Why so serious?

All this talk of Broadway is making me wonder, will Taylor ever be considered a serious musician again? Actually, was he ever considered a serious musician to start with? We all know Taylor cut his teeth for ten years in seedy bars, most of the time with a little audience and a lot of booze. Then, he took a shot with American Idol. For alot of people, the credibility that he may have had before AI got washed down the drain with Seacrest’s hair gel. It didn’t help that he had the “goofy, drunk dad” persona down pat. But, since then, he’s come out with his first CD, which did ok in sales…and the success of the second CD remains to be seen. So, maybe he really had nowhere to go but up, regarding the cliche of “serious musician.”

But, honestly, can you imagine somebody like Ray LaMontagne or Amos Lee doing Broadway? I have a feeling it would have to be 32 degrees in hell first. For some people, the limits are there. For Taylor, I’m not sure that they are. I remember thinking a couple of years ago, he is still acting like somebody who has to take every measly job that comes his way. Obviously, I don’t know what he’s been offered or hasn’t, and I’m not going to pretend like I do. But, it just seems that his decision making skills in that arena leave a little to be desired.

Here’s a little Ray LaMontagne and Damien Rice to enjoy.


40 Responses to “Why so serious?”

  1. jerseyirish Says:

    Itsallgrey, Yes I think Taylor can be viewed as a serious musician. Everyhting I have seen since him taking the Grease roll, I don’t see the goofy Taylor, but someone who is serious about who he is and where he wants to be. Watching that video, so into his music, just as Taylor is. There is nothing like Taylor live and thats how I think he will survive in the business, with his live shows. He takes to that stage and sets the place on fire. I thinlk this new CD has to fare pretty well for him to be able to tour and fill venues, from what I have read the two shadow tours after Grease are sold 90% as of last week, don;t think that is too bad. The goofy awe shucks personna was to get peoples attention and it did, I think that is slowly fading and a more serious Taylor emerging, he seems so much more confident and relaxed in interviews, just being himself. In interviews after Idol always felt he was uptight and choosing his words very carefully, very unsure of himself. I don’t see that Taylor anymore. Thats just my take, I’m sure some will not agree that he has a chance, but I haven’t counted him out, I believe he still is in the running to find his place.


  2. Virtual Speak Says:

    My short answer would be that until Taylor really believes in his heart of hearts, that he’s a serious musician, he can’t expect people to believe in him.

    He had that “magical mojo” working for him during Idol and up the release of the TH album. A series of bad decision making worked like the domino effect, and buried him under an avalanche in which he’s still trying to dig out.

  3. I’m not so sure he’s digging out. That’s the problem. I think he still might be throwing dirt on top of himself.

  4. Virtual Speak Says:

    Well, yes.. there’s that issue too. Does he want to dig out?

    Maybe he’s a case of be careful what you wish for?

    Why don’t the fans that pay for these M&G’s ask him some questions worth some substance instead of critiquing his bangs and worrying about having him sign their Aunt Gracie’s second cousin twice removed picture of their baby?

  5. I don’t think it would matter if the fans did ask him questions. I don’t think he would give fans an honest, heartfelt answer. He’s not going to let anybody in…

  6. jerseyirish Says:

    I agree with you iag, he will never let anyone into the inner world of Taylor. Do you really think for as hard as he has worked he would do things on purpose to bury himself, not so sure of that one. Yes, I do think he is digging out from past mistakes made post Idol, don’t know what happened between him and the management, but suppose it was not good. Not putting his picture on the roll at the begining of season 6 was truley telling that he was not in good terms with Idol. Hopefully he has learned from past mistakes and is more willing to let others more in the know guide him through the process. I reaaly do enjoy his music could sit and listen to him all day, something very soothing in his voice, that raw gritty soul sound. I guess I just tend to see the good he has done and is doing, rather than what may have gone wrong.


  7. JI, I really don’t think he’s burying himself on purpose, that’s not what I meant at all. I think that he keeps making little decisions that come back to bite him. I just think that he had a hell of an opportunity when he won Idol, and now he’s an answer to a trivia question.

    I hope he’s doing good. I have said it over and over, I really want this CD to be awesome! I want it to be his best work yet…if we ever get to hear any of it.

    He’s just really hard to believe sometimes, ya know?

  8. Virtual Speak Says:

    It’s worth a try for fans to at least start asking him something worth something. Eventually, he’ll run acrossed one that won’t take his “We’ll see.” answers. Maybe that’s the problem. Nobody challenges him. They giggle and say “Oh, okay Taylor.”

    Not that he owes anyone anything or any explainations, but, it would be amusing to see him meet his match.

  9. Oh, I was one of those giggling fans once. He’s pretty intimidating in person. But my friend, at her meet and greet, said to him in her determination to score a photo op with BW, “You don’t mind sitting there. You’ve got nothing better to do, right?” To which Taylor stared at her in stunned silence.

    But that was way back when meet and greets were free.

  10. Virtual Speak Says:

    Meeting him several times myself, a few times organically, a few meet and greets, I can say I never found him intimidating in person.

    I found him to be aloof in M&G settings, which sometimes makes people intimidated.

    Yeah, not thinking he’s to much in favor if BW getting to much attention. 😆 Can’t blame him really.

  11. jerseyirish Says:

    VS, I think when folks meet him they are just thrilled to have the time with him, even if they had to pay for it, which I would never do, stage door would be fine by me. Yes I would pay to see him in concert, but would not pay for anything else, thats just not me. I think they get caught up in the moment and go blank. If he found a fan intereting to talk to maybe let a little out, but I don’t think he would let much go.

    iag, I think he realizes he made some blunders along the way and is now mending the fences. He will appear on Idol this season to promote the new single, thats in the positve direction. What I want to see if Simon changes his tone when Taylors’s name is mentioned, that will be interesting. Maybe you know more about him than me, but I just don’t see that it is over for him, I see him now emerging as an all around entertanier, Broadway, maybe some TV apperances, possibly a movie, but always holding his music close to his heat, in the end that is who he is a musician a very talented one.


  12. Virtual Speak Says:

    JI- I agree with you. People get starstruck. I think he said he himself gets starstruck when he plays on those golf tournaments. Which, I find endearing, because he really is just a guy from Birmingham that made good.

    I wouldn’t pay for a M&G either. But, for people that do, that’s cool too. He probably wouldn’t let much out, and what he does let out, usually gets misconstrued. But, it would be nice to have something interesting to ask him. Something that nobody ever asks him.

    I honestly don’t think he cares what Simon thinks about him as a person. He just said in his latest interview that he didn’t think Simon liked him to this day. Maybe it’s just a personality clash between them?

    Simon is many things. But, Simon does know from what he speaks. This, Taylor recognizes. I think the only recognition Taylor might be looking for from Idol is the fact that he did win that thing and he is going to stay in their face until they give him the respect of at least that.

    Let’s face it. The show is on the decline. He brought them the best ratings they ever had. Taylor needs the airplay. It’s win-win for both sides. I hope if he did burn bridges with them, it’s mended.

  13. jerseyirish Says:

    VS, Totally agree with what you say. The success rate of the winners on Idol is not good. The only two that are still doing well are Carrie and Kelly, who has had some issues. Didn’t she have to cancel her last tour due to low ticket sales? I also agree that Taylor changed the makeup of that show, it will never be the same. The year he was on was by far the best, I thought most of the folks were all very talented, espcecially the top ten. They were all contenders it was a good run. I also think Simon and Taylor were a personality conflict right from the get go. I think with Taylor’s background he wasn’t as easily swayed as some of the other younger folks. They both seem to be very strong personalities. But I do believe Taylor feels the man knows the business and for that he respects his knowledge maybe not then, but he does now.


  14. Jordin Sparks has done very well for herself. Jordin has been nominated for a Grammy, she has gone on tour with Alicia Keys and has many hit songs on top 40 radio. David Archuletta and David Cook are also doing very well. Archie has a huge hit song on the radio that’s played every half hour. And, of course, Daughtry has done very well for himself, that goes without saying. So, Jersey, you are wrong in saying that only Carrie and Kelly have done well.

  15. I also want to set the record straight regarding Jordin Sparks, since someone is going around on all the blogs saying that Jordin has been dropped..Jordin and 19 Management have parted ways, but Jordin is still under contract to Arista Records and has NOT been dropped by the label.

  16. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, Thought Jordin was doing well, thats why I was surprised to hear she was dropped. And I was talking the winners not runner ups that haven’t done well, the two David’s seem to be doing well, again time will tell. I thought both David’s were very talented and hope they have very successful careers.


  17. I don’t think Simon liked Taylor because Taylor was everything the Idol shouldn’t be, in his eyes.

    Taylor is very handsome, but not in the pretty boy sense that sells records. He was also older, and as JI said, they were both very strong personalities. I think Simon is the type of person who likes people that he can dominate…and maybe Taylor is too. Who knows?

  18. Jordin was not dropped – Jordin and 19 Management have parted ways (that’s how it’s written in her myspace). You can take that anyway you want, I guess. 😉

    I think Idol is looking for talent they can mold, so Taylor should have let them mold him. What’s wrong with that? It beats being totally forgotten about.

  19. I think Taylor was in the business too long to allow himself to be molded. I’m not really blaming it on him, it’s just how it is.

  20. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, I didn’t see anything official on Jordin just read it on a blog, always thought she was a breath of fresh air, young and innocent, beautiful voice, but knew what she wanted.
    Idol probably did want to mold Taylor and he would have nothing to do with it. I read how they wanted him to dye his hair but he refused, thats who he is. I believe they can mold to an extent but the real person needs to shine through. Even with David C this year he changed a little during the show but stayed true to himself.

    iag, They were probably to similar in that way, each very strong personalities one wouldn’t give into the other, I’m sure thats where the conflict came in. Taylor had enough background to know what he wanted and what he didn’t want. I think that may be the differrence with him versus others on the show.


  21. I think Simon and Taylor’s differences stem from Simon’s complete lack of knowledge of and appreciation for the American music genre of soul. Think back to Taylor’s AI audition. Remember that blank look on Simon’s face? The derision in his voice? How he voted against Taylor going to Hollywood? Simon Cowell has zero appreciation for anything so uniquely American as soul music. He feels the same way about country music too. Carrie Underwood’s only saving grace has been her phenomonal sales, awards and nominations.

    Simon Cowell will have neither appreciation nor respect for Taylor until Taylor becomes the cash cow AI found in the likes of Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and Chris Daughtry.

  22. jerseyirish Says:

    YKW, Simon always made it quite clear he was all about pop and didn’t like the soul/country thing. It is a shame that Taylor won, and the glory went to Chris that year. I have no problem with Chris just thought it odd that they rallied behind him instead of the winner. I am happy Chris has seen such success, he is doing what makes him happy.


  23. Virtual Speak Says:

    JI- They rallied around Chris because American Idol is a money machine, and they knew Chris was the most marketable of that season.

    I have nothing against Chris. He’s talented in his own right. Just a totally different genre and personality than Taylor. Taylor did beat the odds in that singing game of Survivor. His win should have been more celebrated than they made it. A.I. could have really used Taylor to their advantage as far as the underdog winning, and living the “American Dream.”

    Marketing Taylor was obviously to much work for the suits, and they decided to go with the sure bet (Chris) and make as much money as they could. Whatever the story is, it’s apparent that there was unjust treatment more far reaching than any of us will ever know.

  24. Virtual Speak Says:

    I’m not even a Cook fan, but, this is pretty cool. David Cook is their new darling.

    The incertitude given toward Taylor’s win was/is infuriating.

  25. jerseyirish Says:

    VS, That was really nice, why didn’t they do something like that for Taylor. I really liked David thought he was a very humble, talented young man. I agree marketing Taylor was probably too much work and in their eyes not worth it. I also have nothing against Chris he deserves a career as much as the next person, just thought it was wrong to showcase him instead of Taylor. Thanks for posting the video, made me smile.


  26. I don’t remember AI ever doing that for any other winner, so it must be a new thing to try and improve ratings.

  27. Do you think Taylor’s fans are the only ones who feel that “their” winner was treated unjustly by AI? Or is it because we are so aware of what they do/don’t do for/to Taylor?

  28. Virtual Speak Says:

    No. The Angel’s did an interview with the IdolRadio host and he said he’s be very interested in hearing what exactly happened. Because he’s convinced Taylor was blackballed.


  29. Oh for craps sake, of course hes a serious musician, always has been , always will be. No I can’t imagine either of those guys doing what Taylor is doing on Broadway. You know why? They couldn’t. They are not capable of it. They don’t have that kind of talent. They can do one thing and do it well. Taylor can do several things well. So why not do it? Just because others minds aren’t broad enough to grasp that concept doesn’t mean his isn’t. And it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t take advantage of being able to do more than one thing well. Other talented , bright people will understand that.

  30. I see you and I have differing opinions about this. Thing is, we don’t know if Amos Lee or Ray LaMontagne could be on Broadway. I, for one, don’t know whether they are capable of it or not. I do know that they choose not to pursue it. Why? Because they are too busy recording albums, touring and writing music. They are too busy focusing on the music. That’s why they’re serious musicians. In my opinion, right now, the same thing can’t really be said for Taylor.

    And it’s good to see you, henry8. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  31. Thanks for that link, VS.

    I have a feeling we won’t ever know what really went down.

  32. Virtual Speak Says:

    Henry welcome. It’s cool that you don’t agree with what anyone here says. Not one person here disputes Taylor’s talent. But, to don a glittery suit, pomp up his hair, descend the rafters in a giant frozen treat and play the harmonica doesn’t make for Tony material.

    What puts him on the map is his music. Music that he desperately needs to release. Grease is the end to means right now. He said himself the phone stopped ringing. What do you do in that case? You pull up your boot straps, and you reinvent yourself. He’s moved from serious musician to entertainer.

    As far as the other artists you mentioned.. who knows if they could or couldn’t do Broadway. Maybe they chose not to do it.

  33. I don’t think it would matter if the fans did ask him questions. I don’t think he would give fans an honest, heartfelt answer. He’s not going to let anybody in…
    This is exactly why I always say don’t take what Taylor says at face value. I have seen way too many fans take what he says and run with it then they get all upset because it didn’t come to pass as he said it would. It’s what he doesn’t say that speaks volumes.

  34. Don’t take any entertainers at their word..if you do, you are over-invested and heading for disappointment. They all have their public faces and their private faces. Don’t fool yourselves into thinking they love you.. what they love is your money. If you like someone, only let it be for their music and for nothing else.

  35. Except Snowstorm, he’s a pretty damn fine looking guy. It’s hard not to like that about him.

  36. None of us are going to land him, so it’s a huge waste of time. Go spend time with your families – that’s real life, not Taylor Hicks. Enjoy his music, but that’s all you will get from him. Anyway, I’ve known men that were far better looking than Taylor Hicks. That’s double-chin he has is unattractive, if you ask me.

  37. Awww, I love the pudge.

    Well, I can only speak for myself, but I’m not trying to “land him”…and I don’t think that there is anything wrong with looking.

    Now, if only we could get new music from him.

  38. His fanbase does too much looking and not enough listening, if you ask me.

  39. I think that might have something to do with Taylor’s AI run, Snowstorm. Television is the ultimate visual medium, and as someone stated earlier, many of Taylor’s fans are television viewers first, music lovers after they found him visually appealing.

  40. I agree, YKW. I think that alot of Taylor fans were intrigued by his persona, not necessarily his music. Since we haven’t gotten alot of new music, the persona is still the overriding thing.

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