Live from the shoot: “He Kissed A Girl and He Liked It!!”

Okay, well not exactly. But we can hope, can’t we??!?

Not much info from the California Clipper, but I do have this for you:
Apparently, an “anonymous source” has this synopsis of the video … (come on, Bill, you know you’re not getting canned for spilling the beans … LOL)
The premise of the video: The POV is that of a lonely female patron at the bar. Taylor is singing a song on the club’s stage, although we’re not sure if he is real or just a fantasy of this girly barfly. At the end of the video, the word is that the girl will have a kissing scene with Taylor.

I’m going to reserve my comments until I hear what you good people have to say. ๐Ÿ™‚


32 Responses to “Live from the shoot: “He Kissed A Girl and He Liked It!!””

  1. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Once I saw the place the video would be filmed at, I thought of him on the stage alone and he catches the eye of a very pretty lady, then into a dream sequence. I think it is neat that they will have him interacting with the girl, lucky lady to get to kiss him. I’m sure it will get some crazy that he will kiss someone in the video, but it will be good for him to put him in a little romantic situation. Can’t wait to see the finished product!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. It’s about time Taylor uses his sex appeal. Sex sells. I hope that kiss makes the SP swoon till they can’t see straight. Oh, wait..

  3. He kisses a girl in the video? Will the fanbase start planning the wedding, lol! Some of them are going to try to find out who she is, btw. I’m sure the search has already begun. It won’t be long she’ll have fans kissing up to her and sending her e-mails, lol!

  4. I guess I’m wondering if the song is the same as what we heard in the snippet. The song in the snippet didn’t sound romantic to me. But, anyway, I hope it’s another song and not “What’s Right is Right”.

  5. If the song is “What’s Right Is Right”

    I think it is a romantic song about a couple. The I don’t want to go.. translates into either he doesn’t want to go back on the road, or maybe to do another Grease show. Or maybe it’s love at first sight and he’s professing his love to her. But, what do I know?

    These are some of the lyrics.

    What’s Wrong with you
    is wrong with me
    What’s Right is Right

    what’s wrong with you is wrong with me…

    To me, that translates into being one..

    Here’s the partial lyrics we have so far.

    When there’s joy inside your heart ….I’ll share it
    When you got a dream …I say…Reach for the Sky
    IF you ever fall I’ll catch you
    What’s Wrong with you is wrong with me
    What’s Right is Right

    I don’t want to go…………….

    But, I do agree the SP must be in a flap trying to find out who she is, so they can contact her and get every detail. That’s the sadness between not knowing fantasy from reality. She’s a hired actress who just so happens gets to kiss him. Fanfics must be being penned by now.

  6. Or there will be underground blogs popping out testifying to the fact that the girl in the video is not the girl that actually kissed him.

  7. My guess is the girl that kissed him is a tranny who played Roxie in the latest production of Chicago.

    The only reason he/she looked taller in the video is because of the classic chic stillettos he/she had on. But that little fact will never be taken into consideration when the height debate ensues.

  8. CS, that makes more sense. I guess it’s hard to tell from a small snippet.

  9. CS, you know it’s not the height that matters as much as the length of the neck.

  10. SS- That’s just my guess. I’m probably way off. lol

    IAG- That’s true. It’s all about the neck. I’ll have my eye out for an Adam’s apple. God help her if she has black diamond stud earrings on.

  11. I hope the girl is someone who looks like Kat McPhee. That will really make them go nuts.

  12. I was sort of hoping for one that looks like a cross between Katharine McPhee and new Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. Coincidence that he’s back in Idol’s good graces since she joined the cast?

    Head will explode.

  13. Snowstorm Says:

    Kara DioGuardi was on Letterman last night and I must say, I am impressed by her. Seems like a very smart woman.

  14. jerseyirish Says:

    I thought it was a love song from when I first heard the snippet, exactly what you got from it CS.

    Like it was said earlier I’m sure some are hunting down this young lady and trying to find out anything they can about her. Geez she probably got paid to do it, to boot, leave the poor girl alone, if something comes of it with her and Taylor I’m sure it will surface sooner or later. Good for him if it does!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    When I first read about him with the kiss, my first reaction was it would be a blonde. I read about the ghost they talk about at the bar’s site she is blonde and maybe bring that into it somehow. It is fun to specualte what it will be, I am sure it will be a great represenation of Taylor and who he is.

    SS, Glad you see that it is probably a love song, it does make sense.

    iag, has any new info surfaced that you know of?


  15. Snowstorm Says:

    JI, have you been reading one too many Harlequin romance novels? LOL! You do realize she is an actress playing a role, don’t you?

  16. I’ve been up in the air (literally-on a plane) and have missed all of this fun news. Interesting that only a few fans showed up for the shoot. I think the story line sounds good, though it sounds like a page from someone’s fan fiction (ew!). I’m off to NYC tomorrow, so try not to report anything too exciting while I’m away!

  17. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, No never read one in my life, was sorta joking about how some might react to the kiss. I realized all the main folks in the video will be paid actors/actresses, he would NOT use a fan for any main part of the video.


  18. Maybe I’m too new to the on line fandom and bogs but where are all these crazy soul patrol fans?

  19. That should read blogs, not bogs.

  20. Good god in heaven….lucky girl kissing Taylor, at the same time…unlucky…the soul patrol will have ALL of her info in no time….LOL!

  21. ifyousayso Says:

    I’m pretty sure that someone has proof that there was an alternate video shot trying to pass a newscaster off as the girl that kissed Taylor in the music video.

  22. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Have a great trip to NY and Chicago, RELAX!!!! Have fun Sat. at the show. ๐Ÿ™‚


  23. spinshack Says:

    OMFG I am so in love Right Now in this Place and Time with Snow and Soul and IAG. hahahahaha

    JI I love you too doll, but you have not one clue the genius behind these gals’ gray matter. But man’s its all good and we all get it on one level or another. *big kiss*

  24. spinshack Says:

    P.S. ROTFLMAO (always wanted to do that)

  25. brightlite Says:

    I am not sure that the new judge had anything to do with Taylor’s recent revival. Why is that when things go in his direction that people instantly credit someone else for it happening? Why not just look at it like this…Taylor has worked hard and has probably made in roads with those in the business through persistence and patience and hard work. Maybe the new judge is a love interest, maybe they will marry and have a few kids downthe road, but I just like to give him his props where they are due. The new judge has to earn her stripes, I don;t think she has the power to come in and erase years of poor treatment of Taylor.
    Just my opinion of course.
    Be well.

  26. Um, BL, let me polish up your rose colored glasses for you. Come on, let’s not have those two married yet. I mean, where’s the time for the SP to angst over every dating move? Where’s the time for the SP to pick out the colors for the wedding. Seriously, where did the whole marriage thing even come from?

    I’m not so sure that you’ll ever see Taylor married with kids.

  27. Dear God.. I was wondering who would pick up that subliminal message..

    Bedim is the new diffused rose color.

    It was a joke BL.

    Although, who could blame him if he hit that? She’s hot. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  28. BL, let me set things straight for you, dear, since most of your posts make no sense and you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. Kara DioGuardi is engaged to be married and it’s not to Taylor Hicks, lol.

  29. brightlite Says:

    You all missed my point but this blog has become such a bore anymore I can see why you missed it.
    it really is a hate blog.

  30. Snowstorm Says:

    BL, you can’t even admit that you’re wrong! Why am I not shocked? HA!

  31. Snowstorm Says:

    In case you need proof, dimlight.. opps, I mean brightlite, lol!,,20252291,00.html

  32. spinshack Says:

    I’m waiting for the folks who were picking out china for Taylor and CL to start working that angle for Hicks and the vid shoot actress. Bright, I have to say babe, not sure what point you were making exactly either. Possibly you were just trying to say Hicks doesn’t owe Kara D. anything regarding his recent less negative handling by the Idol guys.

    I’m simply not feeling the hate here, I find it quite the opposite. Made me absolutely giddy reading here last night. ‘Course could have been helped along by my neighbor guy and his damn bottle of Crown he hauled over here. lol

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