Breaking down the walls…

Oh, the dissension. I’ve been around the Taylor Hicks fandom from the get go, so I really shouldn’t be surprised, right? More days than not, I can look on my “referrers” list (which is just part of the wordpress package, and allows me to see where everybody came from to get to this site) and I see places that I can’t get to. *sniff*

If all you fans truly want TFH to survive as an artist, you are going to have to break down your own walls.

Not sure what this is, but they’re not allowing new members. Way to increase the fandom, people. πŸ™„ (What? Your IP works? It just must be mine that’s been banned, even though I’ve never registered there. Paranoid much?)

Then there’s The SOS board, who is also not allowing new members.

These are just a couple of the boards, not to mention the private blogs that are all under the radar. *snicker*

So, what gives? Why are some people allowed access to the fandom, but others aren’t? Is there some kind of test that needs to be taken and passed? Is there a special attitude that one needs to have?



34 Responses to “Breaking down the walls…”

  1. spinshack Says:

    Some kind of test? It’s about who likes what flavor of powdered drink mix. Some like Cherry, others prefer punch, then there’s plain blueberry, or orange and grape. Depending on what flavor you like, that’s what site will accept you as a member. It’s all about the choices.

  2. I’ve settled into four places I check regularly (and one of them is mine! haha). It takes about 20 minutes and I’m done.

    Those bigger boards have too much drama. I can’t be bothered. But you’re right, if a new fan is looking for information, not allowing new members makes the fandom seem like an unfriendly place.

  3. Snowstorm Says:

    Let’t be realistic here.. how many new people are looking for a TH message board to post on? I think that number is very very small. Interest might pick up with his cd release and more publicity about him, but I think a lot of people have also written him off. Now if he gets radio play and major TV appearances, then that’s a completely different story.

    Personally, I lost interest in his message boards a long time ago and I could honestly care less about any of them.

  4. Snowstorm, I think there are people looking to post for the first time. I know both JI and I didn’t start posting until last summer. Both she and I have made unsuccessful attempts to join the famed BB. On my 2nd attempt they gave me a # to use to go to another site. I did and the message was mods would review it and if I did not activate in a week, my application would be null. I heard nothing and could not log on and can’t even read the damn thing. Other sites that require registering and have strigent rules are nutty. I came across one, over the top fawning site, where people were posting their ages! Taylors’ on line fandom reminds me of different Brownie Troops! Each troop works on earning different Soul Patrol badges, choose different places to hike, different little games and ditty little songs to sing. When you advance to Girl Scout you have enough savy to post on non member blogs!

  5. Caryl, I answered your inquiry at the end of the prior thread.

  6. I lurk at a few Taylor boards, but don’t post on any of them. I know somebody who tried to join one recently, and they insisted on knowing how she got the URL of the board, and if she already knew somebody on it. Who wants to join a secret cult? Not me. Same thing with a board for both Taylor and Daughtry that I tried to check out a while back. They didn’t want me, and I certainly didn’t want them if they had such poor judgment when it came to members.

  7. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I also gave up trying to join there. There is another site I used to just read not comment, but now if I try and pull it up I get an add for something each time. Figured they must be reading ip’s and not letting some in, so I don’t bother with that one anymore also.

    iag, I don’t get it either why some will not allow new members. Like Caryl I go to a few places and thats it, I get to read all the information I want to see, going where I go.


  8. JI, you must be talking about Idletard. I was banned from there too, and get the ads for Viagra etc. when I try to view the site. You can use a proxy to reach it, but I lost interest in even trying, long ago.

    I lurk on the BB but have never posted.

  9. What did you guys do to get banned from IdleTard?

  10. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, I would just read not leave comments, then one day started to get the adds for Viagra, so don’t even bother anymore. Just figured they banned the ip, don’t know a whole lot about that stuff .

    Wanda, i can’t even get in and read at the BB, everytime I try it tells me I have to log in.


  11. “If all you fans truly want TFH to survive as an artist, you are going to have to break down your own walls.”

    Oh give me a break.

  12. Harley, you are most likely an insider in one of those Soul Fortresses.

    I have met so many crazy people in this fandom, half the time I’m not even sure why I’m still here. So much of the SP is awash in “issues”: people who backstab, are spiteful, and outright liars. I’ve never felt so unwelcome and downright uninformed amongst a group of women in my entire life.

    Here’s some advice for any new fans: Save your love and admiration for the artist, himself. It will be wasted in any bonding with most of your “Soul Sisters”.

  13. I’ve been hanging around Taylor land since the beginning, and there have always been lots of different fansites to choose from. You would join and post where you wanted. Most people, like me, joined just about all of them in the beginning, but then found themselves more comfortable at one or another of the boards.

    But then, very early on, the hierarchies started forming. The cool fans post here and not there. Taylor likes this site better than that site. A true fan behaves in this way, and not in that way.

    And then fanbase wars and scandalicious alleged shams began to make the divide even more entrenched, and people were supposed to take sides. You’re either with me, or against me . . . sheesh.

    So much drama and angst over something so silly and inconsequential, when you really think about it. Perhaps some of the boards became private to protect themselves from “the enemy” within the fanbase or from another fanbase. I believe some of them might be private to increase the intrigue factor . . . “I can’t get in there, and so something awesome must be happening that I am missing.”

    I lurk on a couple sites and post on even fewer these days. I’ve been banned from more than a few sites for not having the right point of view. On the sites I still have access to, I just don’t seem to have the right opinion, which is why I don’t bother to post.

    Isn’t it SO much fun to be a Taylor fan?

  14. So what’s the big deal? It seems to me IAG, you posted this just to stir things up again. Walls do not have to be torn down to make T “R” H a success. Like Spinshack said, it’s all about choices. And people have a right to make them. Don’t worry, there’s enough sites you can get on to get all the news you want. And the garbage as well. You don’t have to be privy to all of them. And Taylor will do just fine.

  15. JI, I stay logged in on the BB just so I can lurk. I’ve been a member a long time, but if I post once, I’ll have to start posting on a regular basis, and I’m just not that into it. I prefer blogs like this one. I posted on morph’s once in a while.

  16. Oh Harley. I posted this so we could openly talk about it…something that’s not allowed on most fan boards.

    Taylor needs his fanbase, and with one as unwelcoming as this one, it sure isn’t helping him any.

    Oh, and I know what his middle initial is. πŸ˜‰

  17. “Taylor needs his fanbase, and with one as “unwelcoming as this one”, it sure isn’t helping him any.” I’m assuming you mean your own. Discussing this here is helping his fanbase how? And I know you know his middle initial. I like to refer to him as TRH.

  18. Discussing this here is helping his fanbase by being honest about Taylor, his shortcomings, his strengths, his music, his plans. Regardless of what some think, this isn’t a hate blog, but a realistic fan blog. He is just a musician, and for whatever reason, I’ve decided to stick it out as a fan of his, waiting for the new music, trying to ignore Grease…and hoping to see and hear music and concerts that I know he’s capable of.

  19. I hate his fansites. They are ridiculous. All the ass kissing and sweet talking the “cool” kids in hopes they can help em “score”…’s pathetic. Especially when you see people being stabbed in the back and blatantly lied to.



  20. I prefer TFH, btw. πŸ˜‰

    Well, I can’t believe anyone would ban soulaz. You make the conversaton so much more interesting and fun.

    I don’t think I’m banned from anywhere, but then again, I don’t go anywhere. I’ve pissed off some people on my own blog. (I wrote a charming fable about a silver fox after opening night of Grease which I thought was funny. Some others? Not so much! Don’t look for it, I took it down- I’m a wuss.)

  21. This will sound unintenionally snarky…No one cares….and what I mean by that is that the general public, if looking for “whaterver happened to Taylor Hicks?”, will wind up at his main site. People won’t be looking for “more” forums or sites, in general. I think it should be a priority to keep that public site as up to date as possible, if the general public is the concern, and it looks pretty good, right now.
    The rest of the “fandom” is history….we all have our stories of hyper-involvement, being banned, taking sides, being labelled, etc. Which is ridiculous. I so do not care about that…time waster and doesn’t mean s**t when it comes to Taylor.
    Most regular folks will read up on the guy, buy his music, attend a concert when possible (view the great photo blogs…taysharmonica, of note:-).
    So, no one really cares if there are secret sites or not. I don’t think they help or hurt Taylor either way, other than they keep folks from converging in one place and making his fan base appear larger to the greater public. I don’t see that happening, and perhaps will always be thus, unless there is a megahit that generates a whole new era/generation of Hicksters to follow him around.
    BTW, I thought this was a new GrayCharles site at first. My bad.

  22. IAG….Post of the day! Perfect in fact. But what you just said has nothing to do with being able to get on to the many different Taylor Boards. Or to make you privy to what they have to say. end this…..I agree 100% with your above post…and not your first..about breaking down the walls. Carry on…………..

  23. Hey suze! Thanks for posting.

  24. Ahhh yes.. caryl.. believe it.. Soulaz and I were in banned camp together.. πŸ˜†

    Thing is.. it was the best thing to ever happen to me. πŸ™‚

  25. Two disclaimers….I don’t usually use s**t when posting…I do that, and then usually change it before submitting….it submitted before I changed it.
    Also, I didn’t mean this is a bad site…I quite like the balanced discussion.
    Just meant I was wrong about my thinking that this was GC incarnate.
    And for full disclosure, I am scoots/scooterATL elsewhere.
    I have a certain “airhead” reputation to uphold. Earthy would never do.

  26. Suze, you can say “shit” if you want. It’s ok. πŸ™‚

  27. what about shit shit shitty shit?

    ha….sorry. couldn’t restrain myself.

  28. lol…yeah. o.k.

  29. scoots/scooterATL/suze4158 . . . whoever said you were an airhead? If you really want to keep that reputation, you’re going to have to stop saying things that make so much sense. πŸ˜›

    I totally agree that more casual fans would not care one bit about the history of the fanbase which has caused it to be so fragmented. I think the more you were impacted by it, the more you care.

    And I super-duper agree about the need for Taylor’s official sites to be maintained and updated in a timely manner. It’s all about gatekeeping the release of information . . . that’s the only way Taylor can control the message.

    Caryl . . . I am very much capable of ruffling feathers. I speak my mind. I gave up trying to part of the cool club a long time ago, and have found that I enjoy the freedom outside the clubhouse. And yeah, Harp and I did a bit of ruffling together, hee hee.

  30. spinshack Says:

    Although, Suze, there’s a chance you may find the Gray Ghost making an occasional appearance.

    off topic/] – I’ve been writing up a legal draft. Do you know how often you have to put your own name in reference to yourself? Incredible. Not like talking in third person, more like pi = 3.14159265 gah [/end off topic

  31. JMHO — sometimes I think some fansites are nothing more than egocentric blowhards who have a self-inflated view of their own supposed importance in Taylor’s life/career . . . and the ones who feel they are more important than the others just keep out who they feel aren’t worthy.

    Spare me.

    oh, and IAG — I like the initials TFH for TRH! Keep at it!

  32. Good Lord — I’ve never seen people pick Taylor apart like some of you do here!

  33. Thanks for posting, Glamour. Sorry if you feel that way. This blog is for people to speak their opinions, good or bad, popular or not. πŸ™‚

  34. spinshack Says:

    Grey, poor dear Glamour obviously one of those sweet thangs that just can’t take the funnies or the humor. Puts her in a dither. She’s still caught in the old ways of adhering to the Soul Patrol way and only repeat the mantra set as the ‘proper way’.

    Smelling salts on the right, Glamour. Take care now.

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