Big Bad 19E(vil) Idol…updated with article


I was surfing around the internet today, when I happened upon I scanned the front page, just looking to see what was on it. I found information about Clay Aiken, Melinda Doolittle, Ruben Studdard, Carrie Underwood and of course David Cook. Several other names were mentioned, but Taylor Hicks was not one of them. We touched on this subject in an earlier post, but do you think Taylor really got a raw deal with Idol, or do you think the Soul Patrol is crying foul and blaming Taylor’s lackluster career on whoever they can find?

So, Taylor has a single coming out (alledgedly) in a couple of weeks, he’s touring with Grease…and no mention of him anywhere. Of course, AI doesn’t really have an obligation to market him. Or do they? Taylor has made the claim that he is going to be on AI this season. My recollection is that he said that last year, too. Didn’t watch it, but I’m sure I would have heard about it if he were on. In fact, I haven’t watched Idol since Season Five. The appeal just seems to be gone.

ETA: Was surfing around for a different post I’m working on..and found this article.

Maybe it isn’t just the Soul Patrol who has noticed. Huh.


22 Responses to “Big Bad 19E(vil) Idol…updated with article”

  1. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Went over to the AI site haven’t been there since early 2007, you are right there is no mention of him anywhere except if you hit season 5 the top 10 or so pictures and under his name winner, thats it. Didn’t get a good vibe over there as far as Taylor is concerned.

    Do I think they owe him anything now, no, did they owe him promotion of his CD then, yes they did. Regardless of what went on between them he won the season and did not get what other winners did, radio play and promotion. No excuse that his genre didn’t fit, I hear songs on the radio close to what he does and they get radio play, so to me that is nonsence, they didn’t live up to their end of the deal. And yes I think Clive Davis was behind it all. I know some don’t agree with that, but he can make you and he can unmake you, at least at that time before he was pushed out.

    As far as Taylor being on season 7 the only interview I had heard him mention season 7, he was asked if he would be in the finale and he said no I won’t be on season 7 at all my schedule won’t allow it. He was no longer under contract at that point he made it work for season 6. That was another irrating thing he was not announced on season 6 as the reigning winner just Taylor Hicks, no fanfare nothing.

    If he does appear on season 8, it will be interesting to see his reception. He probably doesn’t care how they react to him, just wants to get his music out to a large audience and appearing on Idol will do that for him, they use him, he uses them.


  2. jerseyirish, I’m curious, what songs do you hear on Top 40 radio that is close to what Taylor did on the TH cd?

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, I am comparing to other Idols I hear on the radio, I thought the songs “Runaround”, “Give me Tonight” were of the pop genre, close to others on Idol that get alot of air play, Elliot, Jordin, even some of what Kelly did. ” Just to feel that Way”, Places I’ve Been”, and “The Right Place”, were ballads just like a Michael Blube not an Idol and some of Elliot’s ballads got airplay, his didn’t. The other Idols music was pushed he wasn’t for whatever the reason was, it didn’t happen. I just felt alot of what was on that CD could have done well on radio had it been promoted. Just my opinion I felt he didn’t get the promotion the CD deserved.


  4. Actually, none of Taylor’s songs were a fit for Top 40 radio, except maybe Give Me Tonight. Also, Michael Blube is not played on Top 40, but he gets played on Jazz stations. Something tells me you don’t listen to Top 40 radio stations.

  5. I also thought the Runaround was probably the worst song I have ever heard. And the more I heard him sing it, the more I didn’t like it.

  6. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, No I don’t listen to much radio anymore, but do tune in to NY radio stations that play Michael and the rest I mentioned, they all might not be top 40 but they get airplay. I liked the Runaround, liked the beat/tempo. Actually I enjoyed the whole CD, like I have said wasn’t what I was expecting but wasn’t disappointed either. Just got back from running some errands had that CD on and Early Works and some Christmas songs of his that my daughter downloaded for me. I realize you were not satisfied with the CD, but I do feel many songs were radio friendly and if he had gotten the promotion like Chris did maybe his CD would have had more success.


  7. SS, I’m going to have to side with jerseyirish on this one. Wikipedia actually lists “Just To Feel This Way” as achieving a #20 peak spot on the AC charts, and “Places I’ve Been” was penned by none other than Diane Warren, whose success in the music industry is the stuff of legends. Seriously, if Diane Warren couldn’t submit a song worthy of Top 40 radio airplay, I don’t know who could.

    Why wasn’t her music successful for Taylor? Well, that too, is most likely the stuff made of legends, but I think most will that both sides were at least partly to blame: the artist accustomed to complete creative control over his product, and the sleek media machine that is 19E that is all about profit, not so much about quality.

  8. Dec 2 Taylor was in the news at AI… 2

    Big Plans For Taylor Hicks
    December 2, 2008 – Posted by Marnie

    He has days off from Grease in LA March 18,19 and San Francisco April 7,8,9…possibly set aside to do AI…

  9. jerseyirish Says:

    YKW, Thanks, I really thought many of the songs were radio friendly especially “Just to Feel That Way”. I agree having Daine Warren pen the song and not get air play/success didn’t make sense either. Your last statement totally agree with you.


  10. Thanks, cochem. I appreciate the info. At least they remember that he was an Idol.

    I actually thought The Right Place could have probably made it on a lite rock station.

  11. I never will understand why TRP did not receive any feature play on all those television talk shows he was on following his win – and then subsequent shows. That “Runaround” with his mad dancing over and over again, show after show was absolutely redundant after a while. Never liked that tune much to begin with – figured that was the single off the eponymous CD but then it just faded away. “The Maze” would have made a good candidate for soft pop/rock media stations and so would have TRP.

  12. I agree, Sunny. I was sure the single would be Runaround…I always wondered if that had anything thing to do with the fact that Loren wrote it.

  13. Virtual Speak Says:

    So many mistakes, so little time to rectify them where Taylor’s TH CD was concerned.

    My personal opinion was The Runaround wasn’t that great to begin with. But, to make Taylor go on every talk show from NY to LA and everywhere in between, sing the shit out of it, then change the single was just adding fuel to the already gaslit situation.

    No, I don’t believe the Soul Patrol is the only ones to notice that Taylor was gaslighted, but, I do think that because the quality of music wasn’t there, nobody came to his defense except the SP.

    The SP is rich in history of being the “Defenders Of Taylor” so basically, their cries, like Taylor’s CD fell on deaf ears.

    I do think some backroom shady dealings went on at 19E and I think the reason Taylor appeared to allow this situation to roll off his back, is because he knew that if he didn’t balk- it was grounds to buy, or beg out of his contract..

  14. I’ll be interested to see the opening credits for AI this year. I might have to watch..just for that reason alone. hahah

  15. jerseyirish Says:

    VS, Agree with all you said. He may have played this to get out of his contract that is an interesting twist.

    iag, Watched some of last season he was on the picture roll at the begining. I know he wasn’t in the picture roll for season 6 about midway through his picture did appear, must have got alot of complaints. I want to see what the reception is if he does appear during this season, how he is treated compared to his appearance on season 6 finale. He was introduced first by Carrie then by Kelly no mention he was the winner of season 5.
    Then the Clive rant was to me just totally out of line that night.


  16. Taylor didn’t appear on AI last year because he had nothing new to market along with schedule conflicts. This year he does, so it makes sense for him to do this. He’s smart enough to see that by performing new music on AI, millions of viewers will be exposed to his new music and hopefully purchase.

    Regarding the SP and AI…I think the SP has gone overboard at times concerning the defense of Taylor Hicks. He’s a grown man and can take care of himself. I also think that the reaction from AI towards Taylor is a 2 way street. No one knows what went down between these 2 parties, but we do know for fact that Mr. Hicks (by his own admission in his “tell all” book ) ruffled feathers by trying to organize against AI and their business tactics early on in the competition. I think he sealed his fate with them at that time.

    Is AI and 19 shady? Sure they are! The entertainment business is shady to begin with. But their focus is to make money and if the cd was worth promoting, I think they would have done their part. Sorry, but the self-titled cd wasn’t that good.

    Bottom line with American Idol is they expose us to new talent and without that show, we wouldn’t know the name Taylor Hicks.

  17. it’sallgrey-This blog is great! The best I’ve seen regarding TH in a long time.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  18. I have to agree with casualfan.. this is by far the best TH blog I have ever seen so far. Thank you for starting this blog – it was long overdue.

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone!

  19. jerseyirish Says:

    Iag, Really enjoy your blog always good discussions going on, many varying opinions, but it all seems to work. Thanks!!

    Merry Christmas, to your and yours.


  20. Thanks, guys..I appreciate the compliments but without y’all posting I would just be talking to myself!!

    Happy Holidays!

  21. Happy Holidays IAG, glad you started this blog.

  22. Yes, I like this blog too. It’s nice to see folks having discussions w/o arguing.

    Snowstorm, you mentioned in a different post that you found it ridiculous that Taylor’s fans were picking the new single on Gray’s site. I guess you haven’t been around too many fansties. Even Motley Crue and the Stones have done this on their official sites. It really isn’t anything new. However, I’ve never believed that these artists actually go with what their fans choose!

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