Just a punch line?

Well, here’s a shocker! Tattoos can hurt your career. Call it “body art,” or call it the result of too many Jell-O shots, but you risk more than ridicule when you show off that inked-in image of Taylor Hicks on your bicep, or the Chinese symbols for “I have no idea what this means” on your neck, or the map of upper Lower Uzbekistan on your ankle.

The tour is touting Taylor Hicks, the “American Idol” silver fox whose career seems in perpetual startup mode.


Kelly Pickler says she calls fellow American Idol contestant Carrie Underwood when she needs inspiration for healthy eating…and calls fellow Idol contestant Taylor Hicks when she needs her pool cleaned.


Bono, lead singer for the rock group U2, is writing an occasional opinion column for The New York Times. At the other end of the musical spectrum, “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks writes an occasional listing in the help-wanted section.

These are just a sampling of what’s out there making fun of Taylor Hicks and his career, or lack thereof. A conversation today got me thinking…how is Taylor Hicks going to re-invent himself? He’s used that term several times, trying to back away from Idol and his goofy persona. I was talking in an earlier post about how fans can be too adamant, positively or negatively. Maybe that’s part of Taylor’s problem with his marketing ability. Up until recently, he’s been leaning toward the goofy side of the spectrum, trying to retain a persona that won him a television show almost three years ago. When I think of the other performers who used Idol as their jumping off pad, Clay, Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Pickler, Carrie Underwood, every article about them isn’t that their biggest accomplishment so far has been winning AI. Unfortunately, most articles refer to Taylor as the Season 5 winner because that is all he’s known for. The ones that I’ve mentioned have enjoyed major success in the music business…so people are less apt to think of them as just AI contestants. I’m not saying that Taylor hasn’t done anything since winning Idol. It’s just that what he’s done hasn’t been enough to override the damage that Idol did to him, by saddling him with this reputation. This was great for television, but doesn’t really help sell cd’s.

I’ll be interested to see if Taylor will keep his word and make another audio blog this week. He did one last Friday and said he would try to be doing one once a week. I think that if that happened, some fans might have their faith restored a bit. In the past few interviews I haven’t heard Soul Patrol or seen the Wooo!!

As a fan, I’ve tried to keep the Grease Taylor separate in my mind from the musician Taylor. Does it bother me that he is doing Grease? Yes, it does. Does that make me any less of a fan of Taylor the musician? No, it doesn’t. The man has something, something that keeps me waiting around. I want to go to another concert, I want to hear his new music. This new CD isn’t going to please everybody, but if it’s as strung out in the musical genres as I have a suspicion it is, I don’t think Taylor is going to be pleased. He needs to be true to himself as an artist, and nobody knows if this cd is exactly that or not.

I think a live album for Taylor would be phenomenal. It would highlight his strength of “leading the music” as someone posted the other day. Until then, I just keep thinking that this CD holds a gem, something that will bolt Taylor into the spotlight where he belongs.


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  1. Great post Grey. I hope your questions can lead to a good and varied discussion and not the same old beating a dead horse mentality that runs rampant in this fan base.

    Taylor’s biggest problem are fans that refuse to see him as anything but perfect. I can say from first hand experience that I was once there until I realized how unrealistic it really is to put so much pressure on yourself to believe in someone that much. It made me stop and question my own needs, wondering if I was doing this more for myself than for Taylor. I guess I came to the conclusion that it was more about me and what being part of this fandom had meant to me, until it became too clear that there were many people that were in it for their own selfish gains.

    You ask if Taylor is just a punchline. I have to say that he has created a persona that leads people outside of his fandom, to think of him that way.

  2. snowstorm got me too mad to think intelligently. Good call closing that thread. I’ll come back later.

  3. Snowstorm Says:

    I love to ruffle feathers! 😉

    At least I got you thinking.. that’s a start.

  4. taylorfan06 Says:

    The snow needs to go… (Much too negative… I mean “realistic”)
    She really takes a lot of fun out of being here. I guess some people just need that attention. How sad.

  5. Just want to blow a kiss to Bamahotpocket for posting all of that. Whoo, now I need a nap.

  6. Snowstorm Says:

    The only thing I have to say about this subject is it all starts with the product you are selling.. you create a product that people like and demand then that product sells.. those are the goals, by the way, so then the goofiness is overlooked, because all that matters is units sold.

    But, if all you have to offer is goofiness, then you are considered a joke and people will laugh at you.

  7. Please don’t let anybody run you off, Snowstorm. I love your posts. They balance out some of the goo and glop.

  8. Snowstorm Says:

    Well, who doesn’t like attention? OK, I’ll be good.

  9. Snowstorm Says:

    Thanks Wanda. I do try to inject some logic into the discussions, despite of some of the posters here.

    Just remember, a lot of what I say are my perceptions about Taylor and not really meant to be taken too seriously. I’m definitely not always right about him because I do not know him and don’t know what’s going on in his brain. In the end, it’s his career.

  10. Snow, maybe to some people (most people) units sold is the equivalent of success. I hope that is never the case with Taylor. IMO It would be a great loss to many of us fans.

    You may think that Daughtry is the shining star that Taylor should aim for.. I do not. Sure with Daughtry, you know what your getting. Perhaps that is comforting to you and many, many others. But …There are never any surprises in a Daughtry conceit or album. It is what it is.

    With Taylor… anything is a possibility. Yeah, he’s all over the map! Taylor has made me both laugh and cry with his ability to translate music into energy.

    Sure its a roller coaster, but I for one am enjoying the ride.

    You could get off at the next stop. But then again it doesn’t appear that Taylor is making a stop anytime soon. Like him, love him, hate him, or even become indifferent.. I have a feeling that Taylor will just keep being Taylor.

    His Internet fans fans will keep trying to capture him, label him, and put him into a box. But the fact that it is impossible to agree on who Taylor Hicks is… may actually be the best description of the man.

  11. LOL I used spell check and concert was changed to conceit when describing Daughtry. not intentional.

  12. brightlite Says:

    SS you cannot be good that’s your problem. Your intentions here are not good they are purely evil. Somewhere along the way in the Taylor Hicks experience you were led astray and it burned a hole in your soul, and now all you can do is weep and cry out for some recognition in the form of hatred and your venom is in your words which are laced with vile opinions and deluded dreams of Taylor.
    you aren’t a fan if Taylor, you are a troll/chroll as people say. This is not attention ss, this is reality, people all laugh at YOU behind your back, not Taylor. he is successful and has a BRIGHT future so just get used to that. BRIGHT enough to wear shades. This business is about satying power and Taylor will stay and one day he will look back at his struggles and just shrug his shoulders and say “I made it.”

    Edited by IAG

  13. How do you know there are no surprises at a Daughtry concert? How many have you attended? I thought so.

    Taylor was “all about the music” — back when music was all he had. Now he’s about anything that will keep him in the public eye, and pay. Daughtry is “all about the music” — because he doesn’t have to do anything else to make money and be a success. I think Taylor has a lot in common with Clay, and I’m not talking cheeseburgers vs. hot dogs. They both have some crazy fans, and they’ll both put on silly clothes and parade across a stage singing, “You like me — you really like me!” We all feed our egos however we can, to the extent of our need.

  14. We are not turning this blog into a Taylor/Daughtry competition. I don’t care who won AI, I don’t care about anything but keeping this blog open for everyone’s opinions on Taylor. However, opinions need to stated respectfully.

  15. Wanda? Why are you being so defensive of Daughtry? I thought this was a Taylor Hicks blog… are you lost?

  16. Someone above said, “There are never any surprises in a Daughtry conceit or album.”

    I don’t know why it wouldn’t be appropriate for me (and anybody else) to address this statement. Liking Daughtry is something quite a few people have in common, Sweetay, and I’m sorry if that bothers you.

  17. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Well said, I have said before is Taylor in a better place today all the way around then he was three years ago, yes he is, he has acheived success. Maybe not what you want, but he has acheived a level of succes and he keeps making strides to make himself better.

    iag, Haven’t seen anything like those comments since he started in Grease, most have been all postive about him.


  18. Actually, JI, all of those comments were found in articles from October 08-Jan 09.

  19. Snowstorm Says:

    Well, what Daughtry is… is a success, not only with units sold, but critically as well. He’s up there with Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. He’s everything Taylor was hoping for. It’s pointless to argue with that, btw.

  20. Wanda-

    You can’t seriously think Daughtry has no crazed ass fans? They’re worse than the Taytards anyday. Speaking of egos and tats.. Inking “Daughtry” acrossed their own shoulderblades is pretty narcissistic behavior.

    You and SS are clearly chrolling.

    BTW- I am a fan of both artists and of course they all prance acrossed the stage.. is that not what we pay to see? They’re entertainers.

  21. Snowstorm Says:

    HAHA! I’m going straight to hell!! HAHA!

  22. Well, I’m opening comments back up.

    I hope to God we can all act like adults and discuss things without resorting to name calling. 🙄

  23. Oh. I just posted on a blog down the page because I thought we were in a time-out up here.

    boezoey, you say “I’m a fan of both artists” but I don’t think that means the same thing to me that it does to you. That’s OK, I don’t have to prove anything to post here.

  24. A time-out was a good idea because I was pretty pissed earlier and now I forgot what I wanted to say! 🙂

  25. hahahahah Caryl…

  26. So, it goes like this: Snowstorm, Brightlite, Wanda, Taylorfan06 and Rosie all walk into a bar . . .

    You’d think after the first one bonked themselves on the bar, the rest of them would have stopped.

    That’s my punchline.

  27. Oh, yeah, the topic was about TH being a punchline. I think that’s just easy and lazy for journalists and bloggers to throw his name out there. The people I know who write Taylor off as a hack, have NEVER HEARD HIS MUSIC. That makes me crazy.

    So the only way to turn it around is for people to hear his music. He’s doing what he can right now, playing a song after Grease, playing a song on TV when he can, doing the shadow tour and getting some radio play. Appearing on Idol is major. I hope that happens for him.

  28. littlewing Says:

    It’s just that what he’s done hasn’t been enough to override the damage that Idol did to him, by saddling him with this reputation.

    I agree. A kickass new album will go a long way in helping to dispel the stereotypical “joke” characterization. I despise that peeps see him that way, but with time, I think it will fade away.

    I am one who grew to like and appreciate Mr. Daughtry. He surprised me with a solid first album, with a rock style different than what he brought forth on AI. But, Taylor’s the one I was bonkers for, and I guess I still must be since I am still posting on a Taylor blog. Liking both is a good thing, man! 🙂

  29. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Came in before to say thanks for letting me know when those things were written, hit submit and nothing. Think a timeout was called for. My head was spinning also.

    Caryl, I agree, I think this whole after show thing at the end of Grease will do some good for him and his shadow tours. I hope he does see success with the new CD. I have heard WRIR played on a few lite radio staions, one in Pa and one in NY. So he is getting airplay for WRIR and that is good.


  30. I guess I missed the posts that put us in time-out. The last thing I saw was britelite getting edited by IAG (for good reason) and then I left for a long time, and came back to thinking I was banned. LOL

  31. I live in Balto. and he was on 4 TV stations and two radio stations doing interviews this week. A few of the interviewers went on and on about what a nice, real and polite guy he is. He came across as a very nice guy. I was shocked that our Balto. Sun wrote two huge articles about him in Grease, one of them took up the entire 2nd page of the arts section, save for a few ads, and included a large Photo. There were 3 headlines all positive. This isn’t the hicks, we do have lots of entertainers come to town and movies are filmed here, so I was pleasantly surprised he has received so much positive attention. It could be because he is that nice, interesting, grey haired AI5 winner. By the way he did do the Ray bend and Soul patrol on one station. Little by little he is gaining attention and respect and renewed interest as he does this Grease tour. Don’t discount the fact that radio and TV personalities across the country are liking him, as that means they will want to have him back in the future. Now as for reinventing himself, it seems that many here thinks that means he will change his persona. I took it to mean his desire to get into acting roles to broaden his career, and remain vital to the music and entertainment fields. His soul patrol is a BRAND. Advertisers love brands that can be easily identified. You all could post 100 times a day that he should give up saying SP, and he there is no way he should or will stop. Every review mentions his Soul Patrol as in fans. Taylor Hicks = Soul Patrol.

  32. casualfan Says:

    I don’t think AI “saddled” Taylor with anything except the opportunity of a life time. I’m a little tired of people blaming Taylor’s downfall on Idol. Most of the Idols have went on to achieve major success and are still on top of their game. American Idol provided Taylor with the tools he needed for success but for whatever reason, he didn’t utlize them as he should have.

    Taylor is in a scramble mode right now because he knows he fouled up. He’s trying to do damage control but it may be too late for him. Taylor Hicks is known for Season Five American Idol Winner and also is infamous for Teen Angel in Grease. He’s not known as Taylor Hicks, the musician.

  33. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Very well said, I also thought the reinventing himself was to broaden his horizons seek out other areas in the entertainment industry. He is being well received everywhere he goes, because he is just that, a nice down to earth easy going guy. My sons friend who met him this summer on the set of Grease said the same thing just a nice down to earth easy to talk to guy. This young man was just a set builder no one who could do anything for him one way or the other.


  34. Snowstorm Says:

    Being nice does not sell records.
    Being an AI winner does not sell records.
    Yelling out Soul Patrol and Woo does not sell records.
    Magic rainbows and puppy dogs does not sell records.

    Only one thing sells records – GOOD MUSIC!

  35. casualfan Says:

    SS, Yes, you are correct in what you say, but Taylor does have the talent to put out GOOD MUSIC. Problem is that the music has taken a back seat and seems secondary at this point in his career. All the good articles being written about him are in reference to him being a “good down to earth guy” and in role as Teen Angel in Grease. I don’t see much, if any referencing him as an Artist or his music.

  36. jerseyirish Says:

    CF, He just started to do WRIR at the end of the show. I would think once the CD is released he will get more coverage on that. In most interviews since Chicago they have mentioned the shadow dates and that he would be doing his new music.


  37. casualfan Says:

    JI, You brought up an interesting point. What I’m getting out of your post is that because Taylor JUST started to sing his WRIR at the end of Grease and after his CD is released he will be getting more coverage…thing is his single was released over a week ago. He shouldn’t have to be relying on promoting the song in Grease. IMO, you have proven my point. Grease FIRST, music SECOND.

  38. jerseyirish Says:

    CF, I don’t see it that way, he is using Grease as his vehicle to promote his new single/CD. The shadow dates are not costing him much it is pure profit for him, he took advantage of the Grease situation and has made it work for him. I just think we see things differently, I respect what you say, just see a different swing on things.


  39. Casual, don’t know where you are looking, but the interviews here in Balto went into great detail about his new CD., he talked about Claptan and his band and the type of music on his CD. The interviewers brought up that he is a singer musician and there was little talk about his Grease role. Now the newspaper was more about Grease but even they mentioned WRIR and said he has a good voice and looked relaxed as he sang it. Just don’t know why so many have a problem seeing that this is the best he can do right now to get his music out there.

  40. Casual fan, Its not Grease first, music second.. its both at the same time. Grease is footing the bills for travel and lodging… plus paying Taylor a nice salary… as he travels the country doing shows and promoting his new album. Its all good, and really smart of Taylor too.

  41. SS, I’m not going to bother debating with someone who earlier today said Taylor does not work hard. I have nothing to discuss with you regarding Taylor Hicks.

  42. Snowstorm Says:

    OK, perhaps I didn’t choose the correct words. Taylor is not focused enough. How’s that? Did I choose the right words?

  43. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, I would say he is very focused on getting his new CD out and heard, he is cross promoting and going on TV, radio, what more do you want. He is not going to give up Grease at least not yet, it is working for him in a good way.


  44. spinshack Says:

    Man, talk about some kind of ridiculous going on in here today. Good you shut that other thread Grey, the kids were getting nuts. Glad though it was after that long post about Hicks’ history LOL I’ll have to RHS that.

    Regarding the rest, Rosie, let it rest man, things quieting down and you start up again with Snow. Chill out chica.

    This is a great blog let’s not get it so fucked up IdleTard finds it entertaining. 😉

  45. Comment #1

    Great post Grey. I hope your questions can lead to a good and varied discussion and not the same old beating a dead horse mentality that runs rampant in this fan base.

    Something’s broke.

    iag, very good blog today. Much appreciated. Too bad it was soul-patrolled.

  46. Snowstorm Says:

    ji, Taylor should have been focused after he won Idol, instead of doing after-gigs with a bar band. That resulted in a cd that was hastily put together and not very good. With Idol you DO have to strike when the iron is hot, because that window of opportunity quickly passes you by. Before you know it, there are new Idols on the horizon, who are more than willing to take your place.

    I just don’t know if he can recover. I hope he does. Nothing would make me happier.

  47. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, I agree that he didn’t make all the best choices after Idol and maybe he should have worked the CD while on tour. But I do believe he is trying to do it right this time out, I really do.


  48. Shoulda, Coulda , Woulda, maybe Taylor will write such a song and boogie on down the highway of music success. I shoulda, woulda if I coulda, didn’t know I aughta, didn’t know I aughta. Now I’m a woulda, coulda, shoulda known better kind of a guy and aughta get moving and grooving down that highway.

  49. I like you, Rosie!

    And I like Taylor. He’s doing what he can to stay in the game and I admire that. Hope he checks in with an audio blog tomorrow.

  50. Oh, the audio blog.

    *crosses fingers*

  51. I’m going to have to agree with Casual. That’s what bugs me about the whole Grease thing. It’s like he sold out…and I really hate that I feel that way. This entire time he’s been doing Grease the music has taken a back seat. Yes, I realize that he recorded his CD, but what about his live music? A show every couple of weeks or month even? I’m assuming that is the tour for this CD.

    I mean, how many times has he said he wants to be a working musician? Well, then work as a musician, not out of a freakin’ ice cream cone.

  52. taylorfan06 Says:

    iag, snow, wanda-
    you can be very ugly and closed minded here.

  53. casualfan Says:

    Thanks IAG for allowing us to post our opinions. It’s healthy to see a balance of opinions.

    TF6-Why are iag, snow and wanda close-minded? They are calling it as they see it and that’s not a bad thing. If more discussions like this were allowed out on the Taylor fan boards in the beginning, there wouldn’t be such a split in the fandom now. Perhaps that is the main travesty of all.

  54. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, That is awesome Taylor getting those nice write-ups in the local papers around Balto and where Grease is at the time. Now, where are the big write-ups about his MUSIC, new released single, in magazines that have national attention like Rolling Stone, People, Billboard. Magazines of that calibar always get advanced copies of the material so they can review and rate it. Surly they have been sent those copies and if not..shame of Taylor’s camp for not doing so.

    I’ll be looking for the headlines: HICKS IS BACK IS BACK WITH THE MUSIC! on the shevles next week.

  55. brightlite Says:

    Casual Fan writes:

    I’ll be looking for the headlines: HICKS IS BACK IS BACK WITH THE MUSIC! on the shevles next week.

    This statement is mocking Taylor. It is mocking Rosie. You call this forum a place to debate? If so then why do you allow for “opinions” that are clearly making fun of Taylor, and other than that, have no pertinent value to the discussion. I can copy and past at least 10 quotes from THIS thread alone that are clear attempts to demean and deride Taylor through mocking him and mocking the people who believe in his career. IAG you have an “active” blog here, but I would not call it a “good” blog as the purpose for it seems to be to create hard feelings in the fans as you and your fellow “followers” take Taylor down one peg at a time.

    Life is a series of rises and falls. We all go up and down, through peakes and valleys, the highs are great and the lows are devestating to us all.
    I wonder why you all (SS, Wanda, Casual, even IAG )feel so threatened by Taylor’s new climb? He is not immune to the ups and downs of the business, nor is he immune to the ups and downs of life. But he is climbing again, he is on his way back up…to the next phase of his life and career. Where it peaks I will be and I will pat him on the back, because I am a fan, not a fake. This board is crawling with fakes who are not here to help him in his climb, but here to drag him back down. But you can’t pull him back, he is on his way, his energy is there, and he is not going to stop until he is where he wants to be. If you ask me and others here, the chrolls/trolls are nervous that he has momentum, and a very smart man name Sir Isaac Newton determined that very telling 1st Law. A body in motion stays in motion. Keep going Taylor!

    edited by IAG

  56. Don’t tell me I’m threatened. Don’t think you have the slightest idea how I think and feel. You are stuck in some juvenile fantasyland where rainbows and unicorns prance around a sparkly Taylor Hicks you have created in your own childish mind. You don’t bother me. You don’t even make sense. But you have the same right to post here that I do.

    Edited by IAG

  57. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, took the words right out of my mouth, was coming over to say pretty much what you have said. Just seems no matter what he does it is surrounded by negativity. This is his life and his life choices not yours or mine. If you are not happy with what he has choosen to do then maybe it is time to move on. Ladies he is not going to change his career path for you me or anyone else, this is how he feels he can gain momentum, is it all about the music, yes I believe it is, just taking a different path to get there. The Grease role has enabled him to not only tour the country promoting himself and the show, he is also cross promoting the CD along with the shadow dates it is a win, win for both. Remember he always said he wanted to be an all around entertainer this is just one stop along the way.


  58. brightlite Says:

    I love you jersey irish. akways have and always will.
    Smiling big and BRIGHT today as I go off to my “fantasyland” of what was that?? Rainbows? LOL. The only rainbow I see day in and day out is the rainbow that Taylor Hicks brings to my life and it is the most beautiful sight to behold.
    Have a nice day.
    Kisses from Kelly here.
    Waving to all.

  59. casualfan Says:

    Britelite, Where do you get that anyone is threatened by Taylor’s success? This has been a well balanced blog with different opinions and we ALL have the right to post them.

    If your friend Rosie thinks I disrespected her, then it’s up to her to tell me and not your place. Think about who you are calling a Troll before you make accusations. It’s not a very nice word to use and is completely unfounded.

  60. spinshack Says:

    “The people I know who write Taylor off as a hack, have NEVER HEARD HIS MUSIC. “
    Caryl that’s so true. Those same critics write their snippy comments and zing their one liners and yet have not ever really listened to Mr. Hicks. It’s just an easy out for them to attempt to sound clever.

    Bright, I did not really take Casual’s comment as a barb. Saying that Grey and her “followers” are taking down Mr. Hicks’ career or feeling threatened that’s taking the conversation a little too seriously and too far. Too, it’s not “followers” they are folks posting on an open blog just like you are. Clumping them together as one is not rational. Perhaps you are internalizing what you’re reading about Taylor and taking it into a personal meaning level.

    They are speaking their opinions. We all have one.

    The “spiritually enlightened and guided by God” statements written by you are in contradiction to your manners evidenced in this blog recently.

  61. casualfan Says:

    WOW Spin, That was deep! I didn’t even catch that comment about being “spiritually enlightened and guided by God”.

    Wanda, I have no problem with your posts and I think you hit the nail on head several times. Problem is that with some fans they can’t get past those unicorns and rainbows regarding Taylor. I use to be inside that Fairytale Land till I finally stepped back and was able to see from the outside looking in.

  62. Thanks, spin, your last sentence makes a good point. I’m going to post around BL from now on. There are many posters here worth chatting with, and you’re one of them.

  63. Casual Fan writes:

    I’ll be looking for the headlines: HICKS IS BACK IS BACK WITH THE MUSIC! on the shevles next week.

    This statement is mocking Taylor. It is mocking Rosie. You call this forum a place to debate? If so then why do you allow for “opinions” that are clearly making fun of Taylor, and other than that, have no pertinent value to the discussion.

    BL, I love your uplifting posts and I admire your positve attutude in all things Taylor, but I have to comment here.

    CF’s post is NOT mocking Mr. Hicks. She is only urging Mr. Hicks to return to that aspect of his many talents that she loves the best.

    The most maddening thing about this fanbase is the “Good Fans” opinion that EVERYTHING Mr. Hicks’ chooses to do is Just Wonderful. Contrasted with the “He Can Do No Wrong” mentality, is the “Bad Fans” opinions that if Mr. Hicks wants to be viewed as a musical artist and receive the critical acclaim we fervently believe he is so capable of then he should FOCUS on THE MUSIC.

    Someway, this fanbase must find some way to come together and end this ridiculous manner of finger pointing and name calling. Just realize that Mr. Hicks is a multi-layered, talented performer. He’s not going to keep everyone happy.

    Furthermore, there are absolutely relevant opinions from the “Bad Fans” side, BL. It’s VERY fair to expect some sort of review or critique from leading music publications regarding Mr. Hicks upcoming release.

    If he’s going to be succesful, Mr. Hicks is going to have to learn how to balance the entertainer and the artist. And his fanbase is going to have to learn how to live with each other. Nothing turns off new fans like controversy and drama.

  64. Thanks, casualfan, your posts are one of the reasons I enjoy visiting this site.

  65. Nicely said, YKW.

  66. Why, thank you, Wanda!

    Coffee, Krispy Kremes, anyone? Happy Friday!!


  67. casualfan Says:

    I would LOVE a Krispy Kreme YKW and Happy Friday back at ya 😉

  68. brightlite Says:

    whatever…trolls cover their tracks like cats throw litter. It was a barb spin. let’s face it, we ALL know the score here. This blog is crawling with trolls and then there are fans. We all know the difference.
    Not caring anymore what anyone thinks to be honest. I am here to defend taylor against attacks and when I see them I will call it out and that’s that.
    Later dudes.
    Hugs to all, but not Wanderlust over there.

  69. casualfan Says:

    Brighlite, You are the one doing the mud slinging with that last comment.

  70. I have actually never eaten a Krispy Kreme donut. Please pass me a couple, and I’ll have a large black coffee as well. Nice little breakfast meeting, we’ll have to make a habit of it. 🙂

  71. casualfan Says:

    I don’t have a Krispy Kreme in my neck of the woods. I try to stay away from donuts, but have a fondness for hot fresh glazed ones. Is there any left?

  72. I’m off to work now, so ya’ll have a nice day. 🙂

  73. casualfan Says:

    So am I Wanda…Have a great day everyone!

  74. Two left just for you, CF. 🙂

    Happy Weekend, all. Stay warm!
    At least we can count on the discussion to stay heated! LOL!

  75. spinshack Says:

    That’s one thing for sure, YKW, conversations around Mr. Hicks tend to get smokin’ hot.

    Nice to have coffee and treats with you all this a.m. I’m heading out in the world for a while myself. Catch you later. 🙂

  76. I think, what’s killing Taylor is his fans. The ones who believe in the “unicorns and rainbows” and the ones who are “realistic” and feel the need to point out every single mistake (in their opinion) that he makes.

    Have I agreed with every decision Mr. Hicks has made? Certainly not. Do I feel the need to detail every mistake (I think) he’s made on public message boards? No. It is HIS career – not mine. I’m not living his life and I don’t know why he makes these decisions. I like to believe he feels it is best for his career.

    I was hoping to find some good conversation with people who all cared about Taylor’s music, but what I am seeing is some putting him on a pedestal and some trying to tear him down to the ground. I think IAG tries to keep it balanced, but the two extremes seem too overly invested in proving that “genius Taylor’ or “hack Taylor” is the only true, right Taylor. He is human. Can’t he be a bit of both?

    All this is giving me a headache. I need to take a break.

  77. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    On the latest interview I saw, the 11 minute one with the lady from Alabama interviewing him, Taylor said he was happy where he was in his career. That’s enough for me.

  78. brightlite Says:

    The “spiritually enlightened and guided by God” statements written by you are in contradiction to your manners evidenced in this blog recently.


    David was driven by God and he slew Goliath. Committed murder. Are you going to write that HE was not driven by God too. What’s right is right. One stone to the head of a giant who was evil. Sometimes people need to be shown that they are evil and filled with hate. Maybe they will see the Light? Am I the one to point it out…don’t know but I will all the same. I will defend. This is like a war here, literally, there are two sides and there is a battle, well then I am a soldier. And don’t put your lousy expectations of behavior on me, I don’t answer to you or to anyone except a higher power, and that is not anyone here or Taylor for that matter. I will defend him because I want to. That is me. That is who I am. I don’t come out attacking but if someone I admire and revere is laid bare to mocking criticism (for the cause of hate) and is made the butt of jokes (for the cause of hate again) , well don’t mind if I eat you up and spit you out with reckless abandon.

    I am spiritual and I am a good person but I am also a staunch protector, and call me a “Taylor superhero” or a nut, call me anything you like but don’t mock Taylor or you will get a (virtual) stone’s throw to your head. If you want to talk about being spiritual and understand the true meaning, it isn’t about always being “nice.” It is about what is right, and what’s right is right as Taylor says, and sometimes this blog is NOT right. It is terribly wrong. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think of me, I will call it out.
    I can take all of you on at once because I am on the side of what’s right. Not saying you can’t disagree with his choices, you CAN and that is fine with me, but if you or anyone else tries to malign him or hurt him by printing anything that makes him or the Soul Patrol the butt of your evil jokes, I will not let it slide anymore. I have watched for two years and I am fed up with asswipes who have the nerve to question him and his decisions and his career moves. Let me see your resume! lol How dare any of you to mock him when you are not qualified to do so! Who do you think you are? Give me a break and just watch what you say is what I am saying.

    Waving to the best fans…gigi enjoy Ramshead!

  79. This blog is not about Taylor anymore. The characters that post have taken over. Its all about them. What I find ironic here is that both sides are living in a dream world. Sure you can see it in the side that already thinks Taylor is a Superstar. But it is also there in the negative posts. When they ask .. why is Taylor not touring his music? Why is he messing with this Grease thing? Perhaps they do not see that Taylor is doing what he can to get an audience for his music. With Grease he has a way to get his music heard. With Grease he is singing his new single to large audiences every night that he otherwise would not have been able to draw. He is doing interviews at the local radio and TV stations. He is working three shows on Saturday.. two for Grease, and one shadow tour. He is doing everything he can to promote his new music. So if any of you have an idea that Taylor is not WORKING on his music.. well, that’s just not realistic at all!

    Just in case anyone still cares, Taylor is getting more and more radio play everyday. He should be in the top 30 tomorrow. Yeah, its AC but at least its something. He is getting his voice heard. That’s what its all about.. right?

  80. Ok, I am done with this today.

    This blog is not about which fans are right, and which ones are wrong. This blog is not about the posters. This blog is about Taylor Hicks and his career. I started this blog to have a place for everybody to express their opinions on Taylor, not your opinions on other posters.

    If your post does not have anything to contribute to the conversation regarding Taylor Hicks, do not post it. If you have insults to throw at other posters, there are other places on the internet do that. This is not one of those places.

  81. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Don’t think it is about who’s right and who’s wrong its about who’s opinions are received and how. I felt all was fair here thats why I posted, yes I do see Taylor in a positive light and that he has made good choices, but always am told he is not keeping it real. Real for who him or what some may want. I beleive for myself I made my own choices in life, was I always right no, but have fared well throughout, just as I believe he will.


  82. All shows are sold out this weekend.. He’s 5 for 5 .. 4 Grease SOLD OUT, 1 Ram’s Head SOLD OUT!

    Thousands of new people are going to hear “What’s Right is Right!”

    TAYLOR performs the single at the close of Grease. While the rest of the group is doing the final songs.. Teen Angle is changing back into Taylor Hicks.

    We have reports that the audience does not leave.. everyone stays to hear the single..and it is met with thunderous applause. The crowd loves it!

    Taylor hams it up as Teen Angle. Sure he gets laughs. That’s part of the act. Just like during AI, there were times when Taylor played for our amusement.. but then there were other times…

    IMO Its all Taylor! I hope he never puts away his smile. But at the same time.. I think he is dead serious about his music!

  83. Snowstorm Says:

    OK, I’m done arguing. I’m just going to present my point of view and I won’t get baited by certain posters. It’s obvious you have the kool-aid running in your veins and you are a lost cause. I’m just amazed that certain people are so worked up defending a total stranger, who could basically care less about you.

    As far as Taylor doing Grease. I’m actually on his side on this one. Do any of you know how much money it takes to put a record out? When he told you “there is a business side”, he was telling you the truth. Taylor has no record label backing and when you are signed to a record label that means stuff like record promotion and distribution is handled by the record company. Because Taylor is his own record company, that means he is responsible for all those expenses. Hopefully, he can recoup those expenses thru record sales, but that remains to be seen.

    So, basically Grease is killing one bird with two stones. He’s making money to fund his recording activities, plus he’s branching out in the entertainment field and getting his feet wet by trying out an acting role. If you have no acting experience, then you have to start somewhere and hopefully he’ll get bigger roles. So, basically, I believe Taylor is looking for a career similair to Jennifer Hudson.

    Please remember, these are MY OPINIONS, so don’t get all crazy on me. 😉

  84. jerseyirish Says:

    ss, Agree with most everything you say, it can also be said the same some get worked up putting him down.


  85. ji, putting him down?????? He’s not perfect!! He’s a human being and NONE of us are perfect.

    I blame American Idol for manipulating viewers into thinking the winners are super-human and have no faults and NEVER make any kind of mistakes.

  86. jerseyirish Says:

    ss, I stand corrected what I should have said the same applies for thse who put him down also don’t know him and why he makes the choices he makes. Never said he was perfect, certainly I am not without faults and therefore I try not to stand in judgement of others because I don’t like it done to me.


  87. He is a public figure and people WILL make judgements. If I were you, I would just accept it because you are not going to stop people from voicing their opinions. I think that’s thinking very naively.

    Everybody gets judged ji, either positive or negative. Haven’t you ever had a job review? But, in Taylor’s case, he is a public figure, you are not.

  88. Afternoon all. I see that Grey reopened the comments here. Maybe you should have left them closed 😉

    I mean no disrespect to Brighlite, but I just have to say that one of the reasons that I no longer post on any Taylor boards is because of the mentality that she has been showing here. While I respect your beliefs, you have no right to haul off on anyone else because of their beliefs.

    I used to be a very active poster on the Boogie and I was part of the first group to join there. It was once a great place with many different people with opposing opinions. It was really about the music then and our appreciation for Taylor.

    The people that are running the Boogie now are doing a great job, but in reality all that it is now is a place for only positive opinions about Taylor. If someone was to go there and try to voice an opinion that did not meet with the “Prime Directive” then they would get pounced on by everyone. What you are doing Brighlite is the same thing. We are allowed to have our opinions as long as they are done in a respectful manner. In my opinion what you posted up thread was not respectful and quite demeaning.

    I choose to continue to be a Taylor fan but one that will do it on my own. I continue to come here because of the differing view points. What you are all doing here is not fair to Grey. She has opened her home to us. We must respect her. I have been on the receiving end of message boards having been a moderator at one time and I can tell you that it is not an easy job.

  89. Back to the original topic that I wanted to post on yesterday, but the shop was closed…
    I think that the snarkfest world of SNL began the creation of Taylor as punchline. The analogy holds with Sarah Palin.
    For some reason, when they turn their imminently funny humor upon someone, it has the power to derail. It truly is powerful. They started on Taylor when he was on the show, but was not able to derail his AI persona and popularity. But it did set the stage (and Taylor kept fueling the fire, sorry to say) for the ingrained “goofy” opinion of him.
    Taylor won by figuring out how to catch everyone’s attention and then having a talent strong enough to push them over the edge.
    He could control the goofy image while on the show. After the show, he could not. There was no great performance to balance the snark towards the goofy every time it was mentioned. The snark took on a life of its own in the media, and Taylor became the punchline. And AI did not do any balanced damage control, either.
    I think it is beyond unfortunate that popular media has that power…but that is the game.
    I quite admire how Taylor has kept his head up and made his own version of a silk purse out of the post AI sow’s ear he was given.
    Swimming upstream, he’s done pretty darned good.
    Will he outlive the punchline? I say no…unless he has an awesome hit or takes on a screen persona that makes people forget. JMO.

  90. spinshack Says:

    Good post Suze, and point taken Willpen. My thoughts exactly. I hate to say it but I think sometimes there comes a time to let a poster know when they’re stepping on the respect line. Now, I’m not condoning censorship but I am condoning showing a modicum of respect for fellow posters.

    It’s so hard to be adult and accept other people’s viewpoints, idosyncrasies and failings. It’s bloody hard to accept your own.

    I like having this place to come to, I am so glad to have “met” Grey/Straw, she’s nothing but fair and nothing like some others in internet land would have you think.

    That said, this is not a forum to ‘slay’ your mental dragons, or think your ideals trump anyone else’s because you stand up for Mr. Hicks. If you are that carried away, fine, go forth and toss flowers in his path, hit his Myspace if you must on a twice a day basis, but don’t pollute what is a great group of folks just hanging out and working out their being fans of Mr. Hicks.

  91. Sunny,

    >>>>>>>but don’t pollute what is a great group of folks just hanging out and working out their being fans of Mr. Hicks.<<<<<<<<<

    You hit the nail right on the head. This is exactly what we are all trying to do.

  92. Well said, very well said, Spin and Willpen. I, too, am very glad to have found someplace for honest discussion and good music with folks whose opinions, though they may differ from mine, are ready to disuss and will agree to disagree, if they must.

    It’s a rare find in this fandom, these days.

  93. Yes, my friends, YKW and Willpen, it is, and I hope we can, preserve the integrity of this site as it is intended. It’s just so bloody hard to find a cool hang where some of us can all get together, in the land of Taylor Hicks’ fans.

  94. I’ve been reading this blog and I must say.. it’s interesting to say the least. One poster in particular loves to put down fellow posters and resorts to name calling quite often. Too bad really, it could be a cool site like Sunny mentioned. I’m ready for honest discussion and opinions!

    Soulaz, from way back on the idol boards I have found you to be the voice of reason, your post are always well spoken and you seem to find a way to put your opinions and thoughts in words many of try to voice but just don’t have the talent. lol… Mainly me! 😉 Thanks for bring posting.

    Caryl, love ya girl and don’t let the jabs get to ya!

    Sunny, I love your latest blog entry.. Memory lane.. Love it!

  95. Thanks for posting..haha, I don’t know where the bring came from.. silly me.

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