Limin’ in the afternoon

Click here for Limin’…a song written by Taylor Hicks. This version was sung on 2/27/04 at the Open Door Cafe in Birmingham. This is actually the only version I’ve ever heard him sing.

Hey, we’re limin’ In the afternoon
Limin’To get away too soon
Limin’ Well what else can I say?
All we’ve got to do Is dance the blues away

Hey, we’re limin’ in the afternoon
Limin’ to get away too soon
Limin’ well what else can I say?
All you got to do is dance the blues away

Limin’ in the afternoon

Hey we’re limin’ in the afternoon
Limin’ get away too soon
Limin’…all ya got to do is dance the blues away

Limin’…in the afternoon

This song is punctuated by a guitar solo by Taylor Shaw and a harmonica solo by Taylor Hicks. So, this one verse song goes on for over six minutes, in pure Taylor like fashion.

According to Tayonline, Taylor sang this song with the Taylor Hicks Band, but he clearly states he was playing this with the EZWiderz…so it’s a possibility that he was really playing this in Nashville.

Anybody up for some interpretation? I know that at some point he says to one of the audience…”Limin’ know, like picking limes?” However, I found a couple of more definitions.

Wonder what else he’s got hiding?


30 Responses to “Limin’ in the afternoon”

  1. He was obvioulsy joshing when he said, “You know, like picking limes?” “Chilling” (from the definitions link) makes more sense. I’ve heard this one before but it’s been awhile. Right now, I’m waiting for the mo-fo to download. *waiting* 🙂

  2. I like it! It’s a fun song. He needs me to write him another verse, though.

  3. Yes, yes, it’s me again. Taylor, that bad boy, says a bad word at 2:55, so cover the ears of any small children, nuns (rosie! haha) or “churchies” who may be nearby.

  4. Oh, that’s my favorite part. ahhahahahah

    And Caryl, what exactly would your verse be?

  5. jerseyirish Says:

    Couldn’t play it, don’t have the right media player, but do remember listening to it a couple of times. From the lyrics I agree with Caryl.

    iag, You never saw Caryl’s remakes of his songs, hysterical!!!! 🙂


  6. So, Caryl has remakes of Taylor’s big hits??!? Now, that’s intriguing.
    Let’s see ’em, Caryl. Maybe I’ll give you a Grammy nod for next year!

  7. Oh now, I only rewrote one song and I had the nerve to give a copy to Taylor. (I’m such an idiot!) But, get this, he said he just might play it one night. Of course, he won’t, but it made me laugh that he would even say that. Here’s “Somehow 2008”:

    There’s too many fans
    Who want to touch my hair
    Some hide in a dark hole
    And jump out of nowhere

    But I’m all right
    I’ll run by

    You wanna sneak out for pizza
    Sometimes even catch a band
    But they’re spotting me round every turn
    The hat’s not working, man!
    Need some disguiiiiiise
    Then I’ll slip by

    Look at the cameras all around you
    Blindin’ with their flash-yeah!
    But you still smile in kindness
    Cuz they might wind up on Splash

    When the touring has ended
    And you’ve lit up the towns
    And there’s no space at home
    As you go lay their gift baskets down

    They want to feel you in person
    Sometimes even hold your hand
    But you give ‘em nothing in return
    Cuz they’re scary, man!
    And they’re wiiiiiired
    Drunk and or high

    Look at the women around you
    Staring at your jeans-yeah!
    But you still smile though frightened
    Hoping security’s on the scene

    And the concert has ended
    As you sing the last encore
    And it’s time to go home
    But they tackle you by the back door!

    *Saxophone solo*

    There’s too many things
    Left for me to sign
    Some want a weekly blog
    And shots of my behind
    But the pay’s all right
    So I’ll oblige


    Perfection, Caryl. 🙂

  9. Shh..I’m working on another verse for Limin’.

    (Danke Schoen!)

  10. Bravo, Caryl!

  11. That’s great, Caryl!

    Reminiscent of times gone past….does Taylor get more “limin'” time nowadays?

    He’s still a busy dude, but nothing as crazy as those early days post AI.

    Anyways, I think that Taylor uses a lot of urban lingo, I do.

  12. Caryl…. Bwahahahaha…:D

    The Open Door Cafe is a great set. There is also an 11 minute version of Forever Man that could knock your socks off.

    “Limin” is a perfect example of Taylor pulling stuff out of his butt on a moment’s notice and for me that is Taylor at his best. If you listen to all these sets enough you get to hear a totally uncensored Taylor many times, way before he had to watch every word he said.

  13. There’s too many things
    Left for me to sign
    Some want a weekly blog
    And shots of my behind
    But the pay’s all right
    So I’ll oblige

    Oh Caryl, that knocks the socks off just about anything I saw on the Grammy’s last night!!! LOL!!!

    As far as “Limin'” goes, I now have an unhealthy urge to drop everything and live my life as a barfly at the Florabama. I crave the feel of sand between my toes, the taste of Waffle House at 4am, and mimosas on the beach at dawn.

  14. One of my all time favorite Taylor songs. Hey, for me, they don’t all have to be “deep”. Just a fun song.

    As for interpretation, a long time ago, I ventured the opinion that it was about Taylor, skipping merrily through a field, picking limes. Everyone seemed to smile at that idea, so there ya go!

    Or it could mean something completely different….

  15. Limin’ is a carribean expression for “hangin’ out”…and as Caryl said “chillin'”. You know, that early afternoon, sitting in the shade watching the waves crash on the sand while you sip on a fruity drink, listening to steel drums kind of thing. It’s a FloraBama song….

  16. For some reason my husband and sons thought the work I had to do today was more important than writing a second verse for Limin’. hmpf! 😦

    But I wrote one anyway after dinner. Yay! 🙂 The thing is, I keep getting into trouble here and am afraid I’ll offend somebody.

    *DISCLAIMER* This is all in good fun! I love Taylor, I support Taylor, he da man. So, here goes:

    “Hey, hand-jivin’ In the afternoon
    Hand-jivin’, Can’t away too soon
    Hand-jivin’, Well whatcha wanna hear?
    All I gotta do is make it through this year”

  17. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Big smile, you are so clever. I know you adore Taylor, its all in good fun. I’m sure he loved your version of Somehow.


  18. Let’s not forget to mention that this was the era of Taylor and the “Fugly Shirts” 😉

  19. Oh, the fugly shirts. You know he didn’t have a girlfriend then. There’s no way any self respecting woman would have let him out of the house with one of those on. 😆

    Love that second verse, Caryl!!

  20. OMG, my second verse sucks! Sorry, y’all. I just reread it and am laughing at myself. Shoulda quit while I was ahead with “Somehow.” LOL!!

  21. “Hey, hand-jivin’ In the afternoon
    Hand-jivin’, Can’t away too soon
    Hand-jivin’, Well whatcha wanna hear?
    All I gotta do is make it through this year”

    Caryl, I couldn’t disagree more!! Your reference to “Grease” with the phrase “hand-jivin’ ” is classic, and indeed your ability to turn that noun into a verb is quite impressive!
    The question posed in the third line reflects how hard Mr. Hicks works to please his most demanding fans (not that he necessarily listens… )
    The fourth line gives voice to his increasing desperation and inner turmoil as the demands of celebrity grow increasingly heavy.
    The entire second verse serves as a cautionary tale of the need of artists to serve their fanbase, countered with the need to fund their new independent label.

    In the end, Art Lives, but you still gotta’ listen to what The Man says, and pay The Piper.


  22. Wow, I said a lot in four lines. I’M da man! (haha) Thanks, YKW. You get me, you REALLY get me.

    btw, obviously it’s supposed to say, “Can’t GET away too soon.”

  23. Caryl you are creative! Your lyrics are funny and it reminds me of like Al Yankovitich kinda stuff, like a parody or some sort of comical edge, which is really cool!! 🙂

    Taylor looks fabulous and he is in FLA so he will be tan too!!!

  24. What do you mean, he looks good? Where is he? *looking around*

  25. Caryl, Watch out! You need to say everyone on the blog is smart enough to get you. LOL YKW good job! Caryl, you changed up your version of Somehow. Seems I recall fans hiding in a bush in your original version. Wonder if Tay realizes fans look up cheeseburgers and Limon in the Urban Dictionary and that some come up with the worst interpertations. Hey, I still think he said he was tired of funnen himself during DITD on July 4th, and think he enjoys eating and digesting a good cheesburger and was squeezing lemons and limes, one afternoon to make a wiskey sour mix. I’m a Good Fan!!!

  26. “Caryl, Watch out! You need to say everyone on the blog is smart enough to get you. LOL”

    omg, Rosie, you’re right! I’ve done it again. But I didn’t say that YKW was SMART enough to get me. In fact, I’m so dumb, even I didn’t get me. (huh?)

    The “hiding in the bushes” reference was a comment I made about the (supposed) CD cover art. I said something like…how did it go? Perhaps Taylor was looking back at where he’s come from or maybe he heard a fan rustling in the bushes. What? It could happen.

  27. Caryl, oh yeah right , now I remember the bushes thing. Well at least you know I read your blog and when and where you comment. Hope you and everyone knows I was joking in my above post, including my interp of the urban slang. Wow, it can be hard to be Taylor blog politically correct and I don’t want anyone calling me a fananic looney toone! SOUL PATROL! lol

  28. Rosie, I got that you were joking! It’s hard to convey sarcasm or any kind of tongue-in-cheek humor when people can’t see your cheek. 🙂 That’s why I’m misunderstood a lot. Even though I kind of hate smiley faces, I’ve learned to use them so people know I’m not serious.

  29. Those shirts were really ugly, agreed. My deep observation for the day.

  30. Just limon here about those manly sexy legs and wishing for a peek up the shorts. Fugly shirt but hot legs!

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