The Double Edged Sword…ETA: More video!

Do I or don’t I?

Alright, would it make me a bad fan if I shared some video from Martyr’s?

I’m going to share this first video, which is Heart and Soul with a new tag. As far as I can tell, the tag is from this song:

Vimeo is being a bitch and won’t embed WordPress.

Click here if you’re a bad fan.

Here’s another one…Soul Thing.

More video-Compared to What


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  1. C’mon, post it. You know you want to.

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I’m not so sure on this one, there could be legal/copyright stuff you could encounter putting it up on a public forum. I wouldn’t want to see you get into any legal hassels over it. If you do have such a vidoe I would suggest sharing it through e-mail with your regular posters, you do have eveyone’s e-mail right? This way you have not put it up in a public way. Just my two cents.


  3. Satan on my left shoulder says “Yes!”.

  4. You mean some fanatic idiot fan filmed this after being told not to? Why am I not surprised? I wish these fanatics would cool their jets.. they have no idea how they have KILLED Taylor’s career. It’s so ironic.

  5. Likely that camera lady. Shame on her. Killing him softly with her camera like that.

  6. Snowstorm, you crack me up!!

    I swear you come in, read a post, and take the minority opinion every time. Must be because you’re so young. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I only have a 30 second snippet of What’s Right is Right, but it sounds like the old CD to me.

  8. I love to mix truth with sarcasm. I have a gift for it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Let’s hear it, iag! You can always take it down.

  10. Satan on my left shoulder says โ€œYes!โ€.

    Ummm, that’s not Satan, Spin. It’s me. LOL!

    Do it! Do it! Do it!

  11. I’m curious about the statement that you should privately share any video you MIGHT have via email. If someone thinks that it was wrong to videotape the concert, because Taylor said so, why would they then think it’s acceptable to share video privately via email?

    The old, “it’s only wrong, if you get caught” defense, I guess.

    Oh, and while I do believe that many of Taylor’s fans have engaged in behavior that has splintered and diminished his fanbase, I don’t think that the sharing of video and pictures is a contributing factor at all. I think quite the opposite is true. All of the sharing of media among the fanbase has served to keep the excitement level higher than it would have been otherwise.

    At long last, the moment we had all been waiting for happened on Saturday night. A Taylor Hicks concert! And with new music! And here it is, Monday morning, two days later and I mainly hear crickets.

    Oh, and my official answer to your question is that you should only share the video with “young” people. Because they are so much more awesome than me, and wouldn’t use it to destroy Taylor’s career the way I would, if I watched it. ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Is that snippet up anywhere else in the internet world? I guess I’m the only one that see’s it could cause problems, not that I wouldn’t listen to it, just wouldn’t want to cause you any grief for putting it up.


  13. While we’re waiting for IAG to battle her inner demons, here’s a review of the Martyr’s show from the Chicago Trib…,0,7279424.story

    … despite a consistently high energy level, the evening dragged on as Hicks and company worked through a number of tepid originals (“Heart & Soul,” “Heaven Knows”) and shopworn soul and funk covers (“Superstitious,” “Woman’s Gotta Have It”).

  14. brightlite Says:

    Taylor made it clear that he did not want the song to be recorded and if you did that, it was done without his consent. Unauthorized recordings that are made public constitutes infringement under copyright law. If you post it and people can access it, listen to it and make it part of their harddrives, well you are legally responsible for any losses he may suffer as a result of that infringement. I say post it. But one question I have is do you have a good attourney? Taylor is very protective of the new material, and for good reason. You “copy” of the new song is unauthorized and bootlegged, so although he won’t be all over you…sorry IAG, his attoiurney will be. Go for it. Tums anyone?

  15. Too bad for Mr. Hicks. Once again, it’s only The Soul Patrol that “gets it”, I guess.

  16. brightlite Says:

    What Is Infringement?
    Copyright is a bundle of exclusive rights. Section 106 of the copyright law provides the owner of copyright in a work the exclusive right:

    To reproduce the work in copies;
    To prepare derivative works based upon the work;
    To distribute copies of the work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending;
    To perform the work publicly;
    To display the copyrighted work publicly
    In the case of sound recordings, to perform the work publicly by means of a digital audio transmission.
    Section 501 of the copyright law states that โ€œanyone who violates any of the exclusive rights of the copyright owner …is an infringer of the copyright or right of the author.โ€

    I don’t even think you have it to be honest. It makes for good hits though on your blog.

  17. No, JI, that snippet is not anywhere else. I got it from a friend who was there.

    I’m just debating with myself on whether to put it up. I think I’ll put up the others first. Actually, the snippet of the video is the same lyrics that we heard on…but Taylor snapping at a fan is on there!!

  18. Virtual Speak Says:

    Post it.

    What are the SP Police going to come and revoke your most awesome shiny SP badge?

  19. soulaz, try to look at the SP fanbase from someone looking in, from someone who is more objective. Believe it or not, most people look at you (the SP) as crazy fanatics. It’s the truth. Has this hurt Taylor? Sure it has.

    It seems to be a phenomenon mostly affecting AI male contestants. I honestly think the behavior needs to be studied by medical experts and I’m being totally serious. Why are people so obsessed by Taylor Hicks, Clay Aiken, David Cook, Chris Daughtry, etc to the point that they don’t even care about their own families? Spending tons of money and emptying their bank accounts, to follow them at concerts? Nevermind about keeping track of their every move on the internet. Just kind of boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

  20. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, just wouldn’t want to see you get caught up in anything legal because of it. About 8 years ago my nephew got caught up on something on the internet and was tracked down, wound up costing my brother $10,000 in legal fees and payouts. I would just be careful doing it, its your call.


  21. brightlite Says:

    Ohhh JI $10,000 isn’t so much. Don’t you have that laying around in your cookie jar? I know I sure do. lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. First of all, the video is of Heart and Soul which is not a new song and has already been taped, I would say about thousands of times. So where is the copyright infringement? If that were the case than we would all be in the shitter.

    Secondly, I have to agree with Soulaz. It has been over a year since Taylor’s last official concert and he goes on stage to sing the same songs that he has always sung. You would think that he would want the word to get out. The guy has lost his way and he is fumbling badly right now.

    I see no problem with posting, what is at best a bad video. Everyone really needs to get over this self righteous crap already.

  23. Virtual Speak Says:

    Well, I clicked the link because I am afterall.. a bad fan.. keep addding them IAG! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I agree with Willpen. Don’t like it, don’t click it.

  24. Here is a snippet from the review that YKW posted the link for.

    >>>>>Credit Hicks, in town with the touring production of “Grease,” with embracing his cozier surroundings, announcing: “If it’s a bar, we’re going to play like it’s a bar.” But, despite a consistently high energy level, the evening dragged on as Hicks and company worked through a number of tepid originals (“Heart & Soul,” “Heaven Knows”) and shopworn soul and funk covers (“Superstitious,” “Woman’s Gotta Have It”).<<<<<

    I am not posting this to stir any shit. Goodness knows, there are plenty out there that would be furious about this paragraph. But let’s face reality here. How does he expect to make new fans when this venue was filled with fans he already had. Then he goes and sings the same old set list, which is not gonna help in keeping fans that already have one foot out the door.

    The only reason I could think of him doing this was to make a few extra bucks. Just sitting scratching my head in total confusion.

  25. Love is in the air, people! LOL Amen to that willpen.

  26. … letโ€™s face reality here. How does he expect to make new fans when this venue was filled with fans he already had. Then he goes and sings the same old set list, which is not gonna help in keeping fans that already have one foot out the door.

    Yes. Yes. Yes. I’m telling you, I’m just done. It’s so ridiculous. Especially when I really believe that this new CD is going to be the same old whomp and dance.

  27. Virtual Speak Says:

    Amen Willpen!

    He needs to take a lesson on How To Win Fans (or in his case keep them) And Influence New Ones.

  28. From my understanding.. Taylor didn’t want the new song recorded. I really think he isn’t too worried about taping the other material. Funny, I think I hear myself on that video.. I was right there(very close) to that camera.

    I honestly saw many people not associated with the soul patrol. Many man enjoying the show. This is the first concert where the ratio of men and women was about the same.. I’m not going to argue with you all.. All I know is that I think it was an excellent show and I feel as if I got my money worth and more!

  29. brightlite Says:

    Its not self righteous crap. Taylor’s work is his property and only he has the right to distribute it. He doesn’t want “copies” of the song to be distibuted, and as the owner of the song, he has that exclusive right. I understand this, being a writer and having a ton of copyrights. I understand his point, what is so wrong with protecting your work? That is exactly why there are copyright laws willpenn. They are there to protect the rights of artists from unauthorized distribution of their work. The recording and video will ultimately be of poor quality, not be clear, and most likely have distortion which would effect the presentation of the song. It is presumptuous of the fans to not honor the right of Taylor to want to offer his music in the best possible light. It is HIS work, not IAG’s, so she doesn’t have the right to put it up here, and let fans listen to it, and view it. Sorry. It is infringement because the video, if it exists, was obtained without consent of the author of the work, and as such, the videoowner (IAG) does not have the right:
    1)To reproduce the work in copies; and
    2) To display the copyrighted work publicly.

    Don’t be mad at me, I am just showing you the law. you can review these laws yourself by googling the US Copyright Office. I also think it should not be an issue. If you respect Taylor at all, if you have any respect for him as an artist, you would not have recorded against his wishes nor would you suggest posting it. But not everyone has respect for him as an artist I see.
    Have a nice day all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. In that vein of thought Bright, then Youtube, Go Fish and Vimeo should be outlawed, right?

  31. Did you click on the link, BL?

  32. You will all be able to hear the entire recorded song in seven and a half days, and everyone can critique it then, call it crap, stupid modern whomp and call him dumb, lame and stupid and state how you are so over him. Some might like the single as did those in attendence Sat. night. As for the less than glowing review, I’m glad it was of his old music rather than the new. Give Taylor credit for having a way better knowledge of music, the music business and marketing than any of us.

  33. I agree though, I don’t believe posting that vid is any big deal. There are hundreds of better vids of Mr. Hicks out there on the media sites.
    But of course, the vigilante SP will have their say.

  34. The Soul Patrol didn’t request no video, Taylor did.

  35. Rosie, will we be able to hear the song in 7 1/2 days? Really?

    Do we know that for sure?

  36. YKW, It is only the new music, the single WRIR, that Taylor wants to keep under wraps until its release date. This time he did a video. He is hoping for good reviews and the CD selling well. Maybe it will and maybe it won’t, but how could the fact he decided to not allow filming of it 9 days before its release affect bottom line sales? Only die hard fans would have logged on the net to view the single. He needs more than those fans to be successful. I trust his and his teams judgement on this one.

  37. Brightlite,

    I understand you point completely. It seems that you did not understand mine, and I don’t get angry at people for voicing an opinion. The video was not of the new song, it was of a song that has been recorded numerous times, and like Spin said:

    >>>>>>In that vein of thought Bright, then Youtube, Go Fish and Vimeo should be outlawed, right?<<<<

    If that was the case then every video on youtube and such should be deleted.

    Now what "tif" said is very encouraging. The fact that there were different people at the show is very good, but the question remains if these people would go out and buy his new CD.

  38. brightlite Says:

    Exactly Rosie. Taylor knows what he is doing and whether or not WRIR is a success smash hit or bombs, it is his work, and he has the right to put it out there as he wishes. I give him full credit for doing things like a real pro this time around. I am really proud of him but everyone knows that anyways.

  39. IAG, You are a trip and I like your blog so I weigh in with my thoughts. I did state on another blog that the Feb. 10th CD date was set in stone. Tay proved me wrong. I believed in the Jan. 20th single date, wrong again. Yes I now believe we will hear the single on the 27th. He has too much press and promotion planned for it to not be so. By the way, there is very little new music due for release on Inauguration Day.

  40. brightlite Says:

    I read above that the video was of What’s Right is Right and has him saying “take that camera away.” So maybe I misread willpenn, but I was certain it was stated like that, and I agree that any older music is not his concern.
    Youtube has a tremendous amount of copyright infringement. The fact that material stays up does Tthe artist (or orignal owner) has the right to stop the infringement or not. Youtube is not responsible for anyone who posts videos that infringe. The site does however advise members who post videos that THEY (the owner of the video, not Youtube) are responsible for any damages that result from such actions as copyright infringement.
    Good discussion.

  41. brightlite Says:

    sorry but I was folding laundry and hit the delete button I guess. The post was misworded…

    Youtube has a good amount of copyright infringement. The fact that material stays up does not mean that there isn’t infringement. The artist (or orignal owner) has the right to stop the infringement or not. Then if in the case that the infringement caused damages, it is incumbent upon the artist to press suit. Youtube has limited liability in these cases.

  42. Just a little tidbit about youtube and videos. Warner Brothers did pull all of their videos on Dec. 22 when the talks and negotiations broke down. It all comes down to the Benjamins.

  43. If you click on IAG’s link to Compared 2 What, there is some food for thought about fans videos at Tay’s concerts, although it really does not pertain to his new single.

  44. Do I or donโ€™t I?

    Did you do it because:


    Look at me, look at me!

    To cause controversy

    Hicks asked for this not to happen.
    Doesn’t matter if you didn’t take the video yourself.
    You posted a link to it. No difference.

    It’s a fair question.

  45. brightlite Says:

    Great article. Youtube does not charge a membership fee but makes all of its money through paid advertising, and it makes sense that the corporation would offer an alternative to taking down the video, as that would decrease their inventory, and also decrease the views in general, and that is how they sell their advertising space. Tracking the ages of the members who view the material on Youtube offers potential advertisers the demographics they need to make a decision to market their product on youtube. Youtube does not want to take down videos since that would negativily impact advertising sales in the future.

  46. brightlite Says:

    I am not clicking on the link Rosie. I saw the video above was of another band and not Tsylor so I did watch it, briefly. But if you say the link is from the concert, I won’t watch it. I would rather wait and see the real deal at Ram’sHead. ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Come BL!! Come to the dark side!! Click the link!! Click it!! LOL!

  48. brightlite Says:

    lol YKW…thanks for the invite to the den of sodom and Gomorrha, but I prefer the real thing. Also, I respect Taylor’s right as an artist not to have his music heard in some crummy video recording that was obtained without his consent or permission. I don’t usually feel this way, but for the very first time I feel sorry for some of his fans, that they are the way they are. And they call the Soul Patrol fanatical? lol. At least the Soul Patrol respects him, and maybe that is why he still loves them and acknowledges them, and yes…even writes their name on his autographs.
    Enjoy the link and all that it means.
    I decline.

  49. Brightlite, the link does not have his music from Sat. it is just the blogers opinion about Tay’s concerts and is a good read. We can remain pure of heart and soul and be free of guilt. LOL

  50. Snowstorm Says:

    bl, you are so deluded, it’s not even funny. Get it thru your head… he loves your MONEY! The SP has NOT made him famous – it turned him into a pathetic joke!

  51. lol YKWโ€ฆthanks for the invite to the den of sodom and Gomorrha, but I prefer the real thing.

    Oh, we’ll go to confession after. It will be fine! LOL!

  52. The den of Soddom and Gomorrah? Isn’t that a bit much?

    It’s just Taylor Hicks. That’s all. He’s just a musician with bad marketing skills, who’s trying to make his way. Yet, people insist on putting him on this higher plane.

    Give me a break!

  53. Oh how interesting. There’s video at the Boogie. Nobody’s getting all over her ass.

    The Boogie must be Soddom and Gomorrah East.


  54. Caryl just posted a new blog. Seems she had a mini interview with Taylor. There is so much food for thought out there my head is getting larger than my tummy!

  55. BL, I meant click on Compared to What on the link on the right of Greys blog. That is just a discussion, not a video. You will not break Taylors rules by reading that.

  56. whatplanetamion Says:

    Bad fan my ass. Thanks for the peek!

  57. Virtual Speak Says:

    Will “I Didn’t Click The Link So I Am The Best Soul Patroller And I Win” be engraved on gravestones?


  58. Do you think Taylor gives out gold stars?

  59. Anyone know where I can get an “attourney?” Been looking for one. Should IAG decide to post the video of “What’s Wrong With My Career” the worst thing that’s going to happen is it gets pulled from YouTube or Vimeo. That’s it. Save the dramatics.

  60. Thanks for posting ’em IAG.

    You are the worst fan ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Snowstorm Says:

    LOL @ blue!

  62. Caryl, I read your blog. Gotta comment.

    “People thrive on information from me and I understand that. People use information as currency.”

    He seems to think he’s in 2006. Only it’s 2009. Info on him is as valuable as my old socks. Or maybe the people he’s speaking of are the 250 fans that live and breath for him and play the game of “I know more?” This is some arrogant and self-deluded shit. Where’s the humble guy?

    “Also, I want to be able to play live for some fans. I could NOT play live, but Iโ€™m not gonna do that.”

    What a great guy. :/ A (ahem) musician that plays live music? Sure am glad he’s making this exception to play for these fans, when he could be waddling around in the sparkly suit instead. And he even lets them pay for tickets and tries to sell them stuff while they’re there. But really, its just a big favor he’s doing for them. /sarcasm.

    This goes to show how little respect he has for his present fans in the first place. It just sounds like he feels he’s above them. (Don’t blame him but it’s all he’s got right now.)

  63. spinshack Says:

    My, my Bright, I have no words.

    Snow, some will not ever understand what you’re saying.

    Grey, if he’s handing out the gold stars we ain’t getting one. *pout*

    I’m off again, time to walk the kid and the dogs. Later, you heathens.

  64. And somebody tell to take off their banner that the new TH video is coming in “early January”. Pretty sure early January is over.


  65. brightlite Says:

    Rosie, some of us have respect for the rights of an artist. Operative word is “some.” I am shocked at you too Sunny. I was joking about Sodom and Gomorrah, it was YKW that came on said “be bad…” so I was just playing on that. I don’t think he walks on water. I am not interested in seeing a poor sounding bootleg recording of the new song. That’s my choice and what he requested of his fans. I told you I will see the real deal live and up close at Ramshead, so I can wait. Have fun.

  66. Snowstorm Says:

    Well, you have to give Taylor Hicks some credit for knowing his fanbase. He uses gimmicks, like being a “tease”, to hold on to their interest and most of the time it works. Of course, some of the smarter fans saw thru the gimmick and went away.

    C’mon were talking about mostly housewifes, who have been away from music for years and years and for the most, it’s not even about the music.. it’s about ogling a sexually attractive guy.

    When will Taylor Hicks learn? Gimmicks do not work in the long run. Put out some amazing tunes, that’s the only thing that makes people interested in you. Everything else is bullshit.

  67. Snowstorm Says:

    “250 fans that live and breath for him and play the game of โ€œI know more?โ€

    Blue, 250 fans? I doubt it’s that many. I’ll say 100 fans and that’s being generous.

  68. Blue, I get it. You just do not like or respect Mr. Hicks. You think his desicions are wrong, his music lame or a sell out and most recently you think he is an arrogant looser who is just out for money and to suck the sad soul patrol dry. I have forgotten if you were a fan of his on AI5. I don’t know you or if you watched and voted for him. Perhaps you could help me to better understand where you are coming from by posting a list of your current requirements of Taylor. Please do not leave anything out. Just let your list of requirements of him be long, detailed and go with the flow, as you feel you are in the know.

  69. Snow, I do get where you are coming from. But Blue, True, Eyesial, YKW and even often, you Grey I don’t have a handle on. I think I get VS and I know how Sunny is. I never was shy about stating my opinions on Morphs. Discussions about anything are good and opinions differ. Humor is always needed in all discussions. Lets try to avoid put downs. Believe it or not a blog that allows all opinions is one that really keeps it real.

  70. Brightlite.

    I have a question for you. Have you ever listened to an mp3 or watched a video of Taylor that was taken at a concert?

    I am just curious, because the things you are saying don’t really jive with the reality of having been a Taylor Hicks fan for three years. The videos and MP3’s have been what has sustained so many fans who could not make it to concerts. Why would you object to this?

  71. “Put out some amazing tunes, thatโ€™s the only thing that makes people interested in you. Everything else is bullshit.”


    Rosie, you’re right I don’t respect him. Can’t help it. I used to, but I smartened up. I don’t follow blindly. I feel he’s dishonest and insincere. I feel he pays lip service and you either eat it up or you don’t. I don’t have any requirements from him because he’s not the person that can live up to that anyway. Sure he’s got a gift, but so what? He doesn’t have what it takes to make it big. I keep being proven right, even when I’d like to be proven wrong. I really enjoy his fans though and blogs like this. LOL. It’s always entertaining.

  72. brightlite Says:

    Yes willpenn I have listend, watched, and enjoyed videos, mp3’s, snippets, youtube stuff, etc, etc…
    TGo me the difference is that Taylor never objected to the recording and viewing of these media sources. Here, in this case, he does object. It may be that he wants the NEW material to be heard in the way it was intended, not heard in a muffled, distorted manner which detracts from the song. It could also be that he doesn’t want to lose money by having the music out there in some fashion other than what he releases, or it could be that he is artistically protective of the work…no matter the reason, if he objects to media being released surrounding his new material I respect that.
    Hope that answers your query.
    Have a nice night. ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. brightlite Says:

    Blue: Why do you waste your time claiming to be a fan of Taylor when it is clear you aren’t. If you think he “waddles” and is fake and has no future why waste your time posting about him and worrying over his career. You have made up your mind about him and its laced with arsenic based thoughts and opinions so take your hatred and find someone else to “follow.” He’ll never please you- you are correct. He doesn’t care about you, he just wants your money and mine right? So if you don’t like that then go. There are plenty of fans OK with the fact that he only wants our money and doesn’t “care” about us so if you are need of caring from an artist than you really should try Daughtry or even Cook. They seem to be Idols that really care about their fans. lol. Get a grip.

  74. brightlite Says:

    This vids for you blue…
    You wrote:
    He seems to think heโ€™s in 2006. Only itโ€™s 2009. Info on him is as valuable as my old socks.

  75. brightlite Says:

    This is a great tune about the hard work, dedication, and persistence of the fishermen of Long Island that Billy wrote to make an impact.

    He did that and it was a hit. It was a hit because he wrote about something real, something important, something that people could relate to, and it came from his soul. What’s Right is Right is real also, written from Taylor’s soul. No matter what anyone says, the work of the soul cannot be undone.

    No one can predict what songs will be a hit and why. We can only allow Taylor the right to write, record, and release his art in the way he intends it. Rome was not built in a day, and Taylor will persist and one day soon rise.

  76. I’ll certainly get a “grip” and try not to post 4 times in a row or anything. I’ll also try not to comment about the contents of Taylor’s soul. LOL. Britelight, did u miss this line? “I really enjoy his fans though and blogs like this. LOL. Itโ€™s always entertaining.” I think ya did! I don’t follow, I “read” and usually laugh too. Your posts for one, are so insane they are great to read.

  77. brightlite Says:

    Taylor remind sme of a young and enthusiastic Billy Joel. I can’t help but make the comparison between them as Billy had many of the same struggles as Taylor has faced. Although Billy Joel released Streetlife Serenader, Cold Spring Harbor, and Piano Man with very little sales, he eventually released 52nd Street years later, only to have his previous albums go platinum after he found his niche. I have seen Taylor perform with the same aura as Billy. The last three performances I have seen of Taylor show he is coming into his own.

  78. Snow, I do get where you are coming from. But Blue, True, Eyesial, YKW and even often, you Grey I donโ€™t have a handle on.

    Hi Rosie. Hey um, I had a few comments on a single thread here about five threads back. That’s all. I have no opinion on this stuff. “Where I’m coming from” is I’m waiting for my mushroom soup to cool. That’s about it.

  79. brightlite Says:

    I read several people who heard WRIR say that it made them tear up, gave them chills, and moved them. If that isn’t soul doing its work I don’t know what is. Soul makes impact and Taylor’s got soul, and if you had soul you would agree but you don’t have it so you are clueless as to what I am talking about. Your loss.

  80. I think Snow was on target when she stated the fans of some Idols need therapy. The female fans of some of the Idols are over invested in the careers and lives of their Idol. I know I am with Taylor. Some of you who profess to be hanging by a thread have been there, and most likely still are, given you take the time to read about, follow and post about his every move. So we who are somewhat nutty have the nut factor in common and are like an extended disfunctional family. Large disfunctional families, like to point fingers, and say so and so is really nuts, really wrong and knows nothing. Hey, none of us are right. For better or worse Taylor Hicks not only roped us all into his maze of talent, charm, charisma, or whatever but a few million more folks who bothered to grab their phone or cell and vote for him every damn week. So at the very least, on the number one TV show, he had the IT FACTOR. He knows that. Now the man is just trying to do his best to make it do what it do in the real world.

  81. brightlite Says:

    Hey True I made the best pork chops tonight with mushroom soup! They were so tender they were falling off the bone, and with mashed potatoes they were downright scrumptious! The only problem is that there were only five pork chops in the pack, and my son ate three of them, and my daughters each had one, and I got to pick the bones clean. But I had some corn. ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. True, You are excused due to the MUSHROOMS! My apology.

  83. brightlite Says:

    Am I excused too? I tangled with mushrooms too!

  84. Snowstorm Says:

    OMFG, I have no words. bl, do you have any idea what you sound like?

    Rosie, I was a bit like you in the very beginning, but no way am I like that now. Taylor Hicks still has to prove himself to me and to millions of people and he hasn’t. He’s made lots of bad decisions, but I’m a fair person and I will give his new cd a listen, but if I don’t like it, then it’s time to move on. Then it will be fair to say that the music superstar he was hoping for wasn’t in the cards and if he still wants fame, then focus on an acting career. Who would have thought that Jennifer Hudson would be become a superstar, but she is, so you just never know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. brightlite Says:

    No what do I sound like snowstorm, tell me…
    but remember that perception is relative to the observer. Just because you think something doesn’t mean that its true or correct. So no matter what you think I sound like it doesn’t matter to me because your perception is adjusted to your own frequency and not that of mine or anyone else’s for that matter. Therefore I cannot care much less than I do at the moment what you think.

    When you develop a respect for Taylor, if and when that happens, I might care what you have to say…until then I don’t and I won’t.

    To all the Taylor fans out there who are in his corner…

  86. Celestial Soul Says:

    Mushroom is a nice euphemism to describe the state of this fan base.

    Being kept in the dark and fed shit.

  87. Snowstorm Says:

    bl, you sound like a complete nutcase who needs to go on meds.

    How in the world do you compare Billy Joel to Taylor Hicks? They have absolutely nothing in common. Billy Joel plays piano and is a serious songwriter and musician… Taylor Hicks shakes his ass for his middle-age fanbase. Nuff said on your foolishness. You do give me some good laughs, so thanks for that, lol!

  88. Ironically enough, I watched the movie “Almost Famous” today. Near the end of the movie, one of groupies comments on some of the new girls following the band around. What she says is this:
    “They don’t even know what it is to be a fan! How to truly love some silly little piece of music or some band so much that it hurts.”

    I used to feel that way about Mr. Hicks and his music. I waited impatiently for my copy of “Under the Radar”, checking the mailbox daily, wondering how long it was going to take the beleagered staff at Laser’s Edge to send out my copy. I read every interview with reverence, I couldn’t believe how smart he was to copyright his own name at such a young age.
    But somewhere, it all went wrong for me. I was at the Pageant in St. Louis when he spoke about the acoustic tour. I waited for the DVD to be released. I waited for all the much hinted about audio blogs and interactive chats with fans. I waited, and waited, in vain.
    Two years now, and I’m STILL waiting for new music. When I saw the set list from the other night, like I’ve stated before, all I could think was “WTF??!?” That snippet of WRIR sounds alarmingly like what was on the last mediocre CD. The best part of that CD tour was Mr. Hicks live show, his energy, the inspired tagging, and the way he could change up those songs and turn them into more than “modern whomp”.
    What kills me the most is that I truly don’t see the artist who wrote the songs on “Under the Radar”. Those songs moved us all, spoke to our souls. Maybe I’ll get that sense again with new CD, but after all the waiting already, I’m not getting my hopes up.
    I truly loved all that silly little music and the man that created it, but I’m thinking that I’m not going to feel that again.
    And that saddens me. So when I post, maybe I’m looking for some sort of closure? Some type of validation? It’s not that easy to just say “I’m not a fan anymore.” I guess I can’t “just go away”.
    So, I come to blogs that are open to intelligent discussion, where there’s more than just idol-atry, and maybe I’ll find the magic again … somehow.

  89. Mushroom is a nice euphemism to describe the state of this fan base.

    Being kept in the dark and fed shit.

    Or, you could take my 5 paragraphs and just say that.

    LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  90. brightlite Says:

    Whatever snowstorm. I am a positive person that sees the good in most but at times I come upon evil and than I call that out too. If you think Taylor is so bad, then why do you stay here and “follow” him around…because your intention is to spread evil and hate. I used to listen to alot of musicians and I had cause to not like their music anymore and I just stopped listening. I didn’t go on to a fansite and put them down, insult them, malign them, degrade them and act like an angry whipped dog snarling and growling over nothing.
    I am a fan, I behave like a fan, I support and want to see him succeed…so who is a complete nutcase here?…I think my behavior and actions are consistent with my aim…more than I can say for you.

  91. Snowstorm Says:

    Damn, I’m going straight to hell, lol!

  92. YKW, very well put. I happen to like the songs on In Your Time more than those Under The Rador. I so enjoyed his version of Trouble, Levon, You Are So Beautiful, Something and Living For The City on AI. We all got to meet him and know him as a singer/performer on AI before we knew him as a song writer and musician. YKW, and all of you who hold onto the music of pre AI Taylor so dearly, I just can’t imagine you hearing it and buying it. You came to like it because you saw and liked him on AI. Taylor’s talent is part voice, part looks, and a big part performance/charisma. Tay’s real talent and success could come from acting. My goodness even Fantasia acted in her life story and on BW. Who would have ever thought J. Hudson could act? I’m a realist, but I’m not angry with Taylor or disappointed in him. Some others are.

  93. Snowstorm Says:

    If you are a member of HQ, you can now listen to the entire version of What’s Right Is Right. Wow, we finally got a perk out of that membership… there is hope, folks, lol!

  94. Well, kids.

    I’ve listened to it. And let me tell you..

    I’m not impressed. It sounds like “Taylor Hicks” all over again.

  95. Well that was entertaining. Just sat and read through all your discussions. Made me think of a tennis match for some reason, Bright volleying to about three of you on the other side of the net. LOL

    Yeah, Rosie, dysfunctional, but I like everyone here. Some just more colorful than others. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So Snow, whassup on the whole song? More of that other or different? Might have to join that bloody site if things like this occur more often.

    Does anyone know who sweetay is? Apparently they’re mad at me over something I wrote. Can’t please everyone I guess.

  96. Ah, shit Grey, you just answered my question about the single.

  97. Sorry, not blown away either. Just OK for me.. I doubt this song will do anything on the charts. New songs on AC do not move up the charts. If that’s the best song on the cd, Taylor is in big trouble.

  98. spin, there is nothing unique about the lyrics. The melody is pretty much what was heard in the snippet – there’s some sax in the middle. I’m very disappointed, to say the least.

  99. tif was commenting that he’s got his growl back. That was something lacking on the post-Idol CD.

  100. Who the hell would choose that pablum as the single???!? There’s absolutely nothing unique or noteworthy about that music. That’s the modern whomp we’ve been waiting for??!?

  101. Yup, there some growls in there, but that does not save it. Why doesn’t Taylor have Chris Daughtry write him a song.. it might have a big hit song on his hands and not this lame crap he comes up with.

  102. Taylor didn’t write this song…I don’t think. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

  103. I thought said he wrote 30 songs??

  104. He did say he wrote 30 songs, but I remember freaking out because he didn’t write this one.

    I did a post on it…it’s somewhere around here.

  105. Britelight: Aren’t you the one who rearranged all of Tay’s EW CDs at Target so they would be on the top shelf????

    And, once again, I know I am the newbie but…I think anyone who writes a long paragraph about what they cooked and ate for supper (Southern for dinner) ought to be banned!!!

  106. Fairhope, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but this board is about differing opinions, and we speak to each other with a little measure of respect. Sometimes it’s littler than others, but that’s how it works.

  107. spinshack Says:

    Fairhope, you made my evening. After a strange day dealing with suits it was nice to come in here and read that. Funny. That’s Bright, man, she’s an acquired taste. Took me a while but hide and watch, you’ll find moments you might understand why she’s interesting to have around.

    Oh, and yes that was she. Seriously what is there not to love about her? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  108. Sorry, Gray, I’ll be good. Brite…sorry, too.

  109. You see Fairhope, we ‘re attempting to foster sort of a this kinda vibe here. CLICK Kinda. Open to interpretation. LOL

  110. Fairhope wrote:

    And, once again, I know I am the newbie butโ€ฆI think anyone who writes a long paragraph about what they cooked and ate for supper (Southern for dinner) ought to be banned!!!

    BWHAHAHAHA! Or join SOS, which is all they ever write about over there.

  111. Okay…I sometimes (actually a lot) can be a little bitchy. But there are blogs out there that go overboard with that kind of stuff. I just want to scan thru and get any Taylor info that is available. I want to know what that sweet ass is doing not what someone cooked and ate.

  112. […] If you’ve been around this blog at all…you just might remember it… […]

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