Because I like to finish what I started…

13. I love the way he looks at the beach.


14. I love it when Taylor tags.

15. I love it when he wears boots.


16. I love it when he’s pissy. Oh yes, the pissiness.

17. I love that he can’t sit still. ADD, maybe??

18. I love it when I can go watch him…and get lost in the music.

19. I love it when Taylor raps.

Click here for the best version of Naked in the Jungle evah!!

20. I love that this post is over and I can stop being so fangirly. It makes me itchy.


47 Responses to “Because I like to finish what I started…”

  1. I love that I took that picture of him wearing those boots at the Hard Rock GMA..

    Shameless, I am. Shameless. 😆

  2. “Itchy”? Calamine Lotion itchy… or….? LOL

  3. I’m sure you do, Harp. I should have given you credit for it.

  4. Did I mention my insane love of tags sung by Taylor Hicks?

  5. Naw.. I don’t want credit for it. It just made me happy to see it. And, the Big Flats tags. I was at that show. Amazing.

    Another one that makes me happy is the Maze tags from Toms River. Gah!

  6. I love the new frame from the video that Jake put up today. Taylor walking in a dark coat and looking seriously sexy on a video is a good thing. I love how that with all we think we know about him he still is a man of mystery and good at keeping secrets. And I love all of Iag’s first 19 reasons why she likes him. I like being a little fangirly as it keeps my juices flowing and can be fun.

  7. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Count me in also with all the reasons!!! 🙂


  8. I enjoyed the upside of Taylor. (And I’m not even going to make an off-color remark about that sentence.) Thanks! It was fun.

    A couple of observations:

    I DON’T like the way he looks at the beach. It always bugged me that it’s OK for him to be a pudgette, but the girl’s body is perfection. That’s just a complaint I have about men in general. I deny myself everything to stay slim, but men can just wolf it all down. Grr!!

    Tags are totally terrific. Funsville.

    Pissy Taylor scares me.

    RAPPING? Holy canole, I’ve never heard that version of Naked In The Jungle. He really CAN rap. I’ve heard the rumors, but never heard him rap with my own ears. I still have a lot to learn about this guy. But do I want to?

    I don’t even know what that means. haha. I just thought it sounded ominous and cool.

  9. caryl he’s an awesome freestyle rapper and can scat really good too.

    Watch this:

  10. Thanks, harp! You know, I’ve watched that before but, I can’t remember why I didn’t hear the rapping part. He’s a man of many talents. btw, why does everyone say he’s…inebriated…in that video? I don’t see it.

  11. AHAHAH Caryl!!

    What else do you want to know about him? 😉

  12. I want to know if Taylor wakes up thinking about me the way I do him.

    Hahahaha!! That’s a Valentine’s present for snowstorm. Go ahead, girl, rip me to shreds. That one was a “gimme.” I’m in a mischievous mood.

    (just for clarity, I’ve said a million times I’ve got my hands full with my husband, I’m not interested in Taylor that way. really, really, really.)

  13. taylorfan06 Says:

    That version of NITJ IS the best! I’ve had that in my TH collection for sometime (113 plays on my iPod). Obviously, I LIKE IT! Great raw version with Brian doing an incredible job on the keys. LOVE Taylor LIVE!!!!
    Can’y wait for those West coast dates.

  14. caryl, me thinks you try too hard to convince me. So, your fangirl…what’s wrong with that? Are you an obsessed stalker who just wants to get into Taylor’s pants? That’s what you have to worry about, my dear. Not saying that you are, btw.

  15. haha!! I was expecting the old, “me thinks she doth protest too much.”

    Nah, I’m not that big a fangirl. Ask any of my Taylor buds. He has a pretty face, but I’m not into heavy guys. You said once that you’ve seen my posts at RHS. Have you really read them? I rarely say anything about the way he looks. I’m a big fan of taysharmonica, though, so I like to be supportive.

  16. “heavy”, Caryl? Surely you jest?

  17. Whaddya mean, itsallgrey? I don’t like to put negative energy out into the universe (wait, am I channeling britelight? <—however she spells it!) but he had a belly at Martyr’s. Nothing wrong with that, I just don’t find it attractive. Now everybody’s gonna hate me. 😦

  18. hahaha, Caryl I did not think you were going to share (his belly) with the class. I wasn’t going to say anything. I keep some secrets.

    Taylor’s just not that great looking in the beach pic. The shorts are baggy and saggy, he has no muscle tone. There, hate me too, I’m use to it. 😉

  19. spin, I was just thinking about our conversation and hoping you would back me up! Yeah, I usually keep my mouth shut about that, but what the hell?

  20. I think he has gained a few lbs. since the summer but wouldn’t call him pudgy. He looks good on the beach, like a real guy. Guess I’m not into those body building types and skinny men turn me off. Some of those toned arm and chest guys would kill for Tay’s calves. Besides if he took the time to lift, some would be saying he spends too much time on his body when he should be caring about his music.

  21. Ah, Rose for a guy it only takes a few hours a week and they tone up – it’s in the chemistry that makes them male. Too, Rose that pic on the beach was from a long while back.

    I’m not saying he’s fug or anything, seriously, he is cute as hell but he’s no Adonis. hahaha. Well, hell, I’m no Venus, my bust ain’t big enough, so who am I but just saying…

    He has pretty eyes.

  22. I don’t like talking about this because I’m not putting him down. I’m just sayin’ that “look” doesn’t do it for me.

    I had to say something because snowstorm said I had to ask myself if I was a stalker (and I appreciate that she said she WASN’T saying I was one). Stalking is a serious, scary thing and I wanted to be absolutely clear that I’m barely a fangirl, let alone a stalker.

    Now I want to stop being so serious. Let’s hear some more rapping! Anybody?

  23. I wish I had more Taylor rapping..but I don’t.


  24. No hatin’ here, Caryl…to each her own!!

  25. Another picture on the beach….Really he looks like a normal guy. I don’t go for the muscle type or the metrsexual type. He is a good representation of a nice southern boy who likes to eat. He does look better dressed though! Maybe because he has a good stylist or great personal style.

    These comments are funny coming from me. I’ve seen younger and better days!

  26. Haha Fairhope. I’m with you on the no body building metro sexuals! Taylor has broad shoulders, height, some pecs and the legs and face and the magic inches. He would have looked better on the beach with a tan, better trunks, minus the hat and had he known the photo was taken. I wouldn’t kick him out of the bed, but then again he’d never let me in the bed, or anywhere near his bed.

  27. I just want to slap Taylor silly. He just pisses me off with all the crap…and non answers….I actually like that I can still like Taylor with all of his nonsense. He keeps me hanging on…..

  28. So, rosie, you don’t think Taylor knew his picture was getting taken?


  29. He seems so self-conscious about his body (remember when he had to rebutton his shirt during that one show?), that I don’t think he knew his picture was being taken. Also-he’s wearing his magic invisibility hat, so that no one would recognize him.

    BTW, I don’t like body builders, either. My husband is just right. No body fat, no gigantic muscles, either. Hot.

  30. AHAHHAHAAH…his magic invisibility hat!!

    Sometimes I think he believes that it really works. Of course it does for me, as I’ve been known to walk right past him in a hotel lobby…look at him, and not even realize who it was. 🙄

  31. Yep, Rosie, a tan would have helped alot. The bathing suit isn’t bad. Just a normal guy bathing suit. And fo sho he knew his pic was being taken!!!

  32. Rose, I see no pecs in that shot but baby if you do, that’s cool with me. hahaha.

    Regarding those ‘magic inches’ you are surmising he owns, unless you been there and done that I have no idea where you get that supposition from – but made me giggle. Fantasy gals, if it makes you happy, as Fair says, fo sho go for it. 😉

  33. Spin, the flesh for pecs is there. He doesn’t have a sunken in chest and he doesn’t have the man boobs of Simon. I think he got the best of his mom and dad and has a lot to work with. As for inches I’ve seen a few erect photos and he had a great start on one when I saw him with my nun friend. It has happened when he really gets into a song or else spys one of the rare hot babes in the audience. But hey, it’s all about the music..

  34. Bwahahaha! So he springs one when he sings? Ack!

  35. Supply the photos Rosie! Show us the proof. ACK, ACK!!!!

  36. You guys have never seen that? It cracks me up…you can always tell when he’s into the music..

  37. The time I saw him perform I have to say I wasn’t staring at his pants. hahaha

  38. Okay…wait a minute! I was front row in Biloxi. I didn’t see no erect wanger! Damn!!!

  39. Hey…I was at Biloxi too!!

  40. Did you see the erect wanger????????

  41. I was 5th row Orange Beach, which was actaully better than front row Biloxi. And once again no flag at full staff!!

  42. He managed to go throughout all of New England with a perpetual ummm.. how do I say this tactifully? “Love for the music”


  43. What? Must have been the humidity in the South, ya think?

  44. All southern girls know what the humidity does to their hair. Maybe it affects the alleged “instrument” the same way.

  45. New England is the east coast.

  46. Fair, would not lie to you. I saw it with my own eyes in Balto. But that pales by comparison to some of the pics I’ve seen from his NE 2007 tour. I’ve shown them to folks and they say no way, or sick, or that must be socks. It is no socks or props, but happens on stage in the midst of a song. Above all else, Fair, I am open and honest. Given what I’ve seen in person and photos we are talking length and width, something very significant. But I like his music…

  47. Rosie, please. Just Gah.

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