The best of Taylor…

Well, I was going to do a post about things Taylor did best in 2008, but other than Grease, there isn’t much to talk about. So, I’m going to post a few of my favorite moments, in no particular order.

1. Boots, Blues and BBQ performance of Where I’m From

This would have been fantastic to have been able to see live. I mean, this is what the actual acoustic tour would have been like.

2. The NBA All Star Celebrity Game


Who among us didn’t cringe when Taylor was introduced and “danced” his way down the aisle? And I’m pretty sure that he was on the floor more than he was running. Gotta love him.

3. Golf


Taylor likes golf. We know that. We also know that he’s not very good at it. *sigh*

4. A Capitol Fourth

I included this, not because I liked the performance. I thought it was rushed and not at all in the right key for him. I included this because of the controversy over whether or not he actually dropped the f bomb on the US Capitol lawn.

5. The Taylor Hicks birthday celebration at Marty’s

What? You weren’t invited? Neither was I, but thanks to the magic of the internet, you can catch Taylor playing harp on a pool table. Now, that is awesome.


My hope for Taylor for 2009 is happiness and success….and a CD that’s worth listening to..and maybe a tour. Ok, so maybe a couple of those things would benefit me.

What’s your favorite Taylor moment of 2008?


32 Responses to “The best of Taylor…”

  1. Everything at the BBQ and everything at Ona’s. Acoustic Taylor and bar Taylor in one glorious day.

  2. Snowstorm Says:

    My favorite moment was seeing Taylor in Grease on Broadway. There is nothing like attending a Broadway show in NYC. I had a great seat and it’s great to see a show up close and had a great time with my friends. Taylor is very good in the role. I think I have to accept the fact that Taylor is an entertainer and not necessarily a serious musician, like I had hoped he would be. My interest in him has certainly waned, but I will give him a chance with his next CD release. First CD release for Idol winners are not always the best, so I’m hoping he can redeem himself.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I agree with SS, seeing him in Grease on Broadway was my favorite. It was the first time I got to meet him face to face as we were first at the baricade after the show and I was surprised how young and handsome he was in person. His shoulders are broad as you can notice in the basketball jersey and he fills out a shirt nicely. He seemed to love the aplause from the Grease audience, and no one could have been better in the role. Happy New Year to all!

  4. Wow, SS. I’m actually kind of surprised that you saw him in Grease. I don’t know why, but I am. 🙂

  5. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, Yeah that really threw me, that you would have gone to see him in Grease, glad you enjoyed it so much.

    1. wonderful
    2. dorky cute
    3. golf, eh, not my favorite sport
    4. A litle rushed, but still loved his performance
    5. a little drunk, but right on singing.
    All in all I think he has had a good year, alot of positive press, from Grease, got his name back out there in a good way.

    Here’s hoping the new CD of 2009 gives him what he has been looking for in the music business!!!!! 🙂


  6. Happy 2009 Evra-bo-day…

    In all honesty I have to say that MY personal best year for Taylor was NOT 2008. I had seen him so many times the previous year and that WAS very fulfilling for me. I think that this had more to do with the disillusionment that finally hit home for me about this whole fan obsession as well as many lessons learned about people whom I thought could be friends above and beyond the Taylor Hicks part of it. I lost some of those friends this year, but when I look back I think that it was all for the best, because it allowed me to step back and look at this from a more objective point of view. So now I am ready for a renewed 2009 appreciation of the artist that is Taylor Hicks apart from the man.

    The friends that I have kept will be a part of this, but they will also be a part of the real life that I lead outside of this internet bubble.

    Once again IAG, thank you for an opened an honest forum.

  7. jerseyirish Says:

    Willpenn, Music wise no it wasn’t his best year, but getting his name back out there in such a positive way made it a good year for him in that respect. Hopefully the new CD does well and we will see Taylor on the road doing his music live again.


  8. You’re welcome, willpen.

    And I understand where you’re coming from with the losing of so called friends and regaining perspective.

    Unfortunately, 2008 was not Taylor’s best year musically. Here’s hoping for a good 2009 or otherwise he will have already hit his peak…and winning American Idol probably isn’t the peak that he wanted. 😉

  9. In so many ways 2008 is a year that I will not be looking back on fondly. Without going into the gory details of my life, I will just say that Taylor didn’t exactly provide me with “happy and fun relief” from the stresses of the real world.

    It’s interesting that Willpen brings up the loss of online friends in 2008. I know that, for me, 2008 was my year of giving up much of the obsession. Getting back to a more normal existence, and not worrying so much about all things Taylor. It was something I needed to do. The fact that Taylor became a “Broadway star” during that time was very helpful to me, because I have no interest in that.

    So in spite of the fact that I died a little inside when I first heard the news, maybe in some weird way, Taylor joining the cast of Grease was my favorite moment of the year. I still look forward to his new CD with as much anticipation as everyone else. I still love looking at, and drooling over pictures of him as much as everyone else. None of that kind of stuff has changed. But I am released from the necessity of being the right kind of fan. I have no obligation to Taylor Hicks, and have no duties that I must perform to prove my devotion to him.

    I still read the blogs and fansites, and am posting occasionally (obviously), but at the end of the day, Taylor’s decisions no longer matter that much to me. If he makes music I like, I will spend, spend, spend. If he doesn’t, I won’t. I am pulling for him, because I believe he has mad, crazy talent and so much potential. But it is his life and they are his decisions to make. I can no longer angst over his choices. I wish him all the best in his professional and personal life, and truly hope that his career will become one that I continue to follow with joyful exuberance.

    In the meantime, I am rediscovering the artists who I was so passionate about before Taylor. I am spending more time with my widowed mother, and not boring her to tears with Taylor talk, so that she’s actually happy to see me. I am watching more movies and reading more books. I am doing more self-examination. I am devoting more of my time to working with young people. In short, my life is back to what it used to be.

    In doing all this, I have separated myself many people. In most cases, this has been a very good thing, as many of those people have been engaging in online behavior that I could never be a part of, or condone. The bickering, and the jockeying for positions of power just got really old for me, a long time ago. But, in pulling back so far, I also realize that I have lost connection with some very good and kind people, as well. To those people, I apologize. In trying to regain my own sense of balance, I neglected some people who have been nothing but kind to me.

    I have so much hope in my heart for 2009. I hope our nation, and our world begins a healing process, that will bring us all greater prosperity, confidence and security. I hope that 2009 will be a time of growth, personally and professionally, in my own life. I hope to be good to those I love and who love me.

    And yes, along with all this, I hope that there will be some new music from Taylor Hicks that will put a song in heart, and totally turn me on again.

    Cheers, everybody . . . CHEERS!

  10. It’s sad that 2008 will be remembered by a lot of us as a year of infighting, bickering and a loss of so-called friendships. But in a sefish way for me, with some of those people out of the way, I have actually been able to cultivate friendships with people who were free to take the time to get to know me better, if that makes sense.

    That being said, I would have to say that my favorite 2008 Taylor Hicks moment was being able to sit in a room with some good friends who are still Taylor fans and watch the elusive Whomp at the Warfield performance. It was really fun to watch him sing with passion and be hot & sexy. It made me even cry just a little with some disappointment to not have more of that from him.

    And I thought it was great fun just being able to sit and squee like teenagers over him.

    More of that, please, Taylor.

  11. SS: I’m also surprised that you saw “Grease”. At first I thought your comment was going to have a sarcastic punchline. But I’m glad you enjoyed the show!

    I almost lost some online friends in 2008, too. It was the whole “Grease” thing. It polarized us. When I first voiced my concerns on my blog, I took a lot of heat for it. But I think my friends and I have agreed to disagree and are going to be OK.

    My favorite moment (and I swore I wasn’t going to bring this up again because it’s enough already! But since you asked…) was my phone call with Taylor. As guarded as he’s always been with his fans, I was surprised by the amount of time he gave me. I think it may have been because he knew his fans needed something from him- some postive news about how “nice he was to that fan on the phone.” I’m glad I was able to carry that message back to all of you.

    And, kind of in the some vein, I enjoyed reading Wonder’s account of her M&G with Taylor where he opened up about why he took on the role of Teen Angel. Maybe in 2008 he realized how much he needs us and made an effort to connect? I don’t know, but it seems more fans had more “real” moments with him in 2008.

    Obviously “Grease” dominated the year and though he has done a great job with it and has gotten some great press, I hope 2009 brings us more of his own music and another solo tour. Looking forward to it!

  12. Snowstorm Says:

    Yup, I went with a couple of friends on a weekend getaway to NYC. They are not fans, but they like Taylor from AI. We had a blast – also saw Mama Mia and went on the Sex and The City Tour, which was great! The free cupcake from the Magnolia Bakery is pure heaven!

    I suspect I’m not quite as invested in Taylor as some of you posting here. Only went to one of his concerts and I don’t have any SP friends, expect for a few myspace friends. I also have also not posted on message boards in a couple of years – the women posting are much older than me, so I lost interest pretty quickly.

  13. jerseyirish Says:

    Soulaz, Glad you are still around and enjoying Taylor on your terms, that is the way it should always be.

    Pipsmom, Sounds like you had a great time watching Whomp with friends.

    Caryl, I loved your phone interview with Taylor, you were right on with all of your questions.

    SS, I only got to one of Taylor’s shows also, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Never made it into the city to see Grease this summer, my little one starting College, vacation, work, just couldn’t get the time to go. I am hoping maybe they will add some extra dates on the tour somewhere in an area that I could go see it.


  14. For me, 2008 was a year of loss and finding myself again. It was also a very hard year with many lessons about myself and fandom learned.

    My eyes finally opened, and I realized that I had lost a large chunk of my life due to my “obsession.” It wasn’t even just an obsession of Taylor, but, for message boards filled with people that in the end, weren’t my friends ever. I spent way to much time worrying about total strangers etc..

    I saw people that I care about be hurt, and all but pull out of their love for Taylor’s music over “friends.” I’ve seen people get attacked and banned for their opinions. Myself included.

    Even after all that…I do on occasion visit some Taylor boards, and I do read some of my favorite blogs.

    I do like to discuss all things Taylor, but, if I feel myself falling into the sinkhole, which for me, is very easy.. I just walk away now.

    Caryl your phone call was one of the coolest things to happen in 2008!

    I met Taylor’s Grease announcement with a bit of a shock, but, thought it was a “he has to do what he has to do” type thing.

    The news of his road show.. Not so much.. But, in the end.. It doesn’t affect my life at all.

    One of the coolest Taylor things to happen to me in 2008 was that a friend and I went to see Grease on opening night, went backstage, (before paid M&G’s) and got to go to Planet Hollywood where I got to stand shoulder to shoulder with Getty Images, and the press, just inches away from Taylor and take pictures galore. One of the coolest things to happen to me ever.

    I hope his record is a huge success. I have no expectations. I won’t say I love a CD before I’ve even heard it. May he finally hang up his sparkle suit and flatten down his pompadour. Get back to what he does best. Play music.

    But, I do wish nothing but the best for Taylor and his fans for 2009.

    Happy New Year!

  15. Seven Days Says:

    Wow. It seems like it’s been an interesting year for everyone where the fan base is concerned and how that has affected relationships. I’m interested in what people have had to say and I have to echo Soulaz word for word.

    I too needed a re-adjustment in my Taylor experience because it had taken over too much of my life and my time and my thoughts. I also realized that in general, I had become more enmeshed in online personal relationships and had lost touch with the very reason I was there in the first place — the music.

    And so 2008 was for me a process of letting go of relationships and re-discovering the music. Since Taylor was taking a break from the music that drew me specifically to him, I went looking elsewhere. Not only did I find gold mines in old blues and soul music (my passion), but also uncovered new artists that are out there every day making music and struggling to do so. I can now happily say that I love the music of groups like Blitzen Trapper and Bon Iver and John Butler as much as I like a good throwback Taylor performance. (And don’t get me started about all the “oldies” that are still out there putting out gems — Pinetop Perkins at 90+ years old had one of the best collaborative albums of the year.) All in all, it feels like a more balanced existence.

    As far as my favorite Taylor moment of 2008 is very easy. It comes and goes in the blink of an eye, at 2:53 during “Where I’m From” at the BBQ (that’s 2:53 in my downloaded version — in the YouTube video posted on this thread, it’s at 2:41). One of the most unbelievable, intense, quintessentially Taylor expressions I’ve ever seen on his face while performing. It lasts only a milisecond, but I freeze the video every time I watch it just to capture that one moment. For me, it’s pure bliss.

    Happy new year, everyone!

  16. brightlite Says:

    I enjoyed all the posts. Read each one and thought about what was said, and I appreciate all the positive enegy that is flowing in Taylor’s direction from this board right now, from you all, to him, and to each other. It is refreshing to step in here, and feel a fully exciting vibration, one that energizes instead of depletes, one that excites instead of deflates. Thank you for expressing your views of Taylor here in such a way as to offer constructive ways e can approach his career while still allowing for the expression of views that oppose his past career choices. I do not enjoy Taylor’s online world at all. I have to run from it ocassionally and not look at it. I am sensitive to energies and I sense this blog has positive energy surrounding it, so I read and post here.

    In 2009 I wish for Taylor to find himself as an artist. When I think of it, Taylor was thrust into the spotlight so fast, and gained popularity so quickly that he had the same high expectations embedded into his name, like a “branding.” His rise was meteoric in 2006 and many people just expected him to have the same meteoric thrust in the actual music industry. Winning Idol was an entre in to the business, it was a major door opener and now he fight tooth and nail like every other legitimste artist for a slice of the pie. In 2009 I wish for him to express himself. Fully and truthfull express himself as an artist, I wish for the recordings tudio to be his canvas, the microphone his brush, the harp and the guitar, and his studio musicians his palate of oils, together with his soulful voice, I wish for him to create his artistry that is Taylor Hicks, something he can honestly say is his work of art. It won’t be easy with his chedule, he has committments to Grease, and that is draining as well. His energy needs to fully vest itself in his new music if he is to make this happen. I for one cannot wait for him to finish with Grease, so he can do this. making music is his lifetime’s dream come true, not singing to Frenchie on a picnic table, although Grease pays the bills, it is not helping his energy to go through a ritualistic performance each night, it is this mundane routine that stifles creativity and spoils the landscape he wishes to paint for us all.

    Let’s just get through Grease. Help him complete it, and let him move on to the what he truly wishes to do. Make music that we all love.
    Thank you for the welcome spinshack, VS, and IAG. Jersey’s got soul now, if you know what I mean, JI has soul, like they say “We got next” in hoops, well JI got next. Have fun eith it JI, but I got next if you don’t mind. lol.


  17. brightlite Says:

    Sorry for so many typos up there.
    Be well.
    Happy New Year to all. 🙂

  18. jerseyirish Says:

    Hey BL, Yeah got soul, we all do just have to find it sometimes. I agree with all you say and very well said. Grease has been the means to get this new CD off and running. Do I think he will do other things to keep the money coming in, yes I do, he will do what he has to do to be able to keep doing his music.


  19. I am smiling a really big smile here right now… REALLY !!! Seems to me that so many of us have survived the original Taylor Hicks Tidal Wave and now that we have all been washed ashore, on what we have thought was a deserted Island,( insert “Lost” theme song here 😉 ) we have managed to find dry land again and are just waiting patiently for the next step.

    *** Lost reference brought to you by an admitted Lost addict who can’t wait till January 21st ***

  20. It seems to me that those who just want Taylor the the composer, singer and musician, feel the need to think he just did Grease to pay the bills. We don’t know that or if it zapps his energy, seems mundane and ritualistic to him to sing to Frenchie. Those who do broadway seem to enjoy live theater where there is a new audience every night. As I’ve stated before, he seemed happy as a lark and fully engaged in his performance when I saw him on Broadway. From the clips I saw of the touring show and the most recent review, well it is not as good as the Broadway show, plus he has to travel to very cold places so it could wear thin. I have to go with what he has said. He has stated Broadway was great and he’d like to do more acting roles. He will do what he wants and perhaps loose some fans along the way while gaining some new ones.

  21. spinshack Says:

    Seems like somehow those of similar minds manage to ‘find’ one another on-line in these sites about Mr. Hicks – this site a perfect example.

    I’ve never been a fan who talked about Taylor to my friends and family members much, restricting my inner Taylor fangurl to my blog and to the internet. Too, I can’t say I’ve changed anything in my consideration of Mr. Hicks as my opinion of him has never really altered no matter what he’s been through career-wise or personally, since I became a fan. I find him absolutely fascinating, and this on-line world the same.

    Looking forward to having all of you to hang out with on-line as we wait to see what this man’s gonna deliver next. 😉

    Cheers, and Happy New Year.

  22. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I remember him saying the phone stopped ringing early 2008, then he was offered Grease. I think he did it to get his name back out there and for the financial security the role would bring him. I think Taylor will do this more in his career to keep the cash flowing in, so he can do what he loves most performing his music live.

    Spin, I’m the same as you, my Taylor stuff is just in the internet world, have some I have met and correspond with, but it isn’t always Taylor talk, we talk about our lives and families. Jan 6th is approaching quickly, hopefully he will start to perform his single then. Just saw another interview with him from Chicago, he said he will be doing many of the singles off the new CD while cross promoting during the show. so I guess we will have to sit back and wait until it all unfolds.


  23. Once again, I’m not holding my breath on anything Taylor says. 😉

    As for the online fandom, yes, I’ve learned that there are people out there that are just looking for a way to get to Taylor. Um, good luck with that. Because I bet the Taylor that the average fan has conjured up in his/her mind isn’t the real Taylor.

    There is no right way to be a fan. It’s whatever you feel is the best way to support the artist.

    I’m just glad that everybody feels comfortable posting here.

    As for why Taylor did Grease, I don’t think he’ll ever tell the real reasons. But I bet it had to do with money. Don’t know, just guessing.

  24. Seven Days: Nicely worded comment concerning your favorite moment. I had to go back and find that split-second you mentioned. Thanks for sharing that!

  25. spinshack Says:

    IAG, regarding your assessment on the why, part of it very likely, I mean, after all, a guy’s gotta eat, lol.

    Rosie, yeah, he’s spending some time in some chilly places and the latest reviews I’ve read not all glowing, but they were reviews over the shows Mr. Hicks was not appearing in at that time. He’d said he was taking time off here and there to work on cross promoting that album, but no word on any shows he put on while off these recent few days – likely he was taking some holiday time off instead. You know, time to go a-‘cheersing’. lol

    There is a wrong way to be a fan, IAG, here’s one example. 😛

  26. Spin…I stand corrected. hahahaha

  27. Snowstorm Says:

    Didn’t Taylor say he’s trying acting “to get his feet wet”. He also said he is reinventing himself, and the reason is, most likely, is because his music career did not take off.

  28. Seven Days Says:

    IAG said — “There is no right way to be a fan. It’s whatever you feel is the best way to support the artist”.

    Can I just say thank you for that comment? If I had a nickel for all the times I’ve been called a “bad fan” for not being head-over-heels about Grease, I’d never have to work again. That kind of judgement was so disheartening to me.

  29. brightlite Says:

    Grease is a wonderful entre for taylor no doubt about it, a good decision on his part in my opinion. He has gained new fans and has established himself as a wildly entertaining actor. I am thrilled for him to be on tour and still be working as the Teen Angel as the Broadway production is closing, sadly so, but the economic crisis has forced many shows to close their doors this season. Taylor had the foresight and perhaps had an inside tip which he used to his advantage to score the role on the national tour, and so he is a working entertainer as of now, kudos to him!
    I know that Taylor loves entertaining but I also understand how draining it is to perform on the rigors of the schedule that he is on, not just stage time either, but traveling and hauling your cookies all over God’s green earth must be really taxing on the body, mind, and soul. As an artist it is doesn’t help your creative juices flow when you are stressed and tired, and pulled in a thousand different directions, that’s all. I think performing the same song night after night is difficult for Taylor, not logistically of course but just he is like…who said this…mercury a bit. he is just naturally all over the place, in a good way, not in a bad way, that is how creative minds are, they can’t stay in one place too long, needing to branch out and see other ways. Taylor is creative and singing to Frenchie every night on stage does pay the bills and get him where he wanta to be. Is it his life’s dream? I sure hope not, He is getting his feet wet and he is a famous production, and is doing a great job of it…but he has so much more there inside, and it’s those places I long to see, and I think we will only ever see those places through his music that’s all. But Grease IS demanding, and hopefully he can find the light again to bring forth his creative flow, in the studio and beyond. He is indeed going the distance for this one. I am proud of him.

  30. Univeral synchronicity is an amazing thing, isn’t it? It’s how like minded people end up finding each other in an anonymous and dark void, like the internet. LOL.

    I cannot believe how many comments here ring true with my own reality of 2008: the loss of what I assumed were “forever friendships” and how a celebrity no one here actually “knows” can unhinge personal loyalties and morals.

    For 2009, I hope for a saner fan/artist experience. I hope I will be wiser about online relationships. And most of all (in terms of this blog), I hope for better music from Taylor Hicks, and honest discourse with good people.

    Thanks so much, IAG, for providing something that has been a long time coming (back).

  31. Seven Days…that’s always the way that I’ve felt. Just because I like the guy’s (old) music and think he’s mighty fine to look at doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with every single thing he does. Not that it matters if I agree or not. He’s not losing any sleep over that, for sure. 😉

    YKW, you’re welcome. Thank you and everybody else for posting. 😉

  32. I was in Birmingham in May and the BBQ performance was awesome, even with the “lexcusation” gaffe, lol….but that harp playing on the pool table just has to be up there. It’s vintage TFH when he doesn’t have to perform..he’s just following the music. Gotta love that. It’s like Ona telling the story of how he ran out in the street to finish a song one time and Ona asked him what the hell he was doing, standing outside singing when the band was still on stage. He said, “Sometimes you just gotta move.” the pool table thing makes perfect sense!

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