Inspiration…Jake Davis style

Click for the concept of the video for “What’s Right is Right”. Looks pretty cool. Can’t wait to see it.



72 Responses to “Inspiration…Jake Davis style”

  1. I’m picturing Taylor in black and white, dressed like Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.

    “Play it again, Bill.” Taylor said as he smoked, sulking in a corner.
    “Play it again, for her. For the one that got away. The one that ALWAYS gets away from me.” Taylor took one last drag on his cigarette and ground it beneath the heel of his boot. He tossed back another double of Crown, wiped his lips with the back of his large hand.

    “Pour me another, Bill. Pour me another and play me a song, to make me remember, NO!!! Dammit!!! To make me forget….”

    “Oh Taylor, dooooooooon’t!!! Don’t let her torture you this way!!!

    “Shut it, Bill. What I need right now, only she can give me.”

    *sighs dreamily*


  2. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Saw this, just what I had imagined, something very classic, him perfoming alone with just the elements around him. This guy seems to be very in tune to Taylor and what would work well for him, I like the direction he is going in.


  3. Very classic. It says “old soul.” it has that whole “throw back” vibe. Or it can be read as Taylor’s life on the road or his life in general in still pictures.

    There’s also something lonely about it. Now can someone pass the wine and cheese please?

    Just my observations.


  4. spinshack Says:

    Taylor’s MP3 sample is off wonder what gives?

    Jake’s a talent, a great find for Taylor.

  5. I noticed that this morning, too, Spin. Maybe b/c it’s not to be released until later this month? Was it some sort of classic Taylor erroe?!?

    And I haven’t heard that Mr. Hicks sang the new single at his Grease performance last night. Maybe he’s planning to debut that on the 20th as well.

  6. jerseyirish Says:

    YKW, From what I have read, I don’t think he will be doing the new single until the 20th. The video is being shot on the 12th, he will be back on WGN on the 17th, maybe he will do the new single then, the 17th is his first shadow tour, so maybe it will happen then and then released to the public on the 20th.

    I saved the snippet, just checked can’t play it anymore, that stinks!!! 😦


  7. spinshack Says:

    Did he sing anything outside of BSD last night?

    Yeah, when I saw that tune sample removed from the site, created a flashback to what happened with EW.

    Perhaps he’s planning to debut that on the 20th or perhaps this another change Mr. Hicks known for over the past few years. lol

  8. I thought he was supposed to do the new music during these intimate club dates? Well, I’m going to be there on the 17th at Martyr’s. I’ll let you know what happens.

    The video sounds like it’s going to be very cool. Hope it’s not smarmy, but it doesn’t look like it will be.

  9. Snowstorm Says:

    Maybe he changed his mind about the single.. one can only hope.

  10. spinshack Says:

    Hahaha Snow, you know he’s prone to do that. πŸ˜‰ I guess I was thinking since he played The Fall on WGN he might start now, in the New Year working the scenario of playing one of his tunes after “Grease”. Read where he wasn’t feeling his best yesterday though, so have to cut some slack. lol

    Caryl, I thought along with the club dates he was featuring his tunes after the show on the stage following the play? Sort of an extra element of the “Grease” tour, not just at the shadow tours. I’m jellus you get to go.

    Man, with this Jake guy hard to fathom how the vid could work out smarmy. Have you checked him out? Hicks lucky to find him. Saw he’s worked with Snoop so maybe a link there.

  11. Between the A+ list sidemen on the record and this A+ video director, I’m certainly impressed with his clout! Obviously the best in the business are interested in working with him…. tells you about the respect he has from his collegues.

  12. I thought along with the club dates he was featuring his tunes after the show on the stage following the play? Sort of an extra element of the β€œGrease” tour, not just at the shadow tours.

    That was my impression, too, Spin. If he is singing the same tunes we’ve come to know over the past 2 1/2 years, how will that sit with fans who have purchased Grease and/or shadow tour tix, thinking that they’ll be first to hear new, original music?

  13. spinshack Says:

    Man, until the new stuff is released he won’t play it, but he could offer up some of the old, help EW out like he did yesterday, YKW.

    Griz, I know you loves him so, but its not always about the clout Hicks has that’s drawing the names he’s got with him. He’s not Elvis … yet. lol

    More likely, someone who has that clout likes him very much, his talent and is helping him along. Perhaps that other Simon… now that guy has capital C clout.

  14. spin – Taylor is not a charity case where these A Listers have “to help him”. None of these people need the job, get it? It’s more like they “want to” get on-board. But as a pattern with you, it’s always so easy to turn a great thing into a negative, eh? lol

  15. Snowstorm Says:

    Give me a break! Taylor paid these people to work with him. You pay someone to work with you..they will work with you. griz, you are so completely out of touch with everything. You are just hopeless, lol.

    Until he’s ready to sing the new song, Taylor should sing some of his best songs – The Fall, Son of a Carpenter, West Texas Sky. If I were him, I would not sing anything from his post-Idol cd.

  16. LOL snow!! You know nothing of what you speak, hon. Paid or NOT, these A LISTERS wouldn’t put their reputations on the line for someone they didn’t highly respect, obviously….. shall I run down the list of highly respected musicians that Taylor’s shared the stage with?

  17. jerseyirish Says:

    Griz, Totally agree with you, he has some big names working with him. If they didn’t feel he was worth it no matter what he paid them they would not put their reputation on the line.


  18. Snowstorm Says:

    griz, unless you know Taylor, you don’t know anything. Please, you are not an authority on anything. You are actually hurting Taylor, by your statements and it’s sad, because you don’t realize it.

  19. snow – no one needs to KNOW Taylor to have common sense about how the business world works – and this is a business. I see you gave up on your assertion that anyone who gets paid will work with anyone. What a ludacrus statement. People have reputations to protect which is worth far more than a dollar amount to anyone with credibility. They work with people they respect – as is the case with this video and this new record. The best of the best he has working with him – there’s no denying that, refuting that, or trying to turn an impressive achievement into some negative spin. It just makes you look resentful.

  20. Snowstorm Says:

    Oh, and another thing, how anybody can say Taylor is like Elvis, needs to have their heads examined. How anybody can compare a legend to Taylor Hicks is beyond me. The only thing in common is that they are both Southern and have a very slight resemblance. But, Taylor has no where near the voice of Elvis – doesn’t even come close!

  21. Snowstorm Says:

    griz, you have absolutely no clue why these people chose to work with Taylor…. NONE! You are speculating and that’s it! But, because I actually do know about these things – if you PAY somone, they will work with you. But whatever, I obviously cannot reason with you.

  22. That’s bullsh*t snow… now let’s move on……

  23. Virtual Speak Says:

    Correction Snow. Taylor paid these people to work FOR him.

  24. spinshack Says:

    Griz, that’s your choice to think I’m being negative. I was keeping it real, baby. These guys were not standing around hoping Hicks would call them; my point it was not Taylor’s Clout that pulled them in, rather, if we’re walking the path of sanity, someone like Climie who sees what we see in him.

    Dredging up whatever personal bias you hold against me, being insulting, doesn’t help your point. I am not agreeing that these guys who backed Clapton and the like were waiting on the nod from Taylor as you apparently want to believe. If it makes you happy, go for it.

    It’s humorous from my angle you telling Snow to move on, so we’re only to follow your lead? This is an open forum all opinions welcomed for discussion. Hopefully without relying on falling back on personal insults.

  25. Its very difficult to pay people enough to damage their reputations or have their name tied to a bad cd. Doubt if Taylors that rich.
    And no I would not compare Taylor to Elvis. Legend or not Elvis creeped me out.

  26. My impression of the collage of images is simple . . . they draw my eye to them and pique my curiosity. Of course, when you see pictures of Miles Davis, BB King, Frank Sinatra, James Dean and a park bench at night, how can you think of anything, but “cool?”

    I don’t know WHY Jake Davis is doing Taylor’s video . . . and honest to God, I don’t care. Just as I don’t know or care WHY the musicians who worked on his new CD, chose to do so.

    The only fact that I do know, is that Taylor gathered some very talented and experienced people around him to work on his latest projects. I’m sure he is thankful for their input and inspiration, regardless of what their initial motivation was to work with him.

    I just hope Taylor gets to sit on that park bench in the video . . .

  27. spin – who said they were “standing around hoping Hicks would call them”?? What are you talking about?

    And oh yes, it was Taylor’s clout that garnered the attention of these A LIST MUSICIANS. You wouldn’t see them backing ‘Joe Musician’. But then, you believe what you want, Spin, it’s a free country.

    And for the record, I don’t know you and have no ‘personal bias’ for or against you. Should I? I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to you before this blog.

  28. jerseyirish Says:

    Henry, I’m with you Elvis creeped me out also, never really got him, maybe I was to young to get it.

    As far as the video, I agree folks would not put their reputation on the line if they did not find the project a positive for them to be aligned with.


  29. Snowstorm Says:

    It’s all business deals – reputation has nothing to do with it. Look at Brittney Spears – her rep has not been good, yet she found people to work with her.

  30. spin: yes, The buzz was that he would perform the new single after Grease and then do all the new songs in those intimate club settings to “work on them from a live aspect,” (I believe he said). I’ve decided that I don’t really care what he sings when I’m there at Martyr’s. I’ve always wanted to see him in that kind of setting, so it’ll be a blast.

  31. Did you guys see Taylor on CBS2 Chicago this morning? He played Hold Onto Your Love with harmonica!! So awesome!

  32. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, Of course it is all business deals, but deals that work for both parties. Brittney is a whole different story, she had good backing from the begining even if she fell out of grace they would still work with, her until she screws up one too many times. I just think you can’t/won’t admit that Taylor is doing this right this time out, he has total control over every aspect of this project and is finding people that have a name in the business that want to work with him.


  33. As far as I can tell, there is not one person on this blog that knows Taylor Hicks. Therefore, everything we say about him is speculation. I would appreciate if we can talk to each other respectfully, otherwise, I’ll have to close the thread.

    Ok, now that that business is over with…

    My personal OPINION is that people will do just about anything for money. I mean, who here thinks Taylor took the role on Grease because it was good for his reputation? No, he took it because it’s a hell of a paycheck. I won’t say that makes him a sell out…but, his music went by the wayside because of it, delaying an already delayed CD.

    I was way too young for Elvis, but I’m pretty sure today’s musicians could learn a thing or two from him.

  34. Wow…he did really good. The harmonica and the guitar!! Very nice!! Thanks for that clip, griz.

  35. Yep, he did awesome IAG! What a multi-talented guy!

  36. Harp Brace love.

  37. jerseyirish Says:

    Griz, Thanks, that was great!!!! πŸ™‚

    iag, he did for the money and to advance his career. These guys don’t have to advance their careers they can pick and choose what projects they want to work.


  38. I agree JI – with the reputations those musicians have, they didn’t need to take Taylor’s offer to work for him – and even if it was Simon Climie who requested the musicians, they could have easily declined. The fact that SO MANY A Listers signed on is impressive in itself.

    And he did Grease, I think, for 3 reasons:

    1. BIG Money
    2. Expand his experience in other aspects of the entertainment field; thus making him a viable product for future endeavors in acting and other Broadway shows and musical theater.
    4. A great way to cross promote the album he knew he had coming up

  39. Justanobserver Says:

    How do we know that his music went by the wayside by him taking the Grease gig? None of us have heard his new album now have we? The Grease gig probably allowed him to stay put in one place long enough to clear the clutter from the past two years while earning a big paycheck to underwrite his new album. Top notch musicians, songwriters and musicians are not cheap.

    A whole slew of artists delayed the release of their albums to early this year because of economic reasons. In case you haven’t noticed the record industry is just about dead. Timing is everything. The cost of touring wasn’t exactly profitable last summer with the cost of fuel being what it was.

  40. jerseyirish Says:

    Griz, Exactly, of course the money is a big factor for anyone, but in Taylor’s case I think he saw big opportunities for himself with the upcoming CD and just getting his name out there again.

    Totally agree about the A listers they would have walked away if they were not interested in the project, no matter how much money was involved, they could pick another project in a snap.


  41. Justanobserver: good points. I’ve always noticed that Taylor gets most animated when he talks about his own music, so I don’t think anyone feels he let that slide. I understand why he took on Grease, but I still hate it. And that’s OK. A lot of people love it and have spent the money to see him in it. And I’m not going anywhere, I’m waiting for that new CD.

    You guys! I just got to watch Taylor singing “Hold On To Your Love” and nobody mentioned how much he botched the words! He needs to type ’em up and tape ’em where he can see them. Tape them to Bill’s back, if you have to, Taylor! πŸ™‚

    But the guitar and harmonica were great. Wonder how many people saw him play the guitar for the first time? He covered for the lyrics thing, we fans who know the words are probably the only ones who noticed.

  42. AHAHAHHAH Caryl!! That’s probably why he can’t sing the new song yet. He hasn’t learned the lyrics.

    It’s just one of the little quirks about him that keeps me coming back. Just gotta hear what he’ll say next!

  43. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, iag, you can almost see it in his eyes when he blows the lyrics, its like “OOOOPPPPS” and keeps going, gotta love him!!! )


  44. With all due respect, what makes some people think Jake Davis is some big time A list director? He’s not even close. He’s a working director looking for a paying gig. Never heard of Jake Davis until now. What about you? He’s not Spike Jonze, McG, Mark Romanek, Nigel Dick etc etc etc. Those are the guys that are getting paid millions and THEY are A list music video directors.

    The bottom line is these people are looking for WORK, they don’t give a shit if they think the client is the most talented person or not, they want to work. Period. They’re not damaging their reputations as long as they do the best job they can. Doesn’t matter who it’s for.

  45. I just loved the clip of him singing HOTYL. Like I said yesterday, Taylor is at his best when left to his own accord.

    Now as for the mood that the visual up top is going to set for the video. I think it is perfect. It represents a return to a way of life that so many people are ready for in this country now. Times are a changin’ folks…. in many ways in on many fronts. People are going to be looking for the comfort of the past again and if Taylor can grab a piece of that then GREAT !!

    As for what this really reminds me of…. it is this song…one of my favorites of all times and if anyone was of age in the early 70’s and listened to WBLS FM with Frankie Crocker, they would recognize this.

  46. You know blue, some people were put on this earth to be cheerleaders and some were put on this earth to be critics. God love them both, because in all things we need both types of voices.

    Personally, of that list of directors, I have only heard of Spike Jonze. So, I cannot comment on Jake Davis’ standing in the hierarchy of video directors, other than to assume he’s a lot of notches below Mr. Jonze.

    Regardless of his ranking in the pantheon of video awesomeness, I hope he does a fantastic job with Taylor’s video. And I am just thankful that Nigel Dick isn’t doing it, because my inner 12 year-old boy would just channel Beavis and Butthead and think, “hehehehe, he said dick.”

  47. and once again…. this is why Soulaz is so crunchy munchy cool..LOL…

    Dick…..hehehehehhe… you said Dick….

  48. brightlite Says:

    I just watched HOTYL on my computer and I must say I am close, not exactly there, but excruciatingly close, to breathlessness. I saw the video this afternoon, only the video, my school computer does not have speakers, so I saw the performance only, no voice. Watching that left me astounded, the visual of Taylor putting himself out there, taking the risk of playing two instruments at one time, in front of TV viewers in one of the largest TV markets, was one gutsy move. I am proud of him for that alone, I watched him several times, the intensity and the talent combining into genius. That was genius folks, plain and simple genius. I think I got a huge lesson today in multitasking! I will never again feel proud that I can make coffee and fry eggs at the same time ever again! Damn he is, artistic genius, unfolding and unveiling, like a rose in a garden of dandylions, if you compare him to what is out there in the music industry currently. His talent was never really showcased on Idol, his performing ability was shocased, but not, certainly not his musical ability. THAT was something else, altogether, the marriage of his windy harp with his stringy guitar. Does anyone here truly understand the concentrations skills that task requires? Does anyone really comprehend how Taylor was on not one, not two, but on three parts of his brain at once? Do you guys know what he did? And to make it even better, even more spectacular, what he did was in front of soooooooo many people watching, so he had to control the other part of his brain that would cause “nervousness.” He has nerves of steel. He is not just an Idol who can sing. Sorry folks but Taylor is a sleeping giant as a musician, a multi-talented, passionate soul who is coming out of his shell. The newscasters were breathless, and everyone in the studio was applauding including the camera men I think if I am not wrong. I am just going to enjoy this ride, for all that is will be, the ultimate musical journey for me, I am watching him bloom.
    And I have yet to comment on his sweet voice and beautiful vocal today but I just had to get that off my chest. God bless him.


  49. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, You nailed it, he was again today perfection, to do all he did with ease is amazing, the guitar, harp and snging, just beautiful.


  50. brightlite Says:

    Ji I am sitting here still stunned over that performance.
    Oh and to top it off like a huge dollop of whip cream on top of an already sinfully tasting slice of apple pie ala mode, he ended HOTYL with the most exquisite vocal, a sweet and peaceful falsetto, that just summed it all up for the viewers…Taylor’s letting everyone know now that he is here, he is present and a force in the music world. I would challenge any musician out there today to duplicate in any fashion what he did on that show…
    You won’t find a soul who could do that, let alone match it. Most musicians today, not all, but most are not really musicians, they are lacking in an essential quality that the very best musicians ever had…creativity and the ability or desire to be different. If we want to make an impact we got to be different and stand out, and he did that. I just saw something today that I know I won’t see again from any other muscian, and it was refreshing and invigorating. Music is like art and it has to have a stamp of individuality impressed upon on it or it becomes like a copy, and who wants to look or hear for that matter the same stuff over and over again.
    Now I AM done, no fork necessary.

    Waves to JI!

  51. BL- I love what you had to say, and I agree with you. He let us see that he really is still in there somewhere.

    I’m trying to wrap one part of my brain around him using three parts of his at the same time.. I guess that explains why he messed up the lyrics? The fourth quadrant must have still been in quiet slumber.

    I kid, I kid. πŸ˜†

    I actually love that he messed up the lyrics. It’s so him. I loved, loved this version. πŸ™‚

    Just like Jake Davis’ inspirational picture mosaic above.. It’s art. It’s Jake’s interpretation of Taylor. To me, it says that he “gets” Taylor.

  52. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Waving back, mmmmmmm pie ala mode you make it sound so delicious with a little added Taylor doesn’t get much better than that.

    Harp, I agree Jake Davis understands who Taylor is and how he would want to present himself. Also loved that he messed the lyrics, that is so Taylor!!!! πŸ™‚


  53. Just for the record, I LOVED that he messed up the lyrics. It made me grin. It’s kind of cute that he forgets words that he wrote himself. ((taylor))

  54. Brightlite, I’m going to have to disagree with you. I think that there are other musicians who could do what Taylor did today. I mean, he’s great…but to say that he surpasses all others is a bit much, imo. πŸ˜‰

    I was actually impressed with him, though. Most of the time on stage he only plays the guitar for half the song. hahahha

    And Caryl, I loved your idea of pinning the lyrics to Bill Will’s shirt. They’re joined at the hip anyway, so the words would never be too far. πŸ™‚

  55. There are some others that can play the harp while playing the guitar, Dylan for one. But how many Taylor Hicks are there? I put great faith in the guy and he has always enjoyed a challenge. Had he made 8 or 9 million as did Daughtry, or the fortune that Carrie Underwood has made, it may have wrecked him. This is a man that needs a chalenge to reach greatness. The most revealing thing he said over the last few days, was when he said in an interview he’d love to do AI, all over again. He was a struggling band leader for years, who did not give up. Some of you judge Taylor in reference to other musicians, and according to cd’s sold, money and even the age of his core fan base. Taylor is the one who can best describe what success and happiness mean to him. To me success is not the end, but the journey. I am enjoying Taylor’s discovery on AI5 and his journey since. This guy is a risk taker with talent and confidence. He wanted his voice heard, grabbed the chance, and now he wants all of his music and other talents to be seen, heard and acknowedged.

  56. spinshack Says:

    Griz I’ll address you only once more on this topic, I’ve been out all day.

    You said I was being negative as I usually am – your words; not gonna go paste your exact statement, I’m tired, but the ‘crux of the biscuit’ to quote Frank Zappa, you retort you’ve never talked to me before this blog, yet seem to know my ‘patterns’. That’s rich. Be straight, man, we’ll get along, but refrain from using that mentality with me. πŸ˜‰ Oh yeah, and don’t play coy – you were insinuating that the guys in this new band behind Hicks on the album were drawn by his clout. That’s pure wishful there, Missy. Granted they’d not play with him if they thought he was horrible, but there is someone helping Mr. Hicks along that pulled this together with him.

    Now you be respectful and so will I.

    Thanks for getting that video here, enjoyed seeing him in that Bobby Dylan get up. lol Long live the harp brace.

    Lyrics, Smyrics, it’s his song. I can’t remember attending concerts when the singer got all his lyrics straight. *grins*

  57. spinshack Says:

    IAG, he only plays half? Sometimes it is just a few strums. hahaha! I like him like in these past vids, concentrating on singing, the music, not running all over the stage like his hair’s on fire. πŸ™‚

  58. spinshack Says:

    Harp, Jake’s collage said that to me as well. He ‘gets’ Mr. Hicks. Should be a good video.

  59. Well, Spin, that’s true. Sometimes it is just a few strums…ahahha…

    And there is something to be said for Mr. Hicks just taking a seat…and singing.

  60. IAG,

    I agree…. there IS something to be said about the simplicity of what he did today. Maybe it reminds me of the way music used to be before it became overproduced and digitally enhanced…. and if that makes me old…. I will take it every time…..

  61. I will never under estimate Taylor’s talent or drive.

  62. brightlite Says:

    I did remark that what Taylor did with HOTYL was reminiscent of what musician used to do, and that in and of itself is putting him in the realm of classic artists. What were the words of the newscaster yesterday upon introducing Taylor…”we’re here with one of America’s musical greats….Taylor Hicks.” Love it. And then Taylor proved it, proved the man right.

    IAG, ok you don’t agree but Rosie said it up there, that Dylan can do that, so I stand corrected than, Bob Dylan and Taylor Hicks do both instruents at the same time, I will give you that as I trust what Rosie says there. Good company I would say too. Aside from who can and can’t do the stuff he does, Taylor did what he did AND was so freaking entertaining and brougt so much JOY to the studio, and the viewers, that even if, and I say IF someone could do the things he can do musically, they cannot do it with the impact, the movement, the transporting of souls and hearts and minds sf the audience…who he left stunned yesterday.
    Off to school.

  63. brightlite Says:

    Harp I am glad you agree, you see what I see, but that always has been that way.
    Have a nice day.
    Love the video willpen,,,classic.

  64. brightlite Says:

    I have a few minutes, and I want to comment on something Rosie said.
    “I will never under estimate Taylor’s talent or drive.”
    I can appreciate that Rosie and it is spot on where he is concerned. Taylor may have had a hard time out the gate, but there is an old saying…it’s not where you start-it’s how you finish. This is where I am going to agree with Rosie, and thank her for that insight. You know, sme of you here, I won’t mention names talk about “respect” and that Taylor has a lack of it in the industry…what you fail to see is the core of that argument…respect is not something handed to you by virtue of cutting a few CD’s that “score.” It’s more than that in such a big way. Respect is garnished over time, and it has at it’s most essential center the element of staying power. I laugh when people say that Daughtry has respect in the business. He is being used and they pull the strings on him like a puppet and he dances around and sings a song, and they make a ton and give him a crumb. If that is respect, well… I like Daughtry’s sound, but he is not “respected” in the sense that true artists are. Taylor is earning that respect now, he is showing the industry that he is a force and he doesn’t quit, and to most powerful men, like those in the entertainment busienss, that gives him points in the respect column. They all underestimated him, his talent, his drive, and his tenacity. He is building a career ground up now, where others were handed things, and if and when they fall, they will not be able to stand on their own two feet. not many can do what he is doing. As I said, God bless him.
    Bye for now.

  65. spinshack Says:

    Hi Bright, how about New Jersey boy, Bruce Springsteen? He can rock the harp brace and guitar too – I love him in concert seen him too many times to count.

  66. Snowstorm Says:

    Didn’t Daughtry get Grammy nominations last year? If that’s not respect, then what is? Nuff said.

  67. brightlite Says:

    marketing at its finest
    (in a rush right now.)

  68. Snowstorm Says:

    BTW, BL, let me explain things to you, since you seem to know very little..Grammy nominations don’t necessarily sell cd’s. Vince Gill was nominated for best album, but it was not a bestseller. The winner of that category, Herbie Hancock’s The Joni Letters, also did not get huge sales.

    Oh and btw, Daughtry’s cd was well over a million by the time the Grammy’s rolled around, so he didn’t need the Grammy’s to sell his cd.

  69. Justanobserver Says:

    Just Sayin’

  70. Well played Justanobserver. πŸ™‚

  71. LOL. But if Taylor received a Grammy I’m sure the same people would rub it into everyone’s face till the end of time. But if someone else receives that Grammy it means nothing because Grammy’s don’t mean shit. It’s just petty.

    Ya know, I like to keep things real personally. Some fans think Taylor is is the second coming of Christ. (read the posts) The thing is, its all perception. Because another person can look at that same artist and performance and think they suck. Beauty/talent is in the eye of the beholder. But seriously, lets look at the reality. If he’s the best thing that happened to music and the most talented man of the 21st century, why is everyone else in the world with the exception of his little fan base- so out of the damn loop?

  72. Once again, please refrain from bringing up past grievances. Posting negative comments and remarks regarding other posters will result in those comments being deleted.

    I’ve already deleted three comments due to negativity. Let’s keep it real and keep away from the bullshit.

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