Fun Friday

In the spirit of the holidays, I thought we would have a little fun.


You’re Bill Will, and you have two hours on Christmas Eve to find the perfect gift for Taylor.



25 Responses to “Fun Friday”

  1. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Pretty good topic kind of coming up blank, how about a perfectly shaped, pretty Christmas Elf, with a big red bow on her head, saying I’m yours!!! Or he could go with fishing gear, doesn’t Taylor like to fish?


  2. First thing I do (as Bill Will) is get Taylor’s credit card.

    Then, I go to Hooters, fill up on wings and suds. The next thing I know, I’m waking up with a jackhammer in my head and a buxom, dark haired waitress on top of me.

    Damn, is Taylor going to be pissed.

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    YKW, Pretty good, you have more of an imagination then me!!



    Sounds like something BW just might do. 😉

  5. Virtual Speak Says:

    If I were Bill- I’d pull out all the stops and pull every practical joke I could on Taylor. Of course after doing all these things, there’d be a whole new wardrobe from Jos. A. Banks awaiting him under the tree. Paid for by Taylor’s credit card of course.

    Just for starters. Feel free to add any.

    Loosen all the crotch threads on the Nudie suit.

    Put gum in his harmonica reeds.

    Swipe his Blackberry and erase his numbers.

    Take pictures of the most ridulous gifts Taylor has received from fans and post them on Myspace.
    Leak song lyrics and or the music.
    Put glue in the fingers of his golf glove.
    Make nonsensical random comments on fans myspace’s under Taylor’s name.
    Stuff his cowbells with the most ginormous panties and bras I could find.
    Remove the laces on his 87,361,0915,312,674 pairs of New Balance
    Sell laces on eBay
    Put fingerprints all over his sunglasses
    Hide his Purell stash

  6. omg, VS. Those are cracking me up!!

    My favorite has to be the random comments under Taylor’s name. Could you even imagine?? ahhahahhhah

    And hide the Purell stash? Now, that’s just mean!! haahaha

  7. jerseyirish Says:

    VS, That was really funny, liked the loosen all the crotch threads, can you imagine!!! So he uses Purell, interesting.


  8. You know what would be a nice present for Bill? Maybe Taylor could carry his own backpack for a day or two. 😯

  9. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, You guys are just too funny, another good one!!! 🙂


  10. Virtual Speak Says:

    I’d hedge a bet to say that Taylor is a re-gifter but will buy BW some new luggage tags for the backpack. 😉

  11. jerseyirish Says:

    VS, Very funny, you are all so whitty!!!


  12. Hey, I could stand for BW to leak some of that music, though.

  13. Bill Will’s needing to leak some of the new tunes, do his Boss man a favor. 😉
    What a sweet buddy pic. lol

  14. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, that would be so nice if some new music got out!!!


  15. Virtual Speak Says:

    If it got out.. I wouldn’t listen to it.. nope.. not me.. 🙄

  16. jerseyirish Says:

    VS, You wouldn’t listen…… you’d be a good little camper and wait, not me I’d be play it over and over.


  17. Is it really too much to ask to let some out?? You know, kind of a Christmas present.


  18. So Bill has 2 hours to get Tay a present. First he should go get a good grown up haircut, then it is off to buy a nice shirt, shoes and suit. Then he rushes home takes a long shower, shaves really close, puts on cologne dresses in his new clothes, and surprises Tay with his new look. Has anyone ever seen a put together Bill Will?

  19. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Come to think of I’ve seen only one picture of BW in a suit. From the Alabama Hall of Fame Award Night, he was in a suit standing in back of Taylor in one of the pictures, he cleaned up real nice.

    Just finished the last of my wrapping, I am done finally.


  20. Wrapping. Ugh. Haven’t even started.

    A cleaned up Bill Will? omg. I bet he would look good.

  21. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Yeah he looked really nice that night. A gray/brown suit, tie hair combed he looked sharp and so did Taylor.

    Had a hard time getting motivated this year to do anything for Christmas. Hubby was in an accident two days before Thanksgiving he was fine car is totaled, so I’m left without a car. We just got the police report so hopefully, we will get settlement soon and get another car. I can go days without having to go out, but knowing there is no car in the driveway for me gets me nuts!!!

    Happy wrapping!!


  22. Sorry to hear about that, JI. Glad everybody’s ok, though.

    I think I need to see that pic of BW. Do you happen to have it?

  23. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, No I don’t, I just remember seeing it when all the pics showed up from the Hall of Fame night. I’ll look around and see if I can come up with anything.


  24. Virtual Speak Says:

    There’s a few pics of dressed up BW on just search Derby.

  25. jerseyirish Says:

    VS, Thanks, went and took a look, its the same suit he had on at the Hall of Fame only no tie. The picutres I had seen were from a photographer that was at the show, someone had put the link up and I looked at them. Unfortunetly I don’t remember the site.


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