Bozo…here’s your new contestant!! ETA: Taylor and Bozo pic

Ok, this made me laugh this morning:


Taylor playing the Grand Prize Game!!

I can remember being a kid and watching this show and wanting to be the one hitting the buckets!! How cool that he gave $500/bucket to the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, too.

Also, if you look on that website, he performed “Gonna Move” with Josh Smith and Brian Gallagher. It was a pretty jazzy version. Finally, there’s the Taylor I’ve been looking for…



87 Responses to “Bozo…here’s your new contestant!! ETA: Taylor and Bozo pic”

  1. Grey,

    Thanks for the video link. It was good to see Brian and Josh playing with Taylor.

  2. Oh man, the evil and sinister thoughts lurking in my demented mind about the title of your thread…. It must be the whole clown thing. Brings out the monster in me. *Scream*

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    Thought he was cute playing the game, the clown leaves a little to be desired, kind of creepy.


  4. Thanks for the link. The man loves being on TV and I’m thrilled he has gotten so much exposure in such a big market. Taylor the singer/entertainer is not shy, I think he lives for a stage. It is also interesting to see the songs he has chosen to perform and so far , The Fall was my favorite performance and this was second.

  5. OMG. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate clowns.

  6. Haven’t you people ever seen Bozo??

  7. I think Taylor’s little clown is going to be accompanying him wherever he goes forever. And I bet he takes Bozo too.

  8. Hey, you guys!! Check out the pic of Taylor kissing Bozo! hhaahahahhahah Love it!!

  9. Won’t he EVER grow up and be all about the music??!!!?!


  10. How can a picture with a doll be more sexy than his upcoming CD cover?

    Bozo and Taylor are bringing sexy back.

  11. Hey! I’m on a hotel computer in Chicago. I just wanted to pop in to say “hi”. My non-Taylor friends are dragging me to Grease tonight. (I know that’s weird, it should be the other way around.) shhh…don’t tell anybody! I swore I’d never see it. Oh well, guess I have to give it a try to be fair to the big lug.

    If chill or spin read this, I can’t post on either of your sites for some reason. I tried.

    It’s bitter cold here in Chicago and I’m going to freeze in the outfit I’m wearing tonight. Don’t care. Can’t wait to see the show at Martyr’s! That’s what I’ve been waiting for since the solo tour ended.

  12. hahahhah, CS!!

    Hey Caryl..have a great time at Grease. Come back and give me the lowdown on how it is. I actually had a chance to see it, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. 😉

    Have fun!

  13. Have a great time caryl! 🙂

  14. How can a picture with a doll be more sexy than his upcoming CD cover?

    Is he open mouthed kissing that thing?!!?!!? *shocked*

  15. Damn, he does look sexy kissing Bozo, makes me really look forward to the video with the woman.

  16. Even Taylor can’t make that clown tolerable. I don’t like all.

  17. Oh, and Caryl…have a great time! Have oodles of drinks, but not so many that you’ll have trouble remembering Martyr’s….it’s a fine line, before you tip over!! LOL!

  18. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Have fun even though you had no desire to see Grease, I’m sure you will enjoy the show and seeing Taylor.

    Caro, I hear you, years ago I used to collect clowns, but mine were really cute, not creepy looking.


  19. He looks terrific in the bottom pic…easy to drink that in! Helps banish that horrid clown…( a little, anyways)

  20. Oh Caryl, Baybee, darlin’ I know you were thinking Sunny thoughts. Man I love you so much. Glad you’re having some good times. Been on those hotel comps and they can be strange. lol

  21. taylorfan06 Says:

    Taylor was definitely at “The Right Place” this morning.
    Taylor and Bozo are a great pair. I hope to catch them both on the road,
    along with “Mr. Ray Charles” of course.

    Taylor LOVES to have fun. Isn’t that the best thing to have?

  22. I’ll take some new music with my fun, thanks. 😉

  23. Celestial Soul Says:

    Just stopping by to let everyone know my blog was reported to blogspot and removed.

  24. celestial soul: what? That’s crazy!

    I only have a minute to write. I don’t mean to highjack your thread, itsallgrey, but I wrote about Grease on my blog and I just can’t rewrite the whole damned thing here!

    I had the most amazing meet and greet with Taylor after the show. I’m still trying to figure out what he was talking about, but I gave the gist (jist?) of it on my blog. He’s very protective of this new music. Very concerned about people hearing it at it’s best and not through a cellcert.

    Please don’t take his words and twist them, but he said something I found worth quoting and quite endearing: “You think it’s hard getting here? It’s even harder STAYING here.”

    Gotta go get ready for Martyr’s!

  25. CS-What the hell? Removed for what?

    Caryl–very cool. Glad you had a good meet and greet with Taylor!

  26. Celestial Soul Says:

    Caryl! Sounds like a great M&G! It’s just amazing to me that he even knows what a cellcert is.

    Yes, I put up a such a tasteful FU picture about the no cellcert rule and it was promptly turned into blogspot five times in an hour, which is grounds for removal.

    Sorry IAG don’t want to hijack your blog. I’m just pissed.

  27. Hey, I don’t blame you, CS. I’d be pissed too.

    I think the no cellcert rule blows, personally. Although I hate cellcerts…everything sounds like it’s underwater. But still, I understand where he’s coming from with what he said to Caryl, but it’s still ridiculous. Honestly, I think he’s cutting off his nose to spite his face.

  28. It honestly makes no sense to me. Does he think that casual fans who are undecided about purchasing his new music will be dialing in to listen? A cellcert is a “nonevent” in the larger scheme of things. It will not impact his future sales, or attendance at future concerts. It is not a recorded event which will make it out to the general public.

    Considering all that, is he aware of how much unrest and fighting it causes when he uses individual fans as his “official” message bearers? This fact has more potential to negatively impact his future sales and concert attendance, as evidenced by the people who have already confessed to choosing not to attend concerts, because of fighting within the fanbase.

    I am still confused and bewildered . . .

  29. if you say so Says:

    Maybe this isn’t the best decision to not allow cellcerts and recording, or maybe it is. The thing is, it is Taylor’s decision to make. It is HIS music, HIS timeline, and HIS decision. If people are going to disregard his wishes because they think it is a stupid idea (and I am not referring to you specifically, soulaz – don’t get me wrong) or because they want to have the scoop on the new music, well, that’s just wrong in my books. I am guessing based on what we have heard from Taylor (second-hand, granted), that he may not be to happy about it either.

    I honestly think that Taylor has no clue about how giving certain fans directives during M&G’s affects the in-fighting among the factions of the fanbase. If he knew, do you think he would continue to do it? I have been around since day one, as many of you have, and I honestly don’t understand any of what is going on with the fanbase right now.

  30. One word – Gypsee. I have nothing against SOS – used to be a member but it was the most boring place on the planet. It’s Gypsee’s behind the scenes puppet pulling over there and everywhere that has people furious. She has a vendetta against the Boogie. SOS – expect to get fleas when you lay down with dogs.

  31. I am not suggesting that it is not his decision to make. It’s obviously his product to unveil in the manner of his choosing. But, I still do have the right to my opinion, and the right to feel confusion when his decisions don’t make sense to me.

    I would say that it’s not that Taylor shouldn’t use “certain” fans to pass on messages, it’s that he should never use any fans to pass on messages. If he has information that is so important to him, that he feels it must be passed on to the entire fanbase, he has three official sites where he can place an audioblog message to his fans. It would be worth a few minutes of his time, if it was something he felt that strongly about.

    Direct communication to his fans, in a more professional manner, would avoid these types of controversy in the future.

  32. I don’t know about all that Grinch, and I would rather not get involved with all that. I’ve had enough infighting over a board to last me a lifetime.

    As for whether it’s Taylor’s decision to make…of course it is. Unfortunately he has a history of making bad PR decisions, and his career is what has taken the hit for that. I’m not saying that by not allowing a cellcert, it’s going to hurt the new album. I agree with Soulaz that a cellcert is a nonevent, in the grand scheme of things. However, it just sends a message to the fans, in my opinion. Considering only less than 300 people could be there, it just doesn’t seem like the best marketing move. I would think he would want the music out there, gaining new fans before he even gets released.

  33. It’s really too bad that Taylor isn’t taking full advantage of his sites. It’s a wasted resource at this point.

  34. if you say so Says:

    Soulaz- I guess I didn’t word my post accurately. I didn’t mean that there are certain people Taylor shouldn’t give directives to. I meant what you said; it’s probably not a good idea to give ANY fan information to pass on to the rest of the fanbase. Sadly, in the real world, this wouldn’t be an issue; but because there are way too many people who need to feel important, it does becomes an issue.

    And I didn’t mean to imply that I don’t think people should have opinions, I just think that acting in a way contrary to Taylor’s (reported) wishes because of those opinions smacks of self-importance and self-absorption.

  35. Ok, so here’s a question, purely for conversation…

    Say I were to get video from Martyr’s. Are the people who are saying to respect Taylor’s wishes going to stay away from the video? None of you would actually watch it?

  36. Interesting question, IAG . . . and I think that if Martyr’s video were to appear, the same thing would happen as happened when we were living under the “30 second rule.”

    None of the video would be displayed in public, but it would be shared privately via pm on the message boards.

  37. I wouldn’t be so sure that none would be displayed in public. I’m kind of a rebel. 😉


    If I got my hands on some vids from tonight, I would probably post it…maybe.

  38. if you say so Says:

    Personally, I could say with integrity that I wouldn’t watch bootlegged video from Martyr’s. I am not the type that has to see every available video of Taylor’s performances. Granted, video from Martyr’s would have some added interest because of the new songs being played, but I can wait. While I am looking forward to the new music, I have many other things that are more important to me than hearing Taylor’s new music before he is ready to release it to the general public. I do envy those who are going to be there tonight, though!

  39. I would watch the video. Absolutely.

  40. spinshack Says:

    Yeah, right, Say So you’d just quickly shut off the computer so as not to look. ha. I’d look. But I’m that way. 😉

  41. if you say so Says:

    Spin, with all the controversy surrounding possible bootlegs of the new music, I imagine you’d have to look pretty hard to find video. I just won’t look for it. 😉

  42. I wouldn’t watch it because Taylor has made it absolutely clear that this is NOT how he wants us to hear his new music for the first time! I respect that. Personally, I hope that if anyone attempts to record or cellcert they get bounced out of the place on their idiotic arrogant asses. And if any video should show up in a public forum, I hope Taylor has it removed as is his legal right. Too many people in the fan base seem to have lost sight of a very simple fact…its Taylor’s career not theirs and no matter what you may think about his decision making ability, the decisions are his to make, not ours. This is just fun for us, but its his life.

  43. jerseyirish Says:

    msmxup, Totally agree with you. He wants people to hear his new music as he presents it, never was involved with a cellcert but have heard audio that wasn’t very good, the music was distorted, but knew the music and song so it was alright. This new stuff we have never heard so you wouldn’t know for sure it was sounding the way it should. The single comes out Tues I can wait until then to hear it the way he wants all to hear it.



    Actually, it looks like the release of the single has been pushed back to the 27th. At least according to Amazon.

  45. jerseyirish Says:

    Soulaz, Was just going to bring that over, the snippet is now working again, so thats good.


  46. Does my personal decision to watch bootleg vids, or listen to bootleg music, impact my decision to purchase media from Mr. Hicks? In my case, it doesn’t. I would watch if something became available.

    Soulaz, you don’t say??!?
    *gnashes teeth together*

  47. if you say so Says:

    I am not sure that Taylor’s decision to not allow recordings or cellcerts has anything to do with marketing issues. Isn’t it possible that he just wants people to hear his new music in its purest, best form because he is proud of it?


  49. Oh if you say so…I think that’s bullshit, personally.

    I think if he’s sooo proud of his music, he would want everybody to hear it.

    Now, if the single is pushed back, does that mean the CD will be too?

  50. Of course he did. You seem surprised.

  51. I KNOW!! Why am I surprised?

    That is the real question. I should be used to him moving things back by now.

  52. if you say so Says:

    IAG, I just like to try to see all sides of things. I am not saying that is the case, but it sure as hell is not an impossibility. None of us are in Taylor’s head, so I just don’t like assuming he is making decisions based on the limited information we have. I think the man has a brain in his head, just like the rest of us (I won’t say the dreaded phrase…LOL) and is capable of making decisions that he feels are right for him, even if we don’t agree.

  53. IAG..if there’s video, I’ll look. I’ll buy the CD whenever the HELL he decides to release it. Too many fans think they are all that, and he needs to use his “official” websites to communicate what the HELL he wants from his fans. Although his fans are probably going to continue doing whatever the hell they want! And I wish I were at Martyr’s tonite as well.

  54. If you say so, thank you for not uttering the phrase. I appreciate it.

    It’s just so frustrating being a Taylor fan sometimes..oh hell, most of the time. He can make whatever decisions that he wants…but I don’t have to agree with him. That’s the good thing about this blog…Taylor fans coming together and discussing their differing opinions.

    I think I should have been on the debate team in college. ahhahahah

  55. I agree…count me frustrated as well. Eapecially knowing the talent he possesses. I just can’t figure out how a man with the intelligence to win AI hasn’t used that same shrewdness to market himself better. Or at least surround himself with the people who could.

  56. jerseyirish Says:

    Just found this pic from the video from the shoot:


  57. Thanks, JI!! That’s a great pic!

  58. What a handsome, handsome man. Thankyou, JI.

  59. I haven’t been to any of Taylor’s official sites in weeks and when I asked him how he felt about a cellcert being done at Martyr’s, he said he thought he was very clear about that on his websites. You all seem to be saying that he DIDN’T issue a statement anywhere. I got the impression that he wasn’t expecting ANY fan to pass on the information.

    I’m too tired and uninterested to see if something was posted from him or his management on this topic. I never once thought that I was a messenger of news from Taylor. I have no delusions of self importance.

    By the way, while Taylor was singing “What’s Right Is Right” he saw someone with a camera pointed at him and he said, “get that camera out of here.” He means business.

  60. Straw- Thought I’d let you know that the Taylor you are looking for was at Martyrs tonight. Lots of Cowbell, brown snake skin boots, drinking Crown, singing the blues.

    Oh and my favorite quote of the night was Taylor saying ” we’re in a bar — I’m gonna act like we’re in a bar!”

    Just thought I’d let you know Taylor didn’t leave his soul in the ice cream cone


  61. Good, Kathy…you have no idea how glad I am to hear that. Hopefully that will translate into a CD worth listening to.

  62. he saw someone with a camera pointed at him and he said, “get that camera out of here

    I hope someone there bought her a drink.

  63. I’m reading that Mr. Hicks performed ONE new song (maybe 2). One new piece after a 2 year hiatus is NOT the marking of a singer/songwriter.

  64. PutDownThePompadourAndBackAwayFromTheNudieSuit Says:

    Yes, he sang most of the songs from the last tour. Soul Thing, Give Me Tonight, Heart and Soul, Gonna Move, and others we’ve heard so many times before. What happened to all those songs he sang before American Idol? Couldn’t he at least sing those covers?

  65. jerseyirish Says:

    YKW, He said he was only intoducing the new single, that was it for now. Geez nothing has been released yet, I think it is pretty good he even did that. From what I have read he was wonderful last night, never lost his form.


  66. spinshack Says:

    Grey, per usual you sort of just snapped up some truth, you wrote,
    “I think if he’s sooo proud of his music, he would want everybody to hear it. “


    No matter the form – what is up with him shouting at a fan with a camera? He’s performing in a restaurant/bar for heavens’ sake. To promote his music. To gain new fans. Shouting at audience members from the stage while he’s performing? Have another Crown, Taylor. LOL

    JI he had to lose a little form while hollering at the camera lady. hahahaha

  67. Snowstorm Says:

    Spin, put yourself in Taylor’s place. He’s finally sick and tired of these ridiculous women with cameras in his face. I don’t blame him one bit. It’s about time he told them to fuck off. Big thumbs UP from me!

  68. Snowstorm Says:

    Spin, do you really think he had that many NEW fans there? I don’t. Sounds like a big chuck were the regulars that follow him around wherever he goes. Not saying this to be mean, by the way, just injecting some truth.

  69. Snow, I have no idea the make up of that crowd at Martyrs, it is a restaurant bar with a decent rep for nice live shows, did not have to be all dyed in the wool Hicks’ fans. Of course most were his regs, it’s how it is.

    I just had to laugh to think he’d pause like in mid sentence to shout at some lady snapping pics. That’s hilarious. I imagined him yelling out mid-stanza or something – then getting right back into the tune.

    “When you’ve got a dream…put the damn camera up!…reach for the sky…”

    I’d get sick of folks snapping shit and talking throughout a performance too if I were he. Some of the gals have no clue how annoying they are when you’re at a show and they keep popping up and down and yapping. Good point on that but still… hahahaha

  70. Spin, he over charged for this show. Most new people are NOT going to spend $40 to hear someone they haven’t heard since he appeared on AI almost three years ago.

  71. That brings to mind, wonder how full that venue actually was Snow? We’ll have to ask Caryl when she wakes up. 😉

  72. I’d get sick of folks snapping shit and talking throughout a performance too if I were he.

    Has the poor hard working Mr. Hicks forgotten his roots? Or has he finally snapped?!? LOL! 😀

  73. I have to say I’ve never been to a concert in which the band or guy on stage shouts out in mid tune for someone in the audience to stop with the cameras. lol

  74. Virtual Speak Says:

    What an utterly and absolutely egotistically moronic thing to do. Embarrass a fan that paid to watch your ass sing.

    Yah. Another remake of Bobby Womack’s Woman’s Gotta Have It. So much for all original.. 😐

    Here’s the set list:

    1. Soul Thing
    2. Give Me Tonight
    3. Heart and Soul
    4. Heaven Knows / Maze
    5. Compared to What
    6. What’s Right is Right . . the new song
    7. Gonna Move
    8. Lowdown
    9. The Deal
    10. Woman’s Gotta Have It . . a new cover
    11. Runaround

    Naked in the Jungle

  75. So what guys did he have playing with him? Regarding his shout out, yes as I put on my blog, not the best PR angle.

  76. Virtual Speak Says:

    Spinny- The real story is probably something along the lines of- the do gooders spotted someone with a camera and started yelling loud enough for their daddy Taylor to hear them.


  77. Bwhahaha! I KNOW, Virtual, those good little gals watching out for Daddy. So sweet.

  78. I would not be shocked by that, lol! I wonder if they were all pointing at her.

  79. I’m assuming he thought they were video taping “What’s Right Is Right” with their camera. Some people took photos here and there and that was OK.

  80. Poor camera lady, she’ll be considered the shame of the SP. Take her SP card away from her and ban from the Boogie site as punishment if anyone knows her. hahaha!

  81. I just want to be clear that when I said I have no delusions of self importance, I was just talking about myself and not anyone else who had a M&G with Taylor. I really didn’t feel as though he wanted me to pass on that no cellcert info, he made it sound as though he had it covered on his websites.

    I do believe he uses those opportunities sometimes to connect with the fans in a more personal way. Maybe before a statement is issued, he might just tell some fans in person some news to pass on. No biggie, imo.

  82. Virtual Speak Says:

    Speak of the devil.

    He’ll probably delete it.

    Controversial policy or just common sense?

    The study found that the radiofrequency electromagnetic waves a cell phone emits when it’s in talk mode can lead to higher levels of free radicals in sperm samples from healthy men—free radicals are the rogue molecules that have been implicated in heart disease, cancer and numerous others human diseases—and to a reduction in sperm motility and viability.

    Where it says common sense is a link for this.

  83. VS and Spin, you two are cracking me up with your Daddy Taylor and his good little girls speak!!

    And OMFG, GrayCharles!!!! Hahahahhahaha!!

  84. Caryl, we know you have no delusions of self importance…I’m just glad that you had a good time!!

  85. spinshack Says:

    Bwahahahaha! Gray is keeping up Man, he was all that when Hicks was running his schtick on the reality show, he should still be around, would only help Hicks out, IMO.

    Well YKW, Hicks had a big Daddy thread goin’ on once upon a time….Just call him The Mack Daddy. lol

    Caryl, you are a doll, we know you are not that way. lol

  86. Glad to see GC is back once in awhile. He had Monkey VS Robot video on his site before the cellphone comment.

    I for one miss his humor. I see some people have changed their tune when it comes to GC.

  87. spinshack Says:

    Nothing about changing tunes, more about some not understanding past message intent. Called in-context of overall conversation…

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