Well, how did I know this was going to happen?

As I stated in my previous post, Now Hang on a Dang Minute, I was hoping that the release date for “The Distance” of March 10th was a typo. Well, I don’t think it is kids, because instead of Taylor releasing “Whomp at the Warfield” on February 17th, as has previously been advertised, today it’s on Amazon.com for release on March 17th.


So, it looks like everything’s been possibly moved back a month. That’s all fine and dandy, but when was Taylor going to tell us about this? After a new video blog appeared on THHQ yesterday, I thought maybe we would get some information. But no, no info on the CD, although we did get information on his “soul patrol” guitar strap and identical twins from Birmingham.



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  1. So he talks about what? The soul patrol guitar strap (gift I assume) and B’ham twins instead of the new music or when he’s debuting that single? He couldn’t include some info on the rest while he was at it?


  2. Virtual Speak Says:

    I’m pretty sure the Queen of the SP that is a mod on THHQ and seems to be taking over at the Soul Lounge took that video. I saw her pictures from Michigan, and he’s holding up that guitar strap. I just find it odd that out of the blue he decided to vlog? Then vlog about something so random as the guitar strap and redheaded identical leather making twins?

  3. Well, it’s pretty obvious that the HQ mod convinced him to blog for HQ, since so many are complaining what a useless site that is and getting worse every day. How many posters on that site now.. about 10 people at the most? I just think it’s a little too late now and I honestly think the end is near for that site.

    Sorry, I didn’t find the SP guitar strap very interesting, so I agree with Sunny, something about his new music, CD would have held my interest.

  4. Take heart, fellow posters, I’m sure the reason the release date has been delayed is so that Taylor could work on refining those spectacular lyrics he leaked earlier this month. You betcha. 😉

  5. Hahaha! Now, You…. somebody’s gonna say you’re being negative snarky.

  6. That video just seems so random. And not helpful at all. I mean, if I’m ever in Bham, and I need some leather work done, I know to look for the 6’7″ red headed identical twins, but other than that?

    WTF? Is this what we’re going to be getting from now on? I mean, next he’ll be telling us why Bill has worn the same belt for twenty years. Come on.

    Also, if Taylor has changed the release date, and hasn’t told his fans about it, it falls under the same line of thinking of “Let’s have an acoustic tour” but then not tell the fans that it’s not happening. All it does is show a level of aloofness, causing this fan to wonder if Taylor really cares about his career as much as we’re led to believe. Wouldn’t you want to make sure that your core fan base is aware of when they can expect new music? The same new music we’ve been looking for for over a year now?

  7. I knew the Whomp was delayed a month but I’m still thinking and hoping the CD is a go for Feb. 10th. He has a two week break after Feb.8th and I had assumed it was to promote the CD on TV. Bill Wills belt, haha, maybe Tay has the twins working on a new one.

  8. But how did you know Whomp was delayed? I’m sure it wasn’t Taylor telling us that it was. Now, after seeing that webpage with the CD being advertised for release for March 10th, I bet that it wasn’t a typo.

    Oh, a new belt for Bill? I bet he would be excited!!

  9. So, much time has passed since that WATW was filmed. Honestly, who is going to buy it except the hardcore SP? A lot of money will be lost on that project and i think it should be scrapped altogether.

  10. jerseyirish Says:

    My first visit here posting. There is a radio interview from today from Colmbus at a radio station. He does talk about the CD being bumped to 3/10. He said they are still mixing and need more time. He also said he will appear on Idol this season to promote the new single.

  11. Sorry I haven’t posted lately. Well, I have mixed feelings here. I’m personally not clear on how long Taylor has been working on this CD. Would I rather see him take his time and release a great, quality CD, or rush out a crappy one? Although I agree that communication about it would be a novel idea from him.

    As far as WATW, they’ve been releasing that forever, haven’t they? It’s almost like a myth.

    Maybe Taylor has been hanging with Axl Rose. After all, how long dit it take GNR to finally release their latest album? Something ludicrous like 13 years or so.

    (p.s. Taylor — don’t do that. 13 more weeks is long enough, thank you)

  12. Hey, jerseyirish, thanks for posting.

    I’m glad he mentioned it today, but I think it probably would have been better if he would have mentioned it at his official site. I mean, what in the hell am I paying for?

    I just don’t get it.

  13. Who the hell is in charge of his PR? Damn. Tired of his bs. Just announce that the damn cd is delayed. Not that difficult.

  14. jerseyirish Says:

    itsallgrey, Yeah it probably should have gone up at his paid sites first. I really don’t think he has much to do with the sites folks are paid to keep them up. I think the messages and audio he leaves are done by him but thats about it. As far as the CD release date I saw that on A2M’s site last week. They showed Whomp was pushed to 3/10 and then the next day it showed the CD being bumped to 3/17. I think he knows this CD has to be well recieved by the public, this is going to be pure Taylor like his pre Idol CD’s. Sometimes things just take a little longer then expected. I’d rather see him take his time and put out a rocking CD then to see it rushed and be diappointed. If it gets bumped again really doesn’t bother me when he is ready it will be released. I just don’t see doom and gloom for the guy, I think he is emerging as an entertainer before our eyes. He is exploreing but never forgetting his music roots, he will always find his way back there. Thanks for letting me post.


  15. Virtual Speak Says:

    The announcement of the CD being pushed isn’t surprising at all. It’s probably a better marketing plan. He isn’t done with Grease until sometime in the spring. In the music business, even the two months in between this release and the actual time he can tour is crucial. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the date get pushed again, to be closer to the time he’s no longer contractually bound to Grease.

  16. Here’s the thing. I really don’t care that it’s delayed. That’s not the point. Even if someone else gets paid to take care of his websites, his marketing plan should include keeping his core fan base abreast of what is happening regarding a change in the release date. With so much live, interactive media at his disposal, yesterday, in his interview, he mentions it almost as an afterthought.

  17. Thing is, this repeatedly seems to occur in the life and times of Taylor Hicks. He needs stop issuing release dates most likely and just give ‘target’ dates. You know, like ‘We’re planning to release this CD/DVD/whatever, in February, I’m crossing my fingers’, or something similar. This is utilized by many in the business.

    I don’t care if it’s March, that’s not my bitch here, what I’m pointing out is the push-me pull-me situation that is continual with this man. Makes him seem rather wishy washy to some – let’s have that left hand talk to the right hand.

  18. jerseyirish Says:

    I agree that it should have gone up at his sites before people saw it at A2M, they should work together when changes are happening. He should make sure there is confirmation of changes at all times. Who ever man’s hit sites isn’t keeping up, or maybe they just don’t feel it is that important . You know it gets me crazy when my husband just mentions things as an afterthought, its probably just a guy thing doen’t give it much thought about how things affect others. I think with the right promotion this time around he should do well, his post Idol CD with no promotion so to speak or radio play sold close to a million, don’t think those numbers are bad. I have heard Taylor say he likes the small venues as he can interact with the crowd better. When I saw him the place only held 500, he really interaceted with the crowd and fed off of us. I think whether it is a large or small place he just wants to play his music.


  19. Virtual Speak Says:

    I agree with what everyone is saying about his wishy washy attitude. He does have a pretty big faction of fans that have paid for the privilege of getting this information first, and, yet he makes the annoucement on a morning radio show sandwiched somewhere between the DJ having a “bromance” and Taylor’s wish for snow.

  20. jerseyirish, good points, but I would take issue with “he just wants to play his music.” I think when he started out, his music was first and foremost. However, as time has gone on, I believe that fame and fortune might be coming before the music. Grease is a prime example. I’m not saying he should be destitute, and I understand he has to make money, but he is in a rhinestone suit singing “Beauty School Dropout”. I just don’t see how that is putting his music first.

    But, I’m willing to listen to reason.

  21. Virtual Speak said:

    “yet he makes the annoucement on a morning radio show sandwiched somewhere between the DJ having a “bromance” and Taylor’s wish for snow.”

    Now, that is fantastic!! And it’s so true. It’s like…oh, yeah, we pushed it back. Eh. Whether intentional or not, it shows a total lack of respect for the fans that have paid to get information. I just think it could have been handled better.

    Spinshack, I am in total agreement with your last post.

  22. Hahahaha, yes being in that rhinestone suit could give pause to how serious is he about the music, but that made me think of this: Rhinestone cowboy *giggles*

  23. hahhahahhaa!!

    OMG, the pink suit!! I guess Taylor’s costume could be worse!! I’m digging the yellow shirt and green tie, too. I think Taylor had that shirt during his fugly clothes wearing stage.

  24. Virtual Speak Says:

    Sweet Spinshack! I think Taylor may even sporting the same pomp as Porter in that video. Even though imitation is the higest form of flattery, couldn’t he have channeled Frankie Avalon’s white suit?

  25. VS, he wore that white suit at the Idol finale. Little did we know it was a foreshadowing of things to come!! ahhaha

  26. Virtual Speak Says:

    I meant to say hello to JI. Nice to see you here. 🙂

    IAG- I’m thinking it was even before the white suit.. it was the purple jacket.. yep.. when all else fails.. blame the purple jacket. It’s Beelzebub in disguise.

  27. Well, I think you might be wrong, VS. I think it was the paisley shirt. Play that funky music, white boy!!

  28. Virtual Speak Says:

    He tried a little tenderness when he was taking his music to the streets, but, he soon ran into trouble when he found a crazy little thing called love. Many haters wanted him to fade away and didn’t care if he had to live in the ghetto.

    Just once, I wish things would come easy for him. He really needs to get back to his roots, start playing some funky music.. he seemed so proud when he announced he’d be living in the city and a change was gonna come.. For many of us, it was the first cut that was the deepest.
    He continues to keep his fans dancing in the dark and like jerks we hang on because like Levon we know he’s going to fly and let’s face it.. he is so beautiful.

    In closing, I wish him the best, and hope he gets back on the road again, to see the country roads. Because we all know, that even though he aggravates us, he does make us proud or we wouldn’t keep hanging on.


  29. You guys, he is getting good reviews for his voice, singing BSD on this Grease tour. I agree this push back may be a good marketing strategy. What I love about Tay is he is unique and always full of surprises, the purple jacket and all his fashion choices, hair changes, scarves, shoes etc. to me are fun. We always knew HDqrts sucked, well I knew since I paid my $25.00 in Aug. He has so much riding on this next CD, thus I hope the mixing doesn’t get mixed up. This is a fun and thougtful blog, IAG.

  30. Good one ^ Virtual

  31. Well, it should be obvious to everyone…he doesn’t care two hoots about that paid fansite and now it’s just a little too late. If he cared, he would contributed a lot more to it, but it’s obvious he has not. I think when he’s asked to do something, like the video blog, he goes along with it, but he does not initiate anything himself. I still remember the interview he had with GC after he won Idol about the interactive fansite he was going to have.. what a bunch of bull.

  32. 😀

    “It ain’t no groove thing,
    It ain’t no country twang,
    It’s a simple refrain;
    It’s a soul thang.”

  33. Snow that’s what we’re talking about that wishy washy thang.

  34. Virtual Speak Says:

    rosie we kid alot, but, I have to say the general consensus here is that we really are fans. Contrary to popular belief.

  35. Popularity is overrated, VS. Besides you’re familiar with that idiom about the masses I’m sure. 😉

  36. Virtual Speak Says:

    Spinshack.. the masses can kiss my ass. I refuse to be an SP Stepford bot for anyone. 😉

  37. I think Taylor has no problem leading people on and then not following thru. People are turned off by that kind of behavior.. I mean you want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but when it’s constantly happening, that kind of pisses people off and before you know it, you have lost them as a fan and that’s not something he can afford to do.

  38. jerseyirish Says:

    Itsallgrey,Thank you for being open and seeing my points also. I am not all wrapped up in that he is perfect and can do no wrong, I am a realist and see things very clear. I just enjoy his music and his take on how he presents it, he is totally awesome live, nothing like I have seen in a long time. I think in his heart he is all about the music, but one must find ways to get to that point and possibly compromise what they really want to acheive their ultimate goal. Just as we do in our everyday lives, we need to get something done, first time out doesn’t work we find another way to make it work, same thing with him only a larger scale. The doors were closing he needed to get his name back out there, the Grease gig was offered to him, got his name back out there all good positive press. Cross promoting the new CD while on the Greases tour, not costing him anything he only stands to gain, maybe not a whole lot more but some. Every CD sold is money in his pocket. Do I think fame and fortune plays into this a bit, sure I do, who wouldn’t take it run, he is seeing his dream come true may have to take a few side trips to get there but I think he will have a successfull career doing a little bit of everything and enjoying himself.

    Hey VS loved your wrap up of his time on Idol, very clever.


  39. Am I a fan? Absolutely! I can’t wait for some NEW orginal music.

    Am I frustrated? Absolutely! I don’t like being led to believe a new CD is FINALLY coming, only to find out second-hand that it’s delayed.

    Will I spend my hard earned money on Taylor? Sure, I will. But I probably won’t be lining up, nor will I be traveling great distances the way I did during the first tour. Why do I feel this change could be significant? For this reason, if I feel this way, then it’s likely that other fans do as well. Because, as Taylor has been exploring his options and finding his “inner entertainer”, I’ve moved on, too. I’m spending my disposable income on other new artists, getting to know their voice.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I hope Taylor is out there and IS making new fans. There is an eroding fan base back from when he won American Idol, and he’s going to have to work extra hard and make an impact with this CD to stem that tide.

  40. First of all, VS…*bravo* for the post. Very cool.

    And it is true…we are fans. But I’ve never been one to be blinded to reality involving Taylor. Every move he makes isn’t perfect for his career, and every song isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    And I’m sure that everybody would take fame and fortune if it came their way, but in order to have those things, you have to have fans. Taylor may be all about the new fans, but he better make damn sure he keeps the old ones. It’s not like he has disposable ones lying around.

  41. Snowstorm, I completely agree. That’s the attitude that I’m talking about. It is just so frustrating.

    Thanks, Rosie. It’s fun and thoughtful because you guys are making it that way. Thanks to all the posters for having open discussions without all the name calling. It’s actually pretty refreshing.

  42. I’m one of those people that was a hardcore fan in he beginning, but not anymore. I have moved on, but I obviously still have some interest. I am tired of his BS..he’s always saying this or that and then not following thru. I was never into the “soul patrol” crap and thought it was cheesy gimmick to get attention. I am not the stereotype of one of his fans, since I am not middle-aged and I’m single/no kids, so I never fit in anywhere on any fansites. I’m sure I’m the type of fan he’s dying to have more of, but doesn’t have.

    I have already decided, if he does not deliver with his next CD, I will not be buying it. I might download if I like a song, but that’s it. This is disposable cash and I only buy what I like.

  43. Virtual Speak Says:

    You know what JI-

    You hit on something here.

    Cross promoting the new CD while on the Greases tour, not costing him anything he only stands to gain, maybe not a whole lot more but some. Every CD sold is money in his pocket.

    He’s getting paid to do Grease, paid for his shadow tour venues. The Grease road show is predominately being hawked as a “Taylor Hicks” show. Even though he’s in it for a total of 18 minutes- if that.

    I’ve yet to see any of the road show principals have an interview.

    Not a bad gig. 😉

  44. jerseyirish Says:

    VS, Exactly he has taken a small part in a not so well reviewed show and made it a hit, he is now the star, for a total of 18 minutes that he appears. Not many could do that and work the deal he has it is a win, win for all. He is getting free publcity and gets to perform his music as himself after the show. I have not seen interviews with any other cast members but him, he is the draw. He takes the touring role, not long after it is announced the Broadway show is closing, when Taylor was there they were making big money, he left and sales dropped even with Ace in the show. It has to tell you something, that he made a good choice for his career.


  45. He made a good choice for his career, if his career involved Broadway. But he’s “all about the music”, right?

  46. Virtual Speak Says:

    IAG Says
    Thanks to all the posters for having open discussions without all the name calling. It’s actually pretty refreshing.

    I don’t see any reason for name calling or have any patience for it. It’s refreshing to have someplace to go free from cliques, free from your worth as a fan being measured as a “true fan.”

    It’s sad to see so many fans judging others for their opinions or being shunned or told to find another musician just because some of us don’t see him a the second coming or hang on his every word as gospel.

    I’m happy for any success he has or any great review he gets etc. I really want his CD to do well. I’d hate to see him become a Trivial Pursuit question.

  47. Well, I guess you conveniently forgot that Taylor appeared in Grease in the summer when most people are on vacation and before the economic downfall, so what does that tell you? It tells me he took advantage of an opportunity and the timing was right. I don’t blame Taylor for taking the teen angel role – it beats sitting on your ass in Birmingham! 😉

  48. It’s too damn hot to be a Trivial Pursuit question!! 😉

  49. Did I mention I saw Taylor in Grease on Broadway? I took a long weekend in NYC and saw the show. He’s pretty good in the role – short, but sweet – stunt casting, at it’s finest! 🙂

  50. I played around with the idea of seeing him, but just to hear his new song. Now, it doesn’t seem like the whole cross promotion idea is taking off, so I think I’ll save my money.

  51. Virtual Speak Says:

    JI- I saw that the Broadway show is closing. Sad for the people that have been there for the whole run.

    What is a Mormon girl to do beside sublet?


    He did a smart thing in signing on for the road show and not renegotiating with the NY Company.

    Sometimes career paths veer down a different avenue than originally expected. Maybe once American Idol is finished and reailty TV has become a passing fad. Taylor might become the poster child for studies as far as being one of the only winners who started out a struggling artist and remained a struggling artist. Who shoulders that blame?

  52. I fixed your link for you, VS. 😉

  53. Who shoulders that blame?

    Unfortunately, Taylor shoulders that blame, but 19 and Arista must also share the blame – they should have led him toward the path of being successful, unless Taylor was a real hot head and refused anything they had to offer him. If that was the case, not very smart of Taylor.

  54. jerseyirish Says:

    Yes I think he made a good choice, he needed to keep the money flow going and Grease was his answer. Yes he picked a great time to appear during the summer season, do I think he would have done as well if he were in Ace’s time slot no, but I think he would have had a better chance of filling the house than Ace. I know all don’t see things the same way and that is fine, I try to look at it as if I were in his shoes what would I have done, to keep my name out there and jump start my career again. No one can deny he is getting all good positve press which he didn’t get for quite awhile, he was made the joke of alot of articles, haven’t seen that since he started in Grease. I think folks are starting to respect him as an entertainer not just a guy who won Idol, he is showing he is versatile he can wear more than one hat. Thats all I’m saying this has been good for him not just for the money and exposure but has given him the confidence I believe to move forward with the new CD. He needed something to get him where he wanted to be in that recording studio and he found it.
    No sugar coating just my opinion.


  55. Virtual Speak Says:

    I don’t buy into that ridiculous overused phrase “Taylor Smart”

    It ranks right up there with the ever popular most annoying “Stool Of Sincerity.”

    The man was plucked from obscurity. If he was indeed Taylor Smart. he wouldn’t have had to go on Idol in the first place. He continues to prove over and over again he is a novice in this game called the music business.

    I don’t fully place the blame on him because of his naiveté, Sadly, none of us know the whole story, and he’s not talking. So, what do we do? Speculate. It’s what I excel in. 🙂

  56. His fans must take some of the blame. It’s obvious he inherited a TV audience, not muisc fans, hence the lame sayings. In a way, you can’t blame the critics – they are just being honest, something his fans just don’t understand. But, I guess that’s what happens when you are on a reality show, and most people do look at it that way. AI is drama and music all rolled into one.

  57. Virtual, he was “Taylor Smart”, in that he did not have to work outside of music for 10 years prior to AI, and he is smart enough that he won’t have to work outside of music and entertainment in the future. One thing he always has going for him is his charisma. No other AI contestant comes even close . It is hard to get a record deal even for those who fit into a popular genre such as pop, rock, or country, so I’m not at all surprised Tay wasn’t signed before AI. He is a visual artist. Also if you notice he did not procrastinate, fib, whatever, until Jan. 08 when he was dropped from the label. I think he was scared and thus has tried to put a positive slant on things. I recall him telling an interviewer in a Bham mall in Jan. that things were great and he was going to have a CD and DVD coming out this year. He needed to say that to save face. I also think he is smart to still praise AI and not reveal the ins and outs of what went on with Arista.

  58. But by “saving face”, he’s just made himself look like either he doesn’t know what’s going on with his career, or he doesn’t care if his fans know. It just doesn’t come off as somebody who has very good PR management.

  59. jerseyirish Says:

    I think what it comes down to left doesn’t know what right is doing all the time, there must be some commincation gaps, or as you say he doesn’t care if the info gets out on a timely basis to the fans.

    Rosie, I remember that interview, he came across as being very unsure of himself, I think he was scared that it was the begining of the end for him. I think he was scrambling for awhile, took the cruise ship gig and the Beatle’s show which he had to cancel out of, until Grease was offered to him.

    iag, Do I think he would have gotten the chance he did if he didn’t go on Idol, no I don’t think so, his genre of music is different from mainstream, he needed to find away for a big audience to hear him and Idol was his way. You know I used to date a guy that was a drummer in a local band, they never got that chance to be heard by big audiences, they were really very good. They are still together today, still doing the bars and whatever comes their way, just the right people never heard them, thats what it comes down to the right people hearing you and giving you the chance. One of my son’s friends back in the 90’s when the boy bands were popular, he was in a band that got noticed by Sony records. They wanted to sign them. The catch was my son’s friend was the guitar player a rather large young man, but probably one of the most talented I’ve heard on guitar in a long time. Sony told them to get another guitar player that they couldn’t market him because of his size. They walked away from the contract. My son plays bass the original bass player left to become a police officer, but most of the original band is in tact. Breaking into the music business is very hard either someone likes you, you know someone in the business or you don’t get the chance.


  60. There’s absolutely nothing that is given to you in the entertainment business. You either make it or you don’t. There have been tons of singers and one-hit wonders that did not make it and went back to getting regular jobs like you and me. Don’t kid yourselves about Taylor. Winning a singing competition does not amount to anything and it’s not the real world. In all honesty, people like Taylor are a dime a dozen.

    Taylor does need better PR management and be straightforward with fans. If you say you’re going to do something, then do it or don’t say anything at all. If you’re trying to pull the wool over your fans eyes, the fans will catch on you. You owe your fans everything, they are the ones spending their hard-earned money on you and it seems to me that Taylor has taken this for granted.

    Also, Taylor is still under contract with 19 and Arista and he cannot talk about the behind-the-scenes kind of stuff, unless he wants to get sued, but Taylor does not seem like the type that would bad-mouth anyone or maybe he learned his lesson when he said that AI has fizzled for him because I don’t think that went over well with AI execs.

  61. There’s absolutely nothing that is given to you in the entertainment business. You either make it or you don’t. There have been tons of singers and one-hit wonders that did not make it and went back to getting regular jobs like you and me. Don’t kid yourselves about Taylor. Winning a singing competition does not amount to anything and it’s not the real world. In all honesty, people like Taylor are a dime a dozen.

    Taylor does need better PR management and be straightforward with fans. If you say you’re going to do something, then do it or don’t say anything at all. If you’re trying to pull the wool over your fans eyes, the fans will catch on you. You owe your fans everything, they are the ones spending their hard-earned money on you and it seems to me that Taylor has taken this for granted.

    Also, Taylor is still under contract with 19 and Arista and he cannot talk about the behind-the-scenes kind of stuff, unless he wants to get sued, but Taylor does not seem like the type that would bad-mouth anyone or maybe he learned his lesson when he said that AI has fizzled for him because I don’t think that went over well with AI execs.

  62. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, I agree nothing is a given in the business, its all about being heard by the right folks on your own or someone has an in for you. Yes the one hit wonders do appear now and then, they come up with one good one to get them out there and then nothing more.

    I have not heard Taylor bad mouthed Idol even when they were shooting comments about him, I think he is a humble person and very grateful for what has come his way. Yes I think he did anger A! people with his comment about it fizzling for him, but he also said it was taken way out of contex, he had said alot more which didn’t get printed. I don’t think he is at liberty to talk about his depature from 19 I’m sure that would be a great story in itself!!


  63. I’m not sure that the comment he made was out of context. In fact, I think he meant every word. I just remember when he was on Good Morning America and Diane Sawyer questioned him about it, he seemed all flustered and his explanation was not very convincing to me. I think that was the beginning of the end.

    Who knows, maybe that comment pissed off TPTB so much, they decided to give him enough rope to hang himself. Only goes to prove, you don’t bite the hand that’s feeding you.

  64. Snowstorm, Daughtry said before season 7, that Idol was on its way out or declined, or something like that. Taylor has surely made up for that rexix comment, despite Simon putting him down and the split with 19. By branching out in the entertainment field, Tay seems determined he won’t be forgotten. Not to put Jorden Sparks and Davids Cook and Archeletta down, but to me they are in the dime a dozen group, not Taylor. Jorden has done well only because of C. Brown. I feel positve that Tays experience, knowledge of music, age, wisdom, voice, performance style, and yes, good looks, perserverance will carry him thru. I also still say if the first CD. had a single released before the CD. it would have sold a lot more copies. I for one am going to buy his CD no matter what. I feel like I owe him for all the fun he has given me and for helping me to rediscover music and discover new artists.

  65. The reason that Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry and David Archuletta are doing well is because their music appeals to younger listeners – there is no other reason, other than that. The music business does not caper to middle-age women and grandmothers, so that’s the reason why performers like Taylor Hicks and Clay Aiken don’t get played – it’s because of the fanbase. It does not matter how good-looking they are or how good a performer they are – it really doesn’t. It’s the music that matters. Taylor has a chance to turn it around with his next CD, but if he has no music that appeals to younger listeners, it’s over for him as far as a music career goes. If he wants to be an entertainer, his best bet is acting.

  66. Correction….

    The music business does not cater to middle-age women and grandmothers, so that’s the reason why performers like Taylor Hicks and Clay Aiken don’t get played – it’s because of the fanbase.

  67. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Agree with you, he is different from any other contestant Idol has had or will have. They will never let the likes of another Taylor Hicks grace their stage. He dominated the competition that year, every week right on the money, he had a plan and it worked, I give the guy alot of credit for going after his dream and finding a way to make it work.

    SS, I don’t think his music career is over, out of need he has branched out into other venues, I think he will always love his live performances the best. He has some top notch musicians working on the new CD, I don’t think they would be align themselves with him if they did not like what they were hearing. I think if you give him a chance you won’t be disappointed with the new CD. Counting him out now to me is just too soon. This is his first work post Idol that will truely be his making not somehting that pushed down his throat to please others. Either it will be well recieved by the public or not, that has yet to be seen. I am no way trying to change your point of view only stating mine. Thank you iag for allowing this type of discussion. I see it as everyone respects each others opinions and some good dialogue is going on.


  68. Snowstorm, Doing well now, Now is the key word. Taylor hopes to do well in the future. I believe he will. American Idol is a hit TV show. The younger fans are so fickle. Taylor just has that extra something to go the distance. Franckly, since I am old enough to be his mom, I don’t even get why some teens and twenty somethings voted for him to begin with or why some of them still are fans. He did look older than his years on AI. Face to face he is far better and younger looking. Anyway, to each his own and I so enjoy reading different opinions than mine.

  69. Virtual Speak Says:

    Snowstorm- I will have to agree to disagree with your comment about Taylor needing younger fans. I agree he needs new fans. I don’t necessarily think that their age matters.

    He is banking on gaining new fans through Grease. Adults mostly go to Broadway shows, or travelng revivals‘. Women aged 35 plus have the disposable income tp spend on CD’s, shows, merchandise and the like.

    Taylor probably knows the younger generation doesn’t “get” him. So, he did what any artist looking to jumpstart their career would do. He’s gonna dress his ass with the latest fashion…Get a front door key to the Playboy mansion…Hey, hey, hey, gonna be a rock star…

  70. Taylor is not and never will be cool. He’s not going to get any young fans. I do think he has the potential to reach a different group of fans if he gets airplay on the country cable channels. I don’t anticipate a whole lot of radio airplay though, unfortunately.

  71. Rosie, you need to separate AI, the TV reality show from the real world music business, which includes Billboard charts, radio hit songs and critical aclaim. They are two separate things and AI only gave him a foot thru the door. I am in my late twenties and I voted for Taylor, because he was entertaining to watch and thought he had potential. I do not think he was the best singer – Chris Daughtry and Elliott Yamin were far better singers than Taylor, but that is in the past and I don’t really care about that anymore.

    I do not subscribe to the “fan for life” theory. I won’t just buy something because it happens to be from a particular artist and I certainly don’t buy from someone just because he happens to be good-looking. It must be music that I like for me to shell out my dollars. If that makes me a bad fan, Oh well. I won’t shut the door on him completely. I’ll still check out the album when it’s finally released. You must also realize that Taylor needs younger fans in order for him to succeed. If he does not grab the younger people (by younger, I mean people in my age group), I don’t think he will have a future in music. When Taylor says that he is reinventing himself, that is a big clue, because he knows the writing on the wall.

  72. But, I keep telling you, the music business does not cater to middle-age fans, because most of you have admitted you don’t listen to the radio. Why do you think he was never played on the radio? Why do think Clay Aiken was never played?

  73. Snowstorm. Perhaps, a foot in the door, was all Taylor ever wanted or needed. Clay and Tay, achieved a huge boost to being famous and weathy, due to AI. So did the other 5 winners. Taylor and Clay, both have many fans. I like Clay, but have not spent one cent on him. I guess one could say Clay Aiken was interesting and had a good voice. In my opinion, Taylor Hicks was in a class of talents far beyond just about anyone Current. I can not explain his hold on me in words. It is best described as a real good feeling. I just like and admire him and root for him to achieve all his hearts desires. In my opinion, an Ai exposure, or not, he was 100% correct, when he said he wanted his voice heard because he felt he had a voice worthy of hearing. Then upon seeing him perform, week after week, I became hooked. But it was not until the final 3, that I thought, this guy is special. I have come across other fans, such as you, who are very upset and disappointed. That is to be expected.

  74. I personally don’t believe radio play is as important as it used to be. There are so many other outlets nowadays…and I agree he needs new fans. But I’m not 100% convinced that they have to be young. I just hope that his career hasn’t peaked with Idol.

  75. Without a hit song played on radio or critical aclaim from his peers, like award nominations, Taylor will just fade away. You need an audience to make it in music and the SP is not big enough. I guess time will tell. So far, I’ve been right about everything.

  76. The re-invention needs to start with better communication, really. Talk lays blame on the HQ site for not getting the information there first. Thing is, someone needs feed that site the info for them to get it out. This just one glaring reason I don’t join pay sites anymore. I joined one once (not Mr. Hicks’) and learned my lesson. 😉

    Shouldn’t pay to be a fan – other than buying the product the artist puts out that appeals to you. To buy product they put out just because it’s their offering is just treading the fanatic waters, it’s not enjoying the person for what they actually do of quality.

    Texas alt-rock band, Blue October, has announced their new CD release date in March ’09 – and they’re already sending out a single from that CD, heard it last night. This is not uncommon for artists to send out the single from a CD months in advance of the record. Delaying the release of a single seems amateurish – how else to build interest in the actual music behind that album than to put some of it out there? Delaying the release of any music also makes the artist appear unsure of what they may have to offer.

    Word was out that he was to have a single up on iTunes in what? January? We shall see, I just hope that comes to pass, and it’s good. Seems debuting the single with the “Grease” production up in the air too. Excuses are abounding as to the when and why, I just would like to see action. Call me impatient. ha.

  77. Shoot, forgot to close my link. ooops.

  78. jerseyirish Says:

    itsallgrey, Agree that radio play may not be as important as years ago, there are so many other ways to go today. Also agree that having a young fan base isn’t necessary for him to survive.

    SS, I agree he needs to get the acclaim by his peers to keep it going, but we don’t know what is ahead with the new CD, it may be what he has wanted all along, just hang in there.

    Spin, I am like you don’t belong to any paid site, being a fan should not cost you money, you choose when and how you spend your money on the artist. I also agree that they don’t do a very good job of getting the information out on a timely basis, these folks are paying to get the info first and a lot of times that just doesn’t happen.

    Rosie, I agree with what you said Taylor needed a way in, and he set aside everything else to do so. Yeah I think he sold out going on Idol, but I also know he wanted to make this happen and Idol was his answer. In many interviews after his win he would always say he sold his soul to the devil to do this, but it paid off for him.


  79. Seven Days Says:

    This has been a very interesting discussion to read. I appreciate the fact that even though there are opposing sides, people seem to have an open mind.

    Way upthread, Snowstorm said something that really struck me, and that was that Taylor inherited a TV audience, not necessarily music fans. I really have to think on that awhile. As much as I want him to focus only on the music, I may have to come to grips with the fact that he may be more interested in being an entertainer than a musician. That’s a hard pill for me to swallow, I must admit.

    However, on the flip side of the coin, he was able to work with a top producer and a whole stable full of amazing musicians on the upcoming album. No one has said a word as to how this came about. How did he get connected with them? Is the money from Grease really financing that kind of effort? I’d be really interested to know, though I’m sure I’ll never know the whole story.

    Thanks again for the good read.

  80. Virtual Speak Says:

    Spinshack- You’re right, nobody should have to pay to be a fan. Nor should a fan that runs her own site be a moderator on a paid site. He has plenty of “people” to run things for him. This is probably where the underlying problem is also. He has to many chiefs and not enough indians.

    There’s a fine line between surrounding yourself with old friends you know and trust, and might possibly reap the rewards of your fame, and relinquishing some control, and letting professionals step in, and take over.

    Snowstorm- I agree that he needs a critically acclaimed CD to get his name out there and keep it there. Will it happen through the radio? It’s hard to tell. But, by using the muscians he’s used this time around, it may get him some air time by osmosis.

    If in fact he does a video what station will play it? Depending on the genre of course- I highly doubt it’ll air on MTV. VH1 perhaps. The country station? This may be why he says the CD has a bit of a country flair to it. Maybe he plans on marketing to that audience.

  81. Virtual Speak Says:

    Welcome Seven Days!

    This has been a very good ongoing discussion with no fighting, just people’s honest opinions. I’ve been quite enjoying it myself. 🙂

    I think the biggest hurdle for me was the realization that this fandom as well as it’s “Idol” isn’t always what it seems. Snowstorm did bring it on home for me, with her astute comment about TV fans, not necessarily being fans of Taylor’s music or any music for that matter.

    Thinking back, how many recaps did I read where people would preface it with “There was a big Idol audience there tonight.” I used to shake my head, and think “What exactly does that mean?” Now, I do know what it means. Thanks Snowstorm! 🙂

  82. Hey, Seven Days, thanks for posting.

    I think he will have better luck with a country audience, honestly. There is nothing that I would like more than for Taylor to have a great career just playing music. However, that might not be in the cards for him, and it might not even be what he wants to do. I don’t know.

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