The Soul Patrol-Taylor’s Greatest Liability?

Is the Soul Patrol a liability or an asset to Taylor’s career? Are you one of the fans that cringe when he yells “Soul Patrol”?? I was surfing the internet today and came across several articles where the Soul Patrol just completely freaks out.

This man does not need people defending him all over the web. He’s a grownup. Look at this poor man’s blog…all he did was try to make a joke about Taylor. He ended up writing an apology post!

There are examples everywhere. Here’s a post on MJ’s about the Fox Teen Choice Awards that ended up in a Taylor Hicks fanbase discussion. Anytime Taylor is mentioned favorably or unfavorably, the fans show up to embrace or more often, call out the blogger or author. It’s a tad bit embarrassing. You don’t even want to know about the Grease forum fiasco this summer.

Speaking of the Soul Patrol, word on the street is that nobody showed up for the video. Something like five extras? Now, this was posted everywhere, I read somewhere that it was even posted on In a city like Chicago, where every other person is looking for their fifteen minutes, and only five people show up? Has Taylor dropped off the radar that much?

I know that the Soul Patrol will blame it on the weather, but in Chicago, you grow up living with the weather and live your life in spite of it. The wannabes aren’t only looking for fame in the spring and summer. I am honestly surprised and a little disheartened that more people didn’t show up. That doesn’t sound too promising for Taylor’s CD release. I really like being a fan of Taylor Hicks, I just want to do it without the soul patrol moniker.

Just when Taylor actually needed his fans, the Soul Patrol was missing in action.



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  1. At first I was a little dissapointed at the lack of response but after I thought about it I was not really surprised. Like you I would not blame the weather, people who live in the area are used to that. But other than a last minute thing on Craigs List it seems the only place in was posted was on the fan sites. And considering that you needed cocktail clothes and a classy street outfit it was pretty last minute.
    Mostly only the diehards are on the boards that much and I’m afraid the biggest share of them are over 40, don’t live in the Chicago area, didn’t think they had the right look for this type of video or didn’t have cocktail attire at their fingertips. I don’t think there was much hope for drawing a crowd.
    It wouldn’t be the first time the fans didn’t respond well, even those who don’t consider themselves SP.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to add that NO I do not think the SP is Taylors worst liability. They are after all the ones filling the seats at Grease making it a success and in turn providing him with the money and the connections he needed to start a record lobel, pay good people to work with and make it possible for him to do all the things that others want him to do.
    Of course it is just my opinion that he is also good at it, enjoys it, and that it probably is not the last theater production that he will be seen in. But only time will tell with that.

  3. In my opinion, I don’t think Taylor has enough fans to fill all the seats at Grease, so I’m not really sure that the soul patrol is responsible for the success or failure of the Grease tour.

    Oh, how I hope that this is the last theater production he will be in.

  4. Not sure why you are so concerned with a group of people called the “Soul Patrol’.

  5. jerseyirish Says:

    Henry, I agree with you, I think that it was more that it was posted last minute, if I were in the age group and lived in the Chicago area, still couldn’t have gone Monday had three scheduled meetings at work that day that I couldn’t have changed. Also the clothing that was requested to be worn, some folks just don’t have those kinds of clothing, myself I buy when i need to go somewhere with that type of dress.

    I agree that the SP is not his worst liability also, they go to his shows, buy his merc and music.


  6. Just weighing in and agreeing with what everything Henry and JI said. There is not an original thought in my head at the moment!

  7. I think you would be surprised IAG at how many went to NY this summer just to see Taylor but even if they can’t fill all the seats all the time, they are enough to make the difference between a half -full house and a nearly full one and thats what a show like that needs.
    And the mostly good reviews for him helps to bring out others.
    The show itself is giving him a good deal of credit for making it a success , so who am I to argue with them? I hope to see him doing whatever he is good at and enjoys doing. He has amazed me with ability to take even a part like that and turn it into something that fits him and is fun to watch.
    I care nothing about the opinions of people who have opinions on something they have never seen.

  8. Why, yes.. I do think the SP is Taylor’s best friend and his worst enemy. Double edged sword and all that..

    I also think that as usual- things were done at the last minute, and there wasn’t enough time to advertise the casting call.

    Craigs List for God sakes. What the HELL was that all about? Why didn’t his people call local talent agencies to round people up? There’s plenty of starving actors/actressess that will take anything, even if it’s a walk on or an extra, and gladly do it for free.

    From all reports, the five extras (fans) didn’t even get served any food. This is the guy that asks for 350 large to meet him for 4 seconds and he couldn’t call catering for a couple of people? The extras worked from 9 AM till midnight. I hope they at least got some free tickets to Grease, or an advance copy of “The Distance.”

    Did he really dye his hair for the shoot?

  9. What? He dyed his hair? I haven’t heard that…

    So, the extras didn’t get offered food? I’m pretty damn sure Taylor wouldn’t have gone from 9am to midnight without eating…Bill would make sure of that. That’s total bullshit.

    Henry, I wouldn’t expect any different response from you. Taylor Hicks can do nothing wrong in your eyes. Whether the CD is shitty or not, whether Whomp at the Warfield ever gets released or not, and even the fact that only five fans show up at a video shoot, it doesn’t matter. Because the Soul Patrol never holds Taylor responsible for anything.

    Damn, he leads a charmed life.

  10. Ouch, only 5 people showed up! I’m sure that was due to the short notice and the SP does not fit the bill of what they were looking for. They were looking for “young, sexy and modern..classic”. That would leave out most SP’ers.

    As far as the soul patrol shout-outs, I am one of those that cringe because as long as he does that, he will not grow his fanbase. In fact, I think it encourges his rabid fanbase with their craziness and nobody wants to be associated with that. I believe Taylor is at the point where he’s just trying to hold on the people that he has.. no fans means NO career. In other words, he’s milking it for all it’s worth – can’t say I blame him. Maybe he can turn it around with new music, but that remains to be seen. I’m not holding my breath.

  11. An excerpt from the secret shit site that broke the news.

    Nameless fans son still doesn’t know what kind of video…mostly a lot of shots so far of Taylor and the band playing over and over. They broke for lunch…only five extras showed up and they all got picked. Extras were not offered lunch…lol. Will report more as the days goes on and I get more details.

    A text from nameless fans son to his mother:

    just five million shots of him singing and the band playing. breaking now for lunch, everyone is eating. me and the four other extras arent being offered anything.

    Here are more details:

    I asked namless fans son if I could tell all this stuff…he said he didn’t care….he didn’t have to sign anything except a waiver about getting his picture taken or being in the video or something.

    He was a little annoyed that the extras didn’t really have to be there till 11:00….and then they didn’t do anything until two….and they didn’t even get anything to eat.

    About the hair dying thing. Sunny has the picture up on her blog. She is a brave woman.

    I don’t think it’s dyed. It looks like poor lighting and poor quailty cell phone picture.

  12. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Over at Sunny’s she has a post up with picture of a fan with Taylor at the video shoot, and it looks like his hair has been darkened. It may just be the lighting but it does look darker less grey.


  13. Taylor’s hair looks darkened to me – looks like they left the sides with more gray. He’s acting in a video, so that’s no surprise to me. Fans need to stop hanging on Taylor’s every word.

  14. IAG you don’t know as much about me as you think. Never cared for the SP moniker. But don’t see that they do him any great harm and the people hes working for right now seem to want to milk it. So go for it.
    I don’t know if Taylor does wrong or not, don’t know him that well, but I love his voice and I enjoy watching him do all that he does. So shoot me.
    When I support someone, ANYONE, I believe in accentuating the positive.
    I think you get out of peole pretty much what you expect to get out of them and I see no reason for dwelling on the negative. Just not me.
    Its got nothing to do with thinking Taylor can do no wrong.

  15. I don’t see this blog as negative. I see it as being realistic.

  16. I was just speaking in general SS.
    But does it ever seem to you that only somewhat negative things are seen as realistic. Positive things are never given credit for being realistic. Again just speaking in general.
    I’m out, have to go run errands and freeze my ass. But I shall try to be positive while freezin my ass. 🙂

  17. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor has not hit the big time in his career – that’s not negativity.. that’s the truth.

  18. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, The way I look at it is he in a better place than he was when he auditioned for Idol, yes he is a much better place. He is now financially secure, doing things the way he wants to. I know everyone measures success differently but to me he has acheived success.


  19. Snowstorm Says:

    I agree with you JI, however, I have no idea if Taylor is financially secure and neither do you. I would imagine nobody is privy to that information, other than his accountant and his lawyer.

    I measure success on how well he’s done compared to his Idol peers, and they have outdone him. That’s not to say he can’t have a career in show business, I just think it’s going to be very tough for him. I think his next cd will seal his fate.

  20. Amen JI! If you want to define “hitting the big time” as the amount of money in your bank account (which most people do) then I’d say Taylor is in the stratosphere, based on the things he’s been able to finance in his career lately (financing a DVD, a music video and paying out of pocket to make and promote an album can’t be cheap – not with those heavy weights he employed). Yes, he’s better off than 99.9% percent of humanity, but more importantly, he certainly looks like a happy man – a man happy in his own skin – either that, or he’s a fabulous actor. And to many, THAT is the definition of success – or in snow’s words “hitting the big time”.

    He’s in control. He’s worked his whole life to be in that position – a position to entertain and sing for a living, tour, write and perform music, work with the biggest names in the business, star on Broadway, have the respect of those he admires, write a book, makes CDs and DVDs, and make a lot of money doing it – all this and answering ONLY to himself. To me, that’s the definition of ‘hitting the big time’.

    I do know that he’s certainly not sitting at a ‘puter everyday making judgements on other’s people’s lives.

  21. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, Compared to record sales the other winners they had better success number wise, however, had he gotten the promotion and airplay as they did, maybe things would have turned out alot different then they did. I would say the number of CD’s he sold with no promotion or airplay was pretty darn good. Again he could not be doing what he is doing without financial sercurity, he is doing this all on his own, which costs money.

    Griz, Thanks!! 🙂


  22. Snowstorm Says:

    You said it griz!! How many judgements did you just make on someone you don’t know?? LOL!! How about taking some of your own advice, dear? Or, are you one of those special people, who is exempt from all that?

    The all-knowing, the all-seeing griz. Are you a psychic? That’s it, LOL!

  23. And for those who just consider album sales the be all and end all of ‘making it’, Taylor is #12 on the all time sales list for American Idol winners and losers. Not bad for a guy who didn’t want to and never will step in line with the puppeteers. Heh! Check this out:

  24. Snowstorm Says:

    JI, the only reason he got the record sales that he got was because of his american idol popularity and that’s the ONLY reason. I’m not going to speculate about his fiances because I don’t know and neither do you, but I will say he took the Grease role in order to help finance his recording career, because NONE of that is cheap.

  25. Snowstorm Says:

    #12 is awful for an AI winner.

  26. Taylor’s fanbase, as it exists today, has been a “friend” to Taylor, in that they have supported his career with their purchases of his product and attendance at this shows. And, I hope they will continue to do so. But, the actions of many have made them an “enemy” at the same time, in my opinion.

    The cold hard facts are that the online presence of a large fanbase is dwindling, day by day. If you go to any of his sites and count the actual number of people participating, it’s a very low number. I’d like to think there are millions of fans out there who just don’t post online anymore, but that would be pure speculation. None of us know, truly, how many dedicated Taylor Hicks’ fans still exist.

    I believe that the mass exodus of fans from online participation is the result of actions by the fans themselves, primarily. The wars with other fanbases, the wars between different fan sites, the “sham” drama all played their part in making people just not having fun with it all anymore.

    Between attacking other fanbases, attacking each other, jockeying for position, promoting sham theories, and just general, all around, asshole-ishness from too many fans . . . where was anyone to find the fun in the online Taylor world?

    Taylor definitely has done his part in shrinking his fanbase as well, with too little communication which has not always been accurate, and “official” sites which are of no use to anyone. And then there’s Grease . . .

    My own circle of Taylor friends is teeny these days. My participation is down to RHS (which is a purely fun, drama-free site to visit), and an occasional post here, if I have something to say. And, I’ve been around since the beginning, or close to it. February 2006. I posted everywhere and had tons of “friends,” most of whom are long gone.

    And sometimes I wonder why I’m still here, to be honest.

  27. Snowstorm Says:

    soulaz, I agree with most of what you said. But, I think most people have left the fanbase because Taylor hasn’t done anything. How can you be a fan when there’s nothing to be excited over? If you don’t hear someone on the radio and you don’t see someone on TV, people lose interest. Out of sight means, out of mind. But, you are right.. the crazy fans drove away a lot of people too.

  28. Yeah, SS . . . I can see that too. I guess when I said, “And then there’s Grease,” I was kind of alluding to that. I’m not meaning to pick a fight with the fans who are really happy that Taylor is in Grease, but a lot of fans did not “sign up” for that. They simply wanted new music.

    Will the new music be fantastic and will it bring them back? I guess that’s one of the reasons I’m sticking around . . . to get the answer to that question.

  29. I’m with you on that Soulaz. Nobody can ever convince me that Grease is the best thing he’s ever done. I’m sure it’s a paycheck, but he is sure in the hell counting on his fans to stick around.

    I’ve been around since the beginning, too. And I have seen this fanbase deteriorate. I think he’d be better off if he dropped the “Soul Patrol” and the awkward lean. He needs to start being real.

    I was reading Matt Nathanson’s blog the other day. Damn, Taylor could take some pointers from him.

    He has a journal that he keeps online…and it is hysterical. Sometimes it’s just random stuff, or sometimes it’s the meaning behind a song he wrote. No matter what, it’s communication with his fans. That would be a new trick for Taylor.

  30. Soulaz, you have just a gift. Well said. Thanks!

  31. I read through that blog you linked to, IAG . . . lots of fun and interesting, stream of consciousness kind of stuff. I noticed that commenting on the blog posts is not available. Smart decision there, for sure.

    I would love it if Taylor did something like that.

    And thanks tif . . . 😀

  32. brightlite Says:

    Griz you sound like me! And it seems you and I both “dear” to a certain someone. I foind that “endearing”. I agree with you with respect To Taylor and I have this left to add…Taylor is in control and he did that for a reason. He is planning his course. He is charting his next move and all of it has a purpose. It is different from the other Idols who are not in control and can plan their next meal. They seek permission to blowe their noses, and shortly, when they all have been used and they have no worth to the record labels, they will be discarded. In the meantime back at the ranch….Taylor got away, he broke free, and he is gathering steam as he is allowed to run as far as he wants, with no ceiling to his suceess or to his dreams. The other Idol puppets lay in a heap in a corner somewhere, the puppeteers are laughing last, and the little puppets frown as they watch Taylor become one of the ones that actually pulls the strings. You don’t know him, you know what he is capable of, you don’t know what’s inside of him.
    I can only imagine how many will not understand THIS post, quick SS get the How to Read Smart Posts for Dummies. Then re read all my posts, and JI’s Griz, and henry8’s, and then you’ll maybe understand, maybe.
    Taylor is going to just prove it to the world who he is. And when he does, well I for one will be grinning. 🙂
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  33. brightlite Says:

    Griz thanks for the link. Wow I am thrilled to see that!! But you aint seen nothing yet. His new CD has the imprint of his soul on it, and in it. He has done alot of soul searching I think and I through that has found himself, and his music will reflect the findings. He is on his way and there areplenty of fans, more than ever I suspect. I know one thing, he surely can attract newscasters! Too bad Kelly Ripa is married, she and him make a cute couple (NOT saying they are) and he seems to like her and vice versa. (Not saying they are a couple!)

  34. I like this discussion, but I want the personal attacks to stop.

    Let’s just talk about Taylor without talking about other posters.


  35. Snowstorm Says:

    BL, you obviously misunderstand my posts. I want nothing more for Taylor to be a success and he definitely has it in him to succeed, but he has not so far, IMO. I am a realistic fan. Understand?

    I also don’t think he’s the second coming of Christ, like you and griz and others.

  36. /me gives brightlite a HIGH-FIVE! ^^^^ Very well put. It’s interesting that some people think most of Taylor’s fan base is on-line (which they aren’t) and that those people are representational of anything. For example, he’s exactly 1 ticket shy of selling out the Ramshead venue in Annapolis – his first concert in over a year with no album, no new music, no music on the radio and pretty much out of sight (except for Grease this summer) and still manages to sell out the place – at $35/ticket almost 1 month ahead of the performance. Not bad for a guy “with no career”. hahaha!

  37. I assume that “some people” is me . . . and if you read my post you would see that all I indicated was that we have no way of measuring how many dedicated fans Taylor has, if they are not posting online. It’s an unmeasurable number. No judgment there, honestly. But, the fact remains, that the online participants in Taylor’s fanbase are dwindling. That is a measurable fact.

    I am truly happy to hear that Taylor is close to selling out Ramshead, a 250-seat venue. I haven’t heard any news about Martyr’s sales, or the show in Ohio (can’t remember the name of the venue), but honestly, I hope that he has an enthusiastic audience for all three concerts.

    And I am sitting here in the Arizona desert, hoping and praying that we will hear announcements about west coast concerts in the near future. Because if he does a show in my neck of the woods, I’ll be there with bells on. I do want to support his career, believe it or not.

  38. Selling out a 250 seat venue for a former American Idol is nothing. It’s a drop in the bucket. Even though I’ve repeated myself several times, I’m with soulaz. I do want him to succeed. I’m just crossing my fingers.

    All we’re doing here on this blog is being honest and realistic.

  39. Tif and Soulslaw, welcome to the madness!! 🙂

    Thanks for posting!

  40. I agree soulaz – there’s no way of measuring Taylor’s fans – both extreme and casual by perusing the internet. All I know is that every time I mention Taylor Hicks to people I run into daily, I always get a positive reaction… like, “I loved that guy on AI”… or “he was always so entertaining’.

  41. Ramshead holds 322, for the record.

  42. My opinion? The Soul Patrol is a big liability. It’s like a repellant for new fans. I don’t know one person who wants to join the Soul Patrol. Do you?

    I had tons of respect for him as a musician to start. But slowly, I began to lose it and then clincher was Grease. It’s damn shame. Because there’s talent there. But if you continuously make lame choices then you’re screwed either way. I kinda feel like he’s sold his soul one too many times… that maybe he lost it. Because I didn’t hear any soul in that recent clip. Don’t expect to hear much on the new album either.

    Although I do enjoy observing the train wreck that is his fan base at times. By default I hear what’s going on with him. LOL

    Is he making a comeback? Um. Let’s say I wouldn’t bet on it.

  43. So Taylor, the American Idol, 60 million votes, winner of the most successful singing show to date, almost sold out a 322 seat venue? He must be stoked.

  44. jerseyirish Says:

    I have always said the Grease move was a brilliant career move, it got his name back out there, and got him alot of positive press unlike before. Would I rather see him doing road shows, yes, but that is not what is best for him at this point and time. As I have always said also I enjoy the man and his music and will enjoy any carreer path he takes.

    Griz, Didn’t those tickets sell out pretty quickly for Ram’s Head? I believe his first show Sat is also near sold out or maybe it is already. Small venues but he is still pulling them in!! 🙂


  45. JI – There’s only a few shows that have the SOLDOUT sign for Ramshead, so he’s doing way better than average for that venue!! Selling out a month ahead with no new music is fantastic. The name and reputation of “Taylor Hicks” is what sold out the venue 🙂

    blue – First, there’s no comeback because he never left. He spent the better part of 2007 after his tour ended getting his business affairs in order and writing for the new album, starting his own label and preparing to record – and taking a much needed rest after being on the road for 10 months.

    Second, how can people who faithfully buy your records and buy tickets to your shows be a liability? If you think so, then I’d bet Taylor would absolutely accept lot more of those “liabilities” without question! Heh!

    Third, Taylor hasn’t made one “lame choice” as far as I can tell – in fact, every choice ‘he’s’ made has pretty much turned to GOLD, starting out by auditioning for AI (came and conquered), and the brilliance of him taking the Teen Angel role – despite the one or two over anxious fans who thinks he sold out. (If you want to know who sold out check out Kelly Clarkson – what a pussy she turned out to be).

    Fourth, if starring Grease didn’t get him some damn great press and recognition in the Big Apple, then I don’t know what would. How can that possibly be a ‘lame decision’? A success all around – no question about it. The decision to start the label and be his own boss is genius – it’s the only way to make music these days in declining revenue for the major labels.

    And lastly, you may not have heard what you wanted to hear in a 30 second clip, but I thought it was absolutely fabulous… Taylor’s voice – crisp and up front. And I love the Hammond organ. I can barely contain myself waiting for the rest of the song and the entire album.

  46. jerseyirish Says:

    Blue, He has only booked three shadow dates so far, and all are selling well, it is not a comeback he never left, folks have been watching his carreer unfold before their eyes. Like Griz said he was getting things in order for himself the latter part of 07 and into 08. He has a plan and is working it all out, he is not going away anytime soon.


  47. blue – yes, I’m sure Taylor is VERY stoked about that sell out. Absolutely. Wouldn’t you be?

    It’s not to say he couldn’t sell out a bigger venue if he wanted. These are small venues he purposely booked to test and perfect the new songs. It’s a no brainer.

  48. littlewing Says:

    Well, I certainly wouldn’t describe the ‘Soul Patrol’ and all its’ implications an asset at this point. The behaviors, including street teaming, spamming boards and defending poor, poor Taylor Hicks, are detrimental to his image. How many times have I read comments like “you must see Taylor Hicks live to appreciate him” or “go see Taylor live, you won’t be sorry!” It’s overkill.

    Without question, the upcoming album has to appeal to more than just the rabid SP’ers. It not only has to reel in the younger set of music fans, but it has to reel in the dudes too (truly) to be successful. There are plenty of fans like me, hangin’ by a thread, and if the new album is crappy, I’ll be a goner. I just wonder sometimes if I wasn’t duped. Truthfully, I haven’t cared for much he has done post Idol, with the exception of the re-worked “Georgia” at

  49. Griz, when I went to the Ramshead Venue website, I had never heard of any of those other people. Of course, he’s doing better than them. Just the fact that he was on tv will do that.

    I completely agree with you, Blue. He made a point of saying that he had to dance with the devil..implying that he had to do what Idol wanted him to do. I get that, and that’s why I didn’t put a lot of hope in his first CD. But this one has to be good, otherwise he’ll be doing Broadway for the rest of his career.

    Littlewing, I agree with you on the duped part. I have said that before. It’s unfortunate, though…because he does have a lot of potential. I still listen to his pre Idol stuff all the time and I just wonder what happened to that dude.

  50. I can understand and appreciate the celebration and enthusiasm about Taylor’s new CD. But, to say it’s the imprint of his soul when none of us have heard it yet, is imparting their own personal spirituality into it.

    The Rams Head gig being almost sold out is a great thing. Whatver fans have bought tickets are so desperate for something… anything… besides pompadours, sparkly suits and poodle skirts.

    I don’t gage Taylor’s success by his online fanbase or compare him to other Idols. It’s no secret that he was “different” from the start. He was supposed to be TV fodder. Nobody knows what he considers successful. Maybe winning that show and proving Simon wrong and getting gigs like Rams Head is all he wants. Nobody knows him or what his hopes and dreams are.

    I do agree with Soulaz. His online fanbase ate each other and the ones that survived only converse with very few now. How terribly sad.

  51. IAG – I’m sure you’d heard of Gregg Allman. He just did 2 sold out shows at Ramshead! Heard it was fabulous!

  52. littlewing – Taylor is NOT catering to the young demographic – isn’t that obvious? I think the quicker people realize this, the less anxious they would be. Just love it for what it is…. great music from a great artist! He’s not competing with those popular singers who cater to a teen audience. His album doesn’t “have” to do anything to be ‘successful’ based on your definition. Like I said earlier, he has already acheived success. If his music is something that doesn’t live up to your expectations, then be a ‘goner’ like you said. Guaranteed they’ll be a new fan to replace anyone who does appreciate it. Just sayin…….

    And about making mass generalizations about his fanbase based on what you see from a few people on-line? Don’t be fooled – There’s plenty of people who enjoy his music and his entertainment that never sees a fanboard.

  53. Well, Griz…I didn’t know that you wrote the definition for success.

  54. IAG – I didn’t write it. That’s how *I* define it. You can take it or leave it.

  55. I just don’t get the determination within the Soul Patrol to defend him at every turn. So, should the only people who support Taylor be the ones who blindly follow him and aren’t allowed an opinion?

  56. He spent the better part of 2007 after his tour ened, on vacation, golfing and farting around. Then he joined Grease, lived in the best city in the world and was out at night. That’s why we have delays now. He was dragging his feet.

    He’ll do the same thing when this Grease gig ends. By the time we see a tour for this CD the record will be close to a year old.

    If he was so busy penning so many songs why did he use co-writers?

  57. I want to know where the 30+ songs that he wrote for this CD are?

  58. Very interesting takes here.

    I have to interject on this Ramshead thing. SO WHAT ! He sold 250 tickets. That is no big deal. I could guarantee that most of us would know at least 85-90% of the people there. They will all be the “basic SP groupies”. I had a ticket for Ramshead and I gave it up, because I decided that I did not want to see most of the people that were going to be there. I did not want to see them because IMO they are the rabid fan-atic part of the Soul Patrol that want to possess Taylor the man over Taylor the artist.

    The point has been made before that Taylor has two type of fans. The ones that are here to “THUD” and the ones that are here for the music. For me, I cringe when he shouts out “Soul Patrol” and I would love him to stop tomorrow because I feel that the first fan-atic group is what is holding him back.

    Like Soulaz, so aptly put, I too have seen the pettiness and back stabbing from a front row seat, and I saw ugly things that came out of people who I thought were friends, and all in the name of protecting what they perceived as their safe little Taylor universes.

    NOPE…. for me it is over. If I like the CD I may…just may go to a few concerts and this is from someone (ME) who attended over 20 concerts the first time around. I would rather enjoy him from afar then have to deal with the lunatic fringe.

  59. IAG – It’s typical for an artist to write (or pick) about twice as many songs for an album that is needed. We will only get to hear the 12-14 songs he chooses to put on there. Perhaps he’ll save some of the rest for a future CD.

  60. So, the first one he releases he doesn’t even write?

    Willpen, I’m with ya on the ugly things.

    That is one of the reasons that I’m not going to Martyrs. It’s just easier to stay away than it is to get involved with the craziness. I’ve been hurt one too many times, by people who I trusted.

  61. littlewing Says:

    Griz, I realize that the spammers represent only a small faction of the online fanbase and truly didn’t intend to “mass generalize”. I just don’t think that emphatic online appeals are going to convince a casual reader to go see him live or buy his music. Like IAG said, he doesn’t need anyone to defend or sell him. The music should, and hopefully will, sell itself.

    I did not say that he should cater only to teenagers to be successful because he will never corner that market, lol. I was speaking more of the ‘youngER’ music fans. I know three people in their early 20s (one male, two females) who lurved him on the show, but he lost them with the freshman album. They, like me, wanted more of what they knew Taylor was capable of. And it’s fans like us, age notwithstanding, that he needs to reel back in. You make it sound like his music can only appeal to ‘older’ fans, and I think he’s certainly capable of, and hoping to, gain a more diverse set of fans, like he had on the show.

  62. Snowstorm Says:

    Exactly littlewing! After he won, he had TONS of fans under 40. But seeing he did nothing with his post-Idol CD, they ALL drifted away.

    Griz, do you even realize how you come across? You sound like a lunatic, rabid fan. You are the type of fan that scares people away.

  63. littlewing – I agree I do think he’s very capable of appealing to ALL ages, but I don’t believe he’s ‘targeting’ that tweeny market…. if they happen to pick him up along the way great, but the fact he’s sending the new song to AC radio first tells me who his target audience is.

  64. Snowstorm Says:

    Sorry, to break this to you, griz, but new songs on AC radio, don’t move up the charts. I think the new songs will do nothing.

  65. JI, Grease was a brilliant idea if he wants to be a Broadway star.

    Griz, he obviously wants younger fans and wishes he could appeal/cater to younger audiences. That’s why he made a pop album to begin with. And remember the Jonas Bros. gimmick? An attempt to appeal to younger fans. But it’s just not working. And I’m sorry…. his star rose and fell. I find it funny that you can’t see that? The reality of his career is not what you read on fan sites or what you convince yourself, its PUBLIC PERCEPTION. And no one other than his rabid fans think he’s this successful mega-star. How many articles have been written about his obscurity and how many people have said “whatever happened to Taylor hicks?” Too many to count. Just because you spin things around to make them look sugary and sweet doesn’t make it the truth.

    I think its great that people support him unconditionally, but exaggerating and sugarcoating his current situation is plain weird.

  66. blue – nah, sorry, there’s too much “spinning the negative’ for my taste – unjustly – not the other way around. But it doesn’t matter, really, because I’m going to enjoy the music, enjoy the concerts and continue to promote and support him whenever and whereever I can. It’s not an “uncondiitonal” support – if he started to put out bad music, I’d head the other way, but so far, it’s ALL GREAT. 🙂

    And as far as PUBLIC PERCEPTION – how many people have you polled? *MY* experience of casual conversations with with casual fans and AI watchers has been nothing but positive, so I don’t know who you are talking to. That’s wierd.

  67. Yes Griz many of his choices were lame. Starting from choosing a lame management team, to his lame first album, to his lame fan sites, etc. I keep hearing this nonsense about these poor Idols that have to report to TPTB. As if having million dollar record deals is a bad thing. LOL. Doubt they’re crying in their milk. Obviously Taylor wishes he had this big record label behind him. That’s why he did Idol in the first place. He had to do Grease to keep his name out there, the thing is, if he was so successful, he wouldn’t need that. He’d be touring and recording like OTHER musicians who are truly successful.

  68. Snowstorm Says:

    Don’t forget his lame fans! Don’t make me bring up Barbie dolls, and naming a blog after a girlfriend, lol!

  69. Oh sorry, Griz, I was talking about the rest of the world. Not casual fans. The rest of the world doesn’t know where he is or what he’s doing.

    Spinning negative is saying everything he does is terrible when in fact it’s just wonderful. But sorry, I just don’t see him being dropped from a major label and having to burst out of an ice cream cone in a hokey play, as the best thing ever.

  70. hmmm..his choices are lame, his management is lame, his album is lame, his fan sites are lame, no doubt his fans are lame, Grease is lame.
    Not much left so obviously he is lame.
    Sort of wondering why you bother.

  71. Awwww . . . not all of his fans are lame. I gave him a GI Joe with “kung fu grip.” I just figured that Barbie was gonna need some good love. And who doesn’t get the hots for a man in uniform, seriously?

  72. Oh, and for the record . . . I don’t think everything Taylor or his fans have done is “lame.” But to be honest, Taylor has perhaps made some mistakes, as have his fans.

    Nobody is perfect. We ALL make mistakes in life. I don’t like to even think about the number of mistakes and poor decisions I have made in my own life.

    Considering Taylor to be less than perfect is not being a “bad fan.” It’s just reality.

  73. How absolutely utterly fascinating that so many have been burnt and let the lunatic fringe win by not attending shows. It’s not Taylor’s fault -even indirectly for his fans actions.

    I’ve also had many “friends” a long the way in this fickle thing we call fandom. But, I won’t stop attending shows just because there’s a certain group that may or may not like me. I left that sort of behavior back in the seventh grade.

  74. Snowstorm Says:

    Hey soulaz, give the man candy and booze – that’s what he wants! Those dolls ended up in the dumpster, hon.

  75. blue – no sorry, many of his choices were genius, actually. Don’t assume that having a major label is a great thing in this day and age. Some of the biggest recordings stars now are opting OUT of a major record deal in favor of their own label. I will go find some of them if you’d like.

    99% of Idols do not have the knowledge, wherewithall or desire to start up a company like Taylor did – that’s why a major (or indie) is all they have – and who control their lives, basically. Conversely, the control is in Taylor’s hands now – just like many other huge stars these days. This is what the plan was all along, I believe.

    And try to expand you parameters for “success”. Just because he started in the bars doesn’t mean that’s all he hopes for. He is the ultmate entertainer and is taking steps to be as diversified as possible in this industry – and is successfully doing it. SMART Taylor!

  76. SS . . . I was joking about the GI Joe. I’ve never given the man a gift of any kind. I always figured, purchasing his CDs and tickets to his shows was my “gift” to him.

  77. Snowstorm Says:

    It all comes down to this… Taylor has TV fans, not music fans, but there are weirdo fans all over the world. I just don’t think someone like Bono has fans giving him toys for his future children, lol.

  78. The phrase “Taylor Smart” makes my right eye twitch. I’ve had writers block the last few days, thanks griz. That’s my next subject…

  79. Snowstorm Says:

    “blue – no sorry, many of his choices were genius, actually.”

    You just gave me a good laugh!

  80. LOL Celestial!! Go for it! hahaha!

    henry8 says: hmmm..his choices are lame, his management is lame, his album is lame, his fan sites are lame, no doubt his fans are lame, Grease is lame.
    Not much left so obviously he is lame.
    Sort of wondering why you bother.
    LOL! So true! Ya wonder why they spend so much time on a guy they think is so lame. Very odd, indeed.

  81. Soul, I chose not to attend Martyr’s. There are several reasons why that is, none of which need to be spread out on the internet. While you may call it seventh grade behavior, I call it sparing myself grief.

  82. I know a few who are going to Martyrs and they are going to have an absolute blast. I’ll be sure and tell them to raise and glass and toast all that stayed home because they are askeered of the big, bad SP. That just might be the funniest thing I have read all week.

    And by the way Taylor is smart enough, watching his year on AI proved that to me. And yes, indie is the way to go nowadays if you have any hope of owning your own work and keeping most of the money.
    I just do not know how Taylor functioned all those years as dimwitted as some think that he is.

  83. IAG- I didn’t mean to offend. I’m aware of some of what transpired on the former site in which you belonged. I agree it doesn’t need to be aired- I’m just saying don’t let them ruin your good times.

  84. Wow, henry. You can go ahead and pass that along if that makes you feel good.

  85. No offense taken, Soul.

  86. LOL, IAG I didn’t see your post until after I posted. I was speaking mainly of some earlier ones.
    But yes, it does make me feel good that they will be having fun and enjoying the new music.

  87. Henry there are real people that are behind these keyboards.

    People that have been hurt and dragged through the mud by the “big bad SP”

    I honestly don’t see the humor in it. People are reeling from what has been done to them.

    For God sakes.. your home blog is named after a girlfriend of Taylor’s that’s long gone and you call us lame.

  88. I didn’t say you were lame, people here said he was lame. The blog you refer is not named after a girlfriend.
    some of the people I know have also been drug through the mud, but they choose to have a good time anyway.
    Sorry, but I think staying away from a show you want to see because of differences on a fan board is weird. Damned if I would let anyone ruin my good time. And its just possible that some of them ruined it for themselves.

  89. It isn’t weird. It’s reality. Everything really isn’t unicorns, woo dust and roses in this fandom obviously. You’re right, some have ruined it for themselves. Everyone’s circumstance is different. But, the end result is the same. People have been stung and are hurting. When does the madness end? This man doesn’t care about any of it.

    The name of the blog is:

  90. Many of his choices were genius? What an interesting thing to believe. I’m trying to think of one choice he made post Idol that I would categorize as genius.

    No. Can’t think of a thing.

    I guess the choice to do Broadway was ok. I wouldn’t call it “genius” but it was practical.

    I’m not too sure there was much of a choice “genius” or otherwise about leaving J Records.

  91. Well I would hope he doesn’t care about any of it, because it all seems very silly to me. No doubt he has actual important things to worry about.

    That is not being named AFTER a girlfriend and is not the name on the blog as you would see if you looked at it.
    Its a place to have fun. I like it.
    And yes, I have been there today and will go back. Bye now.

  92. Is the Soul Patrol fanbase a liablility? ABSOLUTELY. I don’t know how anyone can think otherwise. If the behaviors of this group keeps the fans who are driven by the music AWAY FROM the music, then ABSOLUTELY they are a liability.

    Soulaz, CS, IAG, et al: I, too, would consider staying away from any venue filled with the Soul Patrol. The jockeying for position, the cattiness, the middle school behavior has completely driven out ANY of the positive energy to be found in the music.

    I find it ridiculous to call selling out a venue that seats a few hundred “successful”. That is a very limited sampling and allows for a very few new fans to hear the Taylor Hicks’ sound. And believe me, it IS going to take new fans to hear and like the music on this upcoming CD to make it successful. It’s going to take airplay and selling that music live at as many venues as Mr. Hicks can manage. Selling that new music live is going to involve a tour … I would put money on the fact that Mr. Hicks extends his “Grease” run thereby saving himself all the costs associated with financing a tour himself. Because “Taylor smart”. Naturally.
    (Sorry CS… )

  93. That is not being named AFTER a girlfriend and is not the name on the blog as you would see if you looked at it.

    Henry, I did look at it, and it is, indeed, the Taylor Hicks GIRLFRIEND blog site. Please tell me how it is not named after a girlfriend.

  94. Taylor got away, he broke free, and he is gathering steam as he is allowed to run as far as he wants, with no ceiling to his suceess or to his dreams. The other Idol puppets lay in a heap in a corner somewhere, the puppeteers are laughing last, and the little puppets frown as they watch Taylor become one of the ones that actually pulls the strings. You don’t know him, you know what he is capable of, you don’t know what’s inside of him.

    And this is just classic. He “got away”, “broke free”??!? What is he, Toto??
    Is Clive Davis the Wicked Witch of the West??!?
    BL, the other “idol puppets” are NOT lying in a heap, they are out TOURING and SELLING CDs!!!!!! And how about this? YOU don’t know him either, nor do you know what he’s capable of, for that matter.
    However, we do know what Mr. Hicks is NOT capable of … namely, making a name for himself based solely on HIS music.

  95. Take a deeeeep breath, YKW.

    And I completely agree with this:

    However, we do know what Mr. Hicks is NOT capable of … namely, making a name for himself based solely on HIS music.

  96. I have to agree here with YKW. Going to a concert or any music room should be a positive experience. The energy has to be good and for me just being around some of these people would bring my positive energy down way too much.

    Way back at the beginning of all this there were so many real music fans out there. Back in the day the Boogie was the place where we would talk about the music and not only Taylor. We had discussions where people actually gave varying opinions. Then something happened. The fan-atics started to come little by little and the dialogue changed. Then little by little all the real music fans just gave up and either went into lurking mode or just simply left. I stayed in touch with some of them for a while and even continued to see them at concerts, but they always stayed on the side lines ( smart move).

    Then came the Barbie Dolls and the knitters and the crafters and Taylor Hicks Fan base became like one big craft show of people trying to out do each other on who could have the best Meet and Greet and who could get the best gift for Taylor. The whole dynamic changed. It is so sad that the serious music people are gone. I tried to hang in there and to start conversations about different things. But I strayed from the Prime Directive and I was banished and punished for wanting to step out of the comfort zone and to possibly force people once again to have some serious music discussions. But what I got were answers such as: “Well I don’t know as much as you” or ” I know what I like but can’t explain it”

    WTF….. that is what being a music fan is. Talking and comparing and sharing with each other. I thankfully have made some great friends on this journey that still remain friends, but I am also saddened by the good people that have just been put off to the point where it is too much trouble to even care anymore…… so there you have it. The good new “Soul Patrol”as it stands is not what it started out as.

  97. Willpen…good post.

    If you don’t say what the SP want you to…you get ostracized, which may not be a bad thing..hhahahahha

  98. Willpen, thanks for the validation. You’re right, too. What the hell DID happen? When did it stop being fun? Was it when some got “close” with the Hicks entourage? Was it the suddenly exclusive sense of some fanbases?

    I mean, in a way I have to laugh, albeit bitterly. It calls to mind “Animal Farm”, with some fans being “truer fans” than others.

  99. Henry I’m not going to argue semantics with you. All you have to do is look at the archives of that blog. I know you’re not that daft.

    Willpen- I do agree with what you’ve said about the dynamic changing. There was a time when the Boogie was the place to discuss music above and beyond Taylor. I also agree that the vibe of a place has to feel right, and if you aren’t comfortable it can ruin the musical experience.

    I just find it incredibly sad that so many people are hurting over what’s been done to them in this fandom. For many, Taylor brought them back to their love of music. His fans taketh it away from way to many.

    Why? I cannot wrap my brain around it.

    It’s not hard to read between the lines to see many here have been hurt. I admit.. myself included.

    I’ve seen it all. Grifters, users, abusers, liars, control freaks, backstabbers, conspiracy theorists, BFF’s, attention whores, tour whores, whisperers and countless others I can’t think of right now.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the dynamic of this fandom can ever be brought back. It’s probably gone past the point of no return.

    If Taylor uses his “Taylor smart” (God help me, I used it) I hope he includes a song on his new CD about the state of his fandom. Since so many hang on his every word- he has an opportunity to send a powerful message.

    YKW get outta my head.. I was going to say something about “The Animal Farm.” 😆

  100. OMG. I can’t believe you used that phrase, CS.


  101. It used to make my right eye twitch. Now my left eye is acting up.

  102. YKW and Celestial Soul,

    Very interesting comparison to “Animal Farm”, very interesting indeed, since Orwell’s main purpose was to draw a comparison between the animals and Stalinism and Bolshevik Revolutionaries. It kind of puts a whole new spin on the meaning of the “Soul Patrol” and it’s minions.

    Now that is a blog post worth thinking about …LOL….

  103. The novel describes how a society’s ideologies can be manipulated and twisted by those in positions of social and political power, including how a utopian society is made impossible by the corrupting nature of the very power necessary to create it.

    I want to be Clover!!

  104. Hell… I’ll go for Old Major or Napoleon. Why not go for the whole control thing. Scary… isn’t it?

  105. Clover could be likened to Bill Will. 😆

    I’ll be Pinkeye.

  106. Celestial Soul,

    Maybe we can all put our heads together and write that Soul Patrol Anthem for Taylor.

    We can call it :

    Why don’t the Soul Patrol have any Soul?

  107. Taylor could be Minimus.. the poetic pig and writer of the National Anthems…LOL

  108. Freestyle anthem.

    Why don’t the Soul Patrol have any Soul?
    It’s because so many want control
    They want everyone to eat outta their hands
    Then turn around and call themselves fans
    They claim they don’t wanna cause any harm
    What they need to do is
    Read Animal Farm


    Damn, you’re good! And quick!

  110. CS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I proclaim you Poet Laureate of the SP Reform Movement!!

  111. Thanks! I once wrote 30 songs in a week. 😉 😆

  112. spinshack Says:

    Wow. I missed a lot today by being otherwise distracted. YKW, Soul, IAG and others, we are of like minds.

    Thing is, even with the differences evidenced here we can come, talk and write about the issues, and discourse.

    Henry8 with her devote love of Hicks and Griz and her fanaticism all are talking at least.

    IAG, I think I’ll refer to you from here on out as “Grey” not IAG. It’s a good name and you have earned it. You are the new “Gray”. (Better spelling too. IMO)

  113. spinshack Says:

    Oh, one more thing, interesting, yes, that 15 showed. How she loves me. Grey, best mind your manners or you will be up on its site. hahaha

  114. Wow, Spin. Thanks.

    Does that mean I’ll be cheersing in March?!? 😉

  115. March??? Man, I’m a little Crowned out about now, but yeah you should be cheersing doll. hahaha

  116. I’ve read all the above and noticed that some of you are doing exactly what you accuse the SP of doing, putting fans in boxes, or categories. I don’t think I would be around posting had I been a part of the on line fandom since 06. I got in on the blogs last summer first with Sunny and Willpen and RHS, which were all rather safe, neutral and friendly places. After reading blogs for awhile, I then decided to post on Morphs and it was my home base even though I was the most positive fan there. Others called it a hate blog and I would think how sad. Then due to 3 people carrying on and on about a Rosie, posting on the BB. and how they now knew she was no fan, I went over to Asses blog and introduced myself and said that rosie wasn’t me. I then began posting on both Morphs and Asses, which apparantly was a no no. The 3 gals on Asses, never believed I was a fan, and eventually caused me much grief. Then a few on Morphs thought I was a troll which not only did I deny, but did not know the meaning of the term. I left Morphs/was run out and soon thereafter it went underground. When Asses left I had known some of the posters so I guess you guys would call Chill’s blog my home base. I like to read different opinions and sometimes give mine. I still do not like the name calling and ganging up on posters. There should be enough open mindedness in this fan base that all opinions are welcome. I still see an elitism tone in Hicks fanbase and perhaps that is just human nature when one believes they are right and others are wrong, or misinformed. As CS said and I’ve read elsewhere there are real people behind the keyboards. Without having been there, I know some of you who have been posting and running blogs since Tay won have had to have been hurt by others. What does it matter to taylor, or any fan that Chills blog used to be called the CL fanclub, or that some or many on Morphs had been associated with Myfoya? Someone such as myself began making comments last summer and soon learned there were huge and crazy factions. So if some new fan in 2009, wants to come onboard are they still going to see fans arguing and taking sides?

  117. Spinshack wrote: Wow. I missed a lot today by being otherwise distracted. YKW, Soul, IAG and others, we are of like minds.

    yeah, add me to that as well . . .

  118. The guy said he wants to entertain people.
    Entertaining can mean acting such as Broadway (Grease), film. It also means singing and dancing and plethora of other things.

    So why the big discussion? He says he wants to entertain so he is entertaining. What’s the big deal?
    Straight from horses mouth. Watch video.

  119. Celestial, I wasn’t meaning to argue sematics with you. And no, I’m not THAT daft, just slightly daft.
    I was pointing out that people and blogs sometimes change and evolve, the main name has changed as has the purpose of the blog.
    The day I popped up on that blog , I was there because I was disgusted, didn’t think much of the name or what some were talking about. But I discovered some good people. We grew to know each other and understand some things. You see how things can change.
    Archives not important to me.

  120. I have never avoided a concert or show I wanted to attend because of who else might be there! Who cares?! Why does it make a difference to any of you who else is there…no one forces you to associate with anyone, you don’t have to speak to any one you don’t wish to, so what is the problem? Why would you be so bothered by who else is in the room that you would pass on something you want to do? It really doesn’t make much sense to me at all.

  121. Rosie, This part of your post is so true! “I’ve read all the above and noticed that some of you are doing exactly what you accuse the SP of doing, putting fans in boxes, or categories”.

    Rosie, I realize you haven’t been around from the start but this HAS been an issue in Taylor’s fanbase since the start, it just started out differently. It first started as fanboard differences. One board wanted to be all about the music, another about being Taylor’s ‘street team”, and another that just enjoyed Taylor all around.

    After a while it turned into some fans feeling superior to ALL other fans. These fans were thinking and /or posting:

    1) Fans that thud were beneath them.
    2) Fans that went to a lot of shows were groupies and therefore beneath them.
    3) Fans that were too enthusiastic were beneath them.
    4) That fan whispers (brags) too much.
    5) That fan doesn’t post what happened – she must be hiding something.

    It got freaking insane! Oh and then there was the whole which hunt for who was behind MFOYA, The View from the Inside, and the TMS Moles! The fans ARE the ones that took the magic from this fanbase. WillPen posted on her blog that she doesn’t think the magic of Jacksonville can ever come back. I tend to agree with her.

    Yes Taylor hasn’t been doing much in the past year…but during Taylor’s idle time….the fans made witch hunts their past time. They turned on each other like sharks in a bloody pool of water. Rosie, you should be happy you weren’t here for it.

    I find it sad that people like Willlpen don’t want to go to Taylor shows anymore. WP I wish you the best. I hope you really do enjoy Taylor’s new CD from a distance.

    I too have been deeply hurt by this infighting. Some I thought were friends turned out to be nothing close to a friend. It hurt like hell. I did spend months mourning those false friendships. I don’t blame Taylor for my pain. It simply was my first experience with online friendships that stemmed from a fandom. A lesson learned at 40!

    All I know is that I want to be a Taylor fan. I doubt I will experience the magic of Jacksonville again but I do hope for a different kind of magic.

    • Am I all about the music? No.
    • Does it turn my stomach that some fans are? No!
    • Do I think the man walks on water? No!
    • Am I thrilled about the Grease Tour? No!
    • Do I think EVERY choice Taylor has made in his career was perfect? No!
    • Do I think he has talent? Yes!
    • Am I willing to wait it out until he delivers the new CD and tours again? Yes!

    Does my willingness to wait it out make me delusional? Some would say yes. I don’t think so. To each his own.

    Oh and on a final note I’ll say this about Taylor calling his fans the Soul Patrol. For some this makes them cringe, some are indifferent and for others it makes them swoon. Regardless of what his fans think about it – the cold hard fact is that Taylor views ALL his fans as The Soul Patrol. Like it or not he does think this way. So while you might be like me and not have Soul Patrol written in puffy paint on a Tee shirt – he still thinks of YOU and ME as the Soul Patrol! Everyone needs to come to terms with it.

    I’d bet donuts to dollars that if/when Taylor is interviewed at age 50 he will still be talking about the Soul Patrol.


    (Now let’s see if Straw allows this post)

  122. Oh, I’ll allow it, Denise and thank you for posting.

    That’s why I started this blog, so that everyone could speak their mind, and we could all discuss it like adults.

    First off, nobody has been called delusional for waiting for Taylor to record some music. Obviously, we’re all here, talking about the man, so we’re waiting right along with you.

    Secondly, I take issue with you saying that Taylor thinks all of his fans are the Soul Patrol. I wouldn’t exactly call it a “cold hard fact” unless you’ve talked to him about it. I think the Soul Patrol were his group of fans from AI…and that’s where the problem with his career lies. He needs more than that to, as someone put it earlier, “make it big” in the music business.

    In all actuality, the only thing that the fan wars have done for Taylor is lose him fans.

    msmxup, I’m glad that you don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to go to a Taylor show again. That probably means that you haven’t been involved in the soul patrol drama.

  123. brightlite Says:

    Sorry celestial soul. I saw lyrics for New Found Freedom, a sample of What’s Right is Right, along with the lyrics and the mention of the title song The Distance implies a deep meaningful song right there, so maybe you don’t see what I see, but then again I’m not surprised. I see soul when it appears, and I know what I know despite what others may think.
    And IAG if you want personal attacks to truly stop please reel in your pit bull over there, SS, as she continually tells me every time I post that I know nothing, and that is an attack, yet you never tell her anything. And also all the insults to the soul patrol are not “realistic” they are insulting to anyone who is in the soul patrol. They are a group of people and I don’t think it is PC to be attacking a group of anyone. Maybe, just maybe that is why people are calling this a hate blog. Get it? This blog, this thread even is attacking a group of people, so you best be careful what you write if you don’t want to be accused of hating.

  124. The fans ARE the ones that took the magic from this fanbase.

    I couldn’t agree more.

    As to why I would avoid any future performances by Mr. Hicks, it’s just a matter of “been there, done that”. Yes, there will be new music (I HOPE!), but if I attend a shadow tour or a concert for “The Distance”, I’ll go to ONE. The truth is that his performances on the last tour offered nothing new, other than changing out a few tags here and there. So, between that and the accompanying false smiles of false online friendships that I’m sure I’ll see, I’ll just wait for the bootleg vids, thanks.

  125. brightlite Says:

    YKW for you…

    Again you missed my point but it must be difficult for people like you.
    The other Idols are being used and when they are out of steam, they will be discarded and end up without a career. Especially the girls, without saying why but surely even you understand even that.

    I love how the negative posters think that only their points are “realistic.”
    it is not realistic for the positive fans to see his career in an upswing. It’s only realistic for the negative fans to see him as a failure. Selective bias I think.

  126. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I am like you new to all of this and I couldn’t agree with you more.

    BL, Also agree with you, the negative comments are always the realistic ones, while those who see what he has acoomplished since he first stepped on the stage of Idol are dismissed. I for one see that he has changed and made his life better. He has made the choices he has made to better himself, not the fans. The Grease gig has put his name back out there in a positive light and has enabled him to cross promote his new music. I guess we all see success in a different light. I don’t see him as selling out on his music, he is doing what he needs to do to continue his music carreer and if that meant taking the Grease role, then he made the right choice. We all have to provide for ourselves/families and do what we need to do to accomplish that, he is no different.


  127. spinshack Says:

    YKW, here’s the thing, how would anyone in real life know who you are on line anyway unless you told them. I certainly won’t be shouting out my name in a concert hall. hahaha

    I went to the HOuse of Blues when he was in Dallas, recognized a few gals from the forums, from photos, but kept with my concert companion, had a great time. On-line stuff won’t keep me out of the shows.

    JI and Bright do have a point in that being negative doesn’t make you being real. It’s to be found in the middle ground perhaps. We seem to swing one way or the other sometimes in our assessment of the fans and Mr. Hicks, sometimes.

    I think this “Grease” gig simply a means to an end with Taylor as well as a definitive learning experience. Can’t slam a person for wanting to grow and learn, from what he’s said that’s how he’s looking at it.

  128. Brightlite, what you don’t know is how many comments I have deleted from SS. And when I make statements about stopping the personal attacks, they are not just directed at you. They are directed toward everyone.

    The thing about being real is that it is in one’s perspective. What I think is being real may be negative tinged, while somebody else’s perspective on it might be a tad more positive. That’s reality. I agree that Taylor is in a better place now than he was before Idol. I don’t know what his hopes and dreams are, but I’m inclined to think that they are more than singing in a bit part on Broadway. I hope this CD sells better than expected and I hope he finds happiness within himself no matter what. But, along the way, I’m going to be here discussing his career, as a fan…the only kind of fan that I know how to be.

    Sunny, the reason people from real life would know who you are is because we were friends outside of the internet. We talked on the phone, we took vacations together, we lived through the highs and lows of life together. These people were more than just internet friends, they were real life friends, or so I thought.

  129. Yeah, I understand that Grey, some of you guys did make that jump from on-line to real life. This internet world is rife with smoke and mirrors, regarding friendships and people, man it can be a crap shoot out there now can’t it?

  130. brightlite Says:

    Good IAG, then like I said when your pitbull with lipstick shows up and tells me and others here flat out that I/we know nothing which is an inflammatory remark, I expect you, as the moderator of the board to go in, and immediately after she posts remarks like that towards me or any other “positive” fan, you are to tell her to ‘back off.” What’s fair is fair.
    otherwise this will be seen as a hate blog.

    Also, I don’t know who said it but to imply or write that you won’t show up to a concert because certain people are there, meaning a certain group of people, like the Soul Patrol, is no different than saying you won’t go somewhere because there are people of color present or other kinds of groups present. The SP is a group of mostly women who are in the middle aged years, and they are a group in and of themselves. I don’t want to think that there are fans who are discriminating against Taylor based on the type of fans who are in the fanbase. Shame on you if you are for being so politically incorrect. Middle aged women should be celebrated for their accomplishments, they have raised children, supported husbands through illnesses at times, worked and slaved for years, and for you all to come on here and to chastize them and denegrade them as people is disgusting and deplorable, and that is part of the reason this is seen as a hate blog. You are targeting middle aged women, no matter what they say or do, they are entittled to be how they want, and you cannot stand in judgment of them. don’t forget that someday you too will be there.

    Oh and to the gentleman who complained about not getting lunch. I want to laugh. If you are an unpaid extra, then ther eis NO compensation and lunch or food of any type is compensation, known commonly on tax forms as “meals.” Hey if you are serious about acting, you don’t go to video shoots looking for a meal, you come prepared with a bagged lunch and you hope and pray you get picked to be in the film or video, you don;t sit there wondering about lunch. I find it funny that people would go to something like this and wait there with their hand out as if Taylor is supposed to be “thankful” for your presence. He is giving these people a shot, a chance, an opportunity, not the other way around. Get a grip.
    He doesn’t have to give anyone anything anytime anywhere. Please stop and get off the Taylor Hicks owes people something horse, it is so boring and tiresome, ad nauseum after so much time.

  131. BL- I actually said I saw “What’s Right Is Right” as a love song. Why would you say you aren’t surprised that I would see soul? Soul comes in all forms. So does spirituality. It isn’t about religion to me. It’s about a higher plane that’s beyond your body and mind.

    It’s a feeling of celebration and that’s how I used to feel about this fandom and Taylor. Since I’ve been around from the beginning the shift of everything Taylor has changed. Talking about it isn’t hatred. Holding it in isn’t healthy.

    What I’ve seen in this thread is nothing but people saying how much they’ve been hurt by the Soul Patrol. I’ve not seen any generalizations of one particular person.

    Walk a mile in the shoes of some of these women that post on this blog.

    This is not a hate blog. Nor a place for personal attacks. This is place for people to finally speak their mind without fear of retribution.

  132. So not wanting to go to a Taylor show because you’ve been dicked around by people who will be there who you thought were friends is the same as being a racist? Did I get that right?

    Ooh boy.

    And so it’s such a privilege to be in Taylor’s video that expecting to be fed a little something after working all day and most of the night is expecting too much?

    Uh. Ok.

  133. BL, I go after anybody who posts stupid, not just you, so don’t feel special. You’re just mad because I proved you wrong about Kara DioGuardi and you weren’t big enough to admit it. You can be sure if anybody here proves me wrong, I will be the first to admit it because that’s the type of person I am. At least I haven’t attacked you personally and made these kinds of posts….

    “my dance card was full when I was 28”.

    and don’t try to deny it.

    Why don’t you just admit are so jealous of me you can’t see straight. You also make one too many comments about Taylor’s personal life and I don’t know why that should concern you or any fan for that matter.

    But, I will try to be more tolerate of you.. it’s obvious you’re drunk on the kool-aid and a hopeless case.

    Oh, and that’s the least Taylor could have done and paid for lunch for these people. Guess he’s not rolling in dough afterall, lol!

  134. Soul, nice post.

  135. Virtual Speak Says:

    SS your troll is showing. Reel it back in.

    Sorry, but, that really was an unjust personal attack on BL. Why would she be jealous of you? She doesn’t even know you.

    On the contrary, BL doesn’t like any talk of Taylor’s personal life. My offhanded remark about Taylor and Kara was a joke.

  136. She’s jealous because I am 28 and she’s well past 40. You’re right she doesn’t know me, so tell her to stop making comments like this:

    “my dance card was full when I was 28″

    I have NEVER attacked this woman personally. I just tell her she’s wrong.

  137. Virtual Speak Says:

    That was supposed to say The not my offhanded remark of was a joke.

    I’ve read through these posts and I have nothing but sympathy for those of you that have been hurt.

    How many more fans can Taylor lose to pettiness and backstabbing?

  138. VS, the reason for the pettiness and backstabbing.. because the fans have made this about themselves, not about Taylor.

  139. Virtual Speak Says:

    My last post was supposed to read The offhanded remark was a joke. Not my remark. lol

    I hate when my mind goes in seventeen directions. That’s what happens when you hit 30. See what you have to look forward too SS.

    How do we know you’re 28? I’m 30. Do you believe me?

    She might be wrong, but, agree to disagree. It’s a virtue learned with age.

  140. Virtual Speak Says:

    I agree. It is about them and not Taylor. Meanwhile, he’s out having himself a good time and could care less about any of it. Which is the way it should be.

    He isn’t anyone’s friend. He has a real life. He dates, he goes to parties nobody knows about, he listens to music probably nobody has ever heard, he has conversations that nobody will ever know about, he probably even watches internet porn.. lol.. and the list goes on and on..

  141. Ok, number one, BL, I don’t need anybody telling me how to run my blog. People will see it for a hate blog if that’s what they want to believe.

    Secondly, Snowstorm, knock the shit off. I value your opinions and your comments, however, I won’t let this be your sounding board for degrading another poster.

    Ok, moving on.

    BL, Comparing me to a racist because I am choosing to not go to Martyr’s is ludicrous. When you’ve seen what I have seen, and dealt with what I have, then you can judge me for my personal decision on my reasons for not going to Martyrs. As VS said, you should walk a mile in someone else’s shoes first.

    That being said, I envy your faith in Taylor Hicks, BL. That is a good attitude to have. 🙂

  142. Well, that’s the wonderful world of the internet, isn’t it, lol! You don’t know the first thing about me and I don’t know the first thing about you and don’t pretend like you know, when you really have absolutely no clue.

    As far as the fan wars, backstabbing, pettiness and all those wonderful things that happened on message boards, I was never part of that, because that crap never had any interest to me. That’s not to say I didn’t read them occasionally to get a laugh.

  143. brightlite Says:

    Snow you could not stand next to me. I have been told I look like both like Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Perker, so I am not jealous of you. Go away.
    I feel pity for you actually, that at 28, you sit here all day spew hatred about Taylor.

  144. brightlite Says:

    It is politically incorrect to single out any group, as this thread has done, (look at the title) and make fun of them.
    case closed.

  145. OK, I will behave myself. I will let the posters here have their say, but if I disagree, then I will just let you know I disagree, but if you personally attack me, then I have every right to personally attack you, too.

    Hey, I’m up for a good debate.. I’m not always right, but most of the time I am and what’s right is right. 😉

  146. BL, nothing I say is going to change your opinion, but I believe that it’s a huge mistake to compare racism of cultures and people to a Taylor Hicks fanbase. Ridiculous.

  147. bl, your jealousy is showing, tsk tsk!

  148. So, making fun of child molestors is “politically incorrect”? The same for all those blonde and lawyer jokes?? Just checking.

    … he probably even watches internet porn..
    Well, so much for that “southern gentleman” image … LOL!!

    Mr. Hicks is NOT the musician who has “brought real music back to fuckin’ pop music”, bottom line.

    Will he? No one knows. But he’s too busy finding acclaim on stage in a bit part. I’ll believe in his self-proclaimed statement when I see it. Not that he’ll miss me, he’ll have his middle aged, child rearing, hate blog fodder Soul Patrol behind him.

  149. Well I’ll give you this BL, you are entertaining. I’m still not getting the whole concept of criticizing the SP is equivalent to racism though. Please enlighten me.

  150. jerseyirish Says:

    Wow, This has gotten way out of control, this started that me, BL and a few others felt Taylor has acheived success and others didn’t agree. Everyone views things differently I can accept that without arguing. BL is a very deep thinker and expresses herself that way, I know my daughter is studying to be a Forensic Scientist and is a very deep thinker also sees things in a deeper way then I might, doesn’t mean she is wrong just see’s things from a deeper point of view.

    From reading I gather most of you feel if Taylor isn’t sitting on a stool doing his music he isn’t a musician, again that is where I see things differently I think he is rounding himself out for the entertainer he has always said he wants to be.

    Just my two cents, also I wasn’t around for all the stuff that went on started reading in Sept 07.


  151. brightlite Says:

    I never said anyone was racist. Making fun of any group is politically incorrect. The Soul Patrol is a group of mostly middle aged women, so by singling them out and making fun of them, and treating them as if they have less rights than any other group is wrong. It is no different than taking a group of people who are of color, or a group of people are disabled, or a group of people are different in some way from the rest of any populous and making them feel inadequate or unworthy. It has been said over and over that the music business is about younger people, well than that statement is a direct attack on anyone in the the group of older people which includes the Soul Patrol. I am not here defending Taylor today, he doesn’t need defending! He is fine. I am standing up for the rights of women, my age or better who are interested in and want to be fans of Taylor Hicks or any musician, and we should not be made to feel that our contribution to his success, or our passion for his music is any less valuable than any other group of fans. We have a right to like what we like, listen to what we listen to, and to express our satisfaction in it without fear that we will be persecuted or made fun of. I am sick and tired of the “granny panties” comments and the blue hair, and the whole attitude towards the group as we are not to be generalized into the “unfit” for being a music fan category. How dare you tell me or anyone else that I am too old to like Taylor’s music or anyone’s music for that matter. The Soul Patrol is a group of women, and are the backbone of Taylor’s success, like it or not, and they were there before anyone else, and he still yells Soul Patrol, so he is proud of them and we should respect that.

  152. WOW… this really has gone quite a bit off topic.

    First I want to applaud Celestial Soul for this SP Anthem:

    Freestyle anthem.

    Why don’t the Soul Patrol have any Soul?
    It’s because so many want control
    They want everyone to eat outta their hands
    Then turn around and call themselves fans
    They claim they don’t wanna cause any harm
    What they need to do is
    Read Animal Farm

    Sorry I went to bed and never saw this until now.

    The point here, that so many seem to be missing, is that this silly little Anthem that Soul wrote last night, which came out of a little bit of silly that we got into, was what made this fan base fun at the beginning. We were all able to laugh at ourselves and this is a perfect example of how I ended up getting to know so many people on a personal level. When you can joke with someone about something like this then you realize that you have something in common. Then when you finally got to meet them at a concert it made the experience more of a collective experience because of the more personal connections.

    If it weren’t for the fact that I enjoyed being around the people so much I never would have seen so many concerts. It was the before and after that was so much fun that it made the whole concert experience that much better. We started out not taking ourselves so seriously, and like I have said before, somewhere along the line it changed. So that is a big part of why I will think twice about seeing Taylor in person again. I will probably go to one or maybe two concerts and meet up with some local people, but I will never travel again like I did before. That part of this journey is over for me. I will leave it to others to experience.

    Now as for me being bigoted in regards to not wanting to be with these people, well that is just something that you feel.

  153. Goodness. Well it didn’t really answer my question, but I hope you feel a bit better now, BL.

  154. Virtual Speak Says:

    Why does one have to be in the “Soul Patrol” to be considered a fan of Taylor? Why do his fans need a label at all? Isn’t labeling fans of any age politically incorrect?

  155. Brightlite,

    I think that you need to lighten up a bit. Nobody is singling anyone out and no body is making fun of them and no body is telling them what they can and can not do. This is by no means discriminatory.

    This is all simply an expression by a group of us that have been around from the beginning and who have seen the whole Soul Patrol dynamic change. We are sharing our thoughts and our feeling and our personal experiences. You seem to be the one taking all this personally and you seem to be the one that is coming to the defense of any fan that is not here to defend themselves. While I find that admirable, you also need to understand that this is not where WE are coming from

  156. Amen, Willpen. Amen.

  157. brightlite Says:

    I am okay with people not attending a concert if they have a personal problem with someone in particular, let’s make that clear. I DO have a very big problem with the title of this thread and the on-going and serious attacks on the Soul Patrol. If you made enemies along the way by the online fandom relationships that you have formed, and that keeps you from attending, that is your business. This thread and others like it are not about that. This thread is an attack on a specific group.
    I am not a Soul Patroller. I am however a sensitive person and I see ths thread, perhaps this blog, as a direct attempt to attack and undermine a particular group of women.
    I have nothing left to say, except shame on you for doing that.

  158. Oh, I don’t know, VS.

    I mean, I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with labeling fans, if it constitutes good things for the performers. I mean, look at the Parrotheads, fans of Jimmy Buffett, or the deadheads, even.

    The problem with Soul Patrol is that it doesn’t exactly have the best reputation.

  159. BL, I’m sorry that you feel that way, but I’m not surprised. I’ve heard the rumors that everybody thinks this a hate blog.

    Oh well. It’s not. But it doesn’t matter what I say. I expected as much.

  160. bl, I know you will take this the wrong way, but your post reminded me of those women rights movement, you know when they burned their bras, or whatever that was.

  161. Brightlite,

    Just stop for a second to compare what I said to what you just said. I never mentioned “problems”, I never mentioned “enemies”. You have taken the positive spin that I tried to relay in my post and have completely turned into something extremely negative which leads me to understand why you are taking this whole thread in negative terms.

    You have succeeded, in your own mind, to make this all into a battle between two separate entities. I am sorry you feel that way, but I also have a right to not be grouped together with a bunch of women who I would probably never give a second thought to in real life. That is the point here for me. I do not like what the Soul Patrol has come to represent and it is my right to not be part of it and to say so in a nice and respectful manner.

  162. iag, I don’t know what happened with you, but whatever it was, it probably was not good. The decision of whether to attend a show is up to you and I don’t feel anybody has any say in that. None of us are in your shoes.

  163. brightlite Says:

    I dont take it wrong snow. It is the most intelligent thing you have said since I met you here.
    Women have to stick together. It is a fact. Try accepting these women for their wisdom and their knowledge gained through life experiences instead of just attacking them for their love of Taylor Hicks.
    I do defend. I defend those who cannot or won’t defend themselves.
    I am a teacher and I am sensitive to issues where groups are concerned, and I have been trained and educated in the areas of civil rights and liberties as well. Older women have it hard enough, you will see someday, just wait, and threads like this that target a group of women, for whatever reason, (they are NOT child molestors, very bad point) don’t sit right with me.

  164. The original point of this thread was to talk about why the fans didn’t show up for the video shoot, and if the SP was a hindrance to Taylor’s career. It then turned into sharing our experiences with that said group. I just don’t see it as an attack, more of an observation.

  165. And nobody called the SP child molesters.

  166. brightlite Says:

    Read your blog
    YKW Says:

    January 15, 2009 at 11:48 am
    So, making fun of child molestors is “politically incorrect”? The same for all those blonde and lawyer jokes?? Just checking.

  167. Snowstorm Says:

    But, we are talking about a 32 year old singer, Taylor Hicks, who is trying to make it in show business and needs to have FANS who will support him. That’s the bottom line.

  168. BL, YKW was referring to what you said…that it wasn’t politically correct to make fun of groups of people. So she asked that question. She was not, in any shape or form, calling the SP child molesters.

  169. Brightlite,

    I don’t know how old you are, but I do know how old I am. I can very easily fall into the group of older women that you say must stick together because they have it hard enough.

    Once again, you are categorizing me and putting me into a stereotypical demographic by making the statements that you just made.

    The fact is that I am quite capable of taking care of myself. Always have been and always will be. You comment on woman having to stick together is extremely vague. What kind of woman have to stick together and why do they?

    You spout all these vague generalizations claiming that you understand these things since you are a teacher. I have been dealing with the public for over 20 years and I feel pretty confident in the fact that I have a sound understanding of human beings. I can usually get a feel for a person in the first five minutes of meeting them. I am also very adept at reading between the lines of what people write and say.

    I just want to ask you to not put me into your broad generalizations about women needing each other. I am very capable of determining what and who I need and I don’t really take kindly to you insinuating that I am in any way anyone for their love of Taylor Hicks. I think that you need to reassess the scope of what you are saying here.

  170. BL- You don’t seem to be grasping the fact that these women are talking about how hurt they’ve been in the past by other women that were supposed to have been their friends.

    There is no need to be the SP Super Hero. Nobody has asked for you to defend them. Some of them don’t deserve defending and are quite capable of speaking up if they want too. God knows they’ve caused enough grief.

    Being highly educated doesn’t make you right or impress anyone. I have a PhD. Big deal. Nobody cares.

  171. brightlite Says:

    Nice post Willpenn. Many valid points. I am defending the right of any woman over the age of 40 to express themselves uncategorically without having blogs pop up that take them down a few pegs. Women do need to stick together, it is okay however, if you don’t agree with that statement, and choose willfully to turn away from the support and positive influence Teaching is my passion, and it has taught me many things that others who haven’t taught cannot understand or appreciate.
    A PhD is a big deal CS, I disagree. It is an accomplishment, and one you should be proud of, hence I see your acheivement as having tremendous value, even if you don’t think it does. Be proud of what you have accomplished, never downplay what your dream have lead you to, for all that it matters, I always wanted to be a doctor…had the brains, and the desire, but the birth of my three children amd then the subsequent raising of them was more of a priority. I had to make a choice, I wasn’t able to do both. If I were a man, I would have (probably) had the opportunity to do both, but women have to make hard choices, usually they between family and career, and sometimes even between family and love.

    Got to run to work again. My second job calls me now. Let’s all pray for the economy to come back so we can enjoy our families more, and work less.

  172. IAG, I understand that some people on various boards have been hurt by people that they believed were their friends. I just don’t think that it has anything to do with Taylor or understand why it would stop anyone from going to one of his shows. Go with people who ARE your friends, and pay no attention to those who are not. Why give those who are not your friends any power over your life?

  173. littlewing Says:

    Not trying to keep the topic going, but just wanted to clarify something I said way up yonder about people commenting on articles to go see Taylor live, you won’t regret it, blah blah. I just want to say that I don’t think those people are bad or dumb or anything. It’s simply a pet peeve of mine. It hurts nothing to do that, actually, and I hope no one got too offended. And by “street-teaming” I was referring to invading blogs and boards with constant info, (like AI or other general blogs), with constant info on the artist, when that blog owner doesn’t necessarily want it, (read: MJ’s) not the more conventional use of ‘street teaming’ as a promotional tool.

    I feel badly for those so hurt by other fans. It’s really a shame that something that was supposed to have been a diversion from real life turned into real life hurt. I wouldn’t judge anyone who chooses to disassociate from that madness.

  174. BL- It’s not that it’s not a big deal. It’s just not a big deal here. It took many years of hard work in between the birth of my own children and something I was bound and determined to accomplish. Do I use it now? Nope. Not much call for my field of work.

  175. I just have to respond to Griz here. Griz you wrote “Some of the biggest recordings stars now are opting OUT of a major record deal in favor of their own label.”

    Sure that is true. But they are BIG RECORDING STARS with power and millions of fans and dollars behind them. And they can do whatever the hell they want. They don’t need a label. That’s not Taylor Hicks. He’s not a big recording star. If he had a big label behind him, they wouldn’t need to post on craigslist to get fans… they’d have the money to pay for each and every extra. ETC. If he had a label behind him, he wouldn’t be doing Grease, because he would have been too busy recording his second album and touring the hell out of it instead of wearing the sparkly suit and making the cone entrance for attention.

    “99% of Idols do not have the knowledge, wherewithall or desire to start up a company like Taylor did” Griz, my 18 year old cousin started up a record label. LLC and everything. Seriously, it’s not brain surgery.

    “Conversely, the control is in Taylor’s hands now – just like many other huge stars these days.” Again, he’s not a huge star???? Reality meet Griz. Griz meet reality.

  176. spinshack Says:

    Anyone can “start” a label and create records. I have an acquaintance in Florida, known him since 1994 who started his own label, he was in a pop boyband for a while, that folded so he started his own company. Doesn’t take millions of dollars. Doesn’t take being huge in the recording business either. My 2 cents.

    Regarding the SP being a liability or not for Taylor, certainly they can be their own worst enemy at times. Thing is he still holds on to the shout out and I think that just a reach back to those Idol days when he was crazy popular. When he won Idol just about everyone who had a television knew his name.

  177. Taylor does not equal a huge star. And that’s really too bad, because he has potential.

  178. I agree with those who insist that Taylor Hicks has called all the shots.

    If he’s got an shrinking music career I believe it’s because the choices that he’s made have alienated most of the music fans. What he’s left with is Soul Patrol.

    Is Soul Patrol a liability? Yes, but it’s one Taylor created for himself and planted dead-center in his own path. From his first post-American Idol “Soul Patrol” contortion to the sickeningly sweet, family-friendly morning TV personality; from the chronic marketing incompetence to the endless, empty hyping of product that always showed up a day late and dollar short if it showed up at all, to the oversold songwriting talent that hasn’t panned out…to the bumbled distribution, he has simply handled things poorly.

    He’s got plenty of talent – he and lots of other musicians who have, I’m sorry, a deeper commitment to their music careers than to their celebrity. But this is all just my opinion. Which is why I’m typing it in a ‘Comments’ section soliciting opinions.

    So now he’s on an album cover from the 1950’s, wearing a necktie, and in a video that recalls Frank Sinatra, singing white boy-band R&B tripe (if the ‘snippet’ is any indication), and he’ll sell all that by the case to the traveling craft show that is Soul Patrol, and he’ll have this kind of music career. It’s the career he chose, and it’s still a good step up from life before Idol. So ok. Good for him. It would be nice if Soul Patrol would just let him be this guy, rather than thinking he’s got to be a huge star. It’s not so bad. He doesn’t have to be a god. He’s THIS guy.

    I’ll still give the new release a listen, and hope that he’s cleared a hurdle.

  179. Thanks for posting, True.

    This right here is dead on…

    Is Soul Patrol a liability? Yes, but it’s one Taylor created for himself and planted dead-center in his own path. From his first post-American Idol “Soul Patrol” contortion to the sickeningly sweet, family-friendly morning TV personality; from the chronic marketing incompetence to the endless, empty hyping of product that always showed up a day late and dollar short if it showed up at all, to the oversold songwriting talent that hasn’t panned out…to the bumbled distribution, he has simply handled things poorly.

    I think I’m gonna like you.

  180. … from the chronic marketing incompetence to the endless, empty hyping of product that always showed up a day late and dollar short if it showed up at all, to the oversold songwriting talent that hasn’t panned out…

    Can I get an allelujah?? ALLELUJAH!!

    Well said, True.

  181. Way back at the beginning of all this there were so many real music fans out there. Back in the day the Boogie was the place where we would talk about the music and not only Taylor. We had discussions where people actually gave varying opinions. Then something happened. The fan-atics started to come little by little and the dialogue changed

    As for the Boogie website, I believe the main ‘something’ that happened was that the ‘Taylor Hicks’ forum on American Idol closed down, and the Boogie forum, populated by graycharles music refugees, was suddenly flooded with American Idol fans. It would have taken some very strong and attentive moderation to keep that good place on track and, for whatever reasons, it just wasn’t applied. Its appeal as a music site evaporated. Eventually, the censorship of thought grew suffocating. Who wants that?

    Speaking of websites, the first and biggest mistake TH made, I think, was letting go. It had bestowed upon him a credibility, gravitas, which he simply does not possess on his own. As a bonus, the American Idol fans thought it was snobby, hated it, and stayed away. Sure, if it was Taylor’s official site they would have come. But gc had balls enough to deal with them. TH could not have bought all of that at any price. But it was not to be. Music Today. Much better option…

    Now…what you can buy is buzz prior to the launch of your new product, and businesses big and small pay large to manufacture buzz. Taylor Hicks? No. He actually kills his own free buzz. It’s incredible. A prohibition on recording is one thing, but to deprive a large chunk of his target audience of static-filled cellcerts? Jesus. It’s stupefying.

  182. I’m just amazed that anybody would think not allowing his core fanbase to hear him is a good idea.

    He needs all the help he can get in the marketing category.

  183. Well, yes.

    Having said aaaall of that, I so still love the voice. And I’d be pleased as I could be if he were to come out with this album and just kick my ass. You know?

  184. I feel exactly the same way, True. And yet, the “true fans” still think I hate him.


  185. Cellcerts. The one joy some of his fans have in life and he wants to take it away. Something funny about it all. Again, no surprise he couldn’t get a record deal before AI. He’s lacking.

    I agree with you on all counts True. Gray Charles was made into the “bad guy.” That wasn’t fair. And since the ending of that site things went down, down, down. One after the other. Oh well.

  186. Excellent points.

  187. “Cellcerts. The one joy some of his fans have in life and he wants to take it away.”

    How true and how sad. Do people have so little in their lives that this is their highlight? I participated in one cellcert a long time ago and it was the first and the last. So awful and what I heard was mostly static. Kudos to Taylor for setting his foot down and I hope the people that are so upset about this go away – good riddance!

  188. Blue, I wasn’t paying sufficient attention to understand how it was that Gray Charles was made into the “bad guy.” I hope it was the SP alone who did that, and not T himself. Because that would be an effing travesty.

  189. It looks like there had to be something amiss between Hicks and GC for the way he just poofed his site. Removed all that beneficial – for Hicks – information and coverage. GC did make Hicks look good, so yeah, serious travesty if it was something orchestrated by Hicks. Who knows and GC won’t tell apparently.

  190. Very interesting developments last night. Turns out the set list was pretty much identical to the 2007 tour selections, with the What’s Right is Right and maybe a new cover thrown in. (The person reporting the contents of the written set list isn’t sure whether he actually performed it.)

    So, if the recording ban was not about copyright protection, and if it was not about controlling the launch of new product, then what was it for?

    Pardon my optimism but…could it have been an exercise in SP behavior modification?

    If so, let me applaud that! Imagine a Taylor Hicks audience just looking like a normal gathering of music fans. Imagine SP behavior not turning off potential new fans. Two years late, but effing awesome, I say!

    Snowstorm – I have no problem with cellcerts. People having fun with their friends is always positive, as long as no one gets hurt. And one person holding a live cell phone in a crowd isn’t a disturbance. It may be fanatic, but it’s not obvious. Probably I’m missing something, but I don’t see why it was included in the ban, as it doesn’t seem to be problematic behavior, and it wouldn’t be heard by anyone but the hardest-core fans who would buy pure static if they thought Taylor wanted them to. I still think banning cellcerts is just a buzzkill for SP who’d have been overjoyed to have had it, particularly in light of the sudden dearth of recorded media they are used to.

  191. Pardon my optimism but…could it have been an exercise in SP behavior modification?

    Bingo! Cellcerts is fanatic behavior. I don’t know of ANY fans that do this, other than that other world-class fanatics…Claymates!

  192. Spinshack – I know a little bit about GC’s thoughts on the decision to go with Music Today rather than GC, and it was exactly as GC said publicly: it was a business decision, and there weren’t any hard feelings about that.

    I’ve always concluded that the character assassination of GC must have arisen from the same fan jealousy, insecurity, crudeness, and fanaticism that is behind site wars, ‘sham’ wars, fan attacks, and so on. It’s a total gong show.

    The early days of AI6 and GC, before SP discovered the site, were golden. Great conversation, great music, great humor, great optimism about Mr. Hicks — all just an outstanding time. GC will always have my respect and gratitude for the personal investment of time, talent, sweat, and dollars he put into that site. It was the best music site I’ve ever seen online.

  193. Anyways…. INAUGURATION!

  194. Snowstorm Says:

    True, you are 100% correct regarding GC. I was also a part of that site in the early days. But, as soon as it got invaded by the AI board posters, it all went downhill, imho.

  195. I feel that Taylor’s silence about GC was just as bad as speaking negatively about him. He allowed the character assassination.

  196. Snowstorm – I’d go a little earlier than that. My take is that GC made an error in choosing some of his associates. They introduced fan-attack activity, and GC did not shut it down effectively. The culture was soured. That attracted people from the AI boards who enjoy that kind of thing.

  197. Blue – Good point. It surely would have helped had Taylor backed him up.

    But to be fair, GC may not have brought it to his attention (probably did not, imo, in that he’s a rational adult and all). And Taylor was with a major label at that time, getting ready for a tour or touring, and in the eye of the hurricane. He probably would not have been aware of what was going on. Don’t you think?

  198. spinshack Says:

    Here’s a question, why would GC just kill the site and not leave it as it but shut comments off? There was so much there to read, a big history of Taylor’s beginning fan base on-line. And yes, lots of good music appreciation. I discovered Cat Power as an example through Gray.

    Regarding fan modification by disallowing recordings? Perhaps an effort to calm some of those folks fighting for the good spot to film. hahaha. Like in an earlier thread too many were just media obsessed. Need a happy medium.

  199. Snowstorm Says:

    Spin, GC was too much of a trainwreck at that point. The AI posters and VFTW killed the site and there was no return from that. I, for one, totally abandoned the site. I agree with True also.. his associates, greatly contributed to its downfall and that was a huge mistake in judgement.

  200. True, sure he knows what goes on. But it seems to me he prefers to keep his mouth shut while others take the heat. I got no respect for that.

  201. spin: Here’s a question, why would GC just kill the site and not leave it as it but shut comments off?
    Personal security? Budget? Hurt? Resentment? I can think of many reasons he’d have wanted to remove himself from the entire picture, and not a single compelling reason he should have continued to share his work with the fans. They didn’t deserve any favors from him.

    blue: True, sure he knows what goes on. But it seems to me he prefers to keep his mouth shut while others take the heat. I got no respect for that.

    For me, I don’t feel like have enough information or insight to form an opinion about that.

  202. spinshack Says:

    True, so you’re saying the fans being able to read over Hicks’ lil journey as covered by Gray a favor? To them? I disagree, it’s a favor to Taylor.

    Yeah I agree with all of you regarding the AI folks who just ruined so much of the good things on his site.

  203. SoulRiver Says:

    Okay, so it looks like I’m a little late to this party, but I just stumbled upon this blog through a Google alert and felt like I need to comment…

    Is Taylor’s fan base (whether called “Soul Patrol” or not) a help or a hindrance? Well, if the fan base continues to pick apart every little, tiny thing that Taylor does, or decisions he makes, or what he requests of his fans, then yes, they (we) are a hindrance.

    I consider myself a very dedicated fan of Taylor Hicks and you can call me a member of the “Soul Patrol” if you want. Let it be known however, that I am not fat and old and lonely and desperate as many people would like for the “Soul Patrol” to be. Rather, I am simply someone who appreciates Taylor, his love of music, his dedication to teaching others about music, and his desire to do things in his own way, and I am someone who appreciates music – all kinds of music. Perhaps Taylor’s fan base is made up of “older” people because they’ve lived through several decades of music and actually have a much broader knowledge of music genres, music history, and are a little more open-minded to unusual, retro, new, or different styles of music rather than appreciating only what the “media” wants to shove down our throats? Hmmmm?

    I too find myself tiring of hearing all the bickering back and forth, of reading all the ridiculous arguments that fans get in regarding Taylor’s every move, and of not reading more about our mutual affection for music. Having said that, if Taylor is even remotely reading all of it too, then I would not fault him at all for becoming quite weary. He knows that he can’t please everybody – in fact, I don’t believe that was ever his goal. I do believe his goal is to write, arrange, produce, and perform music that touches his own heart regardless of how others see him. Kudos to him for that!

    As for the video shoot – has anyone considered the fact that perhaps the director and production company didn’t want droves of people/fans turning out thus the short/late notice of the casting call? Perhaps the goal was to keep it small and intimate and that the sheer number of people responding to the call has absolutely nothing to do with the success for failure of the video shoot, of Taylor’s career, or of the dedication of the soul patrol.

    As someone who worked as an extra on a *huge* multi-million film directed by the very successful Francis Ford Coppola, I can tell you that huge announcements of casting calls weeks before a shoot is not always the goal (these extra casting calls were tiny little ads in the newspaper). And yes, even with this film’s budget, I worked two sixteen hour days, lunch was on my own, and the footage didn’t even make it out of the editing room! Yes, it was a long few days, I was tired and hungry, but that’s pretty much what you get when you sign up to be an extra. This is in no way an indication of how much money the star has or how successful someone is… so that “argument” is quite ridiculous.

    All in all, I would like to sum up by saying that I, as a fan of Taylor, don’t give a rip about who came from what board, who meets who at concerts, how many seats are filled up by “Soul Patrol” members, or whether or not he fed the extras who worked during the video shoot. What I do care about is that somehow, someway, we get back to the music and support, or follow, or critique Taylor based on that. Do people really care who had what for lunch?

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