What I like about Taylor Hicks, part two

6. I don’t like Taylor acting in Grease, but I’m not going to talk about it because I’m trying to be nice.

7. Speaking of nice, I like Bill Will.


8. I like how Taylor is a loyal friend to Bill, lending him hats and such.


9. I like it when he drops the f bomb. It’s hot.

10. I don’t like it when he feels like he has to apologize for dropping the f bomb. Remember the whole backlash over the Rehearsal.com videos? Give me a break, people. He’s a grownup.

11. I like it when he says stupid shit like “Good to see you, man” to Stevie Wonder.

12. I love the way he gets his groove on.



32 Responses to “What I like about Taylor Hicks, part two”

  1. Arrow2Soul Says:

    She promenades in midnight sun
    Waiting for the holy one
    Gliding like an eagles flight
    Listening with all her sight

    Touching the sky from the ground
    She sees what he never found
    Though tired she moves until
    All she knows she can fully feel

    Horses run wild on sandy soil
    But soon as love turns to toil
    We all look for more to say
    To settle at night the passing day

    She walks like moonlight fading
    And understands not waiting
    The eyes of a deer in headlights
    Beyond fleeing ending its gentle flight

    No more we can understand
    Love’s clock or its moving hand
    How we can’t turn it back
    Or move it to simply act

    We instead wander and forget
    How time ceased as we met
    Then hearts raced trumpets sounded
    Upon empty shores waves pounded

    She turned to leave and cried
    Cascading the memories implied
    Tears turned salty eyes burned
    Facing her with his back turned

    She kisses her hand palm exposed
    Turning to him he certainly knows
    What it means as she turns and goes
    Cold rushes in but warmth follows

    She moves like rays of scattered light
    She owns the day and captures the night
    She lives in darkness to know what’s right
    She left one day and fell from sight.

    He moves like night chasing day
    Following a dream all the way
    He lives beyond the tender grasp
    Of loves water and its sweet clasp

    Felt like writing this norning, don’t read into it. These are wrods and nothing more…just a way for me to let off steam in an otherwise very complicated and trying time in my life.
    Be well all.

  2. Hmmm…

    Yep. Ok.

  3. That reminds me of another thing I like about Taylor Hicks. I’ve been told he inspires creativity in people.

    OK, back on track! You’re right about TH’s loyalty. It seems he’s tried pretty hard to give back to the people who were there for him before AI. I think it’s great. OK, snowstorm: go! (“he needs professional people around him, not some old buddy…blah, blah, blah…)

  4. Caryl, I can’t believe you didn’t comment on Taylor getting his groove on with Bozo.

  5. Bill does nothing for Taylor’s image. Don’t people make jokes and laugh at Bill? Nuff said. But, at this point Taylor will do anything for attention, except for the things he should have been doing all year that he ignored.

    Taylor’s main problem is people can see through the fakeness. Until Taylor gets real, there is no success for him.

  6. What do I care what he does with Bozo? Don’t ask, don’t tell.

  7. Oh, did I mention that I look like Bozo from the back?


  9. I still love that Hollywood Nights vid. That’s always been one of my favs…

  10. So much to comment on here, iag!

    I had seen that hat series before. That is close friends, he who shares your hat. I remember sharing tube tops with a friend in college. We are still best buddies…she in Omaha, me in ATL with 5 kids between us. And two husbands. Did you know tube tops can be turned into head bands? Do you know what a tube top is?

    Well, f-bomb aside….I didn’t remember how smokin’ that band was!
    Love that . I don’t like cursing in songs, however, I do get that he is hot doing that in this one. Kind of like all the cursing in Gran Torino…it fits.

    He cracked me up not only with the “good to see you”, but the attempted hand shake with Stevie! (he was hot in a double mint sorta way, there)

    And the obvious comment on the last two is….Taylor shows narrow range on groovin’ partners. 🙂

  11. I thought he was so nice and natural with Stevie and I remember thinking the same at the time. I had forgotten that this version of Living For the City was better vocal wise than his purple jacket performance. What a great performer he is and hopefully some day he will be able to take on another stage as large as AIs.

  12. ifyousayso Says:

    I have a few friends that aren’t good for my “image” (and vice versa). Good thing friendship isn’t about how it makes us look. At least not for most people.

    I know….Taylor is a public figure, he has to worry more about his image…yada yada. I don’t care who you are, if you drop your friends for image reasons, I lose respect for you.

  13. jerseyirish Says:

    I was going to put my post up and hit submit lost my connection. We have high winds here today and were out for 5 hours so here is my comment:

    6. I’m ok with Grease.
    7. Bill seems like a nice guy and loyal friend to Taylor.
    8. When I see them together always reminds me of my brother and his best buddy, they have been friends for over 50 years. My brother is 6’2″ and his buddy is 5’6″. I see the same type of friendship with them just always there for the other.
    9. love it also when he drops the f bomb, shows you he is just a regualr guy.
    10. agree no appology needed
    11. i remeber that one, it was priceless.
    12. me too, loved seeing him with someone, hope to see more of it.

    a2w, the muses visiting you today?


  14. Aw, A2S, nice work. I hope you are feeling better. It’s so hard what you have to deal with right now. (hugs) I do care about you Spirit Momma.

    Regarding Taylor and Bill, it’s just sweet.

    What I like about Mr. Hicks has nothing to do whether he says fuck or any other “cuss” word. (That sounds so strange.) I talk that way so who am I to judge? He smokes too so should we freak about that too? Really, be straight, he’s a musician, practically lived in bars for along while, goes with the territory.

    I admire Taylor for his drive, his heart and his never gonna say die attitude. I love his voice, I love his spazztasticness, I enjoy his whole story as it continues to develop. I enjoy many of the folks who follow him and for my being able to interact with them (you all) on line. I can be sarcastic at times but most is all in fun. I’m a big goofball.

  15. IDK….the picture with the girl on the beach. He looks very awkward to me. Like a middle school boy going for his first kiss…not quite sure where his hands go, posture, etc…

    Kinda gives me the creeps!

  16. I think he’s got his fingers all over her clit. See how her hips are arching? I think she’s digging it.

    I guess it’s just your perspective.

  17. I’m with you, Fairhope.


  18. Snowstorm: Bill does nothing for Taylor’s image. Don’t people make jokes and laugh at Bill? Nuff said. But, at this point Taylor will do anything for attention, except for the things he should have been doing all year that he ignored.

    Taylor’s main problem is people can see through the fakeness. Until Taylor gets real, there is no success for him.

    Have you hurt yourself?

    I ask because I’m imagining the violent intellectual whiplash it must take to belch out the above conflicting sentiments in the space of two short paragraphs.

    First you council that Hicks should shed his best friend because he don’t do anything for his image. In the next breath you admonish him for being fake.

    I don’t mind you being a constant irritant – though it grows increasingly dull. I don’t mind you continually lobbying for the kind of fake packaging/mass marketing that earns the disdain of music people (aka snobs). And whether you hate Taylor Hicks or love him is of no concern to me at all.

    But I finally have to speak up and say that I do insist you at least be logical. Because apparently I have to keep coming back and reading this damned blog every few days, and you’re always here.

    So that’s all. Carry on, please.

  19. What I said is completely logical. Bill Will is Taylor’s constant shadow and does nothing for his image. Bill Will is not even good-looking and basically looks like a goober. You’ve never read the jokes about these two? Again, get professionals to work for you, not friends. When people point and laugh that’s more of a comedy team.

    Obviously, my post got to you, or you would not have responded. Hello????

  20. The reason I said Taylor is fake is because Taylor does anything to get attention. He knows his music has failed so now it’s sink or swim. He will do anything to get attention. That’s not keeping it real, IMO.

  21. Hello???? The girl on the beach photo….that’s obviously foreplay….HELLO??????

  22. YKW, naughty, naughty. whoa. LOL

    True, you know Snow is just going to hate everything.

  23. Nope, not hate, Spin. I call it “keeping it real”. 🙂

    Of course, most of the gals here don’t like what I have to say. They have been in a dream-like trance for several years now and anybody who dares to disturb that trance will be met with the wrath of hell, lol!

  24. You are just a devil Snow. 😈 LOL

  25. Snow, what “gets to me” isn’t any opinion you may express about Taylor. Anyone familiar with me would say I’ve long been very critical of him, and that I reject the censorship of thoughtful criticism.

    What “gets to me” is the cheapness of what you value, your bizarre take on what constitutes “real”, and (mostly) the puzzle of why you’re so desperate that everyone agree with you. Even combined, these factors wouldn’t normally constitute much of an obstacle to my enjoyment of the place, except it seems that yours is the predominant presence here.

  26. Because I know I’m right. It’s as simple as that. Taylor is not the success that Taylor was hoping for when he entered American Idol and everything he has done was/is the wrong decision. That’s not to say he can’t turn things around – anything is possible in life. Its totally up to him and he should take these suggestions to heart before it’s truly OVER for him. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about, but I will never reveal too much.

  27. I already said before, I don’t care who agrees with me or disagrees. I think you have the problem here cause i sure don’t.

  28. The only “real” thing as far as I’m concerned – GOOD MUSIC & GOOD SONGS. The rest of it is all bs.

    You’ll see – I’m right about this.

  29. Snow, this post is about things we like about Taylor.

    Back to the topic, please.

  30. True is the one who started it. I just addressing her concerns about me.

  31. And the concerns have been addressed.

    Drop it.

  32. So Snow, tell me what do you like about Taylor Hicks?

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