying in to stalk Taylor. I’ll bet Taylor doesn’t even know about this freak. I remember her blog – she’s nuts! I remember she yelled at him “you’re my hero” and he gave her a dirty look. HAHA! Looks like the Regis show didn’t do their homework, hahahaha!

  68. Let’s suggest some questions for her to ask Taylor:

    1. So…how many hats DO you have?
    2. How did you enjoy Hawaii?
    3. What’s up with you and Bill?
    4. When did you first start going gray?
    5. Can I have your cell phone number?

  69. Caryl, haven’t you heard the answer to number four a hundred times? 😆

  70. That’s why I put it in there! It’s funny because it’s lame. 🙂

  71. Gotcha!!;)

    I think I’m pretty lame because I didn’t get it.


    It’s been a long day.

  72. Nah, it’s not you. I need to work on my material.

  73. I’m trying to think of questions I could ask him…but everyone I think of, I think…nope.

  74. I think it would be great if they had a “group date” like on The Bachelor. And even Bill could go along! That would take a lot of pressure of sweet ass. And oh wouldn’t that piss off Emily and her mother!

  75. And for sure he’s not gonna answer any personal questions for her to blab about all over the internet!!

  76. I was off last night with my guy, VDay and all that, but some fun convo here last night. So Emily is the SP daughter we had heard about – no wonder she’s in top 3 they were power voting her in and well, hard line SP know how to power vote. LOL

    I think Fair’s group date idea absolutely Brilliant. Man, I could see it now, please, please let it be in a hot tub like on one of those Bach segs in the past. With little Bill – oh man that would be must see TeeVee. :pray hahaha

    Now since this (Emily news) has come out I hope he selects her, what a riot to find out he’s on a date trapped with an avid fan. hahahaha. Oooh will they show footage of the date? I’m so hoping so.

    I did not go vote either. I’m done voting for anything for Taylor. LOL I was rooting for Julie, but with this turn of events even better. Someone mentioned another SP daughter – is it the Tiara Girl? This could be so good. 😛

  77. Spin, the other SP daughter did not make the final 3 and someone said she kept a low profile. I just checked Idletard and sure enough they are having a field day exposing this Emily as a stalker. It is all so silly, as he isn’t going to hook up with any of them. I seem to be stalking your posts!

  78. Top Three finalists and how they grew a campaign. Well, at least one of them. (She claims to do it for a living anyhow…)

    Field day indeed, Rose, and yes I find that interesting, you haunting my posts, but I know it’s ’cause I was one of your first on-line friends, remember? Regarding if any of them hook up permanently with Hicks, that’s not the goal anyway, well except dear Emily perhaps. Gee, I thought Tiara Girl was a shoo in for another SP’er kid.

  79. BTW, Grey you trumped RHS on the stats for Hicks on

  80. I think Fair’s group date idea absolutely Brilliant. Man, I could see it now, please, please let it be in a hot tub like on one of those Bach segs in the past.

    It must make me a bad fan if I would buy tix for this, before I would buy them for “Grease”, doesn’t it?
    Can you imagine several of the most notorious SP all wedged into a hot tub with the object of their desire? You know someone will end up being drowned.

  81. Bwhahahaha! Hot Tub Wars!

  82. Oh, that could be a Lifetime movie, for sure!

  83. YKW: Wedged into the hot tub? How big is this hot tub? Is it the one they bathe Jumbo the Elephant in???????

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