Advice for free…

What is one piece of advice you would give Taylor for his new CD? It can be about the music, or marketing. It can be about the sales, or even the concert tour. Are there any artists you would like to see him collaborate with? If you were his manager, what would you do? Where would you start to rebuild?



44 Responses to “Advice for free…”

  1. OK, you asked for it! The one piece of advice I’d give him about the new CD or anything else in his life is this…Do what you feel is the best and truest representation of yourself. Others may not agree or approve, but the person who has to live with the result is Taylor Hicks, not anyone else. It may not be the path that will make him the richest or most famous, but it will enable him to sleep well at night. And in the end, thats what matters most.
    Now I really am taking my ancient self off to bed!

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    Give it your heart, let your soul shine through………..


  3. Taylor should try to get some college concerts scheduled. That would help to get a younger crowd. Also, he should try to sit in with established artists, like he did with Snoop Dog and the Allman Bros, that would get people interested, other than tht SP. Taylor should consider being an opening act for an established artist.

  4. Love that photo, very Ansel Adams. Free advice? Most things are better when they’re free. lol

    Regarding advice, it seems the above posters are on a roll with the stay true to you theme. Situation with Taylor Hicks winding up on the waning peripheral of fan fall out since Idol stems from a certain amount of disenchantment with who they originally may have perceived he as being in juxtaposition with the resulting past Idol CD.

    I still am of the opinion he’s That Guy inside – the bluesy, moody musician – That Guy with drive and heart that I became enchanted with on that reality show. I would think his marketing route for the new record still needs tweaking – sending up something on his pay site or ‘Myspazz’ site would not hurt, it would help.

    Sure he’s talking the record up along the “Grease” route but putting a taste out there should be the next step and something to see, or rather hear, in the very near future. Outside of that bit of advice, just make it do what it do, Mr. Hicks.

  5. Snow, what other artists do you think Mr. Hicks would make a good fit with? Snoop was not really a ‘good fit’ but was interesting and fun. Regarding opening act for someone else, that next question would be who is touring today that he’d mesh with and compliment, although that not necessarily a required component.

    College bookings – he did that in B’Ham and Tuscaloosa and other areas of the SE in his ‘previous life’ prior to Idol. Of course it wouldn’t hurt. I’ll put in a bid he do that especially when he hits San Francisco. lol

  6. I loved what he did with Snoop – I thought that was awesome. He should have been doing more of that – sitting in with established artists.

    As far as who would be a good fit for Taylor, that depends on his next CD release. Does anybody know what’s on it? I thought he said he was going more country? I think we need to wait and see what direction he went in. If he did more ‘Modern Whomp’, I think it will another failure, so I hope he didn’t do that.

    There are literally tons of blues, R&B, soul, country acts he would do well with. How about Joss Stone, Bonnie Raitt, Robin Thicke, John Legend, Willy Nelson, John Mayer, Keith Urban, Adele, Corinne Bailey Rae. Another good idea would be to partner up with another Idol like Fantasia, Elliott Yamin, Carrie Underwood. He needs someone to open some doors for him and give him a chance.

  7. I just don’t see Taylor being an opening act for anybody. Unfortunately. I really hope I’m wrong, though. Anything to just get him out there again.

  8. He might not have a choice. I just don’t think he carries enough weight on his own anymore and I don’t think his concerts will be sell-outs. Honestly, most people have completely forgotten him.

  9. While that may be true, I think he should have started out in the beginning opening for someone. But instead, he embarked on two tours, with little break between. I just don’t see his ego allowing him to be an opening act, but hey, he is doing Grease, so you never know. 😉

  10. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Didn’t he open for Earth Wind and Fire during his summer 2007 tour in NY somewhere, I thouhgt I remember reading that. I think he will do whatever he needs to do to perform his music, if that be an opening act for awhile then that is what it will be. I think these shadow tours after Grease will give him a good understanding of the publics response to his music. He can then better judge how he will handle another tour.


  11. Yes, Taylor was the opening act for Earth, Wind and Fire. Just for one show. My sister was there. I always thought being the opening act for a big name would be good for him. Daughtry was the opening act for Bon Jovi, right? Daughtry is successful, so being an opening act isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    I worry about the next tour. I wonder if Taylor will be able to have one. Do you think he’ll be able to book the venues?

    I fear his career path is going to lead him away from music. I just read an interview in which he said something about considering movie roles. I know he’s talked about acting before, but he made it sound like he’s getting offers. And yes, I know Taylor says a lot of things that don’t actually happen.

    The only advice I have for him is if he wants to keep the fans he has (and sometimes I wonder about that) he needs to be more involved online: Make sure his official site is up-to-date. Give us a reason to want to go there. Check in more often.

  12. His on-line communication is a lost cause. He’s obviously not interested. Why I even bothered to join that paid site is beyond me. There is absolutely no way I will rejoin. To pay for only a message board and for barely nothing exclusive is a total rip-off.

  13. I agree, SS. It’s obvious that he started out with good intentions, but then something else caught his attention. For somebody who had such a good plan to pave his way through Idol, he has dropped the ball on this aspect of his career.

  14. I suspect THHQ is going to be shut down. I’ve noticed here and there* that the link to his official site takes you to taylorhicks dot com. And, btw, he’s had that site since forever. It was mentioned in the liner notes of “In Your Time.”

    *It’s on the EW CD, but I forget at the moment where else I saw it. Maybe on the Artist 2 Market website, I don’t know.

  15. I do agree that his online presence is woefully lacking. Of course, I’m not a big fan of his marketing/promotional people in general, if he even has any. So many musicians keep their fans up to date successfully online; I’d love to see more from him.

    I’m also hoping that his merchandise – either online, at concerts or both, gets better. Whoever came up with the purple butterfly Taylor Hicks logo t-shirts and Taylor Hicks Glow-sticks needs to be smacked, IMHO.

  16. ChromeDome Says:

    Why spend a lot of time on his own web sites when the fan web sites are so good? It would have been nice if he’d paid more attention, but we made it easy for him to ignore that aspect of his marketing. I don’t really care where I get information from, as long as it’s consistent and accurate. It allowed him to concentrate on other things. I imagine that he’s got a lot to think about and coordinate in terms of his career.

    He’s an entertainer, and that’s a broader job description than “singer” or “musician”. I have no idea what his goals are, but as long as he turns out good albums and tours regularly, he’s met MY goals for him. How big or diverse a fan base he wants to cultivate, what kind of limits he wants to put on what he will or will not do for money or fame are secondary to me.

    All I want for 2009 is a decent 2nd album, obviously as defined by my musical tastes since I want to enjoy his concerts in the future 🙂

  17. ChromeDome Says:

    Oh, and I have TWO of those butterfly shirts. They were silly and retro sixties but they looked damn good on me, LOL.

  18. You all have presented good ideas, although unlike Caryl and many others, I think if he could do a movie it would boost his popularity, name recoginition and thus music career. I’d love to see him on the silver screen. Now I’m going to make a suggestion that will upset some. He would do himself a favor if he has liposuction on his chin and neck. He is such a handsome man and his double chin is genetic. I know a guy who did it and the recovery time was quick and he looked younger post op. Some will now call me a “hater”, lol.

  19. Well, Rosie, I’ve always wondered why Taylor doesn’t firm up all over. He has the potential to be one of the most handsome celebs out there. But I guess food is his drug of choice. It helps him cope. (I guess! I think! I infer from things he’s said! Don’t want to sound like a know-it-all!)

  20. Caryl, he is thin in person but his double chin won’t go away without surgery. He could firm up his upper arms, chest and belly with exercise, but I don’t think it is a priority for him. All about the music, or Not, good looks help one’s career.

  21. I agree that good looks help. It’s a shame, but it’s reality.

  22. If Taylor wants acting parts, then he needs to pay more attention to his appearance and I agree about the double chin..lipo would take care of that. He is not overweight but he does need to firm up and add a few muscles. A personal trainer could help him with that. I have a feeling that Taylor is stubborn and only listens to the voices in his head.

  23. I’ve always wondered why he hasn’t gotten into a work out schedule, most entertainers who want to cultivate a sexy persona do that. His arms could use work, as they’ve been insulted before as one of the parts of him that make him look older than his years. lol

    Yeah, lipo on the chin wouldn’t hurt. Poor guy, we’re lining him up for a total make over.

    You’re spot on Snow, if he indeed wants to pursue acting he needs concern himself on those aspects. When in Rome…

  24. Wha..? We all agree? 🙂

  25. Virtual Speak Says:

    Nope. But, I’ll shut it. 😉

  26. Just weighing in here for a minute to see what is going on. You guys are really running the gamut tonight on comments..;).

    While I agree that a makeover would help Taylor in the mainstream music market, my personal image of him is not a pumped up, plastic surgery kind of person.

    There is a reason that his voice has the resonance that it does and I would bet that has a lot to do with his upper chest and the amount of muscle as well as the make up of what we call his double chin. Doing stuff like that could possibly change his natural range and is that what we all really think that Taylor is about.

    For me, I look at him like any great musician. The real greats did what they did with what God gave them without worrying about looking Justin Timberlake pretty.

    So my advice for Taylor would be just to stay Taylor, because I really believe that is who the real musician is. OH… and btw.. I was at the first Earth Wind and Fire concert up at Woodstock and in my opinion both the audience and the main act themselves could not have been ruder to him and the band.

    For all the times that Taylor has done his utmost to thank his opening acts and to give props to them and to make sure the audience did, Earth Wind and Fire never once even thanked him or mentioned his name. For me that ruined the entire concert and I spent the whole EWF part walking around and talking to people that I happen to have known in the audience who btw felt the same way as me.

  27. Oh, he opened for them twice? Somehow that got by me. My sister saw him on Long Island (actually Fire Island).

    Willpen, you make some good points about not wanting to mess with Taylor’s voice.

  28. jerseyirish Says:

    Willpenn, I agree with you, wouldn’t want him to mess with what works for him. His chin is just a part of who he is and I happen to think it is cute!!!


  29. Caryl,

    It is also my understanding that EWF did the exact same thing the second night as well. What would have been the difference if they had just mentioned his name.

    I do remember that Ona Watson has some connection to EWF. I think that he may have done some openings for them back in the day, so I wonder if Ona’s connection to them had anything to do with Taylor opening for them. For what it was all worth, I highly doubt that he got ANY new fans from either of those concerts.

  30. ChromeDome — I forgot to add that I do own one of those purple butterfly shirts, too. I don’t think they’re necessarily representative of a hot bluesy-soul singer, but I sure did buy one! hahahaha.

    But, I draw the line at the glow-sticks. 😉

  31. Well my being a great fan from AI, but a rather recent reader and poster on blogs, I’m still in I love you all MF’s soul patrol phase. I enjoy Taylor, chin or no extra chins, and all of those who are big fans. The only problem, or fault I have found on line is those who pick apart other fans. If we take the time to discuss Taylor, his music, career, future, or even how he looks or dresses, then we are invested. Sure we’d like a big return on our investment, but most of all I believe we hope Taylor succeeds because he has talent and passion and loves learning about music, singing and performing. I just hope he has some good insight, and faith in himself to rise up and suceed in the music and entertainment business. I do not for a second think lipo on his chin/neck, will hurt his voice.

  32. Willpen, love you girl, but Justin is not at all pretty to me or handsome or sexy. Taylor is the hunk of the two.

  33. Lipo, huh? Wow, I just never know what I’m going to find when I come over here!! Lol!

    Snowstorm, I must say though, you nailed it for me tonight. I completely agree that Taylor should get back to his post-AI, pre-tour sitting in and jammin’ mode. What he did with the Allman Bros, Snoop Dog, Warren Haynes, etc not only gave the SP a treat, it gave Taylor some “street cred”. I’m sure the fans of those acts that saw the “American Idol” play with those musicians were (hopefully) duly impressed. And maybe, just maybe … they told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on …
    Seriously, when you talk about finding new fans, albeit not necessarily “younger ones” (as we know you strongly advocate… 😉 ), I truly feel that is the way for him to go.

    Great discussion here today!

  34. Justin is not sexy or pretty at. all. Just my opinion. I really don’t see the big deal if Taylor took a movie role. Mick Jagger did his first movie back in 1968 and it didn’t hurt the Stones’ music one bit. Hell, look at all the sappy movies Elvis did and he still made a musical comeback.

    Maybe Taylor wants to be like a Bette Midler or Cher – an entertainer who does it all.

  35. “Maybe Taylor wants to be like a Bette Midler or Cher ”

    A gay icon? haha, sorry, I couldn’t resist. But you’re right, a looooot of musicians have crossed over into acting. Maybe my problem with Taylor doing it is that I’m not sure he’s proven himself as a musicain yet. And the whole, “It’s all about the music” thing. But I’m tired and can’t think very clearly right now, so I’ll leave the discussion to you fine folks.

  36. What the hell? I come home from work and find that you guys have signed Taylor up for an extreme makeover? ahhahahahahaa

    I happen to be a fan of the Taylor pudge. I get the impression that he’s not very concerned with creating a sexy persona, although I could be way off base with that. But I do remember the early days of the AI tour, when one night he wore a white shirt, and everybody raved about how hot he looked in it. What’s interesting is that he wore white shirts more often than not after that. I don’t know if that had anything to do with his fans, or just the fact that he didn’t do a lot of laundry.

    As for Taylor wanting to be like Bette Midler or Cher?

    …I can’t even go there…


  37. Oh, and a big welcome to SixxFan and ChromeDome!! Thanks for posting!

  38. My advice for Taylor is to never, never, NEVER read advice from his fans. It’ll just make his head spin, and he’ll never please us all.

    My other piece of advice, which hopefully he will never read, because he took my earlier advice, would be simply this . . . SING.

    I’m still trying to figure out how his arms make him look old, though.

  39. I’m with ya on the old arms comment, soulaz. I don’t really get that either…ahahaha

  40. IMO some of this guys decisions have been so lame, they make me cringe and I feel he’s the only one to blame for his lack of respect. He didn’t keep it real. Yep. I said it. I don’t expect any big changes for this new album. I still feel he’ll shout Soul Patrol and limit his audience as usual. The fact that he keeps shouting “Soul Patrol” just seems so dumb to me when there’s very few people that want anything to do with it. It’s like he’s grasping on to those Idol days as long as he can. Not sure why.

    So my advice would be: “grow up.” His older looks and charm gave people the (wrong) illusion of a mature man, ready for the big time. But I see him as kind of immature, talks a big talk, and is not very experienced. It shows. I feel he’s been dishonest, promised things just to appease fans and make himself look good. So my other piece of advice would be “stop being such a fucking car salesman and be honest.”

    My other piece of advice would be: stop with the cheesy plays if you want anyone to ever take you seriously. Grease is great if you want to remain in the semi-limelight but it’s never ever going to get you respect as a musician. I can accept he has other talents, but he doesn’t strike me as “all about the music.” And I don’t believe Grease is his stepping stone towards a come-back.

    I think he is a great live performer, but I don’t feel his recorded music is as good as some would like to say it is. If it was, he would have made it without Idol and the visual aspect. JMO.

    Felt good to get that off my chest.

  41. Welcome Blue!! I think you’re going to fit in perfectly around here.

  42. I was going to comment on WTF? about Justin Timberlake being pretty, but some of you guys already have covered that, lol.

    Hi Sixx, good to see you here!

    Regarding the ‘arms’ comment – that was a topic on a site that had pics up of Taylor in short sleeves, he was doing one of those golf events. One of the posters were saying his arms looked like their grandpa’s – several others chimed in agreements. Funny considering who knows what their arms, torsos or for that matter their faces looked like. Always easier to criticize others from behind the computer screen.

    Hello Blue, just lay it out there baby, don’t hold back, don’t be shy. hahaha

  43. Hi, Spin! Nice to see you here too. This is a good blog and I’m enjoying it.

    By the way, I was kidding about the Cher/Bette Midler thing.

  44. I know. hahaha!

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