Taylor Hicks Part Deux

I’ve just listened to the new song, What’s Right is Right. I’ll tell you what isn’t right, and it’s that song. It’s just a rehashing of all of his songs on his self titled album. I’m not sure what I was hoping for, but this wasn’t it.

Here’s the partial vid of What’s Right is Right. Can’t hurt now that the single is out for the fans.

Not much to get excited about here…

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor…I thought this was going to be some of your best work. Please tell me that this is not the best song on The Distance. Please.

What’s Right is Right

When there’s sadness in your eyes I see it
You can’t hide what’s weighing on your mind
When there’s trouble in your life I feel it
What’s wrong with you is wrong with me
What’s right is right

When there’s joy inside your heart I’ll share it
When you got a dream I say reach for the sky
If you ever fall I’ll catch you
What’s wrong with you is wrong with me
What’s right is right

I don’t want to go a single night without you
I don’t want to know what an empty bed is like
When you laugh I’m laughing
When you cry I’m crying
What’s wrong with you is wrong with me
And what’s right is right

This I promise you forever
I’m with you all the way to the finish line
And we’re gonna cross that bridge together
Marching step by step
Walking side by side

I don’t want to go a single night without you
I don’t want to know what an empty bed is like
When you laugh I’m laughing
And when you cry I’m crying
What’s wrong with you is wrong with me
And what’s right is right

Repeat x2

What’s wrong with you is wrong with me
And what’s right is right

Why does he make it so hard to be a fan?


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  1. If someone finds it hard to be a fan, please tell me why they would want to continue following his career? I don’t get the logic.

  2. What do you WANT, for Pete’s sake.
    Give me an example !!!
    IMO – this is a great song !!!

  3. HicksFan2009 Says:

    Let’s try this again … how many are you deleting before you get the response you want???

  4. I’m waiting until you have something constructive to say, instead of being completely defensive.

  5. HicksFan2009 Says:

    my first deleted post

    For most of us it is never difficult to be a Taylor Hicks fan.

    It’s only those of you that believe you are smarter than him. It’s only those of you that second guess EVERYTHING he does. It’s only those of you that have some deep need to degrade his fan base,

    You call yourself a fan?? I call you a person that is so needful for attention in your sad life that when the majority of his fan base is celebrating you choose instead to post this so that it hit Google alerts. You should be ashamed.

    Posting the video that Taylor specifically asked NOT to be shared shows Taylor and his real fans that read this that the only person you are concerned with is you.

  6. “Fans” will hear a great song. As many “fans” have said, they would be happy to hear him singing the phone book at this point.

    There are others of us, however, who believe in Mr. Hicks’ potential as a song writer, and as a soulful artist. In my opinion, there just isn’t anything that special about this song. There is nothing definative, nor unique about it. I can hear something like this any given night on the Delilah syndicated radio show.

  7. See, HicksFan? Those are derogatory remarks about other posters and we don’t allow that on this site.

  8. HicksFan2009 Says:

    You said
    I’m waiting until you have something constructive to say, instead of being completely defensive.

    That wasn’t defensive dear, that is just the honest truth.

  9. Hmmm, that’s your opinion or your truth, whatever you want to call it. And that’s ok, if that’s what you think. It honestly makes no difference to me.

    When you want to discuss the song, let me know.

  10. HicksFan2009 Says:

    Song has a great hook.

    Beautiful lyrics.

    Great sax.

  11. FYI, all the videos that are posted on vimeo have been reported to the admins on both the THHQ and TH.COM sites and have been forwarded to his management along with the name of this site.

  12. Ok…in my opinion, the song’s hook is ok. I mean, it is something that I could find getting stuck in my head.

    I think the lyrics leave a lot to be desired. They just seem cheesy to me. I guess I was hoping for something a little bit more meaningful…or soulful even.

    I agree with the great sax part, even though I first read it as great sex. ahahhaa

    It just reminds me of all of his songs on the TH cd.

  13. Ok, Griz.

    That’s good to know.

    It’s good to know that the Soul Patrol is working to defend Taylor. I’m sure he’s thrilled.

  14. See, and yet I hear: no originality of lyrics, just a repeated refrain; no story in the context of the melody; a muted version of the live artist; worse of all, to my ears… the song is just boring.

    His writing is so much better than this, or was, anyway.

  15. No problem IAG.

  16. FYI, all the videos that are posted on vimeo have been reported to the admins on both the THHQ and TH.COM sites and have been forwarded to his management along with the name of this site.

    Did you report the video over on the Boogie too??

  17. Why does this remind me of grade school? 🙄

  18. It’s pretty catchy and I think it might do alright on AC. He’s working the DIMYP inspirational thing.

    Damn the SP police are on the case. Scary.

  19. I think the song is cheesy.

    It’s the classic wimpy song that’s been sung and sung again.

    I like Taylor. I’ve liked him from day one. Why? Because I thought he’d be a good performer. And he is. When he gets into a real song he makes everybody pay attention. But in the end, I’m tired of the gimicky songs…….

    Still hoping for that “real music” to come back to “pop music”. I’m just not seeing it yet. *shrugs*

    I suppose that means I can’t be called a fan, right?

  20. cindysue08 Says:

    Some people are never satisfied. I loved the TH CD still do. If Taylor is not putting out the music YOU think he has the potential to then then just don’t listen to him. Find someone you really like. I am sure Taylor is more thrilled with people defending him than finding fault in everything he does. But to each there own if people have a satisfying and happy life finding fault then go for it. You will no matter what others think anyway.

  21. It reminds me A LOT of DIMYP, which was AI pablum at it’s finest.

  22. Well, Rhonda, I guess it depends on who’s writing the definition of “fan”.

  23. YKW:


    The song has Clay Aiken written all over it. (no offense to clay, his voice is wonderful, blah blah blah……)

  24. eysial…you really think this can do well on the radio? You know what…I hope it does do well, for Taylor’s sake. I’m just not sure that it’s original enough to stand out, though.

  25. Regular AC is filled with this type of song. Yes, I think it has a chance to do well there. I wonder if the vid will get airplay on VH1. There’s quite a bit of AC music that does. If it does, that will make a big difference.

  26. Oh, the video.

    I hope the video is good…and from what Jake Davis does, it probably will be.

  27. taylorfan06 Says:

    There is SO much OVERanalyzing about Taylor on this site.
    He’s doing what he enjoys, and if you enjoy it great, and if you don’t, so be it. Find something else that moves you.

    I personally enjoy all Taylor’s CD’s, including the “Taylor Hicks” CD, which many people seem to diss so much. He performed those songs well in concert and I hope he still includes those songs in future sets.

    I look forward to buying the new CD, and DVD (WATW), seeing him in Grease, and hopefully seeing him at a “shadow” performance as well.
    I saw him live a few times in ’07, and truly LOVED the shows! He definitely gives you your money worth and leaves you wanting more (in my case, anyway).

    In regard to “The Distance”, I think I’ll enjoy it as much as his other CD’s. If by chance there is a song or two that I don’t like, I won’t rake Taylor over the coals for it. Not every artist can please every fan with every song, but the way I see it, in my opinion, Taylor has not disappointed (me).

  28. TF06, thank you for your intelligently worded rebuttal. All I want is to have an honest discussion about Taylor. I’m glad that people of varying opinions are here.

    I want to do it without the drama and bullshit that often occupies this fandom. You and I don’t agree about Taylor and that’s ok. It’s all about the discussion. It’s about being able to talk through differences and maybe open somebody else up to your opinion, or maybe not.

    I am a Taylor fan. I just might not be your definition of a Taylor fan. 🙂

  29. Hey, I gotta admit I liked “Do I Make You Proud” just a wee bit more. I didn’t think he could outdo the cheese of that song. I was wrong. Ya know, before he won Idol, he wrote music that sounded to me like it came from a real place. A place of pain, sadness, joy, experience, whatever. This sounds like contrived crap made in hopes of getting a hit. In other words, this shit sucks. LOL

  30. … before he won Idol, he wrote music that sounded to me like it came from a real place. A place of pain, sadness, joy, experience …

    Completely agree.

  31. “For most of us it is never difficult to be a Taylor Hicks fan.”

    So you should ask yourself why there’s so few of you and why the rest of America finds it very difficult to be a fan these days. In fact they find it so difficult to be a fan that they’re simply NOT a fan. At least people on this blog gave him a chance at one point in time.

    Being a fan is not about unconditional love for a musician, that’s called worship.

  32. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    FYI, all the videos that are posted on vimeo have been reported to the admins on both the THHQ and TH.COM sites and have been forwarded to his management along with the name of this site.

    For God sakes griz. You house plenty of bootleg shit on your own blog. How old are you tattling on people? You have tons of illegal crap on your own blog. Why don’t we all turn her in too? Ass.

    As far as the single goes. After hearing it a few times, it’s grown on me. I like it. I wish him the best and hope he gets some AC airtime.

  33. It wouldn’t be the SP without a whole bunch of hypocrisy, now would it ShadowlessSoul?

  34. taylorfan06 Says:

    People, Taylor is not trying to re-create the wheel. He’s only trying to write songs that he connects with and enjoys. That’s all I look for when I listen to any song on the radio, be it pop, rock, soul, country, whatever.

    I like ALL styles of music, and that’s why I’m not so over critical of Taylor’s songs. I like hooks and melodies and Taylor definitely delivers in that department.

    Don’t put down Taylor’s career based on WRIR. Some will like it, some won’t ( very obvious here), but it doesn’t have to totally reflect on the other songs “The Distance” will offer us.

    I’ve only heard the short snippet of WRIR, so I can’t say I love it yet, but I can say that I like its groove. Regardless, being a true fan, and with the track record of Taylor’s songs, I will definitely be downloading it off iTunes next Tuesday. And I’m very “proud” to say that!

  35. JustForFun Says:

    Can someone please post the link Boogie that some here keep talking about? All I have seem is a Chicago Media thread but it only has interviews from Chicago not performances from the gig on Saturday.

    I have been reading this blog for a while and posted once before. The past few blogs have done nothing but tear apart Taylor.

    Has anyone ever heard of Munchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy? I’m thinking most who post here are simply trying get attention while they are the people doing harm.

  36. Hello????? Do any of you even listen to AC radio? How many new songs does AC play? Um, NONE! AC radio plays old music.. it’s all pop hits of the past!

  37. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    We’re old SS remember? It’s Taylor Hicks and Barry Manilow on AC radio all the way!

  38. IAG – I’m not here to argue with you about those videos you put up, but just a little friendly advice, I’d take them down if I were you asap. You should seriously consider that.

    Over and out!

  39. taylorfan06 Says:

    Taylor has fans of ALL ages. Not that it really matters, though.

    Stereotyping = Ignorance.

  40. brightlite Says:

    Being a fan is not about unconditional love for a musician, that’s called worship.


    Worship is part of being a fan. I never thought hatred was, but there are all kinds of fans I guess. It would be weird if the Beatles fans were screaming “oh my God I think you guys SUCK!!!!!!” or “oh my Goddddd your new songs are craaaaaaaapp!” Well it would not make since would it? I am NOT comparing Taylor to the Beatles, I am showing this board what “fandom” is about when the musician is revered like we revere Taylor. It is perfectly normal for fans to revere or celebrate an artist. So expect lots of screams at the concerts!!!! And probably a fainting fan as well (me!) lol

    Good morning to all. I am off to school to brighten the days of my students. My wish for today is that I reach one more soul and lift them to the point of them seeing their life as a place of unlimited potential. I say if you have a dream, reach for the sky too. 🙂
    Have a beautiful day!

  41. MidnightSoul Says:

    Love hearing Taylor’s voice again and seeing his passion. As for the song–melody’s okay, but the lyrics strike me as a little…I don’t know…corny? (Like them better than Runaround, though.)

    Hoping for the best for him with his new release.

  42. IAG…could you give us a clue what songs you like that are, in your words..”more meaningful and soulful” .. who is it that you would like Taylor to be more like?

  43. jerseyirish Says:

    What I can’t understand most of you have all heard the new single which means you are members of the paid site. I have not heard it because I won’t pay to be a fan. If you guys are so down on him why join a paid site? As soon as I heard it was out I knew his critics would be hard at work, not liking it. I guess I was right. From all I have read most think it is a beautiful love song, I’ll go with that sentiment until I hear myself.


  44. itsallgrey,

    You knew this blog would be controversial. But then again isn’t that why you wrote it? Why do you act surprised and make snide remarks if someone writes something you don’t like?

    You say you don’t want drama and bullshit. Then don’t continue with this blog. If you choose to continue then you are kidding yourself. Then again maybe not and it is really what you want – drama and bullshit.

  45. JI, I believe you are confusing being a fan vs fanatic. Some of these gals with the most critical comments are in reality some of his biggest fans. They paid to join the site because of how big of fans they have been. Certainly not because they don’t like him. Think outside the square box, JI.

    Are some here hard to understand? Confused about the why of the the critiques? The way the sometimes sound harsh? JI it’s because they care that much. Because that’s how they express concerns. Because they don’t want Hicks to be that emperor in new clothes. Because none of them are yes men.

    I haven’t heard the whole song myself yet. I too am not a member of that paying site. No reason to join a site without perks. Now if he does more to gain my attention, perhaps I’ll join. Posting the new song streaming, one step.

    Regarding the lyrics, the criticisms about it not being special. I have something to say about that topic. Go look up lyrics to songs on the radio, songs hitting number one, popular tunes. Most are not works of literary art. They’re simple, aimed at being catchy. I have more about this on my blog.

    I think some of the fans on this site simply think so very highly of him that their expectations are very high, their standards high. It’s not a matter of hating or wanting to find fault. That’s the simpleminded approach to being faced with words that may not be rainbows and puppies to read.

    This site is a necessary in the Hicks world and I hope that the bullies out there understand that their way is not the only way. We need variety and discussion and a diverse community or this fan base is going to continue to shrink, it won’t grow unless this new record is jump off the charts brilliant. If that becomes the case, though, those trying to dominate the on-line planet of Mr. Hicks will likely be shoved aside anyway.

  46. AMEN, Sunny.

    You’re right when you say I think highly of him. Because I do, and I except way better from him. I know that it’s in there, inside of him…and I want that guy to realize his full potential, not sell out for a pop song. He’s so much better than his last album, and I really don’t want to see that repeated.

  47. Spin, thumbs way up on your post!

  48. You say you don’t want drama and bullshit. Then don’t continue with this blog. If you choose to continue then you are kidding yourself. Then again maybe not and it is really what you want – drama and bullshit.

    Then again, 15mins, maybe she (we) want the vegetarian option, which in this case is intelligent, open-minded discussion.
    You must be a meat and potatoes kinda fan, though.

  49. “intelligent, open-minded” is as “intelligent, open-minded” does.

  50. We tried the vegetarian barbecue option once and that didn’t work out so well. Perhaps drama and bullshit could be side orders? Just a suggestion.

  51. One has to wonder why it’s so difficult for these life needing fanatics to hear anything less than stellar about their Idol without getting so worked up. Is it because they are walking on shaky ground with their own beliefs, feeling insecure about his abilities, about his album, about the outcome? Oh I think so. It’s very interesting isn’t it? That they come to this blog kicking and screaming, threatening, bullying, not wanting people to write how they truly feel in fear of others seeing it.

    I don’t see people here going to their kool-aid infested abodes forcing reality down their throats. What’s up with that?

  52. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, Just don’t agree, when he wrote his first two CD’s he had pain in his life which was reflected in those songs he wrote. He is at a whole different level now in his life, he is not struggling his songs will reflect that. When I hear cheesy, not up to standard, to me that says you are disappointed with what he had presented. Maybe in some eyes he is capable of better, but this is where the muses took him this time out. To me the snippet on Amazon and the lyrics are beautiful, it reflects happiness in his life, probably will never see CD’s again like his first two. if that is what some are looking for just don’t think they will find it, he is beyond that painful stage of his life.


  53. Snowstorm Says:

    blue.. you hit the nail on the head. So much insecurity on their part.. that part is so telling. I’ll bet that many don’t even like the song, but because they are so afraid of the repercussions of going against the almight SP, they just go along with it, lol!

    Well, I just listened to the song again, and my opinion has not changed.. just OK for me. Don’t hate it, but nothing about it makes me take notice either. All I have to say is, poor Taylor. What in the world made him pick this for a single? Let’s hope the vid is good and maybe it’ll have a chance. But, I can honestly see the critics ripping him apart.

  54. spinshack Says:

    JI you’re jumping to assumptions on several levels in your post. You don’t have to be in pain to be a creative writer.

    Regarding the cheesy commentary I have never mentioned craving macaroni today. Yo, charcoal, how’s it grilling? I did pass you that tasty recipe for grilled veggies but I see the chain did not materialize. Perhaps it was a touch of Opinion salt that was needed for the special flavor – I think we have that on hand now.

    True blue, we haven’t exactly opened the gate splashing our version of fruity beverages or bootleg whiskey but they certainly can come calling to sample here can’t they?

  55. It’s not hard to be a fan – it’s hard to be a woman.

  56. It’s not hard to be a fan – although it is hard to be a woman – giving all your love to just one man.

  57. spinshack Says:

    Then there’s this:

    “Oh, it’s hard, so hard to be a woman
    When you’re trapped in the body of a man”

    but I think you’re thinking more along this:

    “You’ll have bad times
    And he’ll have good times
    Doin’ things that you don’t understand”


  58. Just want to let you all know that the site Gossip Boulevard, has listed all the CD tracks. They list 14, but state there will be 11 on the CD. They also give a free link to listen to the single. It almost sounds as though Tays people gave out the info. I’ll be back later to give my opinion of the single, not that anyone is holding their breath..

  59. Oh, and Morph should feel honored one track is titled “Keepin It Real”, hahahehe!

  60. spinshack Says:

    Thanks for that Rosie, one lyric section, …”marching side by side” can’t imagine marching side by side with my man unless we were enlisted. 😛

    His singing sounds good. Snow I agree with your earlier comments on the song. It is catchy though, easy to listen to and does carry some radio potential. It’s perhaps a love song, just that marching part made me giggle.

  61. Snowstorm Says:

    LOL, Spin.. you and I think alike. I thought the same thing when I heard “marching side by side”.. reminded me of the Army marching drills, lol!

  62. Jersey, he has no struggle now? I didn’t realize ones personal past pains from childhood and on, demons and memories, disappear just because they won American Idol.

  63. jerseyirish Says:

    Blue just that he is in a happier place than he was then have heard him say it.

    Just heard the single, thought it was beautiful, just what I was hoping for.


  64. I’m back to give my opinion of his single. First of all Taylor has one hefty pair of balls and in my opinion they grew when he decided to buck the do right thing and dropped out of college to pursue music full time. On Oct. 6, 2008, everyone was saying will we ever hear new music from Taylor, now a little over 3 months later we have. So to borrow from DIMYP, This is what we dreamed about, but the only question with me now, Is do I Make You Proud. He did not win AI by singing his pre idol, self penned songs. Hate to break the news to you, but those were not masterpieces. They did not sell the first time or the last time around with EW. He is a better singer and performer than he is a song writer. Those songs were not main stream and he’d sink with this new CD if it had songs such as Heart and Soul, W. Texas SKy, Hold Onto Your Love and The Deal. IMO, the only hit type songs were Somehow and a clean version of The Fall. So Tay of the big balls listened to advice and only some co written songs will be on this new CD. He wants success. To me the new single is better suited for radio, thus hit, thus success for Taylor, than any song on his Taylor Hicks CD. I’m sure there will be a few more soulful or blusey tunes to please those fans. He has the balls to try his best, work himself to death to keep or reservect his career, and this time from what I have seen and now heard, he has taken good advice, and opportunities and run with it. The music on the song is pleasant to beautiful, soothing and smooth and flowing. The lyrics are what sell, love stories, faithful, true love and angst. The whole thing is rather catchy in a middle of the road way, from tempo to lyrics. Just can’t see a neutral critic ripping it apart, nor do I see a grammy nomination.

  65. spinshack Says:

    Wow Ms. Rosie, all that talk about his balls *blush* my, my you’re gonna have Ms. Manners on you next. I mean children could be reading… j/k

    So you like it I guess?

  66. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Well said, I guess we will all have to agree to disagree on the single, I’m with Rosie it is very radio friendly has all the components to make it work. The lyrics are beautiful and the music pleasing to listen to.


  67. Snowstorm Says:

    Are you kidding? That song will not get played. Rosie is right..that is middle-of-the-road..something Clay Aiken would sing and that music is DULL and BLAND. Those lyrics are not good.. I’ve heard lyrics like that millions of times. I don’t understand why Taylor would choose a song like that. The melody is not bad, but the lyrics suck. Something tells me VH1 will not even bother with the video.

  68. Spin, haha, Sorry maybe I can’t separate the man from his music, or have spent too much time on RHS. He was smart to begin with a pleasing, catchy song and it is one that the more you hear, the more you like it. One track is “Wedding Day Blues”, which will please the blues people and scare the crap out of some of the SP. There are also 2 Womack songs, which I’d love to hear. Someone talked him out of those 30 songs he wrote by himself. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  69. littlewing Says:

    Not crazy about the new single, though the production sounds much better and truer to Taylor’s sound. I don’t know if it will catch on beyond the SP. I do hope that it does though. Hoping there is some asskickin’ funk/soul/gospel/rock on the new album. Surely there will be. It may be just wishful thinking, but somehow I don’t Taylor’s gonna let me down.

  70. I just listened two more times and it does have real possability to be a winner. Littlewing I agree about the production, it isn’t overdone like the first CD was and is more true to his sound. The melody is really nice. Also it does sound as though some of those tracks will be soulful, bluesy and maybe some jazz. The Th cd was just all over the place. His strength, as far as sales are concerned, just may be mid tempo ballads, with a little soul and growl thrown in.

  71. littlewing Says:

    Soul ‘n growl I love it! I did note that growl…
    Even though I don’t care for this song, I like it way better than anything from TH. Some of those other tracks do sound interesting, indeed. My interest is kinda piqued in “New Found Freedom”. Hope it sounds like I think it will, something with some kick and with an anthemic feel to it. It really sounds like there will be something for everyone this time around…

    I think he’s probably smart to release a mid-tempo “safe” song as the first single. Kind of like Daughtry putting out “Home” as the first single…it had more of a mainstream appeal than the more characteristic rock singles that were released later on.

  72. spinshack Says:

    So Rosie, you in the music business?

    Can’t tell if this CD different from the other one since haven’t heard any other tracks. Wedding Bell Blues, that’s not the one that has “Bill” in it is it? LOL

  73. spinshack Says:

    BTW Hi littlewing, good to see you around!

  74. Snowstorm Says:

    “It’s Not Over” was Daughtry first single, not “Home”!!

  75. littlewing Says:

    Hi spin! Yeah, I got them old Wedding Day Blues, haha!. That one’s bound to rock. I am getting really ramped up to hear the rest of the album. I used to think TH was going to re-invent f’ing pop music, but will settle for just a couple of great songs this time around. :p

  76. For those hoping it had some gospel to it… I doubt any Christian stations are going to pick it up, with him repeating over and over about not wanting an empty bed. And, the song is too slow and plodding. And, why is he telling somebody that there’s something wrong with them, and if they fall he’ll pick them up? That sounds condescending. I’ll go back and read the lyrics again; maybe I’m wrong. But my first opinion is that it’s a strange song that is completely suffocated by cliches.

  77. littlewing Says:

    oops, my bad SS. Same principle tho – not nearly as heavy as a couple of others from Daughtry’s first.

  78. It is a radio friendly song, maybe even r&b. There are a few news press releases, so it looks to me like Taylor and him team have done a good job this time around.

  79. Each to his or her own Opinion. Personally I love it. I don’t need to analyze it, pick it apart, compare it to something else or pigeon hole it. I guess sit back listen and enjoy.

  80. spinshack Says:

    Wanda, I’ve listened to this song several times now, read the lyrics. It’s really sort of a mess. One moment it’s like a love song, next it’s reach for your dreams and march over a bridge. What man croons to a woman to march side by side or let’s cross a finish line for heaven’s sake?

    And, for the love of all music, why is the sax added at the end? Like some sort of blurbling afterthought, ‘hey we need a little sax!’.

    Rosie I hope you’re right. It’s true you can’t ever tell what folks will dig.

  81. Wanda LOL.

    I don’t hate this song. But these lyrics are just too lame for me to take seriously. “Crossing bridges, reaching for the stars?” There’s no depth to these words, and I don’t feel the connection to the words in the vocals either, although the vocals sound nice.

    I do think they’re trying to recreate the DIMYP success in another song, but I feel that DIMYP had much more of an emotional impact.

    I’m also a wee bit confused on why half the album is covers, when he had apparently written 30 songs. Anyone gotten any ideas to why they would choose covers over one of his 30 allegedly written songs?

  82. Blue, I’m aware of 2 Womack covers and Hide Nor Hair is a Ray Charles song and Nineteen, is a country song written by two guys who Tay mentioned, but what other covers are on it. He co wrote some of the songs and they were obiously written with him in mind. I feel relieved he did not use his 30 songs, as he has not been a succesful song writer in the past. Someone talked sense to him and he went with better songs and some covers.

  83. A little bird told me about this site. So glad I found it. I miss Morph very much and this may fill some of the void. Keep it up IAG. I was getting awful tired of reading the Boogie where the dissect everything. I’d swear it was my mother posting!

  84. Hey fairhope, good to see you. Tay has a track on the CD titled Keepin It Real, in honor of Morph, Ya think? Do you like the single?

  85. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    I really hope you don’t aspire to be like Morph here. 😐

  86. Thanks Rosie. Yes, I do like the single, but…..it really does sound like the AI album. Very commercial. For his sake I hope it plays well on radio.

    And shadow…Morph is a good person. She has a viewpoint that is honest and forthright. From what I have read so far so does IAG. Please don’t diss Morph. You don’t know her.

  87. I’m aware of 2 Womack covers and Hide Nor Hair is a Ray Charles song and Nineteen, is a country song written by two guys who Tay mentioned, but what other covers are on it.

    “7 Mile Breakdown” is by Spoonful James; the song “Wedding Day Blues” could be, as Spin suggested, a remake of the 5th Dimension classic, but I’d hazard it’s actually a remake of an old, old piece done by a Mr. Gene Campbell, c. early 1930’s. The legendary Nick Lowe recorded “I Live On A Battlefield” back in the mid ’90’s. “Keepin’ It Real”, I believe, is from a jazz group known as Joe Mcbride and the Texas Rhythm Club, while “Indiscriminate Act of Kindness” comes from Foy Vance.

    Now, as we’ve discussed before, very different songs can have similar titles, so I’m in no way saying that Mr. Hicks covers all of these. I would just hesitate to say that he shared a writing credit on most of the tracks. We do know him to be excellent at arrangements, and it’s quite possible he played a big hand in that aspect of this CD.

    Maybe as Rosie said, he’s a better singer, than he is writer. Maybe his distributors/managers/partners took a look at those evasive 30+ songs and gently said, over several Crowns, “Hey Taylor!!! Listen to this shit!!”

    I will say this, though. After listening to some of the above tracks, done by the original artists, I’m getting excited again about hearing the rest of this CD. This music moves me, it’s a different sound, and I feel it all the way down to my bitter, dark, Taylor hating Soul.

    I might even buy a copy. Ooops. Download a copy, I meant.

  88. Fairhope and Rosie, I miss Morph too. Her blog was honest and real, with good discussion before it was overrun with drama.

    I’ve tried to find it again since it went underground, but to no avail.
    IAG fills that void for me, too.

  89. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    fairhope.. uhhh.. yah I do know her. I didn’t say anything about her as a person.

    I just find it highly amusing that a spinoff blog that caused this fandom and probably Taylor insurmountable grief would make people think Taylor would ode a song to her.

  90. ShadowlessSoul you are the only one here that has said anything smart.

  91. The song is full of cliches like…
    “When you got a dream I say reach for the sky”
    “And we’re gonna cross that bridge together”

    that’s what’s wrong with it. I think we were all expecting something deeper, with more meaning.

  92. I had a comment that never made it out of moderation so I won’t try to say the same thing again, LOL. I’ll just say that a man singing about marching and a finish line to a woman is like a man giving a woman a football for her birthday. It makes more sense if a man is giving a football to his brother. Now I’ll probably be caught up in spam jail again. 🙂

  93. spinshack Says:

    Hahaha! Wanda you are funny.

    YKW I was making a joke about the “Wedding” song since it mentions ‘Bill’ surely that would not work for a man to sing. Perhaps he could insert ‘Jill’. lol

    Lyrically as Snow said it does run a gamut of cliches but so do a lot of hit songs. I still am giggling over the marching side by side and crossing that finish line and Wanda you’re not helping. 😛

  94. Spin, you were just joking?!?! Surely, you jest. 😉


  95. spinshack Says:

    YKW, well I need to make sure none are getting the wrong message. haha You know not to evah question or talk about anything the man writes or says or sings unless it is “OMG !!!! That was so Great !!111!!! or we are not fans.

    So what if he wants to sing about marrying Bill? Like there’s anything wrong with that. 🙂

    On a more serious note, there are several songs on the disc that sound very promising.

  96. Maybe I am completly off base but just maybe the song as a deeper meaning than what some are thinking. We won’t know until the video but…

    Maybe the song is about his love having cancer or something. We know it is about love and when you truly love someone you feel what they feel it and when they are happy you are happy when they are going through something so are you.

    But with the phrases to the finish line, cross that bridge togther, marching step by step, walking side by side. It made me think of when people who walk and run those marathons for cancer and stuff.

    That could explain the above. He is worried he will loose her to the desease and he doesn’t want to go a single night with out her or know what an empty bed is like. The begining says When there is sadness in your eyes I see it you can’t hide it. He is telling her he knows there is something wrong and he will be there.

    That is just my take on it, The video I am sure will give me a different take. Taylor did say story songs though and that would be a story.

  97. brightlite Says:

    For those of you who think that “marching” is a masculine term…

    From wikipedia…
    Many people know what The Wedding March is but many do not know how it became a part of the wedding ceremony and many do not even know where the song came from. In western society, The Wedding March has remained a wedding tradition since 1858. In fact, there are actually two Wedding March songs.
    The first “Wedding March” is played as the recessional at many weddings. It was written by Mendelssohn in 1842 for a Skakespeare play entitiled A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This piece is more upbeat and jubliant and is played as the bride and groom leave the church. The orginal manuscript is preserved at the Karpeles Manuscript Library

    just food for thought….the marching phrase Taylor uses is actually very romantic and signals committment. But some people have a difficult time understanding anything deep in words, and choose to just take everything at literal value. My take on it, and if there is someone special in his life, she sure is the luckiest lady alive.

  98. You know what’s interesting to me, Soul Patrol? I have a very positive post up about Taylor, and yet only one person has commented on it. Obviously, positivity is not something that you desire. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people. This is not a hate blog, but I will not talk about how Taylor is the best thing since sliced bread. He’s a man and a musician. Bottom line. He makes mistakes, as do we all, so there will be negativity on this blog. However, when he does something good, like picks good songs for his cd, I’m going to give him kudos for that. Yet, the Soul Patrol would rather come to this thread and pick it apart, looking for the “haters.”

    Sometimes, actions are way more telling than words.

  99. spinshack Says:

    Bright, in the “Wedding March” the reference is not for a couple to physically march (hup two three four!) up to the alter. hahaha This tune designed in ‘march’ tempo format to signal the beginning or end of the procession.

    In a simple definition, march, is a musical genre, it is a piece of music with a strong regular rhythm which in origin was expressly written for marching to and most frequently performed by a military band. Not a format noted for romantic songs, with the exception of that Wedding March. lol

    The way the wording in the song goes:
    “I’m with you all the way to the finish line
    And we’re gonna cross that bridge together
    Marching step by step
    Walking side by side”

    I find them a bit out of place in a love song.

    poetcndy you might actually be on to something there in your take on the lyrics. I could see that actually.

  100. brightlite Says:

    ALL words are used to impart meaning and are subject to interpretation Spin. Literally using the word “marching” in a love song would not fit, so I am taking it to mean that it is used in a way that could be applied to a wedding. Get it? Marching down the aisle, side by side. This is a wedding song. I think it is highly romantic and very beautiful, if you take the words to mean that. Of course if you want to take it to mean militarily marching than I guess you would see it the way you do, and well than I can only say to each his own. The finish line doesn’t have to mean a sports ending, it could have different meanings as well, such as to the end, all the way, and even until eternity. Of course it is hard for people to think of things the way that the artist intends. Everyone has perspective based on their experiences. I think WRIR is a beautiful love song that speaks of love everlasting and the finality of finding one’s other half in life.
    Cindy your take is heartfelt and it really makes me cry. I can’t read it again. Thanks for posting though.

  101. Marching can also mean a determined effort to move forward in the midst of tough circumstances.

    Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and grieves which we endure help us in our marching onward.
    ~ Henry Ford

  102. Reading what Cindypoet said, got me to thinking so I went back and listened again. It is possable he commits suicide in the end, to go with her when she dies. The empty bed, whats right is right, (suicide), because he vowed to be with her to the finish line etc. Also it was reported there is a dream scene in the video. I don’t know it just crossed my mind and would make it all interesting.

  103. Serious matters here ladies, let us never try to find anything humorous concerning Mr. Hicks again. Blasphemy I say!

    I see, so the song is about him killing himself, marching into Heaven along side her – but wait, would it be Hell since he’s committing suicide – but wait, then he couldn’t march over that bridge because she’s in Heaven…dilemma. Gee all because his Lady Love is dying a slow death over a terminal illness. I’m going to cry myself into a coma now. 😉

  104. I totally get that…they march into heaven, lol. *rolls eyes*

  105. The wedding march and the funeral march are pretty much the same thing, except the tempo is slowed down. 😆

  106. OK, I’ll tell you what I think it means, for all it’s worth. There is a goal to be met, but the goal has not been realised yet. It’s the same old thing.. he wants to connect with someone.. but that has not been achieved yet, so he’s telling her, hang in there with me… don’t give up.

    This I promise you forever
    I’m with you all the way to the finish line
    And we’re gonna cross that bridge together
    Marching step by step
    Walking side by side

  107. You know what I think it means?

    I think it’s a contrived, sappy song that he is releasing to try and get radio play. From what I can tell, the other songs on this CD are going to be way better and not at all like this one.

  108. Hey it’s suicide! He wears a black cashmere coat in the video and looks somber. The end of the video is in a snow covered grave yard, and he is looking st her headstone, then with soft sax playing the scene switches to two graves, fade out. What’s Right to him is going with her forever. Whats Right Is Right. Okay, my dimunitive, Tayloized, aging brain has been fried! You have to admit it would make a great video, way better than Jordin Sparks on a Merry-go-round singing about Tatoos. My feeble brain can make all the lyrics and melody fit my scenerio. Lol, make fun of me if you wish, I’m having fun in my own head. BL is not going to like my scenerio one bit!

  109. Snow, people talk about crossing the bridge to the other side in death.

  110. However we interpret it, this is a fantasy song, not one based on Taylor’s current life. (Because, of course, we know what goes on in Taylor’s bedroom and bathroom 24 hours a day.) He says he doesn’t want to face an empty bed, but as far as we know, his bed his routinely empty. Now before you go saying I’m jumping to conclusions, remember that Taylor is moving from town to town, staying in hotels, and even if he has a secret (or not so secret) girlfriend, she’s not tagging along with him constantly. The only person who’s always there is Bill. So, since I’ll concede that the song is probably not a love song to Bill, it has to be about an idealized situation and an imaginary person.

    That’s my contribution to the dissection seminar today.

  111. The guy needs to do something commercial to get people interested. Everyone knows that, yet they attack him for doing it. He really can’t win.

    The video will get airplay on VH1 and then who knows? It’ll be interesting to see how the song does on the charts.

  112. That’s fine, he can do something commercial…but this? Seriously?

    I’m sure there are better songs out there than this DIMYP sibling.

  113. I like WRIR. I don’t think it’s the greatest thing ever written, but I like it. And I like DIMYP too. 🙂

  114. brightlite Says:

    Why has this board taken such a morose turn?
    I am not understandig this. Has something happened? What is all this talk of Taylor and suicide? I cannot fathom any of this discussion.
    Can we get back to something positive concerning Taylor instead of talking about tombstones, jeeez.
    WRIR is a song about loving someone so much that you know what they know, you think and feel the same things, you understand what goes on inside their heart and mind. It is a testament to the power of love and how it brings awareness to us like we’ve never known. Awareness of ourselves, and awareness of another. I think crossing the bridge is partly imaginative (figuratively), as snowstorm says, and partly literal as it may have occurred to Taylor in a dream. But bridges in dreams have a very powerful meaning, as SS says, funny I agree with you finally…Taylor may be speaking of making a connection that has yet to be made. Nice post up there with the quote by Henry Ford…marching is term we use to describe how we tackle or handle obstacles. Sometimes we need to attack head on, things and situations that seem insurmountable and strong steps are needed.
    Nice discussion but can we stop talking about dying please.

  115. Snowstorm Says:

    Good post, bl. Yes, I agree with you.

  116. Snowstorm Says:

    Hey, came across this article and it looks like Elliott Yamin contributed some backing vocals. Cool!

    The Distance also features a cover of R&B great Bobby Womack’s Woman’s Gotta Have It. Elliott Yamin told me the other day that he’d cut backing vocals for Taylor’s version.


  117. littlewing1 Says:

    I know SS! I linked that over in the Shadow Tour thread while ago. Can hardly contain my excitement. Loves me some Elliott!

  118. Or… maybe it’s just a song that Mr. Hicks picked to sing.
    Maybe he decided to sing it based on it’s pop pablum marketability.

    Or … maybe not.

  119. OMG! People! Did I mistakenly get on the Boogie Board???? This is what I can’t stand. Picking apart meanings, copying word for word shit from an encyclopedia and/or dictionary. Come on. It’s a frigging commercialized song to get radio play. Gosh, will someone get my mother to stop posting on this blog!

    IAG, sorry, I know I’m new here but can you place a word limit on the comments?

  120. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, Thanks for the link, it is great that Elliot is teaming up with Taylor for the song.


  121. spinshack Says:

    “Gosh, will someone get my mother to stop posting on this blog!” holy hell, thank Gawd you found us Fairhope. hahaha!

    Hell that’s completely cool E teamed with Hicks on this! Why has anyone not talked about it til now? Oh wait, I should be glad they’re spilling now. Man, I’m never satisfied. 😛

  122. Looks like all the bad news is showing up from a site
    the had disappeared.

  123. Ouch! Don’t worry 15 we’re all still here! Can’t believe you are.

    Am loving this blog though. Hope it’s okay if I stay awhile.

  124. You can stay as long as you want Fairhope. 🙂

  125. Here’s a song for you 15 Minutes, Just shut up Stop your talking baybee…

  126. Virtual Speak Says:

    BL- How do we know WRIR isn’t a song for his love of the bozo doll or the bucket game?


    Crossing the finish line could have something to do with that damn elusive bucket #6. 😉

  128. Virtual I was missing you – don’t be gone that long again. hahahaha

  129. Virtual Speak Says:

    Thanks Spin. I’ve been more in the reading mode. I like the single so don’t have much to add. 🙂

  130. I’ve actually listened to this a couple of more times..just to try to get the feel of it. What’s interesting is that the hook stays with you. It’s still not one of my favorites, but it does have a hook.

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