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  1. Oh wow, I love this. I have to go back and watch every single video. Nice idea.

  2. Nice idea! Love all these tag tie-in videos. I have to watch them now. 🙂

  3. Thank you. I enjoyed the videos, but I do not think that ALL good music is old music. I am looking for Taylor to embrace some of the music of today.

    I’m sure that I am in a definite minority here, so I will just whisper it.. (I don’t care for tagging)

  4. I agree, sweetay, not all good music is old music. There are a lot of artists out there today making good music.

    As for tagging, it may not be for everybody. I just love watching Taylor tag songs…just makes me wonder where each song is coming from and why he decides to sing it just then.

  5. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, All good videos. Myself never cared for Willie Nelson his voice just never did it for me. I also agree all great music does not have to be old, but alot of great music is old school.


  6. brightlite Says:

    Sweetay please repost your comment about the radioplay that Taylor is getting!!!! THAT gets me excited, not some old videos, although they are cool and all, your post on the other thread really got me going! It is about Taylor here, and I want to know everything you know about the airplay!!
    he sold out EVERYTHING!
    Woooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooo!
    I am so excited for him he MUST feel great! Ramshead is going to be a blast for all of those going! I can’t go this time but I was able to get my ticket to Pattie, and she and others are heading there as I write.
    His energy is going to be felt that is all I can say. He is poised and that voice of his coupled with his passion for music will make inroads. He is not some carbon copy of another artist…he is original and fresh and he is ALL about the music!!
    Please repost that post from the other thread. I didn’t want to post it and make it look like I found that.
    PS I don’t think he is a Superstar. I think he going to be a Superstar.
    Love him!!!

  7. BL, as much as I love reading your posts, I think you’re mistaken about something. This blog is about Taylor Hicks and music. Every thread isn’t going to be about Taylor’s sales figures or arguing over his place in the music world. I want this to be about Taylor and his musical influences.

    I’m glad Taylor is selling out, but I’m trying to move on to a different topic. I’m sorry if it doesn’t interest you as much, but there are other people out there that it does interest.

  8. Since Taylor Hicks is apparently building his career upon the foundation laid by these legends in the music industry, it is most definitely pertinent to any discussion about Taylor’s music to look back at the music of those legends that he so loves. He covers their songs, he tags them into his own performances. I would think that if Taylor did not want continued comparison between himself and these earlier musicians, he would stop showcasing their music on his CDs and in his live performances.

  9. brightlite Says:

    Well IAG I am sorry you don’t want to let me explore the news! I am ecstatic that What’s Right is Right is catching on! Shouldn’t I be? It’s All Grey and the banner up there indicate that this blogs is about Taylor and I am dying to know more about the radioplay news!!
    JI you told me last night that he was getting what 30 spins a day now, what markets are they in…do you know? Also, are these AC only or country stations? What are the DJ’s saying about the song if anything, are they saying “…now a new song from Taylor Hicks…” or just playing it. I listen to 106.7 in NJ/NY area and they just usually play the song but don’t always say the artist, so I am interested to hear the way they are putting it out there. I knew it would only be a matter of time before he got his foot back in the door, he is such a winner! 30 this week,and next week more and more hopefully!!
    Taylor is on his way! What’s Right is Right. Love the Van Morrison vid with Tupelo honey.
    Also IAG didn’t you say in the the last thread that the post had to be about Taylor? Well my posts are about Taylor, ALL about that hunky guy!

  10. brightlite Says:

    soulaz I love your posts btw…I am interested in other artists especially Van but right now I am so excited about his radio play news which I did not know, I was caught unaware that WRIR is catching on! Carry on with any discussion of other artists, and I will happily read but I am thrilled for him! AND to be selling out EVERYWHERE!
    Wooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Soul Patrol! Sorry.

  11. brightlite Says:

    IAG I am not trying to be disrespectful but I am truly excited about the radio play and air time for Taylor. You just have to know me I guess. If you want me to not post I will stop and go elsewhere. I just have questions about it and I don’t go to any other blog, except RHS to ogle that brown- eyed handsome man!
    So don’t mind me…

  12. BL, if you want to explore the news of Taylor’s airplay success, that’s fine. Go ahead, just do it somewhere else. This blog is my blog. Bottom line. If I wanted to open up another OMGTAYLORISTHEGREATEST board, then I would have done that. What I am trying to do is explore Taylor’s music, why he does what he does with it, and learn about other artists at the same time. That’s what this blog is about. Yesterday was a prime example of it getting off track.

    It’s an old worn out cliche in Taylor fandom, but this blog is about the music, and that’s how I intend to keep it.

  13. Funny thing about blogs . . . you see, they are written and moderated by a person, or persons, who have the right to create the type of blog that suits their own taste and perspective.

    If I don’t care for the atmosphere, or type of conversation on a specific blog, I react boldly and with great conviction! I don’t comment . . .

  14. I’m neutral on the tagging. I guess it’s OK, as long as he sings songs where there is no tagging, as well. As far as borrowing from the music legands…all artists borrow, but you must also put your own stamp on your own material.

  15. brightlite Says:

    When I listen to WRIR I hear Van inside the musical influence since Van Morrison is hopelessly poetic and his lyrics are fused with old world literary references that really reach out to one’s soul. It was Van Morrison and Taylor’s tags that really caught my ear when he sang the Maze two summer’s ago on his extensive tour around the country. Taylor infused lines from Summertime in England first and I caught on to that, and soon began my love fo poetry which I thanked Taylor for shortly thereafter! I researched and found SIE and the entir Hymns to the Silence to be linked to British poets like TS Elliot and Wordsworth, and the tag he sang moved me and I discovered poetry, and began to write it and now I am everyday immersed in it. Van is full of symbolism as is Taylor, and Van is both symbolic and melodic as evidenced by some his catchier tunes like Pretty Woman which was and is a hit but lyrically simplistic, compared to other works like Hyms to the Silence which is a transportation to the other side and a stroll with the visionary aspect of Van Morrison’s personality. Moondance was a great hit and such a classic song, and it was Moondance and the tags that Taylor infused into the Maze that often spoke of my midnight strolls around the block as I read poetry of the men that were influencing Van Morrison. It all comes down to inspiration for me. Sorry you are kicking me off the blog for being so positive about the man you model the blog after. I think that is weird.

    Happy day everyone!

  16. It’s a fine line, SS . . . and I think you’re absolutely right. Any artist who integrates other people’s music into their own, has an even harder job of creating a uniquely identifiable image for themselves.

    Go too heavy on the covers, and you are in danger of being seen as a karaoke singer. As much as I enjoy the trip down memory lane that the tags and covers provide, I am much more excited at the prospect of hearing new music.

    That moment when you hit the play button and hear the first strains of music that has never been recorded before, and you find that the words and melody are settling into your heart . . . now THAT’S a huge turn on for me.

  17. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Check your e-mail sent you a list of the stations playing, and it is up to 53 spins a day on 12 stations.

    SS & Soulas, Agree with both comments, myself so far have liked all the covers Taylor has done, most I like better then the originals, he just has a knack for putting his spiin on things and it works for him


  18. Hi again. Just wanted to say that I do totally appreciate the performers who inspired Taylor. But I think that instead of doing covers and tagging their work, Taylor needs to sing his own tune. Maybe I am a bit ahead of the game. Maybe as time goes on and he produces some music of his own that he feels will stand up on its own merit.. he will let go of the past and step out as an artist in his own right.

    For now.. I see Taylor using the golden oldies as a crutch.

  19. BL, nobody is kicking you off the blog. You are more than welcome to post, however, I would prefer that those posts are relevant to the thread you’re in, that’s all.

    Van Morrison has influenced so many people, it’s really incredible how one man can be so important to a genre of music.

    As for artists who integrate other people’s music into their own, every single artist does that…unless they’ve never heard music before. 😆 I think it’s really hard in the music business to make yourself unique, but not too unique.

  20. Sweetay, I think that might be where the problem is. I thought that this cd would change that for him, and maybe it will…but I don’t think Taylor is singing his own tune because he can’t decide what that is. I think he knew who he was when he auditioned for Idol, but since then we’ve gotten a blend of music from him, and unfortunately, not hardly any of it stands out, to me anyway. I’m still hoping that this cd will be one where he declares himself as an artist, but I’m afraid it’s going to a blend of so much that Taylor Hicks, the musician, gets lost in there somewhere.

  21. I know.

    It seems that everyone is worried about radio play, album sales, “acceptance”. I think that maybe even in Taylor’s mind those worries have stepped into the fore-front, even ahead of the music. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

    I want TAYLOR to make an album that pleases TAYLOR. I think if he could do that, there would be no worries. Sales will take care of themselves.

    I do think that this album will be more about Taylor than the one that bears his name, but I doubt if it will be the best we will ever get.

    That’s part of the reason I keep holding on as a fan… waiting for the moment … not sure it will ever come, but completely sure of its possibility.

  22. I know.

    It seems that everyone is worried about radio play, album sales, “acceptance”. I think that maybe even in Taylor’s mind those worries have stepped into the fore-front, even ahead of the music. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

    I want TAYLOR to make an album that pleases TAYLOR. I think if he could do that, there would be no worries. Sales will take care of themselves.

    I do think that this album will be more about Taylor than the one that bears his name, but I doubt if it will be the best we will ever get.

    That’s part of the reason I keep holding on as a fan… waiting for the moment … not sure it will ever come, but completely sure of its possibility.

  23. oops sorry for the double post. I guess there must be a little time delay on this site. Didn’t think it posted so I hit submit twice.

  24. jerseyirish Says:

    Sweetay, Not worried about airplay just excited he is getting it this time around. From what he has said he is happy with the CD. Just will have to sit back and wait for the release of the full CD and see how it all goes.


  25. Interesting vids, IAG. I think that WRIR sounds a lot like Van Morrison’s “Days Like This” — the intro. especially.

    As for tags, one of the more interesting ones I’ve heard Taylor do was Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody” back on the shadow tour with LiMBO. He somehow managed to weave it into Clapton’s “Forever Man” if I recall….

  26. Jersey, not wanting to put a damper on anyone’s enthusiasm. But if you go back to some of the interviews Taylor made before the release of his Taylor Hicks album.. you will hear the same happy talk.

    I like WRIR. I think its as good or better than some of the music that is out there. I do not love it, and I think that Taylor can do better.

    I am really wanting to hear “The Distance” The song that gave the album its name. Here’s hoping that it will be so good, that some singer many years from now will tag it!

    See.. I can dream too. Its good to dream, as long as you live your life in reality.

  27. Sweetay said, “if you go back to some of the interviews Taylor made before the release of his Taylor Hicks album.. you will hear the same happy talk. ”

    I think this is a true, cold dose of reality. There were chart climbs and Taylor saying the CD reflected who he was as an artist at THAT time, as well. However, when it was all said and done, the end result was NOT who we all thought Taylor was and was NOT satisfying from either an artistic or commercial perpective (although a platinum rating is pretty darned good…Idol bump or not).
    I loved the first video you posted of Taylor…I know, I know….it is all old music. But maybe that is where Taylor DOES excel. He is an interpretationist. His stage interpretations are mesmerizing and satisfying (prefer to not hear the overzealous fan screams, however….bleh).
    I think the jury is out when it comes to Taylor’s success as an artist of ORIGINALS. I am hoping this CD proves to us all that he has a handle on that.
    When you think about AI, it is NOT about original music. It is about interpreting and performance. Taylor has those things in the bag, which is why he quite smartly won when he was there.
    Does he have what it takes to go the Distance with original music? I guess we are all waiting to find out.

  28. casualfan Says:

    As far as borrowing from the music legands…all artists borrow, but you must also put your own stamp on your own material.
    Snow, Have you ever seen Taylor in concert? He definitely puts his stamp on anything he sings. C2W sends me into orbit. The man knows how to tag for sure. 😉

  29. I love when he tags songs. I love some of the live covers he’s done. I hate that there are covers on his new album. I’m sorry, but I do.

    I don’t care how amazing the arrangement is, or how awesome his voice might sound………..I want original music damn it. Hhahahhaha…..*sigh*

    Musicians like Rod Stewart can put out albums of nothing but covers. Why? Because he’s done so much already, that he can pretty much do whatever the hell he pleases. He got a shit ton of gold records, and really good albums. He has already proved that he’s an amazing artist….

    A musician who is, in reality, just starting out, and trying to “re-define” himself…….I would have thought that meant all new music.

    Maybe I’m missing something. *sigh*

    As far as the tagging goes, I’d like to keep hearing them. He does such a kick ass job live,……I just wish he’d get with it already. HAHAHAHAHA!

  30. Has there ever been an artist burdened with such immense expectations as Taylor?
    The examples above are seasoned (nay, nearly aged) performers who have written and performed some real DOGS in their early years. They grew with their failures and perservered. Taylor’s first venture in recording after AI was good and he is proud of it. He is skipping into the rearified air of successfully producing his personal vision at this early point in his career. The task of finding his niche will come but maybe not right away. He shouldn’t be compared to these legends, yet. Give the guy some air and let him chart his own path.
    IAG, great selection of influential musicians of our age. Aren’t we lucky to have their work available at our fingertips for the future?

  31. Since Van The Man and one of his great songs were featured… and the convo up above me – I went on a hunt for a certain video. (BTW Grey absolutely great tunes.)

    Forget it . After an extensive hunt to locate a tube vid of Morrison’s -it’s gone. Yep, he’s going by way of the many vainglorious. Squelching the market. One of my posts on my blog featured this tune, “Into the Mystic” and it’s poofed – totally fucked up my post. *pout* Copyright fucking infractions listed as cause for that Youtube being killed off.

    WTH do these artists think Youtube or any Tube is really gaining by letting folks show and put out there vids and tunes? It is FREE publicity. Money grubby lot. I’m in a pissy now.

    So much for having their work at our fingertips.

  32. Linn, not to demean you, but seriously you need expand your horizons. Taylor’s not one bit worse off than anyone else working this market.

  33. “He shouldn’t be compared to these legends, yet. Give the guy some air and let him chart his own path.”

    That’s what I’ve been trying to say…….he’s not to the point where he can do the things some of the big names in music can. He’s still paving his own path……..and, personally, I think he’s making some shit choices.

    No, it’s not really any of my business. And I’m not trying to make it mine. I’m just chit chatting on a blog.

  34. Yo rhonda. I feel you. Thing is you and I know he’s hitting the third decade mark in life and things are at that point – push to shove. He needs be making some serious shoves.

  35. Taylorfan06, wtf? What kind of sane person spews profanities at strangers on the internet because they stated their opinion about some Idol? How do you become that “angry” defending someone who doesn’t even know you exist? Get a hold of yourself. You’re not doing your fave Idol any favors with this behavior. You’re just confirming why the guys fan base has a reputation for being looney.

    Better question, do YOU know the facts? Because I can spit out some facts. He’s one of the least successful Idols to date, especially in relation to his peers. He has no record deal. He’s resorted to prancing around on stage singing a bad song from a bad play. He has to do Win a Date With Me to get attention. He’s the butt of jokes getting no respect from majority of the world (those that even know who he is). And he’s in jeopardy of becoming a totally obscure has-been and he hasn’t even “been”.

    You obviously have to make some pretty shitty choices to be where he is today, especially after being watched by MILLIONS of people week after week. Maybe you should brush up on your facts. Eh?

  36. littlewing Says:

    Appreciate the vids above. I love and appreciate Willie Nelson. Though he’s defined as ‘country’, his singing style and guitar playing are just pure blues to me. And his songwriting skills…nuff said.

    The tagging is OK I guess. It’s cool that he knows so much music, but I just wished that when I saw him in Nashville that he would’ve expanded a little more on the tag…a minute or two more of it would have been great.

    Taylor’s already proven that he’s a master of re-interpretation. But, as spin pointed out, given his age, he has reached a critical junture and needs to stand on his own. I have such high hopes that he’ll be able to do that and establish a new identity with the new album.

    I don’t understand why Rhonda or anyone else here should be castigated for simply expressing a dissenting opinion regarding some of Taylor’s choices. Many have felt disappointment, myself included, and there’s nothing wrong with expressing that.

  37. Taylorfan06’s comment has been deleted.

    Let’s move on. 🙂

  38. I posted my thoughts elsewhere and stated my reasons for not posting here. But I changed my mind, I will post here. You delete Taylorfan06 for her supposed bashing of a poster. But bashing of Taylors career is fair game I guess.
    A bad play?? Why don’t we show our ignorance of the facts? One of the most loved, and successful plays and movies of all time. And thats a fact. If you want to know what else I had to say you will have to look elsewhere, I am out of time for this nonsense.

  39. blue: He’s the butt of jokes getting no respect from majority of the world

    …”the world” being the USA, right?

    The world’s a big place. Most of the world has never heard of any of the AI contestants.

    No big comment on Taylor here. It just stands out so hard when Americans say “the world” and they really mean themselves. What the world needs now from the US is an effective economic stimulus bill for the US economy. Doesn’t look like they’re going to get it.

    On the “freaking out” scale, I’ll bet that’s got a higher place than whether or not Taylor Hicks will break the Top 10.

    Just saying…in the Hicksville, the cynics sometimes compete with the cheerleaders in the hyperbole Olympics that go on.

  40. Snow, Have you ever seen Taylor in concert?

    I only attended one concert and that was quite a while ago. I remember I loved “Medicated Goo” and that was definitely my favorite song. The other songs don’t really stand out in my mind..I guess they were just OK for me. I don’t remember any tagging either. I remember the “Ray” bend and I thought that was goofy. Also some of the dancing, I didn’t care for – looked like he was channeling Elvis and I didn’t care for the cheesiness of it all. I think Taylor could use some professional dance lessons or skip it altogether. His guitar-playing and harp was very cool and I enjoyed that part of his performance.

    Taylor has moments of brilliance on stage and he should try to channel the “rock star” not the cheesy performer.

  41. I detest the deep, affected “Ray” bend because it’s fake. It’s a device (like “Soul Patrol!”) that’s a fake AI gimmick that he seemed (until very recently?) to think that he needed to keep doing. It all can go, like, yesterday. He was all about the “real,” remember?

    Every smooth move, bounce, spin, or spasm that arises out of a real kinesthetic fusion with music is part of the deal. Let it flow, I say.

    Dance lessons? What? And a troop of dancers behind him like Shakira? …. I know that’s not what you meant, Snowstorm. But thanks for the laughs just trying to visualize that!

  42. Well, if Taylor wants to be in the big leagues, you do what you have to do to be a polished performer.

    His attempts at dancing and trying to channel Elvis with the butt shaking is just horrible, imho. Please let Elvis and Ray rest in peace! Those two can never be replaced. NEVER!!!!!!

  43. SS, your posts just beg for retort! lol. Guess that is what keeps blogs interesting?
    I think your perspective on “channeling the rock star” is revealing.
    Your idea of a good performer is the rock star….and that pretty much defines it for you.
    That is fine. To each his own!
    And I will even go so far as to say you possibly are looking out for Taylor’s best interest, here. Rock star = acknowledgement and respect.
    Yet, some, including me, really are entertained quite well by what Taylor does. I don’t give a rat’s a** whether or not anyone else defines what he does as “cheese”. I look at him more as a unique performer who’s more fun to watch and listen to than the average bear, to coin a phrase.
    Not being like everyone else is what gained him attention nationally. That concept just isn’t sustaining him in the music biz in the long haul, because he hasn’t pulled off a “hit” yet. It has translated in his Broadway role, which is Taylor continuing to cash in on his AI persona, a bit. That could change. I wouldn’t want to lay out any percentages on it happening, but it could.
    Taylor is interesting, if nothing else is said about him, which is what keeps me coming back for more.

  44. Unfortunately, at this point in his career, is it about cashing in.

    Look at this way too, Taylor’s formula for success has not worked. What about the critics that gave him awful concert reviews? Is everybody wrong and the SP right? I don’t think so. Remember, didn’t the phone stop ringing for him? How do you explain all this?

  45. Dance lessons? Taylor doesn’t need no stinkin’ dance lessons . . .

    As much as I can’t stand the whole Grease thing and the dating show thing and all that, there are a lot of things that Taylor does that I really, really love.

    I love it when he sings a song on the concert stage. I love it when he seems to lose himself in the song, and dances like there is nobody watching him. I love it when he reminds me that he was a musician long before he was a “entertainer.”

    Taylor doesn’t need to be a rock star, in my opinion . . . he just needs to make good music that people want to spend their money on. As long as the music is good, and there are enough people listening to sustain a satisfactory career for him, I think Taylor will be pleased.

    As a fan, that’s all I’ve ever expected from him . . . good music that I want to spend my money on.

  46. soulaz, for your sake and all his fans… let’s just hope he can sustain a music career because you need support in the form of $$$$$ and if he does not get that support, Taylor will end up having a very small music career with very small touring opportunities. I hate to tell you this, but I know I right about this.

  47. Taylor is interesting, if nothing else is said about him, which is what keeps me coming back for more.

    I can appreciate that. I’d like to know what the hell keeps me coming back, though.

    I guess I don’t want to give up on the investment; I still would go to a live performance (if assured of no SP pandering, which would/has completely ruined a few evenings for me); and I must still think that he’s going to record an album that I’ll like.

    He keeps talking about how much he’s learned about recording. And all the while his recorded stuff is less and less like his live stuff. All precision – no abandon. He’s getting it backwards. For me, anyways.

  48. Well, if Taylor wants to be in the big leagues, you do what you have to do to be a polished performer.

    Bah. Bullshit. Ever seen Dave Matthews boogie over a stage? It’s hilarious. But it’s real. People love it.

    There’s big time (“polished performer”), and there’s big time (“massively recognized artist”). I don’t think he’s ever going to be either of those. He does have potential to have a career in entertainment, though.

    I think he’d be very smart to work on a big picture plan that ends up one day in that Mecca for the Live Performance: Vegas. Vegas is not my thing, but that’s where his talent is. He’s not a songwriter [SP will beg to differ, I realize]. In a narrow way he’s a talented singer. What he is – what he says he is – is an “Entertainer.” His professional niche is that place where he can grow and make a killing as a live performer. Vegas or a similar Vegas-like destination for the over-40 crowd. I think he could be happy as hell doing that. AND well paid.

  49. Snowstorm Says:

    OK, well he’s back to before Idol.. a nightclub singer? The over 40 crowd is part of the reason for failure. Something tells me that’s not what he had in mind when he said he wanted his voice heard.

  50. Yeah, I have to agree with True here.

    I actually like it when Taylor dances on stage. It cracks me the hell up…and I can tell that he’s having a good time doing it.

    As for Vegas, I could totally see Taylor doing that. And as long as he doesn’t wear a rhinestone studded suit…I just might go see that.

  51. Snowstorm Says:

    So, he makes you laugh when he dances?? That says it all!!!!!!

  52. Vegas = the Florabama. Right.

    SS, your insisting that an artist’s success be measured on the pop-star Richter scale is a bit People/TMZ of you. Careers (and fortunes) have been made by musicians who do not come anywhere close to that scale.

    What he’s doing right now is far cry from pre-TV days. And a successful career in live performance would be farther still. I expect you know that. You make a lot of good calls, from what I’ve seen, but you also get a charge from pissing in people’s Corn Flakes. Doesn’t exactly help the conversation, but it’s your world. To each his own.

  53. Snowstorm Says:

    True, you’ll see. Everything I’ve said about him is correct. If his next cd bombs, his music career is all but over. If and when he decides to be true, heartfelt and comes up with songs that people want to hear, well then, he might have a real chance in the music world, otherwise, dude will be known as a nightclub singer with a 40-plus fanbase.

    Personally, I think Taylor should go straight into acting. Maybe that’s who he really is afterall.

  54. Stating that Taylor’s music career will be all but over if his next CD bombs, hardly makes you prescient, SS. Since musicians are in the business of selling music, the same could be said for anyone who has a CD which doesn’t sell.

    It’s kind of like saying, “If KFC doesn’t sell chicken, the restaurants will be all but bankrupt.”

    You’ll have to come up with something a little more magnificent than that statement before I’ll start calling you Carnac.

  55. SS, I don’t know what’s illegitimate about 40-plus fans – unless you’ve fully bought the marketing pitch that only a chart-busting pop music megastar to teens and twenty-somethings can claim to have a successful music career. I guess you buy it, and I never have. That’s you. This is me. There’s no debating that.

  56. Snowstorm Says:

    The music industry does not cater to your age group. They only cater to the pop, rock, hip-hop, country masses. And if you don’t like any of that, then you’re out of luck. Nuff said.


    The latest US research shows baby boomers and beyond now account for the largest share of music buyers. Figures compiled by the Recording Industry Association of America show that consumers over 45 accounted for 25% of music sales last year, more than twice the share of any other age group, and up from 15% a decade ago. Perhaps most surprisingly, the over-50s were responsible for 24% of the music industry’s online sales.

  58. Snowstorm Says:

    You’ll see, soulaz. If this one bombs, it’s over. He’s a musician who has had NO success so far… NONE! No songs that have charted high enough, no radio airplay to speak of, no critical acclaim from anyone and DROPPED from his record label.

  59. Oh please Snow.

    Let me know when you’re ready to start talking realistically and stop looking for a fight.

  60. I’m willing to bet that the majority of posters in this blog are over 40. Yet you all say that Taylor needs younger fans. It’s amazing to me how people “think” Taylor should run his career. Do people tell you all how to live your life? I personally think Taylor is doing fine and is very happy in his career at the moment.

  61. Snowstorm Says:

    iag, so how come they didn’t buy??????

    I’ll answer that for you…. because it was CRAP!!

  62. Turner, thanks for posting…

    However, we all didn’t say that Taylor needs younger fans. That would be our resident shit stirrer, Snowstorm, who keeps harping on that idea.

    I hope Taylor is happy. I really do. All we’re doing here is getting together and discussing a musician. I’m sorry if you don’t see it that way.

  63. Snowstorm Says:

    Why do think they don’t play Clay Aiken? Please answer!

  64. *not taking snowstorm’s bait*

    Soulaz, thank you for increasing my vocabulary.

    Turner, we’re not ALL saying Taylor needs younger fans.

    itsallgrey, thanks for posting that. “…consumers over 45 accounted for 25% of music sales last year, more than twice the share of any other age group.” Yay! I still matter.

  65. Oh Snow..I don’t need to answer, since you’re always right, it won’t matter what I say, it will be wrong.

    I know you like to get things going and get people pissed off, but I’m done playing that game with you.

  66. Caryl, I really think that the music scene is changing, constantly evolving…and personally, I don’t think Taylor cares how old his fans are…the money all spends the same. 😆

  67. Snowstorm Says:

    Well, you’re just facing reality, guys. But, you’ll see that I’m right.

    If this record bombs, it’s over. He’ll just play the lounges and bars he did before Idol.

  68. Snowstorm Says:

    Give me a break. All those votes he got on Idol and he didn’t even reach a million in sales. Fact of the matter is your age group did NOT pull thru for him!!!!

    PLEASE… face reality!

  69. iag, may I add to your “money all spends the same” thought?

    I’m a creative visual artist. What matters to me when people whose opinions I can respect look at my personal work is that it reaches them; that they can appreciate the qualities that I valued when I made it, or see something new in it. I love that they take them to really try to see it. I love it even more if they have questions, or see things that I didn’t. It’s all about the mental-emotional engagement. (If they buy too, that’s awesome, needless to say – ha.)

    It’s never crossed my mind that I’d like to have younger admirers. Or blacker admirers. Or admirers who were Mac users vs. PC users. Or anything else. It’s just the connection that’s valued, and that’s beyond demographics.

    I’d guess that Taylor too appreciates fans who can really appreciate what he creates, regardless the predominant demographics. (I don’t mean mindless zombies having orgasms over each breath he draws. For how can an artist judge himself, his work, his progress, without honest criticism? It’s like shouting into an empty building.)

  70. Snowstorm, you’re funny. What’s with the desperation to get people to agree with you?

  71. Very good point about the honest criticism, True. That’s why I think it’s good to objectively look at Taylor’s career.

    As for the connection, I agree with that too. I’m sure Taylor gets on that stage and connects with the music. But he’s said before, that in smaller venues he can connect with the audience, and that makes the show better for everyone.

  72. Is anyone else getting sick of the snow?

  73. I live in Phoenix . . . I don’t do snow. 😛

  74. Maybe this is a dumbass thing to say, but if Taylor’s career came down to playing his own club (that he’s supposed to open in Birmingham) and the occasional gig somewhere else, would that be so terrible?

  75. No, I think it would be a fine way to make a living.
    What comes to mind is something I remember Taylor saying about what he expected from auditioning on Idol to begin with…I believe it was that he was hoping to pick up “a few more sorority house gigs”, or something like that.
    He did a bit better than that…and still does.
    What really keeps me hanging around is to see if he can make the jump from celebrity to respected artist.

  76. casualfan Says:

    The over 40 crowd is part of the reason for failure. Something tells me that’s not what he had in mind when he said he wanted his voice heard.
    SS, I wouldn’t call Taylor a failure. Although I am not a fan of the “Taylor Hicks” cd, it actually didn’t do that bad in sales considering he had no marketing for it.

    The over 40 crap is old…sorry. I’m 43 and have bought more music in the past 5 years than I ever have in my life! That’s because I now have a more defined appreciation for what’s out there and my tastes have expanded, which I have Taylor Hicks to thank for that. I do agree that he needs to attract a broader age range, but to say that fans over 40 has caused his “failure” is an unfair statement to make. (sorry Snow)

    I think the majority of Taylor’s problem is bad management and poor marketing strategies. Hopefully that is now changing for him.

    And Taylor playing at lounges, bars and smaller venues isn’t such a bad thing. He’s into his “Zen” when he’s onstage at those venues and that’s the Taylor I fell in love with.

  77. I think it would be very interesting to know what Taylor wants out of his career. He is such a private personality that I just don’t know how he would deal with mega celebrity. Granted, he dealt with a lot of press and media after idol, but since then he’s been on a downhill slope regarding the amount of press available to him.

  78. Not sure I’m following all the ebb and flow on this, but for me, the “what’s he doing?” question seems to me to get tangled with the “what’s a success?” question. Here’s what I think may be the case:

    – If Hicks wants to be a high profile pop entertainer, as some of his interviews, career choices and recent music suggests may be the case, then to be a “success” might require having a recording that ticks the requisite pop music boxes. This isn’t my thing, so I don’t know what they are, but maybe things like enough AC spins, enough People mentions, enough daytime talk show appearances, etc, do matter, as Snow suggests. It’s clearly not a +/- 40 issue, because there’s pop music and pop fans on both sides of the divide, but it may be a radio play, tv appearance issue.

    – If Hicks wants to be a musician making good music with good people, as his older comments, career choices and live appearances sometimes suggested, then to be a “success” might require a recording that ticks the relevant “real” music boxes. That might be things like critical success, buzz among music lovers, invitations to music festivals or to sit-in with good musicians, etc. Again, the +/- 40 thing is irrelevant. Success in this arena isn’t as flashy or as flash-in-the-pan, but can certainly keep body and soul together, both literally and figuratively.

    The big question, for him, then, is he taking the right steps for the career he wants? The question for me, as a fan, is: is he taking the right steps for the music I want? I won’t really know until I hear the album.

    In the meantime, here’s a better Nightlife. I heard somewhere that Hicks actually liked the BB King version more than the Nelson original. Don’t know if that’s true, but I like it better (though I otherwise do like Nelson’s voice quite a lot). This isn’t as good as the version on “Blues is King”, but I didn’t want to take the time to upload it:

  79. Yes, much better.

    B’s “Nightlife’ has always been the standard, to me. Have only rarely heard Willie Nelson’s version, and have never seen this duet before. What’s not to love, I ask ya.

  80. Redrosespeedway Says:

    Thanks boolz- I really enjoyed that BB King/Bonnie Rait version!

  81. Is it safe to go back in the water yet? 😉 J/K

    I believe it was True who brought up Dave Matthews. I have said many times that Dave’s career and success is an good example for Taylor to look at. Dave Matthews has not had many Top 40 hits. I believe he had only one ( I forget what song though). However, DM has had tremendous success selling his music and building a fan base which varies tremendously in age from 20 somethings to 50 and 60 somethings. I have seen this first hand. DM has achieved this success over many years with good hard work.

    As for Taylor, nobody can tag a song like he can. I have heard him take a melody to a tag and actually change it to fit into the song that he is tagging to. He has an innate ability to pull parts of a song out of his head instantaneously and just make them work in any context.

    In regard to his covering songs, I have found many times that I like Taylor’s cover of the song better than the originals.

  82. Willpen, I agree. Taylor has an absolute incredible talent for tagging.

    As for his covers, I have discovered such great songs due in part to his covers, and his tagging, for that matter. But like you, a lot of Taylor’s covers do more for me than the originals.

  83. There are times I think the tagging’s an appealing layer he’s adding. Just a part of the creation. But…other times (don’t shoot me), it sounds forced.

    Anyone else? What do you suppose is the difference?

  84. Well, gee, I was just going to say that I think his tags are fun. Not very deep, but ain’t nothin’ wrong with fun. 🙂

  85. I’m not sure…there have been times when he goes on and on with the tags, winding and weaving through a story. Other times, he just throws a line in, almost because it’s expected. I guess sometimes the music moves him, sometimes it doesn’t.

  86. I think with Taylor things like the tagging just come out. We all know how Taylor tends to pull things out of his ass every now and then. For example on the Nashville set how he claims that he wrote Son of a Carpenter for Linda Ronstadt. I have always cracked up when I hear that, thinking that he must have been mighty buzzed that night and just pulled that comment out of the air. There are so many more examples that I can’t think of at the moment, but this is something that has always fascinated me about him. Sometimes Taylor just goes into his own world and truly just sings things that pop into his head.

    I do agree somewhat with what True said, and I think sometimes when he tries these things they just turn out bad, but for me that is the best and truest side of Taylor and that is what I look for in his music.

  87. Another great example of tagging is on the Atlanta Set when him and Jeff Lopez do an amazing rendition of IYT. This is filled with tags and amazing call and responses between him and Jeff. When I find myself getting down about Taylor’s music I just listen to either one of these sets and all is well for me again.

  88. That’s one of the reasons that I think Taylor should do a live album. He’s obviously at his best and most comfortable on stage, and when he’s into the music, he is fantastic.

  89. I’m late to the party as usual, but . . .

    casualfan wrote: “I think the majority of Taylor’s problem is bad management and poor marketing strategies. Hopefully that is now changing for him.

    And Taylor playing at lounges, bars and smaller venues isn’t such a bad thing. He’s into his “Zen” when he’s onstage at those venues and that’s the Taylor I fell in love with.”

    And IMO I have to agree with that.

    Great post as always, IAG. I loooove the vids you came up with. And as for me, well, I can always get into some Van Morrison.

    🙂 Just my little 2 cents . . .

  90. casualfan Says:

    For example on the Nashville set how he claims that he wrote Son of a Carpenter for Linda Ronstadt.
    An ex-boyfriend from one of my sisters toured with Linda a long time ago and still keeps in touch…I have to tell him that one…LOL!

  91. It’s never crossed my mind that I’d like to have younger admirers. Or blacker admirers. Or admirers who were Mac users vs. PC users. Or anything else. It’s just the connection that’s valued, and that’s beyond demographics.

    That is quite possibly The Best Comment I’ve ever read on this blog, True.

    *stands up and applauds*

  92. casualfan Says:

    It is pretty obvious to me that with Taylor’s hair color change for the video and the fact they made a cast call for a certain age group that his PR is trying to attract a younger audience and there is nothing wrong with that. He’s reaching into a new generation and that’s exactly what he should be doing if he wants to help keep the music roots he values alive. There is NOTHING wrong with that.

    There are organizations out there working with musicians like Taylor who are re-educating the younger fanbase on the true music roots, which I think have been lost today. If Taylor can inject that old funky, blusey, soul music in todays hip-hop music world and one kid gets up to the dance, then he’s more than done his job…SING IT TAYLOR HICKS!

  93. Regarding the tags: I they’re coming from several different places.

    Sometimes it seems truly freestyle, especially in his earlier live work. The Open Door “Texas Flood” is a good example – he seems to be just jamming along on whatever came to mind.

    Sometimes what fans call a tag is a truly planned transition, a segue. You heard it on his solo tour and could absolutely identify it by the fact that the band would go into the new tune before the vocals.

    I don’t remember a particular instance of Hicks sounding otherwise forced in a tag, but it wouldn’t surprise me. My guess: there were certain places in certain songs where he liked to have the chance to go free-style, so the band knew to stay there and vamp and let him go where he wanted. And on some nights he was less inspired than on others. That’s just a guess, but it would make sense.

    And, having listened to the Van Morrison thing going around as “A Night in San Franciso”, I think some of his improv techniques were learned directly from Morrison.

    So I’d say, not all of it is free-style improv by any means, but that’s not bad, as long as it works.

    Somebody commented here awhile back about enjoying the live concerts more if they knew the songs well. I’m the opposite – I want it to sound new. Either new songs, or old ones done some way I’ve never heard. Otherwise, why bother.

  94. So I’d say, not all of it is free-style improv by any means, but that’s not bad, as long as it works.

    Yep, and I wouldn’t want him inhibit himself for fear it might not work. The odd time it doesn’t work its damned painful. Heh. (e.g. Cohasset, Diamonds on the Souls of her Shoes.) Ah well. Live and learn. You can’t win ’em all. And you can’t trust your neighbor with your baby.

  95. “Souls?” Soles.

  96. @boolz
    >>>>>>>>>>>Sometimes what fans call a tag is a truly planned transition, a segue. You heard it on his solo tour and could absolutely identify it by the fact that the band would go into the new tune before the vocals.<<<<<<<<<<<<

    This is so true and especially so whenever he sang “The Maze”. By the end of the tour everyone already knew that when he ended with The Maze there were going to be some great tags added on and the band already knew that they just had too segue way into the transition and let Taylor go. There was one particular time when he was in Toms River NJ that The Maze tags were superb. He tagged “Fool for you” and the audience went insane. Those were one of the really special times.

  97. casualfan-there wasn’t a hair color change for the video, its the lighting.

  98. I loved it when he sang the Maze, not because I liked the song, but because I knew he would be tagging something.

  99. brightlite Says:

    Loved LOVED LOVED!!! the tags LAST night in EVERY song, especially in the Maze but also in Soul Thing, Compared to What, and I don’t need no cure…
    Taylor Hicks IS a genius and his words and his music travel to my soul and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooothe me baby.
    SOUL PATROL!! (Bending) lol
    Be well on a SunnyDay, the seventh day, the day he finally rested.
    Be well.
    So glad the snow melts when the sun comes out.

  100. willpen, boolz, itsallgrey, True: that’s the kind of discussion I was hoping for here. I tried to tell Taylor at a M&G that he has fans out there who really are all about the music and I hope he sees your comments. I’ll bet he would love them.


  101. Caryl, For some reason your last post comes across like you are discounting some posters and feel the posters mentioned are the only ones who have said anything of value. There are posters on this board, myself included, who has posted some intelligent points of view, but as been ignored. But when certain posters essentially post the same thing as I have or others, they get praised. I may have been a little harsh on Taylor’s career choices at times, but so as the majority of posters who are on this blog.

    I stopped being part of the online community many months ago because of cliques that ran the fandom and thought they knew everything there is to know. I was told about this site and found it different at first and felt like I could share my opinion, but I feel unwelcomed and won’t be posting again.

    You have shown that things haven’t changed with the SP.

  102. Yeah, sorry about that. You’re right. I scrolled up from the bottom and didn’t read all of the comments.

  103. casualfan, I’m not sure what you mean by “things haven’t changed with the SP.” First of all, this blog isn’t about the SP. This blog is about posters…some whom wish to affiliate themselves with the SP moniker and some that don’t.

    There are various posters on this blog, and obviously not everybody has been acknowledged for every post that they’ve made. I’m sorry if you feel unwelcome, as that was certainly not my intent.

  104. casualfan, please don’t go.. you are needed here.

    Fans like Caryl cannot be objective – they just want to hear what they want to hear. Taylor does need fans like her…her loyality is something to be admired. However, I would like to see Taylor reach his full potential and I’m not giving up on him until he reaches for the stars and not settle for mediocrity.

    Everyone please watch the Grammies tonight. There is nothing wrong to opening your mind to ALL kinds of music. You just might learn something about music and hear something you like.

  105. SS, watch yourself this morning.

  106. I wasn’t mentioned either – of course I wasn’t here last night – but I’m not crying in my cornflakes. Much.

    Casualfan, be cool – I’ve appreciated your comments. (If that helps.)

    Obviously Bright you went to the show? Details, man, we need details. 😛

  107. Watch myself? What does that mean?

  108. WOW! I’ve been misunderstood all over the place.

    All I meant to say is that earlier in the thread personal attacks were being thrown around and the discussion veered away from what this blog entry was about. I stayed out of it.

    I came back last night and there was a really interesting conversation going on concerning Taylor’s tags. I just wanted to give those posters props for returning to the topic.

    YES I shouldn’t have named anybody in particular. You run the risk of leaving somebody out and hurting somone’s feelings, which I obviously did.

    Snowstorm just insluted me in a big way. “Fans like Caryl cannot be objective.” I don’t even know where you get that from. I’m hardly a Taylor cheerleader. (Have you ever been to my blog? I’m always getting into trouble.) BUT I’m not going to turn this thread back into a fan fight.

    *deep breath* I’m sorry, itsallgrey. It was going so well there for a minute until I opened my fat mouth. 🙂

  109. Anybody who posts in the “fanatics” blog is not objective. Sorry Caryl, but I’ve seen your posts. You also post in that “fangirly” site which I despise.

  110. “insluted” ? That sounds dirty.

  111. Casualfan, IMO this whole thread is full of worthy commentary, including your posts. I’ve read it all with interest.

    It’s terribly discouraging when an individual poster like me, who hasn’t been a regular in “the fandom” for a couple of years, can’t post a reply now and then without being accused of

    a) being part of some clique (of persons I don’t even know), that is
    b) running “the fandom” (when I’m not even a part of it);
    c) thinking I know everything (when I’m just expressing an opinion like you), and
    d) making it somehow impossible for you to post (a decision which has absolutely nothing to do with me).

    That’s all unwarranted. It’s unfair and it drives fans away.

    I hope you’ll reconsider.

  112. Caryl “insluted” better than being “out-slutted”. 😛

  113. Or is it?

  114. Snow, said “Fans like Caryl cannot be objective – they just want to hear what they want to hear.” Hehe, wisdom from the snowflake who when it comes to Tay lives only in the past and future, and never in the NOW. Snow, a fan who admits to having seen only 1 TH concert and only enjoying Medicated Goo. Snow now that the “needs a younger fanbase”, has been put to rest, for the 2nd time with statictics, you need to come up with a better rebel rousing ploy. Caryl, was stating she was pleased the discussion on this blog had returned to Taylor’s music. Since you spend so many hours on this blog fault finding Tay, I hope you have enough hours left in your day to work on reaching your full potential instead of settling for mediocricy in your own life. Snow, reach for the stars and stop reaching up Taylors butt to try to find some crap.

  115. rosie, I have never personally attacked anybody on this blog. You are obviously not reading my posts.

    YOU, on the other hand, after reading your post are attacking me personally. But, whatever, you are not going to stop me from expressing my opinions about Taylor. If you don’t like them, that’s just too bad.

    The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  116. Never in the NOW, that’s laughable. Taylor is ONLY known for winning a reality show and teen angel. That’s reality, dear.

  117. How can I say that I think snow is very narrow-minded without it being taken as an insult? Just because you post on a certain blog doesn’t mean you’re exactly like everyone else who posts on that blog. And now I’m worried about insulting my friends over there.

    I’ve posted over at the “fanatics” site maybe ten times since it started and that’s because there are some very kind and gentle souls over there who befriended me way back before the site was in existence. I may not agree with everything they write and they have learned to tolerate me. We agree to disagree as any open-minded, non-judemental friend would.

    As for the other site, lighten up. It’s all in good fun.

  118. non-JUDGmental. Oy. snow gets me flustered.

  119. I have to go now because I have a life. I’ll have to address further insults later.

  120. “Medicated Goo” and Taylor’s butt all in one paragraph? How did that happen? ha.

    Take into context Mr. Hicks has only been in the public eye three years. Take into consideration his initial coming into focus was on a reality show. Take under advisement, Snow, just because you wrote it doesn’t make it true. Impetuous youth to blame or something else I have no idea but it is obviously apparent you simply enjoy stirring things up.

  121. Give me a break. That site is full of fanatics and over the top behavior.

    Spin, I don’t why you post over there either??? Because you run an excellent and fair blog.

    But whatever, I don’t really care, just pointing out stuff to you.

  122. “Taylor does need fans like her…her loyality is something to be admired.”

    I guess you overlooked this sentence, Caryl.

  123. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie & Caryl, Well said, if you enjoy following his career you move around to different sites and pick of informaton, and join in the fun.

    SS, You do go after everyone who has a varing opinion from yours. No one will know his success for this CD until it is released to the general public. Saying it won’t, it can’t do well because he doesn’t have the right age fans, just doens’t do it for me. With no marketing/airplay for his Idol CD it did well, he maketed himself. The single is doing well as of yesterday up to 29. They have a marketing plan how they want things to go.
    I believe I read the single is right where he wanted at this point, and is happy with the results so far.


  124. Spin, what has Taylor done in show business, besides those two things?

  125. Casualfan, I enjoy your posts and agree with many of your thoughts. Everyone contributes to this blog. No one will ever accuse me of being one of the music experts on this blog, because I’m not. Those Carol mentioned are not the self declared experts, or people she consideres in the know, she like I had avoided getting into the frey, for a few days, and are pleased it is back on tract. Hopefully, you will still contribute your thoughts.

  126. Snow I post at RHS because I enjoy reading the posts mainly. As do you apparently. Some are really funny *whispering* although that may not be their goal… I like that MN Sue chick, she and I often are thinking the same things…

    Regarding the other site, we have history, we’ve been through some interesting on-line “adventures”… A strange history, but one just the same. 😉

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, you know I have eclectic taste in music, but really, assigning some of these gals a generalization that they know nothing isn’t fair.

  127. When everybody figures out to stop taking Snow’s bait, then these silly little arguments will stop.

  128. ji, the only reason his post-Idol cd did OK was because he was coming off his Idol win and that’s the only reason, I’m afraid. Obviously, that wasn’t enough for the powers that be, because he was still dropped.

    Also, I never said once that his new cd won’t do well. I don’t know what’s it, other than a few songs, so how would I know? You are not reading my posts.

  129. Snow, regarding what success has Taylor had of note with exception of AI and Teen Angel? Well, even though that Idol CD did not gain critical acclaim and certainly not on my top 24 list, he did get platinum status. That’s a lot of peeps buying and certainly not chicken feed.

    That said, he’s got a ways to go – may never hit musical legend stature, but he has a following and he has hella lot more going for him, vocally and charismatically than many performers out there now who tout more commercial chart topping success.

  130. Spin, he still got dropped, so what does that tell you? It was NOT a success that’s expected from an Idol winner.

  131. “’Taylor does need fans like her…her loyality is something to be admired.’

    I guess you overlooked this sentence, Caryl.”

    What do you know? I didn’t leave yet. Yes, I saw that sentence and because I’ve been reading your comments I know that it was actually condescending. I don’t blindly support the guy. I have opinions and concerns and I haven’t liked everything he’s done. Just ask my buddies at the “fanatics” site! They almost wrote me off a time or two because of it. But because our friendship goes beyond Taylor they’ve been able to overlook it.

    You, on the other hand, don’t know me at all but are pretty quick to label me.


    It would make my job much easier.

  133. I know, Snow, those photos of Hicks sometimes leave me just scratching my head (no, it’s not dandruff) while others swoon. *ducking stones* But I check it out, it’s part of the whole Hicks’ on-line thing.

    Man, you’re certainly not trying out for most popular:
    “Grown women reverting to 13 year old behavior is nothing to be proud of.”

    Sadly, that is a true observation. But what is that saying about young at heart? Can we use that reference in this situation? LOL

  134. Let’s just say I form opinions about someone and it’s easy to figure you out. Let’s just leave it at that.

  135. itsallgrey: I have to defend myself. Just because snow writes it doesn’t make it so. But I really am stopping now. I have someplace I need to be.

    What’s funny is that this all started because I tried to say something nice. That’s all it was, an innocent compliment that got misunderstood.

  136. Since I’m reverting to quoting cliche’s and what not this a.m. Caryl, no god deed goes unpunished.

  137. Whoa. It is Sunday, but I meant, “no good deed”.

  138. “But what is that saying about young at heart?”

    Well, that’s a postive spin. Whatever, I don’t really care that much. Let’s just say that stuff is not for me. I don’t think, at this point, Taylor really cares why you like him. He’s happy to get ANY attention.

  139. I’m trying to look at that glass half full today, Snow.

  140. Oh, btw, I’m going to a Taylor Hicks pep rally hosted by the AARP. Hope they have some thud-worthy photos I can take home!


  141. Snow — Where did Taylor every say he was dropped? What he’s said numerous times is that it was a mutual parting of the ways.

  142. It’s pretty obvious to me that Snow likes to stir up trouble. She takes the opposite opinion of whomever is posting at that particular time. The less attention she is getting, the more obnoxious her posts become. So, if anybody is having a problem with her, then just ignore her posts and post around her. 🙂

  143. Turner, are you serious with that post? What’s he going to say “I was dropped”? Please, please, please, please don’t be naive and take everything he says at his word. But whatever, I guess. *snickers*

  144. iag, you are 100% wrong…I am posting my honest opinions. I’m not going to say I like something, when I don’t. I don’t care who agrees or disagrees.

    I want Taylor to reach for the stars and you might not think so, but I have his best interests at heart.

  145. Your best interests are showing very clearly today, Snow.

  146. Well I saw Grease Fri. night and the guy still has plenty of fans from when he was on AI. The reason I know is because both when I saw him in N.Y. and here the applause begins as soon as he appears. The latest review points that out the love and attention he is getting from old AI watchers going to see him in Grease. I think he is on an upward climb and I have no worries about him having a long and fulfilling career. Tonight is his last performance, but the show goes until the 15th. This week will be the best weather we have had since early Nov. Last week was cold and snowy, so lets see how the attendence drops and how relavent Taylor is to the entertainment field. Btw, he did a great job with WRIR.

  147. Turner, it – the news about the label and Mr. Hicks – came out in various media releases. Mr. Hicks said he and the label had a parting of ways, all entertainers will say that.

    Label did drop him. Labels drop performers all the time. Granted Taylor had a platinum status album but the label expected much more due to his popularity from Idol – too, and this is the important part, that Idol CD did not achieve any critical acclaim. That is almost more important to labels than sales numbers.

  148. Good one IAG!

  149. Rosie, what do you mean, BTW he did a great job… what was the audience response and talk about it afterward?

  150. Spin, It seems everyone loved it, including my friend the nun. Don’t know if it will translate to CD sales, but it can’t hurt. Most people who watch AI and vote, never spend a dime on their favs CD. Some were not even aware about his first CD, especially since there was no radio play and it was gone from the shelves in 6 or 7 months. The Hippodrome hold 2300 and I assume that is typical of the rest of the theaters Grease plays. It does seem a win win situation to me, and Nineteen could be a big seller and maybe he will rock out with the song The Distance. But I try to live in the NOW concerning his career, and the blush is on the Rose.

  151. spinshack Says:

    Looks like everyone split today Rose after we did. Bright’s on a magical mystery tour and Snow might be in time out.

    Looking forward to hearing “Nineteen” again. Seems to have some favorable promise.

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