More shadow touring…

Just found out that Taylor is going to be playing at the Roxy on March 18th, according to the LA Times.

Good for him…now all those west coasters who have been feeling so left out can see the man in action again. Maybe, just maybe, that’s when he’ll be on American Idol. But you know me, I won’t believe that until I see it.



35 Responses to “More shadow touring…”

  1. taylorfan06 Says:

    Great News!!! I heard about this earlier and will definitely be seeing Taylor at The Roxy!!! Maybe I’ll see some you there too!

  2. Nice blog! Maybe I’ve been gone too long.

  3. littlewing Says:

    Well that’s good news for the West coasters. Hope it comes to fruition.

    Someone posted this at MJ’s today. Check out the little nugget in “TH album details”


  4. Morph! What’s kicking biotch? Watch out, I think you have some “fans” who comment on this blog! Good blog, huh?

  5. Damn, my sense of loss over “Indiscriminate Act of Kindness” is lifted by the unexpected appearance of MORPH!!

    I miss your blog, girl. Never posted, just admired from afar.

  6. jerseyirish Says:

    Great for the West coast folks. Taylorfan06 have a great time!!! 🙂


  7. Do we know for certain that there will only be 11 songs, because so many of the press releases still say 14. By the way the press releases sound positive and there are lots of blogs about the CD. Oh, hi Morph.

  8. Morph, man, great to see you say hello! This is a fun spot our Grey’s put up. I’m like that McDonald’s commercial, “I’m Luvin’ It”. hahahaha!

  9. Too many threads! I can’t find people!

  10. Just click into your wordpress acct. that ‘s how I try to keep up, Rosie! ha.

  11. I thought for a moment I was on the old “keepin it real” blog. Same cast members.

  12. Well, casualfan, I was never on the old “keeping it real” blog, so I think you’re mistaken. 😉

  13. casualfan Says:


  14. Perhaps they mean, some of the same cast members… I’m looking forward to March!

  15. “But you know me, I won’t believe that until I see it.”

    I’m no where near California, but this is my attitude about everything, not just Taylor related news.

  16. Virtual Speak Says:

    Listen to Nineteen on rocketscience..

    No question this song will cross him over into country and it’ll probably be huge with the troops.

  17. “casualfan Says:
    January 22, 2009 at 12:40 am

    I thought for a moment I was on the old “keepin it real” blog. Same cast members.”

    You got that right.

  18. taylorfan06 Says:

    Hey VS, THANK YOU for the RS link. 19 is powerful. THAT”s a real strong song from Taylor. Definitely one of the story songs he was talking about before. I hope RS continues to add others to their mix.

    I’m going back to hear that again. IT’ GOOD!!!!!!

  19. Hey, that’s a very good country song! I like it!

  20. OMG, I feel like dancing! Taylor should have a hit CD from the 2 songs we heard. This song needs a video and will be on the country station. His vocals, phrasing, the message, lyrics are supurb. No wonder, he has been smiling, looking good and smug and confident. Snow likes it, so it must be good,lol! Arista, Clive and TPTB just did not know Tays strengths, they did not get him and were really lame for not doing so.

  21. Nice tune. I like it too. Snow, see, your opinion is valued. LOL

    Feels like some good should come out of this album.

  22. I smell a country hit, too. Not that I’ll ever hear it on my radio, because I hate country! But, this is a very good song, and he sings it very well. Just not the kind of song I want to hear over and over in my mp3 player.

  23. jerseyirish Says:

    I agree, so far two easly listening songs and more to come. Nineteen what beautiful lyrics and his voice, just perfect. Glad to see so many agreeing that Nineteen is a good song!!! 🙂


  24. I just listened to “Nineteen” and I have to be honest here. It is a bit too country for me, but then again I am a city girl. Not really sure what I think about it yet, but I guess there will be plenty of people that like it. His voice did sound good though.

  25. Willpen, a political gal like you not liking a war message song, why I’m amazed! Hey it ain’t no country twang, it is country with Tays’ soul thrown in. I like the fact that what we have heard so far, are songs that could chart, and maybe chart well. Then when he makes money, (his own label), he will be free to risk doing a CD> of self penned soul and blues songs, if he so chooses. It is called MONEY=s FREEDOM!

  26. Rosie,

    I do like the fact that he is trying to make a political statement, but if you really listen to the lyrics, it really is nothing more than a song about someone going to war. It really falls short of making any sort of real statement, which I understand is smart for him to do. I just need to let it sink in a bit.

  27. Snowstorm Says:

    I wanted to hear it again and the song is not there anymore. What’s going on?

  28. spinshack Says:

    willpen, not to take anything away from Mr. Hicks, but Everlast has some great songs about war and country. “Letters Home from the Garden of Stone”, “Kill the Emperor”. Ev makes statements with his songs, sometimes they get him in trouble with the ‘PC police’ (LOL), so I understand Hicks walking the line.

  29. Dammit. So, I leave for a meeting for work, and I come back to hear that another song has been released?? Where is it?”

    I went to myrocketscience and I can’t find it on there.

  30. They took it down. I was actually able to grab it and post it on my blog, but it’s been removed now. Someone had premature embed-ification.

  31. Surely, somebody in the Taylor world ripped that their computer or something.

    *crosses fingers*

  32. Premature embed-ification??? AHAHHHAHAHAA, Caryl!!

  33. Virtual Speak Says:

    Check your email IAG.

  34. Yep. Now this is a damn GOOD song. Lyrics that mean something, something he’s connecting to.

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