See ya at the polls!!


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  1. No fans to talk to during M&Gs lately?

    Oh! That was uncalled for and I didn’t really mean it. I think it was a great audio blog and I’m not even trying to kiss up to him in case he’s reading here. *giggle* No, really, I don’t think he comes here. *playing with my hair coyly* Better go work on something super clever to write next time. *little wave over my shoulder*

  2. Redrosespeedway Says:

    Well, at least he’s trying. I did enjoy the audio blog.

  3. casualfan Says:

    that poll is a no brainer…LOL. I seem to recall Taylor doing an audio last year around this time making the same claims. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Great poll!! Oh, cf is right … a total no-brainer.
    “Dammit, Bill, I need to think of a way to keep those damn HQ memberships from expiring!!! I want to get away again to Italy next fall!!”

    Why am I such a Bad Fan??!!?!?

  5. I vote for #s 1 and 3, (Grey’s blog and the input of all the important posters), plus $ 25 bucks x’s many=several lunches, dinners and bottles, and him being iced in and bored with BW as his only companion, and not being able to search for choice cheeseburgers. The last part, the BW and cheeseburger search part, should be listed under “OTHERS”….

  6. Rosie, you are cracking me up. πŸ˜†

    Did he really say that last year? I might have to go back through all the audio blogs…ahhahaa. So, I did listen to some from the past year yesterday and in every one he yelled “Soul Patrol!!” at the end….until yesterdays.

    I think we’re getting to him, kids. πŸ™„

  7. Seriously, how long do you think it takes to do the pompadour? What could he possibly be doing during those sessions?

  8. Naked unphoto-shopped pictures would do the trick for me!

  9. Photo chopped? How do you say it anyway?

  10. Just naked pictures (Of Taylor). Okay?

  11. hahaahhahah Fairhope. Don’t have any of those lying around.

  12. Pompadore and makeup sessions I will try to address. Taylor knows he is handsome and has good skin, bone structure, cute dimples when he smiles, especially the one on the left side of his face. He knows his eyes are big, expressive and such an asset on AI and he uses them in his Grease teen angel part to advantage. His hair is his trademark. Me thinks it is a hairpiece for Grease. Me also thinks he greatly enjoyed being made up for Idol, the flatiron training and the whole 9 yards. Yes, he has read about his eyelashes, his thighs, package and all of it and knew even before fame he could get women. Good grief he was a musician. He had a thing for shoes, but would wear fugly shirts and let himself get overweight, but he kept keeping on with the music thing. We know how he cleaned up. We see the expensive clothes. We see the good haircuts. The entertainer, the fame seeker in him, eats up acting roles and any and every stage. Hair and make up are his down time, a means to his end, and yet vital to his existance. He goes without sleep, rest, to awake early to get in gear, for early morning TV appearances and loves it. Why he would not trade it right now for the juiciest grade AAA cheesburger! More power to him.

  13. Rosie, you’re on fire, baby! Have you been drinking what spin was drinking the other night?

  14. Rosie, you might want to pass the doobie this way. πŸ˜†

    So, let me get this straight. Taylor likes to flatiron his hair and has a thing for shoes? And I’m not sure I’m seeing the good haircuts that you’re seeing…ahhahahaha

  15. I’d like to know what Taylor does while he’s waiting in that ice cream cone. Any ideas, Rosie?

  16. OMG, i know what he does in the cone. He reads this blog on his blackberry!

  17. Shadowlesssoul Says:

    Yeah.. he’s looking for a cheeseburger alright.. πŸ˜†

    I love that the “churchies” think he means an actual cheeseburger.. *wink-wink* 😈

    Take note of number 3.

    The. pomp. is. not. a. hairpiece.


    Of course he is. πŸ˜‰

  19. Well, Shadow. That’s interesting…hahahhahahaa.

    I don’t think the pomp is a hairpiece either. Wonder how long it takes to get it looking like that.

  20. Hey y’all, I’m just soul patrolling and it is all legal!

  21. There is a program called PhotoShop. Pictures that have been altered are said to be “photo-shopped.” I don’t have many pet peeves, but one of them is seeing somebody type “photo-chopped.” I know it actually makes sense, but I don’t like it.

    All the hairdressing and outfitting in the world can’t change the fact that Taylor’s CD AND single have already both tanked on places like Amazon. We’re whistling into the wind, folks. If a tree falls in the forest, only the squirrels like us are impressed.

  22. hicksaholic Says:

    Apparently Regis and Kelly are having a contest to win a date with Taylor- crazy,huh?

  23. hicksaholic Says:

    I can’t decide whether to root for caryl or rosie

  24. I’m between husbands at the moment. I wonder if Taylor would date a woman with… ahem… experience. I’m only a couple of years older than he is. I could teach him a thing or two about cheeseburgers. Should I apply? Seriously.

  25. hicksaholic Says:

    Go for it.

  26. Why I would be your perfect choice for a date with Taylor Hicks — in one run-on sentence:

    I am close to his age, I love college sports of all kinds, I’m a professional science writer, I don’t like the limelight but I’m comfortable at parties, I love Taylor’s music, I’ve had a crush on him for three years, I’m familiar with the bar scene and I dig it, I’m open-minded and I curse once in a while, and people tell me I look a lot like Kelly, which is fine with me because I’ve always had a girl-crush on her.

  27. Wanda, Kelly might choose you just for the girl-crush thing…go for it. The run-on sentence somehow “works,” too. πŸ˜‰

  28. OK, my honest opinion…this is another desperate attempt for attention. This reminds me of the “hot blonde on the plane I’m looking for” publicity stunt.

    Wanda, go for it, but use caution, don’t take this too seriously. I would have done this for fun, but I don’t think my boyfriend would like it.

    Have a super Sunday!

  29. Shadowlesssoul Says:

    Of course it’s all for publicity. Big deal. It’s all in good fun.

  30. “We’re whistling into the wind, folks. If a tree falls in the forest, only the squirrels like us are impressed.”

    Wanda = Love.

  31. Thank you, writingdoc2, I’m honored that you “get me.” πŸ™‚

    spinshack, it is better to accept reality, and triumph alongside it, than to wish it away and struggle with the alternative.

  32. Wanda, Wanda, Wanda, Girl the CD hasn’t tanked it is not even out yet, his mainstream promotion has not started. The win a date with him is A+ smart promo, a great way to remind all those housewives who voted for him on AI that he has a CD coming out and is gorgeous. Some college kids watch Regis and Kelly. “I have a Dream”, one day I’ll click on Greys, and everyone will be positive about the latest new in Hicksland!

  33. jerseyirish Says:

    Wanda, I also say go for it, you seem the right age for Taylor, could be alot of fun. I’m sure there will be cameras the whole way but still fun to be in his company.

    Yeah I believe it is just a another publicity thing but its all in good fun and puts him in the spotlight again. Its a win, win for him, the coverage, a date with a pretty lady, and dinner on Regis and Kelly.


  34. rosie, rosie, rosie, you put “I have a dream” in quotes and then you waste it with such a banal desire? If some miracle happened and I went on a date with Taylor Hicks, fawning would not be on my agenda.

  35. Wanda, Me fawn! Surely you jest! Think I’ll go listen now to “Dream Myself Awake”…

  36. greeneyes Says:

    Taylor is the 4th highest in added AC stations this week:

  37. greeneyes Says:

    Also WRIR is #38: AC Mediabase – Published Panel – Past 7 Days

  38. jerseyirish Says:

    greeneyes, Thanks for the posts, interesting to look at.


  39. Greeneyes, thanks for the news and I consider it good news.

  40. I’ve actually been listening to the radio (something I rarely do) hoping to hear WRIR. Statistics are just numbers, until I actually hear it for myself.

  41. Snowstorm Says:

    Good luck trying to hear that song on the radio, lol!

  42. jerseyirish Says:

    I’ve been listening also to the NY stations I get here and as of yet haven’t heard it. Don’t have the radio on all the time, its mostly when I am out and running in the car. The reception in the house isn’t good for NY stations.


  43. With only 30 spins of the song this week, over the entire country, it will be pretty difficult for any of us to hear it on the radio. On a side note, I didn’t realize Daughtry was still so high up on the charts, with more stations being added and more spins, etc. Now tell me I’m a party-pooper.

  44. brightlite Says:

    That post of yours has me wandering. lmao.
    Hey spin, it is nice to see you asked for me…I have been busy, working like a girl should. Good news on What’s Right is Right greeneyes. I would love to win a date with Taylor, I am just not that lucky. Did someone say Kelly is looking for girl on girl action? Where do I sign up?
    lol Just kidding.
    And right now the sun is setting through the western trees and it glistens across the horizon like a vast shimmering blaze that cascades about my azure eyes. The more I watch it sink into the earth’s curvature the more I sense how time controls it’s journey back to fullness as it rises once again on the opposing eastern boundary of the planet. All this means is that the Cardinals are destined to kick some serious ass tonight.
    That’s all for now. Sigh. Have a nice day and enjoy the Superbowl.
    Me? I am staying home tonight, enjoying the moments quiet and resplendid, alone and serene, inside and out of my self, for the most part I am thinking and reflecting on time present, a past that remains fixed, and future the looks dynamic.
    Be well and peace.

  45. casualfan Says:

    Wonda, Daughtry ROCKS!

    BL, That “dream” date is already selected so don’t fool yourself.

  46. jerseyirish Says:

    Hey BL, glad to see you around, been a busy girl? Lots going on, put in for that dream date, your single why not?

    Casualfan, Your really thing they have someone already lined up and its all just a hype? Well if some don’t try they will never know.


  47. brightlite Says:

    Don’t worry casualfan I am not trying for it. I understand how entertainment works. I am not fooled. I think Wanda needs that little quip of yours though. Wrong poster. lol
    Be well.

  48. I agree, Casualfan, Daughtry rocks.

    You think the date thing might be a set-up? Maybe they don’t think they’ll get a very big pool of age-appropriate applicants…? I’m leaning toward actually sending in my app.

  49. brightlite Says:

    Jersey I have been busy…working to pay the bills. Made some serious dollars over the past few days. I am tired though, slept in today but I got my steam this afternoon and got rolling so to speak.
    I hope you are well. All is good here. All well as they say.
    Go Cards!!!!!!!!

  50. brightlite Says:

    Wanda…did you say you are between husbands? I never heard that expression before. What exactly does that mean? lol
    I am so in a mood, you will have to excuse me.

  51. brightlite Says:


  52. brightlite, it’s just like being between jobs. You had one, you don’t have it anymore, but you’re confident in your ability to get another one. But I’m in no rush to marry again. I would go on a date with Taylor, but I think the publicity would be a big turn-off for me.

  53. brightlite Says:

    I think you should try it. Apply and see if you are selected. Then if you are just take it one day at a time. As far as publicity goes, don’t worry about it. There is a saying that if people are talking about you it means you are two steps ahead of them. And there is no such thing as bad publicity Wanda. You sound like a fun date, I am certain Taylor would approve especially if you look like Kelly. She is hot. Send in your picture, that should convince the producers you are perfect for the date. Good luck!

  54. hicksaholic Says:

    casualfan, I’m with you- I doubt a date will be selected from the applications. The appropriate type has likely been identified. Frankly I can’t imagine Taylor really going along with it unless it’s more of a business arrangement. I would love to know how many and who applies though. Taylor will definitely get to test out his acting skills to make it seem random.

  55. brightlite, I disagree about there being no such thing as bad publicity. A fun date? I can be a fun date, but I wouldn’t raise my shirt to a demand of “show me your tits,” which is what I heard Taylor said to somebody at a party for another Idol. I’d boss him around. I’d use him and lose him. So it’s probably best that I not put him through that heartache.

  56. brightlite Says:

    Wanda what are you talking about? Use him and lose him? I take it back, you really should not apply. I would like to know your source for your Taylor request, but even if he did say that…it isn’t a big deal. All men and quite a few women talk that way, and if that upsets you…then you are right you would not like being with a guy like Taylor. Cmon.

  57. britelite… “All men and quite a few women talk that way” is how you rationalize his making a jackass of himself? Hmm, when was the last time you went to a party, and a man said to you, “Hey britelite, show me your tits!” I can’t remember the last time (or the first time) that happened to me. Would it upset me? I would roll my eyes at the bastard and walk the other way. Come on now, ‘fess up. That’s what you would do too.

  58. jerseyirish Says:

    Wanda, wow, you would probably be his match leading the way, I’m sure he is used to being the leader, guess your right it wouldn’t work. Never heard about the shirt lifting, but you know boys and boobs they go together. Not long ago a young lady I work with came up to me and said she met my son at a party and he was quite drunk had some beads and offered them to her to lift her shrit. She didn’t and I had a good time busting him about it. He said he didn’t remember her or the bead thing.

    BL, Yeah been busy also, as long as everything is good thats great. Had a good weekend at work that always helps!!! πŸ™‚


  59. hicksaholic Says:

    I’m with you and although I don’t know the circumstances or if it even happened but unless the other person really asked for it by making an inappropriate comment first it’s not a very good thing to say. Unless of course he was at Mardi Gras and then it would be pretty appropriate.

  60. Yes, JI, that’s a Mardi Gras thing, isn’t it. Hey, is there something we can say to the guys, like, “Show me your balls?” LOL I’m sure they would be quite happy to comply.

  61. hicksaholic, if I remember correctly, it was talked about on a David Cook board. So I think they are the ones who heard, or knew who heard, Taylor say it. I don’t claim personal knowledge of it. It’s not something new.

  62. brightlite Says:

    I quit a job as a cocktail waitress because a man shoved his hand up my skirt as I bent over to reach for a glass, so I am no stranger sexually harrassing gestures or speech. I find the comment offensive but I can not change the world nor would I want to change Taylor. If this is who he is, than that is just it. Boss him around? You make me laugh. He is a man and doesn’t need bossing nor would he take that. If you want to date him as you claim than you must first like him and like who he is. If you find him offensive as your post indicates than why would you want to be with him? You make no sense at all. Jersey has it right, boys will be boys. I am mature enough to get that much. And yes girls do talk that way to each other and in front of men. It doens’t mean that I do. In my new job I hear alot of talk, and while it is offensive, I cannot as I say, change the world. Listen to the song up there. I can only control myself and not others as people will do as they wish. So your comment once again is perplexing. Do not call Taylor a jackass.

  63. I have a feeling it would turn him on, britelite, for me to call him a jackass. But neither you nor I will ever find out for sure. What I do know is that many men don’t like “yes” women; they like a challenge. Taylor is used to his Soul Patrol fans treating him like he’s an idol or something. I consider myself his equal. If you don’t, well, to each her own. You’re the one with the truest opinion of yourself.

  64. brightlite Says:

    Oh and Wanda, the last time I was at a party…I don’t go to “parties.” The last party I went to was at my neighbor’s house, five doors down. It was a wild night. (Not) I actually spent the evening on the Saynow line. Woooooooooooohooooooooooooo!!
    But I loved it. πŸ™‚ I am such a wild woman right jersey? lol

  65. I had to google “Saynow line.” LOL I guess you’re a little younger than I am.

  66. brightlite Says:

    Don’t know where you are going with that one but I am certain that after an extended period of time, even a “no” woman has her limits. But people see what they want to see and twist things to suit themsleves.
    I am not a “yes” woman far from it, and Taylor is not a jackass. He is human and so are you and so am I. So let’s all beat ourselves up for our sins and for our imperfections. Wanda if you are so innocent please cast the first stone, only when you do, be careful of the ripple effect.

  67. brightlite, it is not only the innocent who cast stones. (If they cast stones, can they be innocent?) If somebody needs to be hit with a stone, well, hand me one and I’ll konk them on the noggin. But I don’t think Taylor needs to be hit in the head; maybe kicked in the groin a couple of times. LOL

  68. brightlite Says:

    You are younger than I am and you look like Kelly Ripa. You cannot be younger than I am and look like her. Physically impossible. Defies logic.
    This is a boring conversation now. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Taylor’s dream date is simply for publicity and whatever it is, real or not, we won’t be privy to it. And Wanda you are correct that neither you or I will know if Taylor likes to be called a jackass, since casual said it right…it is arranged, and you won’t be picked (now watch the girl be named Wanda!! lol) and I would not either, since I would not apply.

  69. I said you were younger than I am, not the other way around. I already said I’m a little older than Taylor.

  70. brightlite, if they pick a girl named Wanda, it won’t be me. My name’s not really Wanda, just like yours is not really brightlite.

  71. Has anyone other than me gone to the site and read the questions? Now i’ll be inundated with emails from the R&K show. The staff will weed thru the applicants, probably rule out any women with kids, definately rule out the too old and not pretty and then Tay will be left to choose among the finalists. If you apply don’t sound like you are ga ga over him, but don’t mention you love Daughtry and don’t threaten to kick him in the balls! The show me your tits thing is a rumor, falsely spread, like some other past Tay rumors.

  72. LOL! rosie, if we threaten to kick him in the balls, I doubt our entries will go very far.

    The thing about a rumor is, how do you know which ones are true and which ones are not? We can’t just believe the good ones and say the bad ones are false. Some of each are probably true.

  73. The contest is not fixed. I know someone who has had experience with these type things and leaving it open produces a far better end result, than hiring some actress to pretend to be the winner.

  74. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I did go over and read the biography but didn’t want to log into the show so I didn’t read the questions.

    I think however it is going to be handled it will be fun for all invloved, he gets alot of good press out of it and some young lady gets to go out with him cameras and all!!!!:)


  75. casualfan Says:

    LOL! It’s all done for PR and fun. These things are usually always pre-selected and the date is a paid something. The camera’s will be rolling and pics taken for the happy union.

    Wanda-go for it girlfriend!

  76. brightlite Says:

    My name is brightlite. Rosie is right. The screening process is for entertainment sake. They will pick an age appropriate candidate, or some eye candy, or perhaps even a model type and really build the hype.
    It will be fun for Taylor. But Rosie… Wanda heard the alleged information on a David Cook board! Isn’t that foolproof? I believe half of what I see and nothing of what I hear, and even less of what I read on David Cook’s board. LOL
    Is this another version of the Taylor’s infinite murmuring of the “F” bomb?

  77. brightlite Says:

    Oh Rosie I stand corrected. We don’t agree then. No biggie.
    Wanda when you said you read it on a David Cook board I just shook my head. You don’t know the context, nor do you have verification of what he said. I have to see it to believe it I guess. I think well of him and when you think well of someone you tend not to believe everything you read on DC’s board. Now if I heard it on the BBC…
    I might believe it….maybe. πŸ™‚

  78. Okay, Wanda I’ll buy the half true–half false rumor thing. So he only asked the woman to show him her left breast, is probably the real story. Those David Cook fans are just jellus of Taylor and spreading half true/half false rumors.

  79. casualfan Says:

    I can’t imagine Taylor asking anyone to show him their breasts, not unless it is in private of course.

  80. What I can’t imagine is that anyone would think David Cook fans are jealous of Taylor Hicks…

    I registered at R&K and here are the questions.

    What’s the longest relationship you’ve been in?

    Have you ever been married or engaged?

    Do you have children?

    What are your best qualities?

    What are your hobbies?

    What is your idea of a perfect date?

    What is the worst date you’ve ever gone on and why?

    What is your biggest turn-on in a guy?

    What’s your biggest turn-off in a guy?

    Why do you want to date this celebrity?

    Please attach a recent photo of yourself.

  81. jerseyirish Says:

    Whether it happened or not it is just a guy thing, nothing wrong if they find someone willing to go for it.

    Rosie, What were some of the questions they asked at the site?

    Went in to watch some of the game with my hubby, must not be a real good game he’s out cold sound asleep, I’ll wake him in a bit so he doesn’t miss the whole game I know he wanted to watch it.


  82. Shadowlesssoul Says:

    The younger single women with a child or children might be better publicity for him.

    I personally think it would be kinda hot if the “show me your tits” story was real. 😈

    Who cares if it’s fixed or whatever. It’s publicity. Good, bad or indifferent he can use it.

  83. JI, I listed all the questions above.

  84. Thanks Wanda I was just going to post them. You also have to give your info, so no lying about your age and sending in a 15 yr. old photo. Now who would do that! My guess the winner will look very clean cut and classy, be in her mid to late 20’s and be into music and sports, and sport a B cup.

  85. brightlite Says:

    Still if he said it or not–I don’t see the big deal. Did you ever listen to the audio of John Lennon talking about nibbling on some famous singer’s “nipples.” I am laughing out loud because I cannot remember who it was (i think it was Carly Simon, I could be wrong) but I read that in the the Daily News. Should we believe that and does that mean Lenon was a perv? How about human, genius, and creatively unique. Also i want to add that Taylor handwriting is strikingly similar to Lennon’s. Creative genius think alike and maybe have a fascination with boobs?
    Quite possibly true! Someone on here will know who the female singer was…I am not a wild woman nor am I a prude. Taylor is not a priest nor is he a dirtbag. He is a guy. A regular guy who happens to be an Idol.

  86. so i’m the only one who could see taylor drinking whiskey and getting all frisky with the chicas?

    you must not hang out with musicians much. HAHAHAHA……

  87. That site is really slooooow for me. I wonder if they will eliminate divorcees… Nah, they’ll probably pick finalists based on the photos. But I don’t know if I want to go through all that question-answering garbage.

  88. brightlite Says:

    Well I have had enough of this discussion. I haven’t fixated this much on boobs in years. lol. I am getting ready to fall asleep too, the game is boring as hell.
    Good night all.
    hugs and kisses

  89. omg you did not just compare taylor hicks to john lennon….please tell me you didn’t.

  90. jerseyirish Says:

    Wanda, Thanks for the questions, must have posted as I was asking. However it is done I think it will be good for him and whoever they pick as his date, alot of good postive press can’t beat that.


  91. spinshack Says:

    Considering Mr. Hicks likes a gal to flaunt ’em according to the rumor mill, I’d think that something to add to your ‘resume’. “Will flash you my boobs!” Too, “I’m blonde!” and “I enter wet T-shirt contests” may add to your mystique. lol

    Cards down BTW if anyone cares. Hoping for a better second. Bruce S. to play soon. *cheersing*

  92. You’re welcome, JI. If I had to place a bet, I’d bet that nothing will come of this “romance” after the show is over.

  93. Ok.

    I can’t believe you all just had this long ass conversation about whether Taylor asked to see some girls tits. Okay.

    Anyway…as for the “date”, it is for publicity, of course. Everything Taylor does is for publicity. That’s kind of the point.

  94. Rhonda, I think she compared Taylor’s songwriting ability to Lennon’s. And I have to DISAGREE. For sure.

  95. jerseyirish Says:

    Wanda, I agree this will be hi how you doing, nice night, goodbye, but lots of smiles for the camera. I still think it will be a fun thing for him to do just more good press for him.

    BL, Goodnight……………….


  96. Springsteen ROCKED.

  97. Springsteen did rock. But how hilarious was it when he racked himself? HAHHA…Bet that hurt.

  98. jerseyirish Says:

    I thought it was a good halftime show, hubby woke up and watched with me. Said the game wasn’t that good, maybe the second half will be better.


  99. Good grief . . . I caught up on the comments, while they were going over the final play of the first half, which broke my little Arizona heart.

    Springsteen was his usual amazing self, I hate 100 yard interception run backs against my team, Taylor likes tits, and Wanda wants to go on a date with Taylor so that she can tell him he’s a jackass for liking tits.

    I’m gonna go watch the 2nd half now . . . πŸ˜›

  100. Yep, I’m gonna get all decked out in my dominatrix outfit with those six-inch stilettos and a shiny black whip. I’ll handcuff him to the bed and take him to church.

  101. Springsteen also looked good. It was a stroke of luck that Jordin Sparks sang at last years SB. You all know Brite thinks Tay is special and has creative genius qualities. Funny thing is Brite teaches chemistry and Wanda stated she is a science writer, GO FIGURE! They meet in Tay land and discuss a show me your tits rumor! Gotta love it. I used to be a feature editor for a newspaper, now who would think that!

  102. Brightlite teaches chemistry? I’m sorry but that does not compute. I’m not trying to insult her, but her talents obviously lie in other directions.

  103. Rosie, were you really a feature editor for a newspaper? Can you help me get a job?

    I’ll bet Taylor already has a girlfriend, anyway. One of those hot dancers in Grease, dontcha think?

  104. Naw caryl.. it’s Frenchy.. I’ve read the fanfic. πŸ˜†

  105. Wanda! Couldn’t have said it better! He does need a kick in the balls! This is the first that I have heard the boob comment but I CAN believe he said it. That just really turns me off! And you gals defending him because he may have been drunk or he was just being a guy are delusional and deserve to be sexually harrassed!

    Taylor is so full of himself! Give him hell Wanda! Damn! I can not believe y’all are defending him! Gross!!!!!

  106. Soulaz! Girlfriend! I do hope he likes boobs, but to say that to a woman in a public place for others to hear? Yuck!

  107. Can y’all tell I work in Human Resources??????

  108. Fairhope…let’s take it down a notch.

    First of all, nobody knows what Taylor said. Therefore, it’s hearsay. Secondly, if he did say it, I really don’t give a shit. I’m sure you’ve said worse, and so have I. I am not going to defend Taylor for a comment he MIGHT have said, but I’m also not going to drag him down for it, either.

    Let’s get excited about something that deserves getting excited about. Geez.

  109. I am dumbfounded by your comments Grey! You don’t give a shit if he said it? What IF he said it and he said it to your 15 y/o daughter, would you care then? Are y’all defending him because he is Taylor?

    God y’all are making me feel like I am a founding member of NOW!

  110. And take it down a notch? What have I stated that is any worse than anyone else on your blog?

  111. No, I don’t give a shit if he said it. What do I care? He’s a grown man, who can do and say as he pleases. He already has a mother, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need any more.

  112. If he already has a mother then you need to let all of the ladies on Boogie know. Oh, wait a minute, they are grandmothers and he already has one of those too!

    I was 28 when I became a mother not 13. So I can’t possibly be his mother! Not trying to anyway. And doing and saying as he pleases can make him lose fans. Just saying….

  113. Well, I’m pretty sure he’s already doing as he pleases.

  114. taylorfan06 Says:

    good for you, aig.

  115. taylorfan06 Says:


  116. Welcome, boezoey!! Thanks for posting!

  117. Well, darnit, I missed all the fun! I’ll just comment to myself:

    I doubt Taylor said that to some girl. It makes for a good story, though.

    Taylor did a good job on his audioblog, for whatever reason.

    As for the date thing? It gets him back on Regis & Kelly, so why not? The actual date part is kind of bizarre, but whatever.

    And Rosie? I still want to know if you were really a feature editor for a newspaper.

  118. Maybe this televised matchmaking experience will be such a hit that he’ll want to do it on a grander scale next time…you know, sort of like (the bandana is really for sport…*cough* *cough*) Bret Michael’s “Rock of Love.” Taylor’s show would need a catchier name, though. πŸ˜‰

  119. spinshack Says:

    Doc, that’s It! The next angle for publicity! “Taylor Hicks’ Chicks”, has to be the name… (Saw that on a sign when he visited B’Ham during Idol.) hahaha!

    I can see it now. Think of the on-line chaos that would wreck. *giggles*

  120. Snowstorm Says:

    LoL, I wonder how many soul patrollers are trying to convince their daughters or granddaughters to enter. Poor Taylor!

  121. Caryl, Yep was a feature ed of a small weekly newspaper back in the dark ages. My strength was not writing but ideas. I had to deal with layouts, headlines a looney cartoonist, deadlines plus my own weekly column. My ideas tend to be all over the place and when I try humor many do not get it and when I write serious stuff or even talk, people laugh when I’m not trying to be funny. Writing seems to be Your thing. Don’t know if you were serious about looking for a job, but if so I wish you the best of luck.

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