Seven Mile Breakdown

Anybody who’s hung around the Taylor Hicks fandom for a while has heard of Spoonful James. This a great band and a great group of guys who are truly all about the music. The band consists of Wynn Christian on guitars & lead vocals, Quinn “Dirty” Borland on bass guitar, Eric Baath playing the piano & Hammond B-3 organ and Patrick Lunceford, who is awesome on the drums. Seven Mile Breakdown has always been one of my favorite songs from them. Here they played with Taylor at Ona’s in May of 2008.

Just a good blend of harmonica and rockin’ southern soul.

Here’s another sampling of Spoonful James with Taylor…Love, love, love this song. Their vocals sound so good together.

For those of you lucky enough to be around the FloraBama April 3rd, they will be there. That would be a great show to take in.


58 Responses to “Seven Mile Breakdown”

  1. Great videos, tunes. Looking forward to hearing this on the album!

    Where would we be without Youtube vids to pass this kind of moment(s) along?

  2. Exactly, Spin.

    I’m glad to see that Taylor has lifted his total ban on releasing his new songs.

  3. The more I hear about this CD the more excited I’m getting for it. It sounds like he’s covering almost every genre with the span of 14 songs.

    Something for everyone. πŸ™‚

  4. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, two great video’s they do sound great together. Like CS said looks like he may have found a way of covering many genres on this CD. Can’t wait to hear his takes on these covers, he usually does them better than the origianl.


  5. Something for everyone does not work and here’s why…

    If you are the average person (not a SP’er) and you like a couple of songs, but not the rest of it, are you going to buy the cd? Of course not. Most likely, you will only download the songs you like. Of course, that’s true for any cd out there, but, if you only like blues and soul and don’t like pop, then you have some unhappy people and vice versa. You cannot please everybody, so it really is best to stick to one genre. That’s what happened to his Taylor Hicks cd, tried to please everybody and ended up pleasing nobody.

  6. Snow, Snow, Snow, It seems he can’t please you. I’m happy the rest of you see some merit in the covers he decided to do. I am not quite the believer in his song writing ability, as are some of you. Some he wrote that had good lyrics, did not seem the right key for him, or didn’t show his range or soulfulness. Some seemed to me to be middle of the road, blues, soul, funk and jazz, although when he did them live, they were good. So many of the covers are old obscure songs which is a good thing and I’m really looking forward to this CD. I’m sure he has it in him to write a great song, but he has been under a lot of pressure, and this way, the critics won’t have his song writing ability to kick around. Did I say before I think he made a smart move? Yes, I think I did.

  7. Snowstorm Says:

    We don’t know yet if these are covers. It could be they just have the title as these old songs. Lots of different songs have the same title.

  8. taylorfan06 Says:

    Your opinion SS, or should I call you “Einstein”.

    “Taylor Hicks” is a great CD and it definitely pleased this “nobody”, as well as the MANY other “nobodys” that got it certified platinum by the RIAA. It’s a shame that MORE people didn’t buy it because YES, those “nobody’s” would have loved it, too. There’s a lot to LOVE on that CD, just like IYT and UTR. The same will hold true for “The Distance”.

    As I said before, not every artist can please every fan with every song.
    Many CD’s in my collection by Elton, The Stones, GNR, James Taylor, Chicago, etc., have songs I don’t care for so much, but they haven’t lost me as a fan because of it. The same goes for Taylor. Even the Beatles fit it that category. That’s how it is. If you don’t want to be a fan, then go elsewhere.

    SS, It seems like every comment you post here is negative. Is your life that unhappy that you have to bring it here to make yourself feel better. Maybe you should contact another genius, like Dr. Phil, to improve your disposition. Just sayin’…

  9. Snowstorm Says:

    Nope, not negative..try REALISTIC and it’s about time Taylor’s fans got a dose of it. Also, comparing Taylor Hicks to those artists you listed is not a very smart thing to do. The only thing Taylor has accomplished in music so far, is winning a reality tv show. You also seemed to forget that Taylor SHIPPED a million. He didn’t SELL a million. Understand?

  10. Let’s keep the comments on the music and not direct personal insults at one another. There are lots of other places that can be done, but this isn’t one of them.

  11. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, Yes I will buy a CD even if I only like 1 or 2 songs that I know of. If you don’t listen then you don’t know. Example my kids like rock/punk I really enjoy a couple of the bands they listen to The Generators and The Street Dogs, do I like all the songs on the CD no but have them and can relisten whenever I want and may grow to like them. Since I have been here the only positve thing I have seen you post was that you went to see Grease. Why would you spend your money on someone you don’t feel is making the grade? You seem to have no faith in his ability to put out anything worthwhile, just don’t get it. Maybe it is time to move on to someone whose music makes you happy, evidently Taylor just doesn’t do it for you.


  12. And here’s another thing. I’m getting tired of people coming on here telling others that they need to “move on”. That shit is getting old. Everybody is here because they are a fan of Taylors. Period.

    I certainly don’t need anybody telling me to not be a fan. Neither do my other posters.

    I’m a little cranky today.

  13. Snowstorm Says:

    ji, let’s not carried away here…these are just opinions. Nothing is written in stone, but I do have a background in music. Keep that in mind. Of course, I’m a fan, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t. But, the difference between you and me is that I’m not hardcore and I don’t think it’s necessary to like everything the artist does. I’m not a big fan of his TH cd..only liked a few songs, but I do like his early stuff…The Fall, Son of a Carpenter and West Texas Sky. He has so much potential to be great, but it just has not been realized yet.

  14. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, I believe I just said that I don’t like everything folks do but it doesn’t stop me from buying the music. I understand you have a background in music I only like what I hear and have always liked what I hear from Taylor. I am a fan who enjoys the man and his music, so far there hasn’t been anything I personally haven’t liked. The way you post it comes across as being very anit Taylor that he doesn’t do anything right. Some folks are happy with what he has done to date and what is wrong with that. It is just varying opinions.


  15. “I’m glad to see that Taylor has lifted his total ban on releasing his new songs”

    Did he lift the ban? I am still getting caught up on things. I like 7 Mile Breakdown. Can’t wait to hear some of these songs on the new CD.

    And JMHO, I like the fan videos. I don’t think it takes away from Taylor, but lets people who wouldn’t normally see him live, see what they are missing. But, then again, what do I know? I am just a BAAAAAD Fan.

  16. I enjoyed listening and watching the videos you posted Grey, and anyone can see you are heavily into Taylor due to your knowledge about him and the fact you have a blog. But you and some others do pick him apart, such as with WRIW, and moreso than I would imagine a music critic would do in a review. Eyesial is right, he needs a commercial song to make an impact, and by any standards WRIW is a decent song. I guess you wanted him to write a soul song as his single, and even if it was not a seller, it would make you happy. Just remember it is a very tough business and he needs to make good money if he wants to tour the CD.

  17. Snowstorm Says:

    ji, if Taylor does not accomplish anything in music, he will just fade away. His fanbase isn’t large enough to support him. Hate to burst your bubble. That’s the reason he’s looking into acting opportunities. You either make it in music or you don’t – there’s no in between, unless he wants to go back to where he was before Idol.. a struggling artist.. I kind of doubt that, though.

    So, if Taylor does music you don’t like it, you would still buy it, did I get that right? I’m not like that.. if I don’t like it, I won’t buy it.

  18. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, If there were songs I didn’t particulary like I would still buy it and give it a listen and maybe grow to like it.

    I have always said this CD is critical for him to have good sales to turn things around for him as far as marketing a CD. I don’t think Taylor will fade away he has got too much fight in him to let his music slip away from him. He may do smaller venues like he is now and that is still ok. I’ve never said I think he is a super star, just a guy that I like his music. If he doesn’t acheive A1 rating as a musician who cares, I’ll still enjoy him as a performer.


  19. I get that Rosie…I understand that it takes money to make money, and I do pick him apart when I feel like I should. But what’s wrong with saying that Taylor can do better? Surely, you don’t think he’s at the peak of his career, do you? Because if so, it wasn’t a very long one.

    I don’t think that I would be speculating if I said that Taylor aspires to be his best. And that’s what I want for him. I want him to be successful, to be happy. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be putting this much time and effort into a blog…discussing, or some would say, dissecting his career and music and trying to expose people to some new music along the way.

    I’m not saying my way is the right way, but something has to be better than the last two muslc-less years.

  20. Bad Fan, I shouldn’t have said that Taylor lifted his ban. What I meant by that is that he’s released his single to his fans before the actual release date and finally gave us some information on the tracks for the cd.

    Thanks for posting!

  21. Snowstorm Says:

    ji, do you have any idea how much money it takes to have a music career? Taylor has no label backing, that means EVERYTHING comes out of his pocket. That sounds like what he was doing before Idol to me.

  22. taylorfan06 Says:

    SS, stop it! If you don’t like, and won’t buy it, good for you. Let those who like Taylor, buy Taylor. I agree with ji on her about not hearing a song by Taylor she dislikes. I actually connect with her as a fan and enjoy reading her comments. I also connect with Taylor (my right).

    And yes, for me I do put Taylor on the list of artists I’ve listed previously, in addition to The Eagles, Genesis, Green Day, Linda Ronstadt, Abba, Fleetwood Mac, Clint Black, Vince Gill, Bruce Springsteen, I could go on and on. To me they are ALL GREAT!

    Taylor’s music brings me the same kind of joy as listening to these artists and many, many others. So why wouldn’t I include him. My music, my taste. I also like other artist that don’t get the coverage they deserve. To me, like Taylor, it IS all about the music! We like what we like, plain and simple. (And we know Taylor is “plain” folk). Family crest reference. Could be too inside for some.

    Speaking of coverage, Taylor has an article about the release of “The Distance” at The promotion continues. Good for us, good for Taylor (wherever it goes).

  23. Snowstorm Says:

    taylorfan06, of course it’s your right and Taylor does need fans like you, but it’s also my right to see things how they REALLY are.

  24. I don’t feel the need to delve into or critize Taylor’s music > If I like it I like it..If I ldon’t like it I skip to the next track ,but maybe the next listener will love that one. I think people need to chill and just enjoy the ones you like and skip the ones you don’t. Why do some of his fans feel that the cd should be everything THEY wantanother fan might like something different. I really like the TH cd. I don’t love every song and I like Early Works better, but it is a good solid record. Having different sounds and genres on one cd is a compliment to the listener as far as I can see. Taylor has the ability to do different music, not all artists do. Some, like Daughtry have sold big time #’s but the cd to me is boring and very repititous. But a lot of people loved it. It is very subjective and I like that Taylor wants to please various listeners instead of 14 songs with one sound.

  25. Taylorfan06, I read that article and notices it lists 11 songs, so I’m assuming Hide Nor Hair, Yes We Can, and Indiscriminate Act Of Kindness, won’t be on the CD. Anyway just look how much more info we have now than we had as recently as 48hrs. ago. Y’all must agree that is good.

  26. Snowstorm Says:

    I think Daughtry was successful only because MORE people like rock. It comes down to numbers. I can’t really say that the music was better than Taylor’s, because you are comparing apples to oranges.

  27. SS…I wasn’t comparing Daughtry to Taylor at all…there is no comparison for me Taylor’s voice, to me, is superior. The point was music is subjective. What I was pointing out was the fact that the versility of Taylor’s music is more to my liking. A whole cd with one sound is not. You stated that Taylor’s cd should stick to one genre, my opinion differs. I think Taylor realizes that his fans have a wide range of musical tastes and we can handle a diversity.IMO

  28. taylorfan06 Says:

    Well said gigi and rosie. We are in total agreement. See you at the Roxy in L.A.??

  29. Snowstorm Says:

    You mean you can handle the diversity, but most people usually like specific genres of music. For example, I remember when the TH cd came out and many people on GC didn’t like it and most said, they didn’t like the over-produced pop sound of the cd. That’s a fact, btw.

  30. taylorfan06 Says:

    Rosie: I saw where Taylor said that “Yes We Can” (a Pointer Sisters cover, “Yes We Can Can” from 1973) will be the b-side of WRIR. I hope to see both available next Tuesday! Fingers crossed.

    Check out for the “on air” topic to see the interview from this morning.

  31. taylorfan06 Says:

    Regardless, TH is still certified platinum from the RIAA. That’s FACT!

  32. Snowstorm Says:

    But, the stores had TONS of unsold inventory!! FACT!!!

  33. Snowstorm Says:

    Listen, it’s futile to try to win any arguments with me, lol! πŸ˜‰

  34. taylorfan06 Says:


  35. taylorfan06 Says:

    If I gave you a lemon, SS, would you make lemonade?

  36. Snowstorm Says:

    I don’t do lemons. πŸ˜‰

  37. taylorfan06 Says:

    Do you do windows?

  38. SS….Most of Taylor’s fans can handle diversity. That’s why we like Taylor he is unique, not your cookie-cutter artist like SO many others.

    He brings magic to music that no one has done for a very long time for the majority of us. If he doesn’t do it for you , who would you say does bring the magic for you?

  39. jerseyirish Says:

    taylorfan06, Thanks for the support, I agree with all you have said.

    gigi, He has definetely bought back music I haven’t heard in a long time, which makes me happy.

    SS, I know doing a tour is a costly venture, thats why these shadow dates for him are so good. He is promoting his music without the cost, the man is making it work. The shadow dates have to be less costly for him as the travel is on Grease, he has pay the folks in the band, the place takes their share and no other overhead.


  40. Snowstorm Says:

    My favorites are too numerious to list. I like modern music, as well as old music. I like all genres, but I mostly like alternative rock, pop-rock, R&B, hip hop, jazz and some country. I look mostly at good songs, rather than genre.

  41. April 3rd? Okay, I’ll be there! Anyone else???? Oh, and the arguement is getting booorrrrring!

  42. I was at Ona’s that night…MAGIC. Bring it on Home to me was FANTASTIC.

  43. Grey said, “I’m glad to see that Taylor has lifted his total ban on releasing his new songs.” I say πŸ˜‰ It’s a step isn’t it?

    Snow I have to add how much I enjoy you.

    This has been a nice conversation on here today. Love coming here. Keep on keepin on y’all.

    Nice to see you here, gigi.

    Fairhope, it’s what we call ‘discussin’. LOL

  44. JustForFun Says:

    “Something for everyone does not work and here’s why…”

    SS something for everyone didn’t didn’t Hurt Kid Rock’s last album did it? KR’s latest CD was his most successful to date.

    Regardless what you believe you are not the expert of all things in the music industry. Maybe before you crucify Taylor for his choices you should actually hear the tracks on the album.

  45. taylorfan06 Says:

    Right on, jff

  46. JustForFun Says:

    “Listen, it’s futile to try to win any arguments with me, lol! ”

    SS checkmate! Answer my post about something for everyone and Kid Rock’s latest CD’s success.

    If you’re asking for a battle of wits with someone reading this blog. Come on take me on.

  47. I believe something for everyone works very well. When I create my own CDS there is music on them from many genres. I do make a CD that is all rock, country, blues or whatever. There is a mix. I have some that have Elvis, AC/DC, Loretta Lynn, Carrie Underwod, Kid Rock, NickleBack and Taylor all on one CD. If I am in the mood for country only or whatever I can skip to the track that has that. Most times though I listen to each song.

    Everyone I knows creates CDS that way. My son as rap, country and rock all together on his CDS. I do not like to listen to a whole CD that is just one type of music. I like the mixture and so does almost everyone I know. But that is JMO

  48. Check this out…just goes to show you can’t believe everything you read.

    Hicks’ co-wrote “Wedding Day Blues,” “Seven Mile Breakdown,” “Hide Nor Hair” and “Woman Gotta Have It,” in addition to the newly-unveiled song and the title track, reports Ace Showbiz.

  49. Virtual Speak Says:

    This is why everything is rumored till we see the liner notes. Most have the CD as a CD of all covers, and that may not be the case at all.

    I’m excited to hear it. πŸ™‚

  50. I’m with you, VS. I am actually really excited since I heard some of the covers that he’s going to be doing.

  51. Snowstorm Says:

    Kid Rock is an established artist and once you are established you can take risks. Didn’t Kid Rock start out as a rap artist mixed in with Rock? Also, Kid Rock’s image is as different from Taylor’s as night and day with completely different audiences. You all seem to forget that Taylor is not established and has no hit songs on the charts, unless you want to look at DIMYP as a hit song, but that was another lame AI coronation song. Kid Rock has NEVER had a song debutting in the AC category. Such big differences here, it’s actually kind of laughable. Taylor has the “Southern Gentleman” boy scout image. Kid Rock is dirty, likes to drink and fight and his music reflects his image.

  52. Maybe before you crucify Taylor for his choices you should actually hear the tracks on the album.

    How can I crucify his choices, I don’t even know what’s on there, lol! Except for his new single, and I did not particularly care for it.

  53. I do that too, poetcndy, my homemade CDs are all a composition of many artists and styles, I have no problem with Hicks having different styles on his CD, thing is he delivers them in his way. That provides a cohesiveness.

    I read that yesterday, Grey, about his co-writing those songs. Yeah, there he sat co-writing with Ray… those were the days. I just hate when writers do absolutely no work on their own for a piece. Hacks.

    Yeah Kid Rock walks the talk doesn’t he?

    “Battle of the wits”. Hahaha, this should be interesting.

  54. hicksaholic Says:

    I really want to go to the Florabama too- that’s not Easter weekend is it?

  55. Not sure. I think I will make it a girls night out. No husbands allowed. I think it is too soon for the Mullet Toss. The last time I was at The FB I had a little too much fun!

  56. The last time I was at the FB, I’m not sure I remember what happened. πŸ™‚ But I know it was a good time!!

  57. You go girl!

  58. […] raw, passionate Taylor, along with his friends, really feeling the music. I’ve already done one post on Spoonful James and how great they are, but, honestly, I don’t think they get the credit […]

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