While we’re waiting…

…to hear how the video shoot went, I thought I would present some information on the California Clipper.






Looks like a really cool retro kind of place. Here’s some history on the place, if you’re so inclined.

The Clipper’s original red-painted, ramshackle wooden façade once fit right in along a street here in Humboldt Park filled with ramshackle façades, but has since been renovated with large glass windows overlooking California Avenue. Step though the plate-glass door and you’ll be transported back to another time where patrons at the bar are more concerned with the music playing and their next cocktail order. The interior of the Clipper consists of a long, spacious main barroom with a red & black linoleum-tiled floor, red-painted walls and a black cement ceiling where exposed red lightbulbs surrounding a circular vent. A dozen red leather booths line the southern wall, along with a coat rack at end by a stack of Readers. Seating here is ideal as a waitress will take care of your cocktails, listed on the hand-written menu, and you’ll have a good sightline to the band. In-between sets, you can gaze at the faded, vintage vacation posters of mountains and beaches, framed on the wall and illuminated in recessed red neon lighting behind what looks like ornate brass but is really made from gutters. Frank Zych, who passed away recently, lived on the second floor and constructed these sconces for the bar out of gutter material that he cut, drilled and painted them himself.

On a side note, I see that they were serious about wanting fans to be the extras…they even posted the request on craigslist.


6 Responses to “While we’re waiting…”

  1. spinshack Says:

    I love anyone who can take ‘found material’ like those gutters and make something functional and cool out of them. RIP Frank Zych.

    Anyway, kicking my ADD to the back seat, doesn’t sound like hoards of fans showed up – likely the last minute notice and the weather played at part – oh and the age limits. *ducking paperwads* lol 😀

  2. spinshack Says:

    Oh, here’s a Son of a Fan pic from the shoot.

  3. That guy looks likes he’s around 40, lol! I thought they were looking for edgy and cool people?

  4. Check the tie. What that’s not edgy? *grins*

  5. Yikes, that is one ugly tie!

  6. I guess Taylor took this opportunity to get a head start on his taxes. That’s totally a CPA tie. hahahaha

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