Sometimes it’s the singer, not the song…

Interesting article here about a songwriter, Sheppard Solomon, and his disillusionment with the music business. But this part is what caught my attention:

Since then, he’s been hustling to stay on top of a business he describes as “political and weird,” and often that means lending his melodies and lyrics to manufactured pop stars. “And you don’t know where that smash will come, either.”

Case in point: “Feels Like Tonight” was first developed in a jam session with Lukasz Gottwald (a.k.a. Dr. Luke, producer of Spears’s latest hit, Circus) after working on Paris Hilton’s album together. The song lay fallow for several months until they played it to another Swedish hitmaker, Max Martin (also producer for Spears classics, including “Baby One More Time”). Martin further shaped the melody and brought it to the attention of legendary BMG music exec Clive Davis.

“Basically, Clive Davis loved the song and wanted Taylor Hicks to sing it as the winning song for American Idol. They recorded a version of it, but it didn’t have the right sound to it. It wasn’t convincing. They scrapped that. So six months later they were making the Daughtry record. Clive Davis said we should have him cut it.”

Here’s Daughtry’s version…

I would love to hear Taylor’s version. When he says it wasn’t convincing, what does that even mean? Taylor didn’t put enough emotion into it? How different would the sales have been if Taylor would have recorded it? As for it being a coronation song, it doesn’t even make any sense to me.

Is it that Chris Daughtry has the pipes to sing this song, but Taylor doesn’t? Anybody want the honest truth? I think, technically, Daughtry has a better range than Taylor, but Taylor beats him on the stage, as a performer, hands down. Maybe this is why Simon Cowell didn’t want Taylor to win American Idol, because in the end, it is a singing competition. You can’t watch him perform like this through the radio.


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  1. hicksaholic Says:

    Regardless of what anyone thinks of Taylor as a recording artist, I can’t imagine anyone could watch him perform live and not think he is incredible.

  2. Have to say this. I do know a bit about singing.
    Taylor has near a 3 octave range. Daughtry does not.
    And no way in hell would that have ever been a coranation song.
    Something is weird about that story.

  3. Yeah, the whole coronation thing did not make sense to me at all.

    Hicksaholic, I agree that he is an incredible performer. He brings something to the stage that alot of great artists just don’t have. Taylor can transport me into another place just by watching him perform, and I don’t think that’s a learned skill. I think either you have it or you don’t. And Taylor has it. Unfortunately, that skill does not come across on a mp3 or a CD, or the radio for that matter. I think to get Taylor Hicks, you have to see him live..or see videos of his performances. He’s not one dimensional at all, and watching him perform brings his music alive.

  4. jerseyirish Says:

    Henry, Agree, the song just didn’t seem to fit Taylor, the genre was more Chris. To me Chris seems to struggle with the octaves, Taylor just lets them flow. When on Idol I would watch Chris’s face almost looked like he was in pain trying to get there sometimes. Not putting him down, think he is good for the genre his sings, just thought Taylor had it over him.

    iag, Agree with you seeing and hearing Taylor is a whole different experience, then hearing just the music.


  5. spinshack Says:

    Sometimes I think it’s the way he’s being recorded on the CDs. It’s like he’s being encouraged to sing a certain way that he doesn’t do live. I prefer his live singing vocals to much of the recorded material.

    I agree henry8, Hicks has a much better sounding voice than The Daughtry. Daughtry has a more popular type of sound, he goes the path of many of the successful rockers out there. That doesn’t make him or them great singers. I’m not saying Mr. Hicks is a great singer, but take that last, “The Fall” he performed acoustically on that morning talk show, man that was so good gave me tears. ha. I was like ‘there! that’s what you need to record like Taylor!’ Damn that was fine.

    That song no way would be a coronation crown.

  6. spinshack Says:

    Darling Man was running around ranting so messed up that last line, I meant to say that song you’re talking about Grey in no way sounds like a coronation song. DM just came home from a managerial meeting and he’s in a mood. Magazines be tough business. LOL

  7. cindysue08 Says:

    That song has nothing to do with winning American Idol. I agree it couldn’t be a coronation song.

  8. Exactly Spin…when he sings, there’s nothing like it. I think Taylor should record a live album. Yes.

  9. casualfan Says:

    Daughtry has a great voice. I wasn’t into him until I actually heard the entire “Daughtry” cd. The cd has a wide range of songs and his voice range is very good. He’s not all rock, in fact I found his cd more pop.

    Taylor and Chris shouldn’t be compared because they are two completely different musicians both with great talent. They both have their own agenda and I am proud to be a supporter of both. I wish both of them continued success.

  10. casualfan Says:

    IAG-I agree that Taylor should record a live album. He’s clearly an on-stage performer and IMO does better live than in the studio. Not all musicians can carry off both and I think Taylor is one of them. There is nothing wong with that…he’s just better live.

  11. spinshack Says:

    Casualfan, I’ve nothing against Daughtry, heaven knows I’m not one of those people running about all delusional fighting chrolls or other idiotic activities.

    I just am not a big fan of his songs I’ve heard via the radio/internet stations. I did catch (AOL I think) him performing “One”, the U2 song. He really was very good on that one.

  12. I’d buy a live album. I actually think he’d probably do better sales wise if people heard a live album…….COME ON TAYLOR, DO IT!

  13. I wasn’t really comparing Taylor and Daughtry except to say that Taylor has more range, can hit more notes.
    That does not necessarily make a great singer. Johnny Cash didn’t have more than a one octave range, still a great singer. I love Tom Waits, but most people would not say he had a great voice. Its all about the delivery.
    For me, great as Taylor is live, I could listen to him all day. I love his voice and even if I had never seen him perform live I still would. He has a tone and a delivery that just does things for me.
    Daughtry has a good enough range, but for me I don’t like his tone. His voice grates on me. So does Carrie Underwood. Good enough voice, I just don’t like it. Its very subjective.

  14. Virtual Speak Says:

    I fall into the catagory of liking both artists. I don’t think that would have been a good coronation song for Taylor either. But, sure would love to hear his version of it. It’s a shame that he didn’t put it on his “Idol album” as it’s come to be known-he’s even calling it that now.

    Both are different artists with differing styles of course. Chris has a better studio sounding voice. In concert, Chris almost always blows his throat out from oversinging. Where Taylor sounds better live, has more vocal control and is more a visual artist.

  15. Yeah, the only reason I brought Daughtry into this conversation was because that who was mentioned in the article. That’s where the comparison comes from…there are plenty of other artists who are really good vocally, but aren’t so good artistically.

  16. First of all, you don’t have to have a great voice to get played on the radio. What you need is a great song… PERIOD!

    Also, I read a quote from Taylor that one of his songs, “The Distance” is a ROCK song. Of course, until I hear the song, that remains to be seen, but I find that very interesting. How will his fans react to that? Most of his fans have said over and over again how they don’t like Daughtry’s music, which is clearly rock with a pop edge. This is going to be fun!

  17. OOOO goody. We’ll have a little pop, a little country and a little rock n roll? This should be fun, indeed.

    Snow you are too funny.

  18. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, I think with Taylor it all comes down to the presentation. I dont’ particually go for that in your face rock, but some can present a song a little differently and it takes on a whole new meaning. I also heard that “The Distance” is a rock song, I’m sure it will have a Taylor spin on it.


  19. Virtual Speak Says:

    Yay.. a little bit country… a little bit rock and roll.. Donny and Marie fans
    are wetting themselves with joy. 😐

  20. Is anybody else a little concerned that this cd is going to be all over the map?

  21. Oh great. While we’re still trying to pin down a definition for “Modern Whomp”, now we get hit with “TayRock”? Spare me.

    I’m going to be the voice of dissent today. Sorry, folks, Mr. Hicks does not “do” melody well at all. Listen to “Just To Feel That Way” or even more recently “Nineteen” (what bootleg mp3’s??!?). To my ear, Mr. Hicks is not hitting those ranges easily. His voice sounds strained, not melodic. Maybe it’s the gruff raspiness of his vocals, but to me, he does better with a simple verse, a story-telling song. The random stacatto of IAG’s vid “Compared to What” fits his voice perfectly.

    Oh, hey … maybe that’s our preview of the rocked out track “The Distance”?

    *steals blindfold and smokes from Spin*

  22. YKW–If you are just talking about range and melody not it you like the song. Have you ever listened to BSD. Beautiful vocals, great range, and perfect pitch.
    And Nineteen is also perfect, I have it downloaded. Taylor can be gruff but he doesn’t need to be. There is almost nothing he can’t make fit his voice. The only thing I ever thought he aounded strained on was JTFTW which was a miserable song IMO.
    Or when he had a sore throat.

  23. And I am not arguing about it because this is one thing that I know that I know about. My last word.

  24. Whether or not I like the song is irrelevant. From a critical standpoint, I don’t think Mr. Hicks is a strong balladeer.

    I have heard BSD once or twice. And as much as I happen to despise that song, he does okay with it. But that’s ONE ballad. In general, I think he does better in a different genre.

  25. YKW, gimme back my stuff. MOM! YKW took my stuff. I need my stuff.

    OK, thief (YKW), what do you think about the acoustic material he’s been doing on those morning shows? I think he’s been sounding really good.

    Agree, his style on “Compared to What” a perfect fit for him.

    The WRIR I’m still not over the marching part but I’m an ass like that. Only heard that *cough* bootleg song once or twice since I did not download it, I’ve sort of forgotten it. All that smokin killing my short term memory.

  26. henry, I just don’t see the Taylor that you’re seeing. Nobody can sing every type of song, now come on.

    I think he sounds strained on Nineteen, too. It’s just not right for him.

    That being said, I do think he’s sounding really good on the morning shows, Spin. But, you know, he’s singing songs that he wrote, and I think those are the right kind of choice for him.

  27. bamahotpocket Says:

    You bitches got bootlegs and smokes? How ’bout sharing? 😆

    Meanwhile, I’m amusing myself by watch C2W over and over and watching the look on Josh’s face when Taylor starts going into a frenzy and spins.

  28. AHAHAHHAAH bama…I’m a little obsessed with that video. At least Taylor shows Boogie some love in this clip, usually he’s all about Josh. 😆

  29. Thanks for posting the Daughtry video. I agree that this song could not possibly have been a coronation song — it says “I can’t believe I’m broken inside.” It’s just not a celebration song. That said, I think Daughtry does an amazing job on this song, and all his songs. He is a rock star, whether you like him or not. After more than two years, his CD is still selling more in a week than Early Works sold AT ALL. Now Taylor is going to have a “rock song” on his new CD? OK, we’ll see what he calls rock. Somehow I don’t think it will be a song that crosses over from AC to Rock stations. But that’s OK, as long as the AC stations spin it.

  30. Taylor does his thing so well! Who could do C2W like that? He did sing the heck out of The Right Place on the view. I disagree that the songs he wrote are the right kind for his voice and style, with a few exceptions. Give him a great song, and hopefully there are 1 or 2 on the CD. and he will have a hit. I find it a little odd that he sang The Fall, again this morning, and not WRIR. I was too busy staring at his hair to critique his voice this morning, but don’t think it was nearly as good as the first time he sang it during this tour. Now tomorrow morning he is suppose to be on WJZ tv Don and Marty show, where they really will gush over him, as Marty gets into his guests.

  31. jerseyirish Says:

    Wanda, Agree with you, Chris nailed the song and would not have worked for Taylor. As far as Taylor’s rock song I think it will have a Taylor spin to it and he will make it work.

    Rosie, Do you have WJZ’s web site? I’ll try and see what happens. Do you know what time tomorrow morning he is going to be on?


  32. Great conversation everybody.

    I totally agree that Taylor is more of a visual performer. He does not do well with the constraints of having to actually follow the music. His live style is more about the music following him.

    I remember a comment he made while recording his first CD. He commented that he has a hard time doing something the same way twice, which definitely comes from all the years of live impromptu performances.

    This is why he needs to find a producer that can find a balance between his live style and recorded style. What I am finding from this new CD, so far, is that once again I think that Taylor has been overproduced. He definitely shines in a more loose musical setting. I don’t really know much about recording but I really feel that it is possible for Taylor to achieve that kind of sound under the right tutelage.

    As for Daughtry, he is a typical rock singer. Always loud and never very nuanced. This is great for some people but for me definitely not.

  33. He does not do well with the constraints of having to actually follow the music. His live style is more about the music following him.

    If that doesn’t describe him perfectly, nothing does. That’s a pretty interesting concept, Willpen…the music following him.

  34. And maybe that’s what I don’t like about What’s Right is Right…hey, I’m not above liking the sappy ballad, but this one doesn’t really jive for me. It just reminds me of the Taylor Hicks album, which can be summed up in one word: overproduced.

    The funny thing is that I rarely listen to one of Taylor’s song that’s recorded off any of his cd’s. I listen to mp3’s made at concerts. Those are the songs that define Taylor Hicks, the performer…and those are the ones I can’t get out of my head. It’s the tags, the spontaneity of the performance, and just the overall feeling that makes him so great for me.

  35. Oh damn. I just watched the video of C2W. My body is all tingly. I feel sort of breathless And I can’t think clearly. What’s happening to me? Should I call an ambulance?

  36. bamahotpocket Says:

    I’m thinking WRIR will probably be better live than the studio version. I’m interested to see what he tags (if anything) with it.

  37. Oh the tags…love the tags.

  38. OK, I’m breathing into a paper bag. I’ll be fine.

    I heard WRIR live and I liked it. Oh! And btw, Taylor did C2W at Martyr’s and they did something cool with the lighting. When he was singing in almost a whisper, all the lights came down except for a spotlight on him. Even the spotlight slowly dimmed until the volumn of the music shot back up, then there was a blast of light. He may actually kill me one of these days.

  39. Caryl…I’m glad you’re better. Those damn paper bags can work miracles, can’t they?

    Just because I’m stuck on watching Taylor performances today…

  40. havingfun Says:

    Hey guys – What do you have in mind when you say “overproduced” ?

    Is it the instrumentation?
    Or that he “sings out” in the chorus?

  41. taylorfan06 Says:

    I think Taylor can do many styles well. Regarding Rock, did anyone see him cover “Badge” or “Going Mobile” on the ’07 tour? He really rocked both of those and sold them BIG time! When WATW is finally released, you will see an AMAZING cover of “Badge” for yourself. Let your eyes and ears be your judge. (I would recommend playing the DVD trough surround sound).

    His version of “Badge”, with the talents of Josh on guitar, along with the rest of the band, is stellar! (OMG! What a band that was!) Watch that song and try to tell me that Taylor can’t rock. It was definitely on par with Clapton. I would actually love to hear Clapton’s thoughts of Taylor’s cover. It is such a highlight on WATW. If you haven’t seen it yet, you will soon enough on 2/17, which is just 2 short weeks away (finally).

    I love Taylor’s versatility with song selection. As diverse as the styles on the new record may seem, I know that it will be a cohesive work. As Taylor has said in a recent interview, his voice is the common thread on the CD. And what a voice it is.

    When I saw him live in ’07, I was taken aback by the power of his voice. It was strong and confident with amazing tone. Seeing C2W, I can’t wait to see him again when he makes his way to San Diego AND Los Angeles. I will be SO there. I hope to meet some of you there. You know it’s going to be great!!!

  42. havingfun, I guess I’m not sure what you mean by “sings out” in the chorus. I think the instrumentation on WRIR is a little too much for a Taylor Hicks song. It’s almost as if it’s too slick for him, if that makes any sense.

  43. jerseyirish Says:

    Just read that he did WRIR in the after show of Grease last night and was awesme.

    Taylorfan06, Agree with you he has a way of Taylorizing everything he does, he is the best live perfomer I have seen in a long time.


  44. Taylor on par with Clapton?

    Um, no. Not yet.

  45. Wait? There was an aftershow at Grease? You mean, like what he promised to start in December? That one?

  46. Just in case you haven’t heard, Henry said Taylor sang WRIR at the end of Grease last night, his first night in Balto. She said he skipped part of the hand jive and got into his own clothes and hair and the audience loved it. So now I’m really glad I am going to see Grease on Fri! See he didn’t lie and once the CD is out he may do some other songs. Also she said he was introduced as one of the greatest voices of our time, which has to get the audience who are unfamiliar with him excited to stick around for a listen. Yeah Taylor!

  47. Grey… I am gonna have to agree with you on the Clapton thing….. there are not too many people out there that can compare to Clapton.

    As far as what I mean by overproduction, I am talking about how the music is pushed through all the electronic digital watchamacallits to make the sound clean and crisp. The vocals and music are mixed to create a clean crisp sound, which in my opinion, is not the best way to appreciate Taylor’s voice.

    Like I said before, Taylor is a natural born band leader and he is at his best when the musicians let his voice lead them to the music. Just think about all the great call and responses that Taylor has had with Josh or Brian G. or even Boogie. These are the things that are lacking on these recordings. The spontanaity has been taken out of the music.

  48. See…that’s what I meant by slick. Willpen just said it way better!! 🙂

  49. (re: Daughtry) After more than two years, his CD is still selling more in a week than Early Works sold AT ALL.

    Ouch. But so true. Oh, ouch. Again.
    This is what is meant by a “niche artist” folks. We’re not hating on Mr. Hicks, not hating on the SP, but the fact is that MANY artists are far more popular than our Mr. Hicks. For the most part, he’s probably not even a household name. Sorry. Just calling it like I see it.

    And then this:
    Also she said he was introduced as one of the greatest voices of our time

    Who is he? Streisand?? I mean, seriously. Come on. He’s not even selling out 300 seat venues on this shadow tour. He’s a good bar singer, a great live performer, but he’s NOT “one of the great voices of our time.”
    Yet, anyway.

    *takes one last drag*

  50. brightlite Says:

    I am really happy that Taylor sang WRIR last night. It is another milestone for him, another example of how he is a trailblazer. I think I really enjoy him because he does things differently, he does things that others won’t do or could not conceive, he does things that others look at it and scoff or criticize him for, but he does it all knowing it is right for him. I am proud of him, as always, and hope with all my heart that the audience sees the artist up there on the stage, not the performer but the creative artist. I think he is talented as much as Clapton, and I thinkheis aas creative as Lennon, I think he has tremendous potential which in the coming years he will finally realize. I am proud of him for setting his sights and not turning back, something we all need to do when the going gets tough. Good job, keep at it.
    Be well.

  51. brightlite Says:

    I stand by my assertion that he is genius. A genius knows the future without having the luxury of the past as their guide, and knows the unknown without clear or distinct explanation. Taylor is a genius as evidenced by his several of his songs on his first two slbums which are foretelling future events that have or are to coming to pass. Genius does not have to be a person who works unfathomable mathematicsl equations or a person who writes complicated symphonies…a genius is someone who walks a path that others cannot walk or do not walk, and finds that path to be worn with footsteps already, familiar and fitting footsteps that were laid down generations before. Taylor is a genius in my book, he knows instinctively things that we all wish we knew, we all wish we had his vision and his gift of foresight.
    Good night.

  52. taylorfan06 Says:

    iag, when you listen to “Badge” on WATW, definitely WAS at Clapton’s level on the performance. I bet Clapton would be VERY impressed. Unfortunately, all I can do is speculate. But either way, he did Clapton and the song well!

    You obviously haven’t seen the performance yet. I feel very privledged to have seen the performance many many times thanks to HDNet. The fact is he sold it and the audience thought so also.

  53. taylorfan06 Says:

    “he did Clapton and the song “proud”” (Badge)

  54. taylorfan06 Says:

    Don’t look at longevity (re: Clapton), look at selling a song with performance. I’m firm with that point. Taylor CAN rock!

  55. bamahotpocket Says:

    As talented as Clapton and as creative as Lennon? What?! 😯

    BL- I think you’ve taken one toke over the line sweet jesus…

  56. taylorfan06 Says:

    Just like “EC is God” to some, TH is God to me. ‘Nuff said (for now).

  57. taylorfan06 Says:

    I can live with the genius part also. Works for me.

  58. Hey, we more positive fans are on a roll because Taylor is on a roll. I just admire the heck out of the guy with his keep on, keeping on ideas, plans and actions. Sure he is a better, (great) live performer than on a CD. but he needs a good selling CD, abeit but I don’t see it, slightly overproduced. A song has to come together to sell well. I agree his 1st was overproduced, but do not see that with the 2 songs I’ve heard from this CD. He needs to do what is needed to have a good selling CD so he can tour and give you all the live performances you demand.

  59. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor Hicks is far from a genius.. stop talking out of your asses. You are the reason normal people point and laugh.

  60. Just caught up on reading here and noticed this comment, by spinshack…

    “Casualfan, I’ve nothing against Daughtry, heaven knows I’m not one of those people running about all delusional fighting chrolls or other idiotic activities.”

    ‘Delusional’ is too kind. They are scary.

  61. When it comes to Taylor Hicks, the fat lady has not even warmed up!

  62. Snow, in a way he was kind of a genius how he did so well on AI each week. I think Jennifer Hudson has the best voice of anyone from all 7 seasons of AI, but she only managed 7th place. Charisma is in some respects unexplainable genius. A good plan of action to best showcase ones talent could be considered quite exceptional. Brite enjoys seeing Tay as a genius and who are we to say she is mistaken. Snow, “normal” can not only be boring but wrong.

  63. Snowstorm Says:

    rosie, now when in the heck are you planning on moving on? His win was three years ago, for god’s sake! Normal means you are a sane person and not bordering on mental illness like OCD and dementia. Sorry to be so blunt, but this is how you come off.

  64. Badfantoo Says:

    I love Taylor, really I do, but comparing him to Clapton and Lennon? I’m not with you all on that. He’s an artist with lots of potential, but he’s not at the Lennon/Clapton level. Not yet anyway.

    I agree with you IAG. I would like to hear Taylor’s version of “Feels Like Tonight”.

  65. Iag, You must realy like Bring It On Home as you had it on a few threads back. I love it also he harmonizes well. A duet with another male or female singer is another avenue he may pursue in the future. I’ll shut up now, so the less positive guys can post….

  66. dahneedshelp Says:

    I can see where the song is better suited to Daughtry’s style than Taylor’s. Clive Baby knows his pop. I am rather intrigued at the notion of Taylor doing rock. He can def pull off some of the various styles. And yeah, I love the fact that Taylor’s proven himself the consumate bandleader. No one can take that away from him.

  67. Redrosespeedway Says:

    Well I don’t think he’s God, and I don’t think he’s a genius, but I think he may end up being a music legend one day, after a lot more experience and practice. He has LOTS of potential but genius? Not yet.

  68. Snowstorm Says:

    You got that right, Red.. he’s got potential and that’s all he has at the moment, other than winning a REALITY TV show.. that’s ALL he’s done, for Pete’s sake!

  69. You can’t compare Taylor to Clapton. Or to Lennon. Why? Because he hasn’t even begun to show anybody his “talent” or lack thereof. Now don’t take that the wrong way, I wouldn’t be posting on a damn Taylor Hicks blog if I didn’t believe he had some sort of talent, or potential.

    I DO believe he’s trying to hard to impress EVERYONE right now, and well….it’s gonna bite him in the ass sooner or later, if it hasn’t already. He needs to focus on what he wants for an album and stop trying so hard….

    Why do you REALLY think he doesn’t answer questions? I think it’s because he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing and prevent some “big” thing from coming his way. Maybe he’s being stubborn, maybe it’s his “genius”……I think he’s just being a chicken shit. *shrugs*

    I want a real album. Not a album with 14 songs that cover every genre of music. I want Taylor Hicks. I want the guy I’ve seen perform 5 times now…….

    I’m here til it happens, or til he decides to quit.

  70. Snow, I’m moving on as in following his career, so I’m moving on as one of his fans. I am sane in pointing out Britelite enjoys Taylor and sees him from her point of view, an acquired taste. You are the one who proclaims to have great knowledge and insight so perhaps you can explain charisma. Does OCD mean an obsessive compulsion to look for flaws, the negative about someone or some situation, with each and every turn of event? Does “normal” mean an IQ between 80 and 110? If that is your definition of “normal”, my IQ is too high to be normal. Does “normal” mean no one can think Taylor sings a song better than the original artist, the so called famous artist? If so I’m not normal because I think Tay sang “Trouble”, “You Are So Beautiful” and yes, “Something” better than the original artist. Since you think you are “normal” Snowstorm then you really should not label others who express a different subjective opinion about a singer or musician, or even another person as abnormal because IMO that makes you seem twisted or even lame.

  71. Well, again late to the discussion. Nothing competes with Live Taylor, he is just that phenomenal. I can pop in a cd of his stuff, but really it just isn’t the same. And at first I thought, well you just like to look as well..LOL, but that isn’t it. He’s just so amazing (saw him 3 times) and you never know what direction he’ll go in next…literally. Forget picture taking…only a handful came out…most were Taylor in motion…not good! Didn’t bring a camera after the first time, just enjoyed the adventure.

  72. @ rhonda:

    >>>>>I DO believe he’s trying to hard to impress EVERYONE right now, and well….it’s gonna bite him in the ass sooner or later, if it hasn’t already. He needs to focus on what he wants for an album and stop trying so hard….<<<<>>>>>Why do you REALLY think he doesn’t answer questions? I think it’s because he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing and prevent some “big” thing from coming his way. Maybe he’s being stubborn, maybe it’s his “genius”……I think he’s just being a chicken shit. *shrugs*<<<<<

    You are 100% correct. Taylor his definitely trying too hard to please everybody and that is a road to nowhere for an artist. If he was a Clapton or a Lennon who had proved himself already after years, he could then experiment with new and different sounds. But if you go back and look at the careers of some of the greatest, they all started with one particular sound then moved on after they had a following. Once again Taylor is continuing to send mixed signals.

    It is wonderful that he has fans that think he is a genius and will be a legend, but that is not realistic. I was one of those fans two and three years ago, but I have come to the point where I need to step back and be realistic about what Taylor has actually accomplished. And this is from someone that has been to over 20 of Taylor’s concerts, so I think I have a pretty good means of perspective here.

  73. taylorfan06 Says:

    Rosie, YOU ROCK!!!

    I love how you think. Taylor is very lucky to have you as a fan.

    As for you snow, “normal” people scare me.

  74. Okay . . . reality check time. God is God. Clapton is Clapton. Lennon is Lennon. Hicks is Hicks.

    One of them created the Beatles and changed the face of rock music. One of them created Derek and the Dominoes, Cream and the Yardbirds and is considered one of, if not the best, rock guitarist of all time. One of them created the whole friggin’ universe and everything in it. Oh, and one of them won American Idol and went on to “Taylorize Beauty School Dropout.”

    I’ve said it over and over . . . I am really pulling for Taylor and hope he has great success in his career. I am looking forward to, and will be purchasing his new CD. But seriously, Taylor needs to build his own pedestal and earn his way to the top. I am not knocking Clapton and Lennon off theirs’ to put Taylor there.

  75. taylorfan06 Says:

    Taylor is GENIUS live!!! (among other areas!)
    HE RULES!!!!!!!!!

  76. TF06, yes, I’ve seen WATW…I saw it and loved it. That still doesn’t make me think that Taylor Hicks is on the same level as Clapton or Lennon. I don’t think even Taylor would agree with that statement.

    I’m with Rhonda in saying that I’ll be here…but the potential hasn’t been realized yet, and I don’t know if it ever will be, especially when he can’t be true to himself as an artist.

  77. Okay . . . reality check time. God is God. Clapton is Clapton. Lennon is Lennon. Hicks is Hicks.

    One of them created the Beatles and changed the face of rock music. One of them created Derek and the Dominoes, Cream and the Yardbirds and is considered one of, if not the best, rock guitarist of all time. One of them created the whole friggin’ universe and everything in it. Oh, and one of them won American Idol and went on to “Taylorize Beauty School Dropout.”

    This quote is perfect. I have to find a place to put this on the blog.

  78. I like this part of soulaz’s comment:

    “Taylor needs to build his own pedestal and earn his way to the top. I am not knocking Clapton and Lennon off theirs’ to put Taylor there.”

    I think we can agree that soulaz is a genius.

  79. Agreed, Caryl. For sure.

  80. Yeah, my genius is only matched by Taylor Hicks’ genius . . . 😛

    But honestly, when did it even become necessary for him to be a genius? I have been to many shows over the years that knocked me flat on my ass, many of them performed by non-genius musicians who simply were good at what they did.

    Taylor may discover his true genius at some time in the near future. But for now, I just see him as a musician who is good at what he does. That’s not a bad thing . . . there aren’t that many slots available in the Genius of Music Hall of Fame.

  81. taylorfan06 Says:

    This just in…

    According to “Idol Chatter” in USA Today, WRIR is #64 on Billboard.

  82. taylorfan06 Says:

    Nothing against EC, but when was his last consistent work?
    I would actually put Don Henley above him as an artist.
    Check out his “Inside Job” CD and DVD. Brilliant AND genius
    come to mind. He is very much still relevant. Great voice,
    GREAT artist!

  83. taylorfan06 Says:

    I mention DH, since one of his songs was playing as I was reading the posts.

  84. TF06, that’s the thing about Clapton, he’s already done great things in music. He doesn’t have to prove himself every time he turns around. Taylor has not, yet, and trust me, I really hope he does prove himself. I hope this next CD sells more than anybody ever dreamed. But, realistically, based on the first release numbers so far? Eh.

    And if you think Don Henley is above EC, that’s fine. That’s your opinion. Don Henley is a great artist, too. Would I put Taylor in his category? No, not yet. Do I think Taylor has enormous potential? Absolutely, or I wouldn’t be hanging around waiting for the next thing from him.

  85. jerseyirish Says:

    Yeah Rosie!!!! Like the way you put that.


  86. WRIR is not #64 on Billboard. That’s a list of only Idols’ songs.

  87. casualfan Says:

    TF6-I get that Taylor rules your universe as an artist, musician and creator of music. But that’s your world and not the real world as we know it. Yes, Taylor is a good live performer and has talent, but to rate him up there with Clapton, Henley or any of those musicians is a bit much.

    Clapton doesn’t have to work constantly to keep him in the public eye. He is a legend in his own right and has more than earned his place in music history.

    Hicks=Above average bar singer, Teen Angel

  88. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    Look at this.. the legend Taylennon Claphicks is still afraid that every interview is his last..

  89. So many “you know’s” — it was painful to watch. And after the conversation here about his thinning hair, I kept watching for his scalp to show, which it did.

  90. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    He looks completely exhausted. Just think, he’s got ten plus more months on the road with Grease. 🙄

  91. Oh, and one of them won American Idol and went on to “Taylorize Beauty School Dropout.
    Soulaz IS God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does “normal” mean no one can think Taylor sings a song better than the original artist, the so called famous artist? If so I’m not normal because I think Tay sang “Trouble”, “You Are So Beautiful” and yes, “Something” better than the original artist.
    Rosie, you are neither normal, nor God. You, girl, are in denial. Especially in YASB, Mr. Hicks was giving us a preview of his role in “Grease”. He was ACTING.

    Taylor is a genius as evidenced by his several of his songs on his first two slbums which are foretelling future events that have or are to coming to pass.
    Pass it this way when you get a chance, BL. I’m gonna need it to keep reading Rosie’s comments.

  92. Wow. I wonder if he’s sick or something. He looks like hell, poor guy.

    Maybe I missed it, but I don’t think he yelled SOUL PATROL!! and did his characteristic Wooo!…he seemed a little subdued.

  93. Who knows what else he’s trying to get done around these Grease performances? When I saw him at Martyr’s, the band was so tight that I wondered when they found time to rehearse. And he’s got this CD- which he’s so intent on getting “right”- coming out in about a month. No wonder his hair is gray.

  94. spinshack Says:

    “Who is he? Streisand?? I mean, seriously. Come on. He’s not even selling out 300 seat venues on this shadow tour. He’s a good bar singer, a great live performer, but he’s NOT “one of the great voices of our time.”
    Yet, anyway.

    *takes one last drag*”
    YKW you are one of my favorites. Evah. *passing my smoke back to YKW*

    Sometimes you have to take a deep inhale or a step back considering some of the opinions about Hicks.

    Soulaz right on in assessment about the overall picture. Where I can understand and appreciate Bright and her Spirit-Momma take and Rosie’s Rose-Colored-Glasses over the top viewpoint, because I’m familiar with them and am fond of them for what they bring to the Hicks table – thing is, he’s not a music God (tf06), no way can any sane rational person even toking what I’m smoking compare him to fucking Clapton or Lennon.

    Grey, you should put that which Soulaz said up as it’s a sign there is intelligent life out there in Hicks Land. Like a beacon, saying yes, we are really not that damn blasted here in the Hicks Phere.

  95. taylorfan06 Says:

    Sls – that’s not at all what was said. listen again.

  96. ShadowlessSoul, God love you, but you seem to lack a soul, a compasion at least for Mr. Hicks. The interview you posted was not on my local TV stations, but I found it of interest. He was real, honest and natural , a good thing in my opinion as a fan, someone who likes his talent, voice and wishes him success. Yes we discussed his hair, Wanda. Fans and non fans have discussed everything Taylor Hicks. It seems to me that there are many fans of Taylor, who post opinions on IAG’s blog. Most have at heart a liking of his music and a wish for him to succeed. Some have complaints. Many are more negative about him succeeding than are others. Some swear he is the greatest and others just wish, hope and pray he is or can and or will be to their liking. IAG, allows all opinions. In that regard I have to respect your comments. Wanda and ShadowlessSoul, You two see pain and weariness where so many others see hope, faith and even JOY and SUCCESS and a dream, a life goal, fulfilled and being nurtured, day by day and step by step.

  97. Rosie, I just think that they were commenting on his appearance and how worn out he looked. I don’t think they were down on him about his career.

    Ten bucks says he has strep throat. Isn’t that what he always gets?

  98. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    Rosie- I lack a soul because I said he looks completely exhausted?

  99. taylorfan06 Says:

    I know that Clapton is a legend. The same goes any other experienced artist. I have a great deal from Clapton on my iPod, but not one full album. As good as everyone thinks he is, including myself, he can be inconsistent on record. The same goes for superstar, Garth Brooks. More power to him and his success, but EVERY ONE of his releases, when reviewed by the critics, has mention the inconsistent choice of songs. I would tend to agree with them, since he is another artist that I have never downloaded a complete CD. I have no problem with their “legend” status. They have stood the test of time. I enjoy many, many artists in different genres.

    My point is that those artist didn’t strike me with their early start the way taylor has. I would give all his releases so far, IYT, UTR, and even the “Idol” cd an “A” in their quality of song and performance. Maybe Taylor hasn’t “proven” himself yet, to some, but he’s off to a great start in my eyes AND in my universe. Thank YOU very much.

    So anyway, if anyone he could recommend a CD by EC that would be graded an “A”, please pass that info on.

  100. YKW, What is wrong with acting, putting your emotion and life experience into a song? So YASB was acting… Well did it work? Did he sing the hell out of it? Spin, shame on you for putting me in a rose colored glass category and then going on to explain, well, you understand me. When in the heck, did I anywhere, anytime post Taylor would come out smelling like a rose and be super famous? How in the heck can anyone say, my saying he is on a roll with his promos, appearances and the two songs I’ve heard from his CD , in anyway imply I’m delusional. Delusion is seeing only negative and not even understanding what negative means to the artist, or person. Delusion is not getting what success is to another person. No one gets me anymore than they get Taylor. I’m just someone who has chosen to give my opinions about him, his music and career. You all seem to be so fond of type casting fans/people. Maybe you need to go back to the drawing board. I just state my thoughts and opinions and others do the same. It is not only NO BIG DEal, but also no popularity contest. Just opinions.

  101. Ok, Everyone, I confess about once every 10 days, I just go off defending and or praising him. Continue on with your commentary, please.

  102. brightlite Says:

    It is hard for many to understand me. By being on the boards, I am gaining (interestingly enough) more insight into my own self, and into the nature of many kinds of folks. Let me say this…there is no limit to the potential of the human soul when inspired. Taylor to me is inspiration and genius is as once has been said by fellow “geniuii” “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” That is how anyone makes it, that is how Clapton made it, that is how Henley made it, that is how everyone gets there and stays there. Taylor is different, and it is apparent, yet since many people cannot see the forest through the trees for whatever reason, they misinterpret his ways but–Taylor IS different. Why are we all here, if he is NOT talented? We all are here because we believe in him simply for his inspiration. He draws us all here like water from the well we come back to drink it again, and in biblical terms that it is our thirst of him that only he can quench, making him necessary for living. But he is different. I am different in case you haven’t noticed, misunderstood by most all, except Spin, Jersey and it appears Rosie “get” me, but in my misunderstood ways I see it clearly and easily that Taylor has as much potential, as much genius and as much talent as Clapton, Henley, Joel, or even yes, Lennon. It isn’t easy to correctly express talent that is “different.” Taylor is misunderstood as he seeks to and works towards correctly expressing his talent or as it is known finding his niche in the music or entertainment field. But he will. He surely and most certainly will, as God is my witness, he will. I always get my prayers answered, I always have had my fondest wishes and my deepest desires fulfilled through Him, and I have asked God to put Taylor in his rightful place and in the way that is perfectly suited for Taylor in his own time. God has NEVER let me down. He won’t disappoint me now. It’s okay to not understand me, but please refrain from chastizing me for having my beliefs, and knowing that what I believe is true, if not for you, then for me. Taylor works harder than anyone I have ever known, and THAT is why he will be rewarded, with the success he knows is his, and with the realization of his lifelong goals. I am in his corner forever and that is a good thing to have.

    Be well. Good night.

  103. brightlite Says:

    Please refrain from associating me, my posts, or anything I say or do here with any reference to drugs. I don’t do drugs. It might scare you more that my posts come from my soul, then are interpreted and expressed through my ability to type which isn’t that well but I get by.

    Be well and peace.

  104. rosie said—
    “Delusion is seeing only negative and not even understanding what negative means to the artist, or person. Delusion is not getting what success is to another person. No one gets me anymore than they get Taylor.”

    Wasn’t going to post again but Way to go , Rosie. How right you are.

  105. @ taylorfan06

    >>>>>>>>So anyway, if anyone he could recommend a CD by EC that would be graded an “A”, please pass that info on.<<<<<<<

    Besides 40 years of amazing music there are two albums that come to mind immediately.

    1 – Sessions for Robert Johnson 2004

    2 – Me and Mr Johnson 2004

    I highly recommend both of these for anyone that is interested in learning about the routes of Rock. This is the kind of stuff that makes someone a legend. These two examples go past just performing regular music. These are interpretations of great music that only a great artist can achieve.

    Taylor definitely has the ability to interpret great music and it shows in his ability to do some great cover songs. The problem lies in his ability to make his own great music and that hopefully is something that will come in the future.

  106. Brite, I don’t know that God has a thing to do with Taylors voice , drive, intelligence, looks, health, success or failure. I just enjoy the guy and his music and him on a stage. I loved his music and winning AI long before I ever read or posted on blogs. The on line fandom is a whole other thing. Somehow, I became a part of it last summer and it has become a hobby. I respect everyones opinion but wish all would refrain from put downs, and posting as though they are the authority on Taylor or on other fans.

  107. Rosie, I agree with you.

    If everybody wants to talk about Taylor in this environment, then we need to be civil to each other. Just because one person doesn’t see Taylor like another person does..doesn’t make their opinion wrong. It’s very interesting to get people of different ideas, backgrounds and opinions together to debate and speculate on Taylor Hicks and other musicians. And that’s all this is, debating and speculating.

    As for the drug use reference, BL, that was just a joke…and I’m sorry if you took offense to it.

    No one on this blog knows Taylor. Nobody pretends to know Taylor. I don’t know if anybody gets Taylor or not…but I just want to be able to continue to provide this forum for everybody to comment on and enjoy.

    Ok, public service announcement over. Back to the discussion, please. 🙂

  108. Uh…I forget what the discussion was about. 🙂

  109. Well, I will say something after reading that interesting and emotional discussion.

    Thanks for posting “Compared to What” from Huntsville. It is one of my two favorite Taylor performances I’ve seen recorded. The other one is this HOTYL tag…

    Taylor is pure entertainment on stage….which is why I still follow his career.
    The BSD gig reflects his practical, survivor side.
    I admire Taylor for hanging in there, making his own way….funding his own musical ventures into this indie CD and promotion. No wonder he looks so beat in that interview. He’s workin’ like a dog…and chasing cheeseburgers. Takes a lot out of a dude.

  110. I wonder why the cheeseburgers never talk? 🙂

  111. I’ve been wondering that, too caryl. Perhaps one cannot speak once eaten. (and that sounds really screwed up…)
    Or…the cheeseburgers are just a cover for the granola he’s actually been consuming.
    Anyway…that is a good question.

  112. Maybe the cheeseburgers have to sign a hush agreement? “Oh, btw, before we get down with our bad selves, could you please sign this?”

  113. Yeah, well, I read the “urban” definitions of cheeseburger the other day, and it opened up a whole new meaning for what I had understood it to mean….there are multiple understandings of this term, obviously.

    And I have a difficulty thinking of Taylor in most of them.

    I kind of focus on the stage thing with Taylor, not really wanting reality to mess with that view.

  114. OK, we all know what Taylor meant by “cheesburger”, but now I have to go check the urban dictionary! And then I’m off to bed. see ya!

  115. G’night. (sorry that urban thing will be the last thing you see, actually…)
    Try this oldy from Tay if you cannot sleep…much more pleasant. 🙂

  116. taylorfan06 Says:

    willpen – I did borrow Me and Mr. Johnson from a friend, and to my discerning taste this NOT a CD that I would give an “A”. I downloaded just 5 of the tracks. I found the CD a bit flat and was not moved by it as a whole. My case and point for EC on a fulfilling complete CD. Don’t take such offense. I DO like plenty of his songs and I DO consider him a legend.

    But just because he doesn’t do it for me, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what he does for others. We all have our favorite artist. It should be ok that Taylor just happens to fall in the upper percentile. To each their own.

    Plain and simple, let your EC be my TH. Can’t we all just get along?

  117. britelight, Taylor is not a god. I’m sure he sometimes misses the pot when he pees just like other men.

    I’ve been looking at all the recent photos on Boogie, of Taylor and Bill, and I swear it’s getting harder and harder to believe that Taylor prefers cheeseburgers over hot dogs. I don’t mean to start that conversation up again, we’ve beat that horse into submission. But Bill’s story is just begging to be told — his face is so expressive, I wonder why he doesn’t give interviews and go on talk shows. It’s kinda weird that he’s just arm candy.

  118. jerseyirish Says:

    Do I think Taylor is God no I don’t, I do however, believe he has a God given talent to entertain people. Not everyone has the ability to get on a stage and bring the audience alive as he does.

    iag & Rosie, Totally agree with you everyone is entitled to their opinion, not everyone will agree, however, the bashing is just not right. Just because someone sees things differently doen’t mean they are due any less respect.

    Wanda, Whatever he does with his personal life is his business. There has been and always will be talk of him and Bill. Whatever it is between them is just that it is between them. Really doesn’t effect me enjoying him one way or the other.


  119. I think he only likes a certain brand of hot dogs.

    AHAAHHAHHHAAHAHHAHAH! Just kidding. ish.


  120. bamahotpocket Says:

    I think he only likes a certain brand of hot dogs.

    AHAAHHAHHHAAHAHHAHAH! Just kidding. ish.


    Kosher all beef?

  121. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    This blog scares me sometimes, but for some reason I keep coming back.

  122. Snowstorm Says:

    Bill does absolutely nothing for Taylor’s image. *vomits*

  123. Red, it’s because you can’t get enough of us…right?? 🙂

    Snowstorm…Bill is Taylor’s tour manager. Even though he’s not on tour. So?

    Honestly, if they are…well, it really doesn’t matter. I just want to hear Taylor make good music.

    Sorry, I’m in a weird mood this morning.

  124. Snowstorm Says:

    Why is that freak Bill in every single photo with Taylor? Oh, that guy is gross looking and gives me the heeby jeebies.

    Again, this is Taylor’s fault.. you want to surround yourself with professionals…not friends looking for a job.

  125. Snowstorm…can you please refrain from calling names?

    Bill is not a “freak”…he seems to be a really nice guy, actually from the couple of times that I have met him.

  126. Snowstorm Says:

    Just being truthful…and yes it does hurt at times.

  127. See how calling him names doesn’t contribute to the conversation?

  128. Snowstorm Says:

    You put yourself out there then you will be judged. If I was Bill, I would stay in the background.

  129. Somebody has to hold the flashlight. Duh. 😆

  130. Why? Why does Bill need to stay in the background? What difference does it make if Taylor has his buddy traveling with him looking for cheeseburgers? *snicker*

  131. Snowstorm Says:

    Well, there you go.. you said it all.

  132. spinshack Says:

    I reread some of the comments and for the life of me can’t find anyone being ‘bashed’. Just discussions – perhaps that’s as open to interpretation as Rosie thinking my saying she’s wearing Rose Colored Glasses an insult of some kind. From where I stand Rose Colored Glasses merely means someone’s seeing things from the most optimistic standpoint available. Sorry Rose if you found offense to my considering you as being optimistic. Interesting.

    Tf06, you asked for grade A Eric Clapton albums, Willpen gave you two that you said ‘were not what you would judge “A” caliber. Thing is you are a fan, you are not a bonafide music critic. In that, you won’t consider anything “A” caliber so why ask?

    EC great albums: “From the Cradle”, “461 Ocean Boulevard”, “Layla”. Of course, this argument and discourse for naught, I have not one clue why it’s being discussed or brought up by TF06 since nothing will make ‘her’ grade “A” except something from Taylor. What ya call a Moot point. NO insults intended to TF06, just discussing.

    Regarding anyone being insulted by joking around about the utilization of chemical enhancements or whether Mr. Hicks prefers round meat or tubular that’s all in the interpretation as well. Chemical enhancements are so 1999. *inhaling*

  133. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    Spin- You forgot.. I have no soul. I eat them with some fava beans and a nice bottle of Chianti..

  134. That’s the thing about this blog…we just might be irreverent towards Taylor Hicks, and that is ok to do. Sometimes, just sometimes, I like to laugh a little. To Taylor, his career is a serious thing, as it should be. As fans, it doesn’t have to be all the time. The little nuances thrown back and forth, as well as the inferences that some get from the conversation is all in good fun.


  135. spinshack Says:

    Shadow, my bad, meant to leave something about that in that long rambling post, but again my short-term is permanently damaged. I had no idea how x = y in the diagram outlined by our rosie that had you as sans soul. I’ll have to recheck my math but something was missing in one of the equations. It’s like 2^(2x)-4(2^(x))+4 not equaling 0. I was confounded.

  136. spinshack Says:

    Grey, I like to laugh a lot. Keeps those positive neurons firing and my chemicals in balance.

  137. Snowstorm Says:

    And that’s exactly what the problem is.. Taylor is looked upon as a joke (by the outside world, as well as fans). I see NO serious music career here.

  138. That may be true, SS, and that’s unfortunate. However, I think his fans sometimes try the opposite end of the spectrum and aren’t allowed to joke about Taylor, which is ridiculous.

  139. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    Spin- The theory of rose-a-tivity is a complex equation involving many variable factors- which can only be proven by those who are the truest of fans that have souls.

  140. Ask the Magic 8 Ball, click here. As good as anything to tell the future of what’s in store for Hicks’ future career.

    Snow you know that story about he who laughs last…

  141. The problem with people laughing is there’s no good music to back him off. If anybody has ever read John Mayer’s blog, then you know that John Mayer is a clown, but at least he makes music that people want to hear and takes his music career seriously. I’m not seeing this with Taylor Hicks.

  142. brightlite Says:

    Taylor is a joke? Excuse me but the filter you seeing through is the online filter, and pardon me but this place, online that is, is a sewer. No one is real, no one says who they are, and no one is accountable for what they say. If you want to base Taylor’s image on that, then you are not really considering all aspects of fandom. Fandom does include the outside world, it does include people who do NOT come into this cess pool and post. it does include many people who have no voice but who have a say. EVERYONE I talk to about Taylor Hicks really really LOVED him on Idol, but they all say the same thing, where is he now? (Removing rose colored glasses for a second, excuse the blinding light) I see that Taylor has missed the boat when it comes to marketing himself OUTSIDE the Internet. He has to really push his music into the masses and that is not HERE. We are a small fraction of the fans, we are the die hards. I know right now of nine people who are CRAZY about his music, and they are as follows…Maria (60), Nicole (24), Adrien (33), Mrghan (26), Dan (18), Doug (39), Terry (52) and myself (44). Of those mentioned I am the only one who ventures into this nutty world called online fandom. BUT the people I mentioned are a sampling of fans that WANT to hear him, go to concerts, and buy his music, but he is kinda obscure to the world outside online mania.
    Have a good afternoon. Be well.

  143. brightlite Says:

    HE is NOT a JOKE and please refrain from digs like that. It is inflammatory and part of the reason I get angry at IAG for not cutting your comments sometimes, when they are dissing Taylor. It is okay to state that you do or don’t like something he does but do not call him names. I am pissed off.

  144. bl, what world do you live in or are you just ignorant about music? Until Taylor makes it in the music world, he’s a nobody. Don’t you understand? AI is a reality TV show and in the scheme of things being the winner means NOTHING. It means nothing! It’s not the real world. The REAL music world means hit songs on the Billboard charts and/or critical acclaim from his peers in the form of postive reviews, awards, etc. Taylor has not achieved this.

  145. brightlite Says:

    And for the record…I NEVER called him a God. I equate his God-given talents with his potential for success, and coupled with his work ethic and his desire to carve his niche…I believe he will one day realize his dreams.
    I believe in God and I believe in the power that having this belief can unleash. I have tremendous faith in a higher power and more than anything else I KNOW that the higher power is at work in my life and I find that comforting and empowering all at the same time.
    I have to go finish reaching now.

  146. brightlite Says:

    Snowstorm i live in a world of seeing the glass half full instead of your world of seeing in as bone dry.

  147. As long as Taylor shouts out Soul Patrol and Wooo, he’s considered a joke! Something he used to win a show THREE YEARS AGO, does not work anymore! Nobody wants to join the Soul Patrol. Give me a break!

  148. brightlite Says:

    And snow I may BE ignorant about music but you are most lilely just ignorant period. I am NOT ignorant about the human spirit and the power of love. Taylor has inside of him a tremendous potential and if he unleashes it and allows its flow, it can move anyone including th masses, but he controls it. Only he can unleash it. It is up to him.

  149. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    BL- I beg to differ, but, the outside world of Taylor fandom is damn near non-existent. Unless of course, you take into consideration the late night pundants that take jabs at him.

    Why do you think he keeps using the word “re-invent?” He knows it.

  150. bl, it takes good old fashioned HARD WORK to make it. I believe in the WORK ethic… nobody makes it on faith alone. What you are saying is complete nonsense.

  151. Virtual Speak Says:

    SS- He has paid his dues in roadhouses and dives for a very long time. It really is time he caught a break.

  152. I just laughed 10 minutes at bl’s post… where do these people come from, lol!

    I blame AI… it plays with people’s minds!

  153. Everybody pays their dues.. it means nothing! Give me some good songs or it’s over for Mr. Hicks.

  154. It’s one thing to make a point, when you’re feeling impassioned about something. Harder yet to make that point without having to insult others while making that attempt.

    Virtual time he caught a break, yes. Have felt that way in my own life and my own endeavors. Ya know what, no matter how it seems you deserve that ‘break’ don’t make it gonna happen. Just have to keep on keepin on.

  155. Wow, this is exactly what I wrote about on my blog this week. Basically that RIGHT NOW it’s not cool to be a TH fan. Taylor and his team are working on turning that around. Most people don’t know the serious musician inside that silly persona. It’s going to take time to change the perception the public has of him.

  156. Britghtlite, I like your 10:19, well said!

  157. The thought of Taylor unleashing his tremendous potential and letting it flow and moving the TH masses brought out my inner Beavis and Butthead again . . . I just hope he doesn’t do both at the same time, because that would just be icky.

  158. Spin and Shadowless, You Two are having a little fun. Since I’ve never called Tay the greatest, or a genius or compared him to Elvis or Lennon or said he will sell millions, I don’t get why a few people see me as over the top. Last night I was defending Brights right to think of him as a genius. I think of myself as a realist where Taylor is concerned and that includes accepting that he thinks his recent career choices are smart and necessary moves. Shadowlesssoul, I hope I didn’t really offend you. You do have a soul it just doesn’t leave a shadow, LOL!

  159. hahhahaah Soulaz!!

  160. WOW….this conversation has turned weird. I have disengaged myself from other online Taylor sites that tried to connect their “faith in God” with their Taylor Hicks experience.

    It is all well and good to think that Taylor has the god-given right to succeed. Sure he has traveled long and hard to get here, but he is by no means alone in this endeavor. There are thousands of very talented people out there that deserve their fame as much as Taylor does. Wishing and hoping just ain’t gonna make it happen.

    Taylor lucked out with Idol and was given the opportunity. Did he squander it? I somehow think that he has made some mistakes, but for anyone to stand on their soapbox and profess that Taylor is the second coming, I think they need to step off of that box and get a dose of reality.

  161. Soulaz, You are a scream! I’d pay big bucks to see Taylor unleashed and I’d swim in the flow!

  162. brightlite Says:

    SS- nobody works harder than Taylor so with time and with his persistence he will shine. But if you dont like the drink well then I can see why you would want it to be bone dry. I happen to really like this artist and love his music, so he is in my opinion, worthy of ALL of my support and praise. You cannot convict a person for building someone up but you can certainly convict for tearing someone someone down. Think about that. You are a bulldozer.

  163. I think the problem comes in when people are too adamant on either side. BL is a very positive person and that is good. Taylor needs that in a fan. Snow is negative about his career. Believe it or not Taylor needs a little of that, too. It’s all about perspective, people.

  164. I’m not negative.. I’m realistic. What has Taylor done in the music world? Please answer this question.

  165. Interesting point, Willpen . . . does Taylor actually have a “God-given right to succeed?” Does anyone?

    Taylor most definitely seems to be working hard for success. But then again, many other very gifted artists work as hard, if not harder, and never even get the chance Taylor had to have his voice heard on national television.

    God has so many things on his plate right now . . . a global economic crisis, wars and terrorism, poverty, genocide, and the fact that apparently Rush Limbaugh hasn’t run out of things to say yet.

    If God had the time to worry about things that have no consequence beyond their entertainment value, he totally would have let the Cardinals win the Super Bowl. Seriously.

  166. I’m sorry, but Taylor has proven time and time again, his work ethic is somewhat lacking. Why wasn’t Taylor working on his cd during the Idols tour? I could go on and on.

  167. bamahotpocket Says:

    Why does he have to do anything above and beyond what he’s doing SS? He has nothing to prove to anyone but himself.

    Sometimes, you truly do act like a woman scorned rather than the “fan” you profess to be.

  168. taylorfan06 Says:

    snow – please lay off the “realistic” spin. You’re like a broken record…
    Why do you feel so superior to the rest of us?

  169. taylorfan06 Says:

    you REALLY don’t have to go “on and on”. We’ve all heard plenty.

  170. Just proving my points that Taylor hasn’t done anything, except fly down an ice cream cone and I think his work ethic after he won Idol was poor.

  171. hicksaholic Says:

    I am confused. Isn’t this a Taylor Hicks blog? As such the discussion is pretty much all Taylor Hicks, right? I liked it because you have a number of posters- willpen, spinshack, soulaz ,rosie and brightlite and others, I’m sure that have relevant comments regarding taylor and his career. I particularly like the fact that everything doesn’t have to be a ringing endorsement of everything Taylor does. I enjoy the levity of the conversation too.
    The thing I don’t understand is why someone would consistently post on here if they never have anything positive to say about Taylor. That seems like it is the case with at least one poster unless I have just missed some of the positive comments. Please accept my apologies if this is out of line but I am trying to understand why if you didn’t like ANYTHING Taylor does you would bother to post day after day.

  172. bamahotpocket Says:

    What? He went non-stop for nearly two years. Your troll is showing.. reel it in.

  173. How many vacations has Taylor gone one? How many celeb publicity crap golf tournaments has he gone on?

  174. Ok.

    This blog is about Taylor Hicks. This blog is not about Snowstorm or BL or any of the other posters.

    Don’t make me to have close the comments, guys. Come on. Let’s be adults.

  175. The truth hurts!

  176. bamahotpocket Says:

    Wow. Can your hatred and obsession be any stronger today SS?

    Who cares how many vacations he went on? He was on the road more than not.

    I’m not here to defend him. You’re quite enjoying the attention.

  177. Snow, knock it off.

    It doesn’t matter how many vacations he’s gone on. That’s none of anybody’s business. It also doesn’t matter how many golf tournaments he’s played in. We’re here to talk about the music.

    I have let you continue to post here, but you’re getting ridiculous.

  178. Excuse me? I’m just pointing out that his work ethic is not as strong as you think it is. This is a tough business and if you’re not out there busting your buns, you will be forgotten.

  179. bamahotpocket Says:

    Just how exactly do you have such inside knowledge of his work ethic?

    Did he call you and say..

    “Ya know Secret Stare.. Oh, I mean Snowstorm (nice antonym).. I feel like blowing off work today.. wanna meet for lunch?”

  180. Nobody knows what Taylor has, or has not been doing, behind the scenes to kick start the next phase of his career. A lot of the bun busting that must be done in the music industry is unseen by the public.

    I make fun of some of the public decisions he has made, and I question whether or not he will achieve great success in the future, but I still believe he’s talented, and a good guy who is really trying.

    If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t be here.

  181. jerseyirish Says:

    Bamahotpocket, I agree, he has said this is just where he’d hoped to be at this point in his life, so whether those who think he can do more, he is happy where he is and what he is doing. It just comes down to what he wants not what some in the fan base may want.

    Hey BL, I “get” what you are saying.


  182. I don’t agree with you, soulaz. I think Taylor thought he had it made after he won Idol and didn’t follow thru with what he needed to do. Sorry, I’m not seeing it.

  183. It’s been my impression that he’s been working his ass off since winning Idol. During that “slow” period when he did celebrity golf tourneys, I assume he was working out the details of the business side of things (figuring out the right way to go) and working on new material. <–that alone is time consuming and difficult. You need time alone to really get inside yourself.

    But I feel like an ass even addressing that issue (what’s he been doing?) because it’s…well, it’s just stupid. You know he’s been doing everything he thinks he needs to do to stay in the game. It’s too important to him.

  184. bamahotpocket Says:

    Yep.. he’s been such a lazy ass.

    October 10, 2005 Auditioning in Las Vegas and moving on to Hollywood, making his voice heard to millions on American Idol, never placing in the bottom three

    January-May 2006 Meeting musical legends on American Idol such as Stevie Wonder.

    March 6, 2006 Appearing for the first time at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center in his hometown

    May 10, 2006 Placing in Top Four, visiting Graceland and meeting Priscilla Presley.

    May 12, 2006 Receiving the keys to Birmingham from Mayor Kincaid and enjoying a huge parade and celebration.

    May 13, 2006 Meeting Alabama Governor Bob Riley, who proclaimed May 16, 2006, as “Taylor Hicks Day in Alabama,” and initiating Governor Riley and his wife, Patsy, into the Soul Patrol.

    May 16, 2006 Celebrating “TAYLOR HICKS DAY IN ALABAMA”

    Establishing one of the largest fanbases ever for an American Idol.

    May 24, 2006 WINNING AMERICAN IDOL SEASON FIVE WITH 63 MILLION VOTES—the largest total ever!

    May 25, 2006 Appearing on Jay Leno as Season Five American Idol

    May 26, 2006 Appearing with Ryan Seacrest as guest host of The Larry King Show

    June 1, 2006 Guesting on Today Show in whirlwind New York media blitz.

    Performing “Possibilities” – a romping “in your face” Ford Commerical and entertaining Ford executives

    June 2, 2006 Entertaining Walmart corporate employees in rousing performance with harp and guitar

    June 14, 2006 Performing with the Robert Randolph Band

    June 15, 2006 Accepting title of People Magazine’s Hottest Bachelor of 2006

    June 16, 2006 Visiting Ray Charles Studio, being invited to record in Ray’s studio and receiving a jacket belonging to the Genius of Soul.

    June 17, 2006 Sitting in with Snoop Dogg in Birmingham

    June 18, 2006 Jamming with The Allman Brothers

    June 21, 2006 Visiting with Jay Leno and Kevin Spacey on the Tonight Show, performing “Do I Make You Proud”

    June 22, 2006 Debuting single, “Do I Make You Proud” remaining at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Singles Sales for 9 weeks–one of only four singles to stay at No. 1 longer than 7 weeks since 2005. (From TSC)

    Supporting major charities with percentage of debut single going to American Red Cross

    June 27, 2006 Appearing in Hollywood opening to benefit Charlize African Outreach Program.

    June 29, 2006 Sitting in with Widespread Panic

    July 1, 2006 Headlining Stadium of Fire Fourth of July celebration in the first concert as American Idol.


    July 5, 2006 Kicking off and headlining the most successful ever American Idol Tour.

    July 13, 2006 Going gold with “Do I Make You Proud,” the No. 1 selling single for 2006!

    Summer, 2006 Jamming with his old band members, LIMBO in shadow tour after AI concert performances.

    July 21, 2006 Wowing early morning crowds at Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series in Bryant Park, NYC

    July 28, 2006 Meeting President George Bush in the Oval Office of the White House.

    September 3, 2006 Sitting in with Willie Nelson at the annual Red Rocks Festival Amphitheater, in Morrison, Colorado .

    October 5, 2006 Headlining City of Hope Evening with Arista Records family

    October 25, 2006 Appearing with LiMBO at the Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Cabaret 2006 Benefit in N.Y.

    October 28, 2006 Appearing in feature article in Relix Magazine

    November, 2006 Appearing in feature article in Vibe Magazine

    November 3, 2006 Appearing on ABC’s primetime talk show, 20/20

    November 6, 2006 Giving fans an inside look at studio rehearsals on in a series of memorable performances such as “Hollywood Nights,” “Hell of a Day,” and others.

    November 19, 2006 Singing the National Anthem at Nascar in Homestead Florida

    November 21, 2006 Presenting at the American Music Awards in Hollywood

    November 29, 2006 Opening “Christmas at Rockefeller Center” with a critically acclaimed “show stopping” performance of “Run Around” and a never-heard-like this- “White Christmas!”

    December 1, 2006 Visiting Jay Leno’s Tonight Show once again

    December 5, 2006 Performing on Good Morning America at the Hard Rock Café, Times Square NYC

    December 6, 2006 Guesting on Live with Regis and Kelly

    December 11, 2006 Charming the ladies of The View.

    December, 11,2006 Appearing on MSNBC’s Scarbourough Country

    December 11, 2006 Issue Reliving his visit to Ray Charles’ studio for People Magazine feature


    December 12, 2006 Releasing first album “Taylor Hicks”

    December 12, 2006 Talking about his album release with The Early Show

    December 13, 2006 Performing for President and Mrs. Bush and distinguished guests at “Christmas in Washington,” 2006

    December 13, 2006 Appearing on TRL/MTV

    December 14, 2006 Entertaining audience on the Megan Mullally Show

    December 14, 2006 Beginning AOL Sessions featuring Whomp music

    December 14, 2006 Initiating GOFISH as first featured artist

    December 16, 2006 Playing harp and appearing with Evan Neville and other musical greats at Warren Hayes’ Christmas Jam in Ashville, NC

    December 18, 2006 Visiting the Martha Stewart Show

    December 19, 2006 Entertaining the troops on the USS Reagan in San Diego for the USO

    December 21, 2006 Receiving the award for Most Polite Celebrity from the National League of Junior Cotillions on their “Ten Best-Mannered People of 2006” list.

    December 22, 2006 Reaching #2 on Billboard Top 200 for album, “Taylor Hicks”

    The Year 2006 – ” Do I Make You Proud” made Billboard’s Top 100 of 2006

    January 2, 2007 Performing with Gladys Knight at the Orange Bowl

    January 16, 2007 Appearing on Ellen Show

    January 14-17, 2007 Playing golf at the Bob Hope Classic in Palm Springs

    January 17, 2007 Going gold and then platinum for album “Taylor Hicks” ( as certified by RIAA )

    January 18, 2007 Appearing with Fantasia on Larry King Live

    February, 2007 Getting his dream ride–a silver and burgundy Prevost–his own very luxurious home-on-the-road tour bus!

    February 17, 2007 Returning to New Orleans as Grand Marshall for Endymion at Mardi Gras.


    February 21, 2007 Launching the first national solo tour, Modern whomp Music in Jacksonville, FL

    February 25, 2007 Releasing “Just to Feel That Way” to mainstream radio

    March 2, 2007 Opening concert for the new House of Blues in Myrtle Beach NC

    March 3, 2007 Appearing and performing on Dr. Phil Show

    March 10-11, 2007 Returning to his hometown, Birmingham, and the historic Alabama Theatre for two sold out concerts

    March 10-11, 2007 Supporting American Red Cross disaster fund for Enterprise High School

    March 10, 2007 Receiving the key to the city of Homewood, Alabama, at Laser’s Edge, a record store that has been a longtime supporter of Taylor’s music.

    March 29, 2007 Hosting music legend, KebMo at Chicago concert venue, House of Blues

    May 3, 2007 Entertaining guests at the “Yahoo! Employee Foundation” in Sunnyvale, CA.

    May 17, 2007 Playing in the Regions Charity Golf Classic

    May 22, 2007 Hosting Sirius Satellite Radio Show

    May 28, 2007 Releasing second single, “Heaven Knows” to radio play

    May 23, 2007 Returning to American Idol Finale 2007, in bringing-down-the-house performance of a Beatles’ montage, reaffirming the most successful American Idol season ever

    June 11, 2007 Singing the National Anthem at the NBA Finals in Cleveland, Ohio

    June 26, 2007 Returning to Live with Regis and Kelly

    July 10, 2007 Releasing “Heart Full of Soul,” through Random House, an inspirational memoir about the incredible journey of “finding your voice and finding your way”

    July 14, 2007 Singing the National Anthem at the Kentucky Speedway, Sparta, KY

    July 17, 2007 Appearing on The Big Story with John Gibson on Fox News

    July 18, 2007 Returning to The View

    July 18, 2007 Sharing information with Hannity and Colmes ( FOX NEWS )

    July 19, 2007 Promoting “Heart Full of Soul” on a Television Satellite Tour

    July 20, 2007 Taking “Heart Full of Soul” on a Radio Satellite Tour

    July 21, 2007 Appearing on Good Morning America

    July 26, 2007 Appearing on The Glenn Beck TV Show


    Summer, 2007 Selling out and repressing In Your Time, independent album of original Taylor Hicks music

    September 15, 2007 Returning to his alma mater for Auburn vs. Ole Miss game to perform at half time

    September 25, 2007 Signing “Letter of Intent” to open a night club in Birmingham, Alabama, across from the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex .

    September 26, 2007 Playing in Navistar LPGA Pro-Am Golf Tournament in Prattsville, AL

    October 7, 2007 Premiering on HD TV “Whomp at the Warfield,” concert DVD which goes on sale in late fall.

    October 12, 2007 Being chosen by Birmingham News Reader’s Choice Awards
    BEST LOCAL MUSICIAN OR GROUP (pop): Taylor Hicks
    by more than 2,100 voters.

    October 25-26, 2007 Appearing Jimmy Houston’s TV fishing show ( rescheduled )

    October 28, 2007 Performing the National Anthem at the fifth game of The World Series of Baseball, if there is a fifth game.

    November 2, 2007 Closing his first Modern Whomp Music Tour season at the Pearl River Resort and Casino in Philadelphia, Mississippi, ending an incredible 10-month run.

    December 16, 2007 Kicking off his first international tour appearing as headlining entertainer for the Asian Idol Finale in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    December 18, 2007Appearing in concert before thousands at the Glorietta venue in the Ayala Malls in Manila, The Philippines.

    December 19, 2007 Continuing a ten-day tour of Asia, entertaining excited Soul Patrol fans at the Greenbelt, Ayala Malls, near Manila.

    December 20, 2007 Entertaining enthusiastic Filippino fans in the largest venue at the Ayala Malls, Trinoma in Manila, concluding the first international tour of Modern Whomp Music.

    December 28, 2007Performing for the black tie crowd at the Liberty Bowl’s President’s Gala in Memphis, TN; accepting the Autozone Lifetime Achievement Award

    December 29, 2007 Headlining halftime entertainment at the Liberty Bowl college football game.

    2007 Forming three companies — Modern Whomp Music, Taylor Hicks, LLC, and Whomp, Inc. to further his music business career.

    2008 Co-starring in “Pocket Full of Soul,” a documentary about the history of the harmonica featuring Clint Black, John Popper from “Blues Traveler,” comedian Robert Klein, Huey Lewis, James Cotton and Kim Wilson of the “Fabulous Thunderbirds”

    2008 Announcing intention to open a club in The Forge, new downtown Birmingham entertainment district, planned for summer 2009 debut.

    January 16-20, 2008 Returning to and playing a respectable game in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic Golf Tournament in Palm Springs, CA

    January 26, 2008 Entertaining for Palm Night 2008, fundraiser presented by Palms Restaurant in Charlotte, NC.

    January 30, 2008 Appearing in a book by Rosen Central entitled “Taylor Hicks ( Who’s Your Idol? ) by Sally Ganchy $26.50 Mention of Taylor in the Book.

    February 9, 2008 Performing in Orlando as part of Hannah’s Buddy Charity Classic Golf Tournament.

    February 14, 2008 Working along side other celebrities in NBA’s Service Day in New Orleans, part of the NBA’s All-Star weekend.

    February 15, 2008 Making a very respectable showing as a celebrity player in the McDonalds NBA Celebrity All-Star Basketball Game in New Orleans.

    February 22, 2008 Accepting “America’s Music Award” and performing at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame during the induction of musical greats from Alabama.


    March 15, 2008 Performing for Children’s Miracle Network benefit with Glenn Beck hosting in Orlando, Florida

    March 29, 2008 Taking the stage in Addison, TX to entertain partygoers at the Greenhill School Auction and Gala fundraiser.

    April 1, 2008 Guest-hosting the Paul Finebaum Sports Talk Radio Show

    April 11, 2008 Sitting in with News Orleans’ premier bass player and master of funk, George Porter Jr. and his band PBS at a Birmingham, Al nightspot.

    April 25, 2008 Teeing off in the XOXO Wharf Golf Club Invitational in Gulf Shores, AL for the Stabler Foundation benefiting charities in the area.

    April 26, 2008 Returning to Alabama’s Talladega International Raceway, where he once played a gig in the infield, to sing the National Anthem, giving one of his best ever performances of our country’s anthem.

    May 2-3, 2008 Attending the 134th Kentucky Derby as a Celebrity Guest at Friday’s Grand Gala, walking the Red Carpet at Saturday’s Run for the Roses, and partying with A-listers like Michael Jordan.

    May 10, 2008 Entertaining at Alabama Governor and Mrs. Riley’s charity BBQ, “Boots and Blues” to benefit Hannah Home.

    May 15, 2008 Announcing on The Today Show Aftershow that he will be appearing as Teen Angel in the Broadway production of Grease from June 6, through September 7!!!

    May 16 – 22, 2008 Cruising the Mediterranean near Rome for a trendy gig with tour bandmates, Brian L, Brian G, Josh, Al and Felix.

    June 6, 2008 Opening on Broadway in a hit debut performance as Teen Angel in Grease for a summer run in the 1950s saga of lovelorn high schoolers!

    June 13, 2008 Singing “Beauty School Dropout” with Frenchy and the cast of Grease on Live with Regis and Kelley.

    July 4, 2008 Performing for A Capitol Fourth, the huge music and fireworks extravaganza in Washington DC celebrating our Nation’s birth!

    July 28, 2008 Announcing that his upcoming album, “Early Works” would be sold exclusively at Target Stores!

    August 12, 2008 Releasing on his own label, Modern Whomp Records, “Early Works,” –a remastered album of Taylor Hicks classics from pre-Idol days based on his independent releases, In Your Time, recorded when he was 19, and his 2005 Under the Radar .

    September 7, 2008 Closing a highly successful summer run in Broadway’s Grease packing the theatre and increasing ticket sales significantly.

    October 7, 2008 Announcing the release date for new CD–February 10, 2009. (Later changed to March 10, 2009)

    November 7, 2008 Releasing scheduled date for “Whomp at the Warfield” to drop as February 17, 2009. (Later changed to March 17, 2009)

    December 2, 2008 Opening in Providence RI in the National Tour of “Grease,” continuing his harp-playing Teen Angel role that was a summer smash on Broadway!

    December 4, 2008 Announcing that the title of new CD will be “The Distance”

  185. And with that, I think everybody’s point has been made.

  186. Well, if he was busting his butt, how come he’s not a big, big star? He did get something handed to him on a silver platter, didn’t he? The thing is he didn’t put the effort behind it that he was supposed to have. In the meantime, it seems like Daughtry was much more focused on his career than Taylor.

  187. bamahotpocket Says:

    IAG- You are correct everyone’s point has been made. By the look of SS’s last comment- she’s finally proven herself a troll/chroll.

  188. No, just being realistic. Taylor is not a big star and Daughtry has outdone him. Taylor has made some big mistakes and I don’t know if he can recover. He’s still my favorite and I would like nothing more for him to prove me wrong. You don’t know how much I want to like his next cd.

  189. bamahotpocket Says:

    Again… If he’s your favorite why have you never said one positive thing about him? Daughtry’s blatant plagiarism wasn’t a huge mistake?

    What makes you think you won’t like Taylor’s new CD? Sounds like you’ve already set yourself up to not like it. Try some reverse law of attraction.

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