Ram’s Head

Thanks to the Boogies for this set list from last night:

Ram’s Head on Stage – Annapolis, MD – February 7, 2009

11:15 Rockin’ Pneumonia & the Boogie Woogie Flu —-> Hey Pocky Way
11:20 Soul Thing —-> You Can’t Trust Your Neighbor With Your Baby
– Eastbound and Down
11:30 Give Me Tonight
11:35 Heart and Soul
11:41 Woman’s Gotta Have It
11:46 Heaven Knows —-> Inner City Blues —->
11:54 Maze
– Lodi – You Know and I Know – Warm Love
12:01 Goin’ Mobile
12:13 Hide Nor Hair
12:19 What’s Right is Right
12:25-12:34 Runaround —-> Willie Brown Blues

12:38-12:46 Compared To What
– I Don’t Need No Doctor

1 hour, 31 minutes

Tags, tags and more tags…very nice!!


36 Responses to “Ram’s Head”

  1. Sounds like another great night! So…another cellcert?

  2. Yeah…seemed like everybody had a great time listening to it.

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Heard the same thing he was tagging all night and was perfection!!!! 🙂


  4. Is it still up at the Boogie? Henry8 mentioned something about it. I’ll check later, no more time now.

  5. brightlite Says:

    Taylor is on his way. When a body is in motion it stays in motion unless a force acts to alter its course. Taylor is moving in a direction that even he does not fully understand, for its impact and for it purpose. Nineteen is going to take the airwaves by storm and climb quickly and stay in the minds of listeners. There are so many people that are adament about brigning the troops home, many people like me, and many people who feel the war cannot really be won. Taylor has made a move with Nineteen, encouraging the country to wake up and see that the only loss we ultimately suffer by leaving Iraq is the loss of losing more lives. It is sung beautifully and it penetrates deeply into the mind, the lyrics and the haunting melody, moves images into and out the conscience. A song lik ethat will make people think and make people think differently about Taylor.
    The tags last night were incredible. Yes, I was there. His voice traveled on a wave to my soul and in the air upon the wind I could hear every song and it illuminated my eyes and brightened my night. His songs did not reach my ears but reached my soul, more than the full moon which shown down like a comforting beacon, they were somehow already part of me when I awoke this morning.

    Actually I was in NJ last night. But I indeed was there in spirit, as my soul unleashed.

    Love the inner city blues tag! That was new and bold. I don’t need no doctor was my anthem last night, as my health has not been perfect, and it made me smile brightly. Lodi, take me to the river, Warm love…Van influences, all lifted me like a magic carpet to a place I love to go and be, a place that I find only when I look inside and find my core where I live day in and day out. Currently Taylor is the only artist I have found that helps me to understand myself. His music and his tags just speak a language to me that makes sense. Other will disagree and that is okay, it is true for me.

    Rosie you went to the concert with a nun? Did she like Taylor and is she a fan? I have a strange question…did she wear her habit there? He IS blessed and I am certain she felt that presence, even if she didn’t say so. I always feel it when I go to his concerts, I always feel a very good energy anywhere he is.
    Hope you are well and had a nice evening.

  6. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Wasn’t at Ramshead last night either, but from what I am hearing, he was Mr. Tag last night and touched all that attended. I also believe that Nineteen may have more of an impact then some may think, as you said many want the war to end and our troops to come home. I have one of my son’s very good friends due to come home on 3/10 the same date the CD is released so I have alot to be excited for that day!!! 🙂


  7. brightlite Says:

    The war does need to end. In a way, Taylor has message inspired music which allows the listener to interpret not only the lyrics but also the message in a every personal way. We all feela connection to him for that reason. It feels like he is talking to us all. He is a preacher through his music. It’s off to church we go.

  8. Oh Dear Brightlight, it sounds like you took a magical carpet ride last night! The nun never wears a habit and although she knew who Taylor was, she was not a fan and I was a tad nervous about his sexy moves and the play content. But she enjoyed it and we have been friends since I was 6 and she was 3. I doubt Taylor wants to make a political statement in Nineteen. Don’t think it is a song about ending the war and both sides can take what they want from listening to it. I know people who say we have won the war and that it is the liberal press who say differently. Anyway, just do not think it is a song promoting bringing home the troops and Don’t think he wants to make such a statement. Brite sorry but I don’t quite see Taylor as a preacher and while he can stir an audience, his concerts are not even up to southern baptist swaying and amens.

  9. brightlite Says:

    That’s okay Rosie, we don’t agree but I have seen Taylor live and when I see him I feel he is really bringing home a powerful message. It might be my filter, I am open to it I suppose. Nineteen is a song about a boy who goes off to war and is the kind of kid we all know. It really moves me because the kid he sings about could be any number of the thousands of boys I have encountered as an educator. There are already a good number who did go to Iraq, after they graduated from high school a few years ago, that never returned, and I knew them and for a year in their life I was their light. I recall vividly how the Army came into school, into the cafeteria, and signed up the boys like it was a class trip to the local museum. The soldiers in their fatigues stood erect, and the recruiter in his army suit and tie, looking like a five star general, sat and handed each boy a pen, and a promise of an “education.” I am not in favor of the war, nor am I in favor of any violence but it is where we are now. Nineteen is one boy’s story, and that boy is so many I have tried to rescue, only to find that they succumbed to a different evil. To say that Nineteen doesn’t mean what I think it does, well…it means that to me, and interpretation is subjective, and maybe no one agrees…that is okay. It will be a hit because it is memorable, meaningful, and beautiful all wrapped into one.

    I am finally done with laundry. My mom is here and she made spaghetti and meatballs… 🙂 Finally someone cooks for ME. The sun is starting to set, well it has been setting since it was rising but it is going down in the sky, and the bare trees have an amber glow, and the sky is brilliant like a sparkling pool of matter. I can’t wait for the moon to rise and show its face again. Maybe tonight I will take a long cool walk, and get some fresh air.
    Be well.

  10. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Also don’t know what Nineteen is aimed at, just that it struck me, my son’s friend that is due home on 3/10, enlisted at nineteen, used to be a bagger at our local Supermarket the lyrics really had special meaning to me. I said the song will strike a cord with many around the country that have someone young or older serving in Iraq.


  11. spinshack Says:

    Bright baby, I just want some of what you say you’re not smoking. So you were there only in spirit. Man this is like some sort of Taylor Hicks X-Files episode.
    “The tags last night were incredible. Yes, I was there. His voice traveled on a wave to my soul and in the air upon the wind I could hear every song and it illuminated my eyes and brightened my night.”

    Just wow. Get your freak on Spirit Momma. hahahaha.

    Hope you’re feeling better – Mom’s spaghetti should help you out.

  12. I was going to say something to that effect, too, spin, but I seem to be insulting people lately when I don’t mean to. 🙂

  13. Um…

    I’ve got nothing.

  14. Same here…..

  15. This blog is fun! I forgot to say that compared to when I saw Tay in August, his sparkly angel pants seemed tighter on Friday night. They were skin tight. Then when he sang WRIR, something was going on in his jeans! He was very excited to say the least!

  16. I have heard so many rave about Hide Nor Hair, but I can’t see how that would be a radio song, but I can imagine it great fun in concert.

  17. I’d rather comment about Taylor and his music and the leave the political bs out. I wasn’t there, but two friends went and said he really was jamming and the band really jelled together. They said he was engaging and funning and wailing on his harp!

    That’s what we should be commenting on in this blog.

  18. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Sorry guys about my writing. I don’t mean to freak anyone out. I am not sure what it is that Taylor does to me. It is hard to explain. Never met the man, except once and I can count the words he has said to me. But when he performs, I feel it, even if I am not listening in, and it inspires me and moves me and transports me to a place where all is good.
    I think that is why I keep coming back.
    Don’t make me blush Rosie. Backstage at a production like Grease must be eye-catching to say the least. All his eyes were on his work I guess that night at that moment. lol. Can you blame a guy? He is a doll AND human…what do you know? My question is I wonder if he sleeps. Judging by how hard he works, I think the answer to that is very little.
    Have a nice day all.
    Be well.

  19. spinshack Says:

    I had strange dreams last night I think brought on by Bright’s post. Entertaining to say the least. Reread it again:
    “I knew them and for a year in their life I was their light.”
    …and still, I’m just… 😯

    Where have you heard Hicks’ version of “Hide Nor Hair” Rosie? Or – are you just talking about the song in general? Something going on in his pants? Something like THIS?

    This post, considering topic, really went wild in such a short time.

  20. brightlite Says:

    LOR…we ARE commenting on Hicks’ music and what it does to us and for us. If Taylor is going to sing about a boy going off to war and never coming back, well I think that is food for thought and DOES open the proverbial can of worms into the always interesting but never agreed upon political arena. Many artists have ventured there…Joel did with Goodnight Saigon, only it was more of a reflection, than it was an actual song of the times. During Vietnam there were so many songs, hard to name them all that spoke of war and probably did so to inspire peace.
    You sound angry, don’t be. :0
    Spin, you had strange dreams last night too? Ask JI about that. Taylor inspires alot of dreaming and alot of visions. He is a visionary and through his music, and most oft his tags I am transported. He has not sang much in concert lately and I have lost touch with that part of him, but Ramshead was such a treat, it was like a walk down memory lane for me.
    I have no heat or hot water this morning, brrrrrrrrrrr. But I needed a cold shower after lookig at RHS. 😉
    Oh and I am Arrow2Soul in case you have not noticed. My new name, I am in transition.

  21. Transitioning into what Bright?

    I doubt this dream had much to do with Taylor Hicks. Something about alien insect larvae infusing someone’s body and I was walking around with a lion who talked. Kind of like Narnia meets Alien. Can’t see any reference to Hicks there. LOL

  22. brightlite Says:

    I am shedding my brightlite name. What a weird dream…i think you had indigestion, stay away from spicy foods, like chili or jalepenos before bed…also lay off the tequila. lol

  23. No tequila last night, lol.

  24. brightlite Says:

    I only thought tequila because isn’t there some sor tof worm larvae at the bottom of a bottle of it? I could be wrong. I don’t drink much, at least not anymore.
    Arrow2Soul isn’t much fun. lol.

  25. spinshack Says:

    Mescal tequila has this caterpillar larvae thing in it. Man it looks gross. We had some last cruise down to Mexico. Still have the bottle in the liquor cabinet, more for the curiosity than anything. Pull it out from time to time just to get a rise out of guests. lol

  26. brightlite Says:

    Does it wiggle?

  27. In Spin’s dream, I bet it wiggles. 😉

    Why do you have “transition interruptus”, BL? I thought the new moniker was edgy!

  28. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Transition interruptus occurs spontaneously. There is no explanation for its occurence. One theory has been proposed and although it is not widely accepted, it has merit for its probability as related to the cause of transition interruptus remains to be the only viable explanation.
    Overdose of tags known as mazus interupptus. Symptoms vary from person to person but there is no cure for the temporary insanity that results. Usually one must just allow for free expression of the mazus interruptus feelings or emotions and then following that is the onset of transition interruptus. Very serious cases are usually fatal to the previous screenname.
    Be well.

  29. brightlite Says:

    Am I fading? Do I look dim?

  30. spinshack Says:

    Wiggles and it jiggles, YKW!

    Why Bright, I can hardly…. see… you…. now….

  31. Spin! Someone’s speaking but there’s no one around!!
    It’s just a voice in my head, and a fleeting sense of oneness in my Soul!

    Alas, BL … I feel the transformation is complete!

  32. Ram’s Head was truly amazing. He was really rocking…and that was after two performances, M&G and interview! The band was great. Brian and Josh were spot on, and the keyboardist — a keeper!! WOW! He and Taylor have great interaction.

    Many in the crowds at the weekend performances of Grease were in awe of his voice and encore! It was thrilling to see him getting the respect he so deserves from a new, appreciative audience. 🙂

    BTW he sang Hide Nor Hair at the RH! I liked it a lot, but I’m not sure about the radio potential. I think Nineteen will be the next single, because a card inserted in the Playbill advertising “The Distance” said “featuring WRIR and Nineteen.”

    He was in fantastic voice this weekend. His BSD’s were strong and beautiful as were the encores! People’s jaws dropped!

    I feel sorry for everyone coming to Grease in Baltimore after Sun. They will miss the most one of the exciting parts of the show!

  33. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Flower that was so good to read! Thank you for that recap! He is on his way and it is so much fun to watch him go!
    I think brightlite is fading away and sadly may never return, another victim of mazus interruptus fAgettaboutusweredone. It is a very devestating condition to say the least.

    I hear a voice too, and it is the most beautiful I have ever known…
    Son of a Caroenter is playing softly on my computer’s Cd drive…

    I can feel your pain yeah…
    Too many things are going wrong…
    This is a great tune.
    Be well and have a nice day all..

  34. Flower, thanks for your recap. His voice seems to get better all the time on BSD. and I noticed the audience Fri. night was into his WRIR performance. It is win win for Tay, all the way. The lyrics to Hide Nor Hair are fun and I agree that I doubt it will be a commercial success, but fun for him to do live or to tag.

  35. Hey Flower!! Thanks for stopping by and posting!

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