…and he called it Modern Whomp

Ever since Taylor came up with this idea for a genre of music, I’ve been intrigued. I mean, here’s this guy, who happened to win a karaoke contest, trying to change the face of music. Wouldn’t it have been a hell of a lot easier to try to fit into a category instead trying to make up a new one? It’s pretty obvious to everyone that the idea of modern whomp hasn’t exactly taken off. The only real definition of modern whomp that I could find came from a December 2006 interview.

“It’s my modern take on modern soul music,” Hicks said. “I like to say the word ‘modern whomp music’ because it’s just got that funky, bluesy, jazzy, but modern edge. And that’s kind of the route I wanted to take on this album.”


This album, of course, being his self titled CD. I’ve already discussed my feelings on that cd, and the style of it. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the sound he was going for, at least I hope not. There really wasn’t anything funky or even modern about it.

Nobody even knows what modern whomp is supposed to sound like. You can’t really invent a genre of music if you don’t even know what it’s supposed to sound like. Maybe Taylor knows, and it’s rolling around in that gray head of his, and if that’s the case, then he needs to articulate it a little bit better. Hopefully, he’ll accomplish that with this new album and then everybody can go “OH!!  THAT’S what he meant!!”

I don’t really know what he means by modern whomp, but I know what I would like it to sound like…

Definitely some of this, too…

I think if Taylor can get back to the basics…back to what made him hunger for fame and fortune for all those years, then I think he’s going to succeed. But, if he ends up with another overproduced, slickly mixed CD, then I have a feeling that Taylor just might end up back in those bars where he spent so many years.



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  1. Modern Whomp = Crap

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I think Taylor’s idea of modern whomp is his pre idol work and his take/presentation of other artists work, ie Here Comes the Sun, beautifully done. I agree that this CD has to be well received for Taylor to survive in the business. His last CD although it wasn’t what I was expecting did love it. Like you said it was overproduced not enough time was put into it, they rushed him to get it out on their schedule. He has had the time to put his heart and soul into this one and I believe those who really enjoy the man won’t be disappointed.


  3. His pre Idol work is what drew me in…I mean, the AI persona was fun, goofy and entertaining. But when I ordered Under the Radar, I thought to myself, “This is really good music.”

    Personally, I think he needs to drop the whole idea of modern whomp, and just focus on making really good music.

  4. JI, I fervently hope you are right! I honestly don’t even care if the CD has skyrocketing sales, all I’m asking for are critical reviews. The most heartening thng about the last CD were the reviews Taylor’s original music received. While the critics panned a few of the songs with a “pop” feel, his original music “The Deal”, “Soul Thing”, and (on the WalMart release) “Hell of a Day” all received encouraging commentary.

  5. Except, those songs were overproduced on that album, but we won’t go there right now.

    YKW, I don’t think critical reviews are so important…I think he needs fans, fans who like to spend money.

  6. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I think Taylor wants to do things his way and modern whomp is part of his personna, he has always called his music that a cross between soul, and blues. Your right the CD was over produced when he did those songs live they were presented differently then on the CD.

    YKW, I do remember the reviews on his original work also, most thought they were very good, so I have faiith that the new CD will reflect who he is as a singer/songwriter.

    When Early Works came out we went on vacation I had bought extra 4 copies to give to my sister-in-law and niece. My niece had already picked it up. We stayed on my sister-in-laws boat. We had Early Works on and had folks come up to the boat to ask who it was. When I told them Taylor Hicks they said wow he is really good. I gave the extra copies away. When my husband and I would walk around the marina at night we could hear his music being played. What I think needs to be done is really good marketing of his CD, to reach more folks I am a little concerned that the single drops in a little over two weeks and have seen no promotion on it. Not understanding that one. Unless they are doing something connected with Grease to promote that will start after the new year.


  7. Regarding the moniker, “Modern Whomp” what artist just really getting started breaks out with claiming they’re changing the face of music, name a whole new genre just for themselves? Perhaps that win off the reality show and all the madness that went along that season with his win set some ego tripping the light fantastic. I could see how that would happen considering how that frenzy built on the show. Regular celebs were vying for seats in the venue, the internet was on fire over the show and him, man, Hicks was making a lot of news. New musical genres are usually dubbed by the public, i.e. music experts, the press, etc. not by an artist. Hell, at lease he did not go changing his name to some whack symbol like that artist, once again known as Prince. hahahaha. 😛

    Should that new album actually be still planned for a March release date, promo should begin as soon as possible. The fact the single is set to drop in two weeks and nothing even on his pay to play site nor his MySpazz site – the place most musicians with a page, start spinning their new tunes. Man, you’d think he’d have his peeps with the pay site put at least part of the tune up as one of those ‘perks’ for joining that Special Place.

    Seriously, what does he think he’s got the world perched on the edge of their seats waiting for it? He may be reading too many of his die hard fan sites if he thinks that. Look at sales for “Early Works” as an example.

    Call me a concerned fan.
    (Had a wild weekend so feeling a little ‘frisky’ today. ha.)

  8. Virtual Speak Says:

    The words “Modern Whomp.” is most of the problem. It’s a ridiculous moniker that most people, especially, young kids are even embarrassed to pronounce.

    I’d like to shake him, and say “Get with it, damn you!”

    Grrr.. I’m bitchy today.

  9. I’m not so sure that the single is going to drop in two weeks. That would involve believing something that Taylor said. I mean, he’s supposed to be promoting it with Grease, right? Well, now, rumor has it that he’s going to start in early January, which would be Chicago.

    I guess we’ll just wait and see, but once again, I’m not holding my breath.

    Don’t even get me started on the pay site. That place is ridiculous for breaking new info. Nothing gets broken there.

  10. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, Agree with you, I think he did believe he could do it, but the CD just didn’t come out the way he presented modern whpmp to be, so it lost its luster with folks. Wouldn’t you think by now there would be something hinting to the new single, or maybe he is just gonna start it when he sings it on the Grease tour, who knows what promotion they are planning on doing, but they better start soon.

    VS, I don’t think modern whomp is so bad, just that the CD didn’t live up to what he said it would be the bluesy/soul thing. If he wants to continue to use this label I would think this CD should reflect what he has been saying all along, this will be his best work. I’m rooting for him!!!


  11. *typo alert* not lease (? HAHAHA) should be *least* I mean, wow I had a wild weekend. lol

  12. […] over at It’s All Grey today put my brain wheels turning. Something had to help spark those brain cells I must have killed […]

  13. Virtual Speak Says:

    My honest opinion is the he may start hawking the single soon. But, will the CD be released in March? I kind of doubt it.

    This CD will be like a crying baby, until he’s finished with Grease, he cannot tend to it properly.

    JI- I think there are a few reasons Modern Whomp didn’t reach catapult the way he wanted, was because the name in itself is just silly. It sounds gimmicky and made up. Coupled with the fact that his last CD didn’t live up to it’s bluesy/soul expectations.

    This is where things get a bit sketchy for me. If Taylor is as difficult as people behind the scenes have reported, how did he allow this to happen in the first place?

    He literally walked off the AI Tour bus, and into the studio to make the first CD. It was finished within six weeks. Of course it was overproduced, rushed and not at all the same Taylor his fans voted for.

    Instead of the AI suits working with Taylor, they stupidly assumed that they would bank on the fact, that he had so many votes, and surely all those people that dialed till their fingers bled would buy the CD.

    The man was blackballed from the start. They made him go on every talk show and sing one song, then they changed up his single. What? Then, gave him no video etc.

    Let’s just hope that lessons were learned and whatever single he picks, he sticks with it.

  14. Seriously, what does he think he’s got the world perched on the edge of their seats waiting for it? He may be reading too many of his die hard fan sites if he thinks that. Look at sales for “Early Works” as an example.

    Call me a concerned fan.
    (Had a wild weekend so feeling a little ‘frisky’ today. ha.)

    Frisky is good! LOL.
    If he’s counting on the immediate acclaim of the Soul Patrol, he’s not thinking long range. He’ll have that audience, that’s a given. I think, though, that most of us agree he’s going to need more than that to make it last. He’s going to need critical success, and new blood to the SP.

    “Modern Whomp” is going to be Taylor’s doppelganger. It doesn’t make his sound “artistic”, just … “off”. *sigh*

  15. jerseyirish Says:

    VS, Totally agree with you. Taylor was so hyped by the number of votes he received I guess they thought the CD would sell itself, unfortunatley he had to do the promoting it on his own. I have heard he was very difficult behind the scenes and that could be alot of what went down with AI. Still I think they should have lived up to their end of the deal and promoted throughtout with that CD. I think he did a good job on his tour, his live conerts were excellent. Yeah they did have him on every talk show, then nothing, even Season 6 when he appeared in the finale was not even introduced as Season 5 winner just Taylor Hicks, got no recognigtion at all. He is supposed to appear on Season 8 singing the new single, we will have to wait and see the reception he recieves then.


  16. JI..we’ll have to wait on the reception IF he even goes on AI this season.

    Let’s just say Taylor was a jackass to the people at AI. If that’s true, and his whole attitude of “I know everything” wasn’t embellished at all, then I wouldn’t have held up my end of the deal if I were behind the scenes at AI. I mean, we could blame Taylor’s failure to break into the “big time” on AI, but it’s kind of like blaming your parents for acting stupid when you’re an adult. At some point, you have to suck it up and start taking responsibility.

  17. VS–

    You know why Modern Whomp sounds gimmicky and made up? Because it IS gimmicky and made up.

    Hmm. Could it be ego getting in the way of marketing? I don’t know, but if we have to put up with the same sort of marketing genius we had to put up with last time, I’ll be ready to give up.

  18. The Taylor Hicks CD was rushed because Taylor refused to work on it during the Idol tour and he was given every opportunity to work on it. It’s his own fault for making very bad decisions. The after-shows with LMBO were most likely a big failure, since nobody cares about LMBO anymore. I do agree that the whole Idol experience went to his head – Ford commercial, TV appearences, People magazine. I think it’s safe to say, out of all the Idol winners, Taylor Hicks got the most publicity. But, in the end, it’s the music that counts and most of those songs were just bland. Also, as I recall, didn’t the fans choose the single on Gray Charles? WTF? I’ve never in my life heard of fans choosing the single and this fanbase does not listen to the radio – how in the hell would they know what to choose? It’s so obvious, the TPTB screwed him over and most of the people that voted for him, let him down by not buying the CD. Just more evidence, that the reality TV show has nothing to do with people actually shelling out their dollars.

    As far as Modern Whomp, it was a stupid gimmick to get people to buy, since his CD was mostly pop ballads and not very good ones either. When will Taylor Hicks learn – gimmicks do not work, your GQ looks do not work….ONLY GOOD MUSIC WORKS!

  19. This topic gets me worked so worked up, yeek! I mentioned Modern Whomp to my son and daughter in law, who were bigger Tay fans than I was during AI5, but have lost interest. They said it reminded them of swamp. It is my belief AI wanted Tay to do a video of Runaround and that they more than likely wanted him to release it as a single prior the the CD. They did both of those things with Kat and Chris, so there is no reason they would not have urged Taylor to do the same. When he auditioned, he said he wanted his voice heard because he believed he had one. When he won big it had to be overwhelming for him, the instant fame, talk, attention, hotest bachelor, interviews, and tens of thousands of ardent fans on the AI tour. He felt vindicated and perhaps it all went to his head. Lets face it, he does have good instincts as a performer. His decisions and sometimes indecisions, post AI have cost him. Something unpleasant had to have gone down for TPTB to have treated him so badly, which was noted during season 6. That something, was most likely head butting during the CD recording and promotion. Dare I say, most of the blame for that lies with Taylor. I do think he learned a hard lesson. He is a talent who deserves to be heard and seen and I wish him the best. Sometimes I feel like crying for him. I just love him but get so frustrated!

  20. Virtual Speak Says:

    I’m with you eysial. If the marketing goes sour with this record, I think many will just give up. He’s on borrowed time with his fans as it is. People are tired of the broken promises etc.

    Snowstorm- I think the same could be said about this newest release. He farted around in NY all summer. He said himself he made a snap decision to do Grease over a BBQ sandwich. You have to book studio time in NY months in advance. His Grease gig took up a suffient amount of time, but, not the kind of time he’d like his fans to think it did.

    After his NY run was over, he beat it home to Alabama, more farting around ensued.

    Guaranteed, when this run is over (there are several conflicting reports on that too) he’ll need a vacation before he tours the new CD. We are looking at close to a good year before he gets on the road again.

    I don’t even think LMBO is a band anymore. Funny, how fickle a fandom can be. Honestly, they were a better than average bar band. They rode Taylor’s coat tails. Taylor is an upstanding guy to have allowed it. Afterall, Taylor is the one that had the balls to try out for Idol in the first place. Not, LMBO.

    That shadow tour pacified fans because at that time. Taylor fans were clamoring to hear him in a different setting other than on the AI tin foiled stage.

    Once again. Gimmick.

    We’re onto ya Taylor..

    Try a new route.. like a great CD. We’re all pulling for you.

  21. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Yes I did hear he was most diffictult about not recording during the tour, so he may have screwed himself in that sense. Others worked on their CD’s during the tour, he chose to go with LIMBO which may have been caused his downfall from Idol to start. Hopefully he has learned from these past experiences and will be moving forwward in the right direction.

    Eysail, I agree it is gimmicy hopefully it will work in his favor this time around.

    SS, i agree with what you say fame went to his head, and rather quickly. I didn’t know about the thing on Gray Charles,
    letting the fans pick the single, thats just nuts.

    Rosie, Agree with all you said, I really thought the runaround was to be the single that was to be promoted from the CD, I was surprised because I thought that song of everything on the CD was radio friendly, but it just never made it. He has had almost three years to digest everything that happened during season 5 lets hope he has a different attidude about things and how getting a helping hand from those in the know isn’t a bad thing.


  22. Maybe Taylor is too much of a nice guy, but nice guys do not make it in the music business. It is a cut-throat business and Taylor should have been concentrating and working hard on his own stuff before letting LMBO share in the limelight. Maybe Taylor had already convinced himself he had it made and I can honestly see how that might have happened. I also think Taylor probably has ADHD and Taylor needs a manager and assistant who can take of him and his schedule. I don’t know anything about his friend Bill Will, but something tells me he is not the right person to take care of things for Taylor.

    Yes, he can redeem himself by making a great CD and that’s his only hope right now.

  23. Virtual Speak Says:

    How could winning the most popular show in America, receiving the most votes to date, being plucked from obscurity, being America’s hottest bachelor etc.. not mess with someones head?

    I do believe Taylor probably is much more inexperienced in the music business than he once suggested. We know what he’s told us… Doors would be slammed in his face etc.

    Maybe some part of him felt responsible to carry his LMBO buddies to fame with him?

    Reaching fame and fortune so quickly- it’s also understandable that you’d want someone you can trust such as Bill Will. But, there comes a point, where you have to say to yourself.. “OK.. he’s a good buddy to confide in, but, he isn’t helping my cause.”

    I’m sure Bill is a great guy. But, if Taylor is serious about reivention. He needs to surround himself with people that have no vested interest in his fame, such as buddying up to fans, and the fringe benefits.. Yes, we’ve all heard the stories..

    I don’t know if Taylor has ADD or ADHD but he certainly seems to be a poster child of it in motion.

  24. There is no way that Taylor is going to let an outsider in. That’s just not his MO. I have a feeling Bill Will is going to there for the long haul. I don’t Taylor could pay somebody enough money to put up with him and carry the backpack.

    As for the LMBO shadow tour, I don’t think that had anything to do with the band’s career path or Taylor’s. They are a bar band…you can’t go anywhere else without major labeling behind you.

    And I’m not sure that Taylor’s really a nice guy.

  25. There is definitely something wrong with Taylor. He’s all over the place with inconsistencies and I don’t think he has any control over it. I don’t think he initiates anything himself either – only when he’s asked to do something. Just look at that sad paid website he has. It’s obvious Taylor has no involvement in that site, whatsoever. I think only when someone asks him to do something, he goes along with it. I think GC was good at getting Taylor to participate, but once that ended, it was over. It’s obvious, Bill Will does not care about that either.

    Taylor just does not have the right kind of people taking care of things for him and someone who has attention deficit needs someone who can take things over and be very, very sharp. I don’t know anything about the manager, but he seems to be ineffective, as well.

  26. That was the whole point of the shadow tour, to get a major label backing them. Remember, when Taylor asked fans to write J Records to let LMBO be his band?

  27. Right, but obviously Taylor had a pretty naive way of thinking if he thought that was going to work.

  28. jerseyirish Says:

    Everyone, My son has ADD and most of his bandmates, they all figet just a little differently. I know from my own perspective with my son, i had to stay on him contantly or he would be all over place, I couldn’t let my guard down with him for a minute. He is now 22 and can pretty much focus himself where he should be. Taylor being 32 don’t know if they had the kind of help my son got in school, classes that actually taught him to focus and set priorities. I look at Taylor in the interviews and see my son, constantly moving hands, arms and legs, classic ADD behavior. Unless BW is a strong personality he won’t be able to help Taylor staying focused where he needs to be. The way Taylor acts, he is not medicated for ADD/ADHD there is just to much movement I also never medicated my son. so he is in constant motion also.

    I agree with what everyone says that it all came very quickly to him and being human I think we all would react the same. Look at folks that win the big lotteries their lives are never the same. I really think he is trying to stay grounded, he said he needed to do something as the phone stopped ringing in 08, thus Grease which put him back in public eye in a very positive way.


  29. I find it hard to believe that Taylor, being the AI, couldn’t get a record label after being dropped. I get that he wanted his own label to do what he wanted to, and that takes cash…and I get that Grease was probably a means to an end in that regard. But damn, if you want to be a musician, then be a damn musician.

  30. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I could be wrong but I believe I read he was offered other record deals but couldn’t find a good match for what he wanted, thats why he decided to go with his own label. I think the music is his real passion, but the Grease gig is just to get him where he wants to be, he needs the money to keep flowing in. Even when I see vid’s of him performing over the past couple of months you can see being on that stage is where he wants to be, you can feel his passion for the music.
    Other entertainers have gone other routes to get by he is no different, you do what you have to do.


  31. I had my hopes up for Taylors post Idol CD. It was OK. I felt quite let down, though……….I was hoping for some Taylor-made soul……..don’t care what he wants to call it, whomp, swamp, whatever………as long as it is good. I’d prefer good to just OK. His first 2 CDs really impressed me. Son of a Carpenter, loved it…………hoped for more but got swanky instead. Here’s hoping for a better CD this time. The problem with Taylor is that he has fans from 7 to 77 years old. Chris Daughtry was easy=rock. Carrie Underwood was easy = country……..but what the hell is Taylor? Soul? Jazz? Country? Blues?………you can’t please all the people all of the time, if you try, what you will get is what we got in the CD “Taylor Hicks”

  32. Exactly, Barb. Where does he fit? I guess that’s why he decided to make his own genre, but that’s not going so well for him.

  33. O.M.F.G.
    and quit obsessing over Hicks every thought and movement. You’ve heard this and heard that, Not one person here KNOWS anything. I wonder how you would like a bunch of people who don’t KNOW one single thing about you, pick apart all your decisions.
    At least not one single thing you think effects anything, thank God.

  34. LOL, henry8!

    Pot? Kettle? Much?!!

    The only thing we’re doing here is speculating. It helps to pass the time. I would never venture to label anyone here as “obsessed” over Taylor Hicks. Do you know the posters so well, henry8? Are they neglecting families and jobs over the primal need to post on this blog?

    Come on and join the discussion. You might have something of value to add.

  35. Virtual Speak Says:

    The only thing we seem to be affecting is you henry8. Imagine? People with differing opinions, and there hasn’t been one argument here amongst all the speculation.

    Funny thing is.. if you really read this blog, you’d see that these posters are fans. Not “obsessed” ones. Not once have I seen anyone say they were “in the know” about anything. As YKW said.. why don’t you join in?

  36. The goal of this blog is reality based. It’s ok if we don’t affect anything. We’re not trying to. All we’re trying to do is have an ongoing discussion about a musician we all happen to like. Honestly, that’s been a hard pressed thing to find in this fandom.

    I would love to hear what you have to say about things, henry8. Having differing viewpoints makes for an entertaining discussion.

  37. jerseyirish Says:

    Henry, One thing everyone has in common is that they enjoy the man and his music. Many differ on his career choices, I think his move to Broadway was a good one, it has gotten him back in the public light in a positive way. I enjoy seeing him doing different things. Yes alot of speculation about his time on Idol, no one knows what really happened just different things we all have read, came to the conclusion that things did not go well for him after his win. There are definetely differing opinions here, but the bottom line is, all respect the posters and their opinions, there are no personal attacks, we might not agree but everyone’s point is well taken. They have their views I have mine and I am not attacked for my different stand. iag I thank you for letting all comments be heard and allowing good conversations to take place.


  38. Virtual Speak Says:

    IAG- The reason there are no open ongoing discussions about Taylor anywhere is because censorship has been so indoctrinated into this fandom, but being rude to people with an open mind is tolerated.

  39. Sorry, I don’t have the time for 24/7 dicussion about anyone. But one point , the reason you wear on my nerves . I see little reality or open minds. I see people who think they know things based on something they heard. I see a man of intelligence, drive, determination, talent, one that herded a band around the southeast with little money and no help. A man that put together a very good album at the age of 19/20 with little money or help. One that had the courage and confidence to try on AI even though he probably knew it really wasn’t somewhere he fit in. One that has found a way to manitain ownership of his artistic work where others have not. Many here seem to see a man that can’t scrach his ass properly without a keeper.
    I see a bad boy and a good one, an onery fart with a sense of humor. A man that hopes to be something special in the world. Many here seem to see a nervous nitwit.
    I see a competant human being, totally able to take care of themselves. A little stubborness and a belief in what is best for him. Not someone who is “difficult to work with” just because they are an ass.
    I could go on but thats all the time I have.

  40. I think one of my biggest questions about Taylor is what happened to that man who made that music at 19 or 20? Where did he go to? Nobody has ever said here that he wasn’t talented or determined. In fact, he might be a little too determined. The conversation regarding this post was what everybody thought about creating your own genre of music when you only have a foot in the door in the music industry.

    Obviously you are going to choose to believe what you want about why we are here, and that’s your prerogative. I also might question a little bit your belief that he might know what’s best for him. Obviously, AI was a good decision, but since then his decisions haven’t always been in the best interest of his career, in my opinion.

  41. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    Wow Henry.

    Romper stomper, domper doo. I see a woman who uses seventeen different screen names, and posts on a blog named TaylorHicksGirlfriend. A woman that he hasn’t dated in a very long time.

    You continually go around to different blogs and boards and start with people. So, your “not having time” argument is looking rather dismal.

    Let’s break down your rant shall we?

    I see little reality or open minds. I see people who think they know things based on something they heard.

    It’s called speculation. Look it up.

    I see a man of intelligence, drive, determination, talent, one that herded a band around the southeast with little money and no help. A man that put together a very good album at the age of 19/20 with little money or help. One that had the courage and confidence to try on AI even though he probably knew it really wasn’t somewhere he fit in.

    Ummm.. the last I saw a few people said Taylor was an upstanding guy for carting LMBO around. VS even said Taylor is the one that had the balls to try out for AI. Not LMBO. Yes, he did make two good albums when he was 19-20 years old. That was 12 or 13 years ago.

    One that has found a way to manitain ownership of his artistic work where others have not. Many here seem to see a man that can’t scrach his ass properly without a keeper.

    The man himself says he hides his own Easter eggs. He can laugh at himself. Try it.

    I see a bad boy and a good one, an onery fart with a sense of humor. A man that hopes to be something special in the world. Many here seem to see a nervous nitwit.

    Exactly. A sense of humor. Please point out where someone called him a nitwit.

    I see a competant human being, totally able to take care of themselves. A little stubborness and a belief in what is best for him. Not someone who is “difficult to work with” just because they are an ass.

    My dear, I believe you called him an ass.

    You also know perfectly well who this blog belongs too. I can’t help but think you’re trolling because you know the blog owner and TMS members split.

  42. jerseyirish Says:

    Henry, I think he has done wonderful work, loved his early work, know he was young and had not much to work with and produced beautiful music. I don’t see a dumb ditwit, but I do see him figet alot nothing wrong with that, it is part of his personna. Some believe that is what he should still be doing not doing what he is, this is his career and his choices it is his journey through life, I am enjoying all he has to offer.


  43. ran back for a second before work. And LOL , really.
    Everyone knows who I am shadowlessSoul, what other names do you use? I am heny8, soultime, cee, and karoray. I hide nothing. And of course I know who owns this blog. And I’m sure she knows who I am.
    I hope I haven’t dated recently since I am married. He might object. 🙂
    And why is that important to you. hehe
    I wan’t ranting, I was giving my opinion of others opinions, obviously I don’t think all that much of them. If you were paying attention, you would know that I post very little any more. Except to put up a video or some news about Taylor. You guys riled me a little , this is the most I have had to say for a long time. Actually i am bored with the constant angst and prefer going where I can just enjoy Taylor, joke about him a little and follow what he is up to. I just happen to think that he is a competent human being that can take care of himself and actually does know what he is doing. I am just real sure that he knows a whole lot more about what and why he does what he does than anyone else.
    Some really good musicians agreed to work with Taylor on this new CD, they must think there is a musician there somewhere. I have great faith in his abilities. Don’t think the musician has went anywhere. But he has to live in the real world. Idealism just doesn’t cut it.
    Don’t see where I called him an ass, I meant that is what someone else had called him. Whatever.
    I am neither the pot or the kettle. But believe what you want, it makes me no never you mind. 🙂
    I’m out. Gotta go to work and I think I’ve said all I came to say.

  44. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    Henry this would be the only name I use. I hide nothing either.

    You lost me on the whole married thing..

    As far as posting infrequently, who cares? I did see you get on someone at the Booger for contacting that person who left comments on Taylor’s facebook. Good for you. Kudos.

    It’s okay not to like other’s opinions, but, there’s no need to come here and post in the tone you had. We’re not children and don’t need a scolding. His competence and career choices as of late are his business, but, we as fans have a right to discuss it without retribution.

    Yes, Taylor does have a great line of musicians on his impending CD. I hope it’s great. I hope he charts, and I hope he becomes so huge that there’ll be no living with him.

    I refuse to argue on a blog. I’ve had enough clique bullshit and bickering to last me a lifetime.

    Happy Holidays.

    Going back into lurkdom. It’s much more fun. I stay out of trouble. 😉

  45. henry8, it’s obvious you love Taylor unconditionally. His music could be the worse crap ever and you would still say how wonderful he is. That’s fine with me if you want to think that way, but who are you to say that nobody else can have an opinion about him? Are you his keeper? Ha!

    The fact of the matter is 98% of the US population has forgotten who Taylor Hicks is. If you mention “Taylor Hicks” to a casual AI fan, they will say, “whatever happened to that guy?”. Taylor is no where near where he wants to be in his career. Do you really think for one minute he would have taken the teen angel part if he had been as successful as Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks or Kelly Clarkson? So, the facts are he has made bad decisions and mistakes and he did not deliver with his post-Idol CD. You are right – he is working with good musicians, but didn’t he work with good musicians on his tour? Didn’t he work with a good producer when he made his post-Idol CD? Matt Serletic produced the Grammy-winning hit single, “Smooth” for Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas. He also produced a Willie Nelson’s album ‘The Great Divide’ which earned him a Grammy award for Best Country Collaboration and a nomination for Best Country Album. So, having the best musicians and producers doesn’t really mean anything, because it’s the music and songs that counts.

    I still think a comeback is a big longshot for Taylor and it’s especially difficult for a former american idol winner – just being realistic. I would love it if he did make a comeback – nothing would make me happier.

  46. Oh, ShadowlessSoul…stay out and play with us. I think you can really contribute to our discussions.

  47. Hnery8, I believe your statement, “joke about him a little” needs stress on the “little” part. You have no humor where this man is concerned except to laugh at what he may say or deem as humor.

    This is a ‘discussion’ minded blog obviously, and you’re not into discussing anything but how great he sounded on this or that video from two years ago. Play nice henry8; really, there is a flip side to every coin. Walk in peace, it’s more pleasant than appointing yourself Sheriff of the Taylor Hicks Mind Control Committee.

  48. Yes, IAG, ShadowlessSoul is a brilliant fit here.

  49. Ok, so I guess we’ve decided that Taylor’s size 12’s can’t fill the Modern Whomp bootprint. Is there anybody out there right now that can create their own genre? Is it really an impossible task because of radio play and advertising?

  50. I think it’s near impossible to create a new genre. Everything has been done already. Certain genres do make comebacks and alternative soul/folk/jazz/blues is making a comeback of sorts. But, don’t ever underestimate the power of the teenage girl – they always have the power regarding music.

  51. God knows, I love an artist that can re-invent himself. Billy Joel did it with his “Uptown Girl” pop sound, and went on the write an opera. Garth Brooks did it with his Chris Gaines persona, although many will just call that a personality disorder.

    The problem with Modern Whomp is that Taylor didn’t define any new sound. His last CD sounded like any 19E engineered post AI romp in the studio. There was nothing distinctive about it.

    Tell us Taylor, tell us WHAT the Modern Whomp sound really is!! We’re waiting, dude. And we’re listening with open ears and open minds.

  52. jerseyirish Says:

    Wow, Go away to make some cookies. I know I tend to see Taylor and his career choices in a positive way, thats just me. I don’t see the Grease move as a bad thing, I see it as him moving forward. He is using his clout with Grease to cross promote his new CD, and include a shadow tour, he only stands to gain, both fans and financially, really not costing him anything to do any of this. I also think the Whomp is an extension of him and who he is, maybe it won’t work, but we don’t know that yet, I have faith it will work for him. I also know some see it very differently from me, and thats ok also, we all are here because we enjoy the man’s music and can discuss without anger or getting personal what we think and that is a good thing.


  53. Yeah, that would be me shadowless, just pissin folks off wherever I go.
    I’m liken this Sheriff post. Does it pay well? 🙂

  54. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    A nerve has obviously been struck as you did tell your friends about it on your “home blog.”

    However, I do look forward to reading your new blog. Love the title. 😉

  55. No , no nerve Shadowless. I just like to share funny things that happen on my home blog. It would made a great name for a blog tho. 🙂

  56. It’s a pity that an entertainer needs to fill a genre at all IMO.
    All genres lend to their own “popularity”, therefore “Pop”…….but all of us that voted for Taylor have a strong dislike for the bubblegummy-type “Pop” music and were hoping for a good throwback style.
    I wonder what genre Joe Cocker fits in, really?

  57. There is a way to put a modern twist on old music, but the Taylor Hicks CD failed in that regard. Some of the retro music is making somewhat of comeback with singers like Amy Winehouse, Adele and Duffy. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see what he comes up with.

  58. Very good point, Barb. I wonder indeed about Joe Cocker, Bob Dylan, even some newer artists, especially artists like Leann Rimes or Shania Twain, who make the pop/country jump seem effortless.

  59. I’m with you on that, Barb. We have a radio station here that plays everything. Lite rock, heavy metal, oldies, contemporary, current, country pop…I love that station. Taylor could easily fit on that kind of format.

  60. IAG, true there are stations like that, JACK FM one example.

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