In a parallel universe…

Let’s just suppose for a moment that Taylor Hicks didn’t win American Idol. Instead of being corralled in a pop driven, genre seeking box, he could have a different kind of contract. Because face it, win or lose, most, if not all of the top ten get recording contracts. Would he have had the freedom to record his first cd the way he wanted to? Would that have made a difference?

I was reading Rolling Stone and came across this article about a soul singer in the UK. Adele is coming alive in the US, and now has Grammy nominations for her new CD.

She’s calling her brand of music “heartbroken soul” with a retro R&B sound. Kind of sounds like a familiar definition, right? She has taken her nontraditional sound and fit it into the groove of popular music. It’s happened before. Look at John Legend and Marc Cohn, to name a couple.

I just wonder what would have happened if Taylor had been discovered in a more “conventional” way.


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  1. She has an interesting sound and I can see the retro part of it. I actually liked the track that you have posted here better than the one on the Rolling Stone link. I would be interested in hearing the rest of the CD, to see how varied her sound is. Maybe it is my old school ears that yearns for some more diversification in sounds. Sometimes all these young singers tend to sound so much the same to me.

    As for a Taylor parallel universe, I think the obvious thing would have been his continuing identification with that moniker, which IMO is what is pigeon-holing him in. I think the Soul Patrol factor would have remained the same had he come in second or third place. As for a label signing him, I think that his style still would have been hard to label, but he may have been able to go Indie a lot sooner which may have been a good thing.

    I am interested in hearing what some of the other varying opinions will be. I hope this great topic doesn’t get off point here and spiral down into another battle of the wits.

  2. It is my opinion that both in the short run and long term it was best for Taylor that he was the winner of AI5. It not only opened doors to him, but it gave his ego, pride a well deserved and needed boost. I recall how he beamed when he won. I recall Ryan on Larry King, mentioned that Taylor had THE EYE Of THE TIGER ! Believe me when I say I could argue my point with anyone, anytime and anywhere. The best thing that happened to Taylor Hicks, was he won AI5. In the long term of his life and career, who in the hell will care that his first Idol CD. did not sell well by AI winner standards, or what could have, or should have been on the CD. His future choices of his career path and song writing, selection, and life goals are up to him. We who enjoy him, get and respect him and the choices he has made, just wish him well. He has not only given me pleasure and passion for life and music but lots of fun and laughs.

  3. Rosie,

    While I think your post and thoughts are great, I think that IAG meant this as an exercise in assuming that Taylor HAD NOT won AI5. We have talked the winning aspect of Taylor to death. I think that IAG wanted to open a different type of dialogue instead of it going down the same old path.

    I don’t mean this in a bad way, I am just trying to point out the meaning of her original post.

  4. Thanks, Willpen…the main idea behind this post is Why? Why does someone like this singer Adele, who has a similar throwback style, become “successful” in the industry with Grammy nods, while Modern Whomp has failed to make the grade?

    I just think that if he had not won AI, he would have been better off. His reputation seems to be that of a headstrong musician, which while it can be a good thing, it may not be the best thing when one is starting out. If he had not won AI, would he still be working the bars in the Chitlin’ Circuit? Does anybody believe that he would have been signed otherwise?

    Was 19E really that clueless as to his marketablility? Or was it just a battle of wills that Taylor lost?

  5. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Do I think things would have turned out alot differently had he been “discovered” the conventional way, yes. He would have had the artistic freedom he now has right from the get go. Winning Idol has given him a label that he will never shake. Do I think at this point and time is it a bad thing? No I don’t, Idol has opened alot of doors for him that may not have come his way for a long time. I think Taylor would have struggled alot longer to get his voice heard.

    It comes down to being in the right place at the right time the right folks hearing you perform, to get that break. The two video’s you put up, are right in line with the type of music Taylor does, actually enjoyed both. Are they anymore talented then him, no I don’t think so, just someone heard them and liked what they heard and got them going, Taylor never got that shot.


  6. I think he would have been better off had he not won. The public is so fickle. Because journalists keep writing articles about how he hasn’t done as well as the other winners, his name has become a punchline. I think it’s going to be hard for him to be taken seriously.

    If Taylor hadn’t won, he wouldn’t have to suffer those comparisions to other Idol contestants and I think he would have been picked up by somebody who saw how much he brought that season alive.

  7. brightlite Says:

    I am going to try this, not sure where it will take me but here goes…

    Had Taylor Hicks not have had a fateful collision with destiny in 2005, he would not be where he is today. Have you ever seen the Butterfly Effect, the movie with Ashton Kutcher? That is an example of how each move we make can change our path, our journey’s flavor, and our final destination. It can even change who we are to some extent. Had Taylor not won Idol, he would be in a different place right now, but where that is, no one knows except the Creator.
    It is my opinion that he would have made the same in-roads, the same choices to continue with music and performing, but it was an act of love on the part of God, Himself, that Taylor was handed his talent, fortitude, and as JI wrote, his timing to end up where he has. Today, as I write this, I know that Taylor’s path is in line with His path, and the fact that He took care of Taylor in a very BIG way once, He will do so again and again, because Taylor is blessed. Besides Taylor has a plan, and it is divinely inspired, not in a religous way, but in a spiritual way, and he won’t be turned away from his final destination. So win or lose, famous or not, Taylor’s journey reflects not just his decisions and choices, but also the purpose and design of a higher power. We should all be so lucky to have been chosen that way.

  8. I’ll try to enter the “parallel universe”, the twilight zone of let’s suppose. I’ll pick him as having come in 4th place. Someone signed him. Taylor said, ” I need time to get this right”, so the CD was delayed until Feb. 2007, so he could write two new songs. Besides his two new songs, he included Somehow and The Fall, The Deal, Hell Of A Day, Soul Thing, and 5 songs written by people who got him. It did not sell well in my Parallel universe, because it was Feb. 2007, and the music was not what the AI audience had heard and Seen Taylor do live on Idol, most had forgotten him and he could not get radio play. Second parallel universe scenerio: Tay came in 6th place, and somone rushed to sign him and he got out a CD. before any other contestants. It had none of his EW’s, and no newly written song and he even did a few covers. Did it sell well? Don’t know, I’ll have to check out the twilight zone. Parden me if I say one more time he is happy he won the title and we who were and are his fans were thrilled on May 24, 2006 when he won. While it is fun to speculate what ifs, I think we online fans spend way more time doing so than does Taylor.

  9. Taylor might have been better off coming in 3rd or 4th. He probably would have been signed and his label would have had the time to work with him and give him better songs, but Taylor needs to know who he is for that to happen.

    I was under the impression, during the AI competition, that Taylor is “blue-eyed soul”, so I was expecting a modern day Bob Seger, Michael McDonald (love their music, btw). However, he came up with “Modern Whomp” and that IS NOT SOUL MUSIC. He said so himself, that it’s a combination of cajun, soul, jazz, r&b. I think that’s what confused people the most and when his post-Idol cd came out, it turned out to be (mostly) pop ballads and watered-down soul, and not very good ones, unfortunately.

    So, that’s the problem Taylor has, in my opinion… he doesn’t know who he is. Hopefully, he figured it out on his sophomore cd and came up with some good songs and a defined genre.

  10. brightlite Says:

    I enjoyed your post Rosie.
    I think Taylor’s life path was changed when he met with Katrina in 2005. I often wonder if he had auditioned in the location that he was supposed to would the result have been the same. I have to say no. The altering of the location of Idol auditions changed the entire energy of the audition itself and it was a positive energy for Taylor.

    I know when you guys read my posts, many of you just shake your head, and wonder what it is I am trying to say. That’s ok. I see things differently than most folks, and my filter has many windows from which I draw light and knowledge. Like Taylor, not many people get me. Oh well such is life.

    I cannot see any perspective on this topic besides a spiritual one, as we are talking about possibilities that are outside the realm of reality. The “parallel universe” is a universe of alternate energies that’s all. Taylor has the enrgy now, he had it then, and alternative or parallel universe scenarios do exists but they have no importance of bearing on what actually is and what actually will be.

  11. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Agree, they always say things happen for a reason, Taylor was meant to be in Las Vegas not Memphis, that was the direction his path took him. I think in the long run his experience on Idol has prepared him for what he is emarking now, has given light and guidance how to persue his dream.

    SS, I agree with a lot of what you say, however, I do believe Taylor knows who he is, just finding the niche for his genre of music will be his challenge in todays music world. I think he has the right people behind him this time to really make his voice be heard.


  12. Snow once again I have to agree with you. I mean I checked out his song roster from his days playing Tuscaloosa, B’Ham spots and he was all over the place, example, he liked to perform 9 to 5 (Dolly Parton) which is not a soul song. lol While running that ‘Chitlin circuit’ aka college bars, etc… Hicks was not a full blown 100 per cent performer of just Ray Charles tunes, he had a variety in his repertoire of covers.

    Seriously, Taylor formulated a plan to communicate his Southern roots, his dreams while on Idol, that’s what won the folks over. The whole 10-yr struggle, the Easter Bunny gig, his bluesman dress he prefers – the jeans and blazer. His ability to just go for it in most of his performances on the songs. He leaned toward the soul aspect because no one ever had previously. He went throw back for a few reasons, his gray hair and therefore older looks likely one of the reasons. Granted he does have an appreciation and knowledge of the older greats, tunes.

    There was no way he was going to lose Idol that year, perhaps it might have been better he not even entered the show. That takes me round to Bright’s analogy – that Butterfly effect would not have started and none of us may have known of him.

    Things happen for a reason. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts…. 😛

  13. *correction* “Ray Charles type tunes

  14. Spin, I agree with you too. Taylor had a defined plan in place in order to win Idol. Someone posted here that Taylor was reading the message boards during the competition and I would have to agree that he was reading them, so that aspect was guiding him, in giving the viewers what they wanted.

  15. brightlite Says:

    Your posts always intrigue me, the way your blog does when I read it. I think you also have a variety of filters and those unique openings in the whole commonly seen world are yours to interpret and then express. I have not always thought you a supporter of Taylor, although it isn’t that you don’t support him, you do, you just do so in a way that is purely black and white. I enjoy that, it is heartfelt and sincere, to offer honest and constructive perspective regardless of the filter you use.

    His newest release Early Works and upcoming CD ARE him. I can only say that because of what Rosie has said through observation of him recently…he is happy. He is shining and that soul of his cannot be contained, and I think he knows that. I may be wrong but I am just observing him like everyone else and I see a really happy guy, and only through being true to yourself can that state be achieved. I am looking forward to his CD, his continued touring with Grease, the shadow tour vids and pictures from fans, and any other appearances he makes, as these are our chance to see him in his element, and that is good enough for me. I place no expectations on him to be anything that what he is being right now and has been since we all first saw him on AI.
    No parallel universe needed in my opinion.

  16. Well, I watched the Adele videos, both here and on Rolling Stone, and I thought she was really good. Do I think she has much more talent than Taylor? No, not really . . . but that’s not the point.

    I’ve given this some thought in the past. The “what if” of Taylor not going on AI, and how his career may be different today had he not chosen to do that. Would he have eventually made his way into the pages of Rolling Stone on his own? I think it’s all a crap shoot. This world is absolutely littered with artists who never get the recognition they deserve. Conversely, many marginally talented people get far more recognition than their talent deserves.

    Taylor struggled for years to find the right ear to hear his music and it seemed as if he was going nowhere, so he made a choice. For better or worse, he chose American Idol. And damned if he didn’t win . . . like many others, I sometimes wonder if that has been a curse for him. I hope if it is, it’s a short term curse that he will overcome with good music.

    Because that’s key for Taylor right now, in my opinion. Good songs are king for that segment of the music buying public who enjoy the type of music recorded by Adele and Marc Cohn, your examples set forth here. If Taylor wants to expand his audience to include those people, he needs good songs, first and foremost.

    As I have been, since 2007, when he first started talking about the new CD . . . I am sitting here patiently waiting for new music. And I really hope the CD is filled with good songs.

  17. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, I agree EW and upcoming CD are truly him as a musician. EW is the cusp of who he is, I don’t think anyone has ever said his first two CD were not good or him.

    Also agree he is a very happy person right now, he just shines during interivews and the last couple of shows he has been on, just bursting with pride/excitement of where he is. You can cover many things but body language says it all, he is a very happy man!!!! 🙂


  18. Snowstorm Says:

    There is no possible way anybody can determine if Taylor is happy. All entertainers put masks on their faces. Of course, he’s going to show you happy and upbeat. He wants YOU to buy his music. Would YOU buy if you saw someone who was down in the dumps? Of course not.

  19. brightlite Says:

    JI…we are in agreement, and I agree with soulaz above as well.
    Early Works was the cusp. I like how you put that. To me EW was Taylor as he was at the time, like a diamond in the rough. His newest project will reflect him as he is now, Taylor, but cut and polished. Still Taylor though, all of his deepest set emotions, those ones that gave us The Fall and The Deal, are there but he has really worked onhis recording skills, in the studio. The music has to be right, as he says and he has taken the time and has put tremendous effort forth to get the music right, as it will reflect him.
    Honestly, I don’t know how he could have been centered enough to write and record the way he did after his Idol win. He was most likely in shcok for a while. The whole idea of being catapulted like a rocket into the spotlight was certainly overwhelming. My point is that his kind of music is not like typical artists do, and it must have been frustrating for him, to have to produce something, just something to get it released knowing it was not exactly what he wanted or felt was truly him. He has said over and over, Caryl can vouch for this, in the interview he graciously did with her, lucky girl she is, that he wants the music to be right.
    JI…EW was the him on the cusp and The Distance is him at his core.
    Can’t wait!!!!!

  20. brightlite Says:

    You can’t fake happiness Snowstorm. A smile is not all there is to it. He looks very happy, crinkling eyes, a warm and content smile, and his eyes are alive and bright. You cannot fake the light inside of one’s soul. It is a light from the core which says I am pleased. He is tired even and sick to boot, and he still is alive with vitality. Yes, I agree entertainers smile alot, and many of them are just smiling for the camera, but Taylor is showing all the signs of an enthusiastic and excited person, so he must know something good is around him. His new project has him beaming and performing so well, and that is a fact, so let’s not argue that one ok. He was magnificent the last two appearances.

  21. Well, I happen to agree with SS on this one . . . we have no way of knowing exactly what Taylor is feeling inside, and he is under no obligation to tell us.

    I do think you can “fake happiness.” People do it all the time, and most definitely people in the entertainment industry have almost an obligation to do it. Taylor is out there, not only selling his own music, but the Grease production. If he communicated anything other than extreme happiness with both of those products, why would I want to buy?

    “Come see me in Grease . . . the play sucks and I hate it, but go ahead and spend your money, please!”

    “Buy my new CD . . . I hate the songs, but who knows, maybe you’ll like them more than I do! It’s worth a shot, right?”

    Now, I’m not belittling his music or Grease, but just giving examples of what you won’t ever hear Taylor say in an effort to promote them. My point is, that he has to project an aura of excitement and positivity, even if he’s feeling down, or suffering with strep throat, or whatever. It’s a huge part of his job. The artist is always an important part of the promotion team.

    So many Taylor fans are excited at the prospect of him becoming a successful actor some day . . . if he were to do that, one of the things he would have to be able to do is “fake happiness,” if the script called for it.

    I hope he is a happy man. Why would I not? I just don’t know him, and therefore, I am not privy to his true, personal feelings at any given point.

  22. Snowstorm Says:

    bl, you are 100% wrong. Anybody can easily fake happiness. What Taylor is doing is called Marketing 101. He is marketing himself to the public. All entertainers do this. Actors are especially skilled at doing this when their movies come out and trying to get the public to come see their movie.

    It’s the same scenario when going on a job interviews. Nobody is going to hire you if you cannot sell yourself. Taylor is selling himself by putting out all the stops.. smiling, being charming, etc. etc. People like you are fooled into thinking how happy he is. But in reality, only Taylor know what his true state of mind is. Nobody else has ANY clue.

  23. brightlite Says:

    He is excited about his CD, and that translates into happiness. So when I see him, I see his excitement for his project and the prospects of his success, whatever that means for him.
    SS, it could also be my filter. I am a happy person, and I understand and recognize others who are in a like frame of mind. I also recognize and turn from those who are so unhappy in their lives that exude negative energy. I am drawn to the positive, drawn to the vibrations that are vital and energizing, and he exudes that right now. It’s okay if he is excited about his CD, I am happy for him and all of us fans who will share in his excitement when we buy it and play it!! 🙂
    Sorry you don’t think I have any insight. It’s okay that you don’t agree with me, I am not looking for your agreement. You and I are on different levels, and exist in totally different worlds. In my world, he looks very happy to be where he is right now. You see something else. ok. you stated your point and I stated mine, not here to fight over anything.

    I have to run to work soon, it has been a pleasure to post today and express our thoughts on Taylor.
    Be well all.
    Brightlite 🙂

  24. jerseyirish Says:

    SS & Soulaz, I don’t agree that you can’t tell by a persons body language happiness or sadness. An example of that is my husband had been diagnosed with cancer, we told no one only our kids. When in the office folks would come up to me and ask if I was ok because I looked so sad. Again when he was declared cancer free everyone noticed how happy I was my body language gave me away both times. Do I think alot of people espcecially entertainers try to cover yes, do I think Taylor now is covering no. Like BL said you can see it in his eyes the crinkles in the cornor of his eyes you can’t fake that, I see pictures of Taylor where there is no crinkle in the cornor of his eyes, that tells me he may not be happy at that point and time. Your eyes can give alot away about you and what you are feeling.


  25. Snowstorm Says:

    Oh please, you can easily fake happiness. I repeat, TAYLOR IS AN ENTERTAINER. HE WANTS YOU TO BUY HIS STUFF!


    Please you can’t honestly be that naive!

  26. Well we can all agree we saw a truly happy, not faking it Taylor, when he first appeared on the top 12 guys and said “I love American Idol”. I assume we can agree we saw non faked happiness when he won AI 5. He does look happy to me now, so I won’t assume he is faking it. I stated a few threads ago that it may be a good thing in the long run that he did not immediately sell as well as Daughtry, Clarkson, or C. Underwood, right out the gate. He challenged himself to survive as a musician for 10 years pre Idol and challenges can be good for an actor, entertainer or musician to reach their zenith. As for EW’s being who he is as a musician, the music varied from West Texas Sky, one of my least favorites to Somehow, My Friend, Hold On To Your Love and In Your Time. It was about as varied a selection as his TH CD. If I had to pick one song that I think best showcased his musical leanings it would be In Your Time. There are horns, even a trumpet, guitar simple chords, and a whole lot of funk and jazz. He may consider it SOUL Music, as from his heart and soul. I assume that SS., Soulaz and others who think he could well be faking his recent happy look, also did not believe him when he said he was proud of his TH CD. Anyway he is suppose to showcase some of his upcoming CD. when he appears at Martyrs on the 17th. Yeah! PS Snowstorm no one is 100% wrong or right, What’s Right Is Right!

  27. Snowstorm Says:

    You better accept that I’m ALWAYS right! 😉

  28. You can fake a lot of things Brightlite. And a glimmer in the eye could simply be about the blow job you got last night. Doesn’t mean your soul is happy. Honestly, this speculation about his inner life is so pathetic?

  29. JI . . . I am so happy to hear that your husband is cancer free. I have a cancer survivor in my family, and I truly understand the level of sadness and fear you felt with the initial diagnosis, and the soaring happiness and relief you felt with the good news that it was gone.

    Nothing in Taylor land, with all the highs and lows of being a fan, can even come close to competing with the range of emotions you go through as you watch someone you love suffer so badly and then finally to overcome and triumph over the disease.

    It really puts everything else in perspective, doesn’t it? I love me some Taylor and I so enjoy his music and thinking about what is to come in his future. But really, none of this is worth arguing about or angsting over. It is what it is . . .

  30. Snowstorm Says:

    What I was saying is that I don’t know what his state of mind is. He could be happy or he could be sad. I can’t tell by looking at him. He’s so used to smiling at the camera, that he turns it on and turns it off at the blink of an eye and it means NOTHING.


  31. jerseyirish Says:

    Soulazz, It was tough going through, but we came out of it and he is well. I was just trying to make a real life comparison that you can see by the way someone acts how they are feeling. Totally agree none of this is worth arguing over, I’m just in it to enjoy the man and his music, however he chooses to present it.


  32. brightlite Says:

    blue, what is pathetic is where your mind is. Your comment is disgusting and vile, and for you to even say that on the blog is just a indicator of who you are. There was no reason to bring that comment to the board, and all it does is just denegrade Taylor Hicks. I won’t even address you any further, you are vulgar.

  33. Snowstorm Says:

    LOL @ blue!! HAHA!

  34. brightlite Says:

    I think it bothers some people tremendously that Taylor has found his stride. I agree Rosie, that he was so happy when he won and he looks happy now, and that is all I care about to be honest. Seeing taylor feel pride in his life’s work, and seeing Taylor excited over his music makes me beam as well! I used to get this way over Billy Joel too, he wrote many songs that spoke to my soul, and when he was interviewed I could tell alot from looking at him whike spoek and then performed. An artist paints a canvas and it from the soul and mind’s eye that the brush captures the inside of the artist. Taylor was so wonderful on TV the past week I am overjoyed. Only true happiness could inspire that in me. I know what’s real and know what’s put on. His energy was there in a positive way. Everyone around him was beaming too! He is contageous!
    I love that about him.
    Now I am trying to get ready for work! So let’s all enjoy our evening. 🙂

  35. Nice personal attack brightlight! LOL

    People fake happiness every day.

    If Taylor hadn’t won, expectations wouldn’t have been as high. Public perception would have been totally different. Who knows what might have happened then? Independent label? A CD that reflected his bluesy/southern rock/soul persona? He would’ve gotten much less exposure for sure. Would he have sold as many CDs? Would we have gotten as many opportunities to see him in concert? Doubtful.

  36. brightlite Says:

    What’s Vile is Vile eysial.


    kisses and hugs to JI and Rosie too.

  37. brightlite Says:

    You too spin!
    Sorry I missed you there.
    Spin…do you send MLK greetings? I’ve grown quite fond of the greeting cards, you’ve got me kinda spoiled. But then again, I have always been spoiled anyways. lol. JK.

    See you guys tomorrow, maybe.

  38. I don’t think it’s vile. I think it’s hilarious.

  39. Snowstorm Says:

    I thought that was funny, too. Thanks for the laugh, blue!

  40. Ok, I just read through all this…and all I have to say right now is…

    Brightlite, you don’t think Taylor would like a blowjob or what? The point Blue was trying to make is that anybody can smile for the camera or wave to the fans. I remember Taylor pretending to be happy when he released his first cd. Does that mean he was really happy about it? I’m gonna guess not, because since then he’s talked about how the first CD wasn’t what he wanted.

    Nobody knows what’s going on with Taylor, so let’s get back to the topic.

  41. jerseyirish Says:

    Just gonna add my two cents. Bl is a very deep thinker spriritual person, she see’s things that way. I see things about the same but not from a deep standpoint. Many years ago before my kids were born I had a very high powered upper management position. The first Supervisory position I held, my boss at the time was a woman in her late 50’s, who had started in the company as a 16 year old High School drop out. She made her way from the mail room to Executive Vice President of the comapny, would probably never happen today. She sat me down and gave me some advice about interviewing for positions. She said watch closely when you interview if a person’s smile does not follow to their eyes they are probably selling you a bill of goods. Wasn’t quite sure what she meant, two days later I conducted my first interview which she sat in on. Didn’t take me long to get what she was talking about with the eyes. I used that advice throughout my career. It took interviewing three people with varying qualifications to fill the job. I hired a young lady my age married with a young daughter, she had it all going on. She is now an Executive Vice President of the company, and I might add I married her brother we are approaching our 24th wedding
    anniversary. All I think BL and I are saying your eyes tell a story of their own. whether he was happy about the upcoming CD or what blue said doesn’t matter the happiness was in his eyes, that we both saw.


  42. I have some thoughts about Marc Cohn and Walkin’ in Memphis . . .

    I think it’s one of those rare, timeless songs that doesn’t identify itself with a specific era. It was an amazing song when it came out, and it’s still an amazing song today. I can imagine this song being initially recorded in the present and being played on radio today.

    Going back to my initial thoughts about “good songs” . . . this is the type of music that I would like to hear Taylor record. The lyrics are lovely and evocative, the melody is simple and so beautiful. And yet, it doesn’t fall into that trap of cheeeeziness that ballads can so often fall into.

    If Taylor has a song like THAT on his new CD, then really amazing things could happen for him. All it takes is the right song, and the right people to hear the song, and things could really turn around for him.

    I do think that Taylor is at an important junction right now. And the relative success or failure of his upcoming CD will definitely play a role in the decisions he makes in the future as to his career. I wouldn’t be surprised, if he ends up with a bonafide hit in his hands, that talk of future Broadway roles and acting gigs will kind of fade into the background.

    Just my opinion, of course . . .

  43. jerseyirish Says:

    Soulaz, I agree, really liked the Marc Cohn the video was very simple no fluff, just what I would like to see Taylor doing. I agree that type of song would work well for Taylor and his voice. I have a good feeling about this new CD, he has had the time and money to invest in producing a really good product. His first two CD’s produced with little money were raw but his talent shined through. Hopefully with all he has going for him now this CD will show all who he is.


  44. Is there really any point at all in discussing this? The fact is, he did win AI5. There is no way we can ever know what would have happened if he had not won….its just as possible that no one would have signed him and he would have disappeared back to Alabama. So, since we can never know what would have happened, this discussion is no more or less futile than discussing whether Taylor is happy or not.
    I would like to say, however, that if Taylor is not happy and is just acting happy to market himself, perhaps acting is the field that he should be in because he is a very,very talented actor! JMHO of course, I have no real way of knowing.
    I do wonder though why so many of us seem incapable of just sitting back and enjoying the Taylor that IS, without trying to second guess and criticize every single action or lack there of in this guy’s career. He seems to be making a living doing something that he loves….most of us can’t really say the same, so maybe we aren’t really in any position to give advice or second guess his decisions. It just doesn’t make much sense to me…..

  45. spinshack Says:

    Bright, no, don’t send anything for MLK day, but V.Day coming up – hahaha!

    Msmxup, considering this topic was ‘parallel universes’ obviously it’s just something to talk about and have fun (or not) with. If it concerns you that other folks like to discuss the guy, just put your fingers in your ears, cover your eyes and say lalalala. I enjoy the Taylor that is, as you put it, but hey I also enjoy just reading and bouncing ideas off fellow fans. What should we just not mention his name unless using hushed tones? Curious about that defensive mentality that kicks up within this fanbase.

    It is obvious he’s reading, taking things under consideration that fans say and suggest. He himself admitted to not wanting to be surrounded by a bunch of “yes men” in a recent interview.

    BTW he’s asking no one record or cellcert the 17th, and why? Because he knows many had plans to do that as we’ve discussed on the blogs. Honestly I disagree with him, hell he should want some of that ‘snuck’ out to get word out and build more excitement possibly. He’s s little too secretive for his own good. Whoops, maybe I should not have said that. How dare I doubt or question anything? LOL

    It’s really harmless speculation; at least we’re talking about him. 😛

  46. hahhah Spin…at least we’re talking about him.

    I seem to be catching some flack for running a “hate blog”. I’m not going to defend my feelings about Taylor or his music, but if anyone sees this as a non Taylor fansite, then they are mistaken. If I didn’t care about the man or the music, I wouldn’t be devoting the time that it takes to do this blog. That being said, Spin, you’re right. All we’re doing is conversing….getting together with a group of people with similar interests and sometimes differing opinions.

  47. Spin: Taylor asked us not to record the show on the 17th? I’ve been out all day so I haven’t seen that. I have no interest in recording it myself, I want to just enjoy the music without worrying about shooting the best video or whatever. But I was wondering about other people doing it.

  48. Yeah, caryl…I guess he told some fans at a meet and greet that he didn’t want any videos, cellcerts or pictures. I’m thinking maybe he should have made a formal statement, like on his site. But once again, we’re marketing Taylor’s way. hahahah

  49. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I agree a formal statement should be made. Folks may not hear by word or mouth on this one and may show up with cellecerts set up already. If you know going in most I think would respect his wishes. I agree with Spin the more that hear it right off the better for him, but I guess he has his own ideas of what he wants to do.


  50. I guess he’s fortunate I’m not going to be attending. hahahaha. Rules Smules. 😉

  51. Um, yeah..Spin. I was thinking the same thing.

    That’s really interesting. Wonder why he doesn’t want the new music out there?

  52. That’s a mystery isn’t it? fear? profits? I just don’t know.

    It’s ridiculous how some of the SP want to name any blog that talks about him in ways other than oogling his arse a hate blog. Perhaps they’re just hating the attention cast this way over their direction. 😉 Blog envy? lol

  53. Very interesting that Mr. Hicks has apparently put the kabosh on recording, photos, and cellcerts for this performance. Especially so in light of his pronouncement during the last tour that he welcomed fan videos and encouraged posting those vids on the internet.

    Apparently, Mr. Hicks is serious about re-inventing himself, from new rules to new (younger) fans.

    And Spin, “blog envy”?! It seems to me that some folks just can’t stand that pesky concept of freedom of speech, much less thought.

  54. spinshack Says:

    YKW, that’s true, had forgotten he’s said that – so here we are once again marveling at the Hicks’ camp contradictions. If he doesn’t watch it we’ll start a thread remembering all of them. 😉 The times they are a changing as apparently so are the “rules”.

  55. Hate blog? Yah. Any time there’s freedom of speech involved it becomes hateful. LOL. If you’re called a hate blog, consider it a compliment. The opposite is fantasy posts and mind readers who are so spiritual they can sense the happiness shining through his soul.

    I think Taylor is the king of pretending, and I think he’s a GREAT actor too. I’m surprised most don’t realize that by now. Geesh.

    Thanks for getting my point, IAG. 😉

  56. IAG don’t sweat it. I get nasty hate mail daily.

    Has Taylor posted his wishes of no video or the like anywhere? It’s conjecture from a group of fans that habitually ask Taylor to adorn clown noses.

    As far as the age thing goes for the video. A few things come to mind. Short notice being one. Was that done on purpose to keep the “regulars” from hoping a plane?

    Taylor is a young, hot looking single (perhaps?) guy, he doesn’t have a black book he can open for fine young things to come to his video shoot?

  57. Celestial Soul, poor Taylor is too busy to keep a list of fine young things for potential video shoots. It’s my feeling that it would be Bill’s job to collect a list of names….but Bill can’t find the sharpies. Sadness. 😉

    I agree with your thoughts on the no video aspect. If this is truly what he wishes, perhaps we’ll find that posted on as well.

    Oh, and I heard his interview on WGN radio this morning. What stood out to me the most was the bare mention of new music, one brief mention on Martyr’s and most significantly, no mention of the video shoot tomorrow.

  58. spinshack Says:

    IAG, there’s nothing on his website about it, this was word from the poster juliegr who had talked to a M&G attendee. So it’s more like, my friend’s friend, friend said it. lol

    Really, Soul, that’s an interesting thought, you’d think Bill Will and the Hicks entourage would have some sweet young things they could invite? Perhaps they will – if Bill can find that list in that backpack.

    I use to get lots of hate mail. They’ll get bored after awhile. You know you’ve made it when the stalker 15 Insane Minutes puts you up on his/her/its site and makes up and posts fake quotations by you. 😛

  59. […] favorite song from Sugarland…and Adele? She is incredible. She has a hell of a voice. I did a post about her not too long ago. I love her look…I love that she’s not 100 pounds and she […]

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