Things I like about Taylor Hicks, part one.

In the spirit of the season, with Valentine’s Day upon us, I’m feeling a little tenderhearted towards Taylor. Here are some of the reasons why I love him. See, it’s not a hate blog after all. Over the next couple of days, there will be more added to the list.

1. I like him scrubbed up or dressed down.


2. I liked the AI shadow tour. It was bold, reckless and breaking the rules. And secretive. Don’t forget secretive. 😉

Make sure and watch this one in HD.

3. I like him playing harp, especially on a pool table.

4. I like him drunk and slurring the words to songs.

5. I like him when he mocks himself. Sense of humor, anyone?



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  1. Holding up that VFTW shirt was probably one of the worst mistakes Taylor has made…that along with saying that Idol was “fizzling for him”. Those two actions, most likely, killed his career and the powers that be made sure of it. I guess I’m done feeling sorry for him because he did and said some really stupid things.

  2. I like this idea! *Blatant self-serving plug alert!* In fact, I wrote about the same subject on my blog! But your list is a helluva lot more fun than mine. Let me see what I can add. Hmm…

    1. I like when he wears boots because his legs look long and lean, but I also like the sneakers because he seems more comfortable jumping around on stage. Which brings me to…

    2. I like when he’s really feelin’ it and throws himself around on stage like a man possessed. It’s awesome.

    3. I like it when he knows the lyrics. haha. Although, I must say I get a kick out of the way he sings, “Hold On To Your Love.” You know what I mean, there’s a certain part where it sounds like he’s singing jibberish. Fun! Listen to the beginning of this video for jibberish, watch the rest for the next thing I like about Hicks:

    4. Blues, baby.

  3. Oh, I have more, Caryl…just wait. 😆

    Snow, I thought it was really cool that he got his pic taken with the VFTW shirt. The thing is, one should never take themselves too seriously. And by getting his pic taken, he was saying…yeah, I get it. Good for him.

  4. That was not cool at all. That’s shooting yourself in the foot. Do you have any idea how much AI hates VFTW? They have tried several times to shut them down with absolutely NO success. Have you ever seen a winner have anything to do with that site? Of course not because that is pure stupidity.

  5. SS, I don’t feel sorry for him, he is living his dream and doing well. I love his sense of humor and the more he reveals of his personality the more I find to admire about the guy. Since so many other guys seem to like him he seems like a mans man, a good thing.

  6. I’ve never seen the video you posted from the Shadow Tour. “Feelin Alright” is a good song for Taylor. I’m saving that.

    I have a question. I wasn’t around during the AI tour. The Shadow Tour wasn’t really a secret, was it? I mean, obviously, everyone knew about it because they went. How did that work? Someone somewhere posted the venues or was it word of mouth?

  7. Nah, it wasn’t a secret, really. It was advertised…but as far as I know, Taylor was the first one off of Idol to do it. Now, I could be wrong about that and somebody correct me if I am…but the shadow tour had this rebellious feel about it, like Taylor was breaking the rules or something.

    Have I mentioned my love for rebels?

  8. rosie, no matter what you say, Taylor is not a success in the music business. He could be in the future, but as of today, he’s had no success.

  9. Snow, I think AI has tried to shut the site down because they mess with the very essence of the competition…letting the people choose. Thing is, I’m not completely sure that the people actually do choose. But that’s just the conspiracist coming out in me.

  10. The shadow tour…another thing this pissed off the powers that be and proved to be a big flop.

  11. Of course they choose… how do you explain Taylor Hicks winning? Well, let me answer that… power voting and VFTW…that’s how he won, folks!

  12. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I believe you are right, the shadow tours were known/announced most knew when he would be appearing with LIMBO during the AI tour.

    Rosie, I agree he is living his dream, making money and having a good time.


  13. Ok, Snow, let me play devil’s advocate here. If TPTB choose, why Taylor? Why not Daughtry, who obviously can sell more records?

  14. iag, what you are talking about? The tptb didn’t choose Taylor to win. He won based on getting the most votes.

    I do not believe for one minute that Idol is fixed. The American public chooses the winner.

  15. And your Mid-West grannie can power vote just as good as a teen can.

  16. Snow, misread your comment. Sorry.

    I don’t know that I agree 100% on the public choosing. Nothing is like what it seems.

  17. SS why do you persist? How can you say he is not a success in the music business? He has a certified Platinum record, he is 25th on the Billboard right now, he is climbing in airplay, he owns his own record label, and if I am not mistaken he is touring the country promoting his new album and soon to be released video, while someone else foot’s the bill for all of his expenses. You are comparing him to who? Daughtry? Give me a break. Daughtry is on his way OUT, he is so yesterday. Taylor is on his way up and there is no stopping him so just sit back and enjoy the show . I Try being beautiful for a change, if you don’t know how I can show you, it is easy if you try.


    Edited by IAG

  18. I didn’t know there was a cold front coming in today. 🙂

  19. He won AI fair and square by getting the most votes. Most of those who voted for him did so because they liked him, his voice and performance, but voting for someone to win AI does not translate into cd sales. I, like most people did not go online during AI 5 so I had no idea what VFTW was saying. VFTW, has a small cult following and there are no statistics to show it has any impact on AI results. Only fools would be swayed by anything Idletard or VFTW says.

  20. jerseyirish Says:

    A2s, Haven’t seen that video in awhile, makes a good statement. I also think Taylor has seen success and will continue to grow and be even nore successful. Everything is in place for that to happen. Just sit back and enjoy the Taylor ride!!! 🙂

    Caryl, ;lol;


  21. SS – I was never on VFTW.

    But if I remember correctly they go against the Manufactured Pop Persona that AI is always going for. I heard back during season 5, that they backed Taylor because he IS talented and because he IS NOT what AI always roots for.

    Did anyone else hear the same?

  22. dg – I believe you are correct, but they are still called VOTE FOR THE WORST. Nuff said.

    rosie – VFTW does not have a small cult following. They get millions of hits a day. Like it or not that site makes a big impact.

    Edited by IAG

  23. Snow and Brightlite..enough. Can we try being adults again?

  24. Tell her to back off because I usually ignore her posts.

  25. Denise, I did hear that, too.

    I think that’s part of VFTW’s appeal…voting for the underdog. Granted, I think alot of times it’s to try and mess with AI, the establishment. But I really thought that VFTW was trying to get Taylor to win because it was so anti stereotypical of what an Idol was supposed to be.

  26. OK, so you’re looking for good things…I got one…

    He’s a handsome guy with a lot of charm – go straight into acting, dude!

  27. “But I really thought that VFTW was trying to get Taylor to win because it was so anti stereotypical of what an Idol was supposed to be.”

    And, that’s exactly the reason they killed his career. Anybody who tries to line up with VFTW, you are a goner. Nobody should underestimate the power of 19, Simon Cowell and Company. I believe that photo pissed them off to no end, among other things he did.

  28. taylorfan06 Says:

    I HATE snow. It’s SO cold. Give me sunshine any day.
    Life is too short to deal with snow. I ignore it at every chance.
    It’s just NASTY and BITTER and SO cold.

  29. You gotta deal with the snow, babe! Or else it will bury you! 🙂

  30. I am a Worster from way back, and if I remember correctly, during season 5 their original contestant was Kellie Pickler, then Chicken Little or vice versa.. once the two were voted off, they got serious and voted for Taylor because they thought he was talented.

    I know Chris Sligh posts there often.

    Oh, Taylor did an audioblog on HQ today too.. 🙂

  31. taylorfan06 Says:

    Tell her to back off because I usually ignore her posts.

  32. Snow, Are you saying that TPTB killed Tays career and the reason they did so was because he made mistakes that pissed them off, eg. shadow tour during AI and the Relix article and holding us a VFTW t shirt? Remember when I told you that you don’t live in the “now” when it comes to Taylor and his career? You have just provided more examples how you don’t live in the now. BTW, why does that VFTW pix have copyright 2008, and he looks 2008ish in the photo?

  33. taylorfan06 Says:

    couldn’t have said it better myself, snow

  34. Um, he sure did do a podcast.

    Color me impressed. That’s two in a row.

  35. “Into Every Life a Little Snow Must Fall” That’s cool. It makes you appreciate Springtime.

    You know what else I like about Taylor? He never puts other people down publicly. No matter what people throw at him in interviews, he never says a negative word about anyone. I admire that.

  36. I love how a happy fun post can turn to shit in a matter of seconds. ahaha…..oh the Soul Patrol, gotta love em.

    The AI shadow tour is what pretty much solidified my “fan”ism. ahaha….Nice wordage huh? 😀

    I think if I would have based his talent solely on the AI tour concert…well it’s doubtful I’d still be around. That’s all I have to say.

  37. Rhonda, I think you and I both saw a glimpse of something during the AI shadow tour that left us begging for more. 😉

  38. hehe…..yeah, it was a pretty kick ass night.

  39. Rosie…I don’t know why it says 2008. I actually got it off their website. But that is the same pic from 2006…ish. Does anybody know if any other contestants ever got their picture taken with a VFTW shirt?

    Oh, and thanks for the heads up, Harp about the audio blog.

  40. That’s exactly what I’m saying, Rosie. obviously your past actions have consequences that affect the present and future – that applies to everybody.

    Does anybody find if it strange that Taylor is doing these podcasts now? Taylor has ignored that site all year, but everybody knows that many memberships will expire this month, including mine. Too little, too late, dude. That fanclub is a TOTAL ripoff and I won’t be taken twice.

  41. The podcast was recorded WED. 4th, because he said he was in Balto. and had introduced the single the day before in the theater. He is now in Florida for the Universal thing. Wonder why his audio wasn’t released until today and if Headquarters know whats up. So he actually did 2 podcast in less than 1 week. Caryl that is so true plus he doesn’t live in the past or blame others for things. I’ve heard a lot of whining from several other AI top 10, but none from him.

  42. Snow, I was taken twice. *sigh*

    And no, I don’t find it strange that he’s doing these podcasts now. You’re right…many memberships will expire…and he’s doing what he has to do to make money. Now, if they only last through February, then we’ll know it was just a ploy to keep members.

  43. Snowstorm, since you say you are a fan and this thread is about what we like about Taylor, don’t you think you could come up with a list of things you like about him. If you can’t come up with a bakers dozen without taxing your intelligent mind too much, then perhaps you need to reconsider being a fan. You have the thread and the stage is yours.

  44. Rosie, let’s not be giving away my platform, especially to Snowstorm.

    And the telling people to not be a fan? Let’s not beat a dead horse…again.

  45. Don’t all contestants have power voting done for them by their fans?

    I cannot help but think VFTW carries a small percentage of effect. Not many actually know about it, other than those who camp out online. Their snark is funny, and I read EVERYTHING written there (after AI 5) to figure out what their deal was.
    They really did like Taylor….and as with many, Taylor became their anti-idol.
    I don’t understand how that adds up to certain defeat in the real world?
    No one takes sites like that all that seriously. The fact that SS thinks their effect is large is somewhat revealing.

    As far as things I like about Taylor.
    1) Love watching him onstage. That is where the magic is with him.
    2) He’s attractive/sexy and seemingly fun.
    3) He’s interesting because he’s a survivor.
    The ones who win in life are the ones who don’t give up in the face of obstacles.
    Was reading yesterday about the career of Fanny Brice (watched Funny Girl on TNT). She had an amazingly long and successful career, with a difficult start. She had a ton of obstacles….being Jewish when ethnicity was not embraced, not a knock out beauty, had only two eras of brilliance in Ziegfield and on the radio as Baby Snooks….the rest was work, work, work with mediocre reviews. You could tell she was savvy, smart and dedicated enough to make the sacrifices necessary to be where she loved doing what she loved doing to make a career.
    All that to say….FB reminded of Taylor. He had a flash of brilliance on AI…and probably will again in the industry if he continues to work, work, work….just as I see him doing.

    I admire that. It is something I like about Taylor. He’s “bustin’ his buns doin’ it”.

  46. That what’s wrong with Taylor. A wimp who does not stand up for himself gets no respect in the music business.

    You also don’t publicly diss someone who gave you your biggest break. I loved it how he tried to explain his way out of it, but he couldn’t because there was no excuse. The truth of matter is, at that point, he still needed their help, so they probably said fine, you think you can make it on your own, go for it. I’ll bet they got the last laugh. I also think his management company dropped him…just wan’t publicized.

  47. Snow, does it really matter if his management company dropped him? They weren’t exactly doing him a great service.

    As for dissing AI, I still think that quote was taken out of context. And you know that I will say what I think about Taylor, popular opinion or not.

  48. I like him when he pokes fun at himself, too, iag.
    However, that Jonas brothers photo op bothered me. JMO.

  49. Suze, I agree with you regarding the VFTW topic.

  50. Yeah, it did bother me at first, too, Suze. Actually, it made me cringe. But the thing is, people who know Taylor…really know him, say he is a really funny guy. Unfortunately, he doesn’t let that side show to his fans. And it’s really a shame. Part of me thinks he just thought it would be hysterical to do…not thinking about how it really would look to the rest of the world. Although he did get press for it, it wasn’t exactly the most positive press, ya know?

  51. Yep…that photo op added to the punch line.
    Taylor’s gotta allow himself to grow away from that when he’s in the public eye.

  52. I think it’s the same problem we talked about before…shying away from the goofy ass AI persona that he cultivated on that show.

  53. ..more pictures like the first one and second one circulating in the mainstream press. Yeah.
    But no…it was the Jonas brothers’ pic that surfaced on my front page as the ONLY mention of Taylor on there for about a year at the time. And I guess since. Bleh.

  54. Snow, I gotta hand it to you. You’re persistent. But you will NOT rattle my cage today. (“wimp.” Now, that’s a good one.)

    Taylor has confidence. I don’t know him well enough to know if it’s actually arrogance, but he definitely believes in himself. I was listening to the Open Door Cafe set and he says at one point, “We’ve got some original music that we wrote. Those definitely don’t pay the bills, but they will sooner or later.”

  55. I didn’t power vote and knew nothing about VFTW. In fact, there were actually very few people that did know about it. They had nothing to do with Taylor winning.

  56. I call it reality check.

  57. Snow – Chris Daughtry in fact dissed AI, and he didn’t lose his contract. I do believe that Taylor didn’t bash AI. Southern talk is different from what you hear in other parts of the country, specifically the north.

    What I love about Taylor: he is his own man, and does what he believes is best for his career, even though others don’t always agree with him. After all, it IS what he wants to do.

  58. Turner, I hope your faith in Taylor’s wisdom is worthy. So far, he hasn’t done a lot of things great for his career. People will say…yeah, he’s touring with a Broadway show and touring his album (sort of), but I will continue to say that I’m sorry he had to go about it this way.

  59. Iag, “but I will continue to say that I am sorry he had to go about it this way.” But what else could he do given the facts. We have all gone over a 1000 times the would have and should and could haves regarding why his first CD did not sell better. I’m with the group who sees it as a positive step to promote the new CD and a necessary money making adventure , while also giving him the option of taking bigger and better acting roles in the future. He was a singer/entertainer on AI and he is doing a good job of trying to be both for decades to come. Money equals the power for him to pick and choose what he wants to do, and so he is working hard at making money.

  60. I wish he worked as hard at making music as he does making money.

  61. Iag, WRIR is obviously not doing it for you.
    Are you quesitoning Taylor’s veracity about “it’s all about the music”, then? Kind of interesting line of thinking.
    Yet, Taylor WAS a business major in college and I doubt his Dad will pay his bills….so….
    I dunno. I have to think about joining the cynicsm about Taylor’s career. And the fact that good music speaks for itself in the long run.
    Jury is out until I hear the whole of this new CD.

  62. Good music does speak for itself…and explains what happened with his last CD.

  63. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I agree he found a way to get his name back out there in a positive light, saw the oportunity to cross promote his new CD while touring with Grease. He always seems to find a way to get his foot back in, things may have been quiet for awhile but he is definetely on an upswing now. Everyone that has gone to a shadow show has come back with the same thing he never left his music he still and always will have it for his music, there is nothing like him on stage!!! 🙂


  64. I’ve been away for a couple days, and I see that in spite a really fun topic, the bickering continues . . . Holy Schnikeys!

    Now, on to better and brighter things. I loved the AI shadow tour. It did definitely feel a little clandestine. Like you were part of the secret plan. And it felt rebellious in such a good and fun way.

    I went to the shows at Workplay, the Viper, and WB . . . and a couple shows where Taylor was not in attendance in Atlanta and Chicago.

    That was my personal “summer of love.” I have since calmed down quite a bit as far as the travel goes, but I do not regret one penny spent in all my travels in 2006. It was good times, every which way.

    I’ll never go crazy like that again. But, I’m still waiting on that new CD, and hoping my Taylor energy will be renewed by amazing music. If it is, I may just find myself traveling back east later this year to see him in concert, and to visit with my wonderful northeastern friends.

    Because . . . he’s not doing a “shadow” show in Tucson, so I won’t see him while he’s here later this month. Have I mentioned that before? 😛

  65. I’m sorry, JI, but I have to disagree. He has left his music…he left it a long time ago. Grease is obviously at the top of his priority list, which is unfortunate for his music fans. I mean, it’s called a shadow tour for a reason. It’s obviously less important to him than Grease.

  66. Soulaz, I, too, spent a considerable amount of money during the Taylor Hicks tour in 2007. I’m not even going to tell you how many concerts I went to or how many miles traveled, but like you, I don’t regret it. It was a great time and I look back upon it fondly. As soon as each concert was over, I wanted to go to another one. That is what I’m looking for again from Taylor…his ability to transform an audience into a cohesive group of people just enjoying the music..and his entertainment.

  67. I feel exactly the same way, IAG . . . even though I knew there was some drama that swirled around some of those gatherings, I just stayed with my friends and away from the drama and just partied my ass off.

    And, on a personal note, it was because of Taylor, and all my travels, that I met a person who started out to be a “Taylor friend,” but has become one of the best all-around friends I have ever had. No matter what happens with Taylor, I still get to keep custody of TaysHarmonica. She doesn’t actually know that I claim custody of her, so don’t tell her I said that!

    Oh, and I love that about Taylor too . . . 😀

  68. Soulaz- I get her on odd days.. it’s in the contract. 😆

  69. I think if things go well with this CD it is quite likely he will tour in 2010. Yea, I know he is tied up all year with Grease and I was a bit taken aback by that. If it was a bigger, better role it would be more fitting to his talent, but the man felt like it was what he needed to do. He has confidence and at least isn’t running around like a chicken with its head cut off saying, “woe is me”. He is ballsy!

  70. Damn you all to hell, Harp . . . what days do I get to claim custody of YOU? 😛

  71. hicksaholic Says:

    I’m with y’all about not regretting a dime spent on Taylor’s last tour. I went to see him 13 performances, one of which was the AI concert. I left all the other concerts trying to figure out how I could get to the next one. Taylor for a number of people has the ability to make them happy like no other performer and that is worth every penny paid. I too have tried to be a little more reasonable and limited my travels to places within driving distance to Mobile. But I will admit it was difficult not to jump on a plane to see him at Martyr’s and if money was no object I’d have been there. Also I cannot seem to get my husband to share in my Taylor love. But I have decided life is short and if Taylor performs within a reasonable distance I will be there regardless.

  72. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I know you and others feel his has turned away from his music with this Grease thing. I believe he would love to just go around doing his music, but that costs money lots of it. I see the shadow dates as his main priority getting his music out and heard, Grease is just the paycheck/exposure.

    Rosie, I was a little surprised he took on Grease for the full year, but it does make sense it is doing well they are drawing in the crowds and he is traveling the country and getting great reviews its a win, win for him and Grease.


  73. I am so damn late to everything…I posted in Taylor free Tuesday…on Wednesday. How bad is that….I’m going to catch up on looking and reading now…

  74. The thing is JI, you say it’s a win win for him and Grease, but it is not a win win for his music. He won’t be able to tour The Distance until 2010…a good nine months after it’s release. Might as well forget about that.

  75. IAG…you know how I feel about the whole BSD …I just so, so never want to hear it again. I get the whole $$$ needing thing, but I hope that his CD is phenomenal. I’m waiting. And waiting. What else is new? Oh, and from Taylor free Tuesday..on Wednesday….Tommy Castro…I really do enjoy this guy..

  76. “I wish he worked as hard at making music as he does making money.”


  77. “I wish he worked as hard at making music as he does making money.”


    Yes, THAT, that is the dumbest statement I have ever read.
    Mainly because no one knows how hard he works at anything or why. Only he knows.
    Without money there is no music that anyone will ever hear.

  78. AHAHA Henry. Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

  79. Rams Head…Feb,7,2009…..Oh man you better believe it’s all about the MUSIC. the man and his music were AWESOME!!!!

  80. Yeah, I’m sure he was. Problem is it’s once every 2-4 weeks.


  81. Yet, Grey, Henry8 knows how Taylor feels about most anything as well as that one gal whose Mum is a member of the card carrying SP. She (henry8 feels that gal wants a date with Hicks, nothing to do with Mum wanting a close up with him.) sheesh – how transparently silly can one person be?

    Seriously henry8 get the hell real. Man, that’s one statement that cuts to the truth and that is the one you decide to hack in on in this blog. He’s not in this for charity. He’s not in this to make anyone happy or cheery or for that matter is he in this just to have his fucking voice heard anymore. He’s in this for his life, his fame, his future. I’m okay with that because I recognize he’s a human being. I love him anyway. Don’t come here and diss the blog or Grey on such stupid premises.

    Snow, man many may not agree with you, I don’t 100% but you hit some truths regarding VFTW, Hicks and a few other issues some may not want bursting their happy bubbles.

  82. I just watched 2 hrs of AI pick of the final 36 and kept thinking about how Taylor did his harp walk to hear his fate, 3years ago. Then I remembered this blog and how it was my chance to say what I liked about him. I haven’t been a thudder or a screamer and know I’d bore even the most ardent of the SP if I were to give a list of all the things I like about Tay. So I won’t go there. He has given me much fun and a renewed interest in music. Obviously he has a raw talent, but his knowledge of music, his putting forth such effort and determination, just pecking away towards success in the business is outstanding. When he was in Balto. last week a few of those who interviewed him talked about him being genuine, what you see-is what you get. I go a step further. I don’t think I can recall seeing anyone in the entertainment field or in everyday life who wears their emotions and feeling on their face or in their eyes as does Taylor. I can go back and see it on his audition tape and when he was selected to be in the 24 group. We can see it when he did his thing on AI week after week. For someone who many say is guarded and secretive, why is it that we can see into his mind so often? And is that why he can feel the lyrics to a song, the raw emotions of life and throw himself into a song performance. Does his desire for peace and happiness and love and acceptance not just for himself, but everyone, even translate when he throws himself into entertaining people as teen angel? I think it does.

  83. You know what translates when he does Teen Angel? The music is taking a back seat. That’s what it says to me…and a lot of others who aren’t willing to say it out loud.

  84. Rosie, what you ‘just remembered’ this blog? Your statement is running sort of par with some of Brightlight’s. You can’t see into his mind, nobody’s been able to – that’s what some of the fan discourse has been about. Man, is the music for that old Twilight show on?

  85. Here’s what I’m hearing right now A Dimension of Taylor Hicks….

  86. Spin, Iag was responding to what I said above and Henry was responding to Greys comment. You need to read it all. I meant it takes money for Tay to get out there the music he would like to and Grease and the shadow tour are his vechicle to make the money and he has been working and promoting himself to death.. Had he sat since last May just writing music where would the money have come from and the promotion vechicle to produce and sell a new CD. As for VFTW, give me a break! There have been no top 10 contestants they have been responsable for. They are impotant. Sanjaya and even that red haired guy were the result of teen hormones. AI knows VFTW is impotant. Just look who ends up in the top 5 each year and who wins.

  87. Rosie I read all the comments. Man, you are sounding possessed. By what I have no idea. Henry was responding to Grey, man, I Got that. ha. I replied to that. Henry doesn’t comment except to diss Grey and anyone not thing in her adoration mind set. Man, what is up with you? Your comments sound so spacey. *giggling*

  88. *typo* not in her erase “not thing” forget to erase initial comment. lol

  89. *sigh* I don’t get custody of anybody. 😦

    I wonder if ANYBODY really knows Taylor. Taylor is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle dipped in mystery and deep-fried in…uh, something else that’s hard to understand. And it’s all tied up with a friggin black band that nobody will ever know the meaning of.

  90. Spin I like you, we just disagree. You seem to not be in a positive mood about Taylor tonight, despite the thread topic. Don’t put me in a category. Taylors facial expressions and eyes tend to show his feelings. Maybe it is that charisma thing. I gave an opinion and so did you and several others, and that is what makes an interesting blog.

  91. I think Taylor’s wrapped in a pizza roll. Like a stromboli. With lots of sausage.

  92. Caryl…you just won the prize for best post tonight!!

  93. Can we all just agree that Taylor Hicks did not make it in music? Remember, that phone was not ringing anymore… no more juice, guys. So, what’s he supposed to do now? Live in Alabama and sit on his ass all day? At least by doing Grease, he has a job and a paycheck to support his music careers. Music careers COSTS LOTS OF MONEY.

  94. Spin!! AHAHAAHAHHA!!

    There are so many things I could say about your comment!!

  95. Man, Rose, I am not projecting any thoughts about Hicks. I’m reeling in the (click link wild video) wacky commentaries.

    Man, facial readings are an art that forensic specialists have to study long and hard at – so – you’re proficient at those types of studies?

  96. Remember, Taylor has no record label support. Everything comes out of his pocket.

  97. Man, Grey these gals just think they ‘know Hicks’. hahaha *wink*

  98. Snow, babe, that’s a given. New focus.

  99. Yo, as far as not making it in music as you say, gal – that Fat lady hasn’t sang yet for the man. Again, New Focus.

  100. So, if Taylor were to say…”My Taylor Hicks CD is totally me, as an artist” with a completely sincere look on his face, we’re supposed to believe that? And then when he says The Distance is completely him…and he’s so excited about it…does that mean “Taylor Hicks”=”The Distance”???

    Say it ain’t so, Joe.

  101. I believe he says what he thinks we want to hear.

  102. Spin, couldn’t you detect his worried side glance at Simon, during the audition when Paula was praising him? Couldn’t you see his joy when he was given a TV stage to sing Levon? Couldn’t you notice his mouth expression when he was waiting to hear Paula say he was in the top 24? Didn’t I read on you blog this week about his eyes after he sang You Send Me , a victorious, determined, nailed it expression? My post was just pointing out that his emotions are revealed on his face, more than most people and it is a quality I like about him and may explain even why he feels the music and can express it. I’m on no carpet ride and If you don’t get what I’m attempting to put across, perhaps the problem lies with you. Anyway I’m finished discussing this.

  103. but I will continue to say that I’m sorry he had to go about it this way.
    Nobody knows what Taylor’s ultimate goals are, so why do people continue to think “they” know what’s best for Taylor?

    IAG – Why is Spin allowed to bash the posters that write in your blog? She’s sinking to an all-time low.

  104. Can I get an AMEN for Caryl??

    She is hot tonight!!

  105. Aw, go on. No, really, go on!

  106. so, Rosie you take reality TV seriously?

    See, that stupid show plays with people’s minds.

  107. Where is Spin bashing?

  108. Caryl is hot tonight and from the back she looks like the chick in Taylor’s video. 😉

    Snow, lots of people take reality tv seriously.

  109. Turner, I’m not ‘bashing’ anyone darling. I’m having a conversation. Or are you just hanging around for 15 minutes?

    Snow I agree, reality TV sometimes has a serious impact on folk’s lives.

  110. NEVER, EVER take reality TV seriously. You will end up fucked up, seriously.

  111. Rosie…I think what Spin is saying is that Taylor might be good at looking a certain way while hiding other things. Granted, I think you are right about his emotions on AI. However, I think since then, he’s become a lot more guarded as they all have a tendency to do.

  112. If being nasty to posters isn’t bashing, I don’t know what is. I think she’s taken some ugly pills tonight.

  113. Grey I’m ‘bashing’ according to the new 15 minutes of justification of freak. Hahaha. My man found her already.

  114. Alright, kids.

    Settle down.

  115. I’m completely settled down, and please don’t accuse me of being somebody I am not Spin.

  116. Everybody needs to chill out…

    Let’s try not to ruin the conversation…please.

    I don’t care who anybody is as long as they can just talk without resorting to the bullshit.

  117. OK,one more thing I like about him: I like the fact that way back in 1976 he was given the first name of Taylor which helps to smoothe out the rough edges of a hickish name like Hicks. It, Taylor Hicks is a good name for one in the music business.

  118. Darn, I have to go to bed. My husband heard a rumor that I’m hot tonight.

    Be good.

  119. Rosie.

    I’ve got nothing for that.

    Nite Caryl!

  120. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
    “She said she’d always been a dancer
    She worked at 15 clubs a day
    And though she thought I knew the answer
    Well I knew what I could not say. “

  121. And could we not talk about 1976 like it was waaaaaaaaaaaay back in time. Taylor’s only a few years younger than me, but when you say way back…it makes me feel old. 😆

  122. She was bashing me a little but I forgive her because I understand her and can read her mind and can even tell what she feels by the way she chooses her words and composes her sentences and by the hour of the day she posts. But give Henry a break Spin she has a lot of wisdom and good old commen sense. Pro Taylor people can be right at times!

  123. No where did I say that I knew what Taylor thought. I believe if you would actually read my statement I said NO ONE knew what he thought.
    And what the hell is the crap about someones mother. The woman said she wanted a date with Taylor , I suppose she does, who the hell cares?
    I don’t know what mom wants, I never even gave it a thought.
    As usual, I have no idea what Spin is even talking about. But Spin always know what I think, and why I think it. Its damned amazing.
    But don’t hire her as a mind reader cause shes not been right once yet.

  124. Rosie…Henry is fine. I wish sometimes she would impart some of her wisdom on us without seeming so freakin’ angry.

  125. Grey here’s a song from 1976: hahaha

    Goes with all these prognosticators.


    man, that’s some dated shit. *laughing*

  126. Henry is only angry unless she’s on Chills. She does not know how to act outside of that site. Seriously.

  127. Speak of the devil…

    damn, maybe I can read minds tonight, too. 🙂

  128. Henry you’re mad because I know you. I get you and I’m right about you. I still love you. muah.

  129. Spin. You’re killing me tonight.

  130. Wait, about the Joe Cocker song, that’s random. Just tossed it in the mix. Why not? LOL

  131. Spin ,Please, you do not get me. You never have. You just think you do.
    I no doupt seem angry here, because I am only moved to respond to the things that make me angry. And some of it very much does.
    I have my reasons.

  132. Ok…let’s get back to the topic.

    What was it again? Oh yeah, Taylor.

  133. Your reasons Henry?

    T-A-Y-L-O-R H-I-C-K-S.

    Pretty simple. I get you – I know you and you know that so just calm down. And it’s ‘doubt’ not doupt’. I know that’s just a typo. LOL

    There are no other reasons than TAYLOR HICKS because that is all you care about. And so Grey we are back to Topic. Ta da.

  134. Henry come back with something besides attack mode here. This is not a hate blog but we hate attackers.

  135. In honor of all us rebels and freaks that drive the need for reality. And Soul. And Rebels.

    “See the Morning Sun on the inside…”

  136. oh good grief.

  137. LOL Henry8. As if you’re so Above it All. Like this. LOL

  138. Crap messed up the link I was so tickled. Good Grief. There that should do it.

  139. What Grey, you don’t like Marley? Or Charley?

  140. I just be jammin. Some be serious. I can’t help that.

  141. Tequila anyone?


  142. rhonda, you buying, shug?

  143. Man, I was getting bored. All this righteous – Be we Hicks talk, the out there phantasmagorical fantasical name numerological hummus going on had me flying.

    Nice to see you show, rhonda.

  144. Things I like about Taylor Hicks: Henry8.

    bwhahahaha. Great freaking pick.

  145. A joint by any other name would smoke as sweet!

  146. Yeah, Rose, depends on the product, depends on the moment.

  147. Awwww, Spin and Henry made up!!
    The gang is back together again!!!

    *mi, mi, mi*
    “We go together like rama lama lama, ka dinga da dinga dong…!!!

  148. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I don’t know why people film stuff like this although I suppose there is a purpose to every aim in life. I am happy they filmed it. It has a purpose. And it has an aim.

  149. Arrow2Soul Says:

    For everyone else here…

  150. jerseyirish Says:

    a2s- first vid funny!!! The second one moved me back in 96 and moved me again this morning. The Power of The Dream……..


  151. Ah, what a sense of power! I just voted my 3 choices to win a date with Taylor. I chose Deanna 27, Melanie 25, and Inna 32. All 10 were attractive and one was a neuroscientist.

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