Let the Buyer Beware…

So, let me get this straight. He charged $40 bucks, advertising that this club tour was to try out the new music. Yeah, the music he’s had two years to work on…
Okay. So here’s the set list:
Soul Thing
Give Me Tonight
Heart and Soul
Heaven Knows/Maze
Compared to What
What’s Right is Right
Gonna Move
The Deal
Womans Gotta Have It

Naked in the Jungle

Good thing no cellcerts, recording, or pics were allowed to preserve the pure content of the “new” music before releasing it!

Oh, and get that camera outta his face!

And one more question? Was Bill there?!?


49 Responses to “Let the Buyer Beware…”

  1. One more question, who was playing with him? Anyone?

  2. Virtual Speak Says:

    According to one recap on the Boogie.

    1. Bill Will was there and acted as the tour director.

    2. Brian Gallagher was there and HOT as usual.

    3. New organ player who was very good and animated. It was the guy Taylor mentioned in the interviews

    4. Josh Smith was Amazing — and was into every song. Candy said that Taylor was all up in front of Josh’s face and they could have done the whole set by themself. There was a new keys player;

  3. I was thinking last night that it was a shame the show wasn’t recorded. Everyone said Taylor was the best they’ve ever seen.

    I LOVED it. I really don’t care that he didn’t do the new music. I just want to see him perform music, not musical theater. This was a small venue, I was standing right in front of Brian Gallagher and was amazed at how hard he works while he’s up there. There was great interaction between all the band members. It was forty bucks of fun. I’ll never forget it.

  4. Good for you, Caryl. But, other than the new song, it sounds like a show he did two years ago. Hmmmm, $40 for all that?? Yawn!

    So, tell us more about the new song. Do you like it? Is it radio-friendly? What genre is it? Is it a romantic ballad? What are some of the lyrics?

  5. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Glad you had such a good time. Don’t think $40 is a lot to go see anyone. He did two songs that will be on the new albulm, “Whats Right is Right” and “A Womans to to Have it”, I think that is great for the CD that hasn’t even been released yet.


  6. Caryl, were there any signs posted up about not filming, recording? Too bad his people with all their innate wisdom with squelching fan footage did not have a camera up to film this and put it up on the pay site. That’s a shame and positive feedback, fan relations lost. Surely would be worth more in the long run than a small venue take (about how many in the crowd, estimated?) of $40.00 a pop.

  7. I really did like the new song, but …you guys are going to kill me, I don’t remember details. I know, I suck! But, yes I think it’s radio friendly, it did not sound gospel at all and it has a hook that I found myself singing towards the end.

    I’m really surprised that people are so outraged. It was a fantastic show. I’m not a fan who says positive things just to keep the conversation postiive. Remember, I’m the one who posted a flag at half-mast on my blog the day Grease opened. But this was a very, very good thing. It’s the Taylor we’ve been missing.

  8. The recorded version sounds quite gospel. Interesting how his recorded tunes often are played quite differently live.

  9. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, The snippet is only a peek at the song, maybe when released it will have a whole diferently flavor to it.

    Caryl, I know you don’t mince words you say exactly how you feel, and I’m getting the feeling it was all good last night!!! 🙂


  10. Snowstorm Says:

    “Too bad his people with all their innate wisdom with squelching fan footage did not have a camera up to film this and put it up on the pay site.”

    Keep dreaming, lol! His pay site is a lost cause.

  11. I’m really surprised that people are so outraged.

    I don’t know if “outraged” describes my emotion, really. What I’m feeling is really more “taken”, I guess. I just feel like I’ve enjoyed his music and looked forward to something more for so long now. And now, here we are, at the crest of realizing the elusive “something more” … and it’s just yet another letdown. No new music (okay, one new song … whoopee), no video, no photos, no DVD, no acoustic tour, little to no blogging or vlogging … Definately not a way to keep my interest as a fan alive.

  12. Caryl,
    I’m glad you had a good time..didn’t doubt that. Forty bucks to see Taylor NOT in Grease sounds like a great deal to me.

  13. There was no announcement made at Martyr’s about the no recording thing, nothing was posted at the door, nobody’s bags were searched, nothing like that. I was surprised. I thought someone would say something about it before Taylor took the stage. The person who held up their camera (I have no idea if it was a man or a woman) probably didn’t know they weren’t supposed to.

  14. The place was pretty full and the crowd was very diverse. Men, women, young and old. I actually had the feeling there were more young people than the usual middle-aged crowd. Men to women ratio was about even.

  15. spinshack Says:

    Yeah, what’s the word on that DVD to date? Too, that one other tune may have been well done, but it is a cover. What’s up with all that new material and all that writing (30 songs) we heard about?

    JI that bit piece on amazon.com has the feel and flow of gospel – surely not mid way through the song it turns into something else? He does change them all up and there are good and bad to those points.

    OK YKW I’m getting aggravated along with you. LOL

    /rant] So …. he doesn’t want fans taking pics or making recordings, like a poster on another site said, he’s tired of giving the milk away for free… what does he think folks blogging about and for him are doing? We’re giving it away too, for free. Speculation on the whole GC thing, he was giving it all away for free too until he poofed his site. Next folks will say quit talking about him then, and really, is that the way for this to go as well?

    I won’t join that pay site until I hear there’s a bloody reason to do so. Certainly won’t be to just go there to read the kool-aide promotions of a certain few. From what I understand that’s about all that site’s got to offer at this point. [/rant over

  16. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, Go see what Chill said, she says it takes off in a different direction than the snippet, very radio friendly. I guess we will all have to wait until the 27th, already told my daughter no birhtday presents until she downloads to song for me, she turns 19 on the 27th.


  17. Virtual Speak Says:

    Check out GC’s site. 😆

    I posted this in the other thread, but, it went into moderation.

    I’m pretty sure the implication is Taylor is a dick for what he did with the cellcert thing. 😉

    Just in case he deletes it:

    Controversial policy or just common sense?

    The study found that the radiofrequency electromagnetic waves a cell phone emits when it’s in talk mode can lead to higher levels of free radicals in sperm samples from healthy men—free radicals are the rogue molecules that have been implicated in heart disease, cancer and numerous others human diseases—and to a reduction in sperm motility and viability.


  19. You know what? When something has been policy for the history of his career (free meet and greets, cellcerts, pics, vids, etc.) and then all of a sudden it’s not, he has to know that fans are going to be upset. He probably likes it when people are upset. Any attention is good attention, right?

    I think he’s shooting for the mainstream with a CD full of DIMYP clone songs, and he couldn’t care less if his old fans hang on or not. If fact, I think he wants his old fans to go the f*ck away.

    I’m the closest I’ve ever been to getting the hell out of his fandom.

    YKW is right. We’ve been taken.

  20. Snowstorm Says:

    I am so not surprised by this reaction.

    People – what Taylor is doing is called milking the cash cow for all it’s worth. Exactly how long have you people been away from music?

  21. jerseyirish Says:

    Someone just posted that was at the show last night there were signs entering the building about photo’s and recording/cellcert not allowed.

    What I don’t understand is that the song has not been released yet, why would he allow anyone to record non released music, he just said he wanted to try out his new music and get crowd reactions thats all. Who knows maybe copyright stuff could be involved since it isn’t out on the market yet.


  22. Tayfancier Says:

    People want Taylor to make the big time. They criticize that he needs to sell millions upon millions of CDs, but they want him to continue to allow his performances to be filmed and shared for nothing. They even extend this to his new music which is still weeks from being released. We’ve all seen videos and heard music for almost three years for free. Maybe Taylor spoiled us. Yeah, the videos did help ease the stretches between CD releases and tours. The videos kept me going too. Right now Taylor needs to focus on have the most positive impact possible for the new music.

    Two songs I heard last night that are to be on the new CD are NOT clones of DIMYP. One is a new song and one a cover of a Bobby Womack song — both sounded great and his vocals were superb.

    Taylor does not want to lose his old fans. Every indication is that he still tries to accommodate the fans. He signed autographs last night. He did a shout out to Soul Patrol on stage and included SP when he signed my ticket stub. That doesn’t sound like a man trying to lose his old fans.

    He’s simplying asking his fans to give him the advantage of controlling how and when is music is released.

  23. jerseyirish Says:

    Tayfancier, Exactly what I have been saying, thanks for you input.


  24. He touted this “intimate concert tour” as his chance to try out his new music. So, what does he do? He sings one new song and one cover. Is that what we’re waiting for? To see how well he can do covers? We’ve been watching him do that for three years now.

    And from what I hear, the cast of Grease was there to support him. So, in this venue that holds what, 250 people, Taylor did not sell out…and brought his cast with him. How many new fans did he really think he was going to get? How many times can you hear the same songs, over and over?

  25. Snowstorm Says:

    I would have to agree with you iag. Taylor needs to change it up, but as a new artist, Taylor has no choice but to sing covers – he doesn’t have enough of his own material to fill a show. For the life of me, I don’t know why he continues to sing the Runaround – one of the worst songs on earth. He’s never going to get new fans singing that song. The way he runs around that stage while singing that song is so bad – he looks like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

  26. I don’t know why some of you expected him to sing songs from a CD that won’t be released for almost 2 months. I understood all along he would start with his single and when his CD is released he will include other songs. He did not perform songs from his Taylor Hicks CD prior to its release. Did you see video of him performing any of those songs from the first CD prior to its release. He is doing his best to make this new CD successful and I have read only positive comments from those who heard WRIR and the Womack cover. Do other musicians go and appear and sings songs from their CDs two months before release? Are Chris Daughtry’s fans whining about no new music for over two years? There were different age groups in attendence and a lot of males. I’d rather dwell on the positives then to look for things to complain about.

  27. Celestial Soul Says:

    He shouldn’t have booked these “intimate” tour dates and touted them as a new way of getting his new music out there till his new music was released then Rosie.

    Daughtry also doesn’t lure his fans into a guinea pig test audience and then do the same old shit he’s been hawking for the last three years.

    Does three dates constitute a tour?

  28. We expected it, rosie, because a big deal was made about the no media policy. It’s important to protect the purity of the new music, don’t ya know?

    And yes, I forgot, we must always always ALWAYS be positive about every f’ing thing Taylor does.

  29. spinshack Says:

    “Exactly how long have you people been away from music?” I know you be all young and hip, Snow, but baybee, there are plenty of current acts that give a lot away – from downloads to vids to pics on their site, nothing to do with that angle – just keeping it real. Regarding your comment on “The Runaround” I can’t agree more. (“I don’t know why he continues to sing the Runaround – one of the worst songs on earth”)

    Rosie, you asked, “Do other musicians go and appear and sings songs from their CDs two months before release?” I’ll answer you: Yes. Check Coldplay to name only one. Had their single out about 2 months prior…we’re not dwelling on the negs, man, we’re simply voicing concerns. He reads. GC does too, obviously, lol.

    Soul is right on Rosie, and no, 3 dates ain’t no tour. It’s something but not that. Mr. Hicks did not want to allow filming, recording, so why not do more new tunes? Man, makes no sense to me unless the guys with him just not versed in the material yet.

  30. Rosie, not sure if you see a lot of live music, go to concerts et. But I do and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard:

    “This is a song I just wrote called ________. It’s coming out in our next album. Hope you guys like it.”

    Meanwhile, people are taping, recording, taking photos and no one gives a shit. It’s good buzz, keeps people excited…

    Taylor, on the other hand is lucky to have fans left, given the rapid demise of his career. But I’m not complaining about his decision, it’s his ahem, career? Not mine. But I can assure you, banning cellcerts is not the secret to success.

  31. Celestial Soul Says:

    Actually rosie.. Yes.. we were privy to his snippets of his new music before it was released when his last CD came out through Gray Charles.

  32. Snowstorm Says:

    I was hoping that Taylor would totally reinvent himself, perhaps another John Mayer? Does not look like that’s what’s happening. He’s sticking to same old shitty songs from two years ago. Something tells me his new cd is “Modern Whomp” crap and yet another epic failure.

  33. I believe he said he was going to use Grease as a way to cross promote his new music and that he will be doing some new songs after the play. Yes he has only 3 intimate tours booked before his CD is released. He is doing some print, tv and radio promotion in Feb. and Mar. Spin, he is not as successful as Coldplay, he needs to play all the right cards this time around. Perhaps the video will be ready shortly after the single is released and he wants the vid to help sell the single. You know, set the mood, tone, show him in a serious sexy mode as a singer. I believe he is smart and has learned from the past, and that it is his right to do it his way. He contolled the video and contolled what went on at Martyrs and I think that is a good thing.

  34. Wow! I found a pic of Bill Will sitting on the couch upstairs at Martyrs!

  35. spinshack Says:

    Bwhahahaha! eysial. Good one. Rosie, you asked if anyone did that, we’ve just responded. You haven’t been a big music fan perhaps, but you are into Taylor. I mentioned Coldplay because they are huge and that should give clue on what the big boys do. They know what works, don’t you think?

  36. spinshack Says:

    BTW what’s up next with this “Grease” cross promo? Is he still going to do a set after the show? If so he should take it from the Big Boys and start asap. Why wait?

  37. Snowstorm Says:

    “but baybee, there are plenty of current acts that give a lot away – from downloads to vids to pics on their site, nothing to do with that angle – just keeping it real.”

    You mean SUCCESSFUL acts. C’mon Spin, Taylor Hicks is no where near. Remember, he has NO label backing. He’s totally on his own.

  38. spinshack Says:

    Oh yeah, Snow, got carried away there didn’t I? hahaha

  39. Rosie, if Taylor was going to use Grease to cross promote his cd, I think he would have started already. He went on about how he’s going to sing his new single after the show…yeah, that’s going well. He’s now well into his fifth city on this tour, and still no single. Ridiculous.

  40. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, He said he would start the Grease aftershow when the single was released, he said it in one of his interviews. The way I feel is I can’t afford to go to where any of the shadow tour dates are, therefore, I will have to wait. I’m not upset becasue I have to wait, he owes those that pay to see him a good show and I believe he did just that, and owes no one else anything.


  41. He said..he said…he said…

    What he said means nothing, because at this point, it’s hard to believe anything that he says.

  42. Josh Smith told us the cast and crew that were at Martyr’s bought tickets, if that makes a difference to anybody. They wanted to support him.

  43. brightlite Says:

    If ANYONE or ANYTHING sounds like they are singing the same old tune…it’s the nasty posters on this blog. Same old posts. Same old complaints.
    Boring blog, come up with something new please. I used to come here and read a few times a day but not anymore, it is just too mundane here, all the same whining day in and day out from the same three or four posters.

  44. Virtual Speak Says:

    Is that a threat or a promise?

  45. I’m on the fence about the no-recording thing. I was there and I thought to myself that it was a shame the show wasn’t recorded. The music was fantastic but there was also a lot of interaction with the crowd. We all cheers (ed?) together a couple of times. Taylor held up his beer and said, “One, two, three…cheers!”

    But on the other hand, if someone can hear a show over a cellcert or see it later on youtube where’s the incentive to buy a ticket and see it live?

    Don’t forget he’s working with some new people (Artist 2 Market). Maybe this is their advice.

    And btw, spin and itsallgrey, I know we don’t agree but I also know that we can have a civil debate about it. You guys have been great to me.

  46. spinshack Says:

    The incentive Caryl is to show others what they’re missing. If it looks like a good time, makes me want to go even more. Carries into the whole advertising theory of thought.

    Caryl, we may not agree on everything but you know I think a great deal of you. Your point that he may be taking advice from A2M certainly could be true.

  47. Please! I’d pay $80 just to see him shake his cute little ass!

  48. BTW, where’s Tay gonna be April 3rd?

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