Hopefully worth the wait…

Well, it’s official, at least out of somebody else’s mouth now. πŸ˜‰

The Distance will be released March 10th.

Not only that, but there is actually a list of events that he will be promoting his CD at. He’s going to be on Ellen, The Tonight Show, Craig Ferguson…and others. The American Idol appearance is mentioned, but not finalized.

The single is called “What’s Right is Right”, with a video (OMG, FINALLY) shot on Jan 12th, presumably in Chicago. Jake Davis is going to be the director for the video. The single is going to drop on January 20th, along with a “full digital campaign”. He will also be visiting radio stations to promote the single.

Now, we finally have the promotion. Are we going to have a great song to go with it? And what do you think “What’s Right is Right” is about? Could it be about his decision to jump out of an ice cream cone? πŸ™‚



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  1. And I have to mention how good he looks in these pictures. Yeah.

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Just came across this it is a snippet of the new single on Amazon. “Whats Right is Right”


    I love the sound of it.


  3. Snowstorm Says:

    Those lyrics are lame. Sorry, I am impressed, but to be fair, I will wait for the entire to song to decide. I hope that’s not the best song on he CD.

  4. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, Lame, I think he is talking from the heart, the lyrics are baeutiful, to me that little snippet is showing his soul. Can’t wait to hear the whole song!!!! πŸ™‚


  5. spinshack Says:

    Rather gospel sounding, I like that about it. His vocals sound good, looking forward to hearing the rest of it myself, Snow. Not knocked off my chair, and those lyrics may not be world shaking poetry, but there’s something there. I have hopes the entire record won’t all be processed, would be great to hear a little acoustic driven material.

  6. Snowstorm Says:

    Spin, there is nothing there. Those lyrics have been done a million times and there is no meaning there whatsoever. I doubt this single will do anything on the charts. It’s another AC song. Wow, I was expecting more than that.

  7. Hmmm…I’m going to have to listen to it a few times. I don’t know.

  8. I think this song will appeal to a ton of people, including a few country fans, many AC listeners, a few throw-back soul lovin’ people and the singer/songwriter lovers. The lyrics have a lot of interest for me – sounds like an inspirational gospel sounding tune – in fact, it has a lot of different genres in it).

    Funny you should mention lyrics SS – have you bothered listening to the crap on Top 40 radio lately? Talk about no meaning dribble. This sounds like a Dylan classic in comparison. And so far, it’s ONLY dropping to AC – at least right now – so uhm, ya, it’s just another AC song! LOL!

    This CD is going to KICK some serious ass in my opinion. I guess we get the entire single on Jan 20? Maybe tomorrow?

  9. spinshack Says:

    It’s carrying “The Right Place” kind of vibe.

  10. Snowstorm Says:

    I hated The Right Place. Probably one of the most boring songs ever.

  11. Yes it does spin, except this sounds more upbeat and inspirational to me. The Right Place always had a depressed vibe to it. I suspect there will be many different styles of music on the CD, like Taylor has said. March can’t come soon enough for me. Can’t wait to see what the music video will look like…

  12. spinshack Says:

    I liked that tune, certainly not get up and shake your groove thang but it was well done on that CD. Man, Snow you’re having a real Eeyore moment aren’t you! hahaha

    Went to go give it another listen and it just spins, won’t play. Maybe we broke it. ??? Could be just this laptop I’m on.

  13. I have to agree about “The Right Place” vibe here. Something about it was bothering me until I realized that the name and sound were similar to “TRP”

    I am not completely sold myself yet. Lyrics seem benign enough. It may be radio friendly and we get some Taylor growl in there, but time will tell.

  14. brightlite Says:

    Snowstorm, it’s okay if you don’t like it, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just play nice that’s all.
    I think it is about understanding and empathy, it is about being a friend. I don’t know how lyrics with that kind of message can be anything but inspiring, so in my opinion he has written a very deeply caring song about being there for others. It is almost picking up where the Right Place left off, “I’ll be there yes indeed…” to “What wrong with you is wrong with me…catch you when you fall…” I think it is a glimpse into Taylor’s deepest nature, the one we all speculate about, the one he shows only to those around him. I am very happy he is letting his soul shine through here. I am stunned actually, I can’t stop listening to it, each time it penetrates further into my heart and soul like a really thoughtful song should and does.
    I think success depends on marketing more than anything, so let’s see what marketing tools Taylor has up his sleeve. What’s Right is Right is a song with a soulful lyric and such a sweet innocent melody. Has anyone thought yet of the melody? It is shy and quiet almost letting the words color the mood of that tempo…wow is all I can say, beautiful and heartfelt Taylor there. This song will touch those who have soul to match his own.

  15. jerseyirish Says:

    For me it did what music should do, it touched and moved me, I liked the sound and can’t wait to hear the whole song.


  16. brightlite Says:

    lol Spin! You are too funny. But you know you are right, and what’s right is right!

  17. And we haven’t even heard the big hook and chorus to the song – it may have entire dimension that we haven’t heard yet. I LOVE it and think it will do quite well on AC radio and AAA if they choose to send it there – and even may have a shot on country.

  18. brightlite Says:

    I agree Jersey Irish
    (waving) I think I’ll just listen to it one more time, just because it fills me with joy. πŸ™‚ I used to get this way about Billy Joel when he released songs or albums. Each of his songs told a story to me, and taught me something. I learned about so many thing listeing to Billy because Billy is wise and he shares his wisdom with us through his music. That is how I feel about Taylor Hicks, more than ever, in fact. He has been through so much, achieved such great heights, and persisted to no end in his life that I GOT to listen to what he has to say, he has a voice, and it has impact, and I am compelled to learn from him, just like I was from Billy Joel. I am already learning from him, just from that one snippet, I am already growing as a person, the lesson in What’s Right is Right is be there. What could be wrong with that? Be there for others. I said the other day we need to support each other as women, and it is that kind of message.
    Love IT!

  19. Ok, my first thought about this song is that it reminded me of “Do I make you proud.” I mean, this could be the next AI winner’s song.

    I hope the rest of the song is better.

  20. brightlite Says:

    The hook! You’re right griz, I totally forgot the hook! How could I? Shame on me, and as a lyrical person trying to learn, I thought I learned that long ago, but it already has me hooked, hook or no hook, I love his voice, his words, his message, and his melody…
    the hook might kill me! lol

  21. Snowstorm Says:

    It will be a cold day in hell, before that song makes it to Country stations.

  22. brightlite Says:

    I am having heart palpatations.

  23. Snowstorm Says:

    brightlite, I think you are a troll.

  24. Do we have any idea who wrote this?

  25. Snowstorm, Brightlite is not a troll. Please let’s get back to the music discussion. Thanks.

  26. brightlite Says:

    It doesn’t have to make it anywhere as far as I am concerened, it is his work, his inside person and unique talent that makes the song for me. SS…if it never makes it off this board, I would not love it less, but something tells me that what’s real is what makes it, that if there is substance, there will be culmination. What’s real is what’s right. That’s it.
    In a nutshell. πŸ™‚
    Got to make some din din, straighten up the house, and read some poetry before bed.
    Good night all.

  27. Virtual Speak Says:

    BL isn’t a troll at all.

  28. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, Have you seen all the marketing they have going for this CD, they must know right where it will fit. To me it has the makings of a beautiful ballad.

    BL, Waving to you also, I can tell the snippet moved you also!!! πŸ™‚


  29. Snowstorm Says:

    She is def a troll. Nobody can be that over the top. Her posts sound crazy to me.

  30. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    The same could be said for you SS and you know it. With your over the top “he needs younger fans.” mantra.

    You heard 3.3 seconds of the song and have it trashed already. Pretty sure you’re the infamous DAH

  31. I don’t do snippets. I gave them up for lent in 1983. So, obviously I haven’t heard the 10 second sound bite that some people love and some people hate. Personally, I am not sure exactly how one can pass judgement on an entire song based on such a short clip. Particularly in reference to the lyrics, which need to be listened to in context to the message of the whole song.

    The people who love it, may be singing the praises of a pile of rubbish. The people who hate it, may be denigrating a future classic. I say, let’s wait until we hear the whole song before assigning it an artistic value, or deciphering the meaning of it’s lyrics.

    Come on now, “What’s right is right” may be referring to shoe tying for all we know.

    And besides . . . I’m too wrapped up in the concept that new Grease tour dates will possibly be added through the end of 2009.

    What if the album really is fantastic, and he can’t tour it until it’s been out for over a year? Now that little possiblity has my head spinning and my stomach queasy. Music consumers can have really short attention spans sometimes. You have to strike while the iron is hot.

    Yeah, I know, I know . . . he can do those “shadow tour” type shows. But with who for his band? And where will he promote the CD? It will be decided by the producers of Grease. The CD will be promoted by live shows only where Grease is playing. I’m honestly bewildered by that thought.

  32. Ok, we are not going there on this board. Either continue the conversation about the original post or keep your opinions about other posters to yourself.

    We need to change the discussion or posts are going to start being deleted.

  33. Soulaz!! Where did you hear that?? More possible Grease dates? Seriously?

  34. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    I’ve heard the same thing about the Grease dates. Heard he’s signed on for a year.

    I can’t even think about it. Makes me crazed.

  35. IAG . . . it’s on his Rocket Science page, which lists all the CD promotion. It lists all the current Grease dates and the final entry indicates future dates to be added through the end of 2009. Scroll down to the bottom of the pages with Taylor’s picture.


  36. soulaz – I agree, you can’t get the flavor of the entire song in a 30 sec clip. That’s insane. All I kinow is that I love what I’ve heard so far – I’m a singer/songwriter acoustic fan of music, so this is right up my alley! It’s sounds extremely commercial to me and I predict it will sell some albums – the purpose of a single.

    People who hate Taylor Hicks will find any excuse to trash him and his music, so it’s not suprising to me that some people on this board already trashed it. Tsk….. what a shame their hate for the man puts a barrier between them and enjoying the music. Their loss.

  37. Ahhh, when I saw that, I guess I just assumed that it meant HIS tour. Wishful thinking, I guess.

  38. Snowstorm Says:

    Yes, he does need younger fans and will not make it in the music business without them and I’m right about that because he has not made it.

    I am not Bon Jovi or DAR or any chrolls, lol.

  39. spinshack Says:

    Snow, BL is just that emotional, she means what she writes, she’s no crazier than the rest of us. I mean seriously, crazy’s not that bad a place. lol

    Thing is it’s difficult to understand someone as open as she is because most of us are not. I’ve grown quite fond of her. Took me a while though ;).

  40. I will say that his voice does sound good. It’s taken on a new tone, I think.

  41. spinshack Says:

    Now Mr. Hicks is doing a shadow tour in Chicago, word on who’s backing him up there yet?

  42. spinshack Says:

    I mean, shadow concert, got tour on the brain. Thanks, IAG.lol

  43. Oh another thing, I should have added. Musical taste is completely, 100% subjective.

    If someone likes a song, they cannot be right or wrong. They are simply reacting personally to it. That’s what music is all about. It’s a personal experience. What I react positively to, may induce vomiting in someone else.

    Same can be said about someone who hates a song.

  44. Snow Storm – it seems he IS making in the music industry – present tense. The momentum will only get more intense as the date of the album and single gear up, and with all the fabulous promo, TV and print media coming up, I’d say it’s all pretty damn impressive for a guy who had to withstand a momuntal headwind coming off of the first album. Not only has be picked himself up by the bootheals, but has taken complete control of himself, his career and his art and doing a fabulous job of it. Give him full credit. He has the backing of the best in the business. Not many can say that. The press has been and IS fabulous since he started with Grease in the summer and it just gets better and better.

    It’s not going to be marketed to the teeny bopper fan, so don’t even compare the two.

  45. Virtual Speak Says:

    I agree with you Soulaz. I happen to like the gospel sound of it. Doesn’t mean someone else does.

    But, I want to hear the song in it’s entirety before I make a full assessment.

    I do think it lends itself nicely for a video. Lots of possibilites.

    Like it even matters what I think.. πŸ˜†

  46. Snowstorm Says:

    griz, Taylor is trying to make it, but so far he has not. He has no hit songs and no critical acclaim, whatsoever. How can you say he is making it? His AI peers have completely outdone him.

    I am hoping for him with his current cd release, but time will tell. He has so much potential. He wowed everybody on AI..he can do it, but so far he hasn’t.

  47. I disagree snowstorm – Taylor has made it, but if you going to decide for him where on the scale of success he falls, well, that’s an issue you have to deal with, not him. If your only definition of “success” is if a ‘hit song’ gets into the top 10 on Top 40 radio, well, that would eliminate 99.9% of all musicians currently making a living in the field. Like I said, Taylor is not marketing his music to the crowd you consider mandetory for “success”. How can he possibly win with you?

    His AI peers have not completely outdone him. What control do they have over their lives in the music industry? They are under the hammer of TPTB and they have given up their freedom for the next few years. There’s no guarantee that any of them will have any future success and I don’t make judgements based on the success or failure of 1 album coming off of American Idol. Except for Carrie Underwood, all have plummeted down to earth with their 2nd and 3rd and 4th albums.

    They don’t have much to fall back on when the record company’s decide to can them. Taylor is in control. It’s a much better place to be in.

  48. jerseyirish Says:

    We all take different things from music doesn’t mean we are over the edge, just how the lyrics as few as they were, it is enough to touch some, i am one of them and I guess so is BL.

    It does say it at the bottom of the rockscience page that more dates may be added. He may opt to do another month or two then bow out, we don’t know at this point if he is tied to a contract or not. Just have to wait and see on that one.


  49. I agree with Griz. I don’t judge Taylor’s success or failures on what his other AI peers are doing.

  50. Well, the more I listen to the snippet…the more it’s growing on me. I need to hear the rest of the song.

  51. Exactly IAG – it’s ludicrus.

  52. Griz, you said this upthread

    >>>>>>>People who hate Taylor Hicks will find any excuse to trash him and his music, so it’s not suprising to me that some people on this board already trashed it. Tsk….. what a shame their hate for the man puts a barrier between them and enjoying the music. Their loss.<<<<<<<

    I find this a bit defensive on your part. Why is it that people can’t have an adverse opinion or even a not sure opinion, before the Taylor trumpeters come out and start accusing everyone of being Taylor haters. I have found the conversation here to be very varied and interesting.

    As Soulaz has already said, and I agree. This is only a small snippet of the song. I am going to wait to pass full judgment when the entire album is out. I have loved many different singers in my time but it was seldom that I loved everything on one particular album.

    If we start to stomp over to every Taylor Hicks blog or board right off the bat, playing SP Police then we are right back where I particularly don’t want to be this time, and I am getting the feeling that there are many others out there like me who feel the same way.

  53. willpen – it’s not that people can’t have varied opinions, but my point is that if someone hates Taylor Hicks and their goal is to denegrate anything and everything he does, then it’s not a surprised that certain people have ‘agendas’ behind their posts – and we all know they exist.

    But this is off-topic – back to the discussion at hand!

  54. Well said, Willpen.

  55. Virtual Speak Says:

    It says “More dates/cities to come through 2009” it’s right on the bottom of the back of the CD picture after the May 12-31st shows in Seattle, WA.

    This Grease thing is really annoying as hell now. All this promotion, videos, etc may be for naught if he keeps re-upping with the roadshow.

    Three steps forward.. two back..

    I also don’t judge Taylor’s success by what the other Idol’s are doing.

  56. Grease…it’s annoying as hell.

    I love that!! hahahahahaha

  57. I liked the little I heard, his voice was good, it sounded more commercial than anything on the TH CD, but I’ll wait to hear the entire song to judge it. It seems to be a love song about a woman, but some of you call it inspirational and someone mentioned DIMYP which is inspirational. A snippet reminded me of some other song which I can’t place. The melody in one part sounded so familiar. It must be hard for a song writer to not steal, by accident from old songs. Didn’t Daughtry get in trouble over borrowing? Anyway, I am about as excited as Britelite, and I know I’m not either crazy or a troll, and neither is she.

  58. Snowstorm Says:

    If Taylor does nothing in music, then what is there to be a fan of? Surely, you understand that if Taylor does not sell his music, that will impact his touring opportunities. His tours will be small, probably only bars and clubs he played at before Idol. I doubt that is the career Taylor has in mind. I’m sure that’s the reason he turned to Broadway and acting, because he knows.

    Griz, I don’t think you realize how much $$$$$$ it takes to have a music career and how tough it is. That’s the reason so many people give up.

  59. brightlite Says:

    A Clear Midnight

    THIS is thy hour O Soul, thy free flight into the wordless,
    Away from books, away from art, the day erased, the lesson done,
    Thee fully forth emerging, silent, gazing, pondering the themes thou
    lovest best.
    Night, sleep, and the stars.

    I hope this calms everyone down. It is one of my very favorite poems by Walt Whitman.
    I enjoy this board, and thank you for the venue to express openly.


  60. Virtual Speak Says:


    What agenda’s do people have behind their posts? I’m honestly curious because this is part of this fandom that fascinates and terrifies me all in the same breath.

    It’s also part of this fandom that needs a serious grip on reailty and needs to realize that Taylor doesn’t care. These people aren’t his mother, his lover, his keeper, his bodyguards or his defenders. They’re fans.

    This is not a rant against you in the least. I’m just always curious as to why some can’t get past the “chroll, troll, agenda.” mentality.

    This fandom used to be fun. Now, it’s work. Maybe reinvention should start from the bottom up. Fans first, then Taylor.

  61. jerseyirish Says:

    VS, I really don’t care if others don’t agree with me, as long as my views are heard as well as the others it all good. Thats why this is a nice place to visit, all opinions are welcomed, and I thank iag for that!!! πŸ™‚


  62. Virtual Speak Says:

    I don’t need people to agree with me either JI. I really don’t. I love a great conversation and or debate. That’s why I post here also. πŸ™‚

  63. brightlite Says:

    Snow I am not a troll, I don’t even know what one is to be honest.
    I am a fan of taylor and I see good in all he does, simply because I know he tries really hard to be his best. I enjoy and find tremendous satisfaction in supporting Taylor in his endeavors, whatever they may be.
    Goodnight all, it’s time for me to turn in, I had a long day today back in the classroom, but it was satisfying and fulfilling to no end.
    Thank you Rosie for your comment.

  64. Snow – Oh I do realize how difficult it is the music industry – which is exactly why Taylor is ahead of the game by have control over it. Taylor will *never* have to worry about his career again – he has enough clout, name and money to get the publicity he needs. The press will always have an interest in an American Idol winner. Have you read the list of promos he’s got lined up? You think any ‘bar singer’ would be able to do that? One that just started his own label? Taylor is a big celebrity now and can do just about whatever he wants.

    And I’m not going to worry about Taylor’s $$$$$$. He seems to be quite ‘comfortable’. Comfortable enough to finance the Whomp DVD out of his own pocket and get this CD made with high-priced sidemen.

    And I believe he took Grease because he wants to become an all – around entertainer – able to sustain the marathon – not the sprint. And I believe he really enjoys the acting and the accolades he’s received and I bet he takes on more acting roles. It’s ALL SO GREAT, the news I’m about to explode with happiness! LOL!

  65. Seven Days Says:

    I think I have two new siggy lines —

    1. “Grease — it’s annoying as hell” — VS/IAG

    2. “I don’t do snippets. I gave them up for lent in 1983” — Soulaz


    His voice sounds a bit Pro-Tools enhanced to me, but that’s not a surprise since Climie is a big fan of PT. That’s ok — I expected the studio album to have a slick, produced sound (and the mix is better than the first TH album because his voice is emphasized rather than being drowned out). Taylor always makes the songs more raw and organic during the live performances. I have no expectations of getting a raw or organic studio album (really, nobody makes those unless you’re produced by T-Bone Burnett), just hopes that the source material will be better than the first go-round.

    I’m excited to hear more when the time comes and don’t feel the need to rush to judgement either way just yet.

  66. Snowstorm Says:

    Griz, NONE of that matters, if nobody buys your music. His fanbase is TOO small to support his music career. Why do you think he turned to acting?

  67. Snow – you mean nobody will buy the new album or single? Wow! Who knew! LOL!

  68. Snowstorm Says:

    griz, there is absolutely no way Taylor will sell as many as the TH cd. Absolutely no way! As matter of fact, my predictions are 200,000-300,000 and I’m being generous.

  69. Virtual Speak Says:

    SS- He turned to acting because the phone stopped ringing. He has to make a buck like anyone else. It’s really not a secret that his last CD didn’t sell as well as expected. But, it did sell that CD and sang the hell out of it, considering all the gaslighting along the way.

    He’s obviously made amends with the AI people. He’s probably learned some lessons about the music business and himself to boot.

  70. Snow – I’m not going to debate you about the album sales tally 2 months before release date, but this I know. If Taylor sells 200-300K of this album, he’ll be swimming in money from it, since he owns the record label, owns his own masters and all the publishing rights and wrote all the songs – or near all of them. He’ll be doing financially better than Underwood, Clarkson and Daughtry – probably combined.

    Who would you like to be in this situation?

    That said, I’m just looking for an artistically great record. Damn the sales.

  71. Snowstorm Says:

    SS- He turned to acting because the phone stopped ringing.

    Yes, he did and that was my point. His music career, at that point, was non-existent. If the TH cd had done well, well obviously, he would not need the Grease gig.

    Griz, when the phone stops ringing, that means there is a BIG problem. Capiche?

  72. Wow, Snowstorm. There you go predicting again.

    Can I borrow your crystal ball? I want to see who wins the Superbowl this year: Bud or Bud Light. πŸ˜‰

  73. littlewing Says:

    Yeah, the snippet was a little boring, but it sounded much better than anything I heard from the freshman album. I am liking the gospel overtones. So far, so good.

  74. Snow – who’s phone stopped ringing? Certainly not Taylor’s! He’s busier now that he’s ever been before. What are you talking about?

  75. Snowstorm Says:

    I’m always right, iag. You’ll see! πŸ˜‰

    Griz, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

  76. Griz, Taylor himself did say that the phone stopped ringing for him in 2008. Can’t remember what interview it was in…one of the radio ones, I think.

  77. I don’t remember him ever saying that IAG…. i’d love a link if you can find it.

  78. Snowstorm Says:

    Griz, I thought you were a big of Taylor’s? You don’t know what he said, that the phone stopped ringing? Yes, he said it, griz.

  79. I’m waiting for a link to any interview that said the phone stopped ringing. Anyone?

  80. Virtual Speak Says:

    He told Wonderland that he was “out of juice man.”

    Surely, you remember that debate griz.


  81. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, The phone may have stopped rining, but when the Grease call came in, it has opened all kinds of doors for him, he is getting the most positive press he hasn’t gotten since his win. Looks like he will have the promotion he never got on the first CD, he had great musicians work with him, give the guy a break, you have know idea what their promotion strategy’s are, what market they will persue. I don’t think they would have taken it on if they didn’t think they could market/sell.


  82. spinshack Says:

    Seven Days that was funny – those are great siggies. ha.

    You know exactly why Mr. Hicks took the “Grease” gig Snow, so why so grumpy now? Man’s gotta eat, this little venture helping pave the way while not taking all expenses out of his pocket.

    Who can tell what will come of this CD from that snippet? None of us, it’s all speculation and high hopes. Important thing in all of this is not if he’s going to sell 9 million copies or 9,000. What we do know is he’s got a new body of material out, what looks like a decently put together campaign to promote it and some heavy people behind him on the record. We’ll just have to sit back and see what happens in these next few months. Too bad we’ve got a few weeks to wait to hear the entire single. That’s just borderline evil. ha

  83. Out of juice? I didn’t take that to mean the phone stopped ringing. I took it to mean he was out of creative energy. That’s what he meant.

  84. Snowstorm Says:

    griz, he said this to a fan at a meet and greet. It was the fan that made Taylor put on a clown nose. I’m pretty sure it said this to her and she posted it on her blog. It was over the summer.

  85. spinshack Says:

    griz, whether anyone has stored that link or not, I recall reading it as do other’s here. He said it. No big deal, just a fact.

  86. snow – That was her interpretation of those words. I read them completely differently. Never did he say “the phone stopped ringing”. I’m pretty sure my interpretation is the correct one – out of creative energy is what he meant.

  87. Honestly, I don’t really like the snippet of what I heard. The lyrics lack depth. Yes, I can tell that from just a snippet. “Reach for the stars?” Doesn’t sound like that’s coming from a real muse.

    A lot is riding on the success of this album. Unlike Griz, I don’t see Taylor Hicks as a major superstar. In fact, I think that’s funny. I guess if you spend a majority of time on fanboards all day and listen to people call him a superstar over and over eventually you believe it? But what about the folks that don’t hang out on fanboards, in other words, the rest of the world? I’m pretty sure they don’t see him like that.

    I liked Taylor’s old stuff. The lyrics felt real. I’m a little afraid he can’t access that part anymore. Maybe lost himself in these past couple years. Just a hunch. We’ll see.

  88. spinshack Says:

    Too, regarding the record, there is overhead, not to be a downer here but those musicians did not donate their time, I’m sure neither did Climie. Hick wasn’t running a charity gig. Those guys who played with him are big time musicians not scale making joes. So out of the monies made some go back to the creation of the work.

  89. Virtual Speak Says:


    I’ll save you the trouble.

    From Wonderland.

    And it is this: the Grease gig is the means to an end. Anything this man chooses to do that does not directly involve recording or touring is means to an end. He was running dry after the end of the tour last year. The publicity had stopped. No one was interested in hearing about him or his music. No one wanted to give him a second look. He didn’t have any juice, man.

    So he created some. He was offered a gig that, if his new team took full advantage of it, would fill that dry well back up. The role of Teen Angel was the equivalent of him stepping into the American Idol audition room all over again. He saw the role in Grease for what it was: an opportunity to sell himself to a public outside of the AI bubble that wants and needs real performers, people with soul. And he’s throwing himself into the role and playing the Broadway game with the same drive and determination that we all witnessed two and half years ago.

  90. Snowstorm Says:

    Well, the promotion will def help, but does not guarantee anything. He also got tons of promotion with the TH cd and was not able to sell a million. If the music is good, it will sell. If it’s not good, it will not sell. It’s as simple as that.

    It helps not to have a crazy over-zealous fanbase. Please do not call radio stations begging them to play it. That does not work and you’re actually doing more harm than good.

  91. That’s the thing, Blue. I don’t think Taylor will ever be a major star, his genre just doesn’t allow that. Also, I don’t think that he really expects it. I’m afraid he’ll always be a “B” list celebrity, but at least he’s better off now than he was before AI…financially anyway.

    I think alot of people say…Taylor who?

  92. spinshack Says:

    Virtual, wasn’t he at some small gig – can’t think now where he said basically the same thing, that he needed options, he was not hearing from anyone anymore?

  93. VS – was that the interpretation/opinion of the blogger or did Taylor actually SAY those words? I remember reading that blog, and it seemed she added a boatload of her own opinion.

  94. SS, I wouldn’t say that he got “tons of promotion” with the TH cd. I wouldn’t really call that accurate.

    Well, he did sing Runaround on lots of shows, but then didn’t release that as the single.

  95. spinshack Says:

    I read on-line today while looking for a clip of his National Anthem yesterday several folks remarking about him and wondered what had happened to him. They were surprised to see him sing.

  96. I swear I just read it in a recent interview. I’m looking for the link…but damn, the internet is a big place. πŸ˜‰

  97. snow – do you see any correlation between album sales and quality music? Just curious.

  98. spinshack Says:

    I agree IAG, he did not get tons of promo, and then there was that juggling of which s ong to promote as single. “Runaround” certainly got wore out on the talk show circuit that’s sure.

  99. None of us actually know Taylor Hicks. So, it goes without saying, that any statement made by any of us as to WHY exactly Taylor decided to take the role in Grease is nothing but pure speculation. All we know for a fact is that he did indeed decide to do it. Anything beyond that is mainly opinion.

    I’ve tried several times to get Taylor to show me his bank statements, so I can know for sure whether he just needed the dough or not. But, for some reason, he’s been reluctant to do that. What the hell is his problem?

    As for CD sales? CD sales in general have been decreasing in the past several years, and our economy is currently in the tank. I think the last thing we need to do is base his future CD’s “success” on sales numbers. I think we will see a lot of truly amazing CD’s released in 2009, with what some may deem to be unacceptably low sales numbers. It may not be that the music is not that good, just that people don’t have much money to spend this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that digital downloads are down this year as well.

    I’m just hoping that I love the music, and that it finds an enthusiastic audience, whoever they are.

  100. IAG, I don’t think it has to do with his genre. I think if he had stuck to being genuine, he could have been big. (Ray Lamontange is major by music industry standards) Taylor’s earlier music was unaffected. That’s why people could relate. I feel Taylor is affected. I think he even says “Taylor Who?”

  101. Snowstorm Says:

    snow – do you see any correlation between album sales and quality music? Just curious.

    No. There are tons of great cd’s with amazing work that do not get high sales, but they get critical acclaim. And sometimes the critical acclaim means more to an artist than the high record sales. Artists want respect from their peers – who doesn’t want that? And, critical acclaim leads to higher sales. I always check reviews from music critics before I buy.

  102. blue – how many CDs has Ray Lamontange sold from his new album? Do you know? Since he’s ‘major’, surely he’s close to platinum, eh?

  103. Snowstorm Says:

    griz, Ray Lamontange is a cutting-edge artist. Taylor Hicks is an AI winner. Big difference.

  104. Virtual Speak Says:

    Soulaz- Having a portfolio and showing it to Taylor is a prerequisite for being a fan now. Thing is, he’s such an Indian giver… I showed him mine and he didn’t show me his.

    I hate when that happens. Really. I do.

  105. snow – how many CDs has he sold? do you know? Since he’s a cutting edge artist, then the CDs should be flying out the door, eh?

  106. I have to admit, when I first heard the music clip, I cringed a bit. It sounded schmaltzy, and I think even if I had heard it sung to me in person, on a moonlit beach under a gently swaying palm, I would have thrown sand on his guitar and said “Oh, come on!!!” But that’s just me.

    After a few listens though, I will admit … it’s growing on me. I don’t know why, but it IS growing on me. I want to hear more, of the song, of the CD, and of Mr. Hicks. And that, I think, is what really matters. He’s creating discussion, creating interest, and people will listen.

  107. Virtual Speak Says:

    Why the semantics over sales of a CD that isn’t even released yet?

    Ray Lamontange should kiss Taylor’s ass for singing his song on AI. Taylor totally helped boost his sales. What does Lamontange do? Shit talk Taylor. Real cutting edge dick.

  108. Snowstorm Says:

    He has sold enough to have a very successful tours. And guess what, he has young music fans. Not a bunch of AI TV fans (like Taylor has).

  109. snow – Taylor had an extremely successful tour in 2007. What the hell does that have to do with being ‘cutting edge’? Nobody I know ever heard of Ray Lamontagne. They all know the name Taylor Hicks, however. And who gives a flying fig the ages of his fans! You also seem obsessed with age, snow! LOL… what gives?

  110. Virtual Speak Says:

    OMG he has young fans SS? No shit! Who do we alert about such wonderfulness? The fan police or the old biddies? Maybe he needs some to biddies to his mix.


  111. Griz, I don’t play the numbers game, nor do I care. You won’t hear me ranking success based on numbers. Because even Paris Hilton sold tons of CD’s. But Ray Lamontagne has what Taylor does not have. He has enormous RESPECT from the music industry and he also has respect from the critics and the media and from music lovers around the globe. He is considered to be a brilliant musician. He also didn’t have to do AI to get his voice heard. His music was enough.

    If you want to compare Taylor’s album sales, well you should compare him to people he competed with on AI. Since they all had a built in fan base and guaranteed sales based on the exposure they got from the show.

  112. Virtual Speak Says:

    Ahhh blue.. but you see.. AI did get Ray Lamontagne’s music heard..

    By Taylor.

  113. spinshack Says:

    YKW, I understand where you’re coming from with your comment. haha But giving it a few listens, considering it a snip I cut it some slack. It shows potential, but I admit not what I was hoping for right out the gate as a single. That said, Mr. Hicks did not exactly ring me up and ask hey, Sunny what should I do on this next record? lol (Much less provide access to his bank statements. drats.)

    griz surely you know who Snow’s talking about so why bait her? Not necessary for the conversation. Her point was she knows some good music. She’s not reliant on record sales, and no, she ‘s not who you suspected she might be so be cool.

  114. Not only does Ray Lamontagne have critically acclaimed albums and young fans, he also helps little old ladies (Taylor fans, no doubt) across the street, donates his used guitar picks to Goodwill, always eats his vegetables, and he never, ever, EVER blames the dog when he farts.

    All hail Lord Lamontagne . . .

  115. Griz, Ray Lamontagne is a musician, so if you’re into music, you know who he is. If you watch a lot of reality TV you probably know who Taylor Hicks is. If you watch the news you probably know who Scott Peterson is. Are we talking music or fame here? Seems you’re talking about who’s more famous.

    Virtual Speak, I don’t think Ray gave a damn about being promoted on AI. That was pretty obvious by his reaction and he shouldn’t have to thank anyone if he didn’t want it in the first place. Maybe Taylor should kiss Ray’s ass for writing such a great song that he got to sing on Idol? Goes both ways.

  116. Virtual Speak Says:

    Blue- AI goes through alot of trouble (pun intended) to get permission from an artist. So, RL was very well aware of Taylor performing it.

    A thank you wouldn’t have killed him.

  117. spinshack Says:

    True that, Virtual, I was in the dark about Ray until Mr. Hicks sang his tune. Then I got educated. So little time, so much music. It was in poor taste for LaMontagne to insult Hicks after he did get him a lot of positive attention from A.I. Loved how Taylor sang that tune.

  118. Blue – Taylor has ENORMOUS respect from his peers as well – why do you think he has the BEST sidemen in the world on this album? How did he get Eric Clapton’s and Michael McDonald’s record producer to produce for him? Why has he been invited to play on numerous occasions with highly respected musicians like the Allman Bros, Keb Mo, among others.

    And as far as comparisons – we might as well compare how kumquats are selling in relation to toasters because they are as close in substance as Taylor is with ANY former Idol winner or contestant.

  119. spinshack Says:

    Blue, Taylor did on several occasions say great things about Mr. LaMontagne. He was quite appreciative of a very good tune. Just saying.

  120. Virtual Speak, allowing Taylor to sing his song and thanking him for doing so are two different things. Maybe when he heard Taylor wanted to sing his song he thought “fine, I don’t care.” Or maybe his label took care of that stuff and sent him a memo? Either way, he shouldn’t have to thank him. Doesn’t make him a bad person.

  121. spinshack Says:

    Now Griz we’re not calling Bo Bice a kumquat are we? Them’s fighting words there Momma! hahahaha!

  122. Snowstorm Says:

    The point I’m trying to make is Taylor failed to increase his fanbase beyond AI. Taylor has TV fans and everybody knows the biggest AI fans are middle-age women, teens, children… that’s all I’m saying.

    I have a feeling, and I might be wrong, Taylor has pandered to his fanbase, so he is basically stuck where he is with the same fans (and nobody new) and going no where fast.

    Those lyrics in that snippet are lame – end of story.

  123. Griz, all those sidemen get paid. A paying gig is a paying gig. Taylor sought those musicians out and record producers produce for all kinds of musicians. Some respected and some not. And Simon Climey is getting paid no matter what.

    Taylor might be respected by some musicians that you mentioned, but he in no way shape or form has respect from the masses or majority of the music critics out there. His recorded music hasn’t earned him that yet.

  124. Prove it snow – show us how Taylor failed to increase his fanbase? I actually think he increased it because of the tens of thousands of new people he’s playing to in NY and across the country with Grease! I saw lots of young fans and male fans in a tizzy to get his autograph at the stage door! In fact, more people probably heard him there than on the radio with the first album! haha!

  125. Snowstorm Says:

    BTW, many respected musician want nothing to do with AI. The Eagles and Paul McCartney have turned AI down.

  126. Virtual Speak Says:

    No, it doesn’t make him a bad person. It does however, make him look unappreciative.

    griz- Oh dear.. please don’t tell me Bo Bice is a kumquat. I always thought of him as more of a honey-dew.. πŸ˜‰

    I love me some Bo Bice.

  127. But Blue – those musicians and Simon Climie didn’t NEED to be involved with Taylor if they didn’t want to – or they didn’t respect him – they have enough clout on their own and they certainly didn’t do it for the money.

    They did it/do it because they believe in Taylor’s talent and want to be apart of his music and/or are personal friends with him.

    I think he is very MUCH respected by fans and well as his peers out there -certainly more respected than say, Daughtry, who is a known tool in the industry.

    And for the record, I Loooooooove Bo Bice! πŸ˜‰

  128. Virtual Speak Says:

    Paul McCartney turned AI down because he was going through a bitter divorce. The Eagles.. well.. maybe when hell freezes over.. πŸ˜‰

  129. Griz, Those were not Taylor’s words but Wonders personal interpatation of him saying he was out of juice. I also thought he meant creative energy. It seems those who had been against him doing Grease ran away with and agreed with Wonder. As for the interview about the phone not ringing, I thought he meant Pre Idol, since he was explaining to the interviewer the benefit of going on AI and winning. I also noticed it has been interpeted by some fans that he meant he did Grease due to the phones not ringing. I don’t have the link but as I said I thought he meant phones had stopped ringing for gigs, pre AI.

  130. I’ve always heard Ray LaMontagne is an ass, so it doesn’t surprise me that he wouldn’t thank Taylor. In fact, he had some pretty negative things to say about him regarding the AI song. That being said, I love his music. I’m obviously not as invested in his career, but he’s definitely on my iTunes.

  131. Snowstorm Says:

    Griz, you may not believe this, but people are attending Grease to see a show and Taylor Hicks just happens to be in it. He is a AI celeb – that’s the only reason for getting his autograph. He did not make his mark in the music world.. not yet anyway.

    What better indicator than myspace? Go to his myspace, does he have new people posting every day? No, he does not. So, there’s your answer.

  132. OMG. Don’t bring myspace into this. I hate myspace. And I don’t believe that myspace is an indicator of new fans. Not everybody posts on the internet.

  133. littlewing Says:

    Hi Rosie :), saw you in the other thread.

    I was being too kind in my earlier assessment of What’s Right…it wasn’t what I was hoping for either, but it still sounded like the production is 100x better than on the first album. I’m just waitin’ on the funk, which was completely devoid the first time around.

    Though I am impressed with the musicians, I don’t exactly think they heard TH is working on a new album and flocked to sign up. I think this time around Taylor had the right connections, and made it a top priority to be able to pay for musicians of this caliber. That being said, I think they’re probably happy to be associated with him.

    I remember the big LaMontagne flap after Taylor sang the hell out of Trouble on AI. Ray L sounded like he could’ve cared less, but I don’t think he was out to personally insult Taylor. If in fact he did mean to slight Taylor, it was only because he knew Taylor’s version blew his own out version of the water. hahaha

  134. Right snow – that’s why the producers are touting the show “Starring Taylor Hicks” – because they don’t want to sell seats, eh?

  135. Snowstorm Says:

    well, what other way is there besides myspace? His fansites have the same people posting day in and day out. Some of them are ghost townes.

  136. Virtual Speak Says:

    Marry me littlewing.

  137. Well, I guess we’ll have to see how well the CD sells to tell if he’s picked up any new fans from Grease.

  138. Virtual Speak Says:

    griz- It’s no secret that Taylor was stunt casted for Grease. It’s done all the time. The good news for Taylor is that his stunt casting paid off. Ace Young’s- sadly did not. Grease with six other Broadway shows closed yesterday.

  139. Snowstorm Says:

    Griz, no I don’t think Taylor’s name is a factor in seeing the show. It might be a bonus, but that’s it.

    When I saw him on Broadway, the majority were there to see a show.. PERIOD!

  140. VS – stunt casted or not, which is not bad, it could only have helped him expand his fanbase or turned on some new fan. It’s all good……….

    Snow – not true. The extra $150k a week on Broadway was brought in because of Taylor’s name. Period. That’s a fact recognized by industry people.

  141. Virtual Speak Says:

    This is who co-wrote the new single.


    He has written for some good people and writes alot of gospel music which is why the gospel sound.

  142. Snowstorm Says:

    Yeah, like I said it was a bonus, but that’s it. You also, seem to forget, the leads got their parts thru a reality show – so that also brought in the extra people (not just Taylor).

  143. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, If Taylor is not the draw for Grease, then did the Broadway show close after he left and the touring show is picking up momentum. I don’t agree that he is not the draw, they showcase it as “Staring Taylor Hicks”.


  144. Virtual Speak Says:

    griz- I don’t disagree with you. I just don’t see any proof that he’s gained new fans through Grease. Nor do I see proof of his fanbase being gaged on his tumbleweed fan sites or Myspace.

  145. Thanks for the info, VS. There are lots of recognizable songs that he has written.

    Now I’m kind of worried. I wonder how many songs Taylor actually wrote for this cd. Didn’t he say in the spring that he had written over 30 songs? How many of those are we actually going to get to hear?

  146. Virtual – where did you get that info about the co-write?

  147. At least Taylor’s getting some recognition on Vote for the Worst…hahaaha…


  148. Virtual Speak Says:

    griz- If you save the song to your computer and play it in WMP it says the songwriter is Dennis Morgan.

  149. Oh okay cool VS! Very nice! The guy has written for some of the best…

  150. Virtual Speak Says:

    IAG- He’s said alot of things that haven’t come to fruition. I was disappointed to hear that he had co-writers for this CD. Especially after he said he wrote thirty songs at that BBQ.

  151. The song is #5 on the “Most wanted lyrics” website! LOL!


  152. Griz, obviously the people working with him don’t disrespect him. I’m sure they like him just fine and think he has talent. But these are a handful of people. My point is Taylor doesn’t have respect for being this great musician. His image is not great. In fact, they give him no respect. Daughtry has respect in the sense that he’s topped the charts. Don’t know if people think he’s all that talented. But he’s done well with his album and has a big fan base and can get signed by any label at this point. He’s not considered a failure by any means.

    Sure, Broadway has noticed that Taylor is a big draw. So if that’s the “industry people” you’re referring to, then yeah you’re right. He’s a big guy in Broadway right now. I’m not sure I care. Because I just don’t see how Grease fans translate into music buying fans. They are going to see a musical, not become fans of a musician. People that buy new music are generally looking for it. So far I haven’t seen any proof of a bigger fan base because of Grease, in fact, it’s getting smaller. What about all the National Anthems he’s sang, in front of millions of people, how come they’re not all fans now too? Probably because they were there to watch football, not buy music from Taylor.

  153. Blue – we won’t know about the new fans until the album is released – at the very least. All I know is that he is being exposed to a whole boatload of new ears and eyes since Grease opened, and that can only help. I’m not saying every Grease watcher will buy his music, but if he picks up some along the way, it a good thing.

  154. brightlite Says:

    I started to turn in but I was awakened about an hour ago by my boxer who just wouldn’t stop barking, nearly woke the whole neighborhood.
    I have been reading a bit here, and I am thrilled that the lyrics to What’s Right is Right is now No. 3 on the chart of Most Wanted lyrics. Looking at those song titles, it seems that Taylor’s song is one of the only ones eith some semblence of dignity and class, the rest are fluff. I think there will be some decent substance to the song and that will be refreshing for me, ad for listeners. Also, the song is a feel good song, it is a love song I think Rosie, it is about knowing what another feels, and being there for them. I don’t know much about the industry, the way the business works and all that stuff. To be honest I don’t know one fact about anyone’s records sales, Taylor included, it simply bores me to death to think of such mundane stuff, so I can’t come in here and drop all kinds of numbers on the post and get my point across that way, it just won’t happen. But Spin hit the nail on the head, quite well in fact…the song appleals to my emotions, I am a sucker for a good old fashioned down to earth classic and touching love song. I always loved Billy’s love songs, She’s Got Way About Her, was simple and elegant, and it was a hit becasue it was inspired. Always A Woman was a testament to love and the forces it creates between a man and a woman, and it too was a mega-hit as it was inspired. Taylor has his well spring of inspiration, his inner circle that he draws from, and none of us know who that includes, but he has written a beautiful and soulful song, cowritten or not, it is his creation for us all. Let’s just enjoy it, and revel in the mystery of it, and the intrigue surrounding it. He will never divulge the meaning behind the song, nor will he want us to stop wondering what it was all about. He did say he wrote the CD about his relationships, some past, some present…so it is interesting to glimpse at what he is willing to show us right now. Thanks Taylor for that.
    Now I am retiring for the evening finally, I muzzled the dog.

  155. Virtual Speak Says:

    blue- The Daughtry vs Taylor thing goes right back to whose fault is it? AI clearly pimped Daughtry and not their winner that year.

    I also believe there were some shady back door deals made. Most likely Taylor and Daughtry were both aware of what went down and gagged. That certainly doesn’t take from Daughtry’s talent. I personally like both artists.

  156. brightlite Says:

    Well I know one fact Griz, Taylor’s What’s Right is Right is No. 1 on Most Wanted Lyrics, and I just downloaded the ringtone on my cellphone.
    I am testing it now and I can’t wait to get calls now!
    I hope it works, I have never downloaded a ringtone before. This is very exciting for me actually. πŸ™‚

  157. Snowstorm Says:

    Well, how come he was on the biggest show in America and they didn’t buy his CD? Explain that griz? Weren’t they all supposed to buy his cd? But, you’re saying that Grease, a Broadway play, is supposed to get him all kinds of new fans???? Yup, that’s how it works, according to griz.

  158. I see you guys are still going at it πŸ˜‰

    I just want to chime in on the whole Broadway thing. I agree with whoever was saying that Broadway fans do not relate to music fans. This is not to say that there may have been some people whose interest was peaked, but in general, especially in the summer months, tourists are the people that go to Broadway shows.

    To take this one step further, and not to be condescending, the Grease version that was just on Broadway was nothing like the original. In fact much of Broadway has become a bunch of over produced commercial endeavors, such as “Shrek”. This was always my problem with this reality show version of Grease.

    In addition, if you stand by any stage door after a show, most people want their playbills signed. The fact that Taylor was an AI winner did draw more people, but again it could have been any other AI contestant.

    Now as for the rest of the country during the national tour, I can’t really speak for what middle America considers entertainment. I guess for someone who does not get the chance to go into NYC to see any show they want, it is a big deal to see the Traveling Grease Show.

  159. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, I think Grease will draw new fans to him not by the masses but add to his fan base, but I think the promotion of this new CD will gain him more. They seems to be marketing him all over, he is to appear on a lot of shows singing some of his new songs. I think you are underestimating to power of good promotion.

    Like you said earlier some folks go to see Grease to see the show, some folks I know did just that and guess what they are now fans awaiting the release of the new CD, they were toally blown away by his performance.


  160. britelight – was that a free download?

  161. Virtual Speak Says:

    Willpen you make a lot of sense..

    To fathom people going to see a Broadway show because of an Idol or any reailty show contestant for that matter, then to think theater-goers are there to gain the appreciation of an eight minute bit part- kind of baffles the mind.

    Especially when the Idol or reality star de-jour is in character. It doesn’t give any insight to what kind of an artist that person is.

    It’s certainly not the Broadway it once was.

    The times they are a changin’ I suppose.

  162. snow – the reason is because Clive choose to spend the advertising dollars on Chris Daughtry who could imitate what was popular on Top 40 radio. He sounds exactly like Nickleback and he was promoted to the max.

    Taylor’s music appeals to a smaller audience and therefore, without a huge push in advertising, won’t sell as much. It’s pretty simple. Clive when with the money.

    It’s not a statement on talent or integrity or artistry. It’s a statement on what payola gets you.

    That said, he sold over 800K worldwide without any help outside of being the AI winner, and that is a success. No one on earth will convince me otherwise. End of story.

  163. From: http://www.broadway.tv/blog/broadway-blog/the-broadway-year-of-taylor-hicks/

    Winner of the fifth season of American Idol, Taylor Hicks contributed greatly to Broadway in 2008…Some say, arguably, Hicks saved GREASE from closing on Broadway during the summer of 2008.

  164. Snowstorm Says:

    But, according to AI standards, 800K is not a success. And no songs on the charts means no success.

    The reason for no push in advertising, they were afraid of losing money. Daughtry’s music is more mainstream, so they got a return on their investment.

  165. snowstorm – who gives a flying fig about “AI standards”?? Why should that be important to me?

  166. Taylor said in an interview about ten thousand years ago that he expected Grease to play in Birmingham, so the additional shows thing has been a possiblity for a while. (Does ANYBODY read my blog?)

    I’m so sick of the same old arguments. I’m sick of people making me feel like a loser for being a TH fan. I’m sick of reading comments that are ten pages long. I dunno. I may be over all of it.

    Sorry. I’m usually accused of being a pollyanna. WTH happened to me?

  167. Snowstorm Says:

    Because if Taylor disappears, no more touring and no more music from him. It should be concern to all his hardcore fans.

  168. Judging by the downhill slide of AI, I wouldn’t be judging anything by AI standards.

  169. Virtual Speak Says:

    AI is a money machine. They’re going to go with the sure thing regardless of who won. Their standards don’t make it right. AI quite enjoys keeping the competition going long after winners have had their reign.

  170. Snowstorm Says:

    Well, let’s face it, AI has the power to destroy a career. Anybody hear from Justin Guarini lately?

  171. snow – please. Taylor is not disappearing anytime soon. LOLOL! Things have never been better or brighter for him than it is right now and I am loving every second of it – it’s just starting and the train keep rolling.

    Stop ‘worrying’ so much and just try to enjoy the music. If you don’t like the music, why don’t you find an artist that you do like.

  172. Snowstorm Says:

    I hope he makes it. Nothing would make me happier.

  173. Newsflash – he has made it, so stop worrying. πŸ˜‰

  174. Virtual Speak Says:


    Take a breather. You’re not a loser for being a Taylor fan. Believe it or not, most of us here are Taylor fans. Just not willing to allow webmistresses to control what we can and can’t say any longer.


    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

    Eleanor Roosevelt

  175. Virtual Speak: Excellent advice.

  176. Caryl,

    No one is disagreeing with you and maybe Taylor did save Grease this summer on Broadway. I appreciate the fact that you are trying to defend Taylor. I just know how I view Broadway as a New Yorker, and for me I could never take a revival like this seriously. I saw the original when it first came out and for me there is no comparison. BUT.. again that is MY opinion and not one that I am thrusting on anyone else. Like I said IMO.. Broadway in general, like all of Times Square has turned into one big tourist attraction and this is not what I knew growing up. This is solely MY point of view.

    No one wants Taylor to succeed more than me. I invested a lot of time and money into his first tour, and I do not regret one minute spent with people that I enjoyed being with while experiencing great music.

    I just don’t frankly feel that any tour that Taylor does now will ever be the same as the first… but again…these are MY personal feelings.

  177. Griz, I disagree that this is the brightest point in Taylor’s career. Just before he went on tour for his first album, skies were the limit. That in my opinion, was when he was on top of the world and the possibilities were endless. He had a record label, a big tour, and lots of fans.

    Also, you know those 800K albums he sold? Who do you think paid for all that marketing and promotion? His label. Even though you don’t think it’s a lot or enough, it was a hell of a lot more than most artists get.

    Yes, they did spend more money on Daughtry and that’s because Daughtry had an album that was the best version of him and people were responding to it. Not saying he’s a more talented musician, not at all, but his CD was excellent for what he can do. Taylor’s CD, and I was always a fan of Taylor, was not really great. It was overproduced and it seemed contrived.

    I feel like he made it (winning AI, potential for a big career) then lost it. And now we’ll see if he makes a comeback. Yep, we’re talking comebacks here.

  178. And no one is going to convince me (even with all the kool-aid) that touring “Grease Nationally” is a sign of making it to the big time. Not in a million years.

  179. brightlite Says:

    In case you guys wanted to see the lyrics to What’s Right is Right, I listened again this morning and wrote the down

    (partial lyrics)
    What’s Right is Right
    by Taylor Hicks

    …what’s wrong with me
    and What’s Right is Right

    Where there’s joy inside your heart
    I’ll share it
    When you got a dream
    Il say “reach for the sky”
    If you ever fall
    I’ll catch you

    What’s wrong with you
    Is wrong with me
    What’s Right is Right

    My ringtone wasn’t sent to me and I waited forever for it, until like 1AM and I am so tired today. 😦
    But I’ll perk up. πŸ™‚

    Have a nice day all.

  180. jerseyirish Says:

    Blue, I don’t think anyone is saying Grease is going to get him to the big time, it is merely borading his possibilities to gain new fans and introduce his new music. A very clever marketing tool on his part.

    Everyone is looking for different things from Taylor, some may get what they want some may not, bottom line he needs to do what he needs to do. This is his life’s journey not ours he invites all to join him in that journey if you aren’t happy with what he offers, then it is probably time to move on.


  181. Well, this is interesting. This is Jake Davis’ blog. He’s going to be the director for Taylor’s new video.


  182. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Saw that wasn’t sure to bring it over or not, was afraid it might open another can of worms. The guy seems excited to work with Taylor. πŸ™‚


  183. http://www.kleinerinc.com/kleinerinc/2009/01/booked-taylor-hicks-whats-right-is-right.html

    Annnnd it looks like it’s going to be shot in downtown Chicago. πŸ™‚

  184. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Sounds like all involved are excited to be working with him, its all good!!!! πŸ™‚


  185. Yep. It does sound that way.

  186. Wow, I’m really late to the party.

    Interesting discussions here; I’ve very much enjoyed reading everything.

    I have just a couple of quick random comments before the IT guy figures out where I am . . .

    I, too, am holding out for the entire song. The snippet IMHO is okay, I would rather hear all of it. I’m hoping for some great songs on the CD, and hoping for songs written by Taylor.

    Soulaz . . . your posts made me smile. πŸ™‚

    This blog is great stuff!

    Snow, honey, please don’t compare Taylor to Guarini. Taylor can actually sing.

    Ok, back to work with me now before they block this site from my computer, too. πŸ˜€

  187. Virtual Speak Says:

    Jake Davis does some great video work. He’s worked with some good artists. Love his Hinder video. πŸ™‚

  188. spinshack Says:

    The Chemical Romance vid was hot too. πŸ˜€ Wow Mr. Hicks is getting this thing done right.

  189. JI, in response to your post, not sure about you but I’m not following his “life’s journey.” I have my own life. I was just hoping to hear some decent music from a real person, not a manufactured caricature. So I’m not sure where I need to move on from. I’ll post on this blog once and a while, the same as i post on any blog on the net. But call me a casual fan at the most. I like it that way… I can see the obvious without sugarcoating it.

  190. This has been really interesting reading. I’m in waiting mode, hoping for good music from Taylor. The snippet of music, you can’t tell anything from it. I will wait and see. Willpen…you’ve echoed my thoughts on the Broadway thing.

  191. spinshack Says:

    Keeping it real can be defined in many ways, blue, some misinterpret. Some like sugar, others prefer to take their artists without, like with tea. πŸ˜‰

  192. […] what happened to the media blitz that was originally scheduled? Take a look at it again. He was supposed to be on Leno in mid February, and on Rachel Ray and Craig Ferguson the week of the […]

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