I can be your bookie…I’m taking bets…


According to myrocketscience.com, Taylor Hicks is releasing a video in early January. Hopefully, it will be nothing like this one:

I’m taking bets…will Bill Will be in it? Will the green manly scooter have a starring role? Will there be a girl…on a beach? How long will her earlobes be? Will she have a stunt double? Is Taylor going to add the dreaded phrase, SOUL PATROL!! and do the lean over? *cringes* So many questions, so little time…maybe, unless it gets pushed back, like everything else.

What would you like to see? Artistic images floating through the screen with a free flow jam? Or would you like this video to tell a story? A story of a man, fleeing a hurricane, only to find his life turned upside down because Paula Abdul gave him a chance.

Here’s your chance. Speak now.


47 Responses to “I can be your bookie…I’m taking bets…”

  1. “…story of a man, fleeing a hurricane, only to find his life turned upside down because Paula Abdul gave him a chance.”
    Conjures up “Twister” (the tornado movie) meets Idol. I like that idea. lol Or, taking the whole storm theme from Wizard of Oz.

    Scene 1 The Storm –

    Young man sitting on a torn up couch in a small B’Ham apt. rubbing his eyes, bleary from a late night out playing a gig. A gig with lots of beer.

    Outside the sound of the wind rising accompanied by the sound of a harmonica wailing strains from “Long Train Running”. He turns to the window to look outside discovering a winding sinewy strand of a rope tornado heading his way.

    Scene 2: Aftermath –

    The man finds himself unharmed but lying on his couch now seated on a mass of shrubs in an unfamiliar location. A strange little guy peeps out from behind the mashed plants, dusts himself off singing


  2. Please, oh please … just let him open his mouth and SING.


  3. jerseyirish Says:

    This question was asked somewhere else and my first thought was Taylor on a secluded beach at dusk him and his guitar singing the new single, just into his music.


  4. How about a dream sequence of him running away from middle-age women who are squeeeing hysterically, wanting to touch him and grab him? Sort of like the Beatles, except replace young women with middle-age women? Sort of like this…

    I’m just kidding! But, seriously, I would like to see a video with some romance. Perhaps, Taylor singing his single to someone in the audience that caught his eye or something like that. I don’t think it will be like that though, cause I think Taylor is too shy, but who knows, he might surprise me.

  5. My last post is in Moderation, IAG. Two links and you’re out! lol

  6. YKW . . . that was my advice to Taylor in the last blog post. So yeah, I’m totally with you . . . SING.

    Personally, I am not totally convinced that a video is quite the marketing tool that it once was. But, if he does do one, I just hope it’s “cool,” whatever that is. But, I’ll know if I deem it to be cool, when and if I see it.

    Lastly, if it will stop the chorus of “why didn’t Taylor have a video?” that’s been being sung for the last two years, I will be the world’s biggest Taylor Hicks video fan.

  7. Virtual Speak Says:

    Bill Will and Taylor- Making Gomer Pyle and Barney Fife cool again.

    I’m praying the video- if it surfaces is full of sexual innuendo and he spoofs the whole girl on the beach ridiculousness.

    Bill Will will play the paparazzi and at the end of the video there should be the obligatory “Soul Patrol-Woo” lean.


  8. hahahahah to the Short People, spin.

    I just can’t imagine a video with sexual innuendo. So not his thing. I can always hope, though.

  9. No! No! No!!!!11!! Girl on the beach, crap! Leave the stupid crap in the past, where it belongs!

  10. OK, we open with a slim, dark-haired Taylor getting out of a bed full of young women. His arms are covered with tattoos. He trips over liquor bottles and beer cans on his way to the bathroom. He mumbles something in a heavy New York accent.

    In the bathroom, he flips on a CD (we get a shot of the title, “How to speak like a southern gentlman”) and practices saying, “Hi, y’all” and “I want my voice to be heard” as he sets about covering the tattoos with make-up. He tapes a pillow around his waist and slips on an ugly, short-sleeved shirt. Finally, we watch as he transforms his dark hair to gray. He grabs a book titled, “History of Soul” and heads out the door.

    In the final scene, we see him hail and taxi and say to the driver, “American Idol auditions. Um… y’all.”

    Fade out.

  11. Oops, forgot the smiley face so you know I’m joking. πŸ™‚

  12. HAHAHHAHHAAHAHHAH Caryl!! I love it!

    Snowstorm..just some sarcasm. That’s all. πŸ™‚

  13. Virtual Speak Says:

    I agree with you Soulaz. If he makes a video. Where will it be played? Certainly not MTV or VH1. What’s that leave? The Country station.


  14. Or Youtube.

    I think sometimes we forget the power of the internet.

  15. I was about to write that IAG. There’s always we trusty bloggers and our penchant to lift those Youtube vids.

  16. IAG, put me down for Any Video. Jersey, I do like your scenerio. What fun if will be to read the fans opinions once they see the video and hear the single!

  17. For those of you that don’t know….

    MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore. It’s all reality TV. They did have TRL, that had the video countdown, but TRL has been cancelled.

    VH1 still has the Top 20 video countdown and that is shown on Saturday morning, 10:00-11:00 am.

    I guess there is a country video station, but I’ve never seen it.

  18. Nobody ever saw that other “video” that Taylor made. Remember? :


  19. Virtual Speak Says:

    Well, there’s always his paid site.. (insert sarcasm here)

  20. Virtual Speak Says:

    Yep, I remember that caryl. Sadly, hardly anyone outside the Taylor world ever saw it. It had zero impact.


  21. I have to believe that Taylor’s management wouldn’t invest in a video unless they had a good plan for it. I ain’t gonna worry about it.

  22. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, I never saw that video, that was really nice, thanks for posting it. Hopefully if he does another video it will get exposure and more people will see it.


  23. Isn’t that the video that prompted days and days and days and days and days of angsty argument on GC? I know it’s hard to believe that Taylor fans ever engaged in such histrionics, but they really did, honest . . .

    I’m so glad those days are long gone, hee hee.

  24. Just Taylor with a guitar and a microphone and a whole shit load of soul. Who needs anything else but the music.

  25. There is a country video station. It’s called CMT. They do play videos. I guess he could branch that way if he wanted to.

    Anyway, that video isn’t that far off from the rehearsal.com videos. I mean, if that’s how much thought they put into that video, no wonder nobody saw it.

  26. I did see that JTFTW video right after it was done, which made me think it was Taylor’s idea, to not have a video of the Runaround. It seems he did not want to act on a video like the other Idols and runner ups, but just sing and be himself. Now with some acting experience behind him, who knows what route he will take. As I stated, I’ll be happy with any video and hope it is seen somewhere, even if its just on the internet. I’ll be amazed if he did a country song like Bucky, since he is not a country music fan. I can see him doing one along the lines of Move Away From Here, but not a hoe pitching down home country song. Carrie’s biggest hit was more of a cross over. Maybe Tay will do country, wear overalls, pull out his harp, and sing and play to a cow! He already has the boots.

  27. Snow I wasn’t gonna be the downer about MTV – they haven’t had vids on a regular basis in a loooong time.

    I’m with you Rosie, don’t see Hicks as pulling a country thang. lol

  28. Like Spin says, “It ain’t no country twang, it’s a soul thing.”

    Wait. I’ve heard that somewhere before…. πŸ˜‰

  29. Maybe they’ll use snippets of that exclusive video from the tour that we never got to see. Don’t mean to start a snark attack, that just popped into my head.

    Well, Taylor told that fan on the phone that he wasn’t doing a country album. He said, “Just because you write songs in Nashville, that don’t necessarily make it country.” But then again, he told that fan a lot of things.

  30. Maybe he didn’t want to do a vid for the Taylor Hicks CD. because he wanted to be known as a serious musician. Simon made fun of his dancing and some of his moves, so it could be he just wanted it to be all about the music. This time around he needs it all. An R rated video would work for me, or a just sitting on a stool and singing his heart out would as well. Caryl, that was one lucky fan!

  31. Willpen wrote: Just Taylor with a guitar and a microphone and a whole shit load of soul. Who needs anything else but the music.

    ^^ yeah. THAT. Sooner than later would be nice.

    (but then, Caryl’s tattoo dude vid sounds fun, too) hahaha!

  32. Yeah. *sigh*

    I suspect the dudes in charge didn’t want to spend money on a Taylor Hicks video. I came across a comment made by somebody somewhere that I keep going back to. I have no idea if it’s true, but…well, I bet it is.

    “Mr. Hicks was not dropped by his label, as has been widely reported over the past couple of days. His lawyers were able to get him removed from his contract for a variety of reasons, including breach of contract and failure to comply with promised promotion, among other things. Mr. Hicks has agreed not to reveal the terms of the separation for a specific period of time. In other words, J Records/RCA didn’t give Hicks what they promised, he wants more artistic freedom and better promotion, he was able to get out of his contract and he has agreed not to reveal any details at this time. Bear in mind that the new season of American Idol is coming up, and they can’t afford more negative publicity – look how badly their treatment of Mr. Hicks impacted last season’s show.”
    Posted by: fromtheinside on 01/08/2008 06:38 AM

  33. Well, that’s interesting. But I’m not sure that their mistreatment of Taylor impacted Season 6. American Idol is wearing out it’s stay, just like every other good tv show, I’m afraid.

  34. jerseyirish Says:

    CAryl, I had heard the same thing, that he wasn’t dropped that his lawyers found loop holes in the contract that they didn’t live up to, that he is under a gag order so to speak. He can’t reveal the details of his depature.

    iag, Idol is definetely wearing thin, the seasons are just not as exciting as season 5 was. I watched the Idol rewind that went up to season 3 nothing compared to season 5. There were no contestants that stirred the audience as Taylor did, when he took to the stage he owned it.


  35. Virtual Speak Says:

    Thanks caryl.

    I have been saying that this is the reason Taylor kept quiet about his treatment, and lack of promotion. He knew keeping quiet would garner him rights to beg or buy out of that contract. I would love to know what the specific amount of time that he’s gagged for?

    I’m not certain his treatment had an impact on the subsequent seasons following his are. American Idol is wearing out it’s welcome.

    This season should prove interesting in light of the unfortunate suicide of a hopeful. Also, with a new judge etc.

    My guess is that the new judge who wrote with Taylor may have been the olive branch for Taylor to get back on the show this season.

  36. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe for one minute that Taylor wanted out of his contract with Arista, a major record label. At the time that Taylor was dropped, wasn’t it announced that Reuben Studdard and then Katharine McPhee were also dropped, so it’s obvious to me that Arista was cleaning house.

  37. My guess is that the new judge who wrote with Taylor may have been the olive branch for Taylor to get back on the show this season.

    VS, please tell me that she didn’t collaborate with him on the new release. The songs she worked on the the first major release were “Heaven Knows” and “Give Me Tonight”. Also, some of her other collaborations include working with names like Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff, Justin Timberlake, and the Pussycat Dolls. Nothing wrong with anything there, except for the fact that I can think of nothing more polar opposite than those artistic styles from Taylor’s style.

    IF she did indeed work with him on the NEW release, I’m buying stock in Rolaids.

  38. Heaven Knows and Give Me Tonight were two of the weakest songs on that album, in my opinion.

  39. brightlite Says:

    Thank you for a very interesting Taylor Hicks blog.
    I read alot tonight and was thoroughly entertained by the videos.
    Keep up the nice work.

  40. Thanks brightlite!!

  41. jerseyirish Says:

    Hey BL, Good to see you here.


  42. brightlite Says:

    IAG I think your blog is a very nice tribute to Taylor. You also allow for people to openly express their opinions, positive or negative, and that is a healthy forum to post in. keep doing what you are doing, the bloggers are having fun here and the opinions are lively and spirited, which is the true purpose of expression in its most basic form.

    JI! It is nice to see you too, as always.

    Videos in the music business are becoming an obsolete mode of marketing as there is less and less TV viewing of MTV, VH1, CMT, Fuse, and BET. Internet usage with its global impact has somewhat replaced the TV as the choice and mode of most information transportation which is no surprise, as the Internet is a dynamic vehicle while TV is a static entity.

    If any video is made, no matter the theme or content, it must be made with the idea of it having global appeal, as it most likely will penetrate the internet, and therefore must have essential qualities that thread together the most basic human emotional needs. In my mind, there are two basic premises for a music video that if it is to have global impact and acceptance, it must be centered around. The two fundamental human principles that have existed in mankind since the advent of fire are love and war…

    If Taylor makes a video, I would think that the theme, should it center around either of those two very real human experiences, one of triumph and the other of tragedy, will be far reaching and meaningful to the point of him being taken seriously in his song and in his artistic expression of the music and the lyrics he has written. Whatever he does, he cannot produce a fluffy, light, and frivolous creation. These times are very serious times, and indeed an artist who paints on his canvas, paints a mood, creates a vision of what he sees around him. A music video is a musician’s canvas, so let it be meaningful, let it be real. Find the soul and through that energy the inspiration will indeed manifest.

    Have a wonderful New Year all.


  43. Thanks for the compliments, BL. They are much appreciated.

  44. Great post Bright, very nice to see you join us.

  45. Virtual Speak Says:

    Very nice post BL! Nice to see you here. πŸ™‚

  46. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Agree with all you said, and you do say it beautifully. Taylor is a throwback and that is why he attracts an older fan base, he may win over new younger ones, but I think he style of music will always attract the age group that grew up with it.


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